Rojo no Reikon (1921) Movie Script

Recommended by the
Ministry of Education
by Shochiku Kinema
Supervised by
Osanai Kaoru
Directed by
Minoru Murata
Screenplay by Kiyohiko Ushihara
based on
"Mutter Landstrasse"
by Wilhelm Schmidtbonn and
"The Lower Depths"
by Maxim Gorky.
Bunjiro Mizutani - Hamataro Oda
Set Decoration:
Saburo Mizoguchi
Costumes: Atsushi Yamashita
Lighting: Yasujiro Shimazu
We have to be pious
with all humanity.
For example, Jesus was merciful
and told us to do the same.
"We have time to be godly.
But we prefer...
to let the opportunity pass."
Maxim Gorki
On a warm winter afternoon,
the sun appeared ascending
through the clouds,
shedding its light over the ravine.
Taro is a little woodcutter,
favorite of his master.
Go fetch Taro.
Hey Taro,
your master is calling you!
Take this package to the station,
before the next train leaves.
Then you can go home.
On a city street, there were people
around the Yagibushi dancers.
Taro passed by and joined them.
Stubborn butler!
I'll give you a shot!
The girl passes between
Yagibushi dancers and the crowd.
The girl does not have money.
Taro pities
and offers all his coins.
Here you go, miss.
They return home together.
Mitsuko, Koichiro's ex-girlfriend,
niece of the master.
Without money, without food, and tired of the long
trip to the rocks of the ravine.
Kojiro Sugino,
he was expelled from the orchestra
In capital
he's had a troubled life,
But now he has changed
and returns to his father's house,
where he lived years ago.
Koichiro Sugino fainted...
while presenting his work
at the musical society.
Koichiro Sugino,
relapsed into a torrent of abuse.
Yoko, who was a famous singer,
is now Koichiro's wife.
She's the only one who sympathizes.
Fumiko, Koichiro's daughter.
Yoko, Fumiko,
forgive me and be patient.
When we get home
everything will be easier.
Tsurukichi is a tramp,
an ex-convict, having nothing,
feeling cast out of society,
by his poverty and hunger.
Kamezo is a lamentable tramp,
an ex-convict, that has nothing,
feeling expelled from society,
by his poverty, hunger.
He also has tuberculosis.
The night keeps the sadness...
smashing the joy,
but then the Christmas comes.
Tsurukichi and Kamezo
have to get on their way
after finishing
their daily breakfast.
Also today,
the master has gone to work in the mountains.
In the village decorated
with Christmas ornaments.
Go to the Yagibishi dancers there.
Ask them if they can come tonight.
Come to our house tonight.
I told you to give us something!
We have nothing.
We have not even eaten
anything for days,
the girl is crying all the time.
They look really bad.
I think we should share our bread.
Crossroads of Destiny.
Two go to the right, three to the left.
I helped this little hare.
It had a gunshot wound.
Unfortunately, it isn't old enough
to live without its parents.
Hey, Taro!
Go home and take care of the hare.
He finally reaches the top of the mountain,
from where he can see his hometown.
It will be the end to our trip.
I see my house from here.
This is my home. That forrest
and mountains are our blessing.
Cheer up! I'm sure
my father will welcome us.
I'll take this to my grandfather.
At dusk, when the wind
blows in the treetops.
The master is coming home
after finishing his day's work.
Koichiro arrives at his doorstep
to encourage his wife and daughter.
You work in this house?
May I ask... Is my father in?
The master?
Soon he'll be back.
Mitsuko's also away?
Mitsuko's home.
I'll call her.
Mitsuko combing herself.
Ma'am, please come.
Someone's asking for you.
Now I'm combing.
You have to wait for me a little.
They reached a desolate villa.
They are so hungry and tired.
The necessity does not respect any laws.
This Christmas tree is too little!
I cannot cut it without tools.
I'll ask butler to give them to me.
The old guard is drying things from sweat
after he left the mountain yesterday.
If we meet him, we'll have to go
to that dark place again. Give it up!
What are you looking at?
Do you want to drink too?
No, thank you.
I'll drink with my father.
Looks like your daughter has a fever.
Waiting for me?
I see noone.
Who's there?
Who's there?!
Feed the dogs.
And if the storm comes, let them in.
It's me, Koichiro!
Taro, anything can happen today.
You and the others should stay home.
Your hands are shaking.
I'll fire the lamp.
No, I have not received aid for 10 years.
I'll do it alone, without your help.
Get me some firewood.
If you do not stop, I'll shoot you.
I'm asking a favor. I want to be reborn.
Give joy to this family.
Father, the same blood
runs through our veins.
Don't you hear the sound of our blood?
Then where the blood was
for so long?
Now you hit.
Father, then, do you agree
to let us be with you tonight?
Father, I'm asking you this one favor.
A man, his wife and daughter,
have no place to sleep,
nothing to eat...
They plead you for this.
My head's going to explode!
Should I let the dogs go?
My dogs are important.
You're not!
You're late. You're late.
What is so special about today?
I think you'll like it.
Silly! Take away extra dishes,
two dishes is enough.
The guard has become pious.
"This is an important moment."
Listen to your granddaughter.
She's prepared it for you.
Please, embrace her, father.
Well, you'll see
it will pass soon.
I own nothing. The only thing I have,
are my wife and my daughter.
Mitsuko, bring me a glass of that wine.
No, I cannot.
I need to go and prepare the beds.
Well, go to Sugino and come back
with Taro for a Christmas party.
I would go,
but I cannot leave tonight.
Thanks for coming. As I cannot go,
please take them with you.
A terrible snow storm,
attacks with demonic vocation.
Finally the father doesn't welcome them.
They go to the snowstorm, more hungry
and tired than when they arrived.
We can sleep here.
How have you finished
in such a sorry state?
Where did you leave your art?
Play it, if you can!
You fool!
The master is anxious...
He goes looking for the woodcutter.
What a strange girl she is
when she's alone.
You can come home.
I will go with you anyway
leaving my daughter here on the floor.
If I leave, I have no
other door opened before me.
And if she gets in, the door
would close soon after.
Say no more!
What would you do if I were a thief?
It is impossible.
No, father. Please, let me stay
at home. Say yes, please!
Stand up,
or I will let the dog out.
Let the dog out?
Against me?
Leaving aside other things,
...a man of honor
can't fight with someone like you.
Mitsuko has decided.
Take it with you.
Taro is following them secretly.
I have prepared a room.
All right. Take the woman and the kid
and ask the maids for help.
Ah! The sweet old sound
of violin.
leave them and go!
The daughter,
daughter has become cold.
A new life.
If my guard had not been
merciful to them...
If the master had
pity on him...
We have to be pious
with all humanity.
For example, Jesus was merciful
and told us to do the same.
"There is time to be godly.
But we prefer...
to let the opportunity pass."
Maxim Gorki
The End