Rock On 2 (2016) Movie Script

Sinbad, the sailor sets sail...
I hope you remember our song
Sinbad the sailor
The sailor, who negotiates treacherous seas
and scours unchartered territories
Life is no less than Sinbad
Adi, Joe and I have come a long way
in the last few years
We as a group drifted apart with time,
meeting not so often
but we are still thick friends
Rock on!
Its the sign of the times
Rock on!
Every moment beckons you
Rock on!
What are you waiting for?
Rock on!
You won't get a second chance
Wow! Whats your name?
Sir, Im Mann Jyot. MJ from Barnala
Very nice.
- Thank you, sir
Joe, come in
This is a gold mine, Joe.
You have to rip this one apart. Okay?
Dont let him go.
This joker will help the TRPs rise
Im a fan, sir
Keep it at that.
Dont turn into a light-bulb
So whats your decision
for Mann Jyot aka MJ?
Your pitch is okay, not so great
But the entertainment factor is awesome
So its a thumbs-up from me.
- Yeah!
MJ, congratulations.
And welcome to 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa'
Thats right.
That's our new
and financially improved Joseph Mascarenhas
A judge of a successful reality show
And a working partner
of this live music club, 12 Bar Blues
- Hi
Hey, Joe!
- What's up?
I need your club this Friday night
My club is your club, sir. Any time!
- Thanks, Joe
You have to give me time
for this interview this Friday
Tomorrow. I promise.
Call me
- Promise. Drinks are on me
Okay. See you then.
- Sorry
Life has been good to Joe
But as his friend, its my duty
never to stop pulling his leg
Good to see you
I think you should let Andy take over now
Or, youll be labelled a silly old flirt.
- As if you're still a rose in bloom!
Shes a journalist, she wants an interview.
It's a must, KD
Its called PR
Teaser, in other words!
Yep, thats me. KD.
Killer Drummer!
I come from a family of jewellers
But I dumped the profession to follow
my passion, my first love... Music
Sounds good, right?
Hang on!
Stop it, please
Whats this?
What type of music is this?
It's electro-rock
So you made this...?
- Electric Rock, sir
The point is, you havent followed
our creative brief well
At times, when we try to sell our music
to complete idiots,
these kinds of problems crop up
Cant help it though!
You cant just give up
and bury yourself in some godforsaken place
like Adi did
For several years now, hes been living
in a small village in Meghalaya
All by himself
Hello, Mr Adi?
Have you listened to my CD?
The truth is, Adi is trying to run away
not from us
or from anyone
but from a memory,
or perhaps from himself
Good morning
Adi had created another world,
away from his own
A Cooperative Centre, for farmers
A school, for children
He had turned the place around completely
How are you, Paya?
- Baioman
Ive got some food for you
You get food for me every day!
Please sit
You too
The memory that Adi wanted to forget,
we were about to relive it!
And Jiah would be the reason
But Jiah herself
had no clue about it then
the boy is here again
Sir, Im Uday Brijkishore Mishra
Ive been trying to meet you
since the last two months
Mr Sehgal from the Hindi University
was my teacher
He sent you a letter...
I received it
Mr Sehgal speaks highly of you
But Ive quit
both, sarod and music
My grandfather was a simple postmaster
in Lucknow
He held you in high regards
His dying wish
was to see me present
my musical talent before you, once
Please give me a chance, sir
Raga Khamaj
was my brothers favourite
Im sorry!
I had no idea
Will you do me a favour?
Did you compose it?
Fantastic song
Thank you
I wanted to record a sarod track.
Would you?
Don't do this
What do you mean?
You are making it up to me
for Pandit-ji's indifference
My music has nothing to do with him
He has no idea what I am up to
in this garage
But if you dont want to play, then dont
Its okay
Nothing of the sort
I thought you were...
Its okay
And dont be so formal
Fine. But when you perform this on stage,
dont forget me
Stage? No freaking way!
I just do it for fun... its just a hobby
Its a strange world
You can get a break in the music industry
anytime you want
And I, on the other hand,
am tired of running from pillar to post
Im completely broke
Im confident,
you will soon stop running around
Let's take it from the start
When Uday walked into Joes music club
with that CD,
neither he nor we had a clue
that it wasn't just a CD
but a key
thatd open all the closed doors someday,
behind which lay many bitter memories
that Adi wished to forget
Mr Aditya,
Im Mahendra Nongrum
Im sure you know me
President of the Farmers Welfare Board
I had no idea they had
a Farmers Welfare Board here
Oh, you wouldnt know.
You never attend meetings
Neither do you cooperate with us.
- Hello
What do you want from us?
You see,
you face problems
when you sell directly in the market
Sorry... not problems
It creates confusion
That is why I have an offer for you
Sell your produce to us
Well give you a good price
Mr Mahendra, you sell
at a very higher rate than we do
but the villagers don't profit from it
We sell it cheaper, true
But the ten villages
in the folds of our Cooperative
have profited much in two years
So, Im sorry,
I have to turn down your offer
As you wish.
- Thank you
- My motherland...
Oh, my God!
The fertile soil of my country
reaps treasures
- My motherland...
Happy birthday, farmer!
Hail the farmer!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
Oh, my God!
And heres your birthday gift.
A brand new spade
Thank you very much.
- I cant handle him
Please come back soon
Hes losing his senses in your memories
Ill fix him right away.
Take that!
Who am I?
- Right!
Where are we? Who are you?
- I cant handle him!
Oh, God!
- How are you?
Im good. How is Rob? Where's he?
- In the car, sleeping
Hes here?
- Yes
Wow! A return gift
We cant take him along, please!
- No!
No, please!
Passed out
Happy birthday, dad!
- Hey!
Thank you, darling
I think hes terribly sleepy.
Can we take him inside?
You mean, well have to wait outside
till we get drowsy?
Wow, Sakshi! What a good host!
Too good
Shut up, KD.
- Why shut-up? Am I not right?
Sleep well, champ
For the ladies.
- Thank you
Andy didnt come along?
Teenagers dont party
with their parents, mom! Its so uncool!
Happy birthday, Adi!
- Thank you, Joe
Happy birthday!
- Cheers, guys
- Cheers!
But I wish he came
Its a good change for all of us
The fresh air, the calm
Really, man.
Had you written 'Socha Hai' here,
the silence would've gone unheard
Hey, KD!
Put it away, please
- Why hide it from us?
Or, is there something fishy?
Nothing fishy, but its really not cool.
Please put it down
Why worry then?
Well, its interesting!
Buy fertilisers
Fix the boundary fence
Lubricate the machines
Sorry. I never intended
to expose you before them
Im afraid to explore more!
Boil the eggs, iron the shirt...
Oh, whats this?
Lets go someplace
Theres no dearth of paths
Lets go where our heart takes us to
Have you composed a tune?
Beautiful, Adi. Lets hear.
- Now?
- Yeah, come on
Of course.
- Yeah! Lets go
Put that down, please
Bass, please
All right.
- Joe, all yours
Should I play something?
- Yes, the spade
Not bad, Joe
Debbie is going to France,
and your sense of humour is getting better
Look, that's for you
The shaker!
The song is in E
Come in whenever you're ready
Come, lets go someplace
Come, theres no dearth of paths
Come, lets go
where our heart takes us
Every moment, at every step,
we will find
new destinations
Every moment, at every step,
we will find
new destinations
Come, lets get on the roads
Lets explore new things
Dont stop, dont be tired
Lets just continue on our journey
Every moment, at every step,
we will find new destinations
Every moment, at every step,
we will find
new destinations
No one understands
the turmoil within
Who knows where
we'll find ourselves tomorrow
For the present still remains unexplained
So listen to the call
of the heart
is fast fading away
Every moment, at every step,
we will find new destinations
Come, lets go someplace
Theres no dearth of paths
Come, lets go
where our heart takes us
Every moment, at every step,
we will find new destinations
Every moment, at every step,
we will find new destinations
Good you quit the city
Why dont you construct another room?
Ill move in with you
What a great idea!
Accommodate him here please, Adi
Im bored of playing ball with the clients
But Joe, I dont understand something
Why dont you take time off
to play music?
Between managing the club and shooting
for the show, I hardly find time
Hear the excuses of Mr Moneybags!
Not excuses, KD. Thats my job
By the way, who is stopping you
from making music?
Why dont you form a band
with your new friends, those kids,
who perform at my club?
It'll remind you of your heydays
Very funny!
Tell me something
Last night, we played together;
did you feel good or not?
Did you feel anything?
There's no point anyway.
He is chasing another career,
while you are running away from your past
Shut up, KD.
- Let him speak
What are you trying to say?
Should I forget what happened?
Who told you to forget it?
But for what happened,
why do you hold yourself responsible?
Thats enough, KD
Why enough, Joe?
- Come on
Old habits die hard
Every time theres a problem in his life,
he gives up and escapes
Yes, I gave up!
We set up a music label
to encourage new talent. To what end?
Nothing! We lost a lot of money,
and a poor boy killed himself!
Thats what happened, KD!
- Ignore him, Adi
Its the truth, Joe
Every time I tried to make music,
Ive hurt someone!
What please?
Do you have answers for everything?
Answer me then
What are you supposed to do when you see
no hope in a relationship? Tell me
No hope?
If you cant see any hope, what the heck
are you playing guitar here for?
Why are you writing songs
in your red diary?
Because you desperately need a new start!
Isnt that it?
This is a new start, KD!
This farm, this Cooperative
... isnt that something?
What else do you expect me to do?
To go back to Mumbai?
And do what?
Sing to the tunes of clients with you?
Or, judge a reality show like him?
Im not freaking interested
What did you say, Adi?
Judge a reality show like me, eh?
Am I doing something wrong?
Its easy for you to say that.
You guys never had to worry about money!
You never have to bother about
the next cheque, whether it comes or not!
And you guys are trying to judge me!
Go ahead, man!
We know that, Joe
Please trust me, Im not judging you
Your success makes us happy the most
However, the fact remains that
we've chosen different paths
So whats the problem in it?
And whats his problem?
Hey guys!
Come on!
I need a break.
- Take a long one
Look Adi,
if you are happy here,
Im happy for you
Forget it
Its your birthday
Rob, are you going into the water?
This is stunning!
My God!
They'll never grow up!
You know what?
We shouldn't either!
Today was fun!
Do you really have to leave tomorrow?
Rob has to submit his art project
in school on Monday
Even I have meetings
I really wish both of you move in here
What will I do here, Adi?
Rob goes to school now.
So I get time to do my tasks
Im going to miss you both
Why dont you come back, Adi?
I have to pack
So I should just...
Good night, Adi
Remember your promise?
- Yes
What was your promise?
Ill watch TV
only on Saturdays and Sundays
Very good
And Ive promised to go camping with you
during the next holidays, right?
Bye, dad.
- Bye
Hey! Bring it back in one piece
I cant hear you
Bring it back in one piece!
Dont worry.
Your motorcycle and I will return
in one piece, after three days!
All right?
See you guys. Bye.
- Ride safe
Get out of here!
Thanks, buddy.
See you soon
- Let's go
How I wish we could bring back
the good old days, in one piece!
The days when music
meant everything to Magik
You know what I mean!
Listen to me, let's meet again
Let's meet at the same place
One, two, three, four!
Listen to me, let's meet again
Let's meet at the same place
We'll catch a movie if you feel like it
Or, well chit-chat over coffee
Your likes, your wishes,
your memories, you can share with me
When I hear you speak,
I lose my senses
I don't know why
You know what I mean
You know what I mean
Dont ask me about my Ex,
where I even met her
Forget it, dont ask me
You are the only one in my life now
Now that I've found you,
all my wishes are granted
When I hear you speak,
I just go bonkers
I don't know why
You know what I mean
You know what I mean
Your style, enchanting
Your voice, silken
When I hear you speak,
it just makes me desperate
I don't know why
You know what I mean
You know what I mean
You know what I mean
Will those days ever come back?
I hope so
Even now when Adi, Joe and I
make music sometimes,
we feel like the birds flying in the sky,
free and blissful
But just as the bird returns to its nest
at the end of the day,
after we left,
Adi's life returned
to its haunting memories
I'm Rahul.
I called your office several times
I wanted to give you my CD, in person
Here? In the washroom?
I was waiting for you at the club
but you seemed busy
Then I saw you coming here,
so I thought...
Please listen to it...
some of my compositions
Why dont you get your CD
to my office tomorrow morning?
Ill hear it out
- Bah Sing?
Adi... fire!
Someone help! Fire!
My baby!
Save my baby!
- No, Adi!
The wild fire raged
till it completely razed all the houses
and five years of Adis hardwork
The school, the Cooperative Centre,
everything was reduced to ashes
There comes a point in ones life
when he has no idea where he is headed
It was during one such phase
that Adi happened to meet Jiah
Meeting, if you could call it one
Jiah perhaps related to the pain
and despair in his eyes
Only the broken-hearted
hear the cries of a heart rent
Excuse me
Are you all right?
I hope you arent planning to jump...?
whatever may be your problem,
this is not the solution
I'm sorry
Oh, crap!
Oh, crap!
Somebody help me!
Darn! You had me scared!
Weve been looking for you
since last evening. Come on, get up
Where am I?
- Cherrapunji
Thanks, guys
Are you missing something?
No, nothing
Come, get in the car
Luckily I was there
when Adi came around
Bah Sing and I reasoned with him,
while Sakshi and Joe pressurised him
over the phone
Finally, somehow we compelled him
to come back to Mumbai
Bah Sing, I have transferred some money
to your account
I will manage, Adi
Besides, the government has announced
a relief package
for the villagers.
We should get it soon
Thats good
Call me if you need something
- Bye
Good to see you.
- How are you?
Sorry, I couldnt make it to the airport
Its okay.
- Was it Bah Sing?
Is all well?
I hope so
I know, Adi, this must be
really hard on you
but whats done is done
You have to move on
Move on?
Easier said than done, Joe
I know.
But you have to try, buddy
How long can we see you like this?
You know we love you, man
I was telling Joe, we should be meeting
at the studio for a few days
Lets make music
We can also record your new song
Itll be a good change
What do you say?
- Cool
Well be there
What is it, Mr Uday?
You look thrilled
Youll also be excited to know
Tell me then
I had sent our CD to 12 Bar Blues
They've called us over
What for?
To play music, what else?
Joe Mascarenhas' club
has live music show...
What are you saying, Uday?
I told you!
I dont want to do live performances!
You didnt bother to ask me
before sending them our tracks?
It could be a big break for me, Jiah
No! No!
I am not up for this
I dont even know them.
Why should I let them hear my track?
You want to do that?
Here... go ahead
Tell me something
What are you scared of?
We compose music
for others to hear, right?
Im at my wit's end,
and I dont have a penny to boot
Ive been trying my luck everywhere
How long can I keep knocking
on closed doors, Jiah?
Lets go
Vaayu! They sounded different
- Yeah
Wheres their lead singer these days, Joe?
I wasnt his manager
Sir, Mr Uday is here
Wow! Ask him to set it up on the stage.
Well see him there
Sure, sir.
- Thanks
Ive heard their demo tape.
I think you should also hear it
Do I have a choice, KD?
Have you listened to my CD?
You are...?
- Rahul
We met at the club
The washroom guy!
Do you stay in this building?
Actually, its been a month
since I gave you the CD
I called your office several times,
in vain
Im sorry,
I had to surprise you like this
Look Rahul, I will listen to your CD
But to sneak into the building
like this... its not cool
When will you listen to it?
When I find time
Can someone be so busy?
Im sorry, my schedule doesnt suit you
So just relax.
- You've been ignoring me for a month now
And you tell me to relax?
KD speaks highly of your music
Thank you, sir
She wrote the song, so...
- Really?
Its very good
Do you know each other?
Wow! Small world
How come?
I was in Cherrapunji
to record a local band
Thats where we met
Lets hear something
Of course.
The keyboard is on the stage
And youve got your sarod
Come on, lets hear something
Yes. Now
Weve heard your demo CD
Lets see how you perform live
Come on.
Ill set it up for you
Come on, Ms Jiah. Your first
live performance is waiting for you
Jay, turn the lights on
My hearts a bit broken,
so is yours
I feel bitter,
so do you
My hearts a bit broken,
so is yours
I feel bitter,
so do you
I wonder why it is so
Why is the heart so inexplicable?
Should we just remain strangers?
It is a predicament,
for you as well as me
All our stories
remain unfinished, untold
How will they find closure?
I guess we should
think about it sometime
Im lonely, so are you
So, why dont we travel together?
The feeling that resonates
in our hearts,
why cant we bring it to our lips?
You are silent,
so am I
Confused and restless,
that's what we are
You are silent,
so am I
All our stories
remain unfinished, untold
How will they find closure?
I guess we should
think about it sometime
Cool, guys. If you have more compositions,
please feel free
to perform here, anytime
I dont know.
I just came here for Uday
So Uday, tell us if you have more songs
Jiah is the one who writes
So let's hear it, Ms Jiah
This is the only song that is complete,
the rest are incomplete;
not worth performing on stage
No problem
Well work together
on those incomplete tunes
I think well just need a guitarist
I do have a friend, retired though
Lets see.
Never lose hope!
What say, Joe?
- KD...
See? He is on!
Thanks, buddy
And you, Adi?
Me...? No!
Come on!
- No, no!
Didnt you like the song?
Nothing of the sort.
I loved the song
But the new band has a lead singer,
so Im not needed
All the best
All right then, lets start on Saturday
Tomorrow is Saturday
So, no problem...
- When it comes to music,
our friend here gets rather excited.
Absolutely right. I'm always excited
when it comes to music
Love is in the air
Without you,
there was no excitement, no desire
Now that I've found you,
I've got a new lease of life
There must be a star,
with a world of its own...
Dont mind me.
Please play
I came early for the rehearsals,
so I thought I'd...
May I join you?
Somewhere in the realms,
of the vast blue skies,
there must be a star
with a world of its own
brimming with life
A world, so different from ours,
not a shard of pain to endure
A world where life is not painful
Thats all there is
Its very good
Thank you
Thank you
For what you did back in Cherrapunji
I dont know what I wouldve done
if not for you
You needed help, and I was around
I couldnt think of anything else.
- Still
Very few people
lend a helping hand to others
So, thanks
What were you doing there anyway?
I visit Meghalaya quite often
To record the folk singers
May I ask you something?
Why are you scared to perform on stage?
No... it's not like that
It's probably because Im going
to perform for the first time
You have a beautiful voice, Jiah
And your notes
express your innermost feelings
You're really good
Sorry, we're late
Do you also play bass guitar, Uday?
Well... Joe sir said
since I play the sarod well...!
So Im practising
Enjoy your rehearsals
Best of luck for your song
Thank you
- See you, Adi
See you during the performance tonight.
- Yeah. See you
Yes, Uday. Im leaving now
Yeah, Ill see you soon. Bye
Yes, father...?
Where are you going?
Father, my college friend, Malini...
Its her birthday. Im going over
All right. Dont be late
Is this what you call music?
You are destroying the sanctity of music
by playing the guitar and piano along
I'm ashamed to call you my son!
Ready? Lets go
So many people are here
to watch the New Magik!
It doesnt feel right
What doesnt feel right?
What if my father finds out?
How will he find out, Jiah?
Hell be really furious
Now look, we're performing in ten minutes!
Dont worry.
- Guys, are you ready?
Lets go
Lets do this
And good luck
Rock on, dad!
Lets hear it for Jiah!
Its okay, Jiah.
You can start again
Adi, what's going on?
Start again
Play... play your song
Play your song, Jiah
I'll be right back
Give me a beat
Jiah, are you okay?
What happened?
- I can't do this
I can't do this!
What is it, Jiah?
My father will be mad!
My father will be furious
I dont understand what youre saying.
Just relax
Let me go!
I told you, they are novices,
they are not ready!
Crap! Crap!
I dont know
why I even listen to him!
Hes always droning
about making music, performing!
Is this it?
Is this your New Magik?
This rubbish?
Come on, Joe. It happens
Even great musicians fumble on stage
Look, Adi,
a lot of crap goes between
managing my club and my reality show
But when it comes to music,
I can't take this!
This rubbish KD drama!
Joe, how was I to know
Jiah would have a stage fright?
KD, why dont you just...?
And you!
Come here
What were you thinking on the stage?
What were you thinking?
If you want to play in a band,
you should learn to be a part of it
Sir... I cracked
Jiah missed her entry twice,
so I thought...
What did you think?
That it was your solo performance?
Take it easy, Joe
Take it easy, man
Ill take it easy, Adi
Reason with that girl
Where does she stay?
Where does she stay?
Sir, please dont go to her place!
Her father doesnt know about
her live performance
Now where did her father
transpire out of?
Hang on, Joe
Whats with her father?
Pandit Vibhuti
Shes Pandit-ji's daughter
His son killed himself five years ago,
so he quit music
Jiah didnt want to perform
in the first place
Rahul is...?
Jiah is Rahuls sister...?
No one knew,
after all these years,
life would drag Adi back to the point
he was trying to run away from
The memory now shadowed him
Can you ditch your shadow, ever?
I must tell her the truth
Adi, you are right
Well go with you
I'm not going!
come on, please
Please what, KD?
Please what?
After what happened tonight, you want me
to go to her house and apologise to her?
Rahul killed himself!
It wasnt our fault!
And thats that!
The two of you may do as you please
I wont be a part of it
Im done with this rubbish!
Dont let old practices stop you
Dont bow before customs and traditions
Rise! Break those shackles
Wipe it off...
rewrite your own destiny
Dont let old practices stop you
Dont bow before customs and traditions
Rise! Break those shackles
Wipe it off...
rewrite your own destiny
Let them know you
Let them admire you,
let them know who you are
Rise now
Let them know you
Let them admire you,
let them know what you are made of
If you think youre lacking somewhere,
you are wrong
If you're not granted your rights,
then you're being conned
Equality is the need of the hour
Let the world know that
Let them know you
Let them admire you,
let them know who you are
Rise now
Let them know you
Let them admire you,
let them know what you are made of
Your life,
live it the way you want
Every joy in the world
is meant for you
So what if it is a night of agony?
The darkness is about to be dispelled
If we are together,
we will usher in a new dawn one day
Let them know you
Let them admire you,
let them know what you are made of
Magik! Magik!
- All the best, guys
Magik! Magik!
Oh, God! Hes come again.
- We're friends! I just want to talk
I just want to talk.
They know me!
Hey! Hello!
Let me go.
- Let him come
So that was Magiks
cutting edge music, eh?
Take it easy
Rahul, youve had one too many
You should go
You remember my name!
It feels great to hear that, you know!
But Mr Adi, you couldnt take
some time off to listen to my CD?
Fine, Ill do that. Okay?
Ill call you after Ive heard it.
All right?
Youre staving me off me again!
As usual!
You know, I came to you with high hopes
But you guys dont even have a moment!
You are busy making your own music!
Ri... rise!
Buddy, you dont like the song,
thats all right
No one is forcing you
to listen to our songs anyway
Go someplace and listen to your own CD.
Im sure youll like it
Of course, I will like it
Know what? I know my music!
Good. Great!
- I know
I was born in a world of music
Do you know my father?
I thought one gets to hear that line
only in movies
Laugh all you want
Even my father does that
But if I get just one chance
to showcase my talent,
then Id love to watch your expressions,
and his
youre drunk. And you should go
Why? Why do you hate me so?
Why dont you understand?
Even I want to make it big
It sounds so typical;
Get lost!
Is this some music?
Is this what you call music?
I dont have time for ridiculous stuff
You know how it feels to be rejected?
- Hey, enough!
Take him away!
- Do you even know?
Take him away! Enough now!
- Im going
- Im going
Im going
What is wrong with you?
Forget me, no one can help you,
you freaking psycho!
And get this!
Stop stalking me!
You understand?
Get lost!
Im going!
Ill go away for ever
Youll never hear me again, Mr Adi!
What are you looking for Mr Shroff?
Rahuls CD
- Yeah
I think Ill listen to it once
Ill call him and tell him what I feel
At least, he can move on.
Else, hell keep dropping in
Wait. I know where it is
Is it there?
Rahul Sharma.
- Lets hear it
The great Rahuls CD
Darn, he's good
Will you call him?
You dont want to call him?
I was very rude to him yesterday
Please call him
Hi, Rahul.
This is KD from Magik Records?
Im... Im so sorry!
Thank you
Thank you
What happened?
He's dead
He killed himself last night
Ill go away for ever
Youll never hear me again, Mr Adi!
Im so sorry
In all these years,
not a single day has passed by
when I havent wished
I had heard that CD a day before
They are here to meet me, father
They were about to leave
Well take your leave
though Joe was aware of Adis problem,
he wouldnt accept it.
He was in his own world
She wears high heels,
the men go bonkers
Don't be mad, girl.
Listen to me
I'm a king of sorts,
be my queen
If you want to be a legend,
youll need me
The bard goes singing everywhere,
praying for everyone
Love is not to be befriended
nor to be made foes with
I am intoxicated in love
I don't want to be in my senses
Please go on!
Please dont stop, Mann Jyot. Sing
Sir, I was just casually
... its a folk song
Why didnt you sing it
at the show today?
The audience doesnt like this, sir
You know the trend.
- Are you crazy?
Who told you that?
You imitate the styles of others;
do you think the audience likes it?
They wont let you stick around, Mann Jyot
This came from your heart.
It is the call of your heart
Sing it
Then youll see
Sir, the heart attunes itself
to the market's changing demands
Right, sir?
Thats my bus, sir.
Good night
Often we notice the problems of others
but fail to understand the anguish
of our dear ones
Did you speak to Jiah?
What else?
What else?
Nothing else, Joe
what have you got to do with it?
Dont talk rubbish, KD
Im speaking rubbish? Wow!
Hows Adi?
Call him
Ask him yourself
No, wait
Its not your problem anyway
Just shut up, KD
You know what, Joe?
This time, you shut up!
Whats wrong with you?
I dont remember
the Joe Mascarenhas anymore,
whod do anything for his friends
Dare anyone mess with his friends...!
Nice. Very nice
Youre drunk, KD
But five years, Joe!
Adi has been living in pain
for five years
You know that very well, Joe
You call Adi your friend, right?
That friend needed you
He never said it
but you shouldve figured
Dont do that.
- Wake up, buddy
Thats all Im saying to you, wake up
And reflect; what you were,
and what youve become now!
Mother used to always make it
On our birthdays
Happy birthday
Not mine
It is brothers birthday
Have you heard my CD, father?
Yes, I heard your CD
What's this?
Goulash? Hotchpotch?
What is it?
It is Raga Khamaj, father.
Theres not a hint of fusion in it
Is this what you call music?
I'm ashamed to call you my son!
You are destroying the sanctity of music
by playing the guitar and piano along
Novel, is it?
It was a novel idea then, when the genre
of Khyal and Thumri were introduced
So you consider yourself
a novel exponent of music!
I am a nobody, father
But these days even famous artistes
are doing fusion
And you are...
- This is not a music studio
This is a temple of music!
And here, I will hear no rubbish!
Go away
Yes, father
Jiah never contacted us after that
Neither did Adi mention her again
Yes, Bah Sing? All good?
Its very bad, Adi.
We are in deep trouble
Theres no sign of relief
Where are the villagers then?
How are they?
- Starving. More than half
are in the relief camp
Food is scarce
And youre telling me now?
Ill try to come as soon as possible.
Please dont worry
Im coming
It was Bah Sing.
Im gonna have to go
When will you return, Adi?
No idea
No idea?
Adi, I dont want to spend the rest
of my life in a state of uncertainty
Sakshi, please dont say
what you dont mean
I mean it, Adi
I don't have a problem
in admitting that Im a normal person
Even I have dreams
Have I ever stopped you?
I agree, for all that I achieved,
youve always felt proud of me
But that isn't enough
One of my dreams
is to live a normal life with you
Why cant you see that?
The truth is, you have time for
everything, except for this relationship
Sakshi, they need me
I guess you are right
You know what, Adi?
If you want to spend all your life
in penance, then thats your choice
But I cant be a part of it anymore
Lets just call it quits, Adi
Sakshi, right now you are...
- This isn't impulsive
Ive deliberated much on this
And Rob will not be an issue between us
I guess you can trust me on that
How are you, Bah Sing?
Lets go straight to the relief camp.
- No, Adi
We can go to the camp only tomorrow.
- Why?
The bridge is being fixed,
so the road is closed
Itll be opened tomorrow morning
Why doesnt the government help?
- Well,
the Welfare Board did receive funds
But the President and his cronies
swallowed it all
Cant help it,
hes the ministers son-in-law
Is it that guy? Mahendra?
- Yes, its him
So lets go and talk to him.
- All right, lets go
Thank you
Bah Sing...
- Yes?
Get the car. Ill be there.
- Right
Thank you
Youre here?
I told you, I come here often
to record folk singers
Yeah, thats right
My recorder conked off.
I had to send it to Delhi to get it fixed
So I just came to collect it
What brings you here?
Theres a village called Umniuh.
You might know
Ive been staying there
for some years now
- Thats where Im going
God knows where Bah Sing disappeared
with the car
How far is Umniuh?
It takes one and half hours to reach
Shall we?
Jiah, thats Bah Sing
See you. Bye
There are feelings
that cannot be expressed in words
And then there are words
that remain unsaid
I wonder why!
Its almost a month
What is causing the delay?
Your office isnt very forthcoming
We have to follow the system, sir
So you cant release the funds
given by the State and the Centre
just because of the system
I see
I had come to you.
Do you remember?
But you refused
to join the Welfare Board
- So?
We have to first sort out the problems
of the board members and our people
I hope you understand
With all due respect,
they are also your people
Please! Dont teach me my job!
I think I will have to!
Its your duty to take
the responsibility of helping them
And whats your responsibility?
Nothing, right?
When I asked you to join the board,
you didnt
Then go ahead
Help them yourself
Don't waste my time
Mr Shroff,
people like you only talk
You dont deliver
And people like you ought to be in jail
We'll do what needs to be done now
Thank you
Sorry. I hope Im not disturbing you
No. Come on in.
Take a seat
No, its okay.
I was passing by, so...
I wasnt passing by
I came to see you
I didnt understand it
when you told me the facts
It took me very long to realise
that my brother was so frustrated
with his life that he...
Its not your cross to bear
Its not your fault, Adi
Please take this burden off your chest
Its very kind of you
Its the truth
Thank you
Theres something else
Rahul had left a song incomplete
I sang it to you once.
Somewhere in the realms
of the vast blue skies
I remember
Will you complete the song?
Id really like that
Itd be such an honour, Jiah!
Listen... are the villagers all right?
They are not
I heard about the state of the camps
Im going there tomorrow morning
You can come along if you wish
Adi is here!
Adi is here!
How are you, Paya?
Wheres your mother?
She died
He's right
She died. She was sick
Thank God you are here!
Youd say that Baiyaman
always kept your stomach full
I cant feed you today
I have nothing to offer you!
Please don't weep
Dont be sorry
Ive got food for you today
Look, Ive got food for you
Take it out
Bring it here, please.
- It's for all of you!
I brought food for you
I went to see Mahendra today
He said hell try his best
Here you are
Here... have it
Why arent the kids eating?
Why arent they eating?
- Adi,
we dont get to eat everyday here
We taught our children
to eat every alternate days
We got to eat bread in the morning
Well eat tomorrow now
We live in our own world,
in our own bubble
We have little idea what goes on outside
Even if we know, we ignore it
Or, we deliberately avoid it
What do you think we can do, Adi?
We can only do what we know
Were musicians
Lets play some music
A big concert,
in that village in Meghalaya
What say?
I dont know. Its so far
Will it attract a crowd?
Why not?
Shillong is the rock capital of India
If I may...? If other major bands
also perform with Magik,
then I think itll attract people
All right.
Ill start calling up the bands
But what about the funding?
Well contribute whatever we can.
- Leave that to me
Ill get it done
Thanks, Joe
Dont thank me, Adi
You know, I was twelve
when my father passed away
All the responsibilities
fell on my mother. The poor thing
She had neither job experience
nor qualifications
Finally, she found a job
As a maid
We struggled a lot
I know how it is to starve
I had forgotten it
But you reminded me today
Thanks, man
Dont worry about that funding, okay?
That's my responsibility
For that night, I'm...
Forget it.
Dont worry about it, Jiah
No. I owe you and KD an apology.
Im really sorry
If you really want to apologise,
you must promise something
Guys, Jiah is coming with us.
And this time,
she will sing with us
Hey, welcome back
Rock on!
- Its the sign of the times
Rock on!
- Every moment beckons you
Rock on!
- What are you waiting for?
Rock on!
- You wont get a second chance
Rock on!
- Its the sign of the times
Rock on!
- Every moment beckons you
Rock on!
- What are you waiting for?
Rock on!
- You wont get a second chance
Rock on!
- Its the sign of the times
Rock on!
- Every moment beckons you
Rock on!
- What are you waiting for?
Rock on!
- You wont get a second chance
I hear, a large number of boys and girls
are arriving from Guwahati, Kolkata,
even from Delhi and Mumbai
I wont let Aditya Shroffs concert
take place
He showed a lot of attitude the other day
He was acting too smart!
This concert is not happening!
Got it?
It was all over in just a few minutes
The vandals
didn't just destroy the stage,
speakers and sound board
but they shattered our very dreams
There was less than 24 hours
to the concert
If the concert doesn't take place,
how will the world know
about the people's issues?
What do we do now, Adi?
Sir, this is Alok Tiwari from Zee News
Some goons vandalised
the concert venue in Shillong
Can you give us your opinion?
Your daughter Jiah is also participating.
Have you spoken to her?
As you can see on your TV screens,
the amount of damage is tremendous
A few boys and girls
have even been taken to the hospital
Who do you think is trying
to put a spanner in your works?
We've informed the police.
A complaint has been lodged
That's all I can say for now
Music unites people
So we must stand together and show them
that such incidents won't scare us
After this unfortunate incident,
do you think people will still come?
We're hoping
Well, hope keeps us alive
We'll know only tomorrow
if the concert takes place or not
With cameraperson Ayush,
this is Jyoti Bhatt, ATP News
Yes, father?
What are you up to?
Arent you ashamed?
I had to see this day! I get to hear
from the media about your whereabouts
You have forgotten, Jiah!
It is in their world
that you lost your brother!
Father, they are my friends.
- And I am your father!
You have disgraced me!
What a thing to say, father!
Whether you respect me or not,
you couldve at least
spared a thought for Rahul
How can his soul rest in peace
when his sister
feels no remorse over his death?
Do you care, father?
While he was alive,
did you even care?
Hed often weep in his room, alone
You know why?
Because of you!
Dont waste your time on such music
You will achieve nothing
Thats what we used to hear, father
If only you had spoken to him once!
If only you had smiled once!
If only you had embraced him once!
Once, father... just once!
Brother killed himself!
And my life is a living death
because of you!
The thing that shows me a ray of hope,
you want to snatch that away too, do you?
Tell me
Will it make you happy, father?
Dads tweet The show must rock on
has already been retweeted 1750 times
Vicky can organise
five Marshall amplifiers,
speakers and guitar cables
by tomorrow morning
Someone will have to go to Guwahati
to pick them up
We can go
And the sound board?
All of them booked already
in various shows
Cant you try other suppliers?
- Ive called up everyone
I think its too short a notice
for them to help
What are your options, KD?
Just keep trying, guys.
Excuse me
Hi, Sakshi
Adi... hi.
Are you all right?
Yes. All of us are fine
Oh, thank God
I saw it in the news
Adi, will you be able to do this concert?
I dont know
Everything will be fine, Adi
For your purpose,
for the people you are doing this,
you have their prayers
Mine too
Thank you
Sakshi, I...
Sakshi, Ill call you back
Guys, weve got company
Looks like the scoundrels
have reached here too
Let them come
We wont spare them this time
Joe sir!
Mann Jyot?
Joe sir, where are you?
Relax, guys. I know him
Mann Jyot...?
- Yes, sir
Turn off the lights
How are you, Joe sir?
What are you doing here? We thought...
- Adi sir...?
Big fan, sir!
Love you, sir.
- Hey...
Love you.
- Hes Mann Jyot
From my reality show
What are you doing here?
- I was on my way to the concert
when I saw your Facebook update
that some goons vandalised the venue
Very bad, sir
Hi, bro! How are you?
- You know Andy?
He posted the video on your page
that you needed sound equipments
I got it all. Sound board,
speaker, microphones, everything!
Come out, guys! Are you frozen inside?
My star, Mann Jyot!
- I know, sir
You said it!
Well done, Andy!
Im going to call Sakshi.
- Where do I put the stuff?
Ask KD, our chief engineer
KD, hes Mann Jyot
So bro, lets go. Yo!
Hello. This is the way
to the music concert, right?
Theres no concert happening here
How come?
Its clearly mentioned here
Go back where you came from
Hoi Kiw!
Hoi Kiw!
Hoi Kiw!
Hoi Kiw!
Hoi Kiw!
The town reverberates as the overpowering
sounds of the drum dominates
It is the public announcement,
so everyone can hear
Is this gathering a small or huge one?
Did someone die? Do people need
to put closure to some unfinished business?
Dead ends!
Broken bridges! Tired legs
And a life in the grip
of atrocities and oppression
Light up the darkness,
rid the suffering
Come, lets conquer new horizons
The public announcement system
of the Khasis, is the most electrifying
We will relay the word;
we will march forward as able leaders
Hoi Kiw!
Hoi Kiw!
The moon has gone further up,
time is running out
The announcers shout on top of their voice,
waking up the sleeping babes
A street dog in a state of wonder,
there he stands still and be still
Like treading on a snakes tail, the cat
jumps and shouts because of the shock
The public announcement system
of the Khasis, is the most electrifying
We will relay the word;
we will march forward as able leaders
Restless and ready,
we have set out to change the world
Listen to our new slogan
Down with tyranny
Together lets walk,
shake the ground in one beat
Even the mountains
will tremble with fear at the sound
From this end to that,
let there be a trail of our blood,
sweat and tears
The public announcement system
of the Khasis, is the most electrifying
We will relay the word;
we will march forward as able leaders
Come, lets conquer new horizons
Hoi Kiw!
Hoi Kiw!
Hoi Kiw!
Wheres Jiah?
She isn't with you guys?
- No
I thought she was
Pandit-ji called last night
I dont know what they spoke about
but she was in tears
Why didnt you tell us?
- There was so much to do
Did you speak to her?
No. I thought it was best
to leave her alone
Guys, lets find her
Not again!
Fine! Lets find her
But be back on time, please.
We have to be up on the stage at 8
With or without her!
Listen, guys
If were performing,
itll be together, or were not
I think thats fair
For too long, you and I have been quiet
watching and waiting to try it
Rise up, now rise up!
Set your sights up,
so tomorrow's decided
For too long, you and I have been quiet
too scared to win, don't deny it
Rise up, now rise up!
Set your sights up,
so tomorrow's decided
I am intoxicated in love
Love is intoxication
I am intoxicated in love
Love is intoxication
I am intoxicated in love
Love is intoxication
I am intoxicated in love
I don't care for my senses
Whether I am lonely or I have friends,
I don't care
I am intoxicated in love
Love is intoxication
The estranged ones...
The estranged ones
wander about in search of love
You okay?
My father forbids me
For him, music is what he makes
Everything else is evil,
wrong... cacophony
He even forbid Rahul
That could be the reason Rahul...
Jiah, your father is a great musician
I have high regards for him
But let me tell you something
A tree that grows in the shade of another,
does not bear fruit
Your music should not reflect
someone elses. It should be your own
Such was Rahuls music
I dont know what to do,
how to make my father happy!
Yes, hes angry now
Tomorrow too, perhaps
But when he notices you
filling the lives of many with joy,
hell realise he was wrong
And he will realise
And you know what, Jiah?
An artiste dies,
but his art keeps him alive, for ever
Rahul will live through your voice
Youre right
I wont let Rahul die again!
Somewhere in the realms
of the vast blue skies,
there must be a star
with a world of its own,
brimming with life
A world, so different from ours,
not a shard of suffering
A world where life is not painful
Where no one cries,
no one loses his peace
Where no one feels lonely
Where the heart is never broken
A world, bereft of misery and sorrow
A world, where the eyes
never shed a tear
Where the heart
has never known malice or separation
A world, where wishes are granted
All of us must know
For, an incredible stream of love
runs in every heart
Could there be such a star
somewhere in the vast blue skies?
In the vast ocean
that the sky is,
I have travelled
in a boat that the moon is
If you are looking
for a beautiful world,
it is right here
It is right here somewhere
Yes, but it is
in hatred and violence
in the shackles of greed,
it just failed to rise
Once it is purged,
once the shackles are broken,
you will see that world
right here
A world, bereft of misery and sorrow
A world, where the eyes
never shed a tear
Where the heart
has never known malice or separation
A world, where wishes are granted
Therell be a gleam of smile
on every face,
life will be filled with love
Dreams will come true
Bad times will pass
We will usher in a new dawn,
a new beginning
Itll be new times,
a new world order
A world, bereft of misery and sorrow
A world, where the eyes
never shed a tear
Where the heart
has never known malice or separation
A world, where wishes are granted
I can't tell you what I feel
You might think I am crazy
I want to crawl up the TV tower
and scream out loud...
Rock on!
- Its the sign of the times
Rock on!
- Every moment beckons you
Rock on!
- What are you waiting for?
Rock on!
- Youll never get a second chance
Rock on!
- Its the sign of the times
Rock on!
- Every moment beckons you
Rock on!
- What are you waiting for?
Rock on!
- Youll never get a second chance
No second chance!
- No second chance
No second chance!
- No second chance
No second chance
So that was the story
of our lives until now,
no less than
Sinbad the sailor's travails
The concerts success,
the pressure from the crowd and the media
forced the Welfare Board
to release the funds
It took some time but the village
gradually limped back to normal
Though the relationship
between Adi and Sakshi has changed,
theyre still friends, like before
And as promised,
Adi goes camping with Rob
during his summer holidays
I think, therell soon be an addition
to Magiks musicians
Thats right
Another bright side of the concert
... Magik was back!
Kind of
We friends perform
at least once a month in Joes club
Adi, Joe, I...
and our new member. Uday
You must be wondering about Jiah,
I know
Listen up
Jiah and Adis musical journey
that began with an incomplete song
has come a long way now
Adi writes,
while both of them compose
Sometimes they sing together,
sometimes Jiah alone
Oh, by the way,
Jiah has become a singing sensation