Rocky Road to Berlin (2024) Movie Script

This film contains scenes that
may trigger seizures for people
with Photosensitive epilepsy,
scenes that contain smoking,
alcohol and drug
use, meaningless sex,
fightswell, you know -
some uncontrolled brawling,
attempted sexual assault, gay sex,
straight sex, perversions, swearing...
Point is: don't
try to repeat it.
If you're afraid of living such a
fun life like ours... like mine
Hey, what's wrong?
That was a good warm up
What's good about it?
It sounds like shit.
Man! You told us
we were nailing it.
Oh yeah...
It is us who could
be nailed to the
barndoor with these old
instruments of ours.
Back then, I didn't
realise I was completely
terrified before
our first concert.
I was ready to burn down all
of our rubbish instruments,
I'd pretend to have
a terminal illness,
run away to Poland
in women's clothes
Just to avoid shitting myself
in front of five people
as we wouldn't get more
fans in the whole Lviv.
Kuzia! That's a good
guitar! Chill out!
Lesyk, if it was a good guitar you'd
see Fender Stratocaster written on it!
So take a marker and write it!
Write it on your asses! Maybe
someone will believe you're branded.
Nobody in the hall will see what you have
written there, and we play just fine.
The concert will
be awesome, dude!
Come on!
It's been like that since we were
kids Yatsyk believed in me.
He even agreed to start a
spider farm in granny's tulips
But before our first concert
I was just sick of his belief
Maybe I was afraid
to let him down
So, guys, the concert is in four
days. We have to rehearse. Let's go.
Lesyk was suspicious
of my crazy ideas,
but he was always ready
to get me out of any mess.
And it was comforting.
Stop, stop!
Let's take a time out, guys.
Hey! We have another 40
minutes of rehearsal.
Hey! Kuzia!
You can start packing.
Yeah, it's me.
What's up?
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
Fine... Yeah
Sorry guys, I'll
be right back...
Did you bring the money?
A real rarity!
That's some unique stuff!
Are you sure you wanna sell it?
I don't care about
the material things.
So, give me the money.
Here you go.
Where did you get it?
I had some cash,
and I borrowed some
from a neighbour.
She sells "J.boyz" at the
market. Everybody knows her.
I was glad that the heighbour gave me
the money in 100 notes, not in 10 notes.
'Cause we'd have spent the
whole night in the garage.
It seemed like the Painter was
afraid to count dollars in daylight.
To avoid being arrested
for exchange fraud.
What are you still doing there?
What are you waiting for?
Get behind the wheel.
I got so excited I almost
moved myself to tears.
I felt like I was in a big and
spacious Stalin-era building.
You could hardly see anything
through the rear window.
But it created such
a cosy atmosphere.
As if you were sheltered
from the outside world.
Female pig.
The seats are made from
female pig leather.
Specially ordered
by some party boss.
Come on.
The bucks are fake?
The neighbour smuggled
the fake ones.
She brought that Turkish
garbage and sells it.
It has never left the
garage without this thing.
Here, take it.
See that opening?
Put this thing in it.
This won't hurt?
Wet it and it won't hurt.
Come on.
You have to rev the engine.
Go ahead.
Wind it up again.
Come on, come on...
There is no muffler!
I got it!
Do you know how to drive?
I've been driving
since I was three!
What an idiot!
Go away with this hoopdie or I'll
call her father. He'll kill you.
Good morning, aunt Marichka!
Good morning!
It was Barbara!
When I saw her
I was loosing my mind.
It's still like that.
Don't even think about
getting inside this bucket.
Thank you aunt Marichka, but I'll
decide for myself where to get inside.
What took you so long?
I was getting dressed.
You were supposed to be ready.
I've been waiting for you for two hours,
that's enough time to change 20 times.
I went to pick up the limo.
Please, my lady!
Where did you get it?
There is nothing that
can bite me, right?
Come on, get in.
The ceiling looks
like a universe.
Yeah, check it out.
And why exactly
did we come here?
We could lie down for a while.
Come on, what's wrong?
I've waited for
you for half a day.
I would rather have
visited an exhibition.
Put your hands in the air
and the Sun will melt.
Let your hair down
and I'll go crazy.
Do you still think
about the exhibition?
Just a bit...
When do you have
to give it back?
The car.
What do you mean "give it back"?
Did you buy it?
Well, yeah.
You told me you wanted a car.
I meant someday.
I didn't mean today.
When you become a famous
musician we'll buy a proper car
and we'll go to Europe together.
It's just a dream,
I didn't mean today.
We're just getting ready
to your first concert.
When did you buy it?
Today in the morning, why?
Didn't you have a
rehearsal this morning?
Come on, I'll buy you
a hundred of those.
You won't find the red
ones in Lviv, you know it.
I still can't believe
you left the rehearsal.
Why the hell did
you need this car?
I can sell it if you want.
I want you to understand what
is actually important for you.
Even aunt Marichka says that
what you do is amatOurship.
Of course I don't think so.
But you got to admit, Kuzia,
it's difficult to defend you when there
is nothing that you'd carry through.
Lesyk even forgot about the
exams to have the rehearsals.
Yatsyk - about the sea...
And you just walked away from everybody,
from me, just to buy this rubbish.
Are you serious?
You have to decide what you
really wanna do in life.
When will I see you?
At the concert.
When you'll understand who you
are and stop doing foolish things.
I'll buy you those tights!
Lying down for a while...
Hey, Bard!
Cool car.
Is it yours?
The real deal.
I've already
changed the muffler.
Maybe you wanna buy it?
Don't fool me with
this antique stuff.
Where did you find it?
Don't even ask.
I wanted to impress Barbara.
I've been to Berlin recently.
There is this guy there...
he collects old buckets.
You know...
He'll give you a new Mercedes
for a real Soviet-era "Pobeda".
Yeah, right, Mercedes
Benz S 600, maybe?
A Mercedes.
Do you have his contacts?
I have to go to Berlin one more
time, to deliver some goods.
We could take your car.
I could introduce you to the guy,
you'll get everything settled.
Do you really need to ask?
Of course, let's go!
Why do Germans need
these mannequins?
I don't know.
I buy them for 3 rubles apiece and I sell
them for 150 D-Marks for this old junk.
Can you believe it?
150 D-Marks?!
That's real money!
Where did you find
these orphans?
In the mall, they were
in the shop window.
Why did you take children?
Couldn't you wait
until they grow up?
These are troubled
times for the market.
I had to convince the manager in the mall
to sell them for 3,50 rubles instead of 3.
We're heading to Berlin.
Good for you.
We're going fishing.
To Oselya village.
Drop dead in the damn
Berlin. Have a good trip!
What's that...
Enjoy the silence, damn it.
It was just fine yesterday.
Are you crazy?
What do you mean "Berlin"?
We have a concert in three days.
Are you going to bail on us?
Guys, I swear, it's just to change
the Pobeda, and then I'll come back.
It's Berlin.
That's real Europe.
Wouldn't you go?
Three days before the concert?!
Kuzia, are you kidding me?!
Of course, I wouldn't go!
Guys, I swear, I
won't let you down.
Let's go!
What happened?
We have to push the car.
Come on!
That's it.
Game over.
Maybe we should start
from the school #3?
There is a hill there.
So, Kuzia...
Last shot?
Listen to me,
you, Stalin-era rubbish,
either you're going to Berlin and
become a part of the collection
or you're not,
and you'll be sold for scrap.
Got it?
Come on, guys.
Smart girl!
We're going West, man!
To Berlin!
I'm driving fast, the
Europe is waiting for me.
Three days may not be enough.
Maybe it's for the best.
I was glad to go with Bard.
He wouldn't bother me with
questions. I was busy thinking.
After the "amatOurship"...
the word itself is disgusting...
I decided to quit music,
so what?
Everybody's in trade,
why shouldn't I?
The miners' protests
in Donetsk continue.
You are listening to
"Parliamentary wave".
I am so sick of the politics.
They're just beating the air.
It's been two years already.
Aren't you tired of it?
Go West!
Go West!
Go West!
Go West!
We're screwed.
Damn, get behind the wheel!
I'll wind up and
you hit the gas!
Did you hit it?
You wound it, I hit it, right?
No! Hit and hold it.
I'll wind one more time.
Save the children!
Start pushing!
Go there!
I woke up early today,
I'll go to the mountains.
I left my TV set.
I'm in the place where the
wind is blowing over the sea,
tracing out letters
over the water.
Is is yours?
Yeah, write it down somewhere.
Did you call the customs?
Are you sure there
won't be any troubles?
Of course, my classmate Fedya
works there, he knows everything.
The whole Ukraine in going
to Poland today or what?
No. It's Fedya's birthday today and
the customs are a bit paralysed.
But Fedya promised to
help us get through.
There he is.
The gate bar director.
Hello, gentlemen! What
do you have back there?
It's all right, officer.
Call Fedya.
All right?
Let's check it.
Guys, you can't
carry dead children.
It's a border.
Pertovych! Why are you here?
Get up! You'll miss
all the toasts.
They won't dare!
Hi, smugglers!
Where have you been? I've been
waiting for you since morning.
Happy birthday, man!
You got fat!
It's because of the stress.
Did you bring the kickback?
I'm broke. The buddy's
paying for the fuel.
No, you can't go like that.
I'll bring everything
on my way back.
Cover the hand.
Give me that in front of the
car, so that everybody sees it.
Like you're giving a bribe.
Please, accept this
charitable donation.
For the stationery.
Okay, fine. I'll get
broke having such friends.
Thank you, man!
I'm at the service
of Ukrainian people!
You're not feeling well?
Why do you keep fidgeting?
You have to keep
cool at the border.
Like that?
Sort of.
What are we waiting for?
Turn off your Dinosaur.
If I turn it off now, it won't
start. Is that what you want?
Turn off the engine.
Where are you going?
To Berlin, to a festival.
One-man show.
The man in sunglasses
is the actor.
The mannequins are
for the stage design.
And I'm his helper.
He didn't care about
the mannequins.
He was looking for drugs.
Show me what's there.
But there could be
anything, even a horse.
And you'd have
troubles finding it.
You can go.
Thank you very much.
You'll have to push the car.
If I take out the crank
at the Polish customs,
we'll end up getting
deported for good.
Of course.
Drive, don't push it!
Open! Hurry up!
It's nuts.
What's wrong?
The fuel.
Didn't you fill up the tank?
I thought we had enough.
That's a dead end, Kuzma.
Someone will stop.
No, no one will.
In Poland, they don't
stop for some strangers.
Especially, for us.
What if...
you're a racketeer.
Damn it!
Where did this car come from?
It's a damn tank.
My uncle once got drunk and broke the
neighbour's fence driving a car like that.
And it didn't even
leave a scratch.
It's not a tank.
It's a Warszawa.
That's what I was saying.
These Polish people...
They don't get that their Warszawa
is just a copy of our Pobeda.
Can you hear them using
"kurwa" (damn) all the time?
In our language we invented
a comma instead of it.
That's what I'm saying.
The battery's dead.
What battery?
Hey, where are you going?
We need to get going.
Hey, boss.
A racketeer from Ukraine?
I don't have money.
Can I take a look?
The hose is damaged.
Try it!
That's a song!
You're a lifesaver.
I'll get going, bye!
I heard you like
Polish ham in Ukraine.
You can sell it and
earn some money.
Thank you.
No, I should thank you.
Beginner's luck.
It's obvious now.
I should be an entrepreneur.
Or... a businessman.
Barbara will like it
Ugh, when did you
eat so much garlic?
You were going around saying that
lard and garlic are for losers.
I didn't eat it.
It's a cold remedy.
Does it stink so much?
Well, yeah.
No, close the door.
I mean it, close the
door. I'm not joking.
Holy... garlic!
It's fine. Maybe, it will scare off
the fascists from your "Pobeda".
Car registration documents.
What's that?
That's a car.
No, what's that?
That's a registration
Zurck, zurck (Back, back)
I hated the words ending with
-urck since I was a child.
Our adventure was now showing
signs of a force majeure.
Stop eating chips
at the customs.
Don't panic.
You said it yourself
we have to keep cool.
Please, take a bit!
He wants us to get out.
Come here!
God, dear Lord,
please save us...
When did you become a believer?
Are you afraid of dogs?
Hey, little one.
You just smelled the chips?
What are you doing!
You'll eat all the chips.
If Matilda found
nothing, let them go.
Are you always so worried
about your mannequins?
These are not just mannequins.
That are they then?
Are there young
terminators inside?
There is Crimean Cannabis.
Yeah, right.
Are you serious?
We could end up in jail!
It's not that much pot, two
years of probation tops.
Are you nuts?
You couldn't tell me?
Kuzia, if anything
happened, I'd take the fall.
Listen, Bard.
Are you sure this is Berlin?
Actually, this is Neuklln.
Before the war, it was
a really fancy district.
But then, they built
this Berlin wall,
and it became less
popular among... bruggers
And immigrants
started settling here.
Hey you, Aladdin! Look
where you're going!
Tomas! Come here.
Tomas is a yes man.
My dear friend!
Tomas, this is Kuzma, my friend.
Kuzma, this is Tomas,
he's also my friend.
- Yes?
- Yes.
One moment.
Tomas, take these
two mannequins.
Kuzma, two mannequins.
Tomas, one more.
One mannequin for me.
There are a lot of people here and
everything is common property here.
So, you can just find a
free spot and crash there.
Tomas have read too much Marks
and thinks that his mission is to
give shelter to all the travelers.
Hey, homies!
Damn! Go to hell, jerks.
We're trying to sleep.
Crash here.
I'm home.
Hello, beautiful!
thanks for the compliment.
Aunt Natalka, could you
get Barbara on the phone?
Listen, she's busy now.
Then tell her that I'll
come back driving a Mercedes
and I decided to quit music,
I'll bring a batch of goods for
sale, I'll be a businessman.
What do you mean "quit music"?
Where are you, Kuzia?
The subscriber cannot be
reached at the moment.
He's is outside of
your love covered area.
Stay away from the car!
Are you out of
your mind, badgers?
Get off the car!
I'll tear your liver out
and feed it to the dogs!
Why do you mess
with him all alone?
Don't you see they
have protection?
Keep cool and your
time will come.
Let's get out of here.
Thank you.
They won't come back until
the evening, that's for sure.
Dude, when are we going to
exchange Pobeda for a Mercedes?
They won't be back until the
evening, but after darkness...
Kuzia, let me show you
Berlin, what do you think?
See you, man.
See you.
Damn it!
Then just leave it.
Can you watch this car? Yeah?
We'll be back soon.
Yes, sure thing, no problem.
Of course.
Well of course.
Why are you sitting? Take them.
Good evening! Is Johann here?
Come in.
Good evening, gentlemen!
Listen, Bard.
What does this Johann do?
He is an art director in
here, buys the mannequins.
Good! This is good
Of course, it's good.
It's Crimean.
And Crimea is a
Ukrainian Columbia.
Got it?
Okay, but no more mannequins.
What do you mean?
My friends have already
planted a whole plot of land.
Sorry, but Romanians
sell for half the price.
Our cannabis is the best
in Europe, understand?
Our people don't care.
I still need him to
exchange my Pobeda.
It's not him.
Excuse me, Johann.
Where is Karsten?
He wasnt here today.
Damn it, dude! Two years
of probation you said? Hey!
There are tons of pot! We
could go to jail for 18 years!
But we didn't.
You're welcome!
I could have ended up in jail for
half of my life because of your drugs!
Maybe you should have told me
about the risks beforehand, no?!
Calm down! Do you
think I'm a child?
I settled everything with
our police a long time ago.
I they had arrested you,
they would have put you in a
holding cell for two months
We'd give them 300
bucks and that's it!
It's a waste of
money, of course!
What do you mean "put
ME in a holding cell"?
It's your car, isn't it?
No! Leave me alone!
Let her go!
I'm talking to you!
Both of you! Go away!
I know where Karsten is.
It was for me!
It was the first and the only
time when I got hammered on drugs.
Actually, it was the only
time when I tried this stuff.
I'd say that it was
awful and so on...
But I just didn't
remember anything.
Are you okay?
Where's Bard?
Where is my friend?
Inside. He said he'd
come in a minute.
Where are we?
By the club.
So, what is your name?
It means "sea" in Turkish.
So, what is a Turkish girl
doing in a night club?
So what?
I'm a modern free
girl, understand?
Hey, Romeo.
Let's go inside.
They say Karsten is here.
Let's get inside.
Berd! What does this
Karsten actually do in life?
Kuzia, are you serious?
I was telling you about
him for the last half hour.
So, in Soviet times he was
a translator from Russian...
Are you sure he'll be
up for the exchange?
Don't fret.
Bard, I hope there'll
be no more scams.
O! Hi, Bruno!
Did you like Karsten's friend?
Hi, Karsten!
You play like a
real professional.
Yeah, he's good.
Come on...
This is a real deal.
How much?
I don't sell guitars.
I get it.
I quit music anyway.
And I never said I was
exchanging Mercedez for Pobeda.
What do you mean?
I heard it myself.
I said I knew a man who can
exchange Pobeda for Mercedez.
Enjoy yourself.
And that guy...
Are you sure he'll be
up for the exchange?
Let's go see him.
I saw him here today.
Is he dead or alive?
What happened to him?
Is he alive?
He is.
A bit.
He got high as a kite.
What should we do?
Maybe we should
call an ambulance?
Yeah? Maybe the
local police too?
So all of these
freaks would lynch us.
We just need to wait for
this body to wake up.
Yeah... or kick the bucket.
Someone half passes
here all the time.
There should be
some antidotes here.
The girl is right.
Let's get out of here.
We have to find an antidote.
Naloxone, Naloxone?
It must help.
Do you know how to
give an injection?
Only to myself.
I know how. I made
it to my grandpa.
Did you give your grandfather
an injection in vein?
Yes, in the buttocks.
I loved them all so
much in that moment.
As if I knew them my whole life.
And there was no
one dearer to me.
Plus I was drunk as a skunk.
What should we do next?
Let's go, I'll introduce
you to the musicians.
I'll wait until he
gets back to reality.
Did Depeche Mode perform here?
No, they were resting here.
They performed in the
Have you been there?
Of course.
I payed 300 marks.
Had to buy it from a reseller.
I'm a huge fan!
They inspire me.
Inspire to sell ham?
Why are you standing
here, let's go.
Hi, Eric!
This is Eric, my friend.
Let's go. I'll introduce you.
This is Kuzma, my
friend from Ukraine.
He's a rock musician.
Oh, a colleague.
Let's play together.
No, guys, I gave up music.
I don't even have a guitar.
It's not a problem.
You can take mine.
That was the moment when I realized
that I could not escape it.
I'll find common ground with
anyone as long as there is music.
And I'll be able to
do whatever I wish.
No limits.
It's not so important
how many fans you have.
If these five people
gave you their hearts.
And music is everything.
Polish ham? Who am I kidding.
It was amazing.
You're fucking sexy.
You're a rock star.
Why did you quit?
You have a talent.
that's just thanks
to your guitar.
We can go.
Rudi is very grateful
that you saved his life.
And I convinced
him to switch cars.
Yes, Rudi?
Yes. Yes.
Let's go then. We have to
go home in a few hours.
I have a concert
tomorrow in the evening.
How are we going to get there?
Den, where are you from?
Kreuzberg. Hermannplatz, 4.
Kreuzberg? Little Istanbul!
That's not far from us.
All right. Thank you, guys.
Bye, Den.
Bye, Kuzma.
Bye, Den. It was
nice to meet you.
Nice to what?
Get out, say a proper goodbye.
Don't worry. I
won't tell Barbara.
I'll try to help.
One... two... three.
Thank you for helping me.
You're a really pretty girl.
I was glad to help you.
I have to go.
I understand.
Maybe we'll see you later?
Bye, Den.
Did you take her number?
Let's go.
Oh, God!
What the hell is that?
Freaking animals!
How could you let this happen?
You can shove your what!
Look what these freaks did!
That's a complete garbage.
This is not a car.
I won't take it.
We're screwed.
Son of the jackal! You're dead.
This can't be good.
What are you doing?
Tomas! Help us! Tomas! Tomas!
What have you done?
How will I get home?
I have a concert!
How did you even do it?
Dear Mother!
What did you say
about my mother?
Sorry, Kuzma, I don't
do well with the police.
We need some real help here.
So, the police were
going somewhere else.
I'm going to bed.
I knew that Yatsyk and Lesyk would
be expecting me this evening.
Barbara would be expecting me.
Maybe even some fans.
But I had no idea
how to get to Lviv.
So I decided to think
and to eat.
How can you eat here, dude?
I don't know, was really hungry.
You've eaten the ham that'd
cost 300 bucks, yeah?
Around 5.50 for now.
Mom! Somebody help! Guys!
Could you help me?
Help me, please.
What happened?
Where is your mom?
Help my mom! Help her!
That was a success... I never
followed through on anything,
I didn't get a new car, the old
one had some shit all over it,
I was not gonna make
it to the concert,
and now they were going
to make me into ham.
What the hell?
Alyosha, translate.
Sir Mehmed says that
he's very disappointed.
You don't act like this
when you're a guest.
You dared to raise a hand against
Sir Mehmed's nephew and his friends.
They shit on my car!
Translate it!
My nephew said you were threatening
him. What's your version?
Mehmed is not a killer.
He's just an entrepreneur.
He sells clothes,
shoes and so on.
But the thing he cares about the
most is the honour of his family.
That's why you
will die like dogs.
Are you out of your mind?
Alyosha! What does
it mean? Let us go!
If you don't want to start a dialogue,
I'll have to resort to extreme measures.
Sir Mehmed asks if
you have a last wish.
Yeah! I want his nephew to eat
the shit he left on my car.
Give them a good scare
and then we'll talk.
Sorry, my friend.
We'll have to cut off your head.
Hey! Are you nuts?
Boss! You're a grown man!
Alyosha, stop him!
Fine, they don't
have to eat the shit!
Good morning, dad!
Good morning, daughter!
Can you give me some money for a taxi. I
overslept and I'm late to the university.
Yes, sure.
How do you know this rude man?
Dad! He saved me from attackers
yesterday in the evening.
(In Turkish) What attackers?
Why were you alone outside?
(In Turkish) I was coming
back home from the library,
two people attacked me,
and this brave man
saved me from them.
Untie this guy.
What about his friend?
And his friend.
Hi, Kuzma!
How are you?
Thank you!
I'm fine, damn it.
Say that we're sorry and ask
how we can return the favour.
For saving the honour of
Sir Mehmed's only daughter,
Sir Mehmed would like to
offer his sincere apologies.
And he asks: what
would you like to get?
I want my car to be as
good as new. Get it?
Maybe he wants
something special?
Maybe you have a special wish?
For my girlfriend.
And... can I get
my glasses back?
Thank you.
You have a girlfriend, Kuzma?
Her name is Barbara.
Have a good trip!
I wish they'd had
cut your balls off.
This is for you.
Couldn't you ask for a Mercedez?
Was that an option?
It was nice to meet you.
I've no doubts.
I wanted to say thank
you. For saving me.
This is for you.
No, no.
It's too expensive.
A new model comes out this week.
I've already ordered it.
Take it.
Thank you!
Hey, boss!
What happened?
Oh, I get it.
Thank you, guys!
You can go.
That's all we've got.
It's fine.
Barbara will use it for decades.
Very good.
Just look at this beauty!
Let's go to Rudi.
Maybe he'll take
it for a Mercedez.
We can try.
Who owns this?
Nobody owns it.
The owners put it here,
so that anyone in
need could take it.
I'm in need.
Calm down.
We don't have time.
I can have whatever I want?
Hi, Rudi!
Hello! It's me!
We fixed the car!
Maybe... how to say it...
we change?
It's not even running.
Oh my God! Honey!
I can't believe this
Warszawa is for me!
It was my dream! Thank you!
I wanted it so much!
Ill be very grateful to you!
I'll do everything
for you, dear.
For me?
Let's go.
I'll show you the Mercedez.
My grandpa had exactly the same.
Here it is.
My collection.
A small part of it.
And where is Mercedez?
There you go.
a Mercedez.
A Mercedez?
Mercedez 600.
Dude, it's a Mercedez!
A Mercedez!
Be a good girl.
A Mercedez!
I'm sorry! One moment!
Yes, mister.
Don't just sit there.
Open the trunk.
Look at all this space.
Karsten! You will help
me. And you will wait.
Don't embarrass yourself.
Thank you very much!
You're welcome!
That's a good deal.
Yeah, for sure.
Help us!
Why are you standing there?
Get the car over here!
That's it?
Can we go now?
Well, if they don't need
the mannequins anymore...
I'll be selling
second hand stuff.
That's gonna be a goldmine!
you should continue
making music.
And I will be 'making' business.
I know.
Let's go, business.
That's a great
musician from Ukraine!
Damn! We'll be waiting
for a week here.
I have a concert.
Kuzia, look!
What should we do?
If they ask, we
don't have anything.
Greetings from
Lublin-Lviv brigade.
What do you have in
your truck, yobbos?
What do you care?
We control who's passing through here.
You have to pay us 200 zlotys. Got it?
We don't have any dough!
Then give us your goods.
You call that goods? That's some
trash from the junkyard, fellas.
You'll find the fellas
on a playground!
We're guys.
That's really some trash, guys.
Just open your truck, man.
We'll take a look at your trash.
Come on!
That's one hell of a TV.
Take it.
Take it. Come on.
My business is doomed.
Better belly burst
than good drink lost.
I won't give away the guitar!
It's a very personal thing.
And I won't give away
the tights either!
Is this also a personal thing?
Are you a muso?
All right. We already have
some presents from you.
You can keep one thing: either
the guitar or the tights.
I promised Barbara
to get red tights.
Maybe, the hell
with this guitar?
Are you crazy?
Keep the guitar.
I'll find you the tights.
I promise.
Give me back the guitar.
Let's go.
Fellas, Guys!
Why are you running
away if you're so cool?
You promised to help me
to get ahead of the line.
And now what?
He's got some balls.
If we don't help him,
we'll "get soiled".
Yeah... people will
stop forking out.
Sure, kiddo! We'll
take care of it.
Kolya the sledgehammer
walks the talk.
Kiddo, I'll go first and
you'll follow me. Got it?
I'll leave you near the border
guard. He'll know everything.
Get in.
Hey, hey!
You got the wheels?
A Mercedez.
I see. Congrats!
Thank you! Listen, can you
hurry up with the paperwork?
I'm late to a concert.
Congrats! According to Ukrainian
legislation your Mercedez can't be cleared.
Because it's older
than 10 years.
Since when do we have this rule?
the law became
effective yesterday.
Fedya, are you kidding?
Listen! There's got to be a
way to get through, right?
You must have come up
with something already.
Fedya, let's be straight, how
much does the car clearing cost?
I'll pay for it.
Lend me some money.
I'll give it back.
Some more.
Does everybody see it?
Show must go on!
Take it.
Calm down.
We'll register that the car
is in transit and that's it.
Everyone will be
doing like that.
Now I got into debt.
This Mercedez...
When Barbara sees it...
Will you at least get me those
red tights that you promised?
You're a sharp cookie!
Kuzia! Are you out of your mind?
Yes. Are you out of your mind?
Someone has a concert in two
hours and you're kissing here.
what are you doing here?
I knew that you'd be
back for the concert.
Sorry, there's no orchestra.
The guys are busy,
they have a rehearsal.
My love,
this is for you,
the red ones, as promised.
Is it yours?
Will you give me a ride?
I still had jitters
before the concert.
But after our awesome trip I knew
for sure that my choice was right.
Plus, all tickets were sold out. So, maybe
we'll earn something with this amatOurship.
I never got used to that word.
Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!
You're so cool!
Let's go! Come on!
Take one.
Well, you're awesome!
That part... it was really cool!
Thanks, dude!
But we need to stay focused. We
have to get going in three days.
Are you going to Berlin again?
No, it's a bit early
for you to go to Berlin.
But an encore...
Go ahead.
People are waiting.
We'll have a tour: Vorokhta,
Halych, Terebovlia, Stryi!
Don't be silly... a tour...
A triumphant tour! I've
arranged everything.
And how do you
fit into all this?
What do you mean? I'm
your producer now.
No need to thank me.
You'll do it when you
guys become super stars.
Are you serious?
Have I ever let you down?
Come on! Money
wont earn itself!