Robot World (2015) Movie Script

Project Connection: A planetary operation
to build two machines in our planet's orbit.
Known simple as Machine I and Machine II.
Objective: To form a link with the nearest
planet believed to have intelligent life.
The mission:
60 years ago Machine II was sent across
our galaxy towards the chosen planet.
The unmanned voyage across 20 light years
of space was completely autonomous.
Once Machine II arrives in orbit
the machines will connect...
...enabling instant transport
between the two planets.
Today is connection day.
Flight A: An unmanned probe successfully
tested the connection and gathered basic data.
Flight B:
Next a manned mission will orbit the planet
twice and reconnoiter before returning.
We are just checking the last data packet.
We've confirmed those trajectories,
we just have one more maneuver to issue.
Recommending one more correction
of 24.0 and 3.5 degrees.
Twenty-four degrees
positive pitch plus red 3.5.
Okay, begin burn on my count.
On five, four, ignition ready...
...two, one, begin.
Great, we can confirm
you have a lock with entrance.
Ten second countdown to machine
engagement on my mark.
Eight, seven...
...six, five...
...four, three...
...two, one.
What's happening, is there a problem?
Is there a problem?
Negative, the link is being confirmed,
and we are clear for transit.
Okay, we have received your final package
and cleared you for control.
Launch when ready.
Captain James to Com 1.
First transmission from E581.
There was a problem on arrival
and I've crash-landed on the planet.
From what I've seen so far,
it isn't what we expected...'s barren and there's no sign
of intelligent life.
I have enough food and water
to last me five days.
With the communications delay, I expect
to hear from you within three hours.
Fucking hell!
Come on, where are you?
Captain James to Com 1.
I've been on E581 now for almost 24 hours...
...and I've still had
no communications from you.
Hopefully, it's a problem
with my equipment...
...and you've already
got a rescue on the way.
I have lost my water supply... today I have to find another source...
...or there will be no one to rescue.
I will continue to send my reports.
They're hunting.
No one's coming for me.
James to Com 1.
Things are looking a bit desperate down here.
I've had no contact from you,
and I'm down to three rations.
I've had to start thinking
about a backup plan.
I have seen that there is
intelligent life here...
...and they have machines.
And if they have machines, then maybe
they can get me back into orbit.
Right now they're my only hope
of getting home.
I get it, you want this.
Captain James to Com 1.
I've found something,
some kind of a container.
The entire thing is
covered in alien language.
They moved underground.
We need to find your owners.
Where the fuck are you going?
He's going home.
Captain James to Com 1.
The surface of this planet has suffered
from a devastating war.
I believe the machines
are serving their creators...
...who are sheltering beneath the surface.
I hope soon to make contact...
...and with a little luck...
...make use of them and their
technology to get me home.
Let's see where you're going to take me.
Why have we stopped?
Are we here?
Nah, this ain't it.
Get in here! Get in here now!
Damn it!
Come on!
Com 1 to Captain James.
We have received your transmissions...
...but we are having communication issues... appears the Machine insertion
orbit is highly irregular...
...and we are having trouble locking on.
We would like to get you
back up there as soon as possible.
Is your situation still the same?
We are not able to send a rescue party...
...until we can determine
the cause of the problems.
Hang in there.
Automatic systems override.
Warning. Chemical weapon detected.
Automatic systems override.
They're all dead.
How do I get home now?
What did you do?
What did you do?
Why did you do it?
Com 1 to Captain James.
One other thing, it seems that
there was a big calculation error... our end which means
the machine arrived much too early.
It's been there for five solar orbits.
You had it all wrong.
It can't be, you're kidding me.
I've just got to get on.
There's no going back now.