Rojo (2018) Movie Script

In an Argentine province
Good evening.
Come on in.
Are you done?
I haven't even ordered yet.
I'm waiting for my wife.
The gentleman needs a table.
Can you find one for him?
How many in your party?
Just give me a minute, sir.
Saturdays are busy.
Just hold on for a minute.
- Can you set up a new table?
- We're full right now.
If I add a table
it's hard to move around.
Just wait for a few minutes.
Listen... There's a man here
taking up an entire table.
He hasn't ordered yet.
Can't we do it the other way around?
I'm ready to order right now.
He can wait in the meantime.
I'm sorry, but he arrived first.
Would you like to wait outside?
You can sit and have a drink.
On the house.
What about that?
It's cold outside.
Excuse me. What's the problem?
- Listen, Counselor... -The problem is
I'm standing here like an idiot, waiting.
While you sit there looking,
not having ordered yet.
Playing dumb.
While I have to stand here
like an imbecile.
Do you want to sit here?
It's not that I want to.
It's the right thing to do.
If you come to a restaurant
just to spend time
you should spare it for people
who want to eat.
The ones who come to spend money.
Settled. You're right.
No problem.
Can I have a menu?
Why are you staring?
It's done. Over.
Let's call it quits. Okay?
The problem is you're ill-mannered.
Ill-mannered and a sour guy.
I pity you.
You evidently have serious issues
that make you go around life
looking for trouble.
You're ill-mannered
because of your upbringing.
Because your parents never taught you
how to ask for things.
How you talk to a stranger.
I feel sorry for you.
I really do.
I'm sure this happens to you
all the time.
That you spend your life
arguing with people about everything.
You can't avoid it.
It's in your nature.
You're a grown man.
You're not going to change.
Your life will always be a mess.
A pile of awkward moments
like this one.
While you desperately watch
how other people live in harmony.
Which isn't an option for you.
In conclusion...
You're not to blame
for what happens to you.
You're a victim.
A poor bastard.
Son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch!
Nazis! You fucking Nazis!
Fucking son of a bitch!
What's the matter?
What do you think I am,
you fucking Nazis!
Fuck! Do you want to play crazy?
I'm the crazy one!
I'm the crazy one!
Everything is fine.
All good?
If my wife weren't always late
this would have never happened.
Please, sit down, Counselor.
- It's all good.
- Take all this away, please.
Excuse me.
- I'm really sorry.
- No problem.
Who's that?
The man from the restaurant.
What's his problem?
What the--
- Let's go home.
- Wait! I don't know where he is.
Stay here.
What are you doing, Claudio?
Let's go home!
What's wrong with you, man?
Stop! What's with you?
What are you doing?
Stop right there. Stop.
Let's end this nonsense.
Don't! We have a daughter!
Stop. We've a daughter.
Just drop the weapon.
Don't touch him.
Don't Claudio.
He's alive.
Wait here.
Come in!
Come this way.
What happened?
We'll go home.
Are you crazy?
Why do you want to go home?
This guy's dying!
He needs surgery.
He has a bullet in his head.
I thought of taking him to
Dr. Caniparoli at Ro Seco.
He gets surgery and he is saved.
Get it?
It's the only chance he has.
There's no surgeon here.
Leaving him here is no good.
We'll go home and you'll stay there.
- Hey!
- How are you, Estelita?
- How are you?
- You didn't need to bring anything!
- Come in.
- Come on in!
- Hello Susana.
- Hi Raul.
I'm so glad you came.
Meet Santi. Paulita's boyfriend.
Best friend...
Boyfriend, best friend.
It's all the same...
I take Poland and reject the invasion.
You can't reject it.
You signed the treaties.
- Can she?
- Not sure.
- Your dad knows the rules.
- That's why he's a lawyer.
Can she reject the invasion?
- Who is invading?
- I'm invading her.
There's nothing to do.
- Are you pouring plain water?
- Yes. Plain water.
- Not even a tea bag in it?
- No.
And you like it?
Many years ago I realized
that when socializing,
you end up sort of obliged
to have a drink.
Tea, coffee, whatever.
Sometimes you're not up for it.
So I started asking for water
and got used to it.
- Nobody can tell.
- No.
What is it?
A fly.
It probably just got in.
No. I have a method.
You need to tire it out.
As soon as it lands somewhere,
you need to shoo it.
That way the flight
is shorter every time.
They run out of breath, like us.
They reach the point
where they can't fly any longer.
Once they stand still, boom!
All I'm asking, Counselor,
is to speed things up.
If it's a matter
of getting paid less but sooner,
that's something I can accept.
If it's a matter of how many times
you go to the meat-packing plant,
resulting in more paperwork
and higher pay
that's also okay.
But we need the money urgently.
So my brother and I can buy
some land and get to work.
I can't stand staying at home all day.
I can't stand my wife, my kid.
I can't stand anyone.
Listen, Mario.
I can make things faster
to a certain point.
Severance lawsuits require patience.
Every time. Those who rush, lose.
If I storm down to the plant
asking for your paycheck,
we all lose.
Let's wait for the storm to pass.
But things are getting tough.
My youngest suffers from otitis.
My wife keeps buying medicine
and I have no salary.
That's the scenario.
I'm putting myself
in your hands, Counselor.
I have full trust in you.
I understand, Mario.
You need to be patient.
- I have this.
- What is it?
A map I made
to get to the rodeo fair.
So you can go
with your wife and daughter.
Very nice! Thanks.
Is your brother roping?
- Yes! He'll be waiting
with a nice barbecue. -That's good.
Maybe those touring American cowboys
will arrive.
Word of mouth is they're amazing.
Pass me the registration.
Claudio Morn.
Dr. Claudio Morn.
Is there a problem, officer?
No, ma'am. Just a routine check.
- Where are you going?
- To Rio Seco. To the rodeo fair.
- You're the lawyer.
- Yes.
- Noticed anything odd on your way, counselor?
- Nothing at all.
- Ok. Have a nice ride.
- Thank you.
Embarrassment hits
the State government again
as they leave the American cowboys
and and their crew stranded
Once more we stand ashamed
due to the State authorities
who prove their incompetence,
and create tension with a brother country
like the United States.
The American Cowboys' show
had to be cancelled
and there's still no news
regarding a new date.
On one hand,
you have the evident.
The native savages and their dance,
and the European colonizers
captivated by the strength
of these savages.
But, on the other hand,
there is tension.
There is tension between
the main characters.
You two are going to be
the leading couple,
So, you'll have to...
Act out these intentions.
The intention of the play,
and the intention surrounding
the encounter
between the savage and the prisoner.
- Is it clear?
- What do you mean by intention?
Do you understand what intention means?
Let's see. Come here.
A little closer.
Do you feel anything?
Yes. Something.
That's intention.
He's here?
He came earlier.
Tell him to hold on a moment.
With your permission.
How are you?
- How are you?
- Fine. You?
- Very good.
- Take a seat.
- Thanks.
- All good?
I was surprised that you...
asked for my professional advice.
You find it odd?
- What's this all about?
- I want to ask you something personal.
Sure. I guess.
Do you have good friends?
I don't get it.
Aren't we friends?
You, Mabel, Susana and I.
Aren't we friends?
We sure are.
Mabel and Susana are really friends.
You and I see each other socially.
But being honest...
If you had to tell a secret,
would you tell me?
It depends.
It's hard to speculate on that subject.
That's my point.
Think for a second.
Do you have a trustworthy friend?
Someone you could tell something
that you wouldn't dare tell
even your wife?
That's what friends are.
If not I wouldn't call them my friends.
The thing is, Counselor.
A block away from my house,
on Saavedra St.
there's a property
I'm really interested in.
It's a two story house.
A garage in the front.
A nice yard in the back.
A large dining room...
What does that house have to do
with me having friends or not?
One step at a time, Counselor!
The house is abandoned.
- It's an old house?
- I'd say modern.
Something odd went down.
Rumor has it
there was some kind of raid.
Where's the rumor coming from?
The people around.
The gossipers in town.
The people know.
- How is the house?
- The facade is...
It needs minimal work done inside.
- What about furniture?
- They took it all.
Looters. People from the slums.
They've emptied it.
Time is short.
We'd need to find out
if there's debt attached.
That would be the best way.
Just make a presentation.
Pay the debt
And buy the deed.
But time is short.
Even if we found a friendly Judge.
Forget requesting asking for the deed.
I have a better plan.
We need a third party involved.
I have a notary who can fake a note
of intention from a prospective buyer.
I would then buy it from him.
You'd be his legal proxy.
There's no need for your name
to be in the paperwork.
I'll take care of everything. Taxes,
flipping the house. I have the cash.
But I need your hand on the legal side.
Bringing in a third party from out
of town not tied in any way to me.
It's a formality.
He lends his name and gets paid.
You can do it!
Everyone knows you.
What you're saying is absurd.
Who'd buy that he's the real owner
of the house?
Who would say the contrary?
You're from Ro Seco.
There has to be someone there
who just shows up...
and sells the house to us.
If we don't do it, someone else will.
You know it.
It's a delicate matter.
Let me think about it.
This is what I expected
I'll pay you a third of what I get
for the house plus your usual fee.
Do you know how much it's worth?
I had it appraised. Market value.
- You had it appraised?
- Guess!
- What?
- How much!
The market value.
Say a number.
- No.
- C'mon!
- Guess a number.
- No!
Say a number...
Watch your head
- Do you live here?
- No. Just wandering around.
We saw it was open and came in.
I was wandering around too.
It's a beautiful house.
It's a pity it'll stay this way.
You're from around here, aren't you?
- I've seen you around.
- Yes.
I live a block away.
You might as well sit.
With your permission.
Did you know them?
I mean the people who lived here.
Just the kids.
Blonde ones.
Just from watching them play.
The parents...
I didn't really know them.
You're the lawyer, aren't you?
If you'll excuse me.
How are you, Counselor?
Fine, fine.
What's your take on the
Federal intervention?
It's hard to tell things apart
these days.
Nothing. No one's there.
It's strange.
Caniparoli always has lunch at home.
Try again
Your eyes are lost.
There you go!
Yes! To the rhythm!
Follow the beats. Yes!
Not ever a vain wish
should fill our hearts.
We have to be certain
of what we're doing.
Or the story won't be told.
Where are you boys at?
Are you good?
Okay then!
The spin is about to start.
What did we say, boys?
Down with your energy.
Once the spin starts you go.
If they are sensitive it is not...
a price for your favors.
Don't forget to smile, girls!
There you go! I want to see teeth!
What turn is this one?
Attention! You take her now!
Yes! She resists!
The women frozen.
Over here...
One! Yes!
The women's circle.
Attention to the lines now!
The feather moment now!
Sorry for the state I'm in.
I was taking a nap.
I'm sorry.
I know it's not the best time to visit.
I'm a close friend of Dr. Caniparoli.
We went to school together.
I just went by his house
but couldn't find him or his wife.
--His car isn't there...
- You haven't heard?
- Heard what?
- The doctor left on a trip.
No. I didn't know.
Any idea when he'll be back?
He'll be away for some time.
There were inconveniences.
The doctor had some issues.
The doctor's wife
works at the hospital.
She was mixed up with the Union
That's why
they had to leave the country.
Don't worry. They'll be back.
Thank you.
Initials here.
The first letter of your name
and last name.
Very good.
We're done.
All yours.
Thanks, Counselor.
My pleasure, Mario.
You can go now.
Excuse me!
You're eating candy, right?
I can see they are
the ultra-fine Bonafide.
Yes, I know.
The ones covered in chocolate.
They sure are yummy!
Can I have one?
Come on! Don't be like that!
Just one!
I'll steal one.
Ultra-fine Bonafide's...
For the selfish ones.
This is a very typical item
from our town.
This is a classic artifact
from our country.
A mat 'e cup and straw set.
It's used to drink "yerba".
A native plant from our country.
You prepare a nice infusion.
No! It's for you to drink.
A beverage. An infusion.
We'll soon teach you how to prepare it.
You'll see how tasty it is.
So... Please.
They have something for you too.
It's very old.
It belonged to his grandfather.
It's not a big thing.
Just something they use at the ranch.
It sure looks great!
It has done a lot of work
and has done a lot of good.
We're having such a nice time.
To the reunion of our people!
- Mr. intervenor!
- Mr. intervenor!
- A few words!
- Stand by!
- Any comments?
- A second please!
A few words, sir?
Any comments for the local news?
Sure! Good day to everyone...
I just want to share our joy
after being able to untangle
the situation of our friends
the famous American Cowboys!
As you all know,
they were stranded
due to the negligence
of the former administration.
One more please!
Did you exchange gifts?
I see you have good intel!
Yes! We offered them
a magnificent mat 'e set.
Made from alpaca.
Handmade by a local craftsman.
And they have given me,
please allow me.
One of their typical whips.
Sir, changing the subject,
I wanted to ask you
if you consider the people to be happy
with the Federal intervention.
I have no doubt.
The people are definitely onboard
with this intervention.
One last question!
I wanted your comment
regarding the latest news.
It's been said several parties
could be declared illegal.
- What station do you work for?
- State Radio, Sir.
State Radio, Ok.
What's your name?
- It's great.
- You really liked it?
The teacher asked us
to express confinement.
I thought I could be inside a drop
that can't be burst.
Or a closed box,
or maybe myself hanging upside down.
So I'm immersed in a sad, dark world
I can't get away from.
No, wait.
Come, sit.
It's sort of tight for two....
Don't. Wait.
No. Wait.
What is it?
I feel weird.
Weird how?
I'm on my period.
- But is there a lot of blood?
- Yes.
It's going to be gross.
You won't like it.
How do you know what things I like?
No, but...
Really, wait.
Wait, Santiago.
Understand, Santi!
Understand me.
My parents will arrive any time now.
Go away!
You're upsetting me.
Go away.
Calm down.
Calm down. Mabel.
Easy! Come, come.
She's much better.
Close the door.
Mabel comes from a wealthy family.
Her grandfather
was a German diplomat.
He bought thousands of acres
back when this was a desert.
Later on, Mabel's father developed
the land. Brought animals.
He became immensely rich,
but died young in an accident.
Mabel's mom got terribly depressed.
Mabel had to take her younger brother
Diego, under her wing.
She sent him to a boarding
school in Venado Tuerto.
To the nuns.
Something was wrong with him.
That environment is not good for a man.
- Don't you think?
- Yes.
He returned at 18
and moved to the city to study art.
- Art?
- Art...
At first we thought it was all good.
He visited often
and talked about his stuff.
Later on contact became sporadic.
First, he drastically changed his look.
He was like the kids his age.
Long haired, sort of a hippie.
His friends even
called him "The Hippie".
But one day he showed up dressed
as a serious guy.
Started talking about politics.
Something he had never done at all.
He asked for a large sum of money,
without much explanation.
Of course I refused his request.
But Mabel...
She gave him the money
and he disappeared.
We heard nothing else from him
after that.
Mabel is desperate.
She suffers from anxiety.
Weeping, rapid heartbeat.
She is going through hell.
But this is not the worst.
The worst...
is we have reason to think
he's involved in something and hiding.
- Why didn't you tell us before?
- Mabel doesn't want this to get around.
- Did you talk to the police?
- No.
With all the things going on,
this is a delicate matter.
But I did something better.
I hired detective Sinclair.
The one from TV.
- The Chilean?
- Yes.
His fee is spectacular,
but he's already working on the case.
He has ties
to the Federal Coordination Agency.
He has access to files
and that sort of intel.
He even found out that Diego,
had a train ticket to come here 3 months ago.
- Do you have a picture of Diego?
- Yes.
The one I show everyone.
From the last time he visited.
- When is Sinclair coming to investigate?
- He's already here.
- Here in Granada?
- Here at the Museum!
He just got here.
I can introduce you.
- Sinclair! No!
- Don't be shy!
He's a swell guy.
Stay here. I'll get him.
You know him from TV.
He solves every case.
Yes. He was a trademark of an era.
I'll need your help, Counselor.
- Sure. We're here to help.
- Thanks.
You better go to your wife.
- Let me introduce you to--
- We've already met. Thanks.
He is the one from TV.
I had never met anyone famous.
I'll visit your office this week
so we can talk, okay?
You know...
We might be going on a short trip
to the beach. I may not be available.
I don't understand why you
use the conditional tense.
You might be going or you will go?
What I meant is
that it's almost a given fact.
How curious! You keep referring
to it as almost a fact.
It's a fact!
We won't be in town this coming week.
Now we understand each other.
Never forget I was a cop,
before being a famous TV celebrity.
Part of one of the best police forces.
The P.D. of Santiago de Chile.
We're Cartesian.
For a cop things are black or white.
In the middle...
There's nothing.
- You here for the eclipse?
- Huh?
- Are you here for the eclipse?
- No.
- Thanks.
- You're very kind.
I need to take a wee.
- Why didn't you go before?
- I did. But I need to go again.
There are no toilets nearby.
Can you hold it?
No. I can't.
Do you want to go back?
No. There's no need.
Can we ever just have a good time?
Can we just walk as planned without
something happening or being missing?
I want to walk like we said we would.
I just want to spend a nice time.
So we can be okay.
To be quiet, to enjoy.
So, let's enjoy!
I'll find a place with no people.
Stay here, don't go.
- Sir!
- Don't look!
- It'll be over soon.
- What happens?
Right away, Counselor.
- Did you rest?
- Last night?
During your getaway.
You're aware of the issue
in regards to Mrs. Vivas' brother?
- The hippie?
- The hippie.
He called from Buenos Aires one day
saying he was taking the bus to come here.
- To visit his sister.
- And he never got here.
Oh! So you are informed.
If knowing that makes me informed
then I am.
I'm working with two scenarios.
Both are very drastic.
Since in both, the hippie is dead.
Did you find any clues
leading to that?
I walk, watch, ask around...
But people seem
to have a poor memory.
You for example, Counselor.
Do you remember what you ate last night?
C'mon! Try.
Last night. Beef.
The night before?
Beef also.
Three nights ago?
I don't get the point...
If I were to ask you where you dined
three months ago with your wife
I bet you wouldn't remember.
At the Spanish Canteen.
So you remember.
A stranger making a fuss.
But that was not the hippie.
I never said he was.
This is a quiet place, Mr. Sinclair.
Full of people who want to...
and live in peace.
That's what we all want.
I won't steal any more time from you.
- My pleasure.
- Very kind. Thanks so much.
To you. Have a good afternoon.
Come in.
Do you keep food there?
Yes. My lunch.
It'll get bugs all over it.
You'd better throw it out.
- Stop. Stop!
- What is it?
Go back.
Go back, please.
You don't recognize me?
You know Paula.
The blonde one.
From the dance class.
Yes. I know her.
I know who you are.
- You're Paula's boyfriend.
- Exactly!
I'm Paula's boyfriend.
Do you know Franco?
He's from the class too.
Sure! I just saw him.
At a party.
He's a friend.
Can I ask you something inappropriate?
I don't know...
It depends.
Did Franco fuck Paula or didn't he?
- You asking for real or just kidding?
- What do you think?
That's something you'll have to ask him.
Or Paula.
Is Franco still at the party?
No. He left early.
Listen. I'm not a snitch.
You can chill.
But there's a code, bro.
So I ask again.
- Did he fuck her or not?
- I have no idea, dude!
That's the truth.
Although I would dare say
you've been cuckolded.
You don't have the balls to ask him
or your drama queen girlfriend.
Hit it.
Get going!
What are you doing?
You tell him we'll take him home.
Hey! I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have taken it out on you.
We'll give you a ride home.
I'm sorry.
I apologize if I took it too far.
I'll walk. It's not far.
Thanks anyway.
Dude! Don't be lame.
C'mon, we'll take you.
You shouldn't be walking
carrying that guitar.
Let him sit in the middle
so we drop you first.
Be careful.
The American Cowboys
embellish our province
with their majestic presence
and riding their Mustang horses.
The American Cowboys are here
for all our countrymen to enjoy.
Us Argentines are made the right way.
Unlike those who try
to make us think otherwise.
Watch the grace
of that American horse.
Galloping on Argentine soil.
Unifying the organic matter,
the essential matter
that bonds our two nations.
St. Michael archangel.
Protect me in battle.
I beg of you...
Help me fight against perversion...
Of the Devil.
Have you seen the Father?
I'm not from here, ma'am.
Just came in to pray.
Are you okay?
Do you need help finding him?
My son's been missing for days now.
He went to a party and never came back.
The police won't listen to me.
The town is under intervention.
The intervenor won't see me.
He'll appear soon.
Youngsters usually do this.
- I'm really worried. Please help--
- Lady, please!
Are you a Christian?
- Why the fuck would I be here if not!
- Then help me.
They say bodies appear in the desert.
- Wake up, dad.
- What is it, honey?
- There's a man downstairs.
- What? Did you see him?
- No. I heard him.
- What do you mean you heard him?
I think I heard him call your name.
- But I didn't go out to see.
- Stay here.
Don't go, Claudio!
Not to worry, Counselor.
Just a shot fired.
Now comes the best.
The last trick.
But for this one I'll need a lady.
A lady volunteer.
Any lady volunteers?
Who? Who?
Dare to come!
There are no pretty ladies!
It's awful!
Hey! No! Stop!
There! I see a hand!
Yes, lady! Yes. You!
Would you be so kind
to come up to the stage?
Don't make me send
a commando for you.
Very good!
Hello, gorgeous! Hello!
- Hello.
- Name?
- Celina.
- Celina!
- Nice name!
- Thanks.
Do you work?
I'm a legal assistant
at the Civil Court.
- Lawyers!
- Yes.
Do you know the one
about the client and the lawyer?
The client asks:
"How much do you charge?"
"Two thousand dollars
for three questions."
"Isn't that steep?"
To which the lawyer responds:
"What are the other two?"
Okay! So for the final trick!
Let's hear the drums!
Please get in here, Celina.
Attention! Silence!
Dare to get in, please!
There you go!
Ladies and gentlemen!
One, two... Everyone! Three!
- Three!
- And here...
Nothing! Applause!
So now... Now...
I'll make her appear!
One, two, three!
With you... Celina!
I don't want to hear any "Aha"!
One moment please...
Don't laugh. She has disappeared.
She has disappeared,ladies and gentleman.
This trick is not going well!
She is not here!
She's not here.
Please help me with a "shhhh"...
Not you.
This guy even less.
Give me an "Ohm".
Where the fuck is she?
There she is! Applause!
For twelve years I arrived
every day at 2 at the studio.
But I don't go through the main gate
cause it's full of girls waiting.
I have a special entrance on the side.
Where the studio basement is.
There I park my car,
go to my dressing room--
Counselor! I came to say hello.
I'm returning to Buenos Aires.
- You don't say!
- Yes, but...
I wanted to ask you a favor.
Of course. Tell me.
I want you to take me see the desert.
I'm sort of busy right now.
I came all the way here
to ask you to take me see the desert.
There's nothing in the desert.
Wouldn't you rather go
to Ro Seco and see the fields?
I came here to see the desert.
Is that a problem?
No. Of course not.
Let's go then.
Wait a moment, please.
Don't you want to know why
I'm returning to Buenos Aires, Counselor?
Aren't you going to ask what happened
with my investigation?
What happened with the hippie?
I didn't want to intrude
but I sure am interested.
Then ask.
What happened with the hippie?
The hippie died.
What a tragedy for the family.
A tragedy for the family.
What happened?
How did he die?
Beware Counselor.
Don't push it.
Are you going to look me in the eye
and tell me you don't know?
That you don't know how this kid died?
What the fuck do you think
we're doing here?
Don't try to intimidate me.
You asked me to bring you to the desert
and I did.
Spare me the dance
of your tales, Counselor.
Do you think people forgot
how you humiliated that kid?
With your haughty demeanor.
And your two-bit
Small-town gentleman's manners?
That no one saw how you
carried that kid to your car?
That no one heard
two gunshots that night?
Are you taking me for an imbecile?
He shot himself!
It could be.
But you were at the hospital
talking about a guy, a fight.
The following day you took
your car window to get repaired.
A window stained with dirt!
With this dirt, Counselor!
What are you doing?
What's in your pocket?
- Nothing.
- Show me.
Don't be a clown.
You're not going to stumble twice
on the same rock.
You're going to cry!
What a hypocrite!
This is what's turning
this country into shit.
Because of people like you!
- You don't know what happened!
- No, I don't!
Let's see, Counselor.
The important thing to know is that
we are fighting a greater evil here.
Do you understand what I mean
by a greater evil?
Do you understand
the nature of our enemy?
Do you imagine a land...
without law, without God?
Look at these beautiful plains,
Look at the sky over our heads.
Look at all this and tremble, Counselor.
Because this is the work of God.
Wasn't it He who opened the land
so it would swallow
the followers of Kor
and burned alive the sons of Levi?
Tremble, Counselor, tremble.
Because it's He who guides us.
In mysterious ways.
But it's He who guides us.
Let us not speak
any more of the subject.
Take me to the airport
and go back home.
You'll see how you feel
more easy in a while.
Get changed, Claudio.
We're going to be late.
Something happened?
What is it?
Scooch over.
I know you.
Something's going on.
Are you sad?
- Hello.
- Counselor!
Good evening. How are you?
Good evening.
Thanks for your presence.
I'd like to...
I'd like to take this chance to...
To share with you all some thoughts
that many of us teachers share.
Mr. Federal Intervenor.
Parents, families, neighbors, students.
To have been born in this country
is a blessing.
This land has it all.
The greatness of the plains,
the majesty of the mountains.
The opulence of the rivers.
This is a rich land. We all know that.
But the biggest treasure is our people.
Us Argentines are a big family.
And it's with great sadness that today
we witnesses to atrocious conflict
between brothers.
We are the ordinary people.
The ones who go to work everyday
full of joy
carrying those values
learned in childhood.
Today the country is confused
and it's important
not to forget who we are.
Let's take care of ourselves
Let's take care of what we have.
Rumor has it the coup
is about to happen.
Don't let politics ruin our lives.
They can't take away
our right to live in peace.