Rocky Mountain Christmas (2017) Movie Script

Okay, gang, remember,
a New York Christmas
is one-of-a-kind,
so even though we've done
an amazing job with the lobby,
I want to keep
changing things up every day
so people want
to come back.
Aaron, let's work
on the lighting design
in the courtyard.
Maybe snowflakes projected
on the wall?
let's put all the golden lights
on the trees
and then keep the
icicles for the stairs...
And Daisy, can you start
working the restaurant?
Great, thanks.
How are you holding up?
Uh, fine. Good.
I mean, as long
as I keep busy,
you know,
distraction is welcome.
Just forget about him.
He wasn't worth it.
In a month's time,
you won't even remember him.
Well, I don't
know about that,
but thank you, Jo.
-I appreciate it.
-You're welcome.
Call me if you need me.
I will, thanks.
Heads up.
Jacobs is approaching
at 12 o'clock,
and he doesn't look happy.
Mr. Jacobs,
good evening.
as my interior designer,
you're supposed to make
our lobby look amazing
each Christmas...
And you've done it again.
The afternoon edition
of the sentinel
just raved
about our window decorations
in their style column,
all thanks to you.
Thank you, sir.
I appreciate that.
You know, after the merger,
we're adding a dozen hotels
to our portfolio.
How would you like to be
the chief designer
for the entire hotel chain?
Sir, I would love that.
I mean, it's always
been a dream of mine...
-[Phone ringing]
-I think that...
I've got to take this.
Chairman of the board.
We'll talk about it
in the new year.
Okay. thank you.
Merry Christmas!
what did he want?
Well, apparently,
the sentinel loved our lobby,
so he was very happy.
Sarah, that's great!
Yeah, it is.
Oh, come on.
stop thinking about him.
It's hard.
I mean,
you realize we were together
for a year and a half,
and then he meets this actress,
and all of a sudden,
he dumps me like that.
Suppose now I have to worry
about the possibility
of being chased down
by the press...
All because he created
some silly website.
It's actually a search engine
with over
a hundred million users a month.
Yeah, I agree, it is silly.
I don't even know
what I'm worried about.
Who would care
about our little break-up?
I mean, we were just
a boring couple.
[Yelling and clamoring]
after a high profile break-up
with fiancee Sarah mckinney,
tech titan Eric gold
is now dating Hollywood star
Lisa Taylor.
Up next, we'll show you
the fashions craze
that's getting Hollywood.
Guess you weren't
as boring as you thought.
Are you sure
you want to just...
Leave town?
Yes, I just need
some distance,
and my family's ranch
in Colorado
is the perfect place
for me to spend Christmas.
I mean,
snow-capped mountains,
the horses...
Sitting by the fireplace
drinking eggnog...
There's even
a Christmas parade
that ends
in a tree-lighting ceremony
right at my family's ranch.
after we lost my aunt Beth
this year...
I don't know,
i just think it's important
that we all spend
Christmas together.
You deserve it...
And I'll take care of things
here while you're away.
Ah, I know.
Now go...
And have
a merry Christmas.
Two tickets
to "the nutcracker" tonight,
for you and Jim.
Merry Christmas,
Thank you!
See you in the new year.
Merry Christmas, sis!
Nice hat, Santa.
Why, thank you, ma'am.
How was your flight?
Mm, as good as any red eye
from New York can possibly be,
but I'm here now,
so I'm not complaining.
The weather's supposed
to be really nice
the rest of the week.
Sounds good.
You okay?
I just miss aunt Beth
running out to hug me hello.
I know.
Uncle Roy's
in the barn.
He'll be in soon.
Let's get you
something to eat.
I hope my steak
and eggs lived up
to your Manhattan
Are you kidding me?
I would take breakfast with you
over brunch at the ritz any day.
What's the ritz?
Well, if you ever came
to visit me in New York,
you would know.
I know, I know.
I promise,
I will try and come and visit
in the spring.
But you're here now,
so what do you want to do
while you're in town?
Honestly, as little
as humanly possible.
The only things
I'm looking forward to
are the tree-lighting ceremony
and the Christmas Eve parade.
Well, I hate to be the
one to break it to you,
but there isn't going to be
any tree-lighting this year.
and no Christmas parade either,
by the looks of it.
Without aunt Beth,
Paige is stretched too thin
at the cafe
to organize the parade,
and Roy just doesn't want to do
the Christmas lighting
without her.
But that's our tradition!
it's also a tradition
to hug your uncle
you haven't seen in six months.
Uncle Roy!
Good to see you.
Good to see you!
How are you?
I'm good, I'm good.
You know, keeping
busy as always.
Your brother and I got
our work cut out for us,
building that
new barn out back.
Well, I'm just happy
that we can all be together,
for Christmas.
Me too.
It's good
to have you home.
Good to be back.
Hey, uncle Roy?
Don't forget,
you have that
rotary club lunch.
Oh, that's right,
I'm going to be late.
I could drop you in
town, if you like?
Let me go upstairs and change.
I'll meet you down here.
I didn't think you were
coming home this Christmas.
I had a last-minute
change of plans
oh, I'm so happy.
Paige, you're going
to have to stop hugging me,
or people are going
to start talking.
Oh, who cares.
Let 'em talk.
Oh, gosh! Yay!
nobody loves the Christmas
parade more than me,
but I am swamped
this year with work.
Besides, I don't have
the creative genius
that runs
in your family.
You could probably do it
with your eyes closed.
Honestly, Paige,
I came on this vacation
because I wanted
to get away from work,
not pick up
another project.
But just out
of curiosity,
if you were in charge
of the parade,
how would you decorate?
Well, I would definitely use
aunt Beth's giant candy canes,
and then I would take
the pine boughs
with the red and green lanterns,
and I'd put them up
over there,
and I'd get
all the storefronts
to paint their windows
with different scenes
from the advent calendar,
and then for
a real country Christmas feel,
I'd use Mason jars
with lights
and twig garlands
all along the route.
-That'd be perfect.
-Go on.
No, I see what you're doing.
Nice try!
No, Paige...
I just want to relax.
Okay, fine...
And I'm not saying this
to make you feel guilty,
but you know that this was
aunt Beth's pride and joy.
I know, but I just...
I just spent
the past hour
telling you
about my broken heart.
this will help keep you busy
and help you forget
Mr. what's-his-name.
Besides, you know
you are the only person
who could ever replace her.
Agh! okay!
Fine, I will...
I will do it,
but I'm doing this
for aunt Beth.
Okay, so...
These are some flyers
i had printed up
for the Christmas parade
when I thought
i could still do it.
Well, at least
we'll have the parade.
You know, my uncle Roy
doesn't want to do
the tree-lighting ceremony
this year.
Yeah, I heard.
Everyone's talking about it.
I knew this Christmas
was going to be different.
Guess I was just hoping
that some things
would stay the same.
Okay, you know what?
That's it.
I am taking the rest
of the afternoon off,
and you are
coming with me.
What have you
got planned?
Just wait and see.
I'll go get
my coat.
You were right.
This is exactly
what I needed.
Starting to feel
the Christmas spirit already.
Well, that's great.
It's about time.
How long are you
in town for, anyway?
I've got to be back
in the office
in nine days.
Hopefully, news of my breakup
will have died down by then.
I'm just glad you saw
this guy's true colors
before it was too late.
Should have never
dated a celebrity.
What was I thinking?
Well, you're
all the wiser for it.
Besides, you'll be back
out in the dating world
in no time.
I doubt that.
All right, here's the last one.
"Mckinney ranch.
Experience what it's like
to live and work
on an authentic horse ranch."
This is it, Peter!
This is exactly
what I'm looking for.
I don't know.
Looks pretty rustic.
I've got a month to get ready
before this thing
starts shooting.
I want to show up on that set
looking like I know
exactly what I'm doing.
The studio would kill me
if they ever found out
I was helping you jeopardize
their 50-million-dollar film.
[Car honking]
What was that?
Why'd that guy honk
and wave at us?
Do you think he recognized me?
No, of course not.
He was--
haven't you ever been
to a small town before?
It's a friendly thing.
He's just doing
a small-town honk and wave.
I don't want to be noticed,
That's the whole point, man.
It's the whole point.
You do realize you could've
learned ranch life
anywhere around L.A., right?
Yeah, and I would have had
a dozen paparazzi
photographing and taping me
every time I fell off
a dang horse.
No thanks.
That, see.
That's what I'm talking about.
That's the real ranch life.
Look at that.
[Honks horn]
Okay. what
are you doing?
Just doing the small-town
honk and wave... oops.
Ooh, shoot.
hey, hey, hey.
-You okay?
-You okay?
-I'm fine.
All right, why don't
you go look around?
I'll go see if they're
open for Christmas.
Hi. how are you?
Hey, you want...
I've got a cookie
for you.
You want a cookie?
excuse me?
What are you doing?
Are you about to feed
my horse a cookie?
Uh, his idea.
I think he smelled it
through my jacket pocket, so...
Okay, well,
first of all,
he's a she.
Wait, I know you.
You're the guy who honked
at us out on the road
and scared the horses.
I'm sorry about that.
I was trying to do
the small-town honk and wave.
I think it...
Think it backfired.
Yeah, you could say that.
Graham Mitchell.
The actor?
Oh, well, that explains it.
Explains what?
pretty much everything.
Sorry, I'm
Sarah mckinney.
My uncle owns
this place.
Oh... oh!
Well then, you're the one
i want to talk to.
So, I...
I came to this town
looking for a place
to find somewhere
where I can learn
everything about ranch life,
just through Christmas,
and this, I've got
to tell you,
looks like
the perfect place.
Well, we're shut down
for the holidays, so...
Okay, um...
I'll work?
Be like a ranch hand.
You are aware
it's Christmas, right?
Yeah, absolutely.
Uh, look,
this week is...
It's all about family
for us, so...
Is there anything
that I could do
to change your mind?
I'm afraid not.
It was nice to meet you,
Mr. Mitchell.
It was nice
to meet you, Sarah.
I just spoke
to the owner.
It doesn't look
very promising.
Who's that?
Somebody who doesn't like
my movies, apparently.
Who's that?
That, little brother,
was Hollywood heart-throb
Graham Mitchell.
He wants to stay
at the ranch for a week
and learn how to be a cowboy.
Well, that's great.
We could actually use
an extra hand on the ranch
this week.
Well, I told him
this week
was all about family.
Speaking of which,
what do you say
you and me go downtown
and hand out some flyers
for the Christmas parade?
I'll even spring
for dinner at the pub
when we're done.
As exciting
as that offer sounds,
me and uncle Roy still got
a lot of work we've got to do
before we can call it a day.
Well, I am going to go
get cleaned up.
You let me know
if you change your mind.
Sounds good.
-Hey, Sarah!
I heard
you were back in town!
-Merry Christmas.
So, have you
graduated yet?
This summer.
What're you
studying again?
although these days,
I feel like I'm majoring
in Christmas decorations.
-It looks amazing.
Would you mind
putting one of these up
in your window?
For the Christmas parade?
I thought that was canceled.
No, we are back on.
Can I get
a table for one?
Yeah, absolutely.
Follow me.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Uh, hello.
Mr. Mitchell.
Can I join you for dinner?
Sure, pull up a stool.
You know what?
Hi, hi.
You know what,
I've got to tell you something.
This town is very friendly.
I'm actually just home
for the holidays.
I live in New York.
Oh! okay.
You're from New York.
I can cut to the chase.
I'm about to star in a movie
where I play a rancher,
so I need to learn everything
there is about ranch life
in one week.
So you want to work
over Christmas?
Well, yeah.
I mean, it starts to shoot
in a couple weeks, so yeah,
and plus...
I'm not a big fan
of the holidays.
That's unfortunate.
I've got two Christmas
eggnogs for you both.
Oh, dear,
we actually did not order these.
they're on the house.
Thank you.
Does that happen a lot?
The free eggnog
and the batting eyelashes?
Trust me,
a lot of the time,
I wish that
i went unnoticed.
So you want to know
everything there is to know
about ranch life?
My character,
he's a ranch hand.
Primarily deals with horses.
He's willful.
He's honest.
He's always trying
to do the right thing.
I'm not going to lie to you.
Real ranch work is hard.
I'm up for it.
Come on.
Look, I've got...
I do my own stunts.
I'm not one of those
prima Donna actor boys
who, you know, doesn't want
to get his hands dirty.
Come on...
Okay, well,
if you're up for it,
my family could use some help.
Let me call my uncle Roy
and see if he'd be willing
to take you on as a guest.
They've got French toast.
Okay, so,
let me get this straight.
You're going to help me learn
everything I need to know
about ranchers' life,
and in return, I'm going
to help you decorate
for the Christmas day parade?
Don't forget about
the tree-lighting ceremony.
Actually, you know what?
Maybe put a pin
in that for now,
but my uncle says that
you can stay with us
as long as you pull
your own weight.
like a deal, Sarah.
I will see you
bright and early,
and if you want
to be a real cowboy,
start by losing
the $800 boots,
unless you want
$800 blisters.
I like my boots.
They're 1,200 bucks.
Enjoy your little
ranch adventure.
I'm going to head
back to civilization
where I belong/
be careful,
you hear me?
I mean it.
Call me if you need anything.
You got it, boss.
Good morning.
Good morning.
So, as far as
we have a couple
of beautiful cabins
down in the south end
where we usually
put guests.
Yeah, I saw those
on your website.
Yes, well,
since you said
you wanted
the authentic
I figured you could
stay in here.
Of course, yeah,
this makes sense.
You're playing
a ranch hand, right?
[Horse whinnying]
There's wood in the corner
by the stove.
Should keep you warm enough,
and all the meals
are at the main house.
Is there...
Is there anything
to do at night?
Uh, you could sit on the porch
and name the coyotes.
you're... you're serious.
Workday starts
in 30 minutes.
I'll see you out there.
Yes, ma'am.
Got your new guest
all settled in and happy?
Settled, yes.
in the bunk house?
Well, I'd take him around,
but I've got a lumber and feed
delivery this morning.
No, I know you've got
a lot on your plate.
Um, Cody, when are you going
to take a break?
Probably not for a while
with all the guests
we have coming,
and the new barn
in the works.
But you've wanted
to go to California forever.
I know.
Maybe next year.
After aunt Beth passed,
uncle Roy just seems
to need me around here
more than ever
these days.
Beth sure loved this place.
Yeah, the view sure does have
a way of pulling you in.
I remember
the first time
she brought me up here
for a Christmas Eve picnic.
Turkey sandwiches,
mulled cider...
I hung mistletoe
from that branch right there.
It's funny...
You do something
for a few years,
it becomes a tradition.
You mean
like a Christmas parade
or a tree-lighting ceremony?
Yeah, I see what
you're getting at,
I always did the
tree-lighting ceremony
with Beth.
It's just...
I don't know.
I just can't see
doing it without her.
I understand that.
Cody told me about
your fella in New York.
I'm sorry to hear
how it ended.
I think
it was probably for the best.
Well, I'll tell
you what...
Losing the love of your life
is not for the faint of heart.
Though Eric and I...
We didn't have
what you and aunt Beth had.
Should probably
get the day's work started
with our new guest.
I'll see you later.
[Horse whinnying]
Hey. good morning.
Uh, so I took
your advice.
I got some better boots.
Let's get started.
There's not a chance
that we can get a latte,
is there,
or a chocolate donut?
Rule number one
of ranch life...
We eat after the horses do.
You give them some feed,
and then they get a treat.
That means a carrot,
not a Christmas cookie.
You know, I wonder
how many ranch hands
actually lost their hands
doing this.
-Get it? It's a joke.
-Keep chopping.
I guess I'll just consider this
Colorado's version of cross fit.
You just sit there
and work on your iPad.
For your information,
I am working on
the Christmas parade,
which is now less than
six days away.
In fact,
when you're done here,
we need to go
into the stable
and get out
some of the ornaments.
Uh, that is,
unless you're afraid of spiders?
My aunt's Christmas ornaments
from a couple years ago.
All right.
I'm glad we got that done.
No, no, no, no.
There's five more boxes
back there.
Why do I get the feeling
that you're enjoying this?
Rule number two
of ranch life...
The boss makes the rules.
Get back there.
Oh, come on.
Always something breaking down
around here.
Morning, Delilah.
Good morning.
What can I do for you?
Just paying
a little neighborly visit,
that's all.
And checking up on me,
i presume?
I'm not checking up
on anybody Roy,
but if I were,
I would say that every ranch
in this valley
is decorated for Christmas,
so I don't see
why yours should be
so bare this year...
Well, to tell you the truth,
I just want to get through
this Christmas quietly.
Which is why
i didn't say anything.
And I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
Whatcha got here?
A little holiday gift
for you and the kids.
Oh, thank you!
Look, Roy...
We all miss Beth,
and I only mentioned
the decorations
because she loved them
so much.
I know, I know.
Well, thanks for the cupcakes,
You're welcome.
Merry Christmas.
And merry Christmas
to you, too.
so you just put on the bow...
And that is how you make
a rocky mountain
Christmas wreath.
There we go.
Now we just need
to make a dozen more
for the parade.
A dozen?
Are you forgetting
our agreement?
I train you
how to be a ranch hand,
and you help me
with the parade.
But I've got to be honest
with you...
Every square inch of my body
is sore.
Well, you said you wanted
an authentic ranch experience.
You got it.
All right, so,
since we're getting
to know each other better...
I have a confession to make.
I have only done
one stunt on my own,
and that was jumping
from a helicopter
that was hovering seven feet
off the ground,
and when I landed,
I busted my toe.
Well, I'm sure
when it hit the big screen,
you still looked picture-perfect
doing it.
You have...
Got to come clean.
What is your issue with actors?
My mom is an actor,
in just regional theater
and stuff,
but she spent her entire life
chasing that dream of fame.
My brother and i
grew up
being dragged all over the place
for her auditions
and performances.
Thankfully, she started
leaving us here at the ranch
with my uncle Roy
and aunt Beth.
So they took you in?
I don't know,
it's more than that.
My dad was never really
in the picture,
and my mom's career
became her priority...
And one Christmas,
we decided
it would be best for all of us
if Cody and I just lived here
They're like parents
to Cody and me.
Yeah, that would turn me off
actors, too.
There's actually
one more reason
for my aversion to actors.
My ex just dumped me for one.
Lisa Taylor.
Hold on a second.
You're that Sarah...
You're that Sarah mckinney?
That's insane.
You're all over the tabloids
right now.
Like, the country
runs on gossip.
Do we have nothing better
to talk about?
No. and they think
I'm dating my co-star,
Nicole Collins,
-Are you?
No. it's just, you know,
they have to feed
the rumor beast.
Just laugh it off,
because, before
you know it,
they'll be talking
about somebody else.
Easier said than done.
I know.
An excellent second day
at the ranch.
We can head into the town
this afternoon,
pick up some more supplies.
Thank you...
For your help with the wreath.
Yeah. yeah, of course.
Thank you for showing me
how to make 'em.
How'd it go?
He's pretty green,
but he held his own.
What's up?
I found these
under some files
in the office.
What is it?
Real estate comps
for other ranches
in the area.
I think uncle Roy
wants to sell the ranch.
Here we are.
So, um, I'm going
to meet up with Paige
to hang up
the rest of these candy canes.
You've got some errands.
Meet me in an hour?
Yeah. see you in an hour.
how's your uncle doing?
He's good.
Did I tell you
that Cody thinks
that he wants
to sell the ranch?
No, you're kidding!
Did you ask him
about it?
i haven't even had a chance.
Sarah, you can't
let him sell it.
I know...
But, you know,
i moved away years ago,
and it's his place,
so who am I to tell him
that he can't sell it?
Yeah, you're right.
I just...
I know how much
that place means to you.
So, how is your rancher-
in-training coming along?
Uh... I have to admit,
he's doing better
than I thought he would.
Do you like him?
He's not as annoying
as I thought he would be.
There's something about him...
I can't put my finger on it.
I just get the feeling
that I'm not the only person
hiding out this Christmas.
it doesn't matter.
I've got bigger fish
to fry.
Only you,
Sarah mckinney,
would suggest
that Graham Mitchell
is a small fish.
[Ringing bell]
Yeah, of course.
[Camera clicking]
Good, you got it.
Okay, here,
take a flyer.
Come to the parade.
Hey, brother.
[Camera clicking]
Good, you got it.
Here, take some flyers.
Pass 'em out.
Four days away.
Biggest parade ever.
I have to admit,
your celebrity
is not exactly hurting
the promotion
of this parade.
Thank you for being
such a good sport.
You're welcome.
I'm just going
to file this
in the category of doing
what the ranch boss says.
Oh, wise decision.
so we have four days
to put together a parade
that until
a couple of days ago
was considered canceled.
You know,
I've got to say,
you have a knack for this.
I'm impressed.
Thank you.
I just realized
i never told you
what it is that I do.
No, what do you do?
I'm an interior designer
at a hotel chain
back in New York,
so making christmases
is part of
what I do.
It's what you do.
You know, I've got to say,
I guess
this is kind of similar
to making movies,
you know, putting
on a Christmas parade.
You need costumes.
You need props.
There's music.
Got to have
good word-of-mouth.
Okay, that genuinely
surprises me.
I thought that this
town would be too small
to have a bell-ringing
Santa claus.
Hey, this town
may be small,
but we are big on
Christmas spirit.
Come on,
i don't get you.
You don't like
Christmas Carols.
You work straight
through the holidays.
How can any one person
be so impervious
to Christmas magic?
I don't know.
I have my reasons.
You work in a land
of make-believe.
Could you at least pretend
to have
the Christmas spirit?
Fine. I'll try.
You grew up here?
I did, and I loved
every minute of it.
This has always
been home to me.
Put these on.
Oh, no...
No, your hands,
they look cold.
They're white
with cold, so...
Plus, I've got to get
my hands used to the cold.
Seems like you've
attracted quite a crowd.
[Laughing] hi.
All right.
I'm going to put
these guys to work.
What do you mean?
What's his name?
Hey, Phil.
Do you mind
taking a break?
For just, like, ten
minutes, you go inside,
get some hot
chocolate, warm up?
Oh, well, uh...
I can vouch
for this character.
Well, okay, Sarah.
Thank you...
And, uh...
Thank you, young man.
Of course.
Merry Christmas, Phil.
-Merry Christmas.
-Ten minutes!
Give me ten minutes.
[Ringing bell]
Come on, everybody!
Come on,
make some donations!
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, guys, remember,
Christmas parade
in four days.
It is going to be
the biggest parade
this town has ever seen.
Four days away.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you so much.
You raised $380
in 20 minutes,
and no,
i am not counting
the hundred dollar bill
that you put in.
Ah, you saw that?
I don't know.
What can I say?
Guess I got carried away
with the Christmas spirit.
I don't suppose
you'd want to volunteer
to be the grand marshal
at the Christmas parade?
I think it's one thing
to be Christmas-y
for a minute,
but then...
Right. yeah.
That was dumb.
No, it's...
I think I'm going to head
back to my bunkhouse.
Good night.
Um, there is...
One ranch tradition
that we haven't covered yet.
What's that?
Want to help me cut down
a Christmas tree?
Right now?
You don't want to wait
'til the morning?
There's a full moon.
Grab your saw.
Come on, cowboy.
Ah, yes, ma'am.
This was my aunt and uncle's
favorite place.
He proposed to her
one Christmas Eve
right on this very spot.
They must have had
something really special.
They did.
This whole ranch is special.
You know,
even when I'm back in New York,
just knowing it exists...
All the happy memories
i have here...
Graham, can i
ask you something?
Yeah, sure.
Is there something
you're avoiding this Christmas?
What would make you
even think that?
Well, I happen to know a thing
or two about avoidance.
I mean, I'm the one
who had to travel
a couple thousand miles
just to avoid our own breakup.
All right, so the truth is,
my film doesn't start shooting
for a couple of months,
and, uh...
I just had nowhere to be
for Christmas,
so the timing was...
What about your family?
I lost my folks
when I was in high school,
and I've been on my own
ever since,
and so, uh...
And, um...
Christmas time
is a really rough season for me.
You know?
It just makes me feel
all alone,
so the more I work,
the less it hurts.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I have...
Been around the world
at Christmas.
Unfortunately for me,
Christmas time is...
You know, it's more of a time
to be endured than enjoyed...
But, uh,
last year,
I was in Barbados,
Next year?
Who knows.
Looks like
we're both hiding out
this Christmas.
Yeah, looks that way.
[Sarah]: you know...
Since you've missed out
on so many christmases,
seems only fair
that you get to pick
the tree this year.
Go for it.
what about...
What about this one?
Nice needles...
Strong branches...
It's a good, dependable tree.
I think
we've found our tree.
Y'all picked
a great one.
Graham chose it.
we chose it.
[Door opening]
Who put that tree
in my living room?
was it you?
No, I just stopped by
to drop off some
Christmas cookies.
And I was just
starting the fire.
look, uncle Roy,
I just wanted to...
It was my fault, sir.
All due respect,
i know you're trying
to keep things
low-key this year,
but I saw this tree,
and I just thought
it would look perfect
in your living room,
I think it would look
even more perfect
if it were decorated.
Son, you can save
that hundred-dollar smile
for your fans.
You're not the first guy
who's tried to sell me
the same horse twice...
Around here, hospitality comes
with the territory,
so, uh...
Suit yourselves.
Want to help
us decorate?
No, I'm going to turn in.
You could find Beth's ornaments
in the closet in the hallway.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
That's a lot to ask of him
right now.
Maybe we should all
just give him
a little more time.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
i need help.
Looks like I have
a movie star to rescue.
Oh, that's pretty.
Put it up?
[Phone rings]
merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas yourself.
How are things in Colorado?
Are you getting
the r&r you wanted?
Not exactly,
but I am doing
what I do best...
Staying busy.
How are things
back at the hotel?
Your lobby's such a hit.
Jacobs can't wait to see
what you have planned
for new year's.
He wondered
if you could come back
a day early
to get a jump start?
I don't know.
I have to think about it.
In the meantime,
i have a parade to plan.
Tell everyone at the hotel
i say hi.
Bye, Jo.
You're up
awfully early.
Ready to head
and decorate main street?
There is nothing
i would rather do
than go decorate main street.
Why do you have
a snowball in your hand?
Uh, well,
this was going to be
your wake-up call
if you weren't up yet.
Seems a shame to waste
such a perfectly
good snowball.
that's it.
I couldn't resist.
Truce, truce,
truce, truce.
[Screaming and laughing]
You know what?
I called a truce.
Yeah, but I didn't
agree to it.
And you said you
can't trust an actor.
Hi, Graham.
Nicole! hi.
Well, you'd know
if you ever checked
your phone, silly!
this is...
I'm Nicole Collins,
Graham's co-star.
And this is...
It's a pleasure
to meet you, Sarah.
Peter told me all
about your ranch.
He said that I'd be
in very capable
hands here.
Whoa, wait.
Are you staying here?
If that's okay.
I figured, since we're
both in the same film,
I should
probably learn
about ranch life,
too, right?
You want to learn
how to be a ranch hand?
I just figured
I'd learn my lines
with Graham
and absorb all the
atmosphere here...
And then we can spend
Christmas together.
I've missed you.
Huh... heh.
you have to catch me up...
On everything.
I'm just going to...
It was a pleasure
to meet you, Sarah.
I look forward to getting
to know each other.
Yeah, me...
Me too.
You have bags?
Yeah, lots
of bags.
Sorry about Nicole.
I had no idea that
she was coming.
It's fine.
She seems nice.
Yeah, she is.
She's great, but...
Graham... it's fine.
You don't need
to explain.
I'm just happy
when the guests are happy.
Can somebody
please tell me
why Nicole Collins
is out on our porch?
She's our new guest.
Are you serious?
can't swing a lasso
without hitting
a movie star these days.
You know,
she's not going
to be staying here.
Why not?
Well, i
explained to her
that you guys
aren't really open.
The ranch is closed
for the holidays.
I can help show her
I mean,
only if that would be useful.
No, it'll be okay.
Thanks, though.
That's fine.
There's an extra room
in the main house.
I'll go get it set it up.
Hey, you sure you're okay?
Of course.
You know,
I've been doing double-duty
with Graham and the parade,
so it's good.
Now I can just focus
on the parade full-time.
If you say so.
You know, I think
you should really maybe try
taking it a bit easier
on yourself.
I'm fine.
You said it best.
It's best for me
to just keep busy.
i can keep you caffeinated.
Thank you.
Promise me you'll be careful
on that ladder.
I will.
Christmas is here again
is here again
Christmas is here again
everybody's home
for Christmas
Christmas is here again
everybody's home
for Christmas
everybody's home
for Christmas
Hey, Sarah.
Those are darling.
Oh, it's just
a little something
to spruce up the rotary guys
during the Christmas parade.
Need any help?
Yeah, sure.
Come on in.
Just want to take
one of the red ones
and one of the green ones.
The pin...
Don't you just
love it here
during Christmas-time?
The snow
and the lights
and the trees...
I do.
Got a lot of memories
at this ranch.
It's partly
why I'm here.
Figured maybe
if things work out
between Graham and me,
we can make a few
Christmas memories
of our own.
Perfect place for it.
Oh, really?
us dating...
It was originally
just a publicity set-up,
you know.
They actually...
They do that?
Our publicists thought
we looked good together,
so we went
along with it,
I was surprised
at what a nice guy
Graham was,
but, uh... unfortunately,
we've both been
so busy with our careers,
the whole thing
never really went anywhere.
Oh, yeah?
I figure this movie's
a perfect opportunity
to get to know
each other again.
And you've all been
so welcoming here.
Let me know if there's anything
i can do to help.
You know what?
There actually is.
Cody has always dreamed
about, you know, being,
like, a stunt guy
who works with horses.
Do you think
you could...
Talk to him about it?
That would be great.
Thank you.
Hey, uncle Roy.
What's all this?
I just figured if the horses
were going to be in the parade,
they might as well
look the part.
Just like your aunt--
always figuring out a way
to decorate things differently.
She was the best at it.
Yes, she was.
You okay?
Yeah, fine. Why?
I don't know.
It just seems like
there must be a reason
why you've been working
your fingers to the bone lately.
That obvious, huh?
It's been tough...
With everything
that's happened this year.
Seems like as soon as
things calm down,
another storm moves in.
Well, the good news is,
there's always sunshine
after a storm.
Sometimes, you've just gotta be
a little bit patient.
Hang in there, okay?
You know,
you might want to consider
taking it easy yourself.
Sure the barn can wait
until the new year.
Unfortunately, it can't.
What are you doing?
Oh, um,
my aunt Beth always said
the Christmas parade
ran on sweets.
Her, um,
peppermint bark recipe
was always my favorite.
Okay, you need to
stop avoiding me.
We need to talk.
Just if you're going to steal,
you've got to help, so...
Can we talk
about Nicole?
What's there
to talk about?
There's a difference
between movie relationships
and real relationships.
Yeah, I know.
Nicole told me it started
as a publicity stunt.
What, what started?
A rumor?
Graham, you're going back
to L.A. in a few days,
and I am going back
to New York.
Maybe so,
and maybe I came here
to lose myself
at Christmas time,
but I did not expect
to find you.
Graham, ready to run our scene?
[Clearing throat]
Hey, Nicole.
Oh, um...
I've got to head to town
while you guys work,
so... see you later.
Can I help you
with something?
Hi, is Roy around?
Uh, no, he's not.
Is there anything
i could help you with?
Uh, that's okay.
Just have him give me a call
when he gets back.
Sure, can I tell him
what it's about?
Just tell him
i have some good news.
I have a client
that's ready to make an offer.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
Is there anything
you can't do?
You know, I love
Roy and Cody,
but I've often
how different that
ranch would look
if you ever decided
to return home.
Paige, you know
i can't do that.
My life is
in New York now.
I know, but a girl
can dream, right?
How is that movie star?
Any Christmas magic
between you two?
I do not have time
to think about Graham.
I have enough going on.
Besides, who wants to
be with an actor, right?
I mean,
they're entitled,
and have to be
in the spotlight,
and they are
always leaving.
So he is guilty
by association?
I mean, in a week,
we'll be
3,000 miles apart,
and we'll probably never
see each other again.
Okay, that's
No, it's realistic...
And besides,
he's got this,
you know,
Hollywood co-star.
She followed him
all the way out here.
She'd probably marry him
in a heartbeat.
Okay, now, Sarah,
you're just making
No, Paige.
I've been down
this road before,
and I am not
doing it again.
You know, I know you came here
to hide out
while things settled down,
and I am really glad you did,
but at some point,
you're going to realize
that there's a difference
between hiding out,
and just plain hiding.
sleep well?
So, uncle Roy,
a real estate agent
stopped by last night.
Jenny someone?
What did she say?
She said
she has an offer for you.
Are you going
to sell the ranch?
Is that why you're making
a new barn?
Well, nothing's final yet,
but things can't go on like this
much longer.
But why?
I thought
we were doing okay.
Well, I...
I simply don't have the energy
to run this place anymore,
and it's just
not the same
without your aunt.
We all miss her,
uncle Roy,
but, heck,
I'll help you run the ranch.
I've pretty much been
doing it anyway.
yes, you have,
and you're starting
to resent it.
No, don't deny it.
Anybody can see
that you're itching
to get out there into the world.
-Yes, but I...
-And Sarah--
you're heading back
to Manhattan soon, so...
But uncle Roy,
this is our home.
No, I understand that,
honey, I do...
And wherever I end up,
that'll be
your home, too.
You'll always be welcome,
but unfortunately,
this place is getting
much more expensive to operate,
and, I mean,
we barely broke even
the last two years.
Yeah, but...
There's no buts
about it!
There's no buts about it.
This place'll take every choice
you guys have in life,
and it's going to whittle it
down to just one,
and I don't want to saddle
either of you with that.
Now, look,
like it or not,
we got guests here,
so let's give them
the experience that they expect.
What do you
think, Nicole?
Nice riding, Graham!
You both look great.
Anyway, I've got to head
into town
on some official
parade business, so...
I'm going to go
with you, hang on.
Uh, I don't need
any help.
All right,
too bad.
You're stuck with me.
I just have to go down
to the local radio station
and talk about
the parade
and beg for more
'cause we probably need
about two dozen more
on the day.
Okay, well,
if you want me
to go with you
to the radio station,
you know,
i have been known
to do a little press
here and there.
I think I can handle
the local dj.
But if you insist
on helping,
you could run
to the store for me
and pick up some more
ribbon for the wreaths.
Would be my pleasure,
[Engine starting]
I will say this
about life on a ranch.
After all the work's
done around here,
doesn't seem like
there's a whole lot to do.
Yeah, can't argue
with you there.
I could take you
into town later,
if you prefer...
I could show you how we do
Christmas stockings
on a ranch.
You take one of these,
just add a little
green and red paint,
a snowflake,
some mistletoe,
hang it
on the fireplace,
got yourself
a Christmas country stocking.
That is adorable!
Yeah, you get creative
when you're out here
as much as I am.
Sarah said you're quite
the movie buff.
Western films,
She also mentioned
you were interested
in maybe doing
some stunt work one day?
That's silly,
i know.
I've always had a dream
of working in the movies.
I almost moved to
California last year,
and then aunt Beth got sick,
and, you know,
i couldn't leave then.
Since she passed,
Roy's needed me
around here
more than ever,
so here I am.
Sorry, Cody.
It's all right.
Now that Roy's determined
to sell the ranch,
I might get my chance
sooner than I think.
If you do
make it to L.A.,
I could introduce you
to our stunt coordinator.
Thank you, Nicole.
And with Christmas
in a couple of days,
rock creek's annual parade
is back on,
and a new organizer
this year, Sarah mckinney,
is here with us
to tell us all about it.
Hi, Sarah.
Um, yes, the parade
is definitely back on,
and it is very special
for me this year
because we'll be having it
in honor of my aunt Beth,
who was the organizer
for the past 20 years.
However, this year,
we are in desperate need
for volunteers,
so if anyone out there
is interested,
you can go down
to the harvest cafe
and ask for Paige.
And who's going
to be marching this year?
we have the, uh...
The high school band,
and, um...
The rotary club,
and some people
from the fire department.
Any floats?
My kids just love
those floats.
Yeah, well,
we got a bit of a late start
this year,
so, um, we haven't made
an official decision
about the floats yet.
Word around town
is that afterwards,
there won't be
a tree-lighting
at your family ranch
this year?
Um, no,
but, um...
We're-- we're still hoping
for a great turnout,
and, uh...
Wow, um, listeners,
a very special guest
has just joined us.
Uh, the one and only
Graham Mitchell...
Hi there.
Has just joined us
in studio.
Welcome, Graham!
Awesome to be here.
Thank you so much
for having me.
Um, I just wanted
to stop by
and tell you
and your great listeners
out there in rock creek
that if you love Christmas
as much as I do,
then this year's
Christmas parade
is not one to be missed,
and in fact,
i have an exclusive announcement
for you and for your listeners.
I'm working
on a float
that I'm pretty sure
is going to be...
The thing that everybody's
talking about
on parade day,
and, to top that,
I have accepted the position
of grand marshal
for the parade
this year.
Well, there you have it,
rock creek!
You heard it here first!
Graham Mitchell has just turned
this year's parade
into the hottest event
of the year!
Thank you so much.
You are listening
to kxjp 109.4,
best country station.
We will be right back.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming in.
Do you know anything
about this?
It's my great-grandfather's
old sleigh.
It's seen better days.
You know, Cody and i
used to play in this
when we were kids.
Well, you know,
I did promise
at least one float,
so I think
if we can get
this thing cleaned up...
It'll look a lot like
Santa claus's sleigh.
It's perfect.
We dust off
that old record
and sing along
with nat king Cole
grandpa falls asleep
while grandma tells
of days of old
all the crazy family's
come to town
and they're knocking
at the door
it's finally Christmas
it's finally Christmas
we've been waiting for it
all year long
we feel it in the air
and we hear it in the songs
there is peace on earth
and no place like home
it's what the world's
been missing
it's finally Christmas
You know...
I just feel
like this tree
could use more color.
See, I'm sorry.
I missed.
First take is always a bust.
It's my second take.
That's where the genius is.
Feel the flow...
You go for it.
Look at that.
It's nice.
Some vacation
this has been for you.
All you've done is work.
Same goes for you,
and you know,
i feel really badly.
I feel like
you've just taken on a lot,
hosting Nicole
and I, and I...
I'd like to make it up to you.
What do you mean?
Cody told me
that your uncle Roy is thinking
about selling the ranch.
I'd like to call
my business manager and...
Look, I appreciate you
wanting to help...
But what?
But this is between
my uncle and my brother and me,
and one way
or another,
we just have to figure it out
Besides what?
We have a parade
to deliver...
And we're not done decorating.
You did not just...
Did you really?
No, no, no!
[Sarah]: ah! No!
We're going
to head into town,
do a little
Christmas shopping.
Since when do you
go Christmas shopping?
Uh, since I found out
it was half the joy
of the holiday season.
Do you want to join us?
Uh, no, I should
probably stay here.
Got to make a couple
more of those wreaths
for the lampposts.
Wait a minute, you mean...
Hold on.
You mean
these wreaths?
And there are ten more
just like 'em.
so you coming, Sarah?
Come on,
it'll be fun.
Looks like
you're out of excuses.
Let's go.
I can't believe
you're responsible
for all of this.
It's beautiful.
at first,
I was a little
but then I started
thinking of it
as one big hotel lobby
to decorate.
You did an amazing job.
Wow... snowmen!
I haven't built one
since I was a kid.
We should join in!
Sure, but it looks like
we missed the deadline.
mm... hang on.
What is she doing?
Nicole has a way
of winning people over.
She's good
at using the charm card.
Right, and you would
never do that.
Who, me?
C'mon guys!
Let's build a snowman!
-Thank you!
-Thank you.
Appreciate it.
I have to say,
you are pretty good at this
for a California boy.
Well, I hope so.
You know, I...
I took a sculpting class
for this film
I shot a few years ago,
so it's...
It's finally paying off.
Sure seems like things
come easy to you.
Is that what it looks like?
Everything that I've ever
really cared about,
I had to work
pretty hard for.
You know, like my career.
So I went
from doing car commercials
to guest spots on TV
to feature films...
And then...
[Clearing throat]
Of course...
There's you.
You guys almost
done over there?
[Cody]: uncle Roy
just texted.
Delilah came over,
and she's not leaving
until we all head home
and join them
for hot cocoa.
Well then, shoot.
Let's go.
There you go.
Christmas stockings,
old west style...
I love them!
So Sarah,
what's the word?
Will you be ready
for the parade tomorrow night?
Surprisingly, yes.
Thanks to our new grand marshal,
we had a surge
of volunteers.
Just doing my job.
[Cody]: and...
That's not the
only good news.
Nicole put a call in
to her producer,
and got me
a job on the film.
Cody, that's amazing!
Looking at the new
assistant stunt coordinator.
I'll help
wrangle the horses.
I'm happy
for you, Cody.
Thank you.
It's a start.
And Sarah, you go back
to New York next week, right?
Yeah, there are
a dozen hotel lobbies
eagerly awaiting
their new year's Eve makeovers.
Canvases awaiting an artist.
And Graham and i
will be back in L.A.,
rehearsing for
our new movie.
That's right,
and all the more
for having been here.
Thank you.
Well, since we're all going
our separate ways,
I propose a toast.
To Cody's new job,
and to all of us...
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
Hey, come here.
I want to show
you something.
I got you something.
You didn't have
to buy me anything.
I didn't buy it.
I made this for you.
My free time.
It's for good luck.
It's perfect.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[Delilah]: wonderful
boot for women.
Even for men.
I can't believe
you made this.
[Cody]: quite well,
I'll add.
I can't believe it.
The Christmas parade
is happening.
We pulled it off.
I know!
I mean, I wish we were doing
the tree-lighting ceremony,
at least we have the parade.
Have you decided
what you're going to wear
as grand marshal?
Something very
That's my thought exactly.
[Cell phone ringing]
Hang on a second.
I've got to get this.
Just give me one second.
Hey, Peter.
How you doing?
I'm in New York
right now.
All right, what's up?
Well, looks like
you better start packing,
Your little ranch adventure?
It looks like it's coming
to an end.
The studio needs you and Nicole
for some advance promotion.
Okay, well,
I'll get on a flight
right after Christmas.
no, no, no, no.
No can do, buddy.
They need you guys there
All right, the studio is hostig
a Christmas party on the lot.
Marketing needs you there.
They're turning it
into a huge press junket,
so, you know,
they want to see you and Nicole,
walking arm-in-arm.
So, uh, better come home,
Nicole, hi.
I just wanted to say thank you.
Cody is over the moon.
Hey, it's the least
i could do.
Oh, are you packing already?
Yeah, I'm headed
back to L.A. tomorrow,
-Peter called,
and the studio
needs us there
for a press event
tomorrow night.
Graham's not going, right?
He is.
When the studio head
says jump,
the right response
is, "how high?"
He just...
He hadn't said anything.
Well, I'm sure
he's going to tell you.
Good night.
uncle Roy.
What are you
doing up here?
Oh, just out
for my evening stretch.
Was just thinking about
how foolish I've been.
Graham's leaving.
He's going back to L.A.
I wouldn't judge him
too harshly.
He seems to have a good heart.
I wish I could be
as forgiving as you.
It's not always
a question of forgiveness.
It's just accepting folks
for who they are.
I know.
It's my mistake
more than his.
It was too soon for me
to start something
with someone new.
Do you remember that foal
that your aunt raised?
It was born
three weeks too early.
It could barely stand.
The vet said, "don't
get too attached..."
But Beth spent
every waking minute
with that animal...
Made sure that it was
well-fed and warm.
I think she stayed
in that barn
for about three weeks!
Now, that little foal
is a very big, healthy horse,
and your aunt's
the one who's gone.
You've got
to accept, honey,
Things come and go.
Best we can do is just
enjoy them while they're here.
It's just so hard
to make sense of it sometimes.
It is...
But I promise you this...
Tomorrow is always going to be
just a little bit better
than today.
Well, hopefully,
our Christmas parade
will put some smiles
on people's faces.
I think it already has.
[Cell phone ringing]
It's probably my boss.
He doesn't sleep.
[Picking up]
Good night, uncle Roy.
Good night, honey.
Mr. Jacobs?
Merry Christmas
to you, sir.
Nice work.
Looks like you've really caught
the Christmas bug, huh?
I think so.
Voila .
Maybe you can show me how to do
that when we're on location.
You know what?
That I can.
I'll be an expert by the time
we start shooting.
I want to apologize.
For what?
For not seeing things
more clearly before.
Look, I get it.
Despite our headlines,
you and I...
We weren't meant to be...
And I have to admit,
Sarah's pretty great.
I can see
how you feel about her.
It's that obvious, huh?
Well, you're not that great
of an actor.
Oh, ouch.
We're still friends?
We better be.
We have to spend three months
on location together.
Hey, yeah,
we do.
Thank you.
Hey, Sarah...
I've been
looking for you.
Were you going to let me know
you were leaving?
Nicole told me.
Hold on...
Hold on, Sarah.
It's fine.
I know you have
back in L.A.
I knew we'd have to say goodbye
sooner or later.
It might as well be sooner,
It would never work out
between the two of us.
Your... life
is in Los Angeles,
i have to head back east.
Look, I trained you
how to be
a ranch hand, right?
So you're ready
for your movie, and...
You helped me out
with the parade,
so... you held up
your end of the bargain.
It's done.
What's done?
What are you talking about?
The deal's done.
Good luck in L.A.
Uncle Roy?
It's so early.
What are you doing up?
I couldn't sleep.
Me neither.
So I came down,
and I started looking at these.
Oh... all our old
christmases here?
[Roy]: mm-hmm.
remember that one?
Yes, I do.
I'm going to miss
this place so much.
A lot of wonderful
[Sarah]: I know,
no matter how much I want to,
it's not fair for me to ask you
to hold on to the ranch,
if I'm going back
to New York,
and Cody's moving to L.A...
But tonight's
Christmas Eve.
It's probably
our last one here,
And I think
we should light this place up
as much as aunt Beth ever did.
I mean, she was so proud
of this place.
Wouldn't she want us
to show it off
and decorate that tree
one last time?
Aw, honey,
there's so little time.
I don't know
how we can ever do that.
Well, we could try.
In that case...
We'd better wake up Cody
and see what Delilah's up to.
I love you,
uncle Roy.
I love you back.
Heading out
to the airport, huh?
Just waiting for the cab
to show up.
Any chance you
could stick around
'til after Christmas?
I've got to be back in L.A.
Sarah made it pretty clear
that she wants me to go,
You know...
I was in a situation
not so different than yours
back when I was your age.
I was at
a train station,
heading home from Chicago.
So I went
and bought my ticket,
sat down on a bench
to wait for the train,
and, uh...
This amazing girl sat down
next to me.
Well, we struck up
a conversation.
It turns out
we had a whole lot in common.
We talked for hours.
Turns out,
i missed my train.
Wasted a ticket, too...
But what I got back...
Was a wonderful life.
Matter of fact,
i still got that ticket.
Kept it all these years.
It's my little reminder
not to let life
pass me by.
May I?
I probably should've
pulled this out
a lot sooner,
but, uh,
you know what?
It's never too late...
For any of us.
You have
a good flight.
All right, guys.
We might be up
against the clock,
but we are going to make this
the best tree-lighting
ceremony ever!
Cody, the decorations
and the lights
are out in the barn.
I hate to be the
bearer of bad news,
but it usually takes days
to get the tree up properly.
He's right.
Well then, we'd
better get going!
That tree ain't going
to decorate itself.
Delilah, call as many people
as you can.
We're going to need help.
I'm going to put a phone call in
to the radio station, too.
Come on!
Let's go!
Do you think
i could lend a hand?
I thought you'd left.
No, you're not going
to get rid of me that easy.
I'm here.
I'm here for the parade.
I'm here for the tree-lighting.
I'm here for you.
You don't have to do that.
But I do.
I don't want to lose you...
And besides,
a ranch hand doesn't leave a job
What about Nicole?
There was never anything
between me and Nicole.
You're just going
to have to trust me on that.
Trust an actor?
Come on.
make sure you keep looking
at aunt Beth's old photo albums.
We want to make sure we get
as many of her personal touches
as possible.
Who knew a movie star
could climb like that?
How are we doing
for time?
Well, we're cutting it close,
but I think we'll make it.
[Paige]: well,
i closed down the cafe,
and my staff should be
here any minute to help.
Oh, hey!
Sarah, can I get one more?
I just wanted to make
my aunt Beth proud.
Well, you did.
I think you did.
Looks amazing.
Thank you.
[Text alert chimes]
I'm sorry.
Um, the parade
starts in an hour,
so we should probably--
it's Peter.
Do you need to get that?
No. no.
I'll call him back.
[Thunder rumbling]
I hope it doesn't rain
on the parade.
See what I did there?
Come on.
What is it?
It's just perfect.
My last Christmas Eve
at the ranch.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Let's go make this
a parade to remember.
Come on.
-[Paige]: hey!
You ready to go?
How do I look?
You look
like you were born
to be in the spotlight.
Well, I figured
it was time
to stop hiding out.
It's too bad
about all this rain.
It doesn't matter.
It's Christmas.
Would you take him
for a sec?
Yeah, of course.
C'mon, buddy.
Has anyone seen Graham?
He said
he'd be right back...
Something about a little
Christmas surprise?
We're going to have
to start without him.
Don't worry,
he'll be here.
Oh, and Sarah?
Thank you.
See you up there.
Come on, boy.
[Bells jingling]
That's the signal
to start the parade.
Well, looks like
we'd better get started,
Graham or no Graham.
hey, not so fast,
not so fast.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
See, I told you
these $800 boots
were going to come in handy.
Well, looks like someone finally
a little bit
of Christmas spirit.
Thanks to you, Sarah mckinney.
Come on. the hearts of all people
both near and far
Christmas everywhere
hear the love of the season
wherever you are
all the small country roads
lined with green mistletoe
big-city streets
where a thousand lights glow
let it be Christmas
let heavenly music
fill the air
let every heart sing
let every bell ring
the story of hope
and joy and peace
and let it be Christmas
let heavenly music
fill the air
let anger and fear
and hate disappear
let there be love
that lasts through the year
and let it be Christmas...
Christmas everywhere
-All you.
-Here we go.
there it is.
-And everything else.
It's nice.
Looks amazing.
Thank you.
Do you guys want some muffins?
-How's it going?
Everything looks amazing.
...holding the reins
of the horse.
I've never seen
anything like it.
Beth would've
loved this.
she sure would have.
It's too bad you're
going home for new year's.
You're right.
I am going to be home...
Right here in rock creek.
No, no, hold on a minute.
I thought we already talked
about this.
I know we did...
But I've been thinking
about the horses,
and the mountains,
and all the people
in this town that I love.
I am home.
This is my home.
I belong here.
Are you sure?
I am...
And I want
to run the ranch, too,
if you'll let me.
You've worked so hard.
You deserve a break.
You know how hard
it can be here sometimes.
If you're trying
to talk me out of it,
you are taking
the wrong tack,
'cause I'm cut
from the same cloth as you.
Okay then.
You got a deal.
That's great.
Just great.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hi, Roy.
Do you mind if I borrow
your niece for a second?
No, not at all.
Hey, unkie.
Hey, let's have some pie.
-let's go!
Stay right here.
Don't move.
This is for you.
What do you think?
You did all
this yourself?
Well, you know,
i, uh...
I've gotten
pretty handy,
if you hadn't noticed,
and I just wanted you
to have a new memory
to take back with you
to New York City.
[Sarah]: thank you.
You're welcome.
Actually, I think I'm going
to stay here
for the foreseeable future.
I have an overqualified
assistant in New York
who can take over my job,
Figured I'd try ranch life
You know anybody who's looking
for a ranch hand?
Does he have any experience?
Yeah, he's got seven days
on the best ranch in Colorado.
I think I could use
someone like that.
See, I was hoping
you would say that.