Rock Dog (2016) Movie Script

Glorious, isn't it?
The sheep that settled here
call it Snow Mountain.
The mastiffs protect the villages
in these parts.
It's a duty their kind has honored
for generations.
-(Bodi yips)
-FLEETWOOD: And this here is Bodi.
He may not look like much right now,
but just you wait.
(music playing)
It's a simple life here.
Make wool. Make music.
(sheep screams)
FLEETWOOD: And that song they're playing,
it's the only one they know.
To me, it's paradise.
And the city I came from
is a distant memory.
(sheep snoring)
FLEETWOOD: But even in paradise,
you can't hide from trouble.
Because where there's sheep,
there's these guys.
(playing tovshuur)
(wolves grunting)
(glass shattering)
(sheep screaming)
(wolves growling)
FLEETWOOD: The wolves didn't count on
Khampa's secret weapon,
-FLEETWOOD: Deadly Mastiff Paw.
Born of a fire that burns
from deep down inside.
(cheering, bleating)
FLEETWOOD: Linnux and his gang
were whooped so bad,
we were all sure
they were gone for good.
But Khampa figured otherwise.
- He built an army.
-(inhales deeply)
And he started training Bodi.
When Bodi could stay focused, that is.
(music playing)
Well, that was the end of music
in the village.
Khampa said that it was a distraction.
- That we had to be vigilant.
-(sheep sobbing)
(lock clicks)
Well, things around here
got a whole lot quieter.
(plucking tovshuur string)
Until one day...
(grunts softly)
It's too bad they have to be
locked up like that.
That's for sure.
- Aren't you supposed to be somewhere?
-BODI: Am I?
Oh! Oh, yeah, right!
See you later, Fleetwood!
You and me will check in later, huh?
(sheep murmuring indistinctly)
- Morning, guys!
-(sheep grunts)
(indistinct chatter)
- Hey, Floyd!
- Hey. Morning, Bodi. (humming)
(sheep exclaiming)
(indistinct chatter)
- Hi! (screams)
- (gasps)
(screaming continues)
-KHAMPA: Fall in!
-(sheep group grunting)
Follow the mastiff in front of you!
- Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
-SHEEP: Sorry.
-(sheep group grunting)
- You're late. Again.
Sorry, Dad.
(bell dings)
(springy metallic clanging)
-(both gasping)
BODI: Hold still, hold still, okay.
Come back here. Just a second.
There you go.
(sheep grunting)
(crowd cheering)
BODI: All right. Hey, hey.
All right, all right, break it up.
(crowd groaning)
Quit horsing around, guys.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Whoa, whoa, where's Carl?
-(sheep bleating)
- Come on! Double time it!
Let's go! Let's go! Move it, move it!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Just on backwards.
Come here. Adjust. There we go.
(springy metallic clanging)
Ten hut!
(metal clangs)
(metal clanging)
Keep your eyes peeled, troops.
They could be anywhere.
-SHEEP SENTRY 1: I can't see a thing.
- Your eyes open?
-SHEEP SENTRY 1: Oh, yeah, there we go.
SHEEP SENTRY 2: Why are we dressing up
like dogs, Khampa?
If the enemy thinks there's an army here,
they won't invade.
- We've been over this! Come on!
-SHEEP SENTRY 3: Oh, that's right!
-(sheep agreeing)
- I swear, they're like a bunch of animals
that can't think for themselves.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and...
Whoa, whoa, where you going?
- You finish your chores?
- Yeah.
- Shelves are restocked?
- Front to back.
- Shower drain dewooled?
- Did it yesterday.
- Towels dried?
- Soft and fluffy.
- New heads painted?
- Double-coated.
- What about the time cards?
- Sorted.
Now, I-- I don't think
I told you about this,
but the punch clock
has been making this--
Squeaking noise?
Oiled it two days ago, sir.
I mean, Dad.
Okay, well, I'll, uh, I'll see you.
(Bodi whistling)
KHAMPA: How about your
Deadly Mastiff Paw?
(Bodi groans)
Get the dummy.
- Wolf's coming.
- Yeah.
He sees you.
- Oh, boy. Oh.
- Here he comes.
- He's coming at you.
- Okay.
- He's almost on top of you.
- Whoo!
He's in your face!
Fail! You took too long,
everyone's dead.
- Dad, can I just...
- Bodi, Bodi, Bodi.
You gotta find the fire inside.
- Find that passion.
- Yeah.
Okay? Hate the wolf.
- Hate wolves. Hate 'em.
- There you go.
- Can't stand 'em.
- Nice.
- Wanna just kick 'em!
- Use that!
(breathing deeply)
(wimpy Zing)
Yes! Did you see that? Fist pump!
Double fist pump!
- I hit the wolf!
-SHEEP SENTRY: Wolf? Wolf!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Calm down guys! False alarm!
(sheep sentries clamoring)
BODI: Sorry about that, Dad.
Come on! Inside!
You're gonna blow our cover!
SHEEP SENTRY 1: So, there's no wolf.
SHEEP SENTRY 2: I guess not.
(door shuts)
Mastiff Paw!
Oh, come on.
(birds twittering)
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Shoo!
- Go!
-(birds twittering)
No, come back!
Hey! Stop! Please!
(aircraft whirring)
(birds twittering)
(inhales deeply)
(objects clattering)
Hey! Hey!
You dropped something! Hey!
You... you dropped... something.
(radio static)
(radio tuning)
(bluegrass music playing)
(radio tuning)
(mariachi music playing)
(radio tuning)
(opera music playing)
(radio tuning)
(rock music playing)
Yeah yeah
Hey you I see you standing there
You gotta stomp out the blues
C-can you feel it
We got the powers
From your ears to your shoes
It is afire
That makes an animal
move to the groove yeah
Shout it out let it out
that's what it's all about
Shout it out shout it out
Shout it out let out
we love to rock 'n roll
It's just the way it goes
We love to rock 'n roll
Rock and roll
Shout it out let it out
that's what it's all about
Shout it out shout it out
Shout it out let it out
we love to rock 'n roll
It's just the way it goes
We love to rock 'n roll
We love to rock 'n roll
RADIO DJ: Another classic from the one
and only Angus Scattergood.
Angus Scattergood.
RADIO DJ: And we have the rock legend
himself on the phone right now.
- Angus, always a thrill.
ANGUS: Well, if you get the thrill,
then everyone's thrilled.
RADIO DJ: So how's your new
single coming along?
ANGUS: New single is good.
- Uh, just on the last tweaks.
- Mm-hmm
And-- and I'm trying just to get back
to my roots.
You know,
back to where it all started.
RADIO DJ: Where did it all start?
ANGUS: I got my first six-string guitar
when I was a small cat.
(metallic clang)
ANGUS: And I got on there
and the music came out,
and the words, you know...
(guitar strings resonating)
Once I started, there was no going back.
You know, I was just hooked, really.
(guitar music playing)
(guitar music playing)
So then I came down to the city
to Rock 'n' Roll Park,
'cause you know these musicians have taken
the whole thing over, mate.
And I found a band there in need
of a guitar, and then the rest is history.
History and geography
and a little bit of mathematics.
RADIO DJ: Amazing.
So any advice
for up and coming musicians?
ANGUS: Play your guts
out and-- and never stop.
Even when your dad says,
"Stop!" Don't stop.
(humming softly)
- Dad?
- Hmm-mmm.
Got some great news for you.
- Got some fabulous news.
- Mm-hmm.
I've decided to become a musician.
(gasps) What. Where'd you...
Did you break into the...
My son, the thief.
I-- I know. I'm sorry, but see,
there's this guy named Angus!
And he was telling me
about Rock 'n' Roll Park,
and finding my band.
And it was, like, the answer
to the question of my life, Dad!
- Do you understand?
- Now I'm gonna have to get a new lock.
Like those things grow on trees
around here.
If you could feel what I'm feeling. Here.
(guitar music playing)
Stop that. Now. Bodi.
That's enough.
Hand it over. Give me the...
- Bodi! Give me that! Give me...
Come here!
(objects clattering)
Hand it to me!
(guitar music continues)
(door closes)
You're not gonna be a musician, Bodi!
You're gonna be a guard.
Now, when you've come to your senses,
you're going to march down here
and you're going to hand over
that noisemaker,
and we're going to pretend
this never happened! Agreed?
I'll take your silence as a yes.
(guitar music playing)
Whoo! Yeah!
(exclaims, laughs)
I like it loud I like it tight
I like them banging
on the beat all night
(Bodi whooping)
That's the way that I like it
That's the way that I like it
That's the way that I like
my rock and roll
That's the way that I like it
Hey, he's not bad, huh?
I think they call folks like him
And it's going to lead
to trouble sooner or later.
My guess is sooner.
I like the bear barking up on top
Beat of the rhythm like
it's never gonna stop
(trails off)
(growls softly) That boy is really
starting to steam my clams.
Say, isn't he old enough to take the post?
Yeah he is, Floyd,
but he just doesn't take it seriously.
Not since that thing fell out of the sky.
Now it's all rock this and roll that.
- And some guy named Dingus.
- Yeah,
I guess I was a little like that
at his age.
Had no interest in being a barber.
Had my heart set on astrophysics.
That is until my dad
showed me... The Book.
- The Book?
- Hang on a sec.
The Book.
Real pictures of what can happen
if sheep go too long without grooming.
KHAMPA: Huh... Huh!
(Khampa gasps)
- Tell me when you've seen enough.
Yep, one look at this scared me straight.
I began my apprenticeship the next day
and never looked back.
"Scared straight." Huh.
Maybe that's what Bodi needs.
- Hey, you wanna borrow The Book?
- No, Floyd.
I think I've got a better idea.
(guitar music playing)
Bodi! Open this door, son!
-(Bodi grunting)
-KHAMPA: Oh, no, you don't!
BODI: I can't help it, Dad.
The music's in me. It's in me!
Angus says it's like a fever
that takes hold and never lets you go.
You disappoint me, son.
Okay, this is your post.
Get used to it. See you at dawn.
- Sunrise?
- Yes! Dawn! Sunrise!
First thing in the morning!
- End of the night! Come on!
- Oh. Okay.
(static crackles)
(static crackles)
Ow! (laughs)
(both laughing)
Fellas, come on, knock it off.
-SHEEP: Wolf!
-(sheep 2 shrieks) Wolf!
KHAMPA: Shh. Settle down guys,
it's me. It's me!
-(sheep panting)
Why are you dressed up like a wolf?
Wow, seriously?
You've all forgotten the plan?
I specifically picked you three
because you're
the best and the brightest.
- Yeah, for sheep.
- Aah!
All right, just put these on.
SHEEP: Hey, look.
- Wolf's eating my head.
KHAMPA: There's nothing funny about that.
Okay, Bodi's in position.
On my signal,
we give him the scare of his life.
That was the signal.
(sheep panting)
(all grunting, screaming)
(growling, gnawing)
(guitar music playing)
- (groans)
- Huh? Oh!
Wolf! (gasping)
Wolf! Wolf! (screaming)
KHAMPA: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Guys! It's me!
(sheep group screaming)
The wolves are coming!
The wolves are coming!
Shut your windows!
Lock your doors!
(grunting, screaming)
BODI: Everybody, listen up!
The wolves are coming!
(sheep screaming)
(sheep screaming)
Get outta there, you chowderhead!
Come here!
- Take that, you ding-busted wolf!
- Aah!
The wolves!
They're here! They're coming!
-SHEEP 1: Help.
-SHEEP 2: Help. Help. Please, help.
Stay back. I'm dangerous.
SHEEP 1: Please help!
(sheep screaming)
(sheep exclaiming)
(fireworks crackling)
(shuddefing, panting)
Well, all things considered,
it could have been a lot worse.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, kind of embarrassing,
getting fooled by those
cockamamie wolf getups. (laughs)
Where'd Khampa get the notion
to do a crazy thing like that, anyway?
Hello, Khampa. How's things?
(growls softly)
Shot of wheatgrass, Sam.
Ah, heck, make it a double.
(glasses clink)
You want to talk about it?
Don't pin this one on me, Fleet.
If he'd been doing his job
guarding the village...
I thought that was your job.
Well, yeah, it is my job,
but I wasn't doing my job.
(exhales loudly)
I think you've established that.
Bodi isn't you. He wants to go.
Well, that's just crazy talk.
Who else is gonna guard this place
after I'm gone?
From what? The wolves?
Maybe you're sitting up there waiting
for something that's never coming back.
What if they do, Fleet?
Okay, what if they do?
You think Bodi's gonna be able
to protect the village?
He is who he is.
He's looking for his own paradise.
BODI: Dad?
Just wanted to let
you know I'm ready to...
What's this?
Go to the city.
But if you fail, you come back.
And you never speak of music again.
(sighs quietly)
Well, keep those shears sharp, Floyd.
Come back and see us sometime, huh?
- Hey.
- Carl. Stay clean.
- Put 'er there, Bodi.
- Ow! (laughs)(laughs)
(static crackles)
You got me good, Steve.
I'm really gonna miss that.
I um... I got a little something for you.
Now where'd I put it'?
SHEEP: Nice!
FLEETWOOD: This is your life.
Make it a happy one.
(wind whooshing)
(sheep group) Bye!
See you later, Bodi.
(exhales deeply)
RIFF: I think I got something!
Hey, Skozz! Get Linnux on the line!
That's right. Both kneecaps.
Yeah, really give it to him.
Okay, gotta go. Bye, Mom.
(phone beeps)
Can we get a red cord
to go with the red phone?
Come on!
Riff, you're bothering me.
We got movement up here!
One of the mastiffs is heading out.
What? A mastiff is leaving Snow Mountain?
(glass shatters)
(Riff over phone)
I think it's the big guy's kid.
I hate the big guy.
What about the rest of the army?
Uh, checking.
Checking. Checking. Checking.
No, nothing. They're staying put.
You want us to take this guy out?
-'Cause I'll take this guy out.
-LINNUX: (over phone) No.
- It'll be done in two seconds.
Okay. Whoa, whoa!
He's getting on the bus.
He's getting on the bus!
LINNUX: Well, why are you
still talking to me?
Don't let him out of your sight!
Bring him to me.
We get him,
we get Snow Mountain. (laughs)
Get your suit and tie on, Skozz,
we are out of here! Whoo-hoo!
Thanks very much for the bus ride!
Oh, hey, do you know where I can find
Rock 'n' Roll Park?
Oh, okay. Good talk.
(woman speaking indistinctly over PA)
Hi there. Pardon me.
I'm just into town,
and I'm looking for a place...
Right on time.
RIFF: We're gonna nail him from above,
so he don't see us coming.
I reel him in, you knock him out.
Okay, give me a hand.
(both grunting)
Okay. Flip your side around.
No, the other way.
No, not you, Skozz.
Come on, man, we don't got time for this.
All right, all right, let's roll.
(woman over PA)
Passenger Lawrence Gan,
please report to the supervisor's office
immediately, thank you.
(Riff chuckling)
Yeah, I got you now, mastiff.
(scope beeping)
Hold it steady, Skozz. Ready.
(machine powering up)
Whoa! Grab my feet, Skozz!
Sir, do you know
where Rock 'n' Roll Park is?
(car alarm blaring)
(horn honking)
Hey, do you know where I can find
Rock 'n' Roll Park?
(engine revving)
Oh! Whoa!
-ANIMAL: Watch it!
-(crowd screaming)
(train horns honking)
(blues music playing in the distance)
(reggae music playing)
(punk music playing)
(jazz music playing)
(rap music playing)
Whoa! Whoa!
Oh, boy.
Do not look over there,
but we got a nutjob at 12 o'clock.
- Oh, I just looked over there.
- I told you not to look over there.
I know you did, but when you tell me that,
it makes me want to look.
Do you know what this means?
This is fate!
Just like Mr. Scattergood!
Sorry, Angus Scattergood?
Yes! Yes!
Mr. Scattergood came to Rock 'n' Roll Park
and found a band in need
of a guitar player just like you!
This is unreal!
Sorry I'm late, dudes.
(stutters) Uh, who's the dog?
I'm Bodi. I'm your new guitar player.
Oh, cool. I like that. Okay.
Yeah, you're the new... guitar player.
- Well, (scoffs) welcome to the band.
- Yes!
Oh. Uh, incidentally,
doesn't he have to do
some kind of auditional thing first?
Or am I mistaken?
- Oh, Trey...
- Well, it's just a formality, really.
Just a little thing we call a "shred-off."
PIG: Shred-off?
TREY: Yeah, we're gonna have a little
(crowd exclaiming, cheering)
(crowd) Shred-off!
(crowd chanting)
Shred-off! Shred-off!
What's a shred-off?
Who wants to tell him what a shred-off is?
Well, why don't I tell you?
A shred-off is just a little thing
where you play a lick,
and then I get to play a lick
and then you get to be in the band.
(laughs) That sounds fun!
You betcha!
(drum beats playing)
(guitar music playing)
(crowd cheering)
(guitar crashing)
(crowd laughing)
Is he in the band?
Left thumb says...
Right thumb says...
Aw, man, it's unanimous.
I think we're gonna take
a "Passadena" on this one.
(leaves rustling)
(exhales deeply)
Sorry about Trey.
Yeah, you know,
don't let him go harshing your...
Whoa! Where'd these come from?
Um, you've had them. The whole time.
Uh, this is Germur.
Hey, Germ? Germur?
Okay, well he's, you know,
he comes and goes.
- I'm Darma. (chuckles)
- Bodi.
- I was so sure this was the band.
- Hey, you're gonna find one.
It doesn't just happen overnight,
you know.
I mean, we've been playing
in this park for, like, years.
Wow. Mr. Scattergood sure made it sound
easy on the old magic singing box.
The... magic... singing box?
Yeah. Fell out of the sky.
Almost hit me.
- That happened to you, too?
-BODI: Yeah.
My brother.
I'm-- I'm sorry. Did I hear you guys?
You guys are talking about
Angus. Scattergood.
Well, did you know that the dude
lives here in town?
- Really?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! (grunts)
I think you ought to go up and meet him.
In fact, I insist that you do.
Ask him to give you some guitar lessons.
You could use them.
Oh, no. No, no. You can't just go talk
-to Angus Scattergood...
- Oh, sure he can.
You march on up there,
big old white house on top of the hill,
can't miss it,
and you tell him old Trey sent you.
Well, okay!
I've always wanted to meet him.
And one more thing!
Don't forget to kiss the gate!
It's good luck!
Kiss the gate, got it! Thanks!
TOUR GUIDE: (on PA) And to your right is
the home of rock legend Angus Scattergood.
Each year, thousands of wannabe musicians
ock to these gates
in the hope of meeting him,
only to have their dreams crushed.
Oh, look, here comes one now.
Moving on to our next stop...
For good luck...
(electricity crackles)
(both gasp)
(doorbell rings)
- Whoa!
- Oh!
(glass shatters)
Oh! (groans)
IAN:(over phone) Angus!
How can the label release
your new song if
you haven't given it to us?
-ANGUS: Ian. Ian. Ian, man. Ian.
- We've given you more time...
-IAN: What?
-It's done.
Then send it now!
ANGUS: There's a tweaky-tweak
I have to do.
IAN: You've been tweaking for six months!
Yeah, well, you know, I'd be finished now
if you didn't keep ringing me.
IAN: I'm ringing you because
you are in very deep trouble, Angus!
-IAN: Well, we 're going to stick by you.
- For now.
- Oh, for now?
That sounds like a threat, Ian.
A threat of violence. And murder.
IAN: Oh, It's a threat!
You're down to three days to turn this in.
Well, I don't need three days, mate--
Well, actually I do.
IAN: If you don't deliver,
we are dropping you.
And you will soon be eating
out of a dumpster!
Don't you be down on dumpsters.
I grew up in one.
-IAN: Angus...
- Just-- just chill the fudge cake out.
All right? It's all cool.
I'm gonna hang up on you now. All right?
- Angus! You don't talk to me like that!
- Okay! Gotta do tweaking.
IAN: You listen to me, don't hang...
(line disconnects)
(exhales deeply)
How am I going to write a song
in three days?
(phone beeping)
Yesterday I had four days,
before that I had five days.
Now I've got three days'?
All right,
you've got to pull yourself together.
Pull yourself together. (muttering)
You are a rock god. I am not a rock god.
Yes, you are a rock god.
Everyone thinks you're a rock god.
So we must rock. We must rock.
(music playing)
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together
for the rock legend you came to see,
- Angus Scattergood!
-(crowd cheering)
(guitar music playing)
(electricity crackles)
(whirring, beeps)
(screams) Phew!
(mechanical beeping)
(camera whirring)
Oh, boy.
(distant guitar music playing)
(metal clangs)
Let's have some of that champagne then,
(tape whirring)
Here we go.
(guitar music playing
on headphones)
Why can't-- Rubbish!
Mother... father... (grunting)
(doorbell ringing)
(doorbell ringing)
ANGUS: (over intercom) Stop that!
You're giving me a bloody headache!
Oh, me?
ANGUS: No, the other monkey
who's pressing the doorbell.
- Yes, you, you big twit!
- Are you Mr. Scattergood?
ANGUS: No. lam his, uh... but/er.
Mr. Scattergood is indisposed
at the moment.
One quick question, Mr. Butler.
If you could just ask Mr. Scattergood
if he'd be interested
in becoming my music teacher?
See there's this band and they're really--
ANGUS: Did you say music teacher?
-BODI: Yes, sir.
-ANGUS: Is this...
Just hang on a moment.
(Angus laughing in the distance)
We've just got news
through my headpiece here
that Mr. Scattergood
would love nothing more
than to be your music teacher.
(laughs) What? That... That is incredible.
Thank you so much.
Today's my lucky day, Mr. Butler!
-ANGUS: It must be.
-(Bodi groans)
ANGUS: But we've got certain conditions,
mate, certain conditions. Uh...
You've got to wipe your feet
before you come in.
You got it.
ANGUS: Could you wipe them
specifically on the welcome mat?
Otherwise you're just
moving dirt around, mate.
Okay, I'll just...
This must be a test or something, right?
Mr. Scattergood said to never stop!
And nothing will ever make me...
(lightning crackling)
Oh, boy.
Okay, new plan!
I'm gonna stay in this shelter
until the rain passes!
And then we'll talk
about those music lessons!
(mechanical whirring)
BODI: Whoa!
Whoa! What's happening?
Hey, hey where are we going?
See that, Ozzy?
That was a nutter.
We won't be seeing his like again.
(both grunting)
Smoked that feller! Who's next?
I like this guy. Put him in the ring
tomorrow with the Grizz.
Huh! No, no, not the Grizz.
Anything but the Grizz.
(sobs) Anything but the Grizz!
You go in there, you don't come out!
I'm gonna meet my gator-maker!
Nice. Thank you.
LINNUX: (over phone)
So where's the mastiff?
It didn't come together.
LINNUX: Didn't come together?
What is this, a jigsaw puzzle?
A standard kidnapping
is too much for you two?
Well, we were this close,
but he gave Skozz the slip.
Yeah, that guy's crafty.
Okay, you knuckleheads,
you're going to scour every square inch
of this city. Eyes peeled.
I don't want you to blink
until you find him.
You know what? I'm not blinking already.
(line disconnects)
Hello? Hello? (sighs)
What, you didn't get one for me?
That's messed up, Skozz.
(humming continues)
(tape scratching)
...what? None of this stuff works!
(continues humming)
(panting, exhales deeply)
(guitar music playing outside)
(Bodi muffled) Garbage truck
BODI: I took a ride
in a garbage truck
Don't listen, don't listen.
-(Bodi singing indistinctly outside)
(exclaims, grunts)
(Bodi singing)
I took a ride in a garbage truck
Shut up that bloody racket!
Oh, I took a ride in a garbage truck
(mechanical whirring)
(Bodi humming)
Yeah, I took a ride in it
You know it's true hey hey hey
Did you bloody hear me?
You are doing my nut in!
I was this close to laying down
a completely killer track and you--
Are you Angus Scattergood?
(horn honking)
No, I'm his... gardener.
Oh, my gosh!
I'm actually meeting
Angus Scattergood's... gardener!
- This is so... Sorry.
- Let go of me, you stupid mutt.
Sorry. Could you give Mr. Scattergood
a message from me?
I'll give him a message, all right!
Oh, I will tell
Mr. Scattergood all about you!
But he will never ever
be your music teacher!
You can be sure about that, 'cause you...
- Mr. Gardener
-are an idiot and you make all this...
(screams) The gates are closing!
(electricity crackling)
-(Angus screaming)
-(both gasping)
(doorbell ringing)
(objects clattering)
(glass squeaking)
Are you all right, Mr. Gardener?
Here, let me help you.
Don't you come near me, you weirdo.
(music playing on television)
Bring round the golf cart, mate.
I have been zapped by the doodah.
I'm completely paralyzed, Ozzy!
Except for my mouth.
My mouth is where... And my finger.
TOUR GUIDE: (on PA) And to your right
is the home of rock legend...
- Angus Scattergood!
-(tourists chattering excitedly)
It's him! It's Angus Scattergood!
This is all your fault, you big, daft...
I can walk! I can walk! It's a miracle!
(tourist exclaiming)
(record store crowd exclaiming)
(laughs) Wow, there's a lot of people
back there.
Don't you run with me.
Why are they all chasing us?
Because I...
because I am Angus Scattergood!
Whoa! What?
I knew you were Angus Scattergood!
Hey, what do you think about
maybe becoming my music teacher?
I'm not going to be
your music teacher, mate!
- Will you just think about it?
- Look, when I count to three,
you go off to the right
and I'll carry on in this direction, okay?
- One, two, three.
- Okay.
Can't do it.
- You're still following me, you big twit!
- I'm gonna stick with you.
-(tourists exclaiming)
- I'm you're number one fan!
(garbage clattering)
BODI: I think they're gone.
Got to get the germs off.
Dirt and germs. (grunts)
Ah, ooh, ah, ooh, ah!
This is a nightmare.
I want to be back at my castle.
With my duvet. I'm cold.
I'm hungry, and I'm...
- Never going to eat pizza again.
- Wow!
Are you sure about that?
Because there's plenty of food in here.
It's really good.
Eating food in a dumpster.
Eating food in a dumpster.
This is what he said would happen.
Isn't life funny?
I mean, here I am with Angus Scattergood.
Yeah, I know I said
I was Angus Scattergood,
but I was just mucking about
with you really 'cause I'm...
(objects clattering)
- Why'd they have to use that photo?
- Great picture.
- Nah, I don't...
- Such a cool picture.
I did not sign off on that photo, so...
- Okay, I'm just going to quickly hug you.
- No! Don't you touch me!
I heard you on the magic box
and you changed my life!
Well, you have quite ruined mine, mate.
So you know what? Just...
Just give us a fiver for a cab,
and we'll call it quits, all right?
Yeah? A fiver? Just...
You lend me five of them.
Five of the one things.
Oh, money? Yeah! No.
No, I know where we can get money, yeah.
Lots of it.
(guitar music playing)
(coin clinking)
Hey, Mr. Scattergood! We made a penny!
Shh! Don't you understand
what "incognito" means?
Um, just a button. Wasn't a penny.
Sorry about that, Mr. Scattergood.
Don't use the name!
Just make me enough for a cab fare,
all right?
BODI: Sure thing, got it.
(guitar music playing)
(horn honking)
RIFF: Bingo!
We got him this time.
Come on, Skozz, let's go pull around
the back. Woo-hoo-hoo!
All right, how much
have you made so far?
Just a button.
Just a button?
Yep. One button.
It's a good start, though.
Give me that swamp fiddle thing.
(tunes guitar)
(guitar playing)
Can you give me a bit of space here?
- Oh.
- Just back up a bit.
- How's this?
-ANGUS: Bit further.
- Okay, how 'bout now?
- Another 20 steps back.
Get in the hedge.
BODI: I can't see you!
Second time's a charm! (laughs)
-DARMA: Bodi'?
- Oh, hey, Darma.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah. I've just been, uh,
hanging out with Mr. Scattergood.
Whoa, whoa! Sorry. Back up.
You've been hanging with rock legend,
Angus Scattergood?
- Uh, yup.
-GERMUR: Right on.
- Hanging with Angus.
- He was not hanging.
Hangus with Angus.
Really. We've been together all day.
Let's see...
We went jogging.
- Then we had some pizza.
-DARMA: Right.
-(Angus yelling) ...hey! Come on!
- Then we came here to the park 'cause,
you know, he needs a little money
for a cab.
- Of course.
-ANGUS: Help me! Help me!
He's right over there.
You guys want to meet him?
Yeah. Yeah, we do.
Yes, that's a great idea.
Let's all just go meet Angus!
- Sweet! We're meeting Angus!
- Don't get your hopes up.
(yelling) Oi! You big twit.
Hey! What's going on...
And here he is, Mr.-- Mr. Scattergood?
Woo-wee! We did it! We did it!
He was right here.
I don't know what happened.
I don't know where he went.
- I believe you, dog.
- You do?
I do what? What do I do?
Look, Bodi, you know, you don't have
to make stuff up to impress us.
What? No, no. He was right here.
I gotta find him.
Mr. Scattergood! Where are you?
- Mr. Scattergood! Hey! Where'd you go?
- Oh...
- He's cute.
-BODI: We wanted to hangus!
Completely delusional, but cute.
(tires screeching)
Boom! Mission accomplished!
(wolves chuckling)
(Linnux laughing)
You got the goods?
- We got the goods.
You kidnapped
Angus flipping Scattergood?
Angus-- flip-- What? He grabbed the guy!
You didn't even get the right species!
WOLF: Riff, don't you know
the difference?
LINNUX: Is it that tough?
(wolves chattering indistinctly)
-WOLF 2: What do you expect from Riff?
Shut up! Just shut up!
Who's in charge here? You? Large lad?
I will call you... "Large Lad."
You stupid, bloody idiot,
you know who I am?
You're in a lot of trouble, mate.
And the entire world
is going to be beating down your door
like-- like salmon
trying to go up a-- a stream
when it's mating season.
Not a good analogy. Anyway. Look, just...
You know what?
You two morons just lost your health plan.
And your 401 Ks.
And if you don't bring in that mastiff
by the end of the week,
I'm relocating you to new digs
with bottom-of-the-oceanfront views.
- Am I clear?
- Bottom of the oceanfront, got it.
Now get outta my sight.
Give Mr. Scattergood a ride home.
Ooh! When I get ahold of your kid,
you're not going to know what hit you.
-(indistinct chatter)
- What the...
- I know that was you, Feng!
-FENG: Sorry.
Ethel, the headpiece goes on last
so you can see what you're doing.
Come on. Guys, we've been through this.
No. I-- I-- I think that's...
I think that's a foreleg you have
on your hind leg there, Steve.
-It's a left.
-STEVE: This one?
The one... Left.
- No. The other left.
- Oh. This one?
- Oh, my goodness. Hey, Phil. Phil!
Stop distracting Carl.
He's trying to get dressed.
Wait a minute.
Carl, will you get out of the shower?
-CARL: But... But I like it in here.
- I don't care, Carl.
-It's time to go to work.
Come on, you're wasting time.
And water. (grunts)
We... Are...
Are you even capable of holding still?
SHEEP 2: Why isn't Bodi here?
For the nine billionth time,
he went to the city.
-ALL: What?
- When did this happen?
Do you really not remember?
You gave him a going away party,
for crying out loud.
(sheep group agreeing)
- When's he coming back?
-(groans) Uh...
I wish I knew.
(engine revving)
ANGUS: on!
You know what kind of a fool you made me
look like back there? Hmm?
We supposed to be a team, Skozz.
We supposed to be a team.
I know you hear me.
I know you hear me sayin' words,
you just trying to ignore me.
And I know you understand what...
You playin' a video game
when I'm trying to...
Gimme that old video game!
(video game beeping)
(horn honking)
(tires screeching)
(both grunting)
(truck beeping)
(both screaming)
- Yeah! Whoo!
- Sweet!
Put your seatbelt on, Skozz!
RIFF: You can't just be doin'
whatever you want all willy-nilly.
You got to do what I say.
This is my last shot
at getting in good with Linnux.
And you got to help me.
You got anything to say?
(notes playing Off-Key)
(phone ringing)
Ozzy! (exhales deeply)
Take a message, will you?
IAN: (over phone) Hello?
-(grunts) What?
IAN: Okay, where is it, Angus?
I need more time, Ian.
I just-- I need-- I was just kidnapped.
- You were not.
- I was!
- They hoovered me over a wall.
-IAN: Really?
They hit me with bats!
Not flying bats, but the...
IAN: Oh, will you quit making
lame excuses and just get the song to us?
These are some of the best excuses
I've ever had!
- Just don't... Don't make me beg.
-IAN: I'm not making you beg.
- Give me a bit more time...
- We already have.
- Just a little bit more time...
- Tomorrow, 6:00 p.m. sharp! Bye.
No! No! No! No! No! No! No!
No! No! No!
(notes playing off-key)
(singing in a distance)
I'm so stuck in this garbage truck
That I can't even get myself out
ANGUS: Oh...
That... is not... actually awful.
I'm so stuck in this garbage truck
ANGUS: That is...
I'm so stuck I want to get out
ANGUS: Rather catchy.
(laughs) Hey! Hey! Mr. Scattergood!
Yeah, it's me! Where ya been?
- Whoo-hoo-hoo! (grunts)
-ANGUS: Welcome.
Welcome, welcome.
- Uh, Bo... Bodee? Bohdee?
- Bodi, yes!
- Bodi!
- I can't believe you remember my name.
(laughs) I can't either, mate.
Now, what was it you were after?
- Music lessons, yeah?
- Yes.
Come. Come on in, mate.
Don't step on the welcome mat.
And don't touch the door,
it's electrified.
- This is Ozzy.
- Wow!
- Yeah, just... Wait.
- Oh, wow!
Just leave the robot alone for the moment.
Hello, Ozzy! My name is Bodi!
That's it... That's it, mate.
So, music lessons?
BODI: Wow!
Boy, I've... I've never seen
anything like this.
My... My whole village could fit in here.
ANGUS: Yeah, yeah, it could, mate. Yeah.
What's that?
That's my old tour bus.
I've been to the moon
and back in that thing.
And here is... Here is the library...
BODI: Whoa!
- Yeah.
- Mr. Scattergood.
Indeedyweedy, mate.
You want to be a rock musician?
You've got to have the proper ax.
Just go ahead, pick one. Any one.
(etherial music)
Don't-- Don't touch.
You see, that is a Scattercaster, you see?
Only one in the entire universe.
Crafted by Celtish people
from the timbers of a Viking ship
and presented to Saxons
by the Romans, I think it was.
- Wow!
- So not that one.
- Okay. How... How 'bout that one?
- No, no. Not that one.
- Well, this one I like...
- No, no. Not that one.
Okay. Well,
I like the color of this one...
No, no. Just...
I lost the keys to that one.
(objects clattering)
What about this one?
It makes you look like a rock star.
So what do we learn first?
Chords? Fingering? Strumming techniques?
That's boring stuff.
Really, to be honest, boring.
I'll teach you that later in the lesson.
Necessary, but boring.
Best to start off with songwriting.
Have you ever composed?
I have this one little something
about a garbage truck.
Can you play it?
Yeah, I can give it a shot.
(guitar music playing)
(Bodi off-key)
I'm so stuck in this garbage truck
I just wanna get myself out
Wait... That's good.
But stop it for the moment. Ah...
Waste management, mate.
It's not very rock 'n' roll is it,
you see?
Pardon me?
You've got to write something that's going
to resonate with the masses.
You mean, like, something that makes
people feel good.
Yes! So reach inside yourself--
Wh-- where did you come from, mate?
- My-- my town's called Snow Mountain.
-ANGUS: What's that make you feel like?
What's the word? Uh...
- Disgusted?
- No...
- Uh, entrapped?
- Not really.
- Angry? Bitter?
- Uh...
- Judgmental?
- Not quite.
- One horse?
- No.
- Anti-cat?
- I got it!
Glorious? Yeah. That'll do.
(guitar music playing)
(piano music playing)
(beat fades in)
(rock music playing)
(electric guitar music playing)
(Ozzy exclaims)
(window shatters
Rock and roll, mate!
I... I can't believe I did that.
Yeah, you were on fire!
That's what you were.
You were totally on fire!
You were in the zone!
- Did you feel it?
- I did feel it!
I felt it. I felt it-- You blew up my
You blew up my room!
I'm sorry, Mr. Scattergood!
It doesn't matter. It does not matter.
Nothing to worry about, all right?
The song... is done. It is done.
BODI: So, that's the lesson?
ANGUS: Yeah it is.
(laughing) Why, it's one of the best
I've ever given.
Watch the welcome mat. There you go.
So when should I come back?
(flaps lips) Is that...
For our second lesson? ls tomorrow good?
Why, um...
that's gonna be... It's tricky, uh,
really slammed stuff, you know,
on the calendar-wise, you know.
But we, we could...
I'll get my people to...
But, you know,
we'll work out something.
Okay. Well,
I guess I'll just go over to the park.
Great, great, mate. Just, uh...
Hurry up before the hedge pops up...
There you go, mate!
Mind the mice!
- Okay! Well, goodbye!
'Bye then!
BODI: Bye, Ozzy!
(Angus mumbles indistinctly)
- See you soon!
-(Angus mumbles indistinctly)
(grunting, panting) Whoo-hoo!
Guys, you're not gonna believe this.
You're not gonna believe it!
Mr. Scattergood gave me a music lesson!
And we wrote a song together!
- He even let...
-GERMUR: Whoa! Hey...
-RADIO DJ: On the line, right now,
- He's on! He's on!
RADIO DJ: (over radio) Angus, tell us...
Tell us about your new single.
ANGUS: (over radio)
It's been a long time coming,
and everyone's been saying,
"When's it coming?"
And here it is, baby, out tomorrow.
And it is called "Glorious."
Yeah, "Glorious!"
- That's the song we did!
-(rock park musicians) Shh. Shh. Quiet!
RADIO DJ: So, uh, what inspired you?
ANGUS: Uh, well, funny story.
I was sitting in my studio
and the bell rang.
- Yep. That was me.
-ANGUS: Which almost never happens.
I go to the door
and there was nobody there.
ANGUS: But I looked up,
and I thought of where I grew up.
Up in the mountains where...
Uh, where the snows are.
And I thought, "This is glorious, mate.
It's just glorious."
And it came- came straight
from the heart.
From, uh, my heart, to be clear.
That was from my heart.
RADIO DJ: That's beautiful.
ANGUS: Well, I 'd be remiss if I didn't
someone who was there for me,
and without whom this song
would not have been written.
And that person
of course is my butler, Ozzy.
And he, in his own way, he is glorious.
Or not glorious.
What's a better word for it?
(stereo clicks)
Uh, he didn't mention you. Why not?
Oh, that's right
'cause the dude doesn't know you exist!
(rock park musicians laughing)
Hey, you should really get out
of the rain.
Germy and I are gonna grab some noodles.
You want to come?
GERMUR: I believe you, dog.
-(lan over phone) Hello?
-ANGUS: Ian?
- IAN: Yeah?
- ANGUS: Ian?
- Angus, what is it now?
-ANGUS: Ian, mate? Can you hear this?
IAN: What is it now?
-ANGUS: Can you hear that?
-IAN: Yeah, what is that? What is that?
-It's finished.
-IAN: The song-- The song's finished?
- Two hours to spare.
-IAN: Yes!
Okay, don't move. I'm going to send
a runner over right away.
We're going to pick it up.
We're going to have a big party tonight!
- I'm going to rent us a hotel, okay?
- Yeah, make it two hotels, okay?
-IAN: That's really not in our budget...
- Yeah, ginormous party, all right.
- We can't do that... Angus?
- All right, cheers, mate.
(exhales deeply)
Why are you looking at me like that?
Is this about that daft dog?
Come on, he'll be fine.
He'll be fine!
Look, truth is,
I could've written that song
without that dog.
All right, I could not have written
that song without that dog.
It's not like I can go around
telling people the truth.
I'd lose it all, man.
I'd lose the legend...
Maybe I should give
him a little something,
for the inspiration, yeah?
Is that a good idea?
Will you stop!
You're like a stone, you are!
You stare at me with your big,
tin eyes and your big, tin face.
You tin thing!
Ozzy! That tin can.
Blackmail! It's not blackmail,
is it, technically.
It's a... it's a guilt trip.
Guilt trip! That's what it is.
(guitar music playing)
(vehicle approaching)
(engine revs)
Oh! (grunts)
(Riff laughing) We got you!
(tires screeching)
(lasers powering up)
(breathing heavily)
Buncha idiots.
(cell phone ringing)
- Hey, Boss!
- Did you get him?
Yeah, I got him! I got him right here!
Everyone okay?
Yeah, yeah, um, everybody is good!
Don't you worry 'bout nothin'.
I am on top of--
LINNUX: Riff? Riff, you there?
Oh, you better not have hung up on me!
Wakey, wakey. Have a nice nap?
Let's hear all about your pop's army.
How many troops?
How many lines of defense?
What's their combat effectiveness?
Sir, if my dad knew that
I was talking to a wolf... (chuckles)
Oh, boy...
Mum's the word, huh? (chuckles)
You got nothing to say?
Okay. Okay.
(objects clattering)
Not gonna talk about...
(yawns) the sheep army.
LINNUX: Sheep army?
Sheep army.
Sheep army. Sheep army.
Sheep army.
(scattered laughter)
- I can't thank you enough!
- W-- what's that?
- Okay, fellas. Start packing.
- Where we going, Chief?
- Oh, a little place called Snow Mountain.
- Oh!
Wait a second. (clears throat)
You-- you don't need to go
to Snow Mountain.
- Oh, yes, we do.
- No, really.
We certainly do.
- You don't need to bother them, so--
- Zip it!
Put him in the ring with The Grizz.
DARMA: Bodi?
-GERMUR: Bodi!
-DARMA: Bodi!
-GERMUR: You hungry, bro?
-DARMA: Bodi?
Where could he possibly have gone?
If I were the Bode...
Back up.
There was a car here earlier.
I think that's a good conclusion.
Whoa. Check it.
What? Why would anybody go after Bodi?
(horn honking)
- You seein' what I'm seein'?
- I think so.
Does it start with an "A"?
And end with a "good"?
You there!
Have you seen a dog around here?
Silly hat, bit of a goof?
You... know... Bodi?
Yes, that's his name.
He's, uh, kind of like a...
Bit of a muse, really. Hello.
Large Lad.
(phone ringing)
Hold this, will you?
- What? Yeah.
- Angus!
Where are you?
Our runner is waiting outside your place
right now and you're not answering!
- I've. ..
- And I don't want any more games!
This is getting really, really old.
Now you've got exactly one minute
to come outside and hand over that record
or your career is over!
- You understand?
- What?
- Something's come up.
I've gotta do this.
(phone beeps)
Come on! What are you waiting for?
Let's go find your mate.
Who? Us?
(grunts) Germur, come on!
Comin'! (grunts)
(loud cheering)
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
for your own safety,
please give a warm welcome to The Grizz!
Oh, boy...
Dog. Food.
Okay, boys, you know the drill.
Last one breathing wins.
Please, sir, my family's in danger.
Can we just cancel this whole thing?
I'm not really even a fighter.
I'm not really a referee. Now get some!
ANIMAL: Crush him!
(Grizz laughing)
(Grizz growls)
(crowd cheers)
(horn honking)
- Bodi!
- Dog!
- Thank goodness we found you!
- Man, where you been?
We've been looking everywhere for you.
So... You're okay. Right.
Can I drop you somewhere?
- Snow Mountain!
- You've gotta be kidding me!
Please, listen to me.
Wolves... They're gonna eat the village!
Wolves? (groans)
Don't like them.
I'll do it. All right. Come on!
What the!
There you go.
Just a little something from me,
all right?
From me to you.
Just signed the back of it, you see?
That makes it more valuable.
Ozzy normally does that,
but I've done that to make it real.
You know?
It's valuable. Valuable! It's valuable.
-KHAMPA: No. Your head is on backwards.
-(sheep chattering indistincly)
Ethel, move it! Move it! Move it!
Where is Carl?
Is he in the shower again?
-SHEEP: He is.
-KHAMPA: ...fine. Let's go.
It's like you're a bunch
of kindergartners!
How Bodi put up
with you for this long, I do not...
Oh, great.
This is not a drill. Take your positions!
Those are not the positions I meant.
Who wants a taste?
Come on! Anyone? Bring it!
What the...
(chuckles) All right, boys. Break 'em out.
(door opens)
Carl! Down here.
I can't believe I'm saying this,
but you're our only hope.
Go warn the village.
(wolves chattering indisitncly)
So we meet again. Bring him along.
Hurry! Hurry! Come on!
No, this way! In here!
Okay, bar the doors!
RIFF: Hello?
(lock rattling)
I've got to have you open this door.
No, not this time you don't!
-(sheep screaming)
-WOLF: Oh yea.
Don't spare the hot sauce,
and keep them turning.
You know,
nothing goes better with lamb chops
than a little mint jelly.
Let's grill!
-BODI: Stop!
-(sheep chattering excitedly)
- Where'd you come from?
Let everyone go!
Or else what?
Or else this.
Bodi, what... What are you doing?
No, no, Dad. It's okay. I found the fire.
I found it.
- Grab him!
- This way!
(wolves growling)
(Bodi panting)
Don't you touch my son!
Bodi, run!
We gotta help him.
Relax, I got a plan!
(tour bus engine revving)
(all shouting)
That was your plan?
You complete and utter goat!
(Khampa panting)
WOLVES: Get back here.
- Get back here.
- Get back!
(Khampa grunting)
WOLVES: There he is!
(wolves groaning)
RIFF: No, he ain't gonna...
Cut him down.
You know what?
I left my switchblade in the car, so...
(wolf laughing maniacally)
Now, about that fire?
This would be a good time.
(guitar music playing)
(stops strumming)
(Linnux grunting)
(Linnux screaming)
I love you, son.
Well played, mate.
- Angus!
-(Angus exclaims)
-DARMA: Bodi!
- All right, Bodi!
-SHEEP 1: That was incredible.
-SHEEP 2: That's how you shred!
Oh, don't worry about me.
They'll untie me sooner or later.
My guess is later.
The important thing is what's going on
right there.
Yeah, it's only worked one other time!
And I have a hunch
that things around here
are gonna get a whole lot louder.
(crowd cheering)
(guitar music playing)
After searchin', tryin' to find you
I thought I lost my luck
But I never thought
in a million years
That you would just
walk right up
Ian? Ian? Can you hear this?
I could never let you down...
I think they're pretty good, man.
I think you should look in to them.
Even when the times get rough...
That's my guitar solo!
I gotta do a guitar solo. Gotta go! Bye!
We'll grow old
and we'll never be alone
And no matter where we roam
We'll be glorious
We'll be glorious
and you know it's true
Come on, dude, check the list again.
I'm with the band. I introduced them.
(Grizz roars)
Now we're glowing
like a fire illuminating from within
So we keep on climbing higher
To the sky
we're going we've never been
Now that we set us free
Nothing's gonna hold us down
And even when
the times get rough
We'll never lose the fight in us
We'll grow old
and we'll never be alone
And no matter where we roam
We'll be glorious
We'll grow old
And we'll never be alone
And no matter where we roam
We'll be glorious
We'll be glorious
and you know it's true
(shock wave)
You and I are never gonna rest
Keep up the dream
like it's life or death
And you and I we're never giving in
Never giving in ever giving in
And you and I we're never gonna rest
Keep up the dream
like it's life or death
And you and I we're never giving in
Never giving in
We're never giving ever giving
We'll grow old
And we'll never be alone
And no matter where we roam
We'll be glorious
We'll grow old
And we'll never be alone
And no matter where we roam
We'll be glorious
We'll be glorious you know its true
(song ends)