Rogue Warfare (2019) Movie Script

You may think you know me,
you don't.
You think you
understand my cause,
you don't.
Does this image of me
make you think?
Does it make you feel something?
Think of your life,
your friends, your family.
Can you see them, are they
crystal-clear in your mind?
Now, set that image on fire,
the image of everything you know
surrounded by flames.
Your world despises us,
robs our lands
with the promise of freedom.
Your freedom enslaves
our beliefs in the lockbox
of forever Western ideals.
You lied to my people.
You choke on the promises
of tomorrow.
The image of my family,
my culture and beliefs
ripped away and replaced
with an establishment
that we did not elect
or agree to.
That is my freedom.
The freedom to be enslaved.
Your Western world tells
my people to "suck it up".
But this mission is for you.
We are supposed
to sit back and watch
as you run wild
across our lands.
For what?
A better life?
A better cause?
Is this a better cause?
You live your happy lives
a million miles away,
while my people live caged
in your zoo,
on display for all to see.
You walk past our cages
thinking nothing of us
or your failed ideas.
For 16 years, you have held my
country and my people hostage.
The world will say
I am a monster.
I'm the monster
of the perfect design
because your government
created me.
Take a good look.
This war is far beyond
the sands of my homeland.
This war is global.
These lands around me
are ruled with no laws...
no justice, no feelings
or remorse.
If you are still wondering
what pushes my motive,
what makes my cause
more than just an idea?
Ask yourself one question.
Can you still see that image
of your life in your mind?
Have you applied what I said?
Have the flames burned
that image to ashes...
ashes blowing away in the winds
of distant memory
of what was once our lives.
Those memories are the same
in my mind.
They are images of what we
used to know and understand.
Does that still make
me the monster...
or does it make me the hero?
Watch this.
Get them!
They're right in there!
No, please, leave them alone!
Do you know who I am?
We have nothing.
We are...
We are a peaceful village.
I'm begging you.
Let us go.
You know why I'm here?
We're in this fight together,
do you understand?
We are not soldiers.
We are innocent.
No one is innocent.
Even your son.
He must fight for us.
Otherwise, he is my enemy.
We're not your enemy.
This is not our fight.
Not your fight? Look around you.
They have destroyed everything.
Do you think they
will not do this to you?
Lambs waiting to be slaughtered.
The war is raging, lines in
the sand have been drawn.
You're either with me
or against me.
Make your choice.
Please, please.
No! No, no, not my son! No!
Oh, no.
Don't you understand?
This is war!
I will not ask you again!
No! Oh, no.
Please, please, please!
If there must be bloodshed
for you, well, take my life!
But please don't...
Don't take... don't take hers.
Run! Run! Please!
Our world grows
darker with each passing day.
A new organization, while small,
invests the Middle East and
threatens international peace.
Since 9/11, the United States
and our international allies
have invested,
contained, and sacrificed
for the safety of our
great nations in the world.
Once again, we will be tested.
We will be challenged
by our adversaries,
and we will not allow
our ideals,
our freedom to fade
into darkness.
Since the Second World War,
a select group of nations,
those nations credited with
overthrowing Nazi Germany,
and the Empire of Japan
have combined
to become the world's core
Security Council.
International politics aside,
our countries have always
come together to stamp out
the world's evil.
Our nations
had been tested before,
and we will once again rise up.
We will overcome this enemy.
Together, our nations,
the United States,
China, France,
Russia, and the United Kingdom
will again join forces
to overthrow the enemy.
This list of names has been put
forward by each nation
to lead us in our time of need.
And this mission will test
each of these
fine men and women
on every level.
I sign this letter in support
of our international coalition
and with the seal
of this office,
I officially give our support
to this global cause.
Project Rogue is officially
a green light.
Do you need anything else, sir?
I need this transcribed.
Get it over
to the Pentagon ASAP.
Welcome, sir. Thank you.
How are we looking?
Good, sir. The team is
waiting for you.
If you follow me, I have
your war room set up.
Lead the way.
Marino. Sir.
We've access to satellites.
Comm links for mission, armory,
everything you need.
The file you requested.
Team? I'll get them now.
No need for formalities,
as you were.
You've all met, so we
can skip introductions.
Your respective countries
have deemed you
the best at what you do.
What I'm going to ask you to do
will test you on every level.
These missions
are off the record.
No one outside this room
will know who you are,
or what we're about to do.
Sever any ties back home,
at least for now.
Our enemies are unique.
Intel from the CIA
and our European allies
have pinpointed Muhammad Aabib
as our first person of interest.
He's an arms dealer
to terrorist groups
throughout the Middle East
and has ties to the Black Masks.
Black Masks?
A bad group with ruthless
intentions, leadership unknown.
That's what makes Aabib
a key asset.
Small town north of here
is his last known location.
We believe he's still there.
This our first mission.
Due to the urgency
and current Intel,
we'll forego any bonding
and training exercises.
Get along and do your jobs.
Yes, sir!
Excellent, let's get this done.
This should be interesting.
Yeah, no rules.
Hey, everything we do
has an impact.
Let's find these guys.
Let's just get
one thing straight.
Keep your weapons up
and stay out of my way.
Excuse me.
Watch all our sixes,
not just your seal sisters.
Let it go, brother.
Yeah, James, let it go.
Listen to locks of love.
Why don't you chill out, Ralph?
We've been here all of
five minutes, all right?
Knives your thing?
Cool, cool, cool.
It's time.
It's like the first day
of school. We got this.
two minutes out, approaching LZ.
Happy hunting.
Hey, keep your eyes peeled.
We don't know what we're
walking into. On me, guys.
No, on me.
Is this how it's going to be?
Just keep moving, Chris.
Copy that.
One POI.
I got this, mate.
Give it a beat.
Oy, I was on my vacation.
Now I'm in the middle of
the desert with you lot.
Go, team.
Cover him.
Welcome to the party, mate.
POI means person of interest.
That man was clearly
He could have had intel.
Move, move!
Come on, come on.
Nothing here, keep moving.
I don't take orders from you.
He's not who we came for.
Everyone here's a target.
You heard Brisco... ruthless.
Guys, now is not the time.
Xu, Jacques, far side, copy!
All right. Move, move!
Let's go, let's go!
Bring 'em up, main screen.
Don't move!
Move away from the table!
Oh, shit! Move!
Get out! Get out!
You're all dead.
Galina, get what you can. Move!
On it.
Package secure.
Good work. Bring him home.
Fucking American assholes!
American? What the fuck?
Trust me!
I'm fucking French!
Galina, let's go.
We got to move!
Twenty seconds.
There's shit everywhere!
Come on,
we're running out of time!
Fuck! Med pack, James.
Move, move!
Med pack, med pack!
Man down, man down!
Man down.
Goddamn it,
get that headset back on!
I need a new evac route.
Let's go! Move, move!
Come on, James!
Fuck! Lay down.
Yo, pull it out, pull it out!
Chris, Chris, Chris. Look at me.
Fuck! Come on, Chris.
Look at me. Look at me.
Oh fuck, he's fucking... Aah!
Give me that fucking gun!
- Chris, Chris, Chris!
- Commander Brisco!
Stay with me, okay?
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Fuck. Give me one more, more!
You guys got to go!
Galina, cut the fucking cord!
Galina, cut the cord!
Come on. Eyes open, eyes open!
Pull, pull!
Go, go, go!
We're coming in hot!
Jesus Christ, the whole town's
alive. Where's that evac route?
New evac map on screen.
Daniel, move south. Fifty yards
ahead, there's an alley.
Go right.
That's the exit out of town.
What the fuck is going on?
Weapons free, weapons free!
Enemy... There!
Move, move, move!
I cover you guys!
Move! Move!
Let's go! Let's move!
We've reached the alley!
Keep moving!
Exit clear!
James, come on.
I need your help.
We're losing him.
Fuck! Ah, fuck.
Chris, Chris, Chris.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
There's more coming!
Come on, come on.
I can slow them down!
Come on!
Grenade out! Take cover!
Chris, Chris, look at me.
Stay with me. Hey, hey, hey.
It's gonna be all right.
No, no. Hey, hey, hey!
We're gonna get you home,
okay? Bandages!
We're not out of this yet!
Hold the line!
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Xu, Xu, adrenaline shot.
Adrenaline shot.
Let's go, let's go. Come on.
Chris, Chris, look at me.
Stay with me.
Let's go. Let's go. Hey, what
the fuck you doing? Come on!
Hey, Chris, stay with me.
He's losing a lot of blood!
I count half a dozen
moving down the street.
Come on, come on.
What's your count?
Six, maybe more!
We have to find a way out!
Xu, we need you up here with us!
On it!
Okay, okay.
All right, here we go.
Okay, we're gonna get you home.
No, no, no, no, no.
Mag reload!
We're losing track.
Come on, move back!
Let's go! Let's go.
How is he?
He's gone.
Let's get him home.
He's gone.
On final, right face.
Bear right,
clear left, clear to land.
We have one KIA.
I know today was hard.
You all did your jobs.
We have to keep moving forward.
Detail to secure Chris' body.
Yes, sir. We're on it.
What did you find?
I have a pack full of intel.
Get that to the war room.
Yes, sir.
Start going through it.
Debrief, one hour.
That was intense.
What did you expect?
More like fucked up.
You heard the commander.
We have to push forward.
What happened today
can't hold us back
from completing our mission.
You know what you signed up for.
We are being hunted.
Not sure. It could be.
But they continue to lurk
in the shadows of our cause.
What's the damage?
One of our villages was
hit early in the morning.
Aabib's outpost.
We are still looking
into what was taken.
If he had any information
about our mission,
they could follow the trail
leading them back to us.
And Aabib?
He's dead.
You predicted they will come.
We always expected a fight.
From the beginning.
Not to worry.
They think they are
fighting back-yard clowns
with a rusty AK,
with no concept of war...
but soon they will realize
who they are dealing with
in this battle.
We'll continue as planned.
Always ahead,
always on the move...
our plans will go forward.
Do you fear them?
You cannot instill fear into
something as simple as an idea.
Fear is mental.
It's an emotion that can be
turned on and off,
like water running from a hose.
A million of their soldiers
can cover these lands,
raid our villages,
but they will win nothing...
change nothing.
The smallest being
poses the greatest threats
to their idea and way of life.
I do not fear them.
I do not fear anyone.
What about Aabib?
He was coward. Weak.
His work has
run its course for us.
His arrogance and carelessness
landed him in the grave.
I pray for his family,
but I do not mourn his loss.
Loss feeds our need to push on.
Our faith in you as our leader
has never been stronger.
The men and women
who stand by our side...
do not doubt our cause.
Our mission is clear.
Our path might be rocky
but we will not let one loss
define the moves we make.
I want what you have ready to
move forward to our next camp.
We will continue
preparing the weapons
and prepare the camp
to be moved.
Do not doubt my resolve.
We will win this war.
I never doubted you.
You are feared
across these lands.
Your strength will lead us.
Loyalty is something
much bigger than fear.
Assembled men with an idea
is much stronger than any bomb
you can ever build.
I understand.
Our men will follow suit
and achieve our mission.
will not be tolerated.
Mistakes cannot be made.
We are on course
to change the world.
To accomplish great things,
we must be ready
to sacrifice everything.
I am ready to lay down
my life for you...
for the cause.
We have come too far
for failure.
Let them come.
They'll discover the meaning
behind the masks
and be met with the swift,
crushing blow
of our clenched fists.
They begged for their war.
A war is what they will get.
They finally have met
their match on the battlefield.
We stand with you.
Make it known around camp.
I want them to be ready
for anything.
If what you say is true,
I want everyone to be ready
at a moment's notice.
What do you think?
Laptops are up and running.
Still trying to pull data.
Other than that,
all we have are these maps.
Each map is different
in a few ways,
but all end up
pointing to one area.
This patch of desert
just south of us.
Nothing there on the scanners,
but to have it on each map,
it makes me think
something's there.
Commander. Sir.
What do you have for me?
The computers are running the
decryption of the laptop data,
and we found something
on these maps.
We found a stretch of desert
just south of us.
Nothing there, that we know of.
Each map has the same area mark,
possible hideout.
Get a satellite over that area.
We might just have found
ourselves a new location.
Good work.
He was a true warrior.
Now one of the best.
We've been through the shit
more than a few times.
I didn't think we were
gonna make it out of that one.
We fought hard.
We stayed in there.
We made it home.
All right, brother.
To those before us,
to those among us,
and to those we shall see
on the other side.
Lord, let us not prove unworthy
of our brothers.
What? Nothing.
Spit it out, mate.
What the fuck happened
out there?
What the fuck is that
supposed to mean?
You really think
you're all that, don't you?
You want to make this real?
Hey! Hey, hey!
Hey! Hey, hey, break it up!
Break it up! Break it up.
Keep your fucking dog off me!
Watch your fucking back!
Hey, calm down.
Look at me. Look at me.
That asshole thinks
he's a one-man army,
while our brother
lays dead in there!
Hey, I didn't kill him!
Give me two fucking seconds,
all right?
Look at me. Huh?
It's nobody's fault.
It's them. They did this.
Now what would Chris want
from us? Hmm?
What would he say
if he were here right now,
and I was the one in the bag?
The mission.
Exactly, the mission.
Now all we got is each other.
Okay. All right?
I don't care what background
or what country you're from.
None of that shit matters.
It's not about you or you or me.
So cut this shit out.
Let's get our heads in the game.
We've got a long road ahead.
A lot of people counting on us.
No. Something's off
with these images.
What is it?
They like to hide in
plain sight, right?
Satellite, zoom in
for better look.
Yes, sir.
Zoom in, keep going.
Hold it right there.
Those coordinates match the map.
Yes, sir.
We're in the right area.
Those tents?
Yeah, it looks abandoned.
Abandoned tents in the middle
of nowhere. Highly unlikely.
What are they up to?
Could be a supply area,
a weapons outpost.
During the Iraq War, we found
outposts all over the place.
Scattered tent cities. Right.
Their main goal was
to supply surrounding towns
with weapons and ammo
to fight our troops.
That's where they are.
Get a transport.
We go in at first light.
Yes, sir.
I'm telling you,
the food in France
is better than
anywhere in the world.
Not true.
What do you know?
All your food is the same.
I like Chinese food.
I could eat that about now.
Yeah? Compared to French,
always stuffing things.
My friends,
you have not lived until...
That shit reeks!
What? Really?
Everyone else?
Right here.
The intel you people snagged
is looking like a good lead.
We have eyes on a location of
interest just south of here.
Task is simple. Go in,
check it out. Maybe get lucky.
What's the count on the ground?
Nothing from satellite footage,
but don't take it to heart.
Be ready for anything.
Copy that.
We don't want to attract
any undue attention,
so our bird's going to drop you
two klicks below the target.
Get ready.
Wipe your face, son.
You're a soldier,
not a food critic.
A lot of ground to
cover down there, guys. Be thorough.
Three, out front.
Anything else?
Main entrance is covered,
but not by much.
Nice, little setup,
probably enough here
to supply a small town.
Jacques, you're with me.
Xu, Ralph and James,
you take the west end.
Okay, bro, we got this.
Galina, you know what to do.
Let's move.
Okay, people,
let's get that feed up.
My mission is before me,
and the enemy is around me.
My mission.
I got one at twelve o'clock.
It's on your go.
Nice work, Galina.
Repositioning now
to the far side.
All clear.
Come on. Where is everyone?
It's way too quiet out here.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Keep moving.
You ready? On three. One.
Two. Three.
What is all this stuff?
Everything you need
to make a bomb. Wires, timers.
Bomb room. They're making
a bomb or made one.
Commander, we found something.
Go ahead.
We found parts
for making a bomb.
Jacques thinks
it's something big.
I think we have a problem.
Shit. Sir, I think we have
a dirty bomb in play.
Here we go.
We have company!
Yeah, no shit!
Move, move!
Contact! Contact!
Contact, contact!
Copy that. Contact, contact.
Keep moving. What's your 20?
We're moving south!
Moving south, exit to ten.
Guys? They're moving your way.
don't give away your position.
they're coming right to you.
Daniel, we have contact.
Right about your position!
Stay forward side,
coming your way!
We should push forward.
Push forward!
Fucking rat's maze.
I hate fucking rats.
Changing mag.
Taking heavy fire!
Push forward!
Get out of there now! No shit.
Hang tight. I'm moving.
I'm out! I'm changing!
Fuck, they're everywhere.
Hold the fucking line!
We have to keep pushing forward.
Move! Fire!
Target acquired.
About fucking time!
This is our chance. Let's move!
Daniel, we're moving
to your position!
Copy. We're on the south side!
Now! Coming in!
This way!
Move, move, move!
Damn it!
What are you doing?
What the fuck?
Cover me. Hey, on my six!
On it!
Nice, Xu.
Ow! Fuck. I count three ahead!
Maybe more.
They're moving closer.
Ten seconds! Not enough time!
Come on. Come on.
Guys, more company coming,
60 seconds.
We're dug in, north side!
Coming at our one.
Move, move, move! Shit!
Moving back into tent village.
Xu, we have to go now.
Go, I meet you.
Marino. Yes, sir.
Get a bird in the air right now.
They're coming for us, sir!
About fucking time!
Ralph, James, where are you?
Between the tents.
We're coming back now.
Circle up! Aah, fuck!
You're good? Yeah, yeah.
Keep moving!
Copy that!
I count 18.
Fuck, they're everywhere.
How much time?
Ten minutes.
Galina, move.
I need you to cover
for extraction.
There's too many.
Too many of them.
We have to split up.
No, you heard Daniel.
We circle up.
We're gonna fucking die
if we stay together.
No, we're not, trust me.
You go left.
Copy that. Meet on the far side.
Ah, shit.
You okay?
Down this side
we can cut them off.
Fuck! Come on.
James! James! No, no, no!
Move now! Move!
Get down!
Oh, shit.
Go, go, go!
Let's go. No!
Get out of there now.
Jacques, Jacques.
Don't stop, keep moving!
Get out of there!
No, just keep moving.
I'm gonna meet you there.
What? That's suicide!
Go! Just go!
Galina, we're coming to you.
There's too many. Let's go.
I have you covered.
Wait, where's Daniel?
He said he'll be
right behind us.
Galina, do you have eyes
on Daniel?
I can't see him. What?
There, far side.
They have him.
All right, we have to go back.
No, we can't.
Can't go back? Watch me.
Jacques, how much ammo you got?
Jacques? Sorry, two mags.
You can't go back.
I will not accept that.
We have our orders,
mission first!
I don't care.
You go back, you die.
We don't go back, he dies.
You don't know that.
She's right.
We have to move now. Move!
Live to fight another day.
Come on.
We'll get him back.
Come on. We'll get him back.
Let's go.
Hello, Daniel.
Ten minutes out.
We'll get him back.
Sir, they're going to
fucking kill him.
I've got him.
Marino, get the president
on the line.
These guys are the real deal.
Yeah, and so are we.
And we're gonna take every last
one of them out to find him.
We have to bring him back.
And we will. We're a team.
I've been briefed about Daniel,
but I need you to tell me exactly
what's going on over there.
Even with the capture of Daniel,
we've been able to make
some headway.
We have new intel that the Black
Masks are making a dirty bomb.
And what does that mean?
Team discovered a bomb room
in a tent compound,
evidence of sarin gas.
Any ideas on targets?
Working on that, sir.
And we know so far they only
have one bomb capacity.
Commander, let me be
perfectly clear.
I agree with the other nations.
We must not,
under any circumstances,
allow their plan to go forward.
Now any new technology
requires testing.
We need to find out
where they're gonna test it,
any possible sites.
Yes, sir.
You keep me updated
on possible targets.
Yes, sir.
Do your job, Commander.
Let's get this done.
Let's take a walk.
Nothing yet, sir.
Well, keep on it.
We will find it.
I need answers!
Yes, sir.
What are you working on?
Some homemade designs.
We were hit pretty hard today.
And this is your idea... Yeah.
This little guy is
one of my own design.
A little bit of C-4,
equipped with this.
Place a few of these...
in a wide enough range,
and at the right time, boom...
Total chaos.
I think I have found something.
Get Commander Brisco.
What do you have?
It may be nothing,
but... Go ahead.
These guys, they have been
unpredictable from the start.
Always a step ahead,
always prepared.
So I took some of
their last known locations
from the intel we have
and compiled it together.
The next possible village attack
is less than 15 miles
from our last mission.
Why not walk down the road
and find out?
In and out.
If Galina is right,
this town
would never expect them.
They're hidden in a valley,
totally helpless.
Marino, I want SAT images
of the town.
I want our eye in the sky
all over those guys.
If they're there,
Daniel's close.
Understood, sir.
Do you have the slightest idea
of where you are and who I am?
Fuck you.
Your country has
done that already.
I want you to understand.
I want you to see...
soldier to soldier.
Why do you think
you have business here?
I'm leading a revolution,
just like your country once did.
Yet yours was labeled
heroic and brave...
and mine is labeled terrorism.
We fought our wars
for freedom...
not destruction and chaos.
You don't think
this is about freedom?
Is it?
Countries have occupied
these lands for 16 years.
Where do my people stand?
Where do we make our changes?
Make our plans for our future?
You took that from my country
and my family
without permission.
You made this
your backyard experiment
without regard to anything
but yourselves.
No more.
You and your world
will be reintroduced to mine
in the language
we all speak fluently...
Marino, get me the president.
Yes, sir.
I have Commander Brisco
for the president.
Any word on Daniel?
Nothing on Daniel, sir.
Damn it.
I want to know as soon
as you do hear something.
Everything we have suggests
that the Black Masks
are planning an immediate test
close to the last location.
Well, expand on that, please.
A town just north of
the last outpost.
Ninety percent chance they're
moving in that direction.
You think they're going to
test it there?
Make sure it's operational.
Move forward their objective.
Yes, sir. It makes sense to me.
Well, you keep me informed
around the clock.
Commander, I want Daniel back.
I do not want to lose another
man in this war, understood?
Understood, sir.
You come into our world,
waving your flags of freedom,
expecting us
to fall to our knees.
But one thing
I'll never understand.
Your views and culture
are here...
and my views and culture
are here.
And in between,
it's just a line in the sand
that cannot be removed.
Did you not think
we would not act?
Did you think
we would not respond?
Keep thinking that you are
the leaders of the free world.
Marino. Let the team know
we move out at first light.
Yes, sir.
It's time.
People, this is your standard
sneak-and-peek operation.
Not much to explain, but due
to the nature of this mission,
I want to be clear
about a few things.
Your drop off point will be
a hike to your objective.
There's very little intel,
so keep your eyes open.
Satellite images indicate that
our primary point of interest
is the village center.
Expect a crowd,
you'll need to blend in.
So, traditional
Middle Eastern outfit.
Nice dress.
Wait for my order before you
make a move, understood?
Yes, sir. Excellent.
What is it?
We are ready for testing.
The compound, is it stable?
Yes, all the tests and research
we've been conducting are complete.
We just need an ideal place
to test the compound
and study the effect of the gas.
There is a village
to the east from here.
Their town leader is weak,
a puppet for the West.
He stands at his post
spreading Western propaganda
to his people.
The record must be set straight.
His people must know the truth
of what we stand for.
His true is based on lies.
The West has no business
in these lands,
no business forcing our people
into a new way of life.
For far too long,
the West has established
their so-called leaders
around these lands.
If it takes every last ounce
of strength in my body
to complete our mission...
we will continue our fight.
We will continue this war...
until every last one
of those so-called leaders
have been dethroned.
The bloodshed that ensues,
lays firmly on the hands
of the Western world.
If they want to test my resolve,
let them.
My fist is clenched.
My strength is solid.
I am ready to sacrifice
everything and everyone,
to prove our idea to the world.
Worlds cannot be changed
based on a different ideology.
It has no place in these lands.
We want nothing more than to be
respected around the world.
Our lands are filled with riches
beyond belief below the sands.
Our history is
the history of the world.
This is our revolution.
What about the team?
Let them come.
I invite any and all
who think they can
stand in front of us.
They will be met with
our overwhelming force.
They do not understand.
No, they do not,
but soon they will.
What about the compound
after detonation?
Yes, the compound
will be attached to a detonator
inside a case.
When the case explodes,
the gas will be ejected
into the air.
Within a few minutes,
the gas will intermix
with the surrounding air,
surround in the town.
The effects?
Total destruction of life.
They will choke on the broken
promises from the West.
No one will survive.
Perhaps only then
they will truly
understand our mission.
The world must know
what you stand for.
Together we stand
as the messengers,
whether we live to see
the success of this mission,
or die on our mission's path,
the world will
finally understand
the gravity of their position
against ours.
Your line in the sand.
Exactly. We must stay true
to what we stand for.
Without that, we are nothing.
The traitors must face
their fate head on.
And the American? Let them come.
If they have something to prove,
so do we.
We have the upper hand
and will continue to be
a step ahead of them as planned.
Daniel being our guest
is a bonus for us.
If they come too close,
we'll kill him.
Once they fail
their mission to stop us,
we'll send out a message
to the world,
showing his death as a symbol
of what will happen
to whoever challenge us.
For far too long, we have
been used as an experiment.
They have tried
to show the world
that our lands can be
transformed and adapted
to their views and culture.
Our civilization is one of
the oldest in the history.
We will not bow down to a nation
that is less than 300 years.
These lands have beared mankind
for thousands of years.
They are greatly mistaken
in their way of thinking.
Our way of life was
built on tradition and belief.
In the West,
their fast-paced lifestyle...
and their careless actions...
will be met with a swift,
hammering blow,
crippling their governments.
Exactly. Without their leaders,
governments and stock markets,
their countries will collapse.
One falling after the other,
begging for mercy.
Sidi, after our tests,
there is no going back.
Once completed, they will
forever label us as terrorists.
Call it whatever you want.
Terrorism, freedom fighters,
It doesn't matter.
The world will never look at us
in a favorable way.
Once this mission is over
and the dust has settled
from this war,
history will look
back on these moments,
and a true understanding
of our cause will be determined.
Our world will survive.
The tables will
finally be reset,
and we will take back
our rightful states again.
If they want to come
for their American brother,
let them come.
If they want to come
to change our ideas,
let them come.
They are fools for thinking
they have a say in our freedom.
History will look back at them
and their misguided
missions, and laugh.
Coming up on the drop.
LZ two mikes out from sound.
Good luck.
Galina, you good?
Da. Good.
Xu, Jacques,
you take the north end.
Ralph, you're with me.
Screen up.
Stay close.
If this goes bad,
we're sitting ducks.
I got eyes on them.
I said no one move.
Come on, come on.
I know you're there.
Show yourself.
Moving down the side
of the square.
He's here.
Sir, we have
a hostage situation.
Stand down.
Galina. What's your status?
Sixty seconds.
I'm in position.
Team! You're here!
Be careful. I press this button,
and the last five minutes
of your lives begin.
Your move!
Stand fast.
Wise choice.
Bomb location? Center stage.
Bomb location, center stage.
Forward. Move to the stage!
Permission to pursue him.
Stay on mission,
disarm the bomb.
Jacques! Go right now!
I'm good, I'm good.
It went through my shoulder.
Help me get to that bomb.
Get these people out of here!
This way, move!
Come on, come on!
And make it count.
We should get out now!
It won't matter.
What? The gas...
There's enough gas in this bomb
to cover a thousand-yard radius.
The whole town will be gone.
How much time?
Uh, 44 seconds.
Oh, shit. I can't move my arm.
Someone's going to
have to do this.
What's going on down there?
Sir, Jacques is fucked up.
We got to disarm the bomb.
Get out.
It won't matter. If this thing
goes off, we're all dead.
Xu, give Ralph your knife.
All right.
Running around the time system
right here, slowly.
Slowly pull the timer back.
Twenty seconds.
Oh, shit. That's a lot of sarin.
We're not going to fucking die.
I'm just saying.
Fifteen seconds.
Galina, spread out
the different colors of the
wires attached to the detonator.
What are the colors?
Blue, red, white, green.
Ten, nine, eight...
Come on. Do it, do it.
What color? Five, four!
No, it's a backward detonator.
What? Which one's he cut?
I love my country.
Green! Cut the green!
Thank God.
"Thank God"? You didn't know?
I love my country so much.
I'd rather die
than cut my country's color.
We're clear. We're all clear.
All right! Yes!
This fucking guy.
Not even a thank you?
Just hold your breath.
What a nightmare. All for what?
Some symbol, some message
to say they can do whatever
they want without consequences.
Dangerous times, man.
Masked men running
around the globe.
It's pretty dangerous.
Thanks for having my back.
We're a team.
Yeah... Yeah.
Let's go.
We got him.
Any progress?
Sir, no leads on Daniel.
Everybody in the war room.
Do you still feel free?
That red, white and blue
still raging inside of you?
How free am I?
How free are you?
You're on the run.
Moving from one patch of
fucking desert to another...
raising your flag to what end?
One day you'll see.
One day you'll understand.
As you were.
The CIA released a video to us.
We uploaded it 20 minutes ago.
We're still authenticating
the date and time,
but we know it's Daniel,
so we have proof of life.
Intel is working around
the clock
to pull any clues they can
from that video.
Marino, put it on the screen.
One day you'll see.
One day you'll understand.
You know what this means?
Yeah. It means
we're going after Daniel,
and we're going to kill
this prick.
Count me in.
Me too.
Team, right?
Hell, you're already
deemed rogue.
Sir, when do we start?
They'll never stop coming.
We'll see about that.