Rodeo and Juliet (2015) Movie Script

[soft rock music playing]
[cell phone ringing]
[ringing, beeps]
[Woman] Hello?
Juliet, are you there?
Rose, can you hear me? Okay?
If he doesn't ask you out
by Thursday,
- you have to walk away.
- But he's so cute!
Yes, I know!
But he needs to show you
a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T, dude.
Juliet! Hang up, log off,
whatever. Ready to go. Go!
[cell phone beeping]
Hey, let me call you back.
Catherine's beeping through.
What is in my bag?
Juliet, don't go!
Yeah, as if I had a choice.
But for the whole
Christmas break?
Yeah, my mom has basically canceled
Christmas, so that's awesome.
[cell phone beeping]
Uh, let me call you back.
Cleo is beeping through now.
Tell me it's not true!
Yeah, I'm officially
going to be stuck
in the sticks of Louisiana
- where the zip code is Ee-ai-ee-ai-oh.
- No Rock Center?
No Saks 5th Ave?
How will you survive?
I don't know.
Juliet, we're leaving!
- Now!
- Mom!
Juliet! C'mon, help me! [grunts]
You haven't said much
in a couple of days.
Yeah, well, there's not
much to say.
Who are you texting?
Does it matter?
C'mon. I... I don't even know
why I bother talking to you.
You know, it's a mystery
to me as well.
Did you get
your homework turned in?
- Yes, I did.
- Yay.
Turned it in at 11:59,
right at the deadline.
Just in the nick of time!
Just... your style.
At least I did it.
Ms. Karen-Anne!
The famous romance writer!
It's been almost twenty years!
Lawrence, you look
the same as I remember!
And I'm not that famous.
Uh, New York best seller?
That qualifies you in my book.
[laughs] Thank you.
You must be Ms. Juliet?
- Yeah.
- I'm so glad to meet you.
Yeah, this is Judge Lawrence.
He's... was...
your grandfather's
oldest and best friend.
[Judge] Yes, ma'am.
If you girls need anything,
y'all just let me know.
Cell phone service
would be great!
Coverage is a little scarce
out here, ma'am.
It kinda comes and goes.
Could this be worse?
[Judge] Yeees!
You kinda have to hunt for it.
Try over there
by that big oak tree.
Which one's an oak tree?
Uh, the one that looks like oak.
[Judge] Haha.
This ranch is looking fantastic.
Hugh Anderson has been keeping
it up for the past few weeks.
Hugh? I... I didn't know that
he was still around.
Yes, ma'am! Hugh is the one that kept
your daddy on his feet all these years.
Him and his nephew, Marty.
I'm sorry I didn't make it
to the service.
I was in London on a book signing
tour, and I was really busy...
It happened all of a sudden.
Heart attacks are like that.
I think the truth is...
Your daddy was just worn out
trying to keep this place going.
Yeah! Yeah, I used to tell him that all the time.
It's not he would ever listen to me, though.
was not his style.
I'm not sure what his style was.
I've been putting
his papers together,
so if you want to stop by my office
tomorrow afternoon, we'll go over them.
Okay, so there's no service.
Is there Internet in the house?
- [laughing]
- Uh...
You wanna tell her?
I don't think your granddaddy
knew what that is.
There's wifi in town.
- She's got your spark!
- Oh, she sure does!
- Like a downed power line.
- [both laughing]
Mom, what is that smell?
Oh, that would be fresh air!
- [both laughing]
- Let's get a drink.
- All right.
- Okay.
Good morning.
- Morning.
- Um...
Unpacking does not consist
of throwing all your
clothes on your floor.
- I'll pick them up.
- When?
I mean, are we going
anywhere soon?
Does it really matter?
My number one priority right now is getting
this place organized so I can sell it.
And I need your help.
Okay, what would
you like me to do?
Um, I would like you
to organize.
You can start by walking around here
and seeing if you can find any...
machinery or anything...
Saddles, tack.
I don't know what's out here.
Well, there's a horse
by the barn if that helps.
Oh, my gosh. I forgot,
you need to feed him.
What am I, the hired hand now?
No! No, honey!
Hired hands get paid.
Family works for free.
You're family.
Now, go feed the horse.
You're such a jerk.
[horse neighs]
Hey, boy!
What's your name?
Sorry, did I scare you?
Kinda, yeah! I thought we had
a talking horse on our hands.
I'm Nan. You must be the
girl from New York, right?
That would be me. I'm Juliet.
I've been looking after Rodeo
for the past few weeks.
My folks own the riding
stables up the road.
Well, it's nice
to meet you, Nan.
Nice shoes. Not real practical
around here, though.
Yeah! I don't really plan
on staying long.
Have you been around
horses before?
I did a little riding
in the city.
[clicks tongue]
Come here, Rodeo!
Here, boy!
He likes you.
There used to be a lot
of horses on this ranch.
Your grandfather trained and sold
horses, but Rodeo was his own.
I didn't know my grandfather.
So, what is it like to ride
a horse in New York City?
What is it like to do
anything in New York City?
I've always wanted to go there.
Well, it's basically
the opposite of here.
But at Christmas, it's, uh...
It's beautiful. It's all lit up.
Wow, that sounds really cool.
Yeah, don't remind me.
Speaking of Christmas, we're having
a barn dance tomorrow night.
You're welcome to come!
Barn dance?
[laughter] What's that?
I mean, there's bobbing
for apples and mud wrestling
and we put on
our best bib overalls
and dance with the farm animals.
Why don't you stop by
and check it out?
It's a great way to meet people
and what else are you doing?
Nothing. I guess you're right.
Yes! Elane! Hi!
How is my favorite editor?
Oh, good, good. Yeah. I'm great!
It's so beautiful, here.
Yes, I owe you some pages.
Four chapters, yeah, yeah.
Yes, I know.
Oh, no. It's going so great.
I'm a writing machine.
Okay. Yes, I'll get
those to you soon.
Okay. Bye-bye.
Hello, Hugh.
- Hi.
- I, uh...
I didn't think y'all we're
getting in until tomorrow.
Been a long time.
How have you been?
I thought I'd drop this off in case
you wanted it for the living room.
Your dad, he always loved
a good Christmas tree.
You can just leave it
right there. Thanks.
I left the toolbox, here. One of
the bathrooms needs some repairs.
Oh, no! That's okay!
Judge Lawrence said you were helping
out at the ranch. I didn't know.
Your father. He was like a dad to me.
You know that.
He was my father.
No problem.
I'll just get my box and go.
Who's in the truck?
That's my nephew, Monty.
His mother and dad,
my brother, you know,
got killed in an accident
a few years back
so I've been taking care
of him ever since.
He's about the same age
as your daughter, I think.
Yup. If you don't want the tree,
I'll just... I can just take-
Just leave it.
Right there. It's fine.
Thank you.
You know,
it wouldn't hurt if we...
learned how to talk again.
That wouldn't be a bad thing.
Good seeing you
and, um, Merry Christmas.
I just wish Huey Anderson
wasn't coming around the ranch.
Well, Karen, he's the only one
that knows how everything
works out there.
I got something I gotta show
you if I can find it...
- [Karen laughing]
- in this mess.
It is a mess.
I know where everything is.
Ah, here it is.
You have a lot
of back taxes due.
Utility bills are due.
Your daddy's left
a lot of debts.
How much?
You know, he was always hoping to
get that ranch back on its feet.
Hugh and his nephew
are out there.
They spend a lot
of time out there.
I think they spent more time than
your daddy did training horses.
Look, I just... I just want to sell
the ranch and get it over with.
Do you have any offers?
Uh, about that.
There is one catch.
Your dad didn't leave a will.
At least if he did,
I couldn't find one.
I told him a thousand times,
"Take care of this."
He didn't.
As far as I know.
Someone else has a claim
in this property.
Sorry, I'm late, Judge.
Are you serious?
Thought you were gonna tell her.
I was smack dab in the middle
of it when you interrupted me.
What is going on, here?
Your, uh, father. He promised me
half the ranch for all the years
I put in helping
to keep it running.
[laughing] - Gave me a
warranty deed for my share.
He said there's no will!
Said I couldn't find one, yet.
Let me see that.
Uh-huh. Well, this.
This is different.
That's your daddy's signature,
all right.
[Hugh] Mhm.
Uh, unfortunately, Hugh, it's not
dated and it's not recorded.
But that's still
a federal document, right?
Maybe. I'm not sure.
- Karen.
- Mhm.
You hadn't had any interest in the ranch
or your father for the past twenty years,
and I'm certainly not the one that
just up and ran off and left everybody
- and everything behind.
- Oh, okay. Okay. I get it.
All right. That does not entitle you to
half the ranch. This is unacceptable!
It is my ranch!
I can sell it if I want to.
In instances like this, a claim can
be made based on other evidence.
Hugh has a strong case.
How can you do this to me?
Half is better
than nothing, Karen.
For you.
Y'all hang on.
Bottom line is this...
The ranch is in temporary limbo until a
district court can decide on the ownership.
It might take a month.
You can't sell nothing.
You can't do anything
until this mess is cleaned up.
Unless y'all can come to terms.
It's not his ranch!
And it's not all yours either.
Guess that didn't go too well.
That woman.
She just announces that one day she's
gonna up and move to New York City.
Never mind her father. Never mind the
ranch. Never mind... anybody else.
But I tell you what.
She wants a fight?
She gon' get a fight.
Where's my darn keys?
- Look, why don't you just sit her down and talk to her?
- 'Cause she's stubborn, Monty!
She's stubborn. She's more
stubborn than her father was.
Well, people change their minds.
You don't know her.
[horse snorts]
Come on. It's just you and me.
Thing's heavy!
It's a lot heavier
than expected!
[sighs] That horse.
I swear.
[phone beeping]
I need you to take me to town.
I am going crazy
with no one to talk to!
I have no service
and neither do you.
Okay, what is
going on in that barn?
- Are you being careful?
- Yes, mom!
I'm not a little girl anymore.
I think I can handle a barn.
I know. You know I've always
been pretty hard on you.
Yeah, like all the time.
You know what? Don't get too
close to that horse anyway,
because we're gonna be out
of here before you know it!
Yeah, that's, uh... that's the best
thing I've heard you say in weeks.
Maybe months.
I once had
a riding instructor who said,
"A horse always knows
when you're comfortable."
He always knows
when you're confident.
And he always knows
"when you have a delicious
apple in your hand."
[classical score playing]
I learned to ride in the city.
But I have never ridden
a horse and saddle before.
So this should be interesting.
All right.
Pretty light.
So we're gonna go slow.
All right. We got this, buddy.
Come on.
Let's go, Rodeo.
Come on!
[Christmas music playing]
Wow. Well, I guess I'm
a little overdressed, huh?
I mean, I'm just wondering what part
of "barn dance" you didn't get.
It's my first barn dance, okay?
- Sorry.
- Take it easy.
- Sorry!
- Okay, so who's who?
Well, that lunk head
right there,
that's my brother
and that's his friend Ian.
And the DJ back there?
That's Jeremy.
He's cute in that "nerdy, doesn't
know he's hot" kind of way.
And I'm guessing you guys
have something going on?
What? No. We're just friends.
Oh, great.
What are they doing here?
I didn't invite them. What do you
call Mean Girls in New York?
Mean Girls. [laughs]
Oh! Mary. Shelly.
How great of you to make it!
I want you to meet Juliet!
She's from...
Uh, let me guess.
Last year's Chico's catalog.
Black is the new black. Right?
Oh, my God, yeah.
That's so original.
You know, something really funny is
Lana Del Ray said the exact same thing
when I was backstage
at her concert last week.
But it's actually not black.
It's like a midnight blue.
They probably
don't have it here yet.
My mom's friend Calvin,
Calvin Klein,
designed it for me.
Have you heard of him or...?
Where are you going? I haven't
complimented your outfit yet!
That was awesome! [laughing]
Will you just
go talk to him already?
It's obvious you want to.
Is it that obvious?
Only to humans. I'm sure the
horses haven't caught on yet.
Shut up.
- Just go.
- Okay.
[country western music playing]
Wanna dance?
Actually... There you are!
I've been looking
for you everywhere.
Yeah, I was just taking care
of that thing over there.
And he's gone.
Big save. Thank you.
I'm Monty by the way.
- I'm Juliet.
- You're living at the Roger's Ranch.
I am.
Yeah, hopefully not
for much longer, though.
I know it doesn't look much like a
dance, but you want to dance with me?
Yeah, I'd love to.
Then get it started.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I'm really glad
you could make it.
You know I used to spend some
time at your grandfather's place.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I used to take care of Rodeo.
Well, that's awesome.
He's such a pretty horse.
Or am I not suppose to say
pretty because he's a male?
Am I suppose to say handsome?
Is that better?
He's a handsome horse?
- He's a handsome horse.
- [laughs] He is pretty handsome.
Have you ever been to New York?
No, I haven't.
Have you ever wanted
to go to New York?
- Are you gonna take me or?
- [laughs]
- No one said that.
- If you're taking me then yeah, I'm going to New York.
Okay, so is this what
a barn dance is usually like?
Guess so. I mean...
Haven't been to too many
barn dances in my life.
Are you kidding? I thought
this was like a regular thing.
Well, it's fun.
You know, for a city
slicker, you're not so bad.
I was gonna say the same thing
about a clod-kicker like you.
Karen: Juliet, let's go!
Hey, mom! This is Monty.
We had an amazing time.
I know who he is.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, normally, she's a lot more
polite than that, I promise.
- I'll see you around?
- No, you won't.
- Get in the car,
- What is going on?
- I don't have your number.
- You won't have his number.
- I'll find you.
- And you're not welcome at the ranch.
- Mom!
- Come on.
Mom, what was that?
That was totally rude.
I don't want you seeing that boy.
Do you understand me?
- Because I said so.
- Okay, but that's not a good enough answer.
He didn't do anything.
Okay, it is not just him.
It's his Uncle Hugh,
and he's trying
to take half our ranch.
Do you understand that?
- Hugh is his uncle?
- Yes.
- Now get in the car.
- Mom, this isn't fair.
Life is not always fair, Juliet.
Now get in the car.
Of all the uncles in the world,
why has it gotta be Hugh, huh?
Why does my mom have to be my mom?
Does a name matter?
This world isn't fair
if you ask me.
No one said it has
to be perfect.
What are you doing, here?
Figured we didn't get a chance
to say good-bye last night,
so thought we'd try it again.
It's a beautiful day.
You wanna go for a ride?
Really, uh...
- Yeah!
- Yeah?
Yeah, let's do it!
Your grandfather and I used to
ride these fences together.
Watching that sun coming up over that
treeline was the best part of the day.
That's crazy 'cause in the city I can barely
get out of bed before ten in the morning.
So you know my mom doesn't want
you and I seeing each other?
Yeah, they don't want us hanging out
because they're mad at each other.
Yeah, 'cause they're fighting.
- Sounds pretty ridiculous if you ask me.
- I know!
My grandfather's right.
It is gorgeous out here.
What's it like growing up
in the country?
It's clean. It's decent.
It's honest.
These oaks over here, they're
like several hundred years old.
They have a history to share
about the people around here.
This is good.
Let's get off here.
So, what's it like
growing up in New York?
- It's pretty cool.
- Yeah?
I mean I love it there but...
You know, trying to get
a cab in the rain. It's no fun.
Yeah, everyone needs one.
Well, you look pretty
comfortable in a saddle.
- You know that was your grandfather's saddle?
- Really?
Yeah, he spent
thousands of hours in it.
Surprised you got it on Rodeo.
That thing weighs like a ton.
Well, Rodeo made it easy.
Did you know my grandpa well?
He was a great man.
He'd actually be really happy
to see you standing
by Rodeo right now.
Well, are you happy to see me
standing with Rodeo right now?
I believe that is
a loaded question, darling.
But yeah.
[door opens]
Hey, baby.
Are you still giving me
the silent treatment?
It is not fair that just because you don't
like his uncle that I can't see Monty.
- Honey.
- Mom, he's actually a good guy.
I think you're forgetting how
hard that is to actually find.
There's tons of good
guys in the world.
Mom, most the guys his age are
mentally twelve and they're all hands.
At least Monty's different.
Wait a second. How would you know that
after hanging out with him one time? Hm?
Things are complicated here,
Juliet. I... I don't know.
Hugh and I... when I left here he didn't
want to see my side of things and now...
What are you talking about,
mom? Will you just fill me in?
Look, it's not important.
What's important is I don't know how
much longer we can keep the horse.
- What?
- Listen.
We can barely pay
the power bills.
Things are upside down here. Having a
horse is one less expense for me and...
Mom! That horse is the only thing
about this ranch that I like!
You cannot sell him!
- I'm sorry.
- Mom!
It was grandpa's horse.
His name is Rodeo.
I've grown
really close with him.
So, I'll do whatever it takes to
pay for his feed. Or pay for him!
I'll get a job. I'll bus tables
or waitress or work at the
store around the corner.
- Whatever it is!
- You've never held a job down in your life.
Because you never let me.
I left all my friends in New York for you.
You cannot sell this horse.
I've never seen this side of you before. I've
never seen you care so much about something so.
I care about a lot of things.
Okay, you don't have to pretend that you're
always right because sometimes you just aren't.
You're right.
I'll think about it.
Just promise me that you'll
stay away from that boy.
Yeah. Okay.
Can I take the car?
Where are you going?
- Or is that not allowed?
- Yes, of course. I'm glad that you're making friends.
Yes, you can borrow the car.
Be back before dark.
Just gonna change.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
So what happened between you
and Jeremy last night?
Nothing. Why?
- Well, did you guys kiss?
- What?
What is wrong with you, today?
You are way too happy.
Can you keep a secret?
Only 'til I die!
Monty came by this morning
on his horse.
O-M-G, tell me everything!
I thought the heat from you two last night
was going to set the hay bales on fire.
We went for a ride this morning as
the sun came up. It was beautiful!
Oh, I definitely need to
have a long talk with Jeremy.
He was gonna kiss me.
But then his uncle shows up.
Yeah, I don't know. I guess he's still
doing work on the ranch or something.
- That's a bummer.
- Yeah. Tell me about it.
And also my mom doesn't want me
talking to Monty because apparently
because her and his uncle have
some kind of history.
- That's weird.
- And they want to sell Rodeo
because we don't have
money apparently.
- Oh, no. Not Rodeo.
- Yeah.
But I mean you still want
to see Monty, right?
Of course I do.
Well, I mean
I might have a plan.
My folks are always talking about
hiring some extra help around here.
And there are plenty of chores
that you could do.
Are you offering me a job?
It would help pay
for the feed for Rodeo.
Plus, you gotta keep your
budding romance a secret.
Okay, I get the first part, but I'm
not sure I catch the second one.
Okay, two words: barrel racing.
There's an annual competition.
It's called
the Holiday Stampede.
It runs right before Christmas and there's
a big prize for best all around cowgirl.
If you win,
you could keep Rodeo.
Okay, there's just one problem with that.
I have no idea how to barrel race!
Look, you're already good with Rodeo
and he was a barrel racing horse.
He was?
Yeah! And I mean I've worked him out a
couple of times. He's still pretty fast.
What kind of money are
we talking?
How do you city girls put it?
Five large?
- Five thousand dollars?
- Mhm.
And I mean competition's
not stiff this year,
so it wouldn't take too
much to get you caught up.
But I'm no expert.
But I know someone who is.
- No way.
- Yes.
Monty's been training riders and
horses since he could sit a saddle.
He knows all there is
to know about it.
Yeah, but I think my mom would like
kill me. Like actually kill me!
Not if she doesn't find
out about it.
I mean you could train here.
And besides, if you win, she'll be so
excited, she'll forget about everything else.
- I think you just want me dead.
- [scoffs]
Well, who won last year?
Uh, her name was Darlene Laves.
But she's moved out of the area
so you have a chance.
- Was she good?
- She won every competition she entered.
But you don't have to worry
about that, come on!
There you go.
Hey, did you, uh... Did you get a
chance to meet Karen's daughter yet?
Yeah, I met her
at the barn dance.
Here some back there, yeah.
She say anything
about the ranch?
No. We didn't talk
about it. Why?
Do me a favor.
If you hear anything,
you let me know, okay?
It's important.
You hear me?
All right. Yes sir.
Hey, whatever
happened with her...
her mom and you?
There some kind of history there
you're not telling me about?
Who's asking?
I mean, I'm just curious
'cause It's a small town.
Word gets around.
She broke my heart.
Yeah, we were engaged
to be married.
She got cold feet
and she went off.
Went to New York City.
Guess I just wasn't
good enough for her, huh?
Well, maybe
it wasn't your fault.
[grunts] There we go.
You're an expert
on love now, huh?
I know a thing
or two about women.
Well, I'm sure glad you do.
'Cause I don't.
Oh, my God! Look at your hair!
It is so '90s! -[laughter]
Well, it was the '90s.
Wait a minute. Is this Hugh?
He was your prom date?
You guys hate each other.
You actually look happy here.
We were happy, then.
What happened?
Life happened.
You used to ride horses?
- I did.
- Is that grandpa?
Yeah. Yeah, that's grandpa.
Why did you leave here?
I just needed a change.
Well, Nan gave me a job today.
- What? Doing what?
- I'm gonna be cleaning up around her ranch.
And it'll give me
money for Rodeo.
And I can ride him over every morning
so you don't have to take me.
What are you gonna do when we go
back to New York in two weeks?
Why don't you let me worry
about that when it happens?
Okay. I will.
I need to get over
to Judge Lawrence's office
to deal with all
of this ranch ownership stuff.
I'll be back later, okay?
All right, well, I'll see you
when you get back.
- All right.
- Good luck with everything.
- Okay. Love you.
- Love you.
I didn't know it was this bad.
These bill are like
two or three years behind.
The property taxes haven't
been paid in five years.
The state's gonna sell the ranch
before I even get a chance to sell it.
I know. I've been looking for a couple of
names for buyers who approached your dad
in his later months
if I can find them.
Do you think we can get
what it's worth?
Only if the issue of ownership and
the signed warranty deed is settled.
Why is Hugh doing this to me?
Your father and Hugh were
real close.
You can make this real simple
by reaching an agreement.
- He needs to stay out of it.
- If you wait too long, you might lose the whole thing.
He hates me. Yeah.
You're thinking with old
emotions and not with logic.
I think Hugh is just trying to protect
himself. Yeah, he's being selfish!
He's the one that's not
being logical.
All right.
I'll keep looking.
I got buyers... somewhere.
You know something?
This place is a mess.
How about this?
Why don't I come in
a couple of hours
each day and help you clean
this up? Would you like that?
I thought you had a job.
Yes, but I have writer's block
and I'm way past my deadline.
I even got an advance but that's
gonna be used on ranch bills, now.
- Ah.
- Hm?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Ma'am. Ma'am.
I know where everything is.
- It's all...
- All right. Um, do you know where your sandwich is?
My sandwich?
I've been looking for that.
- Yes.
- [laughter]
[clears throat]
Maybe you should take a few hours off
from the ranch everyday and come by here
and find some inspiration.
Yes sir. [laughter]
Here he comes.
What are you doing here?
I need your help.
Juliet needs you to train her
on Rodeo to ride barrels.
You have to enter her into the Holiday
Stampede and she's gotta win.
He's tied up over there on
the fence, so any questions?
Look, I know it sounds crazy.
The Holiday Stampede?
- We'd have to practice everyday.
- And I can do that.
It takes years to learn how to
barrel race, not weeks.
How are you
gonna beat the others?
'Cause you're my coach.
Easy now. No.
Look, I'll be the lookout.
We're in this together!
What do you say?
I say you have like a 50-1 chance to
even getting though the first round.
Monty! Come on!
We have Rodeo.
Yeah... he is the best.
Used to be.
And he still is.
And he'll do it for me.
I know it.
You know I can't say no.
Told you!
Well, then. It's decided.
Let's do this!
- Here we go.
- Let's do it!
Good boy!
By the way, did your mom ever
find a buyer for the ranch?
I don't know. Why?
Hey! Hey! Less talking,
more training! Hurry up!
- [clears throat]
- [laughing]
Hold the reins tight.
Both hands.
That way you can reach down there and
pull his head around each barrel.
Wanna hold onto that horn
whenever you need to.
Ride with your lower body.
Like that?
- Yes!
- Okay.
Rodeo hadn't done this
in a while so...
Just take it easy. Go slow. Just
get him used to the pattern again.
He's gonna wanna take off so just, uh, let him
know from the get-go that you're in control.
- Kick him hard!
- Ooh! Oh, my God!
Woah, slow down! Hold him back
- I'm trying!
- Hold him back!
Hold him back! Hold him back!
Hold him back! Woah, woah!
Oh, I wasn't ready for that!
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God!
We got a lot of work to do.
All right.
You're gonna wanna go around
each barrel from the inside out.
Rodeo goes right barrel first,
so go right first.
Remember once you gets to that
first barrel, protect your legs.
Tuck 'em in.
Whenever he gets that last barrel,
make sure you have control.
'Cause once he hangs
that last turn,
he's just gonna want
to book it home.
Okay. All right, let's
see what you got.
Woo! Woah!
- Hi.
- How was your first day at Nan's?
It was good. After we
finished work over there,
Nan showed me how to
barrel race on Rodeo.
Barrel racing?
Well, how did that come about?
I don't know. There's something
called a Holiday Stampede.
And it happens
around Christmas time.
I don't know, she thought
I might want to try it.
Mm, my dad always used to try
to get me to do those.
- Did you ever do 'em?
- Unh-unh. I never made the time.
Well, she seems to think
that Rodeo is fast enough
and if he wins, he could win some
money and then I can keep him.
Oh, honey, I don't mean to be discouraging
but that seems like a bit of a longshot.
You know?
Well, if I tried at it
every day, you never know.
It's all right, isn't it?
Sure, as long as you're careful.
Of course.
I'm gonna go brush him.
Hey, what are you gonna do
about your friends?
What do you mean?
You know, your
friends in the city.
You haven't talked to them
since you've been here.
I suppose they'll still be
there when I get back.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Mom.
There you go, boy.
You're a good boy, aren't you?
He is special, all right.
Mr. Anderson.
We go by first names
around here.
Of course.
How's your mother doing?
She's fine.
With all the unpaid bills
in this place...
Figured she might be
in a... tough spot.
I found him, you know?
I found him
at an auction upstate.
And I... I knew he was special
when I saw him.
You could...
You could see it in his eyes.
- Why did my mom leave here?
- Hm.
- She never told you?
- No.
things just don't work out.
But... I'm sure glad
he likes you, Rodeo.
You both deserve it.
Tell your mother...
Let's get this thing settled
and... done with.
We can both move on again
once we do.
There's parts of this office
I haven't seen in years.
Yeah, well, it helps me take out
my frustrations on the ranch.
- Any luck with the writing?
- No.
Everything is so distracting.
Hmm. Maybe you should've
stayed in New York.
Don't think that hasn't
crossed my mind.
You know, I was... I was
thinking about what you said.
Maybe I've been
too hard on Hugh.
Well, he spent almost twenty
years helping your dad.
He deserves some credit.
Can I confess something?
Yes ma'am.
I'm scared.
I'm scared of losing the ranch. I'm...
I'm scared of losing my daughter.
I don't know the difference
between right and wrong anymore.
The truth is I feel lost.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
It's just that I've spent so long
coasting with this false bravado,
pretending that I'm this...
expert on love and romance.
And I'm not.
It sold a lot of books.
I don't think
I can do this anymore.
I mean, c'mon. How can someone write about
love and... and the hope and the joy
and the excitement of it all if they can't
even remember what it was like for themselves
in the first place?
I have no answer for that.
I'm a big fake.
Good morning, Jasmine.
How you doing?
Good morning, I'm good.
How about you?
- Oh, great. Thank you.
- What you got?
- Uh, I need to record that.
- All right. Let's see.
- Everything looks accurate.
- Excellent.
- Ten bucks, right?
- Ten dollars. Let me give you your receipt, here.
- Perfect. Hey, Merry Christmas to you.
- Thanks, you too.
[truck pulls up]
Hi there.
Is Pete around?
Uh, no. He's not. I'm his
daughter, Karen Rogers.
Can I help you?
I'm Bill Atterbury. Do you
know when he will be back?
No. No, no, he...
He won't be back.
My father passed away
a month ago.
That's... I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
Your dad and Huey Anderson
trained all my new horses.
I have a big place across town.
- Is the ranch yours now?
- Yes!
Yes it is!
I'm gonna sell it if you know anyone
that might be interested in buying it.
Actually, I'd be interested.
- Really?
- Very interested.
Well, okay, Mr. Atterbury. Why don't you
come on in? I'll make you some lunch.
- All right. Thank you.
- 'Kay, c'mon. Yeah.
It's like a revolving door around here. Used
to be people had to call for an appointment.
Don't take it personal. I did try to call you
but... damn cell phone never works around here.
Yeah, I just had a young girl
complaining about that the other day.
Uh, I wanna drop this off to
you, Judge... warranty deed.
I got it recorded,
and I got it notarized.
Are you sure you wanna do this?
I was hoping you two
would work things out.
Well... it's been twenty years.
I just don't think
the woman's gonna change.
I understand. I understand.
Uh, I'm gonna hold this
until we get it resolved.
If Pete had a will,
you would tell me, right?
Yes, I would! Honestly, Hugh, I can't
remember ever him saying anything like that.
All right.
- You've been doing some Christmas cleaning here, huh?
- Yeah, I've been cleaning up
pretty good around here lately.
It's... pretty messy.
- I'm taking care of it.
- It's looking good.
Well, I thank you, sir.
Appreciate it kindly.
I have never seen you
like this before.
You are really having trouble
with this book, aren't you?
Oh, my gosh. Yes.
I think it's all this stuff with
Hugh and the ranch and lalalala...
Hugh and I...
used to be together.
We were engaged.
- What?
- Yeah.
For a long time I wanted to be
a rancher's wife and um...
And all of a sudden, I was
introduced to this world of writing.
It was awesome. Growing up here
wasn't always fun and games.
I can imagine that.
'Specially after my mom died.
I was only ten.
And... I was
all my dad had left.
He really latched onto me
really hard and...
And then I met Hugh,
which was great.
But my dad was... pressuring me to
marry him and before I knew it,
he had my whole life planned out
for me and I had no say in it.
And then one day, I sold my very first short
story right here at this kitchen table.
It was so cool.
And suddenly, I had
this opportunity to go
somewhere else,
anywhere but here and...
become a writer.
[laughs] So excited.
My dad, he had a fit.
He did not want me to leave.
- What about Hugh?
- Oh, Hugh.
Hugh wouldn't even consider
going to New York with me.
I mean I guess I don't
blame him but...
Whatever it was we had ended
when we left.
I thought you really loved him.
Oh... I loved that man so much.
But love doesn't conquer all.
I felt like him and my dad were
taking each other's side against me.
And I just wanted
to be supported and...
I got mad, and I left,
and I never looked back.
Do you ever regret
going to New York?
No. Never.
I got you out
of the deal, didn't I?
I never told you this but...
your grandpa paid for all the riding
lessons you took in the city.
He was adamant about the fact
his granddaughter better know
how to ride a horse
if she ever came back here.
That's pretty awesome.
Um, I found this.
My daddy gave this to me the
Christmas after my mom died.
It always reminds me
of Christmas.
I want you to have it, baby.
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
Well, then don't you think
it's time to decorate the tree?
Yeah. I'm sure we can find
a few odds and ends
around here to make that work.
[breathes heavily]
It'll look great.
It's not hard, right?
- No!
- Right?
Then inside out.
You wanna kick him here.
On that side of the barrel.
Come on! Come this way!
Uptown. Around town.
Nice! Romance.
- Take your time.
- Mean it!
Take him home! That's it!
You're such a good boy.
Ooh wee, Rodeo
You know, you're getting
better at this every day.
I've never seen anyone learn
to run barrels so fast.
I'm lying to my mom and it's
really starting to bother me.
It's just
for a little while longer.
- Can I just tell her?
- No!
Not until after the competition.
You owe that to Rodeo.
What's gonna happen
after I leave?
Are you talking
about Rodeo or Monty?
Well, you can board
Rodeo up here.
I don't know about Monty.
What if I don't win? I can't
stand to think about losing.
So don't lose.
Hey, good boy.
How you feeling?
Good. I think Rodeo's
a little sore though.
What about you?
- Only when I sit.
- [laughter]
How long do you think we can
hide this from my mom and Hugh?
I don't even wanna think
about it.
You're doing so good.
You know what? You're a natural.
Thank you.
So weird. I...
You know, sometimes it feels like...
I was never even in the city,
as weird as that sounds.
Sounds like you found happiness.
Yeah, I am pretty happy.
I thought
I was happy there, too. So...
I don't know.
Sometimes I feel like
I don't wanna go back.
Well, you know what? I don't
even want you to leave either.
You know what? Let's
just take a break for today.
Go for a ride.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I know a sweet little spot
that's nearby.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, I don't think I've ever
taken anybody here before.
You look so beautiful.
You ready?
- Yep.
- All right.
Let's go, Rodeo.
Oh, no! Oh! Oh, no! Mom alert!
Mom alert!
Come on! Less lead!
Bring him home! Bring him home!
You just tied the record
for your division!
Yeah, well, a tie isn't a win.
You ride like that at
Stampede and it will be.
- Easy, buddy.
- Good job.
- That was amazing!
- Juliet, your mom is here! Juliet! Juliet!
- What?
- Yes!
- Hide!
- What?
Go! Hide!
- Hey!
- Hello, Ms. Rogers.
- What are you doing here?
- I came to see you ride!
- [stuttering] Great.
- She's doing a great job!
[laughing] Okay, awesome!
Okay, can I... I just need
to tell you something, okay?
- What's going on?
- I...
She just wants to tell you
that she's doing a great job!
And you are.
You're doing great. You are.
- Yeah, that's what I wanted to say.
- Well, that's great.
- Doing a great job.
- Great.
- Yeah!
- Well, I wanna see a practice run.
No! Uh, well we wanted it
to be a surprise, right?
- Yeah, a surprise!
- Yeah!
No, stop it. I wanna
see a practice run.
You know what, Ms. Rodgers?
You are just the best mom
a friend of mine has ever had.
Hm. Okay, why are you being so
nice, and what's happening here?
Mom, it's Nan. She's a weirdo.
We know these things.
He's not here.
He's in court all day.
Well, look at you.
You always know
how to surprise me.
Sweet talking isn't
gonna get you anywhere.
Was worth a shot, wasn't it?
Well, how about this one?
I read all your books.
- Aw, you learned to read?
- I did! I did!
One of my favorites...
Not the favorite...
One of my favorites was...
"Sister of Seven Gables."
You know why? I liked that little
twisty thing at the end when they find
the hidden treasure in the barn.
That was good.
But my all time favorite...
All time favorite...
"The Winds from Far, Far Away."
You know why?
'Cause that lady-doctor
fakes her own death just so she can be with
her long lost one true love. Her soulmate.
You know, I never stopped believing that
you would come back and here you are.
Then why are we fighting?
[sighs] Well...
It's because
of what your dad wanted.
He wanted us to share the ranch.
Your dad didn't want us
to be apart. Ever.
My dad was very stubborn.
- Yeah. And so are you.
- So are you.
Why is it so hard for you
to accept us sharing the ranch?
'Cause I don't want to.
People don't change, Hugh.
Karen. If I can learn to read,
you can change.
What do you think
about all this, Rodeo? Hm?
Think we're ready?
[door opens]
Found the will.
Says half...
What's on your mind, Uncle Hugh?
Well, just thinking
about the ranch.
Thinking about Karen.
Hey, can I borrow that truck?
Take Rodeo to Holiday Stampede?
And Juliet's doing pretty good.
She might have a chance.
She tell you that?
Nan mentioned it.
You've been training her?
No. Why would I do that?
You can't lie to me, Monty.
As soon as I see how she rides, the way
she sits the horse, the way she reins.
I'll know you trained her.
Look, I didn't want her
to lose the horse.
- It's her grandpa's horse.
- Now, you know I would never let Rodeo go to a stranger.
That horse is family.
All right.
Does her mother know?
We've been keeping it a secret.
You know her mother blames me for
this whole ranch mess, right?
I'm sorry, all right?
I wasn't thinking.
Yeah, you were thinking,
all right.
Look, you're making it worse.
Now, don't go
putting this on me.
You're the one
who stepped in it.
Hey. Come here.
Listen. Come here.
Listen, look at me. You know
I love you like a son, right?
- Yeah.
- Like my own damn son.
I'm gonna call Karen and I'm gonna
have a reason to borrow him.
And you are gonna tell her
what's been going on.
- Yeah.
- Not a good idea.
Finish cleaning that bucket out.
- Yeah.
- Did you know about this?
Karen. I just found out. That's why
we're here. What is the big deal?
Were you afraid that I might hear something
from Monty about what you do at the ranch?
Wait a minute, have you been
spying on me?
- No, it wasn't like that.
- Wait, all of this was a lie?
No, look! I wanted you to win.
Hold on a second.
She's out of the competition.
Mom! What? Please don't say that.
I have to win for Rodeo. Please!
You should've thought about
that before you lied to me.
What have you been doing to me my entire
life? Your whole life here was a lie.
- Mom.
- There are no...
- Take the horse!
- We're done.
- Mom! Please just hear me out!
- No, Juliet!
Hear me out.
I've worked so hard.
- A lie is a lie.
- All we did was train for the barrel race. That's it!
- Seems like more than that to me.
- It was one kiss!
- Okay, but he's a good guy.
- Not good enough, Juliet.
[knocking] [door opens]
- Oh, God.
- We need to talk.
- I don't wanna talk to you.
- I do not want to see this ranch
or that horse to go to anybody that does
not know how much your daddy loved them.
I understand! I get it, okay?
I found my father's will.
It was in Judge Lawrence's office.
I understand.
You were right! You get half!
Are you happy?
- And you weren't gonna tell me?
- No, I just found out about it today!
Then why are we putting the kids in the
middle of this? This is not their fault.
I know.
I know it's not their fault.
But right now I feel like
nothing makes sense to me.
I wanna sell the ranch.
I wanna get rid of the horse.
I wanna get out of here.
I just want
some closure in my life.
Karen, I told you
you were always the one.
Coming back here has stirred up all
of these memories and I just...
I wanna run away again. And I
know that I can't, but I want to.
I am so tired of running.
Then stop running.
Accept what you got.
You are surrounded by people...
Good folks who love you.
I know.
- I got a confession to make you.
- [laughter]
I went to New York,
and I tried to find you.
When I found out
you were getting married.
I felt like I had to find you.
To tell you that it was okay.
To let you know that...
I understood.
I never knew that.
I've never stopped loving you.
You know that.
Come here.
- God, you smell good.
- [laughter]
So sorry, boy.
You worked so hard.
I really think
we would've won, though.
I can't let all this hard work
go to waste.
Monty's hauling you
to the competition.
Oh, my. Mom, thank you!
I'm so sorry, baby.
I'm sorry that I lied to you.
Thank you. Your grandfather
would be so proud of you.
- Hi.
- [laughter]
- Right. 'Cause...
- [laughter]
Look, I may have been
helping out my uncle at first,
but ever since
that barn dance 'til now,
it came straight from my heart.
I know.
Look, I just wanted
to be near you.
You're smart. You're funny.
You're such an amazing person.
I don't care if you go
to the far end of there.
I'm gonna find a way
to keep you in my life.
That's a big promise to make.
- Ehh.
- [laughter]
Aah, I love it!
Juliet, now, if you do everything Monty
taught you to do, follow Rodeo's lead,
and don't fall off the horse!
You just might win this thing.
All right. Now, Monty is probably the
finest horse trainer in this entire state.
- I'm not just saying that.
- I don't know about that.
Nah, you're even better than me.
You just get out there
and have a good time, okay?
- That's all.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Winning isn't everything.
I mean it is
for five thousand dollars so...
Well, get out there
and win, then! Come on!
- Okay.
- Okay.
You got this!
- I do!
- You nervous?
- No!
- I'll see you out there.
Okay. Okay.
What is Dar Laves doing here?
Nan said that she moved away!
Where is Nan?
All right, look. Darlene's
tough, but you're tougher, okay?
Just stick to everything
I taught you.
You'll be good. You'll be fine.
Well, it's everybody's favorite
time of year again.
The Christmas season and the
41st annual Holiday Stampede.
We've got competitors
from all over the state.
So, settle in, relax,
and let's have a good time.
[country western music playing]
Get the horses ready,
the saddles on
The lower 600 acres
can be leased out for haying,
there's more than enough
room for more boarders,
- and Monty and I will be training horses.
- Wait a minute.
Are you making an offer? The
competition's about to start.
I know. I'm giving you
my half of the ranch.
If the place doesn't earn
it's keep first year, sell it.
But if it does, if it makes
a profit, I want half.
And I want to be partners.
What if I say yes? Hm.
What so proudly
We hailed
At the twilight's last...
Our first contestant is
Ms. Tanya Wells on Super Tramp!
Ready when you are, Tanya.
[announcer shouts]
Sixteen point five seconds!
Give her a big hand, everyone!
Up next, we've got a newcomer.
- Juliet Rodgers and her horse, Rodeo.
- Come on, Juliet!
This is our time, all right?
Let's go, Rodeo.
Yeah! Go, Juliet!
- Woo!
- C'mon, Juliet!
- C'mon, baby!
- Kick 'em! Kick 'em! Let's go!
- [cheering]
- Yeah, Juliet!
Come on, Juliet!
Not bad, folks.
Not bad for a newcomer.
Sixteen point two seconds!
Nice start, Juliet!
Good job! Great run.
Great run. Aah.
Yeah, but I can't believe we're actually
racing against the best racers!
My friends from New York would
never believe I just did that!
You're riding like a pro.
All right, let's watch.
Here's last year's champion,
Darlene Laves!
[country western music playing]
Ladies and gentlemen, we're seeing
some great barrel racing today!
Some of the best
we've seen in a while!
Yeah! Yeah!
[horse whinnies]
And there's another fantastic run.
Sixteen point six seconds!
These girls are
turning up the heat!
Look, you've got two great runs.
All we need is one more.
Yeah, well, you can actually
beat these guys.
Yeah, I think we're both
just a little bit tired.
Nah, Rodeo's fine.
Look, he can do this all day.
This time you just gotta
buckle down and suck it up.
You sound like a football coach,
not a horse trainer. [laughing]
C'mon, girl, just one more run
and we can go home.
- I'm gonna go watch, okay?
- Help me.
Here's Tanya Wells, again.
Look, I've been keeping track.
You gotta get at least
15.75 to beat Darlene.
All right. By the way, tomorrow,
when this is all over, will you
take me to that oak grove?
All right.
All right, it's the last run
for our newest
and brightest flame,
Juliet Rodgers
and her horse, Rodeo.
- Go, Juliet!
- Jut one more time, all right?
- Let's go, Rodeo.
- [cheering]
Yes, Juliet! Woo!
Run that barrel! There you go!
- Kick 'em up, let's go!
- Woo!
Come on, Juliet!
Rodeo and Juliet, let's go!
Bring it home!
Holy smokes, baby!
Did you see that?
Juliet Rodgers has set
a new arena record!
Fifteen point six seconds!
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
That was awesome.
Good job. Great job.
- Great job.
- Good boy, Rodeo.
- How'd it feel?
- It was amazing!
I think I found my story!
- I think I'll like this one.
- Yeah, I think you will.
- Let's go, c'mon!
- Well, our final contestant
certainly has her work
set out for her.
Last year's champion,
Darlene Laves
and her horse, Cosmo!
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you
had your eyes open for that one.
You may never see that again.
Back to back arena records.
Darlene's time...
fifteen point four seconds!
Two tenths of a second
faster than Juliet!
Once again, Darlene Laves is
our overall champion.
[horse neighs]
So unfair.
She was better.
- Look, hey. I'm sorry.
- What for?
- We made one heck of an impression, right?
- One heck of an impression.
You know, you broke
the arena record.
Yeah, and it lasted
about two minutes.
Two tenths of a second!
Will you just go
talk to him, already?
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Okay.
- Oh, honey! I'm sorry!
- It's okay. It's okay.
He did such a good job.
I'm proud of him.
You came so close,
I'm so proud of you!
This change
your mind about selling?
Stop. Of course, of course.
Oh, Mr. Atterbury. We're not
looking to sell the ranch anymore.
I'm not here for that.
I just heard Monty trained
your daughter
to do that in 3 weeks.
He's the best.
Hugh, why don't you and Monty
come to my place after Christmas?
I got a dozen new horses I want
these two youngsters to train
and get them on the pro circuit.
If Juliet can ride any one of them
like she just rode that horse today,
I'll give you
a $4,000 bonus per horse.
- $4,000?
- Yes, ma'am.
- I'm in.
- All right.
- You got yourself a deal, Mr. Atterbury.
- Thank you, sir.
- You bet.
- All right, y'all have a Merry Christmas.
- Knock knock.
- Judge! Merry Christmas!
- Hi!
- Am I at the right house?
Thank you. Hey.
- One for you.
- Ah, wow.
It's so... so cheerful in here.
- That's because you're here.
- Ah.
That's right.
Uh, are you writing?
- Yes, I'm writing. Merry Christmas!
- Cool.
- Merry Christmas!
- Good deal!
This is a miracle.
You two together
in the same place and...
- you're not choking each other.
- [laughing]
- Well, you see, we came to an agreement.
- Yeah, a mutual one.
- Mhm.
- What's that?
- Well, as husband and wife.
- [giggling]
- We're getting married!
- Haha, yes!
And guess who's gonna marry us?
- You are!
- Yeah!
You're not a kidder!
All right,
where is Monty and Juliet?
What do you think?
- I'm up for it.
- Yeah?
- On the count of three?
- Sure.
All right.
Let's go, Rodeo.
[Rodeo neighs]
[country western music playing]
The horses ready,
the saddles on
You've entered
in a barrel-racing zone
Got your cowgirl hat,
don't forget to breathe
People in the bleachers,
judges in the seats
No tracks in the dirt,
just waiting for a race
It all starts,
out of the gate
Turn to the right,
two turns around the left
The tighter you turn,
the faster you get
Always remember
the golden barrel rule
Knock one down,
you up and lose
The faint of heart
can't stand the pace
It all starts,
out of the gate
Out of the gate
The world flies by
Out of the gate
You never feel more alive
Life, love, and barrel races
All start out of the gate
Life, love, and barrel races
All start out of the gate