Rodan (1956) Movie Script

Good Morning.
- Hey, were you out last night again?
- Yes, I'm sorry.
That's not good!
Get back! Back off! What is this?
Stop getting so excited!
Stop! Stop!
How many times have I told you
to stop this foolishness?
I won't put up with this
anymore! Alright, Yoshi?
You too, Goro.
Well everyone, let's go, let's go!
Save your strength for the mines!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
It's very warm out today.
Haven't you figured out
what's wrong with the Earth?
What's happening to the Earth?
With eight million tons
being mined out of this
entire area, I'd say the
Earth is running out of ore.
Oh, no!
Hello, main office.
Filled with water?!
Mine number eight?
Alright, I'll be there soon.
Two meters of water has
flooded the mine.
That's strange. There wasn't any
there the last time it was surveyed.
It must be an underground spring.
I'll go check it out.
- Hey, give me a hand here!
- Yes, sir!
It's shut down! It's shut down!
- Go ahead!
- Go ahead!
Thank you for coming!
How did it happen?
We were mining a wall,
when it started flooding.
How bad is it?
It's flooded pretty bad...
We had no way to control it.
Well I'm glad that everyone's safe.
No... Yoshi and Goro are still down there.
I need to down and look at it.
I need some volunteers.
- Is it okay?
- It's okay.
Suikishi, Saba... Let's go!
- Be careful.
- Be careful.
That's Yoshi!
Hurry! Hurry!
- Yoshi!
- Yoshi!
Hurry! Hurry!
It's hard to say.
It's not a simple wound.
I've never seen a
head wound like that.
But... What could have
done something like that?
You've contacted the police, right?
Yes. They should be here around 1 PM.
Yoshi's my husband! Let me see him! Please
let me see him! Please let me see him!
Please let me see him!
Please let me see him!
Wait! Wait! You'll have to
wait for the doctors see him.
Let's go.
Haven't they found Goro yet?
Hey! There's no proof
he's the criminal, right?
I'm prepared to believe it.
That's my opinion of it.
That's for the police to decide.
It's best to keep it to yourself.
But, he and Goro were working together.
Why haven't they found Goro's body?
Please don't go spreading this around.
Oh, they're taking a look at him now.
ls it true about my brother?...
It's impossible.
But, everyone...
Believe in your brother.
Until they can get a hold of Goro,
they can't be sure if he's the criminal.
I'm sure of it.
I can walk with you to the mines.
Come on, let's go.
- Oto!
- Here!
- Oetsuka!
- Here!
- Ooyama!
- Here!
- Mamura!
- Here!
- Hodo!
- Here!
- Akeshita!
- Here!
- Mamona!
- Here!
- Akira!
- Here!
- Here!
- Here!
We've completed a full roll call
and Goro is the only one missing.
You're sure that Goro
hasn't come out yet?
This is the only
way out of the mine.
You hear that?
You're too jumpy!
Someone must have gone in again.
No! The only person
in there would be... Goro.
Alright. I'm going in.
Give me the rope.
There must be something wrong with him.
What's that noise?
Goro? Goro!
It's him!
Idiot! Control yourself!
It may be nothing...
- Goro?
- Goro!
It's him!
Idiot! There's nothing to
be afraid of! Keep quiet!
- Hey, just a moment. Here they come!
- Hold on please.
These aren't ordinary murders.
How could a criminal make wounds
like this on these men?
The wounds could only have been
made by someone of great strength.
In Japan and in the rest of the world,
I've never seen a weapon so sharp.
What is the weapon?
I regret that I can't even guess.
Incredible... Murders unlike any in Japan.
Of course, we'll have to do something.
I'll increase the number
of police in the village.
Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!
Hurry! Get the others!
Otama! Otama!
Otama! Otama!
Kio! Kio!
Let me go! Let me go!
She's right. You cannot
blame her for your pain, ok?!
Thank you...
Kio... I don't believe
Goro is the murderer.
To kill... Goro would have
to be pushed too far.
I don't think he killed
anyone. I'm sure of it.
I believe Goro knows who did it.
So, don't count him out yet. Okay?
Hey! Police! It's an emergency!
Oh! Let's go!
Hurry! Hurry! Hurry, please!
Run across the bridge!
What's going on?
Come on!
There it is!
Alright, let's go!
- It's in sight!
- We're firing!
Look out!
Damn... Oh, no...
Alright, let's go!
Captain, I believe that
thing is our murderer.
That thing?!
Put me through. Ah, headquarters? This
is Nishima. What's the matter with you?!
When you assigned me
here I thought I was
going after a criminal!
What are you saying?!
I need men with pistols and machine guns
right away! Hurry, please! Don't delay!
The monster has retreated
into one of the older shafts!
- Okane! Okane!
- Hurry! Hurry!
- Hang in there!
- Help is coming!
Hey, is he okay?
Head inside!
Right. To the hospital!
Boss... If that thing's in
there, let me go after it.
Idiot! Going in
there is dangerous!
Besides, the military
is on its way here.
Let's go!
Thank you for coming.
- Remove the barrier.
- Yes, sir.
First unit, set up!
The rest keep moving!
It's filled with water!
Alright, let's go.
Goro! Goro!
- Right. I have an idea!
- Okay! Let's go!
Look out! It will
come this way!
Here I go!
- Let's get the debris up front.
- Roger!
Hey! Just a moment!
Shoot! Fire, please!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I can't believe what we saw.
A creature like this is quite amazing.
For the Meganuron to have the
strength to do that to a man...
You could earn a living finding
proof of their existence.
You would expect it
to come from outer space.
Oh, I'm with the Seibu Newspaper.
It was inside the coal
mine, so we can assume
the Meganuron hatched
from an egg there.
Things that could affect its age range from
temperature and to where it was buried.
It may have been around for 3 or 4 years.
Although it's difficult to see how old it
is, I have enough data to produce a theory.
We understand.
This time, the larva changed
tactics for a short
period and that created
the outbreak of murders.
But Why did it do that?...
How's the excavation going?
It was a large cave-in. I regret
that we haven't found him yet.
An earthquake!
Yes, this is Chief Scientist Sugahara.
Hello. The earthquake we just felt...
Where was its epicenter?
We're just finishing... We believe
that it's near the area of Kotowataji.
Is the science center certain of that?
It's not exact. We think
it was near coal mines,
but it wasn't strong
enough to damage them.
I understand. Keep up the good work.
- Get the cars.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, stop! Stop!
That's strange... I don't
see how this much damage
could have been made
from a shock like that.
Look at that guy over there!
Hey! Hey! What happened?
Is this Shigeru?
The last I heard he
was stuck in a cave-in.
Kamura! Kamura!
Hang in there! Kamura!
What happened to him?
Kamura! Kamura! Can you say
something for the Seibu Newspaper?
Kamura! Kamura!
- Thank you...
- Let's get him inside.
Clear the way! Clear the way!
Kamura! It's me! Don't you know that
it's me? Take a look at me! It's me!
You know what my name is!
What's... What's wrong with him?
As far as I can tell, he
doesn't recognize any of you.
I'm not sure how long
this amnesia will last.
We'll treat him at the hospital.
We'll take him right away.
Let's go...
Alright, take it easy.
Close your eyes.
Okay, open your eyes.
Once more, close your eyes
and take a deep breath.
And this is?
You were the first one to
see this. Look at it very carefully.
Can you remember it?
Yes? Yes, they're going
to pass over the volcano
tomorrow morning.
Yes, this is Nishima.
It could erupt tomorrow?
It might be wise for them to
stay at their post? I understand.
I'll tell them it's urgent.
Right, I understand.
I'll do what I can
in the morning.
I can't believe they're doing it,
just so they can find this monster.
I would just blow it off the mainland!
This is Kitahara. Unknown
object at 50.5 degrees,
20,000 feet, traveling
at supersonic speed!
What? Did I hear him correctly?
Kitahara, Kitahara. This is base.
Recommend you check it out.
Recommend that you check it out.
Roger, roger.
Base, base. This is Kitahara.
This is Kitahara.
Object in the sky still
traveling at supersonic speed.
lt just completed a 1 1/2
times vertical loop.
What?! One and a half?
The object is still
traveling at a high speed.
Kitahara! Kitahara! Pursue it!
Escape if it comes after you!
Roger, roger!
It's coming back towards me!
It's moving too fast to avoid it! Damn!
Kitahara! Kitahara!
It's impossible!
But the radar showed
what happened in the air.
Is that what you think? How can something
that size maneuver so quickly in the air?
Of course, I don't know... but perhaps if
it had registered at other installations...
What do you think it was?
It didn't look anything
like a flying saucer.
Yes? Huh? Yes... Just a moment.
Excuse me. It's your office.
Oh, thank you.
Hello. This is lizeki.
It's been sighted at other locations?
What? They're talking
about flying saucers?
I'll be there.
I just got word from my office.
They're keeping track of the object.
Can't they tell us where it's going?
TOKYO ls the Earth a target?
Many people believe that this flying
object is actually a flying saucer.
Also, this flying object has reached speeds
that would be impossible for us to achieve.
It was sighted in Peking
at 11:00 AM, then
sighted in Manila at 11:20
AM, both Japan time.
Drive carefully on that mountain.
You never know what could happen.
We've already had our earthquake.
What else could possibly happen?
I can't see how they could both be dead.
There was no one else in the area.
If this was going to
be a double suicide,
wouldn't their camera and
shoe be close by them?
- Really?
- Also, they wouldn't be apart.
This mess doesn't add
up to anything, huh?
These men would like to speak with you
later, regarding three missing cows.
We want to tell you about it.
- The film is developed.
- Oh, it's done!
- Hey, take care of those two.
- Yes, sir.
Lizeki, this is the film from the camera.
Of course... This looks like
two typical newlyweds...
What is that?
Doctor, could that be a flying saucer?
It looks a lot like... an animal.
- Is that it?
- There's no mistake. It's a Pteranodon.
Haiyama... If it is, it's
traveling very fast.
But wasn't this photograph taken recently?
The Pteranodon roamed the earth
about two million years ago.
How could it be
captured on film?
But is this a Pteranodon?
Do you mean one of them
lives in the mountain and
no one knows about it?
After all that, you expect
me to believe such a thing?
Yes. The characteristics are
the same as in this photo.
If one still exists, what
can we do to catch it?
Go ahead...
Shigeru, look at them. They're so
cute. Do you know what they are?
Shigeru! Shigeru!
- Kio!
Kio... I... What did I...
Shigeru... you're out
of danger! You are...
That's it... There's no doubt about it.
Thank you!
This was the thing that was eating
the creatures inside of the mountain?
Yes. I saw it with my own eyes...
This thing was eating them.
Alright, I know what we
have to do. Come with me.
This is it. I'm certain
this is where the egg was.
If it is Kamura, why aren't
there any remnants of the egg?
The cave-in may have covered
it up. It could have...
Doctor, this is it!
This is part of the egg!
- This is part of the egg?
- It is.
Hey, it's a cave-in!
Hey! Get out! Hurry!
The tests are completed.
The results are very good.
- Percent data?
- Ninety percent.
Really? Judging from the
cell structure, I'd say
this creature was reptilian.
See for yourself.
Of course... The egg matches perfectly.
The problem is guessing the size of the egg
based on the inner curve of this section.
I can't believe the size of this egg.
You might hear
about an egg like this in the
book, "Arabian Nights"...
You'd think an egg like
that came from space.
But for nature to produce
an egg like that...
This egg is a product of
both nature and man.
I don't think this will
determine its final size.
- But, you...
- No, thank you.
This confirms my theory.
To repeat, this Pteranodon is a life form
that is alive due to unusual circumstances.
We have determined that this creature
is part of the species called Rodan.
Its wingspan will reach
270 meters and it
will weigh one hundred
tons when fully grown.
The Rodan's strength
was discovered to be
similar, but more powerful
that its cousin's.
It's a sonic boom. Since it
flies at supersonic speeds,
it's natural that its wings
create the phenomenon.
- Professor, I have a question.
- Go ahead.
If a Rodan is among us now, has the
Professor thought about how it survived?
I have a theory regarding that question.
From what I've concluded,
radiation and atomic
bombs may have been the
spark that gave it life.
It may have seeped into the
caverns from the outside
and this new energy revived
Rodan from its stasis.
That's what I think.
- But... could that be all?
- No, there may be other factors...
But I haven't fully explored them yet...
Professor, the real
problem is where do we
begin our search for Rodan.
ls there one spot?
There's no doubt... Near
these coal mines and
in this general area would
be the likely spot.
It would go beyond these two areas if
there were a drought or shortage of food.
This should be enough
of an area to begin.
What's that?
That's it! That's definitely it!
That's the thing I saw!
Alright! Head back
and inform headquarters!
What?! Rodan is coming?
Right, I understand!
Jets two and three are left!
Base, base. This is limura.
Rodan is still in the air.
Alright... Continue pursuing the monster!
Continue pursuing the monster!
Roger, roger!
Over there!
Everyone, please make your way to
the buses! Hurry! Go to the buses!
Let's go!
We did it!
Rodan is changing course. We have scored at
least one hit. Its speed is down to half.
Here it comes!
Hurry! Hurry, hurry!
Quickly! Quickly!
Order our forces to attack
it while it's on the ground!
Mobile armored units, move into
position while it's attacking the city.
Open fire on Rodan as
soon as you are able.
There's another! There isn't just one!
We have sighted a second Rodan!
Over there!
I see the second one!
It's coming from the ocean!
Have all available units begin
attacking the one in the air!
Yes, sir! I'll order an
air assault right away!
- How's the battle going?
- Take a look! One of them did this.
Incredible! And Rodan?...
- He got away.
- Got away?!
It's not from this area. I think it
went back to where it had hatched.
It's unusual, but our intelligence doesn't
know where either of the Rodan's could be.
Do you think the two have left the area?
No. I'm certain that both Rodan's
are in the Mount Aso region.
Mount Aso region?
The truth is, these animals
are assisting each other.
They'll stay in a place
that's easily defended.
If we were to use the
camera film as testimony,
I'd say that they were
staying in that area now.
We are in the area now.
Please take us down.
- There it is!
- Ah! We've found one!
- Professor, you were right!
- Yes. It's a splendid bird.
Unit number one will concentrate
their attack in this vicinity.
At the same time, unit number
two will attack this area.
The explosions should
bury both Rodan's.
Just a moment please. Could that
cause Mount Aso to erupt?
We don't believe that the
attack will cause an eruption.
It's not so absurd! How could you
ignore the possibility of it happening?
- But...
- No I'm opposed to the idea!
Sugahara, of course there is always some
kind of risk in an operation like this.
That's not what I'm talking about.
The people... Their livelihoods...
Listen, what would happen to the Kyushu
area if we allowed the Rodan's to live?
Unless you have a better idea, we
cannot be bothered by such complaints!
Headquarters, this is
command outpost. We
have three platoons ready to attack.
Yes, this is Nishima. Yes. All of
our units are ready for the attack.
We will inform you when our
advance has stopped. Right. Roger.
Have unit one set their position
and prepare to attack.
Right. I'll contact unit one
and tell them to stand ready.
Unit number one, unit number
one, prepare to attack.
- Shigeru!
- You're not supposed to be here!
- I know.
- Then why are you here?!
I don't know why I came. I'm sorry.
Thank you. It's dangerous out
here, so let's hurry inside.
- Unit one is ready to attack!
- Open fire!
- Yes, sir! Open Fire!
- Right! Open fire!
- Open fire!
- Fire!
It's an emergency! The attack is affecting
the mountain. It may erupt at any time!
What do we do?
Alright... We'll continue our attack.
Unit number two is ready to attack!
- Alright... Open fire!
- Open fire!
It's Rodan!
- Give the order to cease fire.
- Give the order to cease fire.
All units are ordered to cease fire.