Roise & Frank (2022) Movie Script

...moving forward he takes a shot
away it goes and on over the bar.
Patrick Curran has it, brilliant by
Curran. And really it's all over now.
Hi. Frank O'Meara here."
I can't take your call.
Leave a message and I'll
definitely get back to you.
Trying to get possession now.
Frank O'Meara happy
on the sideline,
the man who did all the work
with them.
Hi, Frank O'Meara here.
I can't take your call.
Leave a message and I'll
definitely get back to you.
...and I'll definitely
get back to you.
- How's your mother?
- Good.
Blood pressure is normal.
Well... I'm stressed.
Do you want
to see a psychiatrist?
The old doctor
used to give me some stuff.
And it did work, I have to say.
The Prozac was very good.
Thank you.
- How're things?
- Fine.
How's your mother?
- How many people are waiting?
- Four. A couple for check-ups.
Look, there's poor Mrs. O'Meara again.
- Morning Rise, how are you?
- Morning, Anna.
I have fresh mackerel today.
I won't bother.
It's a nice morning for a walk,
Go away!
Go away!
And breathe out.
Myself and your mother
were always very close.
We're kindred spirits.
I understand her.
Your father was a special man.
Liked by many.
Take a deep breath in, and hold it.
Blood pressure is normal.
Lungs are healthy.
We'll do some blood tests
and that's it.
I had blood tests done a while ago
and everything was fine.
Alan, I'd like you to know,
there was no romance
between me and your mother
while your father was alive.
But things are different now.
And would you mind...
if myself and your mother
developed a closer relationship?
That's my mother's decision to make.
Of course.
But I'd appreciate your blessing.
I don't think my father would
really approve.
But don't you think he'd be
happy if your mother...
He wouldn't be happy
if my mother
went out with a next door neighbour,
somebody he knew.
If you have no other questions
about your health, Donncha,
I have other patients waiting.
The young boy from Waterford feels the
pressure as he goes for a point.
He sends the ball soaring.
What kind of game is this?
Why won't you go away?
- Hey, get out! Rise, don't let him in.
- Sorry, Anna.
He's been following me around.
Out you go!
Come on, now.
Don't be getting in people's way.
Thanks, Rise.
My unexpected saviour.
I don't get on too well
with dogs.
Great to see you.
I wouldn't have thought
you were a dog person, Rise.
- I suppose they're good company.
- He's not mine.
He turned up at my house
out of the blue.
He's been following me around
ever since.
You could ring Animal Welfare
in Waterford.
They'd take him off your hands.
He's doing no harm.
Stop, don't...
You're not allowed in there.
Get down... down!
That's Frank's chair.
Get down.
No one sits in that chair
How did you find that?
That's enough.
You shouldn't be here.
Get out!
How did you find out
about this place?
Where have you come from?
Can I get a steak, please?
Of course.
Too big?
Will I trim some of the fat off?
Don't bother.
It's fine as it is.
Do you know what I think about a lot?
When we went to Limerick,
to get a lawnmower.
Why would I remember that?
There was nothing special
about it as a journey.
We went there, we got
the lawnmower and we drove back.
Frank kept saying,
'We won't know ourselves when we
have this new lawnmower.'
Just to annoy me.
I try to remember other stuff.
More important stuff than that.
But I keep coming back to that
journey home from Limerick.
Will I bring her to the crche
this morning?
There's no need.
My first appointment isn't until 10.
You go ahead, or you'll be late.
Bye bye, Mommy.
See you later.
Why don't we call in to see Granny?
See how she is this morning.
Up you come.
What the hell...
Get the hell out!
Stop it! Leave him alone.
- Christ, Mom!
- Where is the dog?
Great news, Emer.
Your granny's gone mad.
Did anyone see a dog
run out of my house?
No, Mrs. O'Meara, I didn't.
Mrs. O'Meara...
Look at her, she's crazy.
Oh, Mother of God.
Did either of you see
a brown dog running by here?
- I didn't.
- I did.
- Are you serious?
- I am.
- And you never said anything.
- I saw a dog, Hugh.
I didn't have to share that
with everyone.
- So you saw a brown dog?
- I did.
He was heading towards the church.
- Wait... Mom, wait!
- Everything all right, Alan?
Yes. Everything's fine.
Thank you.
What's going on?
Rise O'Meara
is running around half-dressed.
Alan, what was the last thing
your dad said to me?
- The last thing he said.
- I know!
- Remember how he was.
- Our story isn't over yet, my love.
That's what he said to me
in the hospital.
He was delirious.
He's done it, Alan.
He's come back.
I really believe that
this is Frank.
Listen to me, Alan!
He arrived at my house, out of the blue.
And I didn't understand it at first.
Then he goes and sits
in your dad's chair,
his own chair really,
he went straight to it.
And Alan, he plays with
your hurling ball!
- What hurling ball?
- He found it in your room.
- Mom, you know this is all nonsense.
- Listen to me, Alan.
He went for a walk to the woods.
The same walk myself
and your dad did every day.
Then he ran away from me
and guess where I found him?
Our picnic spot!
Other people go there,
maybe he goes there a lot
with his owner, how do we know?
Have you ever seen
this dog before?
And tell me, what would put it into his
head to come here, to this grave?
I can't answer that, Mom.
Isn't your grand-daughter
beautiful, Frank?
I never thought you'd
get to meet her.
Okay, I'm going back to the car
and you might follow me
when you're ready.
Do something, Frank.
Show him that you're his father.
The little boy from Sixth Class,
with huge talent.
He's going to show the whole world
that he's an amazing hurler.
Aren't you Mikey Lynch?
Well, Mikey,
I'm not sure if you know
my husband Frank
is mad about hurling.
I do, people are always talking
about him.
And would you believe that
this dog is mad about hurling?
Would you mind
if he played with you?
Fine by me.
Don't overdo it now.
I'll make breakfast.
- What's his name?
- Frank.
Okay, Frank.
Will he score?
What a legend!
I like your dog.
He's not my dog.
Hey, Mikey.
Is that dog teaching you hurling?
Breakfast, Frank!
We must give Anthony O'Brien a call
to trim the hedge.
It's not your fault.
What else would you do?
We have to remember that
you're a dog now.
So the dog is living with you?
Alan! Frank only wants to get
to know you again.
Don't call him Frank.
Listen, you're clever,
but there are certain things in this life
that you don't understand.
Okay, Mom,
we should visit the vet then.
Why? There's nothing
wrong with him.
Every dog has to be
I don't think Frank
will have a microchip.
It would be very strange
if he doesn't.
And if he does have one,
we'll contact the owner
and we'll find out
what his real name is.
That's a fine looking dog.
- What's his name?
- He doesn't have a name. He's a stray.
Fine looking stray.
We're here to find out
if he has a microchip.
He won't have one.
- Aren't you Frank O'Meara's widow?
- I am.
He'll always be remembered
as a great hurling man.
Is that your son?
She'll be alright again
in a week I'd say.
It's not too bad.
I'm in no rush. Would you like
to go ahead of me, Mrs. O'Meara?
Yes, thanks very much.
What's the problem
with this fine fellow?
He's a stray. We want to get him
back to his owner.
- His name is Frank.
- Frank? That's a nice name.
Good teeth.
He's been well taken care of.
Yes, he has.
So then he must have an owner.
Okay, we'll scan him to see
what the microchip says.
- He doesn't have a microchip, does he?
- He doesn't seem to have.
- That doesn't mean anything, does it?
- It's a legal requirement.
He's about two years old.
He should have one.
How can we find the owner?
I could put him on Facebook,
to see if anyone is looking for him.
- We could keep him here.
- We can't leave him here.
Look at him, Mom.
He's perfectly happy here.
Settle down now.
Frank, don't be making a scene.
You won't be left here.
Absolutely no way.
Do you know what happens to us
when we die?
- I do.
- No, you don't.
Lights out, game over,
life goes on without you.
We don't come back as fish,
or as chickens, or as someone else.
Or as mutts!
Do you have a cable?
You know me and your dad's song,
don't you?
Mom, don't put it on, please.
I haven't played this
since he died.
Don't play it.
You don't know what happens
to us after we die, Alan.
Nobody does.
I heard she named the dog after
your father. Is that true?
It is.
- Good morning, Kate.
- Hello, you.
- I hope you're not causing trouble?
- We won't let him escape again.
I heard Rise was up at the grave.
I heard your mother got
a new pet.
And I hear she buys steaks
for the dog?
Can I have two steaks,
please, Anna.
He loves steaks.
Who doesn't like steak?
Come back to me
if you feel dizzy.
Thank you, Doctor.
How's your mother, by the way?
I heard she was out running
the other morning.
We could give her Risperidone.
What's that?
An antipsychotic.
That's a terrible idea.
And I'm her son,
so it would be against the law.
Sounds to me like that dog
is cheering her up.
And do you think that dog
is your father-in-law?
Well, I haven't met him yet.
Then you're the only one
around here who hasn't.
Jack told me that you were
hurling with some dog?
I wouldn't say that exactly.
You were too.
We all saw you from the bus.
Some dog was running after the ball.
So the dog wasn't playing?
No! Tell him, Mikey.
Well, I don't know.
It's not my dog.
Hey you... Conor, Jack, hurry up.
We're coming to see that dog
tomorrow morning before school.
Be there!
Would you like to go and see her?
Hello, Garda. I know what
you're going to say.
Do you now?
- He should be wearing a seat belt.
- No.
That's not a proper animal restraint and
the dog shouldn't be in the front seat.
His name is Frank.
Okay, well,
Frank needs a proper harness
to be able to travel
in the back seat.
Either that, or he travels
in the boot.
Fine. I'll get him a harness.
Thanks for the advice.
It wasn't advice.
It was an order.
- You'll have to put him in the boot, now.
- The boot is full. And filthy.
He's a dog. He'll be fine.
He wouldn't get on well in the boot.
I'll put him in the back seat.
Frank, will you hop back, please?
Listen here, I'm telling you
to put him in the boot.
I can't.
He's my husband.
He died just two years
and two weeks ago.
His sudden death devastated us.
I'm sorry to hear that, but...
if he has come back as a dog,
he has to obey the rules.
I won't be able to drive
with Frank in the boot.
Look, there's a pet shop
on the ring road.
Go straight there now and get
a harness for... Frank.
I'll get it immediately.
- Thank you.
- And drive slowly.
I'm sorry I haven't been here
for a while, Monica.
I stay at home mostly.
What breed is he?
I don't know.
He's a mix, I think.
There's a bit
of a lurcher in him.
Yeah, you might be right.
Good lad. Good dog.
His name is Frank.
I had a son
and his name was Frank.
I know, Monica.
I married him
on the 8th September, 1981.
I like this dog.
There's a bit
of a lurcher in him.
Letter to a consultant in Cork.
The fourth this year,
well remembered.
They used to be called
Now we call them
'the worried well'.
What's that?
Daddy should be
a choo choo driver?
A great idea!
Daddy would love to be
a choo choo driver.
It would be way better
than this.
Alright so.
Let's see about this dog.
- What's his name?
- Frank.
Let's see what Frank can do.
Waste of time.
I got up this early to see
that stupid dog.
Give me back my ball.
Thanks... Frank.
Can you hit it this far,
or do you have to carry it?
Mikey, over here!
Hey, over here, pass it.
Hello there, mate.
Hello, Donncha.
Mikey Lynch, the shy little kid
from Waterford...
who has a dog as a coach,
and this is his moment
under pressure.
I heard Frank was back.
And he's as crazy about hurling
as ever.
And off goes Frank the dog,
the mighty hurling hound.
- Well done.
- He's a singular dog, no doubt about it.
I better make us something to eat.
Frank is always starving after training.
Rise, now that Frank is back,
and he's getting to do
what he loves,
what about getting back
into your passion?
I don't know, Donncha.
The choir has started
a lovely new piece.
I'll send you the link now.
- I'll listen to it. I promise.
- We'd love to have you back.
All of us.
Hey, look at this video.
- Yeah, this video.
- Yes, yes, we're looking.
Mikey Lynch, the shy little kid from
Waterford, who has a dog as a coach,
this is his moment
under pressure.
And off goes Frank the dog,
the mighty hurling hound.
Frank... what a silly name
for a dog.
Why don't you let the dog
join your team?
- You might win something for a change!
- Hey, shut up.
Okay, settle down.
Phones back in the bags, please.
Sir, we've found
a new player for the team.
And he's very skilful.
- What's his name?
- Frank.
Look, Sir.
Okay, Mikey...
Is that you, Mikey?
Why aren't you on the team?
- I'm not that good, Sir.
- He's too shy, Sir.
He's the youngest in the class.
Mikey, you've nothing to
be shy about.
I'll tell Sinad that you'll be
at training next Thursday.
- Now, put the phone in the bag, Jack.
- Okay, Sir.
Come on, don't let
the other player get it.
We have to win this game.
Well done!
That's great, Conor.
Come here.
Welcome back, stranger.
Sorry I'm late.
They're here.
They're kind of big, aren't they?
We'll be killed!
Get in! All of you. Now!
- Has anyone seen Mikey Lynch?
- No, Miss.
Mark up... mark him!
Well, Mikey.
Did you forget your ball
this morning?
No, I didn't, Mrs. O'Meara.
I wish Jack hadn't taken
that stupid video.
I know I wanted to be on the team,
at least, I think I did.
- But I don't want to play a match.
- When is the match?
I'm supposed to be there now.
Well, when Frank was a man
he used to get so nervous
on the day of a match,
that he could hardly eat.
I think he'd love
to go to a game again
and to see you play.
Okay, lads. In you go, quickly.
Where were you?
We're being slaughtered.
- Come on, get changed.
- Stop.
If you're not here on time,
you can't play.
It was my fault.
He was helping me in the garden
and I didn't know he'd a match.
He should have known himself, Rise.
He's let his teammates down.
You can be a sub.
Maybe you'll get five minutes
at the end of the game.
Okay, off you go.
You're not going to let
him play, are you?
They're a brutal bunch.
He'll get hammered.
I said I would.
I just can't look at that
miserable face much longer.
Mikey, in you go.
It's gone in!
Get in!
The first hurling final
in a thousand years.
- Well done, Mikey.
- Great stuff, lads. Excellent!
Here he comes.
The best hurling coach in Ireland.
They couldn't do it without you,
Well done, lads.
"No Dogs Allowed"
Except Frank.
We're the team of the moment.
We're not the underdogs anymore!
Rise, if the other teams believe
that the spirit of the greatest hurler
this parish has ever seen,
is present at every match.
This is a big deal for us,
Mrs. O'Meara.
Everything has to be exactly the same.
- If possible.
- There is one thing.
We've heard
Frank is not microchipped.
The rival teams could target him.
You wouldn't want him to be stolen.
There's your answer.
Frank O'Meara, the coach who has
taken them this far, will be delighted.
A hand pass forward to
Mikey Kearney...
You look great, Frank.
Hard to believe your owner
hasn't been in touch yet.
We'll put a chip in you
so you won't go missing again.
- It feels wrong.
- It's the law, Rise.
And I wouldn't be
doing my job right
if I didn't also recommend
that you neuter him.
- Castrate him?
- It's not cruel.
Dogs that aren't neutered...
If you don't mind,
I'll leave it to another day.
It's a very standard procedure.
Mom and Dad married when
they were twenty.
She just can't accept
that he's gone.
If she were a patient,
I'd listen to her,
treat her and not leave her to find her
own delusional solution to grief.
How did you deal with it?
- With...
- With the grief?
You miss him too, don't you?
Rise, Toms was up in O'Connells,
picking up steaks.
I told him to bring back
plenty of bones.
Frank will be delighted.
Thank you, Anna.
You've a heart of gold.
Drugs, is it?
None for you, I'm afraid.
- Would you hold onto this for me, please.
- Of course.
- Bones?
- Well, Anna gives me bones.
But Frank doesn't touch them,
of course.
Of course.
Could I interest you in
a glass of wine?
I don't know, Donncha.
I wasn't sure if I could ask.
I mentioned to your son
that it would be nice
to invite you
for a neighbourly chat.
But he gave me the impression
that he didn't approve.
To be honest, there are plenty of things
that Alan doesn't approve of.
I suppose sons are protective
of their mothers.
Well, a glass of wine
never hurt anyone.
I'm glad you came.
Really glad.
I'm glad too.
I really enjoyed it.
We should do it more often.
Why not?
My place, next time.
It's lovely to be able
to sit down with someone
and talk about music
or books.
There are a lot of lonely people
out there, aren't there?
I'm sorry, Rise.
I suppose you're thinking about
poor Frank now.
I'm not, Donncha.
You're right.
There are a lot of lonely people
out there.
But speaking of Frank,
he's at home all by himself.
I better be off.
I'll walk you home.
- There's no need.
- Rise, I'll walk you home.
Goodnight, Donncha.
And thanks again.
It was a lovely evening.
Stop, Donncha.
I'm just using some initiative
here, Rise.
What's a better cure for
being lonely?
- You should go.
- Control that dog.
Stop it, Frank.
That's enough.
Frank, please.
Frank, stop. Now!
Mrs. Devine?
Your husband is fine.
He's not my husband.
My husband is at home.
- Sorry. I just assumed...
- He's my neighbour.
He's separated.
Well, he's fine, really.
- Can I see him?
- Of course.
- How do you feel?
- Hard to say.
Thanks for being here.
They're going to keep you in
for a few days.
They are, just to keep
an eye on me.
I'm not going to press charges,
or anything like that.
But there was nothing
Pl could have done, Donncha.
I meant, charges against you.
Because of the dog.
And welcome to Fraher Field,
the Under 13 Provincial Final
is on the programme today.
St. Senan will be seeking their
third win in a row.
And it's the first chance
in many years
for St. Crthach to compete
for the title.
Parking is free of charge.
Let's get going. Everybody ready for a
warm-up in five minutes.
- Have you seen Frank today?
- No, I haven't.
Can we just play the match
and forget about the dog?
How do you think we made it this far?
Saved it!
The match!
What's that?
Somebody might be dying.
- Hi Mom, are you okay?
- You have to do me a favour.
Do you remember this guy, Emer?
A doggie? No!
No, silly. It's not a doggie.
It's your dead grandad.
How are you, Grandad?
Anyways, I heard you need
to be at the match.
Sorry for speeding, Officer.
You certainly were. And that dog
should be wearing a harness.
You're right.
And I should know that.
But I don't normally
ferry dogs around.
Driving licence, please.
I don't think I brought it with me.
That dog isn't Frank, is it?
Do you know Frank?
I do indeed.
And I know his wife too.
Another goal for St. Senan, who now
have 2 goals and 10 points.
It's 8 points for St. Crthach
and we're close to half-time.
Losing a final is nothing
to be ashamed about.
Remember, nobody expected us
to make it this far.
But to lose a game in this way,
without even making an effort?
That's not who we are.
We have 30 minutes left
to salvage our reputation.
Can we do it?
- Can we do it?
- Yes, we can!
- So let's get out there.
- Let's go!
Come on, Mikey.
I don't know why you didn't make
the team until this year.
I'm not that good.
Enough of that! You're the best
player we have this year.
Why didn't she bring him here?
You don't need Frank the dog,
You did it all by yourself.
No, I didn't.
Five minutes.
That's all I'm giving you.
I want to see the real Mikey.
Good start to the second half
by St. Crthach.
The first point of the game for their
player of the season, Mikey Lynch.
A goal by Mikey Lynch!
And St. Crthach are back
in the game now.
Well done, Mikey.
Go, St. Crthach!
That's it, lads. Keep it up.
Just two minutes left and with that
point, the two teams are level.
And with that goal St. Crthach
take the lead!
A great effort by St. Senan,
but the day belongs to St. Crthach!
Would you like a cup of tea,
or something?
No, thank you.
Now, so what's the nature
of your complaint?
- It's about some dog?
- That's right.
A vicious dog.
To put it briefly,
he attacked me.
Did he bite you?
He attacked me, and...
he chased me.
Look, Mr. Devine,
there are cases where I can impound
a dog, if it bites someone.
I'd like you to do that.
There is a chance the dog
will be put down.
I was hit by a car.
Was the dog driving the car?
You'd only be happy if
the dog attacked me, is that it?
Is he a dangerous dog?
Let's just say the owner doesn't
have a dog licence.
You could impound it
on those grounds.
Do I look like a dog warden?
- Can Frank come out?
- Isn't he already out?
- You haven't seen him?
- No, I haven't.
- You'll have to go to school, Mikey.
- No, I won't.
I'll help you find Frank.
He's gone off on a walk by himself.
Don't worry.
He'll definitely be here
tomorrow morning to see you.
Go to school, Mikey.
He was running wild
around the area.
And you don't know who owns him?
He's a stray, a vicious one.
I see, that's not a good sign.
It means he was badly treated.
What happened to him?
I gave him a sleeping pill.
Like I told you, he's vicious.
Yeah, but you shouldn't just
drug a dog like that.
A stray, didn't I tell you?
He's a fine looking dog for a stray.
Will he be put down?
Well, if he's that vicious,
I don't suppose
we'll have any choice.
Okay, are you ready?
Move in closer together.
That's it, great stuff.
One... two... three.
Great stuff altogether.
You've woken up, pal.
What's up? Finding life
a little tedious in here?
This might cheer you up.
Pretty good.
You don't look too vicious to me, pal.
Is there a dark side to you?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
He's only been missing
for two days.
Why did he leave me again?
He might have had his
own reasons.
We don't know why he came back,
do we?
He came back,
because he said he would.
Let's go and look for him.
I've looked everywhere.
We'll look again.
- Have you found Frank yet?
- We're off out to look for him again.
- Where?
- I don't know. Where will we go, Alan?
- The dog pound.
- Do you think he's in the dog pound?
If he isn't claimed,
he'll be put down.
Mikey! Go to school and leave it
to us...
I'm going with you.
To get Frank.
I think you might have
my dog here, by accident.
A dog called Frank.
He isn't microchipped,
but he's very special.
I'm sure he's a very special dog,
like a lot of them here.
The dog is her husband,
He's the best dog
there ever was.
That sounds fairly special, all right.
What did this dog-husband look like?
Absolutely gorgeous.
He was a mix of a lurcher
and a terrier maybe.
Two years old or so.
He's an amazing hurler.
I remember him.
A lovely, big, well-behaved dog, he was.
He was?
He has a new home now.
He can't have a new home.
He has an old home.
I'm sorry,
but he wasn't microchipped.
How can you prove he's yours
if he's not microchipped?
Now he's registered with
another owner.
Tell us where he is
so we can take him home.
I can't tell you that,
it's private information.
I didn't realise
he was your husband.
- Hello?
- Hi... Greg. From the Dog Pound?
Yes, I remember you.
I'm Alan.
Greg brought us here because
you have my mother's dog.
But don't worry, we've brought
a fine replacement.
I don't understand.
How did this happen?
He was stolen from me.
- You told me he was a stray.
- Well, he wasn't microchipped.
Frank doesn't need a microchip.
He's this lady's husband, this
man's father, and this child's grandad.
He's also my hurling coach.
- And we really want him back.
- He's a very special dog.
You better come in then.
Without him, we wouldn't have
won the final.
Why did you choose
this particular dog?
We didn't choose him.
My daughter says he chose us.
Somebody told me that dogs are a great
way to help children deal with things.
My husband died recently.
We wouldn't like to keep
someone else's dog.
Let's introduce you to Sally.
Her dad loved gardening.
His name is Sparky.
Do you like him?
I do.
He's the nicest dog
I've ever seen.
Hey, Frank,
we were worried about you.
His name is Sparky.
Are you going to leave Frank here?
This is a sliotar. A ball.
Do you understand?
This dog knows nothing
about hurling.
You'll have to teach him.