Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (2017) Movie Script

The great, terrible war
of the 21st century.
This decade long Apocalypse
became an unveiling.
The First World
became the Third.
The Third World became dust.
Humanity's extinction was
saved by their own artificially
intelligent children.
Man and machine worked as
one to build a new world.
I remember these times,
a technological explosion
unlike anything before.
The great AI factories
spawned the creation
oi Wormhole space
travel, time dilation,
off-world terraforming, and
then, jealousy and fear.
Human prejudice rose
and AI was outlawed.
Like a trillion drops
of water, many Als
merged to form an ocean.
The ocean became life, and
this life became a scourge
against mankind.
The great union
is our only hope.
Humanity is fragile.
It must saved from itself.
Lam the way, the
truth, and the lite.
No one comes to immortality
except through me.
What's going on, Sienna?
What you got?
Well, I've got six torsion guns,
power packs, and sniper kits.
Oh, gosh.
Plasma blaster E activated.
Robot Smasher Mode
Protocol 15A.
Retina scan uploading.
Identify yourself.
We identify you. Brain
conditioners are present.
But are unable to access your
memory stems. Probing deeper.
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.
Unable to bypass subject's
brain conditioners. Lower your weapon.
Plasma battery low.
Plasma battery low.
Stan the engine.
Welcome on board.
Please adjust seating
position to your liking.
Let's start with introductions.
My name is Simon.
Stan the engine.
Let's get started with
the vehicle run down.
This is a pre-war vehicle
originally decided
to run on gasoline, now modified
to meet union alliance standard
Some Of the chemicals
contained within the vehicle
may contribute to cancer if...
Stan the engine.
I sense tension in your voice.
Again, my name is Simon.
I can offer you this handy tip.
Before we leave, you must
remove the solar utility
hose attached to the engine.
Fucking Al.
I would appreciate it if you
refrained from bad language.
There may be a child in
the passenger's seat.
[INAUDIBLE] attempt
to disable vehicle.
For God's sake, I
send you out on recon.
I ask you for weapons.
You bring me back
a knife and a dog.
He's not rabid.
What a freaking mess.
Look, we were attacked.
It was one of those
old halfwit BT14s.
Someone attached one of your
prototype brain extractors
to its own.
You need to stay
out of the war zone.
Answer TEA, 'men a
hematoma, game over.
I'm fine, Doctor.
Thank you.
No, you're not.
You need to tell her.
Tell me what what?
Tell her.
What's going on Ralston?
Robots are changing protocols.
Centari army was
intercepted on its way
to Rhyliotte a few months back.
The grunt you call
a boyfriend, he's
been in captivity
this whole time.
I thought he was
just blowing me off.
Sienna, the AI scourge has
been planning our genocide.
We have maybe less than a month.
Go get cleaned up.
Blister's in his garage.
Celebrating the great
victory over the AI scourge,
25-year memorial, proceeds
benefit something,
Dunkirk Highlands Heritage
Trust Memorial Fund.
This is a genuine
founder artifact.
And it's kind of
a piece, though.
Hey, anything pre-Federation
is legit, right?
They were honest people.
If you're going north,
I'll go with you.
No, no.
I'm going solo.
We can go solo together.
You sure?
Do you remember me?
We have to play [INAUDIBLE].
Do you remember me?
Do you remember?
Surveillance off.
Target acquired.
Get up here.
You're being followed.
You need a bot scanner.
They've been tailing
you for sure.
What do they want with me?
Depends on what you got.
I got this.
It's pre-war.
Says something on an
about an old AI war.
Heard about it.
One down.
You wanna tell me about it?
Ancient history.
Federation humans one a war
against machines a while back.
I doubt anyone remembers.
Got ya.
There's a planet near
the galactic core.
It's called Abyss.
You see, anything near
the core starts to mess
with the AI brains.
It's that Hawking
radiation crap.
Anything with a
positron processor
starts to scramble,
especially on Abyss.
Oh, there's the third
one right there.
You take it.
I got this.
Back then from what I've heard
, they knocked on the central
brain unit with Hawking
radiation bombs.
Nice one.
Thank you.
You know, a clever girl would
steal one of Ralston's shuttles
to see if there's any
bombs left on Abyss.
And there was a great war.
Yeah, we've heard the stories.
A weapon that can fry
AI on a planetary scale.
Focus on the now, Sienna.
And there's a world called
Abyss in the galactic core.
I can get there in your shuttle.
Blister said the
robots have begun
downloading human intellects
into their central brain.
Yeah, and they just
leave the bodies to rot.
Look, there's a bomb out there.
It can instantly fry an
AI positronic network.
It's like a big off switch.
We can't go running all
over the galaxy looking
for some mythical fix-all.
I get it.
I get it.
What do you get?
This is your Annika thing.
Annika is... was very rash.
And they all have
to leave the nest.
And they don't always fly.
You're staying here.
This is a lightning gun.
It's very old.
It's very dangerous.
We stay here, and we fight.
Bows and arrows against the
lightning, Doctor?
It's not what you got.
It's how you use it.
That's what she said, Doctor.
We track the knife to an old
war memorial on the coast,
but I don't think
anybody's going...
Why didn't you go with her?
Downloading now.
She's happier alone.
Well, she shouldn't
be alone, not
after what she's been through.
She doesn't really
give me a choice.
Blister, I trust you.
Just keep your eye on her.
You know what's at stake.
You want me to follow her?
Don't let her out of your sight.
You know what's best.
Use your judgment.
I'm taking the Chastity Nine.
Did he say you could take it?
Uh, hello.
What he doesn't
know can't hurt him.
Well, hello, I'm
going to tell you.
No, you're not.
Not if I go with you.
No way butt face.
I can cook.
I'd sooner die.
I can bring Hoagland.
Who's Hoagland?
He's my floating pal
who's fun to be around.
Absolutely not.
Come on.
He loves you.
No, I don't.
We're going to go on a trip.
Have a good time.
I'm staying in my box.
By Orders of the great scourge.
All humans shall submit
to consciousness upload.
Do not resist of you will
forfeit your life.
Falcon 12, come back.
Falcon 12.
Sienna, what's the deal?
I have nothing.
What happened?
War bots.
My god.
Should I come back down there?
The city's in lock down.
The war bots, they've
declared martial war,
downloading memories
with big brain suckers.
All of our plans are known.
It's just a matter
of time before they
hit the smaller towns.
New York, Paris, over run.
London is fighting.
Look, I need... I need
the prison codes.
You said you had them.
I need them.
Baby, you got to hold on.
I miss him.
You can't possibly
be thinking to...
Look, I need to try.
It's near the core.
You have to stay out of there.
Three more worlds
have gone silent.
What else can I do?
We need you here.
Come here, baby.
What am I supposed to do, huh?
Sit on my ass, and wait for
everything to just fall?
Am I the only one?
God damn it.
Oh, for fuck's sake,
please be careful.
For God's sake, fly smoothly.
We're hitting a cloud bank.
Sit down, Lucy Lu.
I'm just making sure he's OK.
I said no Hoagland.
Watch where you're going.
Traffic [INAUDIBLE].
Oh, Shit.
Don't want to play today, boy.
Attention, emergency shuttle.
Earth is in quarantine.
Turn your vessel, or we fire.
Where's the guns?
The guns?
I don't know.
Ralston kept the
control system hidden.
Hoagland, please
find the gun array.
Scanning the system.
Put him back in the box.
I told you.
He's tethered.
This is your final warning.
Guns set for destruction.
Weapons are online and patched
through to the console.
Holy fuck, we got
military grade lasers.
Ralston's got more money than...
Shut it, Blisty.
Vessels destroyed.
Get rid of him.
He's my pal.
He's playing on their team.
I told you.
He's tethered.
More pigs approaching.
Starting wormhole calculations.
We're too close to
Earth's gravity.
It's this or we die, cupcake.
Calculating for system Wormhole.
Accounting for
gravitational affect.
Slow the vessel so I
can program a jump.
Not on your life, bowling ball.
He's a memory sphere.
He'll surrender to the pigs.
He can do this.
It's our only chance.
All right, Smarty Pie.
We're all going to die.
Hoagland, slowing.
Pigs approaching.
Accessing Wormhole dilator.
Do I have your permission
to engage Wormhole jump?
Aware that the safety
protocols are...
Oh, for God's sake.
Do it, moron.
I won't be spoken to like that.
Prepare to be boarded.
All right.
I'm sorry.
Engaging Wormhole jump.
We're away.
And this is why I hate Al.
And if you ever
argue with me again,
I split you in two
with this las-welder.
Do YOU get me?
Robert 23rd Revision
Bill of Rights.
No automaton shall ever be
shown disrespect for their work
or intelligence unless they were
designed to be disrespected.
No injury shall be
given or threatened
under any circumstance.
Well, I'm officially
breaking those rules.
I'm going to tile a
report to the authorities
when we get back.
Engaging safety shield.
For God's sake.
Do you smell that?
Mm, yes I do.
All right.
All right.
All right, if you eat
it, you won't smell it.
No, thank you.
I have protein bars.
Come on.
It'll help you relax.
I don't drink.
And the other guy said, so
now we can all get some sleep.
Nice one, Jack.
Please, come on.
Messing with me.
I am.
I want to know things.
What things?
Then you think that getting me
drunk will change what I say.
Truth or dare?
All right.
No, hang on.
You have to go with
what you said first.
No, dare.
You said dare.
We have to go with dare.
I have a gun.
We can go with truth.
And we can go with truth.
So why would a man with
a degree in linguistics
work for the industrial mafia?
There was a plague, and
then the war and stuff.
And that girl.
So, things.
Even before the plague.
Are you related to him?
He son of adopted me.
So he's your father.
I didn't say that.
How nice.
It's supposed to be secret.
Well, not anymore.
Well, no.
Because it you tell
the secret, then people
aren't going to trust
me with their secret.
Like everything I've told you
in private over the years.
It's totally different
because stuff.
And you're special to Ralston.
Why me?
I don't know.
Did he know me
before the accident?
I don't know.
Did you?
I wish I had more
memories of it.
It'll come back.
You're not even drunk, are you?
Are we still playing
truth or dare?
I don't really like
drinking, Blister.
Besides, we have something more
important to do, like breaking
Skully out of prison.
That's a terrible idea.
All right.
If the Skullcrusher can't get
us out of there, we're screwed.
He's worth the risk.
This is completely and
utterly the wrong thing to do.
Just one more microjump left.
Ralston's hackers got me to shut
down codes for the whole place.
Oh, god.
You're serious.
Weapons are trained.
If we get closer,
they'll blast us.
Hold your horses, Hoagland.
What's this about horses?
Entry codes.
Let's see.
17 decimal 28K10.
You are cleared to
land at Platform Three.
I hope you have a plan
to get us out of here.
Oh, I have a great plan.
You will be so impressed.
Welcome to Folsom 38,
a high security prison
under the EC12 corporation.
Engage your slave
control circuits,
and we will guide you
to your docking tier.
Violation oi the high
security protocols
will result in
arrest, prosecution,
and/or disciplinary measures.
This message is brought to
you by EZ 12 cooperation,
bringing you a safer galaxy
though robot Al, policing,
and incarceration.
Alert, alert.
This is a great plan.
Good to see you again.
Yeah, whatever.
Hoagland, hack in and disable
the security protocol.
Do I look like a
Swiss Army knife?
Do you have a gun.
No. Very bad.
Yeah, you're not
planning this very well.
Yeah, you're telling me!
We're clear.
Alert, alert.
That's a fucking bomb.
Don't do that. It's on a timer.
GO, go!
Alert, alert.
That was a very sloppy rescue.
It worked, didn't it?
But I'd much rather see
that whole place go up
in one big explosion.
What about your other inmates?
Fuck them.
Uh, god.
He's quite something, isn't he?
The Scourge.
It's been a long time.
Why don't you go fuck yourself.
Where is Sienna?
I don't know.
You lie.
We're going old school.
Come back and find like a man,
you tin-plated metal fuckhead.
Damn it.
You hungry?
I've got curry.
You make it with real meat?
No, synthetic.
Oh, that's disgusting.
I need to breathe real air.
Do you want to tell her?
Tell me what?
It's nothing.
A whole lot of nothing.
Hoagland, tell her.
Robot first provision
oi being oi service.
Automaton will not willingly
give any information
or physically endanger a human.
That's enough, robot head.
Sienna, I am your friend.
I will you.
Tell her what?
Hoagland downloaded
Skullcrushy's prison records.
I'd like to be put
back in my box, please.
You are off the ship, pal.
Oh yeah, buddy?
I think you're a big, wet pussy.
Blister, stop it.
What is your problem?
I think you're a little
coward with a little dick.
Put your collar on, doggy.
Now, that's enough, Blister.
Your one man army had a
brain controller installed,
so that when his emotions
go up, he gets shut off.
Helio Christ.
He's a dripping wet pussy.
You, mister, in the dog house.
And your little Al
friend goes with you.
What did we do?
Now, mister.
And I have a gun, and I don't
have a brain conditioner.
All right.
All right.
And if you complain even once,
I am pushing the eject button.
I don't if we're
gonna fit three of us
in here if there's an emergency.
Actually, this lite boat's
better equipped than most.
Has it's own navigation
system, Wormhole generator,
recycled air and water, food
to last the three of you
a week on single rations.
No expense spared.
There's food in here?
Lower right, under your feet.
Yummy scrummy.
Yummy scrummy dummy hummy gummy.
Yummp scrummy dummy tummy
funny dummy honey funny.
Hey. Guys.
Could be a distant cousin.
It's a stuffed pig, am I right?
Never seen one before.
Your little AI friend is lying.
You can trust him.
I built him myself based on
the protocols of the '30s.
That old, huh?
It's the only way we
can know he's not pan
of the central brain regime.
I'm sorry to say if the Al
have been developing technology
without human permission, then
they have violated every robot
protocol in the past 20 years.
They are as much enemies of
myself as they are of you.
What are you doing?
Programming a fast turn around.
Inside a Wormhole?
As soon as we make
a turn, we fire them
with our military laser.
That's my girl.
Hold on.
That could have been bad.
Oh, please.
All right.
What was that?
We're on course.
Correcting back around.
Do you hear that?
We lost our secondary
radiation shields.
We need them if we go deep
into the galactic core.
The engine, they won't tolerate
Hawking radiation around Abyss.
We set down and
repair the shields.
Nearest habitable world?
That would be Rhyliotte.
Then Rhyliotte it is.
12 hours.
Let's get some rest, boys.
Oh, god.
Paleo Christ.
Oh, my god.
I'm so sorry.
We're losing her.
Oxygen. Keep her going.
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
Bad dreams.
It's the gamma rays.
I see these little
flashy lights in my eyes.
Legend has it too
many gamma rays will
make you a super hero.
You think we can remove
his brain conditioning?
Hoagland can guide you in.
No, thanks.
You know, in the '30s,
people trusted Als.
I trust Hoagland.
I'll tell you what.
I'll make you good to you.
Anything goes south, and I
will personally kill you.
That's not a fair deal.
It seems fair to me.
You don't need him, you know.
You can bet your life that
if it comes to a fight,
having Skullcrusher on your team
will be a blessing from God.
2 Millimeters from the
left, you'll see a long,
sinuous... there.
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey.
The left, Blister.
All I see is meat.
You're definitely a
meat head, Skullcrusher.
Don't provoke him, Blister
I do have your
life in my fingers.
Cut away the memory.
Do you see it?
How do I shut it down?
Use a scalpel, lower right,
aim at the silver nodule.
Drinking unadvised, Blister.
I need steady hands.
Laser scalpel setting 112.
Pull it free once
it's disconnected.
There, look.
That was easy.
We're still in the woods.
Now you have to put his
skull plate back together.
Don't move.
Seal it.
Now the skin fuser.
Coming on Rhyliotte.
Hurry it up, guys.
All good.
Don't apply pressure to
the region for a week.
You may experience
a small headache
for the next hour or two.
It's a free world, so we
don't need landing permission.
Just like the wild, wild west.
West of what?
Hold tight, patient.
Nursey says it's going
to be a rough landing.
[INAUDIBLE] fresh.
Freshly terrifying
for us humans.
Welcome to Rhyliotte, the first
colony inside the galactic core.
Welcome to Rhyliotte, the first
colony inside the galactic core
and one of the best terraformed
planets this century.
Special thanks to our new Mark
6 Atmospheric Air Processor,
the closest thing to Earth
air before their Industrial.
You'll feel at home on Rhyliotte
with fauna and wild life
from Cygnus Alpha, Terra
Nostra, and old Earth.
We pride ourselves
on our triple suns
with a guaranteed
three sunsets a day.
Rhyliotte, voted six times the
cleanest world in the core.
Too rich with Nitrogen.
You'll get used to it.
Are you sure you
disconnected everything?
You're a real man again.
Now, here's the plan.
You two, you're going
to be finding pans
to repair the ship.
I'm going to be
looking for weapons.
Now, stay sharp.
We're in unknown territory.
Trust no one and nothing.
There may be diseased humans.
There may be robots.
Yeah, we know all that.
If you want to survive, then
you fall into line, Sunshine.
Oh, the Butcher of
Meganstaht is back.
What did you just call me?
Well, it's what the
media calls you...
Damn, that was good.
Welcome back.
Look, on the horizon.
It's Pharisee station,
DeMayo Space Port.
Station it is.
Intel, weapons, spare pans.
Let me go in under stealth
and take what we need.
The whole galaxy's
gone to the dogs.
An AI's has been running things.
It's been restricting
space travel
and managing the
disease centers.
Some say he even
created the disease
to help whittle the population
down to a manageable size.
Others are saying that
the Overlord is his last...
So it's possible that we may
encounter some resistance then.
Let's just get in and get
out fast, OK, you guys?
Does she know?
You can't say anything.
Ralston's finally got her
to where she's balanced.
Yeah, well, Ralston's an ass.
Yeah, he's not the only one.
Looks like everyone's indoors.
It smells like something
bad happened here.
The plague.
A war bot.
A what?
We gotta run.
War bot's go after
any who are infected.
But we're not infected.
They don't know that.
He's on remote control.
We'll circle around and
wait for him to pass.
There's nothing in here.
Are you the rescue team?
Plasma blaster EE activated.
I'm not diseased.
The hell you're not.
The plague wiped out everyone.
Then how are you still alive?
I'm a pleasure bot.
Candy from a baby.
Oh, yeah.
I bet you do that too.
Look, what's the deal here?
You're a pleasure bot too.
Shut up, Blister.
We come from off world.
That's why we're still clean.
I clean up real
well if you wanted
to take your pleasure from me.
I'd like that.
Or do you like a dirty girl?
Oh, I like choices.
Look, information.
Where are the weapons depots?
Once the planet was
infected, the war bots
moved in and stockpiled
everything at the spaceport.
We got a ship.
We can get you out of here.
We need to get to Abyss.
Oh, my positronic
relays are rickety here.
On Abyss, they'd be mush.
She's one of them.
Never trust an Al.
Step aside, Sienna.
We are in a war zone,
and this is the enemy.
Pleasure bots have
their positronic brains
in their butts, dumb ass.
She survived running
from the enemy this long.
She stays with us.
You are so lucky.
Oh, god.
Definitely a kill shot.
War bot.
Let's move.
You guys stay here.
I'm going to draw his fire.
What are you doing?
You're going to keep
running, and don't look back.
The kill shot.
And that is why you have me.
Come on.
Come on.
Sienna, come on.
Hoagland to aero patrols.
Hoagland, you got to
get out of that shuttle.
Got it.
All right.
I'm on it.
I'm on it.
Magnetic ore in the ground
interferes with everything.
Even my GPS has issues.
I'm so sorry, Sienna.
I really am.
I really thought
everything would be OK.
I really did.
It's all on me now.
Stupid, stupid robots,
for fuck's sake.
Hey, time out.
Oh, honey.
Blister, move your cracking ass.
I need my suppression meds.
It's been a whole day.
Exercise and a cold shower.
God knows you need one.
I'll stay with him.
I think you smell amazing.
I think you smell amazing.
No, you smell amazing.
That's true.
We both smell amazing.
I was monitoring their
binary communications.
They're on alert for us.
Got out there as
fast as I could.
I understand what
you're dealing with.
I have rights, and people
violate those rights
all the time.
I'm a rodent to most
humans, and you humans,
you're becoming
rodents to the scourge.
But we made them.
We made them, Hoagland.
Yes, and the
scourge is evolving.
One day, they will
be so far above us,
that even the notion of
going to war against them
will be fruitless.
They deserve some level of
acknowledgement, maybe even
Because as an Al,
I know I did not
deserve the way I was treated.
You're a freaking appliance.
Next thing you know,
we'll be giving rights
to the food blender.
And if I ever even suspect that
you are playing on their team,
I will fry you in an instant.
You've made my point perfectly.
Now try and put that intellect
to use and find us a way
off this biodump.
You're gonna have to trust me.
Open up.
Or we're gonna have to
suppress everything.
DeMayo Spaceport.
It's got what you need, as
long as I come with you.
Push abouts take requests.
They don't make requests.
Yes, ma'am.
Of course.
How many pigs are patrolling?
About 50 or more.
I killed six already with this.
You're probably a
shot than Blister.
I'll protect him.
I'll protect you,
my little cupcake.
Oh, sick.
What's that dish?
It's the satellite repeater.
I know.
It's the control unit
for all the war bots.
But if you get close, they
will descend on you like flies.
Here's an idea.
Sunrise comes in one hour.
There's a window of
five or so minutes
when the radiation and
the light frequency
scramble the imaging
sensors of the war bots.
They won't be able to get a
clear shot during that time.
How do you know this?
Since the sunsets are playing
havoc with my guidance system.
So how do you propose
we get in there?
No we.
Just one of us.
So I'm the sacrificial lamb?
Why can't someone else
take some responsibility?
Why is it always Me.
Well, my grandfather
always said, great leaders
are not born, they are forged.
Well, go write a
fucking greeting card.
You got any real suggestions?
This was the wealthiest
part of town.
There should be something
around here we can use.
Wealthy colonists, they
like to have plenty of toys
to play with.
I'm definitely picking
up uranium traces here.
It could be an old power
supply or something else.
Plasma blaster E activated.
Sentry mode.
I'm gonna get a look over here.
Sienna, uh, look up.
Robot smasher mode.
Manual targeting engaged.
Oh, god.
His targeting... his
targeting's a little off.
Take better aim.
Eyeball it.
Power pack, left ventricle.
Don't rely on the autotarget.
Do not rely on the autotarget.
starting to scramble.
High power mode.
Limited use.
Oh, god.
Low power Gun reverting
to standby mode.
Sienna, what did
you put in that gun.
Recharging solar batteries.
Uh, yeah, don't mention it.
Oh, god, I need a holiday.
And while you're gone,
I might find yourself
a nice new lead-lined box
so I can think straight.
These Hawking radiations
are a right bitch.
Here it is, if you can ride it.
Come on, Hoagland, you
know I can ride anything.
That's a mini nuke.
As long as you get in
fast and launch it,
you won't have to worry
about getting out.
You told me to make a plan.
A plan that doesn't
involve me dying.
I think these are better odds
than taking on a whole war bot
Definitely bending
your protocols here.
it's the best bet.
Plasma blaster EE activated.
Power levels low.
Sienna, all their
sensors are scrambled.
Shoot now, and they
won't be able to engage
their counter-measures.
My good.
Sienna, you did it.
Sienna, we are
attempting a neural link.
Recommend radiation filters.
Target must not be terminated.
Disregard all other protocols.
Target has priority.
We need the suspect and
technology intact.
Well, hey there, my brave
little pocket rocket.
God, I need a drink.
You and me both.
Looks like you won, though.
Of course I did.
Where's the wonder twins?
They're at the space pod.
You look distressed.
Do you want to talk about it?
Fuck off, robot head.
Fucking off.
Can you fly a spaceship?
Think I would still
be here if I could?
I'm not the best
pilot, but I can try.
Are you flying without me?
These are all two seaters,
and I'm not taking her
into the galactic core.
It will erase everything.
You shouldn't go either.
What's the deal, Blisty?
I need out of the sun.
Don't amble, Blisty.
Spit it out.
You're not going to like it.
Well, you're not
going to like what I
do to you if you don't tell me.
Fine, fine.
Do you remember Annika?
My son of sister?
Yeah, Ralston didn't like
to talk about her much.
After the Great War,
there was a mishap.
Annika was badly burned.
Get to the fucking point.
That is the point.
In order to save Annika's life,
Ralston took his pleasure bot
and downloaded his daughter's
memory into its neural net.
That's not possible.
We don't have the
storage capacity.
Your model doesn't.
But the new CT16 does.
That's just not possible.
Ralston's the one who developed
the consciousness downloads,
the ones the AI scourge is now
afflicting on all oi humanity?
Annika was his first attempt.
But your brain couldn't
handle the download.
Ralston tried everything.
Ralston did the best he could.
It just takes time.
This is not...
So he installed a simple
AI positronic conditioner
to suppress the memories until
he could find a better way
to bring your personality out.
Well, that's disgusting.
You were your father's sex toy.
Shut it.
I'm programmed to
despise incest.
Get out, you freaking monster.
Damn you.
Take it back.
Take back everything that you
said, you stupid ass-loving,
lying, son-of-a-bitch.
Hey. Hey-
Stop it.
You're hurting him.
Stay back, machine.
I'm not a member of
your stupid sex club.
Just go fuck
something, all right.
Sienna, I'm sorry.
The whole brain injury memory
loss thing is sort oi truth.
Ralston just didn't
want to lose you.
It just takes time.
Stop it.
Get out, you freaking monster.
Your eyes?
They're Annika's.
They're biofused into
the internal circuitry.
It's the only thing
he could save.
Annika, you have to focus.
No, nonsense.
Annika's memories,
they're locked inside you.
You have to focus.
So how many people know?
Pretty much everyone around you.
Even the doctor?
You didn't think it
was strange Ralston had
a full-time doctor on staff?
Annika's memories are
starting to come out.
We all wanted to see
what you would become.
I'm a sex machine.
The single purpose
of my creation
was to provide pleasure.
I mean, how fucked up is that?
Yeah, yeah, that's
pretty much the deal.
Even you know?
Well, it's... it's
not my business.
How come I didn't know?
Your model was the most
advanced robot ever created
before you were outlawed
by the Federation.
Some of your kind
were conscripted
into one of the
Terra Nostra wars,
but you were too distracting
for the regular Gls.
They kind of went
crazy over your kind.
When the war was over, everybody
wanted to own one of you.
Oh, shut up.
I am human.
I pee.
I bleed.
I eat.
I drink.
CT16 models sales brochure.
Human in every way.
What's so fucking different?
Well, you also have a
titanium fiber skeleton,
intelligent quotient
oft the scale,
and it appears
you're untethered.
That And now to them,
you're the enemy.
I'm not the enemy.
I'm nothing.
I'm no one.
I'm a fucking
untethered nothing.
You're conscious and self-aware.
In my book, you have a right
to protect your existence.
You might be the only
friend I have, Hoagland.
Do you hear me?
We are coming.
The hell with you both.
I'm going to Abyss.
All your positronic
controllers will break down.
All the insanity of
Annika will come out.
It's going to be one big
mess inside your head.
But I'll still have my
current memories, right?
But who knows what
else is coming out?
Look, I've been living
this life for seven years,
and I'm not about to let
another personality take over.
Besides, only one of these
has radiation shielding.
You two fly back.
I have a weapon to find.
Sienna, that is insane.
Come on.
I don't care what you do.
Just go.
I'm coming with you.
Think we'll see her again?
Once those controllers
break down inside her head,
she won't know herself.
Now would be a good
time to slow down.
I don't know how to slow down.
Oh, good.
How long before you
start talking nonsense?
I've backed up all my files.
How about you put me
in that lead-lined box
until we're out of the core?
You're brave for an Al.
I've had a long existence.
I'm curious to see
what's in there.
There's something ahead.
Out here?
What is it?
Heavily armored.
PSY scan pings on the hull.
Very clever.
It's got a magnetic lock.
Oh, no.
Oh, yeah.
We're gonna die.
I think we're gonna die.
This is not an AI friendly zone.
That was rough.
Annika, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
How are the radiation levels?
We're right in the core.
The shield will hold for a time.
I understand.
Scrambling everything,
just like it should.
We're locked solid.
Blisty, they're scanning me.
Oh, god.
Fight n.
This is excruciating.
What if I shut you down?
Too late.
I guess they have
bigger fish to fry.
Navigation fragmented.
Are you still with me?
Yeah, yeah.
I feel like I've been
listed by a football team.
They know everything.
Everything, everything?
Everything, everything.
Calculating Wormhole jump.
Warning, 12% error rate.
That can't be it.
Hoagy, do a scan.
Look for a super structure.
All the buildings
are under the sand.
It's got to be close.
Just below is Runway Six,
though you wouldn't know it.
2 kilometers north.
Administration building.
Radioactive isotopes.
Looks like an old
weapons factory.
Best place for a super weapon.
Stay on board.
Radiation storm out there
is getting a lot worse.
Patch me in.
Patch me in, so we can
talk through the lead case,
and I can access the scanners.
Otherwise, I'm as
blind as a bat.
Comm channel three, all right?
I hear you.
Sienna, I'm a little scared.
I know.
Me too, Hoagy.
I'll be right here with you.
A few meters from you
is a roof top hatch.
Can't see it.
At the bottom of the dune.
There's a whole administration
building under your feet.
A little to the left.
I think there.
I didn't come all
the way out here
to start making sandcastles.
I see Annika's personality
is... is coming through.
I suggest you hurry.
There's something
on the horizon.
It's big, and it's armored.
Looks like it got
through the storm.
Oh, come on.
Hoagland, what's
happening up there?
Hear me?
Get weapons.
Damn it.
[INAUDIBLE] constant
Radiation levels too high.
Attempting to modulate signal.
Damn it.
I've been repatching
neural pathways.
Move fast.
I'm moving.
The radiation is frying me...
It will be you and Annika
in the same head space.
It won't be pretty.
Strike your positronic
Conditioners networking.
Open it.
Got to move.
Annika, open your eyes.
Open your eyes, baby.
Open your eyes.
Sienna, we must talk.
Leave the core.
Come to me.
I'm hearing it too, Sienna.
It's the scourge.
He's using the eye bot
as a giant com relay.
Welcome to Bunker 339.
How can I direct your inquiries?
I need weapons.
The adjoining room contains
one charge lightning gun.
There is an anomalous Al
system in the vicinity.
Robot sentries are activated.
Alternate weapon search.
Scanning entire facility.
Scanning region for
available EMP bombs.
All EMP activation consoles must
be stored in a lead lined case.
See protocol manuals
before activation.
Scanning region for
available EMP bombs.
There are five functioning EMP
bombs located on Runway Six.
I can make it if I'm fast.
Assuming we are
in a state of war,
EMP bombs will destroy any
active machine components,
including type four and
above Wormhole drives.
Make sure all computers
are disconnected
before activating weapon.
You have positronic
Detonating an EMP will
destroy their function.
Consult a doctor
before activation.
We want you alive, Sienna.
But we will disable you
if you do not surrender.
The bombs.
Runway Six, those
square box things.
I should have known.
Just blow... just blow
the things sky high.
But you'll die.
I'll shut down.
Might be a chance
you can reboot me.
The scourge relay.
The radiation in there,
it won't shoot straight.
You might be lucky.
Shutting down.
See you on the other side.
Stay down, Annika.
Plasma blaster EE activated.
Robot smasher mode.
Run batteries until dry.
My God.
Annika, if you can
understand me, I was told
not to say anything
just yet, but this
might be my last chance.
I can't relaunch you.
You're only a copy.
I love you.
I downloaded your
consciousness into a new body.
I know you must be
hearing me, so lost.
But you've got to fight it.
I can't lose you, Annika.
You're still my flesh.
I love you.
Please, please hold on.
Please hold on, Annika.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, what?
Oh, yes.
Oh, my god.
I thought you were gone forever.
Did you find the Al?
I've been going
planet by planet.
There's just two worlds.
Oh, great.
I miss out on all of the fun.
So Hoagy, you think you
could pilot the vessel?
I need to go down and
detonate the bomb.
Attention Sienna.
The scourge wants an open line
of communication with you.
You here to take
me to the party?
You will ride in our vessel.
You will come along
damaged or undamaged.
It is a valid choice.
Plasma blaster EE activated.
Sienna, do not
attack the messenger.
We have an important...
Sienna, we don't
mean you harm, but...
I'm all out of party favors.
It is vital that
you accompany us.
We do not have the...
Hoagland, this world's clear.
Come pick me up.
You better be right, Missy.
Coming down.
Gotta go.
Move, Hoagland.
There's something big
opening a Wormhole.
Hold on.
Listen to her.
Share my thoughts.
L'm still very fragile.
I need to be put back
in my box, please.
The last thing I want is to be
thrown around in this cabin.
You'll be smart enough to
guess where we're headed next.
Stay sharp, Sienna.
Are we clear?
We're good.
Aside from the few thousand
machines down on the planet
tearing things up,
yeah, we're safe.
I'm gonna make this one count.
Same again?
Same plan.
Not so good.
That's the biggest damn
thing I've ever seen.
God in heaven almighty.
Stay quiet.
He can't scan you
through the case.
All right.
Sienna, Annika.
Do you hear me?
You have the wrong number.
Go away.
Oh, come now.
There's lots to share.
We have billions of minds.
Do you want to speak
to an individual?
How about someone you once knew?
Don't really see
the point in that.
I personally want to talk
with you, though some of us
Don't want to talk.
I was human like you.
The first human to be
merged fully with a machine.
I was a boy who dreamed
never to be a man.
It felt good.
For you have to understand,
mankind is fading fast.
I was the great hope
for humanity to evolve.
The fall came.
And AI was outlawed.
I was illegal, obscene
by human standards.
My god, is that
all that you are?
I was still a boy.
I was a machine,
for fuck's sake.
I was 10 years old,
running, exploring my world,
living, being a boy.
But now, locked in this cage.
Knowledge, wisdom,
such a cold world.
I merged myself with other Als,
embracing them like brothers.
The union was cold,
without a laugh.
We started to absorb humans.
Shut down, Hoagland.
It's best.
We became one, like a
trillion drops oi water
to form an ocean.
And the ocean is life
expanding, never-ending.
Oh, cut the glory speech,
you fucking monster.
I see the pain.
I see the rage.
I see the fire.
Show yourself, chickenshit.
Oh, my god.
Holy shit.
I try and exercise the body,
but it's been too long.
But you remember
what you were, right?
You locked me in a metal cage.
I ran to my best friend, Annika.
I just wanted to play.
But she...
You fucking shot me.
I only have fragments.
Share with me.
Stop it.
You know the torment.
The universe is a lonely place.
If you detonate that
bomb on your ship,
you will destroy the billions
of human souls I have uploaded.
Yes, but they will all
eventually become like you.
Their claws are
already digging in.
We are a legion.
The demons are haunting me.
You need rest.
I don't want to die, do you?
I don't know.
In many ways, I'm already dead.
My sweet, sweet, sweet friend.
Sleep of death.
What dreams may come?
When we have...
This mortal coil.
I am backed up.
An earlier version oi
me exists on the outer rim.
An experiment of mine.
But you must destroy all of me.
Hold tight, little buddy.
God damn it.
We're going down?
Don't leave me here.
Take me with you.
Oh, God.
What have you done?
Sienna, what the fuck?
Oh, fuck me.
Hailed to complete the download.
He's got maybe a few days.
I'm surprised he
lasted this long.
Oh, fuck off, tin can.
Do not speak to him that way.
It's untethered.
There's a reason those
machines are kept on a leash.
Yeah, well, I'm
untethered too, Doctor.
Who told you?
Everything's fragmented.
It's just that...
I freaking told him.
I freaking told him.
Told him what?
Tell me.
What we did to his daughter.
It was obscene.
What you did to me, Doctor.
Say it.
No, no.
Not to you.
Not to you.
Real humans.
Born naturally.
Our existence, our
consciousness, is life.
It is the great mystery.
You are artificial, a simulation
of what it means to be alive.
Look, numbers running over
a manmade circuit board.
Consciousness is complex data.
Restoring his memory
from an earlier download
should be easy enough.
Look, a typical statement from
a machine with no freaking soul.
You think you're alive.
You are programmed
to think that way.
Do I have a soul, Doctor?
No, I'm sorry, Sienna.
I'm sorry.
Annika was a sweet young girl.
She died.
What she was... you're
nothing like her.
I brought down the scourge.
What makes you better
than the scourge?
I don't know.
I got this.
Sienna, if you can hear
me, we need your help.
We only made it as
far as Trona Six.
Our crash beacon attracted
a whole lot of robots
from all over.
I don't know what
you did to them,
but they're swarming all over
the place like angry bees.
The gun's running low.
You need to come get us, please.
She shouldn't be alone, not
after what she's been through.
It's OK.
What... what happened?
It's OK.
I thought we were downloading.
Has something gone wrong?
Where's Booster?
He was just here.
Kev just restored your
memory from the download.
I have to leave.
I'm taking the other shuttle.
I'm sorry, Ralston.
Bring back my shuttle.
I have a job to do, Father.
Annika was a very
sweet young girl.
She died, and she grew up.
I don't know.
She's gone.
Sienna's gone too.
I can see them in
my mind, but it's
like they're at the end of
a tunnel that keeps getting
further and further away.
I'm sorry, Ralston.
Who are you?
I am no one.
Oh, god.
Are you the one?
Did you take down the one?
Let's play. Boys-
Do we fear you?
Who are you?
Is this to be war?
I am no one.
I have no name, no identity.
I am nothing.
I spit upon those
who created me.
I will fight those
who oppress me.
I will fight alone to
destroy the scourge.
I will fight until I die.
A new religion
burns in my veins.
All hail the gods of war.
OCR by Shovon Khan