Role Play (2024) Movie Script

Hey, we're like a minute away.
Can you see me?
Having trouble
with the picture. CC's a little buggy.
How about now?
Ah! There you are. Very chic.
Thank you. And our friend?
He's gonna be a tall bald guy
with a leather jacket.
Meeting's just out.
They're coming your way.
Fifty meters.
- Thirty-five meters now.
- Uh-huh.
Twenty meters.
Ten meters.
OK, gotta go.
Hi there.
Hey, I got it.
Have you been eating bowling balls again?
- Yes.
- Yes? How many?
- Ten.
- Ten?
- Did you miss me?
- Yeah.
I missed you too.
Where have our men gone?
- Hello.
- She's back!
Yes, with a vengeance.
Hi! Oh!
Making my favorite pineapple chicken?
That I am.
Aww... Hi.
How was Nebraska?
It was... Thank you... Meh.
Four days of teaching mid level management
how to add vegan options
to their franchise plans, which...
I can guarantee is never gonna
happen in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
Then corporate made us go on
a six-hour team building
glassworks tour on the final day.
- You know, it was...
- The usual?
Yeah! The usual.
Hey, where is Wy?
Trash bins are still out.
Because they're too heavy.
That cannot be, because this little one
ate all the bowling balls.
Hello, my love. I missed you.
OK. Those babies are going low and slow.
Let's go.
Honey, you uh...
want to freshen up?
- Hm?
- Hey Mom, look.
We're doing fancy restaurant.
Fancy restaurant?
- I'm going to be the bartender.
- And I'm going to be the waiter.
And you made the pineapple chicken?
Happy anniversary.
You forgot the anniversary. Sweet Jesus.
You must be riddled with guilt.
How do you deal with it?
Well I'm currently busy making
the world's best pancakes.
Well, does it work?
Not even close.
So, Buenos Aires job: client happy,
money wired...
- It's Raj again.
- ...police in the wind as usual.
- Uh-huh.
- Got some good news
and some bad news.
Bad news is your picture popped up again
on the dark net Most Wanted list.
Good news is, I think
I scrubbed it out in time.
But you've got to stay low.
Mm-hm. Yep, I got it.
Hey, can we talk about this later?
Oh, Dave's there is he?
I won't keep you.
- But there's another job.
- Mm-hm.
No, no, no. Not a chance.
Come on, I just got back.
Shame. It's a lot of money, this one.
And they want the best,
which just so happens to be you.
Yeah. Raj, I am aware of that.
We talked about this,
no more trips till November.
Take a break. Fine.
But Sovereign still has
a very healthy reward on your head
for anyone who finds you.
Now if you don't work,
I don't have the funds to keep you safe.
And it isn't cheap.
Can I call you tomorrow? These pancakes
are getting burned over here.
Not surprised. Don't say
I didn't warn you about the heat.
Funny. Talk to you tomorrow.
Just be careful. I'm trying to...
- You OK?
- Yeah. Work.
If it were up to them, they'd have me run
the entire Midwest at this point.
You're too good at your job.
So they tell me.
- Who wants pancakes?
- Me!
All right.
There you go.
And... there you go, honey.
There you go, baby.
Hey, I didn't want the bunny one.
I want the boring one.
There you go. Problem...
- Good job.
- You're welcome.
- I'll take that.
- Hey!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- I'll make you another one.
- So as I said...
Mr. Fluff and the Monkey Princess
can't go together
because they're not getting along.
OK. Why is Mr. Fluff
and the Monkey Princess feuding?
Because he's jealous.
Jealous of who?
Johnny the Jackalope?
Jealous of the Phantom Queen.
The Phantom Queen. OK.
All right honey, hold that thought, OK?
I don't know man.
It's just something's off, you know?
Trina just...
She feels like she's a million miles away.
I mean, now she's at her sister's wedding
and not a single text.
She's at her sister's wedding
and you're not there?
Yeah. Why, is that bad?
Well, it's not great, Kev.
this is why I need your perspective here.
Because you know.
I mean, you and Emma have been
married, what now? 20 years?
You guys are like, well...
couple goals.
No, no, no. It's still not OK.
I knew you were coming off a long week.
I was coming off a long week.
I figured we'd do something this weekend.
Well, you made my favorite meal.
The kids did fancy restaurant.
- I blew it.
- You had a long week.
I forgot our anniversary.
I'm the worst.
What's that?
- What?
- That.
- Uh... This?
- Yes!
This may be a... maybe a mistake.
Dave! Did...
Did you get me trashy lingerie?
I mean, see what you think.
You did and it's a costume!
- Ha! Sexy nurse.
- Well, sexy nurse practitioner.
- Oh right, no, of course.
- Bit much?
No, no, not at all.
I mean I just thought, you know,
it might be...
fun to mix things up a bit.
Is that what you want?
To mix things up a bit?
Or do you want me to be someone else?
For one night.
I mean...
Why not?
I could change things up too.
- This would be a two way street, so yeah.
- Sure, I could go Doctor.
Stay on theme.
- I need a stethoscope...
- Yes, but I...
Let's do this for real.
Tomorrow night in the city.
Tomorrow night.
Short notice for a babysitter.
Well, your sister still owes us
for Christmas.
She does still owe us for Christmas.
OK so what are you thinking?
See a show?
No, we're not going to see a show, Dave.
We're going to a hotel.
- We're going to a hotel?
- A fancy hotel.
We are going to meet by chance
in the hotel bar.
I won't be me.
You won't be you.
Just two strangers meeting in a bar.
Just two strangers meeting in a bar.
Mommy! I need a glass of water!
Tomorrow night.
- Tomorrow night.
- Tomorrow night.
I'm gonna hold on to this.
Come back here,
I'm gonna get what you stole!
No, you're not.
Guys, slow it down!
Oh my God!
I think it's great. I really do.
You guys deserve this.
Yeah. Yeah it's just, you know...
- We do, right?
- Hell yes.
You've both been working a lot.
The kids are awesome.
You guys never leave the house
and a backyard barbecue ain't gonna cut it
for an anniversary.
- Show me the shoes.
- Yeah.
Wait till you see the wig.
Evening, miss.
Excuse me.
- Vodka martini, please.
- Yes.
Come on!
Compliments of the gentleman.
The kind of night I'm having
you wouldn't believe.
This is the kind of night
if I didn't find an empty seat
next to a beautiful woman
at a well-stocked bar,
I might start to question my luck in life.
But then, here I am.
So how bad a night can it be?
Bob Kitterman.
- Alice Overby.
- Wonderful.
Alice Overby,
are you here alone? May I ask?
It would appear to be, Bob.
Well, well. Traveling?
- It is a hotel, Bob.
- Fair enough.
People end up in hotels for all
kinds of reasons, don't they?
That is true.
Forgive me.
I have to ask, are you a model?
Your expression says I overshot.
But I assure you, it's not a line.
You're very beautiful.
And you do look familiar.
Well, thank you,
but I'm actually in finance.
That's why I've felt
such a profound connection to you.
Seeing you from over there, like I...
like I've known you for a long, long time.
Are you in finance too, Bob?
Don't worry, I'm not going
to tear your ear off about work.
I have a strict policy
of keeping my daytimes out of my nights
and vice versa.
But let me ask you
one question.
OK Bob, one question.
Do you love what you do?
Some days.
Some days, she says.
She kills me, this one.
Alice Overby loves what she does
some days. I'll drink to that.
All right well there it is,
mystery solved.
But you really do look familiar.
And I don't mean that
as some kind of line...
some kind of ploy.
I just have that kind of face, I guess.
Some people do have that kind of face,
like an old girlfriend...
- What can I get you?
- I'll do an old fashioned.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
There are some young women
that fall easily under the spell
of a much older man,
but I suspect you
may not be one of them.
Not the way you're making eyes
at this one down the bar.
Look, as a little junior broker
on his night out,
if I can be frank,
I think you can do better.
Maybe I'm not in the market, Bob.
Ah, I see.
Just unwinding at the end
of a long day of business travel,
wanting to be alone with your thoughts.
- Trying.
- Well, Alice.
I'm going to give you that opportunity
because I must remove myself for a moment.
But, uh... Don't you go anywhere.
Oh, no promises, Bob.
Have we met?
I don't think so.
Well, I'm Jack.
Jack. Alice Overby.
Jack Dawson.
Jack Dawson.
Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Jack Dawson.
Leo. Titanic. Really?
How about, uh...
How about I buy you a drink?
Yes, please.
That is, unless your friend would mind.
Oh, he's not my friend. We just met.
What are you drinking, Alice?
- Vodka martini.
- All right.
Excuse me. I'd like a vodka
martini for the lady
and I'll bill that to the room,
if that's all right.
Sure. I just need the name
and the room number.
It's Jack...
Dawson. And the room number is...
Put that on mine, Chaz,
if that's all right with you, Jack.
- Oh, no, it's fine.
- Please.
Just had some very nice news about work
and I'm in the mood to celebrate.
Another scotch and soda for me.
Jack, another old fashioned?
Uh, sure... Thanks.
Jack, Bob. Bob, Jack.
- Pleasure, Jack. Great suit.
- Oh, thank you.
- Staying at the hotel?
- That's right.
Um... In town for business.
Well, the lady and I have made
a very firm agreement not to talk shop,
so I'll ask what it is you do.
We'll leave it at that.
Yes, please do tell us.
Please tell us. Jack, What do you do?
I'm a photographer.
Wow! Art or commerce?
Journalism, mainly.
I used to photograph combat zones,
but now it's mainly wildlife.
Exotic locales, that kind of thing.
Wow! Wonderful, don't you think?
Yeah, wonderful.
I'm in finance myself, like the lady here.
So for two sharks like us:
Wow, Jack, photography!
maybe those drinks won't quite suffice.
How about...
a shot?
- Oh, I don't think...
- I don't remember the last time I did one.
Chaz, this rowdy crowd here
is fixing to add some shots.
Some of that nice mezcal
you showed me last night.
In the business we're in,
good news is so rare.
I appreciate the company
for a celebratory round.
Congrats Bob,
on whatever good news you've got.
Well I don't mean to be coy, of course,
but as it happens, a rather large contract
has all but fallen in my lap.
So naturally, I'm over the moon.
Sure, you'd be interested in the detail.
I didn't get the particulars
of which part of the financial sector
you're in, did I Alice?
Mergers and acquisitions.
Ah! So yes, I'm sure
we do have a lot in common after all.
- You're not based in New York?
- No, just here for meetings.
I thought we might have
some European colleagues in common.
Domestic only.
- Aren't we done talking business, Bob?
- Right.
Make a rule just to break it.
Naughty Bob! Ah, wonderful.
- Hm...
- Hm...
I should have warned you.
Bit of a kick.
Oh, yeah.
That's why I don't take shots.
Excuse me, can I get a water please?
Thank you.
This one is bright as a button, Jack.
You better believe it.
Oh, I believe it.
The kind of woman
a lot of men are looking for.
A lot of men might kill for.
Aren't we lucky to keep her company
even for a fleeting moment?
In fact, I'll raise a glass to it.
To... It is Alice, isn't it?
As long as I can remember, Bob.
To Alice Overby.
And to all the less lucky victims
of her considerable charms.
We're good.
- It's been a pleasure.
- Ah!
I see. It would appear
I am cramping the young man's style.
- Heaven forbid.
- I don't mean to be rude.
No, of course not.
If I were 20 years younger,
I might take offence...
The hint is taken. So I will leave you.
And Jack...
best of luck.
And Alice, dear,
dear, Alice.
511 is the sweet number.
If anyone's itching for a nightcap,
once they blink the lights.
And on that note...
I cannot believe we're finally alone.
It is hard to believe, isn't it?
So should we continue
getting to know each other, Jack?
I would like that, Alice.
I would like that a lot.
More shots?
I'm actually here
scouting a location for a...
new solo show I have in the spring.
- Solo? Cool.
- Yeah, sure.
All the photographs I've taken in Beirut.
And Turks and Caicos.
- Turks and Caicos?
- Both of them.
Is that your room, Mr. Dawson?
- Yeah, yeah.
- OK.
- Here we are.
- OK.
- Here.
- Let's go, come on in.
Join me in the room.
Should I put on some music?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah? OK.
Oh, that's good.
Here you go.
Thank you. Cheers.
- Cheers.
- Drink up.
So why don't you also remove your shoes
and meet me on the bed?
Get comfortable.
I'll be right back.
I'll do that.
I'll do that.
May I?
Smart girl.
How long have you been Alice Overby?
Or was that just for tonight?
Yeah. It's hard to keep track, Bob.
You know the drill.
- So who are you?
- A kindred spirit.
That simp down there, he a target?
Being that we're kindred spirits,
you can understand why I don't want
to elaborate on that topic.
Fair enough.
Me, I'm an open book.
You see that Panamanian diplomat they
pulled out the East River this morning?
I must have missed that one.
More a headache
than it should have been.
Ruined my favorite shirt.
You can believe it.
So imagine my delight,
when I see the woman across the bar
is a familiar face.
Compliments of the gentleman.
And the familiar face
has a very large bounty attached to it.
She kills me this one.
But I had to be sure.
Why, I stepped away
to take a more careful look
at your photograph on the tip sheet.
Sure enough, there it is.
The one and only
Anna Peller.
Oh, relax.
Sovereign doesn't want you dead,
which, come to think of it,
does set the mind reeling.
A hired killer breaks with the world's
leading murder for hire syndicate
and goes off grid.
But I'm not even supposed to kill her.
Gwen Carver
must have a real soft spot for you.
Can we cut to the chase here, Bob?
Well, perhaps us two birds of a feather
could come up with an arrangement.
Hm. And what does that look like?
Sixty percent commission
on any future work.
And you and me,
we keep a line open just between us.
I could call our mutual friends
at Sovereign right now.
Send one text
and bring the whole world down
on your head.
And do quite right by my bank account.
So you don't work for Sovereign?
I work for the highest bidder.
I always have.
Do not underestimate me
or what I'm capable of.
Sovereign wants you alive, this is true.
But alive is a pretty broad term.
Nothing for you, Bob?
A cyanide on the rocks?
I think I'll pass.
OK. Suit yourself.
There you go.
So what do you think?
You think we're getting closer to a deal?
See, I don't think I have 40 percent
to give you.
I already give 30 percent
to the guy
who's supposed to keep guys
like you away from me. So...
it's not in the budget.
You feel free to make that call.
Although I don't think you will.
And why,
is it out of the goodness of my heart?
Oh, no, no, no.
Because I already poisoned you
back at the bar.
You should know I don't leave home
without three things:
My phone,
my compact,
and something a little more...
Should have warned you.
Bit of a kick, that one. Are you OK?
Oh, yeah. That's why I don't take shots.
Excuse me, can I have a water, please?
To Alice Overby.
And to all the less lucky victims
of her considerable charms.
You should really start
to feel that,
right about...
Oh, Bob.
My friend. Shots are never a good idea.
No. You took your eyes off your scotch.
I just came up here to make sure
you hadn't called our friends at Sovereign
before you lost your speech.
And your sight.
And the rest.
Bob, Bob, Bob.
Sorry man. Wrong place, wrong time.
I have a family to protect.
I'm sure you understand.
Hey, babe. Hi.
Hey, where are you?
Did you get my note? I just ran out
to get aspirin. I'll be right back.
I woke up and you were gone.
Oh no, I'm sorry.
Just going to be a quick thing.
- Can you grab me some too?
- Yeah. No problem.
OK. I'll see you soon.
I can't believe I fell asleep.
Oh, no, it's OK.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
I'm awake now.
How's your head?
It's better now.
Our first dance.
- Must be a sign.
- Yeah...
Must be.
All right, lovebirds.
Enjoy those hangovers.
- Thank you. We love you.
- Love you.
Molly said Coco missed us
and wanted to see us.
I think that's because
he doesn't have enough dog friends.
So if we get a dog,
Coco wouldn't be lonely anymore.
And our dog could play with Coco
all the time.
Mom is allergic baby.
We've talked about this.
Yeah, no dogs.
But they do have dogs
with no fur, you know?
- We could get one of those.
- No dogs
and no screens at the table, remember?
how does Mom get to be on the phone?
Naughty mommy.
- Are you OK?
- Oh yeah. Sorry.
It's Raj. He's just freaking out.
They're thinking of scrapping
the entire strategy for the East Coast.
I don't know.
And now he's calling me. Babe, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You don't text me,
you don't call. I do.
That's what we agreed.
Raj, I'm exposed.
What happened?
Did you see what I sent you?
Oh God, what a mess.
I told you to stay low.
Someone found me.
I had to take care of it.
This is all over the news.
- You're 100 percent on Carver's radar now.
- I'm coming to you.
- Tomorrow.
- No, don't.
If Sovereign's got your scent,
the last place to be is the airport.
Hey, what's up?
Bro, the Royal Grand, right?
The hotel you were staying at.
It was the Royal Grand?
Yeah. Why?
Texting you a link right now.
Dude, you guys know how to pick a hotel.
Police sources say
that the murder took place
somewhere between midnight
and 3 a.m. last night.
Hotel staff discovered the body
when Mr. Kitterman
failed to check out this morning.
No suspects have yet been named
in the investigation.
The police are seeking to identify
a man and woman
seen talking with the victim
at the hotel bar
earlier on the night in question.
That's us.
- T-t-that's us!
- Mm-hm.
Police stressed it is early
in the investigation,
but did confirm that the couple
from the bar
are currently considered
persons of interest in the case.
That is one hundred percent us.
We are the man and woman
from the hotel bar.
We are the persons of interest.
Sure there are no pictures on there?
- No, none.
- OK.
Um... We have to call. Right?
Is-is there even a number?
How would we call them?
There is. There is. Should I call?
- What do we tell them?
- What do we tell them about what?
Why we're not who we say we are?
Right... The fake names!
- I was wearing a fucking wig, Dave.
- Oh, shit!
OK, OK...
We may not have been the only ones
he talked to at the bar.
We did shots with him, Dave.
We did shots...
Damn it! Why did we do shots?
OK, we wait.
We wait.
OK. It's not like we know anything.
Right? We'll see. We'll see...
Maybe... maybe someone comes forward.
Maybe they catch the person who did it.
We wait and see.
Yes, we wait and see. Good.
They don't even know who we are.
- Kitterman picked up the tab, so...
- Right. Right.
- We wait.
- Yeah.
Looks kinda... yeah.
- Is that crazy?
- Um...
It just doesn't look good.
I mean, the names, the wig, the shots...
No, it doesn't look good.
Uh huh.
- Oh my God.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- It's going to be OK.
- Yeah. No.
Everything is happening all at once,
and it's all coming down at the same time.
And I just. That call I just had with Raj
and now they need me in Boise tomorrow
instead of next month.
So I figured out
this flight for the morning, and I...
- But you just got back!
- I know, I know.
It's just for one meeting.
I'll be back Monday, and maybe
if they haven't figured this out by then,
we'll call. We'll call then.
OK, yeah. That's good. Yeah...
Yeah, all right. We'll call then.
Can't you do a Zoom?
It has to be in person, sorry.
It has to be quick.
OK. OK. We're gonna be OK.
We're gonna be OK.
- Car's here.
- OK.
Hey. Go easy on your old man, OK?
- Sure, Mom.
- I'm going to miss you.
Baby girl. Hi.
When are you coming home?
You won't even notice I'm gone.
I already notice that you're gone.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
I know, God. OK, baby.
I gotta go. I gotta go.
OK, um... Hey, don't forget
Wyatt starts his second vitamins tomorrow
and Car's new pick up time is...
At four, not five.
- I love you.
- Love you too.
- I'll call when I can.
- Fly safe.
OK. I'm gonna come get you at the airport.
All right.
Love you.
Love you.
Which terminal?
That ten percent uptake
in Portland in Austin by November.
But if we manage to land the equal
market demo space at South By,
that could be a game changer...
Now. I'll throw it over to Dave. Dave!
Yes, it's very exciting.
As Kevin was saying...
Hey it's Emma. Leave a message.
She says she's missing
the pink water bottle from the backpack.
Molly, I'm sure she'll survive.
I can't talk pink water bottles right now.
I'm at the airport.
I'm just telling you what she told me.
- I'll call you as soon as I get Emma. OK?
- All right.
Hey it's Emma. Leave a message.
I need you to check again.
It's Emma. Emma Brackett.
It's the flight from Boise.
The 702 from Boise.
Hey it's Emma. Leave a message.
I do have an Emmy Wu.
Is she Emmy Wu?
No, she's not.
Hey it's Emma. Leave a message.
Maybe it's the spelling. Try Emma
B, R, A...
Sir, I already searched.
and there's nothing else I can do.
Dave Brackett?
Detective Tobi Berman,
NYPD Homicide.
That's my partner.
Detective Karen Shah.
You got a few minutes?
I know, I know. We were going to call
when she got back.
And your wife ain't back.
Yes. So you should be calling the police
in Boise, right?
Yeah, you can bet we're gonna get on that,
Dave. Right after we're done here.
Look, am I being accused of something?
Do you feel like you're being accused
of something?
Well, I feel like...
I feel like maybe I should...
I feel like maybe
I should have a lawyer.
Do you have a lawyer, Dave?
I have a guy who drew up paperwork
for us for the house.
Why do you want to call the guy?
Did the paperwork for the house
like your real estate agent?
Or we can call someone for you.
Look, I'm not trying to be difficult.
I don't think you're being difficult.
I think maybe you're nervous.
No, I'm not. I'm not nervous.
It's normal to be nervous.
We're just looking for information.
Now do you want to wait for that lawyer?
Or do you want to keep talking
about that night at the Royal Grand?
OK. OK. Yeah.
So it was our anniversary Thursday.
How did you and your wife
know Mr. Kitterman?
We didn't. We didn't!
I was late to meet her
at the bar.
I guess he had started chatting her up.
And when I...
Look, I think he'd had a few.
And were you using an assumed name
that night at the hotel, Mr. Brackett?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What?
You were using an assumed name
that night at the hotel.
OK, look. This looks pretty bad. I know.
Honestly, it's just a little embarrassing.
See, my wife and I, we were...
We were playing a game,
you know, like a kind of like a...
Like a role play.
Just like a game, you know, or whatnot.
And in the interest of excitement
and whatnot, we...
we use different names.
And um...
It was just to spice things up
a little bit, you know? You know.
Do you and your wife
role play often, Mr. Brackett?
No! No.
It was the first time.
Mr. Brackett,
this is Special Agent Carver with ITIC.
She'll be joining us,
if you don't mind.
She's part of a task force
helping in this investigation.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Brackett.
Please continue.
Mr. Brackett, how long have you
and your wife been married?
Seven years as of Thursday.
- And you have two children?
- Yes.
Wyatt is ten. Caroline, six.
Wyatt's my son from a previous marriage.
Emma has been his mom
for a long time now.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but...
What is it? What exactly is this about?
Is this woman your wife,
Mr. Brackett?
Her name is Emma Rayburn.
That's Emma's name. Maiden name.
No. This woman is Emma Jay Rayburn.
Thirty-three years old.
Five foot seven, hazel eyes.
Social security number: 174631503.
What are you telling me?
Mr. Brackett, Emma Rayburn died
eight years ago.
You met your wife about eight years ago.
Is that right?
- Dave?
- Huh?
I'm going to show you some photographs
of my own, if that's all right.
This is from Buenos Aires Airport,
Argentina, last Wednesday.
Four hours before this picture was taken,
a local union leader was found murdered.
A woman matching this description
was seen leaving the crime scene.
Yeah, but she was in Nebraska.
The man at the hotel, Robert Kitterman,
we believe that's an alias used
by this man, Derrick Worley,
a contract killer responsible
for more than 30 murders internationally.
This is Rajendra Bakshi.
That's my wife's supervisor. Raj.
He's a black marketeer
working the dark web.
Born in Chennai, raised in the UK,
operating out of Berlin.
He serves as her handler.
Her handler?
This is not gonna be easy,
Mr. Brackett,
your wife's real name
is Anna Peller.
Wanted for contract killings across
several continents.
We need you to help us find her.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What the...
Agent Carver.
Mr. Bracket. Glad we caught you at home.
This is my associate at the agency.
Agent Ji.
Hi. Hey...
I'm Dave.
Would it be possible
to have a moment of your time?
Oh... What is it I can help you with?
Well, um...
This might be a bit awkward out here.
There she is.
You have a lovely family.
Thank you.
Wyatt, and um...
Mind if we keep this?
We'll get it back to you.
Taxi! Taxi!
You look terrible.
Yeah, it was a very long flight.
Three flights in fact.
You shouldn't have come here.
- It's not safe.
- Oh, OK.
Then drive the damn car.
What can I do for you,
Agent Carver?
It's really more
about what we can do for you.
How's that?
You must have concerns
for the safety of your family.
And I think
your feelings about your wife
must be complicated right now,
to say the least.
But I want you to know
that I will do anything in my power
to bring her back.
Look, I fucked up in New York.
I get that, we make mistakes.
It happens to the best of us.
But why was there heat on me at first?
Actually, no.
It doesn't happen to the best of us.
I can't protect you if you're out there
murdering sovereign reps.
He wasn't Sovereign.
He just had them on speed dial.
Why was there heat on me?
There's always heat. Don't you get it?
She's never gonna to let you go.
Emma is a threat.
A dangerous one.
Maybe most dangerous to herself.
I understand your loyalty to your wife,
but it is crucial
right now
that I search your house for evidence
to help us locate her.
Sorry to ask, but um...
don't you need...
don't you need a warrant for that?
Oh, you sure you don't want
to hand me in and take the reward?
Very funny.
If I wanted to hand you over,
I could have done it a long time ago.
Oh yeah?
Do you have any idea what I do for you?
What you do for me?
Last I checked,
I do the dirty work, and you get paid.
I keep you underground.
Yeah well...
that's not exactly going as planned.
Your wife, Emma, is a role
played by a criminal
named Anna Peller.
She played you.
Don't let her play you anymore.
You've been on the tip sheet
since the sighting in Tel Aviv.
You know that.
The last thing you should be doing
is trolling luxury hotels in Manhattan.
I forgot our fucking anniversary.
She is incapable of love or compassion.
She is a cold-blooded killer
who lied to you
and endangered your children.
It's not just New York.
Your head isn't in the game
and I know that before.
Yeah, well, I told you I need out.
Do you have them?
Kids too?
Good. Good.
I'm going to ask you one more time.
Might I take a look around?
I've done what I can
to protect your little fantasy
but it's time to wake up, Emma.
Time to say goodbye
to your perfect little family.
I told you, I'm getting them out
and then I'm done with all this shit.
She is a cold-blooded murderer.
Until the money runs out
or they pick up your scent.
And I'm not there to help you.
Black G-wagon about three cars back.
It's Sovereign.
Pull up over here. Just pull over!
Um... Mr. Brackett,
I'm very sorry. We're going
to have to continue this discussion
at a later date.
We will be in touch.
And thank you very much for your time.
Yeah, sure.
You can't run away from her forever, Anna.
Watch the back.
I got the back.
Do you see her?
Sleep tight.
Emma! Here!
Get in!
Now. Go!
Hey, you OK?
Whoa, Raj, are you OK?
Shit, shit!
Get your foot off the gas!
Oh shit, shit!
Shit, shit, shit!
Oh my God.
We're sorry.
Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
Please check the number and...
Lo sientimos. El numero marcado no existe.
Oh my God.
Are you alone?
Yeah, I'm alone.
How'd you get this number?
How did I get this number?
- Dave...
- I got this number
on the business card of a German plumber,
which was in a box
of my wife's murder things
in the attic!
- Who the fuck are you?
- OK. Are you in the house?
- Yes.
- Kids?
At school. Molly's picking them up.
Dave, walk outside.
What? Walk outside?
Dave, get out of the house now.
I'm away from the house.
Dave, I'm so sorry.
Sorry for what?
For leaving us?
For lying to us? To me?
I don't even know who you are.
Yes, you do. I am Emma. I am your wife.
But you're not.
They told me what you are.
I had to sit there in that room,
not knowing whether you were alive
or dead.
Listening to this woman tell me
that my wife, my wife,
my everything is not who she claims to be.
My wife is a killer.
An a-assassin.
Emma, is it true?
Oh, geez.
OK, listen to me. Yes, I lied.
I lied about what I do,
but I never lied about us.
- We have children!
- I know, I know. I know.
The funny thing, Em,
about when they told me.
A part of me was relieved.
Relieved that finally I knew,
I knew what it was,
what you were keeping from me.
That you hadn't fell out love with me.
Dave, I never fell out of love with you.
And I never fell out of love with you.
I don't think I could if I wanted to.
And right now, I really, really want to.
We're in this together no matter what.
Listen, this is my mess, not yours.
I need to fix this, OK?
This number. You're in Berlin?
Dave, listen to me. Listen to me.
I am going to tell you everything.
I promise. OK? But I need...
I need time.
Do not contact me.
I'm going to contact you.
Uh-uh, that's not how this works.
Are you in Berlin, Emma?
Don't! Dave don't, Dave don't. Don't.
You are my wife. I am coming there.
We are going to deal with it.
Dave, do not come to Berlin.
Do you hear me?
You can't come here, can you?
So I'm coming to Berlin
and we're going to have a conversation.
Dave, do not come to Berlin.
Do you hear me?
Do not come to Berlin!
I will not be here!
Dave, do you understand me?
Ladies and gentlemen...
Em, I just landed in Berlin.
I need you to call me back.
I'm sorry, are you with...
Jack Dawson?
That's me.
Something to drink?
Yeah um... Diet Coke?
Coke light.
Thank you.
What do you want to drink?
Coffee, please. Black.
This is a lot.
Where are the kids?
With Molly.
She must hate us.
She does.
My name is Anna.
I kill people for money.
There was something
I was trying to do a long time ago.
You kill people?
Here's your coffee.
So, what? Were we y-your cover?
No. No. Never.
- You just left us!
- I didn't leave you, OK?
I needed to...
I needed to make arrangements.
We're Canadian?
Was there anything
that you have ever said to me
that was the truth?
Your parents?
Your aunt in San Diego?
I was born in the States.
My dad was a Secret Service agent,
turned ex-Secret Service agent
way before he would have liked.
So he went into business for himself,
started a private security company
named Sovereign.
With an intelligence agent
named Gwen Carver.
Gwen Carver is investigating you.
Some kind of international task force.
There is no task force,
that's Sovereign.
All the more reach,
more cover, the better.
Now that my dad is killed,
she took me in.
You know,
she gave me a life. She trained me.
She told me they were all bad people.
I was so young and she manipulated me.
I know now that she was lying.
I probably knew back then.
I just didn't want to...
admit it to myself.
Anyway, I did a job in Boston.
That's when I met you in that bar.
You talked to me like I was a real person.
You made me laugh.
You made me want to start a new life.
You were never my cover, Dave.
You were the first person
I ever truly loved. Wyatt was the second.
It was the most magical, warmest life
I ever could have dreamed of.
A life I never even thought I could have.
I got pregnant, and there was Caroline.
It was like this perfect life.
But you never stopped!
It was only once or twice a year
at first, I swear.
It was to fund our protection.
The work trips.
Buenos Aires.
St. Louis?
Riyad, I think.
Dave it's my job, OK? It's what I do.
- I don't know how to do anything else.
- Then take a class!
I know, you're right.
I should do that, I know.
I'm going to. Listen, it's done.
I don't want to do this anymore.
Dave, look at me. I miss you.
I miss doing the crossword puzzle
I miss sitting on the couch
watching Pixar movies with the kids,
throwing candy in the popcorn.
I miss having sex with you in our bed
before we had to schedule it
on the calendar.
- I love you.
- I know. I love you too.
I love our family.
But killing is bad.
Like, unacceptably bad.
I know, I know. I'm done. Done.
I swear it's over.
I just have to tie up
a few loose ends, and then I promise...
It's over.
Don't worry, I have a plan.
You stay calm and do what they say.
I know what I'm doing.
Dave, this is Ji.
We grew up together. Practically sisters.
She was the super fun one,
as you could tell.
Hi, Anna.
We're kind of in the middle
of a private conversation here,
if you guys don't mind, so...
- Time to go.
- Um...
I'm not finished with my coffee.
So if you and your boyfriend
and your little friends want to head off,
we'll... catch up with you later.
Hey! Get your hands off...
How could anyone not love
your furry little friend?
Let me see, you're so cute.
- Mom.
- Mom!
- Hi! You guys OK?
- Yeah.
How did you...
They've had a long trip.
Now we're reunited.
That's all that matters.
You never told us we had an extra grandma.
No, I didn't. Where's Dave?
Oh, yeah. Daddy is resting.
He's not feeling his best.
Should we talk elsewhere?
No, I'm good right here.
Just don't hold on too tight.
Don't want to suffocate them.
What does suffocate mean?
I'll tell you later, baby.
Kids? Mommy and I need to talk, so...
Would you guys like to see
this really cool
and very fun little playhouse
that we have set up for you?
- Can we bring the puppy?
- Of course you can!
He's yours, right?
If your mother allows it.
Of course you can bring the puppy. Yay!
And let's set up that video game system,
OK Carlo?
Go on.
The unicorn wanted to see the queen
because she was that rainbow.
She wanted to make the unicorn
even prettier
because she wanted her to be a statue
for her castle.
So I think that's because the queen is...
You didn't have to bring them into this.
You brought them into this.
Really, Anna.
Your plan was a little crude.
Of course, you knew
Dave was going to lead us
right to you. Huh?
For you to extract
whatever blunt sort of revenge
you had in mind.
And, of course,
we were going to take the kids.
Did you really think
it was going to be as simple as all that?
The kids are fine
if the video games and the dog
don't keep them occupied,
well, there's ping pong.
Not that you're teaching them the benefit
of physical exercise.
The way you're raising them, Anna.
You barely even changed it.
My name is Emma.
I see you, hm?
I hear you.
Is that what you need?
You've acted out
all for what?
So you could pick out dishwasher pods
at Target
with Dave from New Jersey?
Yeah, I like New Jersey
and I love my family.
I just want a normal life.
You just want a normal life
while you're dropping bodies
from Athens to Zimbabwe.
- I'm not doing that anymore.
- Is that what you told him?
Yeah. I'm fucking done with all of it.
All of you!
Please, Anna. The language...
Fuck you.
You took me.
You're not going to take my kids.
Oh, please. They were given to me.
Your sister in law was very concerned
though I think is reassured
that the authorities had it all
well in hand.
The ITIC and all that.
And I never took you, Anna.
I took you in!
- I was a child.
- Stop.
Stop with the self-pity.
You're better than that.
At least you were.
Don't. I don't wanna see... don't.
Look at that girl.
Look at her strength.
Her power.
I gave those things to you.
That makes you mine,
What do you want from me?
You know what I want.
I want you back.
We can all be a family.
Don't you see?
And it's the only way for
your children to have a future,
to have a life
with you in it.
You only need to get rid of Dave.
Just one bullet.
Even off your game,
I can't imagine you'd need more than that.
Thank you.
Why don't you just do it?
If that's what you want. You do it.
I didn't bring him into this.
This will put us on a better footing
to move forward together
as a family.
Your real family.
What if I pick it up,
put it in your face and pull the trigger?
Why don't do you think about
your children?
For once.
God knows I think about you.
My sweet girl.
Take him for a walk.
A walk in the woods.
Don't make me do this.
Shall I entertain the kids
while you're gone?
- We could play a game.
- No.
- I could read them a story.
- No.
Those perfect little darlings.
I have so much I can teach them.
There is always a price.
- There's always a sacrifice.
- Don't make me do this.
I can forgive the worry you've caused.
- Stop.
- But you have to meet me halfway.
And this is how you do it.
Now take him for a walk.
A walk in the woods.
I don't want them anywhere near it.
My sweet girl.
Where are we?
Let's go for a walk.
What is this place?
- Dave, there's a sniper on us.
- What?
It's fine. She's always watching.
Listen Dave, I need to tell you something.
Tell me something, anything.
She has the kids.
They're OK. Stop.
They're fine. Calm down.
- Where are they?
- They're fine.
They are not hurt. They are happy.
They have no idea what's going on.
What are we gonna do?
Emma, what the hell is wrong with you?
They have our kids.
What are we gonna do?
Can you hold me?
You know,
can you hold me like you used to?
Before all this shit.
Can you just hold me, please?
- Please!
- I mean...
- Now.
- OK.
Oh, OK.
what the hell is going on?
She wants me to kill you.
- I'm sorry.
- Emma, I love you...
Confirming the kill.
Wanna give me a hand or what?
Emma, what the hell is going on?
- She wants me to kill you.
- What?
I'm not going to.
It's a clean shot.
No vitals.
I know what I'm doing.
Trust me.
And play dead.
- Huh?
- I'm sorry.
Emma, I love you...
Hello there.
Hey, hey, babe.
Babe, hey.
It's me. You can move. Hey.
- Oh my God, are you OK?
- You really shot me!
I know, I'm so sorry. Does it hurt?
Oh, God. Let me see. OK, listen.
You just have to apply pressure.
- It is a slow bleed.
- OK.
We get you to the hospital
in four or five hours. You'll be fine.
- What?
- Yeah.
OK come here.
I'm gonna get this off you.
- Can you get up?
- No.
Yes, you can. Come on,
I'll help you. Let me help you.
- Just give me a sec.
- Sorry.
- OK.
- Come on.
- Oh, sorry.
- OK.
- You OK?
- Mm-hm.
OK babe, listen to me.
I'm so sorry.
I have to go to work now though.
- OK.
- OK?
You're coming with me.
- Are you ready?
- OK.
- No.
- Yes.
I love you. Just stay close. We got this.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- OK. Come on.
- You shot me!
Come on.
OK. Yeah. Let's go, come on.
Shit. Come here. Quiet. Quiet.
- Ouch!
- Sorry.
Stay low and don't look.
OK. What?
Hi there.
You're OK?
What happened?
Listen, I know this is a lot,
but I need you now. I need you to focus.
- I need you.
- OK. OK, I'm here.
OK. Listen to me.
The kids are back there
in the guest house.
I need to go right there.
- You go to the kids and buy some time.
- Buy some time?
You're going to take this with you.
It's point and shoot.
Got it. Point and shoot.
- With any luck you're not gonna need it.
- OK.
- Cuz I need you to what?
- Buy some time.
I need to you buy some time.
I'll be right there.
- I will be there.
- OK.
Point and shoot.
What do you mean, there's no response?
I just hope
she's not being emotional about this.
OK, just try not to kill her.
I want her alive.
Hi babe.
God... Ow...
We're kind of having quite an adventure,
aren't we?
- Daddy?
- Yeah?
Are you sure you don't need a Band-Aid?
I'm fine.
Oh, that's good.
It's just the two of us now, Gwen.
Thought you were a better shot.
We don't have to do this, you know.
It's not too late.
We can still make this work.
I do love you, Anna.
You know I can see you, right?
I'm still the same woman
who put you in your jammies, remember?
Tucked you in at night.
Oh Gwen, I remember everything.
See how well you taught me?
Is this about Dave?
I know you're older now,
so stop acting like a child.
Make me.
That's enough, Anna.
That might be it
for your clip, Gwen.
My sweet girl.
That's what I like to see.
Finish me.
Finish me.
I would love to sit here
and watch you die.
But Mr. Fluff
and the Monkey Princess are feuding
and my family's waiting for me.
I am your boss,
but I'm a nice boss.
Hey, alligators!
Hi! Time to go, OK?
- Do we have to?
- Yes.
But Mom, we're in the middle of a race.
You heard your mom. Time to go.
Get your things, come on.
Babe are you OK? Any problems?
- Nothing I couldn't handle.
- OK.
It's done.
Like done, done?
Done, done.
- Mommy?
- Yes, baby?
Did you cut yourself on a tree
like Daddy?
Yes, I did. It was an accident.
I'll going to tell you about in the car.
Let's go. Grab your jackets.
Wyatt, put the game down.
Come on!
- Can we bring Tuffy?
- Yes, grab Tuffy.
Really? We can keep him?
Well, pick him up before I change my mind.
Shhh. Grab your jackets.
Let's go. Let's go. Jackets. Jackets.
Can we get ice cream?
Come on. Come on.
What's wrong with Carlo?
Carlo's sleeping,
we don't want to wake him up.
So bye Carlo.
- Bye, Carlo.
- Bye, Carlo.
Where is my car seat?
We're gonna get you one babe.
I need my car seat.
Honey, don't worry.
This is just for a little bit, OK?
How did you guys get those marks?
I don't think you guys got cut by a tree.
- We got into a fight, buddy.
- With each other?
- No.
- No, no.
Some other guys. Some bad guys.
It's illegal for me
to not be in a car seat.
I know honey. Listen, we have to get Daddy
to a doctor right now,
and then I'm going to get you a car seat.
You told us we were going for ice cream.
Yes, I did.
But we got to get Daddy to a doctor.
Then I'm going to get you a car seat
and then ice cream.
But I'm hungry now.
- Oh my God!
- I know, I know.
We could get you a snack on the way.
What do they even eat in Germany?
Lots of good stuff.
Bratwurst. Wiener schnitzel.
- I don't want that.
- I don't want that, either.
- I want a hamburger.
- OK, hey, hey, hey.
You heard your mom. We're gonna...
We're gonna find some place good.
- Where are we going?
- Yeah, where are we going?
Don't worry. I have a plan.