Rock my Heart (2017) Movie Script

There. Up ahead!
Stop, damn it!
Don't give up on me!
No license, driving a stolen scooter
with no helmet, and fleeing the scene.
That's serious.
No helmet! We have other worries.
I want to see my daughter.
Did I park illegally?
We have a few offenses to sort out.
Not now. She is critical.
She can't be that hurt
if she can race around.
Oh, you're a doctor, too?
Time to go home and catch up on sleep.
You tend to the girl in there
who nearly died.
I'll take you to see your daughter.
Jana. Sweetie!
What are you doing?
Yes, riding soaking wet in the cold wind,
the police on your tail.
A bit of alcohol as well.
No wonder your heart stopped.
We're not cooperating well.
That's Carnival Rouge,
racing in Baden-Baden next week.
His gallop is too rough.
You know everything?
How's the miracle horse?
Oh, stop it.
We've been doing flatwork for two months.
I've tried everything.
Urging him on, tiring him out.
Nothing works.
He's always bolting.
-He is eating me out of house and home.
-I see.
What is your plan?
I need to find 80,000 EUR
or the bank will take my farm.
Guess who's managing my loan now.
No idea.
Oh, man, fate has got it in for you.
If I could at least get him fit
for the Rhineland Cup.
I need more time.
You've had time.
What you need is a miracle.
You know how to lift a guy's spirits.
Not that good? He runs great!
Like you, right?
Jana has a congenital heart defect.
We operated on her when she was eight.
Since she's entered puberty
her condition has worsened.
She has cardiac arrhythmia.
Suffers from cardiac
decompensation, which means...
only very moderate activity
and always maintaining a low pulse.
Keep things simple,
but Jana loves to go full throttle.
Like there's no tomorrow.
What does he want?
Dr. Leclerc is looking for patients
open to trying a new surgical procedure.
You'd be a good candidate.
No more surgeries.
Listen first.
No more surgeries.
Jana, come on. Just listen to him.
-I said no!
-What are you doing?!
What are you doing?
It may be better if we leave Jana
alone with her parents.
-Careful! Careful!
-What do you think you're doing?
Hey! You can't just go.
-Got it?
-Drink something.
-Stop that!
-She's supposed to drink.
Why this deranged behavior?
You nearly died!
Can you explain that?
Come on, Jana.
You have to stay for monitoring anyway.
What are you doing now? Jana?
What is it?
My visitors would like to leave.
Long time no see.
Yes, but we've talked on the phone.
A few times.
Why are you here? I thought you were in...
I've been transferred.
Back then you couldn't get
far enough away from here.
I had no choice.
Let's stick to business.
You haven't paid back a cent in two years.
There's hardly any activity
in your account. What do you live on?
A bit of a dry spell,
but I'm training a three-year-old.
Once I've got him fit to go,
he'll sweep all the prizes.
And then I'll pay the entire loan off.
You can't be serious.
I just need a little extension.
Come on, we're family.
Not anymore. You have a family
of horses you can order around.
If you don't present a business plan
within a month,
detailing how you'll pay back the loan,
we will foreclose on your farm.
It's over, Dad.
The sooner you accept that, the better.
Nurse to room 12.
On my way.
Oh, God.
Why on earth did I want to be a doctor?
Waiting for my ride,
you'll be rid of your worst patient.
Yes, but also my most interesting.
This research center in Brussels
has so many more possibilities.
The pinnacle of heart surgery.
I'm not a trophy to be passed on.
Last night,
out in the forest,
a horse suddenly appeared.
A horse?
It was very close.
I was able to touch it.
A hallucination, maybe.
That happens sometimes during a blackout.
neural activity, old images resurface.
Maybe. I once did this silly,
therapeutic horse-riding thing.
But somehow this was different.
So real.
Easy now. Nice and easy.
Nice and easy.
Why are you acting up?
Not going to hurt you.
You win this round.
But we'll be friends eventually.
You'll see.
Did you make the beds already?
-Hey, Jana.
What a surprise.
Did you arrange this?
What? No! Samy called yesterday.
Samy absolutely wanted to see you
when he heard.
How are you?
-I'm fine.
What's with this reception? I'm not dead.
No. I mean, yeah.
I thought I'd give you a lift home.
I have a car now.
-How nice.
-Isn't that dangerous?
Alone with a new driver.
What if something happens?
I'll be in the car.
I'm 17, supervised driving is required.
Supervised driving.
Sounds like freedom and adventure.
Can we go?
Just act as if I weren't here.
What was up?
Your mom said you had a heart block.
You two seem to get along splendidly.
Do one of you have headphones?
Then I could listen to music.
No, Dad.
How did the meeting at the hospital go?
You're starting on that, too?
I didn't have a meeting.
you can drive faster.
You're not even driving the limit.
Yes, Dad, I know.
There's a dangerous curve ahead.
It's called defensive driving.
Smartass, I'll be glad when you're 18.
I heard they have a brand new method.
They grow tissue from your stem cells.
What are you talking about?
Are you getting a cut?
No. But I'm definitely going to apply.
-Yeah, then do that.
-I'm going to.
You're just scared.
-I said stop here!
-What now?
-Go after her. Go on!
Jana, wait!
-Jana, just hold on.
I didn't mean it that way.
I don't know
what's right and what's wrong.
You never called me after camp, I...
Oh, Samy.
The camp thing was a one-off.
I mean, us two?
What else do we have left
besides booking our funeral?
Jana, anyone can die at any time.
You don't need to be ill.
I guess it can't happen
fast enough for you.
Are you crazy? Out!
Hey, easy.
You do exist!
I saw you in the woods, right?
What's his name?
His name...
His name is Rock My Heart.
Rock My Heart.
That's too long.
I'll call you Rock, okay?
Lead him a little bit.
No reason.
Just curious.
I'd like to try something out.
All right,
lead him over here.
Mount the horse.
Is that a good idea?
Nothing can happen.
Stand on the bale of hay.
And now very carefully,
lie on your stomach.
Easy, easy.
And now put your leg over his back
and sit gently.
That wasn't so hard.
Go ahead and try
getting him to walk a bit.
Oh no. Hey, hey, hey.
Everything's fine.
Nothing has happened. Get back on.
Are you crazy?
You want me to get killed?
Hey, hey. Stay here.
Do you always give up so fast?
What's this about?
It's complicated.
I'd like to show you something.
Just a little trip in the car.
Come. Come. Come.
Just have a look.
You can still say no after.
Amarone is gaining,
pushed himself to first place.
Amarone and behind it Traumtanzer,
a wide field is forming.
Amarone is leading and he wins,
beating Voltgraft and Traumtanzer.
Cosmo Devine keeps improving this season.
...starting number one.
Just got edged out last week in Neuss
against very good horses.
Same conditions.
It's really simple.
A win bet means you're betting
on a specific horse to win.
Show means your horse
must finish in the top three.
An exacta bet
-is more complicated.
-That's all right.
I bet on that woman.
To win.
You bet on the horse, not the jockey.
Okay, what's the horse's name?
Alaska Queen, a real underdog.
All right.
I warned you.
-Hi, Paul.
-Hi, Paul.
How did it go?
All good, thank you.
This is where the jockeys get weighed.
They're all short?
They have to be light. Under 110 pounds.
What are you doing here?
I have a license, just like you.
But unlike you,
I have horses racing for me.
Who is that guy?
No one, let's go.
The race is about to start.
Another 800 yards remaining.
The leaders are Firefight,
Do-It-Yourself, then Cosmo Devine.
The final curve,
it's Cosmo Devine and Alaska Queen!
Cosmo Devine and Alaska Queen!
They are neck and neck!
Cosmo Devine takes control.
Cosmo Devine edges out Alaska Queen!
Firefight in third place.
-Do-It-Yourself in fourth place.
-Should have listened.
Here is the judge's final ruling.
Number five, Cosmo Devine, is disqualified
for illegally crossing another horse.
Our new winner is number nine,
Alaska Queen.
Well? Who's the expert now?
Beginner's luck.
Come on.
No thanks, too sweet.
Calisto, second win, 145...
Spot 38...
Spot 31 for Sweetheart.
Reubracht on spot 48.
Hey, Paul,
I'm experiencing dj vu.
Where'd you get the girl?
She looks like Sabine did back then.
No way.
We have to go,
before the freeway gets packed.
Hi, I'm Steckel.
Forgive me for not standing up.
How heavy are you?
110 pounds, why?
No reason.
Come on, I want to go.
Forget him.
There are loads of crackpots around here.
Sorry, I...
Yeah, it was a long day.
-What do you want, Mr...?
My name is Paul.
Okay, Paul. What do you want?
Right, here's the deal.
I've been training racehorses
for over 50 years.
I've had some bad luck recently.
But now I have
this one extremely fast horse.
But for some reason
he won't let anyone near him, except you.
But I can't even ride.
You can learn that.
But there's something you can't learn.
Either you have it...
or you don't.
In two months, a race is taking place.
I'll teach you everything.
You race,
you win,
you get 10 percent of the prize money.
-Ten percent?
That's totally...
Well, there's risk involved.
But I don't get the impression
being sensible is your thing?
-I don't know. I have to think it over.
-What is there to think over?
Got better plans?
Are you scared?
No, I said I have to think it over.
Think it over.
Come to the stables at 7 a.m.
Be on time, okay?
Didn't we say seven?
I'll do it,
but we'll split the winnings.
No way, forget it.
Fifteen, not more.
Twenty, take it or leave it.
A good start.
There you go.
What's this?
This looks really silly.
This isn't a fashion show.
You can't ride
with broken bones, and certainly not win.
Who's Sabine?
Someone left that behind here, come on.
Heels down.
Loosen up on the reins.
Go easy on him.
Always flow with the horse's movements.
Yes. Now shorten the reins.
Leg pressure. And now into the trot.
Up and down. Up and down.
On every other stride. Find the rhythm.
And walk again.
But I was just getting a bit faster!
Can't I go straight ahead for a bit
instead of in a stupid circle?
What the hell?
Think you can just race off?
A gust of wind
could blow you off that horse.
Before you can even think about galloping,
you have to master the basics.
Enough for today.
Back to the stable.
You need some more meat on those bones.
You'll get there.
Are you coming back?
7 a.m. Please be on time.
Hi, where have you been?
Can you please use a fork?
Sorry, I haven't eaten all day.
Your phone was off,
you should've taken your meds long ago.
An interrogation?
I'm allowed to ask where you were.
-I've got a job now.
-What kind of a job?
Just a summer job.
A summer job? Where?
-At a horse stable.
Horse stable?
You thought therapeutic riding was silly.
Because I had to ride in circles
with other disabled people.
I have a job, like everyone else.
-You're not like everybody else.
-Let her tell us about it.
No, first I want to check it out.
No way, Mom!
You decide everything else for me.
This is my thing.
And don't even think of spying on me
or I'll take skydiving lessons.
Oh, no, no, no!
You stay right here, take your medication!
Calm down. I was just going to.
There. Everything's fine now, right?
I'll break into a sweat when I pee
and have the attention span of a goldfish,
but at least I'll be nice and calm.
You're the one
who doesn't want to change it!
We didn't talk about the surgery.
You wanted to talk about it.
We can't decide everything for her.
-We have to, she's only 17.
-She's not a kid anymore!
-Have you resigned yourself to her dying?
What are you saying?
Do you know the risk she'd be taking?
But it's her only chance.
Yeah, you like that?
Where are you?
It's a tight field
coming into the homestretch.
400 yards to the finishing post.
Balestrina, Azafran.
Silver Hope closing in...
What a race for Steckel!
Look how easy it looks
and all the energy he has left.
At that distance!
That was...
1987 back in Dsseldorf, Silver Hope.
...moves forward...
A very hard track,
just the terrain for him.
Balestrina makes it to fourth place,
beating Samurai...
How did Steckel end up paralyzed?
Oh, it happened during training.
Steckel had ridden the horse
a hundred times, but it got spooked.
Steckel fell off and that was that.
That's rough.
Occupational hazard.
What's this?
You have to get an amateur racer's permit.
Since you can ask a lot of questions,
you may remember some correct answers.
Don't tug on the reins so hard!
He just doesn't want to.
If your horse says no,
you didn't ask the right question.
What are you doing?
No one said anything about dismounting.
I say when training is over.
What's going on with you?
Nothing, just an allergy.
You're not fit enough. That's the problem.
You'll never pass the test.
Mount up.
What do you think you are doing?
This is private property.
Sorry, I didn't know.
Jana's mom told me she's here.
I came to pick her up.
Do you know this guy?
I think it's great
that you've got that job.
I mean, you have a very nice boss.
But, honestly, what exactly are you doing
with that crazy beast?
He's not a beast.
His name is Rock My Heart.
You as some kind of a horse girl?
You can't be serious.
It's a job, not a hobby.
Better than sticking your money
into this lemon.
All right. Why are you so touchy?
Girls like horses. It's okay.
Hey, Samy, nice wheels! I'm not even here.
Want to know the truth?
This isn't just girls' stuff
or some holiday on a pony farm.
There's a big horse race in eight weeks.
The winner gets 100,000 EUR.
Rock and I are racing in it.
You, as a jockey on a racehorse?
As an amateur racer. You have to win
50 races to become a jockey.
Oh, okay. Are you nuts?
That's way too dangerous.
You won't survive another attack.
So what? My whole life is dangerous,
no matter what I do.
I'm done taking beta-blockers.
They rob my energy.
Are you listening to yourself?
Before the summer holidays,
I kept asking myself...
if it would be better to kill myself
than to sit around at home
waiting for my heart to stop.
Since I met Rock, that feeling is gone.
I have this crazy horse under me with a
huge healthy heart that beats just for me.
I want to participate.
Nothing can stop me.
Besides maybe this.
-I have to interrupt.
-Congratulations on turning 18!
-Thank you.
-Want to come in?
-I'd love to, but I have to get going.
Shit. It was your birthday.
-Happy belated birthday.
-Thank you.
We're friends, aren't we? I can trust you?
Yes, you can trust me.
I won't tell on you.
But you have to...
-Ever heard of knocking?
Ever heard of saying:
"Thanks for doing my laundry, Mom?"
Tell me, you and Samy
seeing each other a lot more?
Don't know. Maybe.
But you've been closer,
really close, weren't you?
We're not together. Okay?
I get a different impression
when I see you together.
You put me at risk.
Sex is bad for my heart.
I don't ask about you and Dad.
Go ahead.
We ravage each other once you step out.
Mom, stop it! Gross!
Yummy! Teenager sweat. Smell it.
Smell it.
And there, teenager tablets.
Did you move my underpants somewhere else?
What did I miss?
-I can't find them.
-I'll show you where to find them.
This looks bad.
The figures are more or less right.
You have horses lined up
for your lodging stables?
Yes, of course. I have my connections.
People know me.
I have a reputation.
You can say that.
I have five or six horses lined up.
I just need more time.
What happens if you can't take care of it?
Then it's over.
But until then, I have to keep going.
It wasn't my choice
to be all alone like this.
Let's not get into that.
The bank is rescinding the claim
and granting you three months.
Yeah, thanks.
I'm doing this for Mom.
She wouldn't want the farm
to be auctioned off.
And remember to stay tight,
find the center of balance.
Stay in rhythm, stay safe.
That was fast.
Yes, that was.
The speed champions are made of.
Everything okay?
That was fast.
For what type of infractions
can a rider be suspended
or have his horse disqualified?
If you impede other horses in a race.
If you cross a horse.
-And if you misuse the whip.
How many times can you whip the horse
-in the homestretch?
-I'd never whip Rock.
You know what?
A good jockey
doesn't really whip the horse.
The horse sees the arm move
out of the corner of its eye.
Did you use the whip a lot?
If you whip a horse,
it will eventually obey,
but will always be scared of you.
It will never respect you.
What's your method?
Well, you have to communicate with horses.
You have to study
their body language, their behavior.
You won't need a whip.
I've gotten along well with every horse.
And other people?
Oh, there are a few specimens
that I wouldn't mind misusing the whip on.
All right then.
How many strokes of the whip?
The test is in two days.
You've got the theory down.
But when it comes to the actual riding,
we still have work to do.
Like what?
You can't be serious.
It's like riding a normal horse,
but this one does not get tired.
You can simulate a race pace
over a longer period of time.
Come on over.
Come on, so we can eat on time.
Yeah, not bad.
You have to crouch more.
Go with the flow.
Don't interfere with the horse's gallop.
I'll crank it up a notch.
And don't put your feet
so far into the stirrups.
Close, like you're riding into the finish.
Keep the horse long.
-Stretch out!
-Don't flap your arms like a bird.
Elbows in.
-Why? It's going fine.
Stop! Stop!
Already tired?
If you go, don't bother coming back!
What the hell was that?
She's like your horse,
talented but difficult.
If she can't manage this,
she won't manage the test.
Jana, that was damn close.
I know.
That's it.
What a stupid idea.
Because of this piece of crap in here.
Stop. Stop it!
Jana, stop that!
Jana, just...
-Excuse me.
-Good morning. Is Jana here?
-Good morning.
-Who are you?
-Oh, I'm Paul Brenner.
Oh, yes. Jana has told me about you.
Yes, I'd like to talk to her for a moment.
Yes, but Jana's still sleeping.
It's okay, Dad.
Hi, Mr. Brenner.
-What are you doing here?
-I should be asking you that.
Where were you?
You know the test starts in one hour.
I can't do it. I'm not feeling well.
I had a fever.
I thought it over.
The whole thing just wasn't a good idea.
Not a good idea?
It's an opportunity
others wait their whole lives for.
This chance won't come again. Not for me.
And I can't wait.
I don't have any time left.
Neither do I.
-Are you nervous about the test?
Hey, you're the best.
You are great, but you won't don't do it
because you're scared?
You'll never forgive yourself.
Jana. I need you.
It's just...
-I have...
-Can you talk later? Put some clothes on.
Please. Jana.
Jana, what...
Hold on a second.
Jana, what's going on?
What does he want from you?
Horse ran away, Paul needs help.
Now, just hold on!
I love you.
Here for the test?
Yes, we're registered.
-Jana Hilbig.
He's banned from here!
Come on,
we just want to take the test.
The girl can stay.
You wait outside,
or both of you can leave.
We've been through everything.
You can do it.
And remember, a little power
and lots of feeling.
I'll show you your horse.
And? How's she doing?
She sure can ride.
Well, I'll be.
Damn it! They're going inside.
I figured as much.
-They're going into the gym.
-Not good at all.
Damn. I'm banned.
Steckel, you have to help her.
Don't panic, Paul.
Go! Go!
What I just saw on the track
was quite good.
But good riding posture alone
isn't enough.
The one thing that matters most in a race
is physical fitness.
I have my doubts about some of you.
Jana, you start.
Come on, now.
-Everything okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
Oh, Lord help me now.
What an idiot!
I mixed up accelerator and brake.
Look at him. What a show-off!
You're in the homestretch.
To the race.
Thanks again for saving me.
My pleasure.
Tell me...
what's the deal with Kronweiler and Paul?
Why do they hate each other?
They've always been rivals.
But Kronweiler always came in second.
Paul and I won every race back then.
The European Grand Prix,
the German Derby, we won everything.
That did not sit well with Kronweiler.
At the Baden Grand Prix, 1986,
Paul's horse won by a nose again.
Kronweiler filed a complaint.
He claimed I interfered with his horse.
What an ass.
Yeah, and then Paul flipped out.
-He went after Kronweiler.
The complaint was rejected,
but Paul lost his license for six months.
That was the beginning of the end.
And then, the thing with Karin.
Was that his wife? What happened?
It's best you ask him yourself.
Cheers, Paul.
Sorry, I have to get going.
-And the bubbly?
-Oh, yeah. Thanks.
What is it?
Take good care of her, okay?
Of course.
Your scar is much prettier than mine.
Mine is...
It's just as it should be.
Just like you,
a bit off, but gorgeous.
Hey, big fella.
Yes. Good morning.
No, no, no, nothing for you.
You're on a racing diet.
What do you think you're doing?
It's a starting gate. He has to learn.
Come on. I'm here with you.
Don't be afraid.
Come on!
Jana! Not like that. Leave him be.
You're making him crazy.
How stubborn!
What now?
If Rock won't go into the starting gate,
then he can't race. It's that simple.
Why all the effort then?
-We might have known.
-I beg your pardon.
I was busy turning you into a rider
and Rock into a racehorse.
No matter. We'll deal with this later.
We have a bit of time until the race.
We have to get the entry fee together.
Entry fee?
The entry deadline
is the day after tomorrow.
How are things with your amazing horse
and the hobgoblin?
It's okay.
We need 3,000 EUR by tomorrow.
The entry fee.
So Rock and I can run in the race.
Jana, that's bad.
You work for him the whole day for free
and you should also find the money?
Yeah, I must be mad.
You really want to do this?
-Come with me.
Come on.
Hey, wait!
Right, get on.
You're nuts.
Why? We have to get back home
and I got a great deal on this.
Hold on. I'm not doing this out of pity.
If you win, I get an Alfa Romeo Spider.
What's that?
What do you think? Our entry fee.
What? How?
I have a rich patron.
If Rock won't go into the starting gate,
the money won't do us any good.
Let's give it a shot.
We can always give up.
Don't just stand around. You only have
a few hours to enter us in the race.
Come on!
-No, forget it.
This is your favorite spot?
Suits you.
Never let things be too comfy, right?
You have your peace up here.
No doctors, no parents.
No one to get on your nerves.
Why does everything
have to be so difficult with you?
Try watching TV or knitting.
Jana, I want to be with you.
You're nuts.
You're one to talk.
You're the bravest person I know.
But when it comes to you, your future...
Oh, Samy, stop!
Don't get started with that.
-The surgery is our only chance.
-Have it if you're so sure.
But I don't want to do it alone.
I want to do it with you!
I can't take it anymore.
The fear during every attack,
being fully aware this may be it.
That it'll take a long time to die
and you're nothing but a bundle of fear.
By having surgery,
at least I'm deciding if I live or die.
I don't want to hear it.
You can't keep running away
when things get serious.
Hey, big fella.
-Sorry I'm late.
Well, Jana,
this is great news, huh?
Let's talk in my office?
What news?
Excuse me. Dr. Korten, yes.
I see.
I'll be right there.
An emergency. Sorry.
Is my follow-up appointment cancelled?
Can we talk about it on the way?
So, you haven't told her?
We haven't had an opportunity yet.
Dr. Leclerc called.
They chose you for the surgery.
They're preparing.
But I don't want that.
You signed a consent form.
I didn't sign anything!
What is going on?
I signed it.
I thought we'd have more time.
I'd have talked to you two about it.
Without Jana's consent?
I'm sorry, but I have to go.
What the hell is this?
Why would you do such a thing?
I want you to have the surgery.
I want you to live!
-Seriously? Without talking to us?
-I decide over my life.
You can't decide what's right for you.
-But you can?
You know what I want?
You get to decide if I live or die?
Because you can't take it anymore?
You'd rather see me dead than living.
Come on!
What were you thinking?
I thought I was doing the right thing.
It just puts more distance
between us and her.
I messed up.
Get in there!
No way.
Come on now.
Just one step.
Is she crazy?
-What are you doing?
-What does it look like?
Come on, just one step.
Then you'll get chocolate.
Just one step.
Come on!
You're still alive.
It didn't look like it for a while.
What about Rock?
Oh, he's fine.
It took me hours to catch him.
Would have been easier with you.
Why didn't you say anything?
Because everything would have been over.
For as long as I can remember,
I've only ever been the sick girl
everyone feels sorry for.
But not with you.
Your mom said
I should have noticed something.
I sometimes wondered, but...
Maybe I just didn't want to see it.
But I really believed we could do it.
You and Rock.
That was absolutely extraordinary.
What'll happen to Rock and the stables?
that's not important right now.
Just get better.
Paul, please.
If I can't pay my debts, then...
the farm belongs to the bank.
And Rock, too.
If the bank can't sell Rock, then...
Yes, well then...
I'm sorry.
An 18-year-old man
with a congenital condition.
Sorry, this way?
I've imagined this moment
thousands of times,
but it isn't at all like I thought.
Jana, I want to be with you.
I have this crazy horse under me
with a huge healthy heart
that beats just for me.
If you excel at something and don't do it
because you're scared...
Anyone can die at any time.
You don't need to be ill.'ll never forgive yourself.
You're the bravest person I know.
Hey, big fella.
I know you're angry with me.
I need your help.
Will you help me?
I'm sorry.
Come on, let's go.
-What? What are you doing here?
-We have to go!
-The race. Rock is in the trailer.
Are you nuts? It's over.
-Let's go to the hospital. If your mom...
-I need to race.
You said some chances
are once in a lifetime.
If I don't do this,
I may never finish anything.
Forget it. It's out of the question.
Are you nuts? Give me those.
I know.
The odds are against us.
It's always been like that.
That's it?
Our work together?
And Samy?
Really want to sit and watch
how they take your life away?
Watch Rock getting slaughtered?
But on one condition.
You do what your mother wants for once.
The surgery.
If I've understood correctly,
it's your only chance.
Joachim, Jana is gone.
She took off.
Yes, hurry up, please.
I have a good idea where she is.
Hello, ladies and gentlemen,
dear horse racing fans.
On this magnificently sunny day,
I would like to welcome you
to the Cologne Racecourse.
We have some exciting races ahead, and,
as you all are well aware,
our main event today
is the Rhineland Cup
for three-year-old horses.
The race is run
over a distance of 3,000 yards
and the prize money
for the winner is 100,000 EUR.
A field of six horses will be racing
in the Rhineland Cup today.
Starting in post position,
the favorite, Northern Soul.
He is owned by Jrgen Kronweiler
and won this year's
Union Race in Dortmund.
Number six, Rock My Heart.
An excellently reared
three-year-old stallion
who will be racing his first race today.
He will be ridden by amateur Jana Hilbig,
who is racing for the first time.
The question is, of course,
can the two of them
pull out a surprise victory
against such tough competition?
On a side note, Rock My Heart's trainer,
Paul Brenner, won this race
here in Cologne several years ago.
Back then, his daughter Sabine...
Don't lose sight of Brenner's horse.
Okay. Okay.
You're on your own now.
All you have to do is take away his fear
-and stay light.
You can do it.
All right then,
break a leg.
-Over there?
-Where exactly?
It's time. Let's go, girl.
Into the stalls!
Close it.
This way.
Close it.
Into the stall, quick!
-There! I saw her.
-What? Where?
Oh, God! Jana!
-She can't. She can't do this, Joachim.
-Now, calm down.
No, I won't allow it!
Come on in.
Get number six in there. Peter, guide him.
Stop! Stop!
What are you doing?
Stay away.
If he doesn't go into the stall now,
then he's not racing!
Number six won't go in.
Come on, get in there!
Hey, it's okay. I'm with you.
Everything's fine.
Everything's fine.
Come on. You want to race, too, right?
Now you've got him.
-Come on.
Come on, girl. On your horse, quick.
What's she doing? leading the pack,
Tosca and the others...
Way back, Rock My Heart.
The rider appears to be having troubles.
Let's go fast.
I'd pick that slip back up if I were you.
Rock My Heart and Jana Hilbig
are off again, but closing that gap
is impossible?
Northern Soul continues to set the pace.
On the outside and in second place,
El Cordobes,
followed closely by Astra Nova,
Tosca Marin and Gazebo.
Rock My Heart is still far behind,
but continues to close the gap.
Halfway down the backstretch,
Rock My Heart continues to gain ground.
He's really moving!
-She's crazy!
Rock My Heart passes Gazebo
and is even with Astra Nova.
Incredible the way
that horse is galloping!
Entering the homestretch,
Rock My Heart is fourth
behind Tosca Marin,
El Cordobes, and Northern Soul.
Where does he get such strength?
Rock my Heart is now third
behind El Cordobes and Northern Soul,
but the stallion cannot pass.
Wait. Wait.
Hold on, hold on.
Wait. Stay inside!
-Oh, God.
Go now!
A gap opens and Jana Hilbig goes for it.
Rock My Heart on the attack.
He races past El Cordobes.
Come on, run!
The final yards.
Northern Soul and El Cordobes are level,
just slightly ahead of Rock My Heart.
-Block the gap!
-Rock My Heart!
Go! Go!
Rhineland Cup
Bloody hell!
Rock My Heart wins!
Racing fans, I have to catch my breath.
What a race!
-My daughter!
What a comeback for trainer Paul Brenner.
What's wrong with her?
We did it.
We did it.
Okay, Jana, we're going to start.
Time for the anesthetic.
Count backwards from 10.
Everyone ready? Let's start.
How do you feel?
It's fine.
Everything's fine.
You did it.
The tendon sheath is healing well.
But he's hardly eating
and just stands around.
He's not biting or kicking.
He's just not the same horse.
Mrs. Hilbig.
Yes, how is she? Is...?
I see.
Keep in touch, okay?
-Yes. Don't worry. Everything's okay.
What are you doing here?
I don't want to make
the same mistake twice.
What do you mean?
Well... when Karin,
-my wife...
-The woman from the photo?
When she went into the hospital,
it was only supposed to be
to recuperate from chemo.
It was a racing weekend, and...
Sabine wanted
to stay with her mom at the hospital.
But I persuaded her
to come with me to ride the race.
A few hours later, Karin died.
I let her die alone.
And that won't happen to me again.
-Me not being there
when someone needs me.
So, come on.
-Paul, you can't do that.
You staked everything on one card,
having this surgery.
And you won.
Want to collect your winnings?
You saved my life, you know that?
You have to take good care of him.
He's your horse now.
-My horse?
-He doesn't need me.
But he needs you.
And, above all, you need him.
Will you help me?
One, two, three.
Thanks, Paul.
For everything.
Don't mention it.
Here, off you go.
Someone left this for you.
-Who is it from?
-No idea.
Subtitle translation by
Konstantinos Arvanitakis