Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles (2006) Movie Script

Wolf Recon now completing scan
of Sector 4-1-2. No sign of enemy ships.
Whoa, that Invid Hive is a lot
bigger than I thought it would be.
Alex, will you stop that humming?
Yeah, sure thing Marcus.
Alex, would you please get serious?!
What the heck, buddy,
you gotta relax.
Heads up, we've got
an Invid patrol approaching.
Switch to Guardian mode,
we'll take cover in the debris field.
Ok, now hold your position,
and we'll just drift with the debris.
Would you look at that?
It's beautiful. You know, this is
the closest I've ever been to Earth.
It looks so peaceful.
Yeah, peaceful...
But only from up here.
Hard to believe it all started
with a single event
that brought Robotechnology to Earth.
It also brought waves of alien invaders
looking for the secrets of Protoculture,
the power source
behind Robotechnology.
The Earth was finally
overrun by the Invid,
a mysterious alien race obsessed
with obtaining Protoculture.
But nothing has ever stopped us
from fighting for Earth's freedom.
It didn't stop my sister Marlene,
her boyfriend Scott Bernard,
or the rest of the Mars Division.
Scott wanted to marry my sister once
their mission to liberate the Earth was over,
but the mission didn't end
the way we wanted.
They gave their lives trying to save
a homeworld we never knew.
And now it's up to those
who are left to continue the fight.
Take care, little brother.
Next time we see you,
it will be on Earth.
Goodbye, Marcus.
Marcus, Marcus!
- Huh?
- The Invid patrol's gone.
Right, let's get back to base.
Race you, loser buys drinks.
Race? What do you mean? Hey Alex!
Wolf Recon, you are cleared
to land at Aluce Bay 12.
Woo-hoo, it's finally drinking time.
Took you long enough.
You okay there buddy?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Alex, have you ever thought about
why we're doing all this?
To impress the girls, right?
The only girls we know
are pilots like us.
Here you go.
- Cola?
- What did you expect?
You know, Marcus, you're way too serious.
You need to lighten up, come on.
Alright, alright...
The humans have assembled their fleet
to reclaim their home world.
The final assault should begin soon.
Excellent, everything is transpiring
as the Awareness has foreseen.
This tactical diagram is from our last recon
flight over the Invid hive at Reflex Point.
All units will proceed to rendezvous
coordinates at T-Vector Delta.
Attack Group Three
will remain behind in reserve
awaiting the arrival
of Admiral Hunter.
Attack Group Two
will continue to objective
using their Shadow Devices
to avoid detection by Invid sensors.
Group One is already in position
on the planet's surface.
We must wait until they have
cleared a path to Reflex Point
before the invasion can truly begin.
Sir? What if they fail to knock out
the Invid defense shields?
If that happens,
we will abort the invasion
and we may have no choice
but to use the Neutron-S missiles.
But, then we'd be decimating
half the Earth just to defeat the Invid.
But sir, there are still several
million people living down there.
Settle down, folks.
I understand how you feel, but my orders
come directly from Admiral Hunter.
The domination of the Invid
must be stopped.
That means the Invid hive
at Reflex Point must be destroyed.
- Now prepare to move out.
- Yes, sir!
Captain Grant?
Sir, I'm concerned that Admiral Hunter
and the SDF-3 still haven't arrived yet.
With your permission, I'd like to take
the Icarus and search for him.
You want to search
the galaxy until you find him?
Admiral Hunter is my friend
too, Vince, but we...
General Reinhardt, incoming eyes only
transmission from the Omicron Sector.
It's the SDF-3!
Haha, speak of the devil! Put it on the
main screen, Sparks and stay here Captain.
- Yes, sir.
- Put him through, Sparks.
This is SDF-3,
come in Command One.
This is General Reinhardt.
We read you SDF-3.
General, it's good to hear your voice.
Damn it, Sparks! Can't we get
a better transmission?
We're trying, sir!
According to Dr. Lang,
the calculations on the latest
Haydonite technology weren't adding up.
Janice agreed, so they're
running a field test.
But it's taking longer than we expected.
Should we delay the attack
until you arrive?
Negative, just proceed as planned,
we'll catch up once-
Rick, what's going on there?!
There's been an accident,
I'm not sure what-
Admiral?! Rick?!
What in the hell!?!
General, we have to launch
a rescue mission!
Okay then, Vince. Take the Icarus
to the Omicron Sector to find the Admiral.
Make sure the Protoculture matrix is safe!
Yes, sir.
Thank you, sir.
And Vince?
Don't tell anyone
but your crew about this.
Understood, sir.
Icarus, stand by for pre-flight.
Captain on the bridge!
Fire up the Protoculture, Louie.
We're moving out!
Technically, Captain,
Protoculture isn't "fired up".
But, I know what you mean.
Listen up, everyone,
we've got a change of orders.
Are we leading the first attack wave, sir?
Negative, set course for Omicron
Sector, 3-5-J Vector Delta.
Omicron Sector?
Our orders are to locate and if necessary,
assist Admiral Hunter and the SDF-3.
Aye, aye, sir.
Icarus, you are cleared for departure.
Activate Shadow Device.
The last thing we need
is for the Invid to spot us.
Shadow Device activated, sir.
Shadow dimensional field
now at full strength.
Fold system, standing by.
- Execute hyperspace fold jump!
- Yes, sir.
Hang on, Rick. We're coming!
So, it has begun.
Yes, at long last, the vision
of the Awareness will be realized.
Attention, attention. All pilots to
Shadow Fighters, this is a combat alert.
All stations, we are at Yellow Alert.
You like her...
Go on, say something.
Say, uh... that's a nice little
"skull" on your flight suit, there.
You know, it's really
no different than the skull
on any other Skull
Squadron flight suit.
Ah... Well, it looks
especially good on you.
You're right, maybe one of these days
you'll be lucky enough to wear one.
That is, if you're good enough.
Whoa, she's a tough one.
Cute, but tough.
I like your "skull"?!?
What was that, buddy?!
- It's all I could think of.
- You're hopeless.
Wolf Three, you're clear to launch.
Roger that, Control.
Ok, Lieutenant Rush, this is it.
Let's go out there and win
this one for Mars Division.
Yes, sir, Commander Taylor.
Marlene, Scott...
This one's for you...
Invid approaching at Vector 3-2-Niner.
All systems activate Shadow Devices
and proceed to attack coordinates.
Shadow systems activated.
Hey, now that the whole fleet
is equipped with Shadow technology,
the Invid don't stand a chance!
Yeah, but even if they can't see us,
that still doesn't mean they can't hit us.
Hey, no way buddy,
no one's going to hit me!
Invid deploying at Q Vector Theta.
Attack Division 12, move to intercept!
Wolf Leader to Wolf Squadron.
All units, engage!
Oh, yeah! Six bogies down in a
single pass, try and top that, Alex!
- Marcus, behind you!
- What?
Holy sh-
Relax, I got it.
Thanks, I owe you one.
One? Looks more like twenty-four
to me... but, whose counting?
Wow, she's some pilot.
Yeah, well it helps when you've
got a Beta full of missiles!
Blast it! Why in heaven's name haven't
those troops taken out Reflex Point yet!
Sir, the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Divisions
have reported extremely heavy losses
and I can't raise the 14th at all.
Agh... at this rate we won't
be able to hold out against them
for more than a few hours or so.
Contact Attack Group One on Earth now,
get me Captain Harrington!
- Not responding, sir.
- Commander Reynolds?
Well, damn it! Find somebody,
anybody down there who can tell us
what the hell is going on!
This is Command One to Attack Group One.
Come in, please! Any unit please respond!
Command One, this is Lieutenant
Commander Scott Bernard,
21st Combat Squadron,
Mars Division.
Who? Mars Division!
I have it here, sir. He's been
leading a resistance group on Earth.
They've joined up with us
to attack Reflex Point.
Commander Bernard, what's the
status of the First Attack Group?
Have you taken Reflex Point yet?
No, sir. We've encourntered
very heavy resistance.
The Invid have repulsed our main attack.
Recommend we fall back and regroup.
We're sending down a squadron
of Shadow Fighters to assist.
We need to kill all the damned Invid!
Kill them all?
That means I need to find...
There she is!
Why is she going back into the Hive?
What are you doing here?
Scott, despite all we have been
through together, I know who I am now.
I am Ariel, daughter of the Regess
and Princess of the Invid.
Ariel, it doesn't matter to me
whether you're human or Invid.
It does matter, Scott. Only I can convince
the Regess to stop this senseless conflict.
You and I, we're proof that humans
and Invid can co-exist peacefully.
The Regess doesn't believe that.
Scott, I sense something that may change
her mind, but I must go before it's too late.
Then let me go with you!
The Regess isn't very fond of humans, Scott,
and I'll need to convince her myself.
Then hurry, we don't have much time!
That's going to take
some getting used to...
So, Ariel, I see you have accepted your
Invid form and chosen to join me in the Core.
Yes, Mother Regess, but only
to implore you to end this struggle.
The Invid and humans can co-exist.
Your exposure to the humans
has clouded your mind.
This world is where the Flower of Life,
the source of all Protoculture, blooms.
This world would have
sustained our people.
But the Protoculture on this world
can sustain many people.
Fighting these humans makes us no better
than the Children of the Shadow
who drove us from our homeworld.
The humans have aligned themselves
with the Children of the Shadow.
Observe their new technology.
Their vehicles are now
invisible to our sensors.
No, co-existence with
the humans is not possible.
This planet too strongly retains
the malignant spirit of the Robotech Masters.
Whether one race or the other emerges
victorious is of little meaning.
Such hatred can only breed more hatred.
Are you saying it will never end?
My child... this conflict will rage
from generation to generation.
It is not what we seek.
I shall proceed to the world
that even now calls to me.
We shall consume all the Protoculture
and rise to a higher plane.
But the humans use Protoculture as an energy
source, taking it would leave them helpless!
My decision has been made.
The Protoculture is our life's blood.
It belongs to us.
We shall not leave it behind!
Still no word from the Icarus
or the SDF-3, sir.
We've waited long enough,
move in Attack Group Three.
Yes, sir.
I never should have sent Grant
on that damned rescue mission.
We're going to need
every ship we've got!
Attack Wave Three, move out!
Sir, I'm picking up strange
gravitational readings.
Recommend we adjust re-entry point
to Omicron J-Vector Theta.
On it, Captain. Commencing
de-fold operation now!
A black hole!
This wasn't on the
navigational computer, sir!
Never mind that! We're
the rescue mission, remember.
Now, full thrusters!
Aye, aye, full thrusters now!
It's no use, sir. We're
stuck in the gravity field!
Can we fold out, Captain?
With that strong a gravitational pull,
there's no way to calculate where we'd end up.
However, if we create a "fold sphere"
utilizing the Shadow Device's
dimensional shift field...
We may be able to escape
the black hole's gravitational field.
Ok, crew.
Let's give it a shot.
Helmsman, follow Dr. Nichols'
calculations to the letter.
Actually, there all numbers,
there aren't any letters.
All set, sir!
On my mark! Execute
the Nichols manuever!
Fold sphere losing integrity!
Shadow dimensional field at 30%.
Sir, we're almost out!
Maintain course,
forward thrusters, full power!
Fold sphere has collapsed!
We're clear!
Nice work! Everyone.
Now, damage report.
Shadow Device is completely inoperable.
Fold systems are offline, but repairable.
Get on it, Louie!
I already am, sir!
Sir, sensors have just picked up
two ships adrift, nearby.
They are both ours.
The science vessel Deukalion
...and the SDF-3!
Captain, we're receiving a short range
transmission, it's Admiral Hunter.
Finally, some good news!
Vince Grant, you old hotshot, I should
have known you'd try a rescue mission!
Admiral... what the hell happened?
There's a big problem
with the Neutron-S missiles,
our test firing nearly destroyed
both the SDF-3 and the Deukalion.
- What's your status?
- We're in pretty bad shape...
Most of the ship's propulsion,
long range communications
and weapons systems are offline.
We'll send over an engineering team.
Negative, Vince. Our first priority
is to warn the fleet about the missiles,
they must not be used!
Rescue the Deukalion,
the information aboard it is vital to us!
Sir, what about the Protoculture
matrix aboard the SDF-3?
This is much more important, Vince.
We've discovered a critical flaw
in the Neutron-S missiles.
I can't believe it...
Under no circumstances should the fleet
use the Neutron-S missiles on Earth!
Understood, stand by Admiral.
Contact the fleet, Priority Channel.
I need to talk to General Reinhardt right now!
Yes, sir.
What was that?!
It appears that we're under attack, sir!
Oh, really, thank you for the
scientific analysis, doctor.
Sir, there's nothing on my scope!
Switch to visual!
What the hell is that?!
I've never seen that configuration,
they're definitely not Invid.
It doesn't matter, battlestations!
Red Alert, all hands to battlestations!
Get Admiral Hunter back on the comm!
Sir, short range communications
are now being jammed as well!
Damn it!
Louie, get the fold systems back online!
We still have to warn the fleet!
But if we can get
close enough to the SDF-3,
I think we can bring her and the
Protoculture matrix back with us!
Wolf Leader to Wolf Squadron!
We can't let the Invid
get the upper hand.
Now follow my lead!
Look out, Wolf Leader!
Behind you!
Commander Taylor!
Commander Taylor!
Sir, the Shadow Fighter Squadrons
are meeting intense opposition!
We've just lost Commander Taylor!
The Invid are overwhelming us!
Sir, we've lost all contact
with our Ground Forces.
Then the attack against
Reflex Point has failed.
Well, sir?
I have no choice...
I want all our Neutron missiles
armed and ready for an immediate
offensive on Reflex Point!
Yes, sir!
Eat this!
Now preparing Neutron-S
missiles for launch.
T-Minus 30 seconds and counting.
What?! They can't be serious!
We still have troops down there!
I know, but the Invid
must be stopped at any cost!
Neutron-S missiles deployed.
All units pull out!
The final attack has begun...
and a terrible error has been made.
We shall not be defeated!
What is it?
I have seen this weapon before!
The humans cannot possibly
understand its destructive power!
Their world will be destroyed!
Mother, are you sure?
Yes, but do not worry my child...
I will not give the Children of the Shadow
their victory over the Invid today.
Now, Ariel, we must leave.
Our destiny calls to us.
I'm very sorry, Mother,
but I cannot go.
I believe there is a reason
for me to stay.
Ariel, be warned.
If you choose to stay, your fate
will be inexorably tied to the humans
and the Shadows that will
soon fall upon them.
I understand all that, Mother,
but I must stay here on Earth.
Very well, my child...
If that is your decision, so be it.
I will intervene on your behalf.
The humans have been influenced too strongly
by the Shadows of the Robotech Masters
and are intent only on the
destruction of their entire race.
It shall not be!
They're leaving, she did it!
Ariel, my child... behold...
The destruction of these weapons is my final
gift to you and the world you so cherish...
We will continue our evolutionary
development elsewhere...
Come with me, my children,
discard this world and follow the Spirit
of Light as it beckons us onward!
I don't believe it!
They just fled!
The damned Invid just ran away!
That was too easy!
That was all just too damn easy!
You call that easy? Marcus, are you
out of your head? It wasn't easy!
Yeah, I agree that was
a difficult battle,
but I don't understand why the Invid
suddenly retreated either.
Attention, all fighters are to return
to moonbase for debriefing.
An unexpected result. Once again
the Invid have escaped destruction.
But our goals remain unchanged.
The Protoculture addicts
must be eliminated.
All those who use the power
contained in the Flower of Life
pose a potential threat
to our domination.
Now, receive my new instructions.
Proceed with the tasks I have given you.
More direct action is required.
Are you ready to receive the tasks
the Awareness has set upon you?
But what about the humans?
All in due course.
Hold steady.
Docking clamps locked!
The Deukalion is secure!
Fold system, back online, sir!
Good work, Louie.
How soon can we have the SDF-3
within range of the fold sphere?
30 seconds, sir.
Maintain course. Set fold coordinates
to return to Moon Base Aluce in 30 seconds.
Starting... now.
Coordinates are set, sir.
Attention, space fold
in T-Minus 30 seconds.
Approaching SDF-3.
15 seconds to fold.
- SDF-3 now within range of fold sphere.
- 10... 9... 8... 7...
6... 5... 4... 3... 2...
- Thank god.
- 1...
The SDF-3 has moved out of range,
Captain. Shall I abort the fold?
No, we can't delay.
We must warn the fleet!
Commencing Space Fold!
Mayday, mayday, this is the SDF-3...
Damn it, Rick, I'm so sorry.
Let's just hope there's
still a fleet left to warn.
I'll never be able to thank you
for what you've done for the planet Earth.
I like to think of it as my planet too.
You... you're here. But...
Why didn't you leave Earth
with the rest of the Invid?
This planet is the only home
I've ever known Scott.
Now, weren't you going to thank me?
I have to rejoin the fleet.
I'm sure they're going to attempt to find
Admiral Hunter and I have to be a part of it.
Why? Scott, you've already done so much.
Stay here on Earth, with me.
Ariel, you've proven to me that the Invid
are not the evil race I thought they were.
Now I have to convince the expeditionary force
that your people should not be destroyed.
Then let me come with you.
It'll be safer for you on Earth.
I've lost too many loved ones while at war
and I don't want to risk losing you.
Does that mean that you love me?
I... I promise... I'll be back.
All of our damaged ships are now returning
to Space Station Liberty for repairs.
This will leave the earth vulnerable,
so we're still on alert.
And to make matters even worse,
the Invid took all of the planet's
Protoculture with them.
The expeditionary force now has
less than a year's supply remaining...
...and without the Protoculture
matrix from the SDF-3,
it's impossible to create any more.
Less than a year?
How will we power our ships?
That's the big picture people.
Your individual commanders
will fill you in on the rest.
Yeah, for those of you
who still have commanders.
I'm telling you Alex,
things would be a whole lot better
if all of those aliens were just wiped out.
If every alien life form was
wiped out, you'd be dead by now.
Oh yeah? What is that
supposed to mean?
I seem to recall saving you from the Invid.
24 of them in fact. And I'm half alien.
But, but, you don't look like...
I mean, you don't look different...
I mean you don't look like an alien.
You'll have to excuse Marcus.
He doesn't get out much.
By the way, I'm Alex Romero.
And you are?
Lieutenant Commander
Maia Sterling, Skull Leader.
You're both Wolf Squadron. I'm sorry
to hear about Commander Taylor.
Thanks. He was a good man.
Because of the heavy losses,
General Reinhardt has decided
to merge Wolf and Skull Squadrons.
You'll be serving under me now.
So you'll get to wear a little
skull on your flight suit.
Yes, sir... I mean, not...
l- I mean ma'am.
Delighted my lady.
Watch your step Lieutenant, I don't put up
with lip from men under my command. Got it?
Yes, ma'am.
Too bad. I'd put up with
her lips anytime, right Marcus?
No comment. I think we've
already insulted our brand new CO
one too many times Alex
so don't push it.
Oh... Marcus, you really like her,
don't you my friend?
Does it matter? She's a
commander. I'm a lieutenant.
You give up too easy buddy,
now listen, if I were you, I'd go and-
Yellow Alert. Unscheduled
space fold in progress.
Now what's going on here?
Where's the fleet?
I don't know, sir. But the Earth
is still here, that's good news.
Three enemy fighters have
followed us out of the space fold.
Everyone back to your post.
Try to contact Moon Base Aluce.
Communications are still down.
We won't be able to take
many more hits like that.
Captain, they're coming in
for another pass...
We've detected another fighter.
It's one of ours.
I don't know who you guys are,
but you're sure not friendly.
Still can't get a lock.
Guess I'll have to keep
doing it the old fashioned way.
Icarus, this is Moon Base Aluce.
You okay up there?
Sparks, get me General Reinhardt.
Yes, sir!
General, the Neutron-S missiles
have a serious flaw. They must not be fired.
The Neutron-S missiles
have been destroyed, Captain.
What? But how?
Don't worry. You'll get a full
debriefing after you've landed.
Welcome back, Icarus.
You're clear to dock in Hangar Bay 2.
Repair teams to Bay 2.
Repair teams to Bay 2.
All emergency personnel prepare
to receive incoming wounded.
Vince! Are you okay?
We're alive, thanks to that pilot...
Lieutenant Commander
Scott Bernard, sir.
I was in the neighborhood,
so I thought I'd lend a hand.
Captain Grant, do you have any idea
who or what was attacking you?
No General, I don't.
But the SDF-3 is still back there.
I need to find the Admiral.
The first place you're going
is the infirmary.
I think you've broken your leg.
Medical team!
But Admiral Hunter is-
Listen to your wife, Captain.
Besides, if the SDF-3
was able to fold,
it would probably head to Space
Station Liberty for repairs.
So that means you're coming
with me, to the infirmary.
Thank you, Commander Bernard.
You're welcome, sir.
Bernard? Scott Bernard?
Scott, my god is it really you?!
Marcus Rush!
Ah, ha!
I can't believe it.
Neither can I. Look at you.
But Scott, I thought you...
the whole Mars Division... were wiped out.
You're alive and you're here.
What about Marlene? Did she...
I'm sorry Marcus.
She didn't make it.
I would have traded my life
for hers if I could. I...
l- I know... seeing you I just...
I just hoped...
It's so good to see you Scott.
It's good to see you too.
How have you been?
Well, I became a pilot.
- This is my wingman Alex Romero.
- Great to meet you, Commander.
Hey, would you like to go
grab a drink with us?
I'd like that. Mind if
I get cleaned up first?
No problem, and let's
get you a new uniform.
I want the Icarus repaired and
back in action as soon as possible.
Yes, sir.
Uh, sir. I'd like to request assistance
salvaging data from the Deukalion.
Admiral Hunter said there's
vital information aboard.
I'll have Commander Sterling assist you.
Report your findings back to me, doctor.
No survivors. Was the SDF-3
this badly damaged?
No. However, it did sustain
major damage from the test firing.
Whoa. This must be Janice.
She's beautiful.
She's a robot...
...and she looks broken.
Did I do that?
Perhaps she's merely damaged.
Let me see.
There ha... There ha...
There has been a terrible error.
We must warn the fleet.
Don't worry. It's okay.
The fleet's not in any danger.
The Invid are gone. They fled.
You misunderstand me.
It is the Neutron-S missiles
that pose the threat.
They've been taken care of as well.
What about the crew?
Did anyone else survive?
No. Here, let me help you.
Identity. Dr. Louis Nichols.
Yes, yes that's me.
Yes, I will need your help.
Oh, no. This can't be happening again.
Your fate is now tied
to the humans on this planet.
But beware, the Children of the Shadow
will soon fall upon them
just as they did
to our people long ago.
They will stop at nothing to destroy
those who use Protoculture.
The humans cannot anticipate their deceit,
their cunning, or their destructive power.
The Children of the Shadow
are going to attack the humans.
I must try to warn Scott!
Well, apart from a few bad memory
blocks, you look to be okay.
Thank you for assisting me
with my diagnostic.
What can I say, I've always
had a thing for machines.
Not that I think
you're just a machine.
But I am a machine.
And in many ways, machines
are superior to you humans.
I'm guessing you're superior
to any machine I've ever...
Um, so, maybe you can fill me in
on something I don't understand.
How very human of you.
Ah, yes.
Now, the Neutron-S missiles,
how could they even be constructed
if some of the calculations didn't work.
Well, first you must understand
that much of the design was based
on Haydonite technology.
Diagnostic check completed.
Now I really don't understand what you're
talking about. What's Haydonite technology?
Technology from the Haydonites of course.
Keep going, I'm just a human, remember?
The Haydonites are a highly
advanced cybernetic race
Admiral Hunter forged an alliance with
during the Robotech Expedition.
Since then, the Haydonites have shared
much of their technology with us.
Many of our latest advances
are because of them.
But an alliance with an advanced
alien race is really good news, isn't it?
Why doesn't everybody
know about this?
It was at the request
of the Haydonites.
They've have lived quietly
in peace for centuries
and prefer to limit their
involvement with any other races.
And yet they're helping us
with our war against the Invid?
They too have suffered
at the hand of the Invid.
I believe that is why
they are so secretive now.
So then, how do you
fit into all this?
Because of the Haydonite's
desire for solitude...
I was created from both human and Haydonite
technology to serve as an emissary.
So they gave you information and it was up
to the robotechnologists to sort it all out?
Correct. And everything appeared
to be working perfectly until now.
I don't understand.
I am unable to account
for these inconsistencies.
Well then, maybe
you could use a break.
Or, at least I need a break.
There has to be some
sort of a connection,
but my human brain needs more time
to process all of this new information.
Then, may I accompany
you on your break?
I find human companionship
to be most interesting.
No, no, no, that's okay.
You can stay and continue accounting
for all of the inconsistencies.
Dr. Nichols, we've just
finished the modified...
Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.
Oh, no, you're not interrupting
anything, Commander.
We were just... I mean,
you were saying?
We finished the modifications
you requested for Skull Squadron.
I was wondering if you
needed anything else.
Actually, yes. I need to know
how to get to the mess hall.
The mess hall is on level 5, but the
Officer's Club really has better food.
I was about to go there myself.
Care to join me?
Lead on, Commander!
Come on, Janice.
I hope the food's
better than the singing.
You're not the only one.
Hey, Commander Bernard,
try some of this.
It's a brand new alien drink.
They call it Zarayba.
- What's in it?
- Scott, you really don't want to know.
Drink up!
That's terrible.
Why didn't you contact anyone
from the expeditionary force
while you were back on Earth?
Believe me, if I had been able
to contact the fleet, I would have.
The past two years, I've been fighting
with a small resistance force.
We forced the Invid's hand
at Reflex Point.
No kidding, Commander Bernard.
You were actually at Reflex Point?
Commander Sterling!
Would you please join us?
At ease.
Marcus, Alex, this is Dr. Louie Nichols,
Robotech engineer for the Icarus.
And you're Lieutenant Commander
Scott Bernard, the man who saved the Icarus.
Scott was also part of the resistance force
on Earth that defeated the Invid.
I bet you saw a lot of action.
Yep. The Invid were nothing
if not persistent.
So how many of those green-blooded
maggots did you kill?
I have no idea? Why?
Remember when you
and Marlene gave me this?
Yeah, that was a long time ago.
It's become my tribute to you
and Marlene. Check it out.
For every Invid I've killed,
I carved a little notch.
Counting the last battle, I've
personally killed twenty-nine Invid.
That's, um... something. Uh...
Um, Ariel? What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you.
Um, everyone... this is Ariel.
She was a member of the resistance
force I fought with on Earth.
Then have a seat, Ariel.
Any foe of the Invid is a friend of mine.
I've killed twenty-nine Invid.
We should probably go.
Excuse us.
That was abrupt.
Maybe it's the singing.
Dream of you late at night.
What do you do?
When I turn out the light.
No matter who I touch.
Wow, she's really pretty good.
Who is she?
She's my assistant.
She's wonderful, isn't she?
Yeah, she is.
Check her out.
She's not your type, Marcus.
How would you know?
Oh, woman's intuition.
What? Hey, don't look at me buddy.
You heard the lady.
Trust a woman's intuition.
Look, I'm going to go
get another drink.
Hey, Marcus.
I'm sorry if I startled you Scott,
but you're the only one I can trust.
Do you have any idea how dangerous
it is for you to be here?
Everyone on this base
has orders to kill Invid on sight.
I've had another vision, Scott.
The Children of the Shadow are coming.
They will attack your fleet.
A space station will be destroyed.
Wait a minute. I don't understand
what you're talking about.
I'll show you.
Remember when we first met?
I didn't even know who
or what I was really.
Only now am I learning what I am
and what I'm capable of.
What is this place?
This is the Invid's first home world.
It was devastated long ago
by the "Children of the Shadow."
That's terrifying.
But, why are you
showing me all this?
Because this may be humanity's fate
if you continue to trust
the Children of the Shadow.
What are you saying?
I don't even know who the
"Children of the Shadow" are.
But your people possess
their technology.
The Regess recognized it
during the battle for Earth.
That is why the Invid fled.
Wait a minute, are you telling me
that these Children of the Shadow
are somehow responsible for creating
the new Shadow technology?
Only because it serves their plans.
Look around Scott.
This is what the Children of the Shadow do
to civilizations who use Protoculture.
But why?
Because they fear its awesome power.
After my sister died,
Rick and I were like brothers.
I owe him so much.
I can never repay him.
He believed in me,
made me a Captain...
...and the one chance
I had to help him I failed.
You didn't fail.
You did exactly
what he asked you to do.
You returned to warn the fleet.
By the time we got back,
the battle was over
and now we're in desperate
need of Protoculture.
Don't beat yourself up about it Vince.
Rick has a knack for cheating death.
I have a feeling he's okay.
Call it a wife's intuition.
I've just fused the Captain's leg, sir.
Provided he doesn't put
too much weight on it.
Alright, I promise you, I won't.
Vince, you better not.
Now I'll leave you two to talk.
Thank you, Jean.
Any word from Admiral Hunter?
Once the Icarus is repaired
you can return to Omicron Sector.
I've reassigned Lt. Commander Sterling's
Skull Squadron to assist with the search.
It'll be good to have her aboard.
Did Louie recover anything
useful from the science vessel?
As a matter of fact, he recovered
an android. Her name is Janice.
Did she say what's wrong
with the Neutron-S missiles?
Not yet, but that's
fairly irrelevant now.
The only Neutron-S missiles we have left are
still in space dock at Space Station Liberty.
And just moving them would use more
Protoculture than we can afford.
Then our real concern is recovering
the Protoculture matrix from the SDF-3.
Yes, exactly. Which is why
you need to rest now.
Once the Icarus is ready to go,
I'll need you in top form.
I won't let you down, sir.
I'm sure you won't, Captain.
Please, Scott. Promise me
you'll warn your people.
I'll try.
Hey, Commander Bernard.
Is that girl from Earth still here? Huh?
Scott, look out! She's Invid.
Marcus, wait! You don't
understand. Ariel's a friend.
A friend?
You! You're a traitor!
How could you do this?
Now I know how you survived
the Mars Division massacre.
You must've sold them out to the Invid.
I bet you even killed Marlene.
You're crazy,
I loved your sister!
Marcus, you gotta back off.
This won't bring Marlene back.
He's not worth being
court martialed for.
Yeah, you're right partner, he's not.
Alex, thanks.
Don't thank me.
I just don't want Marcus to get busted
for killing a superior officer.
Even one who's assisting an Invid spy.
- What? I wouldn't-
- Save your explanations
for General Reinhardt.
A warning you say?
Yes. I believe the aliens
that attacked Captain Grant
are going to attack a space
station. Maybe Liberty.
And this is the same
source that told you
the Neutron-S missiles
were created by aliens?
I told you before,
the Invid fled because they
recognized the Neutron-S missiles
as weapons used by their old foes... alien race called
the Children of the Shadow.
Children of the Shadow?
Look, I don't know if that's their real name,
that's what the Invid call them.
You seem to know a great deal
about the Invid. Why is that?
We're getting nowhere with this.
Look, it's kinda difficult to explain.
While on Earth,
I gained an Invid contact.
Yeah, Invid contact my ass!
But how else would he know the Neutron-S
missiles were a gift from an alien race?
He's been stuck on Earth for two years.
He's been brainwashed by the Invid.
After all, the Haydonites are their enemy.
The Invid want to confuse us.
Maybe to lure the fleet away
from whatever their real target is.
Sir, I think we should
at least warn the fleet.
What if Scott's information about
the impending attack is accurate?
It's just some sort of Invid trick.
The Haydonites are our allies.
Why would they scheme
against humanity
when they've helped us
in our war against the Invid?
General Reinhardt, sir. We have lost all
communication with Space Station Liberty.
I guess the interrogation is over.
Status report, Sparks.
Communications with
the base are being jammed.
I recognize the modulation
of the jamming signal.
Wait a second!
Is this true?
Yes, that's correct.
That's it!
Sir, it's the same aliens that
attacked us in the Omicron Sector.
If that's the case, General,
we should investigate immediately.
Agreed. Now get going, Vince!
Janice, I want you
to accompany the Captain.
I'm afraid our new enemy
may be an acquaintance of yours.
So, Scott, how much do you trust
this Invid you've befriended?
I trust her completely sir,
and her name is Ariel.
Please, you must believe us.
Hmm? So you're Ariel.
The race you call the Haydonites
are the Children of the Shadow
and they will destroy humanity.
Sir, they destroyed the Invid
home world. I've seen it myself.
How did you know they were going
to attack Space Station Liberty?
Why should we believe you?
I see things. Just go there
and see for yourself.
Okay. No time to lose.
Scott, I want you and Ariel
to join me on the bridge of the Icarus.
Allow me.
Does she do that a lot?
All ship Shadow Devices are active.
First combat defense line
now engaging enemy ships.
Human forces moving into range.
The battle fortress containing
the Protoculture matrix is not among them.
While this was not foreseen,
we are to destroy them regardless.
Damage reports coming in.
All sections reporting heavy casualties.
No! The first combat defense line
has been completely annihilated.
That's impossible.
All ships prepare to fire main guns.
and ready to fire.
Initialize disruptor wave.
Captain! We've got an energy
Can we fire?
Negative, it's not responding!
This is proving to be even easier
than the Awareness had foreseen.
Another human vessel has been
detected unfolding nearby.
Excellent. Its destruction will add
to the success of our mission.
Skull Squadron, launch when ready.
One hit and our ships just explode.
How is that possible?
Estimating losses at 89%, sir.
Can you get me the fleet commander?
Still unable to raise the fleet
or Space Station Liberty, Captain.
Damn! Hmm...
Full stop!
Full stop! I'm not about to dive into
a battle just so we can get slaughtered.
Aye, aye, sir. Full stop.
Any idea what we're up against?
They are the Children of the Shadow.
The Haydonites, I told you.
If they are Haydonite ships,
they do not resemble any I have seen.
Sir, we need a better look
at the enemy's weaponry.
More information would be useful.
I assume communications
with Skull Squadron are jammed?
No, sir. We have full
communications with our fighters.
Captain Grant!
After analyzing the enemy's
jamming techniques,
I retrofitted our communications
to an amplitude modulation.
It's only good for short range
communications, but...
You never cease to amaze me, Louie.
Get Skull Leader on the horn.
It's actually just called
a horn because-
Stop it.
Yes, sir.
Ok, Skull Squadron. Keep up.
Captain Grant needs a better look
at the enemy weaponry.
So, we're going on
a little recon mission.
Activate your data transmitters
and just follow me.
Why are we always stuck
doing recon, Marcus?
Just follow orders, Alex.
Knock off the chatter, Romero, or else you're
going to find yourself in a world of hurt.
Hey, buddy. That might be fun.
Oh, please. Alex, will you
give it a rest already?
Now approaching
Robotech fleet. Look sharp.
I'm picking up a power surge
from the carrier up ahead.
Hey guys. I've never
seen anything like that.
Dammit Louie, give me something
to go on! Soldiers are dying out there!
Somehow the enemy's energy wave
caused the ship's reflex furnace
to overload and then implode.
But that should not happen
according to my data.
The shadow dimensional field completely
shields the power source of the ship.
Unless there's something wrong
with the Shadow Device...
Of course! Shut down
all the Shadow Devices.
Now! Switch to maneuvering thrusters.
Pull us away from the combat zone
and into Space Station Liberty...
...and have our fighters do the same.
All fighters disengage Shadow Device
and fall back to Space Station Liberty.
Skull Leader to Icarus.
What's going on, Captain?
The Shadow Device has been compromised!
That's why the fleet's getting slaughtered!
Now fall back!
Skull Squadron, deactivate Shadow Devices
and fall back to Space Station Liberty.
Commander Sterling, enemy ships
are in pursuit and gaining.
I can't get a weapons lock on them.
No problem, Skull Leader.
I'll take care of them.
Ok, boys. Let's see you avoid
What the hell?
System failure.
Alex, something's wrong
I know, I know.
All right, Skull Squadron, jettison
Cannon modules immediately.
Mine isn't responding.
Alex, what're you doing?
Those enemy fighters
are coming in too fast.
You'll never make it back
to Space Station Liberty alive.
Alex, don't do this.
Don't worry. I've got it
all taken care of buddy.
Be sure to have a Zarayba on me.
Alex, eject.
That's an order!
Sorry, my lady. Can't hear you.
No! Damn you Alex!
Skull Leader, what's going on out there?
We've lost Lieutenant Romero, sir.
The enemy's energy wave appears to have
Louie, deactivate the-
Already on it, sir.
Maia, head for Liberty's mecha hangar,
and ditch those Shadow Fighters.
God knows what else is wrong with them.
Yes, sir.
We've been completely double-crossed!
Everything the Haydonite's have given us
have some sort of Trojan Horse built into it.
Ariel was right.
They don't just want to get rid of the Invid.
They want to get rid of us as well.
Arrest her!
Captain, what're you doing?
She's part Haydonite.
She's one of them.
Captain Grant! I was unaware of any
ulterior motive by the Haydonites.
And that's why you're the only one
to survive the Neutron-S missile test?
Sorry, but I'm not buying it.
Get her off my bridge,
and throw her in the brig.
With all due respect, Captain!
I went over the calculations
with Janice myself.
- I don't believe she could possibly-
- Easy, Louie.
If I didn't know you better,
you'd be arrested too.
Several human ships are retreating.
Clearly, they do not yet comprehend
that their entire race is doomed.
Our victory today will mark the rise
of a new epoch for the Haydonites.
The electromagnetic signature of the Hybrid
has been detected aboard
one of the retreating ships.
The Hybrid is here?
This was not foreseen.
She might prove too valuable
a resource for the humans.
Lead a detachment of elite fighters
to infiltrate the human ship.
Extract the hybrid and obtain
the location of the Protoculture matrix.
Or, if necessary...
...eliminate her.
Approaching Space Station Liberty.
Space Station Liberty to Icarus,
you're clear to dock.
Louie, search the shipyard registry.
We need to trade the Icarus for
something without Shadow technology.
Well, all I can find is the Ark Angel.
But it's only a colony ship.
Minimal armaments.
It'll have to do.
Dock with the Ark Angel.
Tell the crew to evacuate everyone
on the station to the Ark Angel.
There may be a slight problem, Captain.
The Ark Angel's reflex furnace is offline.
Well, can you get it online?
I believe so, but it'll take
an hour, maybe more.
Get me Skull Leader.
Commander Sterling,
what's your status?
We're in the mecha hangar, attempting
to assemble a new fighter squadron.
What're these?
They're Super Shadow Fighters.
Prototypes that have not yet
had Shadow Devices implemented.
What good are these going to be
without Shadowtech systems?
They're faster and more maneuverable
and their weapon systems pack a big punch.
Otherwise, they're just like the old Alphas.
We're just going to have to go back
to the old basic "seat-of-your-pants"
dog-fighting skills.
Skill over technology, boys.
Yeah, just because we can't see 'em
on our scopes doesn't mean we can't hit 'em.
Let's saddle up.
Think you can use them
to hold off the attackers for an hour?
We'll do our best, sir.
Ok, Louie, you've got an hour.
Yes, sir.
We are now docking with the Ark Angel.
My team and I will need to get to the Ark
Angel's engine room as quickly as possible.
I think I can help there.
Wow... near instantaneous
molecular teleportation.
That would make for a fascinating invention.
But the Ark Angel's reflex
furnace will have to come first.
Most impressive. We could use
your help evacuating the station.
Of course.
Should I help with the
evacuation as well, sir?
No, Scott, you're with me.
All hands, evacuate
to the Ark Angel immediately.
One ship doesn't stand a chance
against the Haydonites...
...but Lieutenant Romero's final
act of bravery has given me an idea.
I got a feeling
I'm not going to like this.
Probably not.
We're going to set up a Neutron-S
missile inside the space station.
And blow the whole thing up?
The blast radius is big enough that
it will take out the enemy fleet as well.
It's the best shot that we have.
Sir, I'll activate it myself.
You go aboard the Ark Angel and-
Hey! Who's giving the orders here?
Only a senior officer can
activate a Neutron-S missile.
At least we built
that safeguard into them.
Besides, when else will I get a chance
to try out these new Cyclones?
Just don't tell my wife
I've been riding one.
No, sir.
Captain Grant wants to make sure
the prisoner is secured aboard the Ark Angel
before the rest of the Icarus is evacuated.
This way.
Security breach in Sector 7G.
Security breach in Sector 7G.
Open fire!
You will come with us now.
I want to know why
your people lied to me
about the technology
I passed on to the humans.
You were provided only what was
needed to fulfill your purpose.
Now you will give us the location
of the Protoculture matrix.
It appears not all
is as you had foreseen.
Therefore, I refuse.
Then you become expendable.
Organics are no match for the
mechanized might of the Haydonites.
Guess we'll see about that.
This means nothing.
All those who embrace
Protoculture are doomed.
We shall prevail.
Not today.
Thanks for the assist.
You saved me.
Well, I figure if the
Haydonites want you dead,
that's a good reason
to keep you alive.
The Haydonites have betrayed me
as much as they have betrayed you, Captain.
Then I guess you'll need to escape
on the Ark Angel like everyone else.
I'm sure Dr. Nichols could use
your help in the engine room.
All right everyone.
We might be flying different mecha now
but we're still the same squadron.
Okay, Skull Squadron.
Follow my lead.
Incoming enemy fighters.
Ok, let's see how well they fight
when they can't cheat.
Visual targeting systems activated.
Relax, I got it. Okay?
This is for Alex!
Are you sure we didn't pass it?
Yes. It should be just ahead.
Damn! Those are the Neutron-S missiles?
Yep. They're a little hard
to miss, aren't they?
Now I understand why we can't
just launch these right at 'em.
Yeah, they certainly
would see these coming.
All this technology, and they
can't put in an elevator?
Easy there, Captain.
I was beginning to wonder why
you needed me to come along.
Now, watch your leg.
If we make it out of this alive,
my wife's going to kill me.
Looking forward to it, sir.
Please confirm authorization.
Captain Vincent S. Grant,
serial number R-X-F-030185.
Identity confirmed.
Neutron-S missile armed and activated.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Detonation of Neutron-S
warhead in ten minutes.
Detonation of Neutron-S
warhead in nine minutes.
The power output is now sufficient
for operation of a hyperspace fold system.
Evacuation complete, sir.
Louie, status report.
The reflex furnace is online.
I just hope the rest of this
ship is space-worthy.
We will find out soon enough.
Now departing Space Station Liberty.
A colony vessel appears
to be attempting an escape.
We cannot allow them to get away.
Cut off its escape route
and eliminate it.
Sir, the enemy fleet is closing in.
Stay close. I don't want
to leave anyone behind.
Commander, I need you to hold off
the enemy just a little longer
so we can clear the station's gravity
field and engage the fold system.
Skull Squadron, let's clear
a trail for these things.
Detonation of Neutron-S
warheads in 60 seconds.
We've cleared the space station's
gravitational field. Standing by to fold.
Have Skull Squadron return
to fold perimeter immediately.
Maia, there are too many of them.
Keep cool, Marcus. I...
My stabilizers are out!
Hang on, I got ya!
Skull Leader, ejecting!
I got ya.
- I'm hit.
- Marcus, your thrusters are out.
Don't worry commander,
I know what I'm doing.
I hope.
Marcus, no!
It's okay. They won't
get me without a fight!
Detonation of Neutron-S
warhead in 15 seconds.
Get us out of here.
Aye, sir, activating space fold drive.
If this fold doesn't work Ariel,
I just wanted you to know that...
I promise, I'll be back.
I love you.
Detonation in 4... 3... 2... 1...
We have a Neutron weapon detonation.
This was not foreseen.
Quickly, initiate space fold and-
It's beautiful.
Where am I?
Wait! Is that... Marlene?
Is that really you?
It is, I can't believe it!
Big sister, I've missed you so much!
I know, and you have been brave.
But it's not your time yet, Marcus.
Please, don't leave me again.
You're all I've got.
I'll always be with you, Marcus.
No, wait! Marlene!
No, I am Ariel, daughter of the Regess,
Princess of the Invid.
You saved my life.
You know I hate the Invid.
Hatred can only breed more hatred.
It is not what we seek...
...any of us.
Ark Angel now entering Earth orbit.
Based on the information
we now have from Janice,
the SDF-3 may not have
been destroyed after all.
Our best hope of winning this war
is to recover the Protoculture
matrix before the Haydonites do.
And with a little luck,
Admiral Hunter will be there waiting.
Agreed. I am confident
the Ark Angel is in capable hands.
Good luck on your new
mission, Captain Grant.
Thank you, sir.
Marcus, I just wanted to say
thank you for rescuing me out there.
We're even now.
I'm sorry about Alex.
I know he was a good friend.
Yes, he was.
It seems like everyone
I'm close to gets taken by war.
My sister...
My best friend...
Yeah, I know how you feel.
Most of my family
was aboard the SDF-3.
I don't even know
if they're still alive.
He owes you his life.
True. Perhaps now it will make him
value the lives of others.
I'm glad you'll be joining the crew
of the Ark Angel, Ariel.
So, you don't want me to wait
for you on Earth anymore.
Are you okay Janice?
I am confused.
Well, actually, that's very human of you.
That's what's confusing me.
Don't worry about it.
We'll work it out.
Somehow, I know... We will win.
We will win...
Life is only what
we choose to make it.
Let us take it.
Let us be free...