Roller Boogie (1979) Movie Script

Hey, Phones, good morning.
Hey, what's happening, buddy?
Let's go skate, come on.
Hey, Bobby.
Look, it's Jumping Jack Flash!
- It's Conway!
- Oh, no!
Hang on!
- Good morning, Ada.
- Good morning, Terry.
- Is everyone up yet?
- In the dining room.
Eggs soft enough, Roger?
Good morning, Lovey. Drink your juice.
Well, I thought I'd go down
to the beach today and commit suicide.
That's nice, lovey. Have a good day.
Well, if anybody wants me,
I'll be at the city morgue.
Let's go.
You and your fads, Terry.
Honestly, roller skating?
Next thing, you'll have me surfing,
or some such horrendous thing.
You'd rather not go?
Not after I bought my skate bag at Gucci's.
Okay, thank you.
Have a nice day. Stay off the bike path.
- How you doing, Phones?
- Okay.
- You need these?
- No.
Have a nice day. We'll see you later, okay?
- Listen. This is great! This is bad!
- Hey, Phones. What's happening, man?
You're looking fantastic
for the Roller Boogie contest.
Bobby, why don't you come
and skate with us, okay?
- Baby, I gotta work.
- Come on, please? Just for a little while.
- Skate with us.
- Please?
All right. I'll be back. Take care of the place.
Come on, man. Do it!
Come on, Bobby!
- You're next.
- I don't think so.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Bye-bye.
Your money or your life, twinkle boots.
Yeah, how'd you like your neck
permanent waved?
He's turning blue, homeboy.
He's turning blue!
Sorry, Bobby.
The guy's working out.
Here's yours.
You guys know that girl?
You mean, "Don't touch me, you brute?"
Yeah, I just saw her pull in
in a million-dollar car...
over at the parking lot.
Probably some rink skater
from Beverly Hills.
No, man.
No rinks in Beverly Hills, just minks.
Come on, forget it, Bobby.
She is way out of your league, man.
My Franklin, your Theresa.
Our two geniuses.
So we thought about London
or the Paris Conservatory...
but we accepted the Juilliard scholarship...
because we could just hop over,
stay in the Hamptons--
- And shopping in Manhattan.
- Lillian, please, I'm talking.
Then, we could see Theresa,
be back here in no time at all.
Actually, I think New York
would be good for her.
A more mature attitude toward her music
and all that, you know.
Sitting on the lap of creativity.
I'm sorry, he put his hands on...
I mean, it was an accident. I'm sorry.
- Franklin, take those off!
- In the house.
Franklin, I swear!
You have more hands than a poker game!
Going slumming at the beach again?
Your mother thinks
you're going out with me.
Franklin, I'm not in the mood
for octopus rally!
Terry, I need you.
Your body is driving me crazy.
Franklin, Barbie dolls drive you crazy.
- You're oversexed.
- Come on, Terry.
Franklin, stop it!
Terry, give me back that towel.
Terry, I'm sorry. Please, come on.
My mother's inside.
So what? It's not that big a thing, anyway.
Terry, come on. Come back!
Terry, come back!
- And he is the best we got.
- Excuse me.
- You guys, look here.
- Excuse me.
It's the golden girls of Beverly Hills.
How's old Be Hills these days?
- Let me help you.
- All right, a telephone, man!
Give me Alaska.
Let me get your bag for you, okay?
Here you go.
How you doing?
My name is Gordo, remember me?
How you doing?
Hope you have a good time skating.
Excuse me, Miss Buns.
Come on, will you, Bobby.
Come on, look at her car, man.
Look at her car, then look at yourself.
That's three things that don't match:
this car, you, and that chick.
I'm telling you, man.
I got $5 says she'll skate with me tonight.
You do? $5? You're on, sucker.
- Here's mine.
- What is this?
That's my IOU. I'm good for it.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, are you crazy?
What was that?
That was Complete Control Conway,
the one-man destruction derby.
- Lovely. I'm fine, thank you.
- You sure are.
- You can let go now.
- I know that.
- Would you do it?
- Not until you say you'll skate with me.
Hey, I saved your life.
You're the best skater
on the boardwalk, true?
I don't know. I do okay.
I need someone to teach me
how to dance on skates.
I'll pay you $10 an hour.
Here's $5 in advance. I'm gonna freshen up.
You ain't skating with her yet.
Say, look, you!
- Yes?
- Something about this isn't right.
Hey, wait up!
Sorry, ladies.
Okay, everybody, it's time to play.
It is couples-only time. Couples only.
Come on, this is a good song.
It's almost over.
What's your name, anyway?
Did you see me in that commercial?
I'll bet you can't skate, anyway.
This is all screwed up.
I'm supposed to ask you if you wanna skate.
- Okay, ask.
- Do you wanna skate or something?
Sure, I wanna skate or something.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
What are you, a prejudiced person?
Let's go out there and dance a little.
You don't want to dance with me?
You win, sucker. There.
Don't get scared.
I'm gonna show you something.
Just relax and stay loose.
All right, it's time to get on down
with a new sound. Here we go.
I think it's your wheel.
Bobby, you clown. You know
that music hurts my poor old ears.
- Terry Barkley, Jammer Delany.
- Hi.
Hello, love.
- My God, but you sure are pretty.
- Thank you.
- Anything she needs, I'm good for it.
- Okay.
Did you know
Jam was eight-time National Champion?
Fastest man through the pack on skates.
That was until they took my knee cap apart
in six places.
Boy, I'm telling you, skating's changed a lot
since I was a top jammer.
I'm sure it has.
- You got a wrench?
- I think so.
- Here we go.
- All right, thanks a lot, Jammer.
You're welcome, Bobby.
- Enjoy yourself now, love.
- I shall. Thank you.
Wrong one.
Top jammer?
You know, Roller Derby.
Sure, my parents watch it every night on TV.
This one's just as nice as the other one.
Hey, Terry, wait up.
Wait up!
Thanks for skating with me, kid.
We still have 45 minutes left.
And my name ain't "Kid," it's Bobby.
- Bobby James.
- Keep the change, Bobby James.
Terry, will there be anything else?
- No thanks, Ada. My folks come home yet?
- Child, didn't they tell you?
They went to the Palm Springs house
for the weekend.
I forgot.
Listen, I can stay over
if you don't want to be alone.
No, it's okay. You go on home.
I'll be fine, thank you.
All right, dear.
Last time my mama went to Palm Springs,
she came home with a new papa.
- Now she's in Mexico, dear thing.
- Doing what, pray tell?
Getting rid of my new papa.
Then it's back to the Springs for another try.
My parents don't have to tell me
where they're going.
Why should I tell them
where I'm going, right?
Where are you going?
Crazy! Anybody wanna come?
She's off to the beach again.
Her choice of friends
leaves something to be desired.
She picked you, didn't she?
Franklin, you nerd! You ruined my nails!
Okay, put another 20 pounds on that, boy.
Another 20 pounds, Master Hoppy?
Why, sure enough, sir!
Coming right on up here.
Okay, now.
I got it!
I think he's got it!
How long have we had this chest pain,
my boy?
- Get it off, you pinheads!
- Watch out.
What the hell
do you think you're doing, man?
These guys.
We're going to the pier later.
You wanna come?
I gotta practice.
Come on, man.
There's a new waitress at Casa Cucaracha.
- She wants your body anytime, day or night.
- She said she loved Olympic skaters.
- She did not.
- Did, too.
I got one hour of workout,
two hours practice.
- You know my routine.
- All right, give it a break, man.
- Let's go find some women.
- I'll see you later.
- Come on!
- Don't be a drag!
Get off my case!
My time is my own, you get it?
No Olympic judge is gonna vote
for a turkey boardwalk skater.
That waitress...
is she a real fox?
- Yeah, a fox, man.
- That chick's uglier than her enchiladas.
Rich chicks, gold medals, Olympics...
Always wants something he can't have.
You're gonna regret this in the morning.
They're just your parents, Barkley.
They're not supposed to understand.
I don't give a damn
if they don't have time for me anymore.
I'm a big girl, right?
Who needs to know where they're going
or when they'll be back.
They don't owe me anything.
Your mother brings you a new father
when she comes home.
That's something, at least.
You are acting so childish.
Our little genius
is throwing a temper tantrum.
When are you gonna come back?
I'll be back when I get here.
- Let's go.
- Oh, it's you.
- You still owe me 45 minutes.
- You got a mental problem or something?
You wanna skate,
and then you don't wanna skate.
What is it with you?
- I was watching you. You're very good.
- I know that.
Well, excuse me if you don't have time.
Sit down. I'll be just a minute.
If that was meant to impress me, it did.
You're very good.
You should do something with that talent.
The Olympics will be around soon.
The Olympics? That's a lot to bite off.
- I got a big appetite.
- I guess you do.
Okay, let's do it!
- Are we gonna do it right here?
- Anywhere you want to.
You don't waste any time, do you?
- I was talking about skating.
- Sure you were.
Is that one of your better moves?
Where is she? This really gripes me.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
I just don't understand you.
You coming on so strong and all.
What do you want from me?
What does any woman want from a man?
Look, you're not
no bimbo from the boardwalk.
Are you sure you wanna do it?
I don't believe you just said that.
I don't believe I said it, either.
You're not figuring on
paying me for this, too, are you?
What in the hell was that for?
I mean, you started it!
Because I didn't plan
to be seduced on the beach!
You just wanna
forget about the whole thing?
I just wanted someone to hold me.
Was that too much to ask for?
Terry, wait up.
Where have you been?
We've been looking everywhere.
When are you gonna
give up this tacky scene?
- What's wrong?
- Fella, I don't know who you are...
or what you are,
but I don't like the look of this, understand?
Get your hands off me!
Look, fella, I said--
Just marvelous!
Now how are we gonna get home?
My humble chariot at your service, madam.
May I recommend a passion fruit?
Come on, right this way.
I think he broke my nose.
Let's just get you to the hospital then.
Hey, you.
Taking the kook to the hospital room!
Yeah, and then to Lana's.
What's the matter, lovey?
Why are you sitting on the stairs?
Franklin Potter breaking your heart?
I'll have a talk with his mother.
- Do you love me?
- What a question to ask.
- What about Daddy?
- Lovey, where is all this going?
At the end of summer, I go to school.
When I come back, I'll be a woman.
- Yes, but--
- I never had a chance to be young!
Lovey, you are different.
Even your father doesn't understand
how you do those things with music.
So what? I'm a musical genius.
What a drag! What a bummer!
Drag? Bummer?
Lovey, you're giving your mother
a migraine.
Diet pills...
sleeping pills, diuretics, Quaaludes...
Valium, there you are.
If I'm old enough to be on my own...
then I'm old enough
to make my own decisions.
I do not wanna play the flute.
I do not wanna go to Juilliard.
I do not wanna be paired off
with Franklin Potter.
He is a lecherous jackass!
And I never wanna hear
another string quartet again in my life!
Now that we know what you don't want...
what is it that you do?
For now...
I wanna win a Roller Boogie contest
down at the beach.
A Roller Boogie contest?
I'm sure that you'll accomplish
whatever you put your mind to.
I mean, you always do.
I have to meet your father for lunch...
and we'll talk. We'll see.
She didn't understand a thing I said.
Lady, this is a pay phone.
You want me to look where?
All right, just a minute.
- You Bobby James?
- Yeah.
- It's for you.
- For me?
He'll be here in a minute.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, yourself Who is this?
Terry Barkley. Remember me?
Sure, I remember you. Why'd you run away?
How'd that guy know
that was me in the window?
I love your outfit.
Centerfold of Playgirl?
Come on, Terry, this is really weird.
Blue shorts, how cute.
Come on. Where are you?
The parking lot.
How about breakfast?
On me.
Why do you keep staring at me like that?
- Like what?
- Like you're trying to read my mind.
I wished I could.
You're dealing with something heavy, right?
It's all right. I'm a big girl. I can handle it.
Yeah, like running away from home,
and running away from me.
You're handling it just great.
I'm sorry I slapped you and ran away.
I was being a real bitch.
And you were handy.
I'd still like you to teach me to skate.
Same price?
$25 an hour.
All right.
- Sorry I asked.
If I teach you to skate, it's because I want to.
You get it?
I'll call the shots. Whatever I say, goes.
I'm not interested in your money.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Lillian, where the hell are you?
I'm a basket case,
and you're getting a touchup?
All right, I'm sorry.
Look, if she's still in Los Angeles,
we'll find her, okay?
All right, now you just tip Mr. Upjohn,
or whoever's doing you...
and come home.
Lillian, I love her, too.
What I want you to do is something like this.
You know keep your arms like that,
then twist something like that.
Okay, let's see.
Okay, come on.
Okay, now come out of it.
That's good. That's real good.
Come around here
and get both your hands here.
Turn your body and twist it, okay?
Come straight down.
One, two...
One, two, three.
I got an idea.
Let's try another trick.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
One, two, three.
Wait, I got it.
Am I getting better?
- That was good, Terry. All right.
- Wait! How do I stop?
Okay, Terry, watch.
You're looking good.
You are. You look nice. Yeah, you do.
- You planned that.
- I sure did.
Let's call it quits.
You know, things are beginning
to make a lot of sense.
I can't explain it,
but I think you had a lot to do with it.
You learn really fast.
How long have you been skating?
- Three weeks.
- Come on, really?
Really, I was an ice skater for years.
I won medals. Watch.
I was only 6 years old.
Come on, let's have some fun.
- Let's Cunga!
- Cunga!
Okay, my children,
J.D. is gonna take care of you once again.
We have more music at Jammer's.
Are you ready?
- What's happening, man?
- She lost her lock, man.
Wait a minute.
I think I got some in here somewhere.
Jammer's got some upstairs. Come up there.
At great inconvenience...
you force me
to make certain facts perfectly clear.
Am I making myself perfectly clear?
It's up here somewhere.
This place is not for sale.
We don't need
another shopping mall down here.
You're the last merchant
to hold out, Delany.
There's a lot of important money
at stake down here.
That means big investors.
You can't stop progress.
Get out of my office.
Something's going down in there.
Some good advice:
You take the money and run.
Personally, I abhor violence.
Anything can happen, Delany.
Your insurance rating
is already in the danger zone.
This place could go up in smoke anytime.
Might even be full of kids.
One can never tell about accidents.
Consider my offer. You got 48 hours.
Let's go.
Oh, God, I've never been so scared.
The piece that dude had
had gotta be 2 feet long.
You guys, wait here.
Come on, Jammer, open up!
- What are we gonna do?
- I'm thinking.
Why don't we find the others
and put our heads together?
Let's go. Come on.
- Have you guys seen Terry Barkley?
- Nope.
So how you doing there, Twin Peaks?
Ready for some mountain climbing?
Terry had a really bad scene at home,
and I think she might have run away.
- Did you check the bus station?
- The bus station? Please.
We'll just have to stroll along the beach
until she's found.
Until she's safe in the arms
of her loved ones.
We won't skate, we won't sleep,
we won't eat.
- We won't eat?
- We won't eat.
- Jammer, man, what's happening?
- Get out of the way.
Everybody out.
Jammer, you're drunk.
Damn it, didnt you hear me?
I said, everybody out! It's all over.
I'm closing this place down for good.
- I'm sorry, kids.
- Wanna drink?
I'm awful sorry.
- All right, so where are they?
- I don't know. We've looked everywhere.
Hey, C.C. What's going on, man?
Jammer closed down the rink.
He's acting crazy.
- Closed down the rink? What the hell for?
- I don't know.
- Hey, listen, you guys.
- Barkley!
Look, where have you guys been?
And what's going on over at Jammer's?
Here's the deal.
We got two goons
and a twerpy guy with a $600 suit on.
They want Jammer to sign the contract
or they'll torch the place.
They don't even care if were in there or not.
What about Sgt. Danner?
He's always been straight
with the boardwalk scene, right?
No cop's gonna arrest a guy
with a $600 suit on.
Even if they did, there wouldn't be
enough rink left to fill a shoebox.
- What about the Boogie Contest?
- Yeah, what about it?
Jammer did it for us.
He did it so no one would get hurt.
What Jammer needs is a good shyster.
Barkley's father is a shyster.
I mean, a lawyer.
- Yeah, that's right, Terry.
- Come on, help us out.
Wait, you don't know my father.
Look, I'm the runaway.
Okay, I'll do it. I'm in trouble anyway, right?
- All right!
- Great.
Captain? Yeah, this is Roger Barkley again.
I know it's late,
but have you heard anything at all?
I can't stand it anymore.
Listen, she'll come along.
You know how kids are nowadays.
She's just blowing off steam.
Hi, remember me?
Thank you.
Now, before I turn you over to your father...
is there anything you wanna tell me?
- Mother, I've been gone overnight!
- How long does it take these days?
Ms. Barkley, I don't believe you!
All right, go on. Go see your father.
All right, thank you.
Hi, Daddy.
You finally remembered your address.
Daddy, I know it's not the right time,
but I need to talk to you.
I have been worried sick, young lady.
All this talk about nobody loving you.
It's the skating, isn't it?
It's that insane disco music thing.
You're an artist, a musical genius.
And I'm not gonna have my daughter...
You do that again, I'll...
You get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day.
Everybody will be there:
-the Music Society, the Philharmonic Club.
- I know, Daddy, but I need to ask a favor.
As long as it's not about skating
or disco music.
Lillian, shut up.
Anything, sweetheart, you just name it.
I've got some friends
and they need some legal advice really bad.
Have them call me at the office on Monday.
Could they call tomorrow?
I won't ask for anything else after that.
Why not invite them here?
I mean, I'm sure your father can talk to them
after the recital.
For once, Lillian, you're right. Okay.
Honey, any friends of yours
are friends of mine, okay?
Sweet dreams.
Look at these houses.
- Whoa, man! I wonder who lives there.
- I don't know. Probably some royal people.
You guys,
behave yourselves at this party, okay?
Don't worry, I got class.
Yeah, and everything I know,
I learned from him.
- British soldiers?
- This is valet parking, dummy.
Get that heap out of here.
Deliveries are around the back.
- How about I deliver you?
- Come on, Hoppy, cool it.
Check your list for
"Robert James and friends."
Right through there.
Yeah, and don't scratch the paint, my man.
- Your wrap, sir.
- Rap?
I got no time to rap, Chief.
Catch me later, okay?
Hey, look! A grass party.
- Cut it out.
- Don't hit him.
Hey, cut it out! Act like you belong.
- Behave yourself.
- I'm well-behaved.
- Do you care for an hors d'oeuvre?
- Don't mind if I do.
- Finger sandwiches, my favorite food!
- Hey, get your own, lady!
Did you see what he did?
Give me one of those things.
You guys, a little food?
- Look at this.
- Cafeteria.
- I can't find her.
- You will. She's around.
Save some for somebody else, would you?
How nice of you to come.
Look what you made me do.
I lost my horse doovers.
Those are the guys.
- What guys?
- The guys in the skating rink.
- Where?
- Over there.
- Is Roger here?
- He's up with the musicians.
He's a little nervous, but he'll be all right.
I better get going. I'll see you later.
Sunny, those kids at the table...
they were at the roller rink the other day.
Find out why they're here.
Don't cause any trouble.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated.
Thank you for coming
to the final assembly...
of the Barkley Baroque Society.
This will be our last formal recital
for our daughter, Theresa.
She has been accepted
to the Juilliard School of Music...
as an Honor Student.
Gentlemen, would you take your seats?
Thank you.
And now, without further ado...
the Barkley String Ensemble...
featuring flautist, Theresa Barkley.
Wow, look at her, Phones.
- Isn't she beautiful?
- Come on, man, let's go.
Excuse me. Sorry, lady.
Excuse me.
Excuse me. Sorry.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Get out of my lap!
Jeez, Hoppy.
Breathe through your nose, Mother.
Roger, do something!
- Roger, help me.
- Throw me a rope.
- Throw me anything.
- Here.
Get your hand under her. Push up.
Push her up, Franklin! Come on.
Come on.
Let's go! Over there.
Go around and cut them off.
Let me explain.
I'm sorry.
Let's get out of here.
Bobby, come on!
Roger, do something.
- Daddy, I--
- Roger, she was trying to tell you--
Lillian, shut up.
This lunacy. Those people in my home.
It's my home, as well,
and you invited them here.
And Mr. Thatcher, our client-attorney
relationship nearly ruined...
because of your incredible accusations.
To say nothing of
a $10 million redevelopment investment...
now in jeopardy because of
my daughter's harebrained scheme...
to help all the unwashed in this world.
You are never to see those people again.
Did you hear that?
Daddy, I heard him
threaten to burn down the roller rink...
if Mr. Delany wouldn't sell.
My friends heard him, as well.
Impossible to raise children
these days, Roger.
Young lady, I want an immediate apology
to Mr. Thatcher.
What, you're gonna
take his word over mine?
This is not a game.
Now, Theresa, the apology. Right now.
No! I'm not a child to be ordered
to apologize to a thief and a liar!
Lovey, wait!
Sorry, kid, I went to Jammer's myself.
He's not pressing charges.
And the deal is legal.
He signed the contracts this afternoon.
Thanks, Danner.
It was really straight of you.
Yeah. Well, that's progress, kid.
- At least Jammer will do okay.
- Yeah, that's for sure.
- Man, he copped out on us.
- What's one more sell-out?
- Shut up!
- Phones is out of a job.
You don't know
what the hell you're talking about.
None of you do.
- Sorry.
- Yeah, I bet.
What's your problem, man?
You got to take a nap
in your little baby carriage?
Bobby, come on,
give us some slack, will you, man?
- Did you get a hold of Terry?
- Not even her maid would talk to me.
Well, maybe it's for the best, man.
I mean, maybe she was too rich
for your blood, you know?
Who's that?
It's all over.
But you're gonna be the greatest, Bobby.
The greatest.
I'd like to dedicate this next number
to Jammer Delany.
- How'd you know I was here?
- I just thought you might come here.
It's all over. Jammer signed the contract.
You won't need to learn your moves
since there won't be a contest.
You can tell your father that I won't
be messing up his daughter's life anymore.
What the hell! Can you imagine?
What a pair.
I love you.
Dear Bobby, my parents have decided
to send me back East...
to stay with an aunt, before I start Juilliard.
Before I go, I had to tell you
that youre something really special.
I love you, Bobby James.
With all my heart, Terry.
- Mr. Thatcher?
- What is it?
This is Nick.
I got the kid marked, down by the water.
Stay with him.
How's it going, Bob?
How you doing, Bobby?
- What's going on, man?
- Where's Phones?
I don't know. He gave Hoppy his noise
and said the world stinks. That's all I heard.
The guy's never gonna skate
or listen to boogie music ever again.
Oh, no, there he is!
Can you believe it?
Crazy old Phones, man.
The guy was always recording something
on this thing.
There's a lot of important money
at stake down here.
- Hey, wait a minute, what is this?
- Turn it up.
Anything can happen, Delany.
Your insurance rating
is already in the danger zone.
Do you believe that stuff?
Might even be full of kids.
One can never tell about accidents.
Consider my offer.
We got them! Damn, we really got them!
Phones left his tape player on
and didn't even know it.
Give me the tape.
- What have we got?
- Evidence. We can kill the deal.
But who's gonna believe us?
Those guys got all the money in the world.
Hoppy, give me the keys
to your old man's truck.
Okay, man, but don't eat
any of those Puerto Rican guavas.
Tell Phones to throw away the robe.
Spread the word that the Boogie contest
is on tonight. Let's go.
- All right!
- Big Boogie's on, man!
Put me through to Thatcher. This is Sunny.
- I think we got some trouble on this end.
- It's time to act.
God, I hate scenes like this.
Give me another tissue, Barkley.
Barkley, you're so immature.
What are you gonna do without me
in New York?
I'll call home
and ask for advice for the lovelorn.
Give her a month in Manhattan,
she'll be giving you advice.
What does he want?
Bobby, what are you doing here?
- Let's go.
- Shall I call the police?
No, Bobby, wait.
I got all the evidence against Thatcher
on Phones' tape player.
My parents will be here... What tape?
I've had just about enough of you, fella.
- Come on, let's go. I'll tell you on the way.
- Let me out!
Wait a minute.
I am not leaving her alone for a moment.
Terry, come on. I'll get you for this, Bobby!
Let me out of here!
Terry, somebody, help me.
Help, Terry! Anybody, come on. Let me out!
Let me out of here!
- Come on, Jammer, don't split, man.
- We're not afraid of those guys.
- We can lick those dudes, man.
- Come on, Jammer, stay.
The tape can prove they threatened you.
All we have to do
is get Sgt. Danner to listen.
- Yeah, man, it was corrosion!
- What he means is "coercion."
How will one more night hurt?
Then you can do what you want.
Everybody's been practicing all year
to get ready for this thing.
Come on, Jammer,
just let us hold the contest tonight.
Listen to me, all of you.
If you think that I can live with the idea...
that one of you kids might get hurt
by a gang of money-hungry goons...
then you're in for another think!
No, sir. Not me!
I can't stand that responsibility.
I'm off to Arizona to watch the cactus grow.
That'll take forever.
So long, gang.
I'm gonna miss you all. Take care of him.
- Take care of yourself, all right?
- So long, Jammer.
Don't drink on the road.
Oh, God, I can't stand it.
I can't stand
looking at your hound-dog faces.
All right, I'll tell you what I'll do.
You can use the rink tonight
for one more time!
One more time!
- Hey, Boss!
- Who's that?
There's Thatcher!
C.C., go to the Boardwalk,
find Danner, tell him to go to the rink, okay?
Tell everybody
that the contest is on tonight.
Okay, we'll meet you there.
When we get to them, spread out.
I want that tape.
- Let's get the goons with the fruit!
- Get the fruit!
- Hold them up. See you at the rink.
- Good luck, man.
Take off your skirt.
Let's get out of here.
There goes the Barkley girl. Let's cut her off.
- Now what?
- Take my hand and follow me.
It's easy for you to say.
You're headed for the Olympics.
I'm headed for broken bones.
Come on!
- Here they come!
- Come on, let's go!
Hurry up!
Come on, move it, Sunny!
Just stay with them.
Watch out!
Head them off at the next street.
Jump it!
Get after them!
- Down here!
- Down there?
Let's go.
Let's split up.
Watch it!
All right, man. Give me five!
Hey, watch it, man!
- I think we lost them.
- Yeah, that's just great.
I don't know. I don't see them.
- See them?
- Nothing.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, wait a minute. There they are!
Just wait a minute.
They probably skated back to the rink.
Let's try there.
Let's catch a free ride.
Get your head down. Don't let them see you.
There they are.
- I don't know where they are.
- Here they are! Right there.
Are you all right?
- I got it.
- Hey, watch it.
All right, Thatcher, all right now.
I'll make you a deal.
You let the kids hold their contest...
and right after it the rink is all yours, okay?
Shut up, Delany.
- Give me the tape, kid.
- Give it to him, Bobby.
You want it? Come and get it.
Get the tape.
- Grab the gun!
- Keep them down.
What is this? Some new disco dance?
- Why don't you just play the tape?
- Play the tape!
All right, all right!
You listen to me.
Now, you listen to me good.
This is an infringement of my legal right,
and I want my lawyer.
I want my lawyer now!
Mr. Thatcher, here I am.
Sorry it took me so long to get down here.
- Excuse me.
- Sorry.
We'll discuss this later, young lady.
I want my client's immediate release
from this travesty of justice.
This is an illegal kangaroo court.
It has no bearing or standard
in this contractual dispute.
Play the tape.
Thatcher Industries is the sole owner
of this property.
All legal papers have been filed
and so noted.
And everyone on these premises
is violating the trespass law.
The deed has been registered and
recorded in and for the county of--
There's a lot of important money
at stake down here.
Big money means big investors.
Turn that off! That's inadmissible evidence!
- Get out of my office.
- Shut up.
Anything can happen, Delany.
Your insurance rating
is already in the danger zone.
This place could go up in smoke anytime.
Might even be full of kids.
One can never tell about accidents.
Consider my offer. You got 48 hours.
What the hell do I pay you for?
Say something.
Well, I think that we have
a clear-cut case here, Mr. Thatcher.
No doubt about it.
There's every indication that the contract...
between Mr. Delany
and Thatcher Industries is...
in my professional opinion,
unequivocally and totally...
All right, children,
this is the time we've been waiting for:
the big Boogie contest!
Okay, that's it. No more calls.
We do have a winner.
Contestants, come forward, please.
For being more than just the best dancers...
for bringing inspiration
and the true spirit of music...
the Roller Boogie grand award goes to:
Terry and Bobby.
Bobby, Terry's coming, man.
- You guys, let's split.
- Okay.
That time already?
I wanted you to have this.
My place is too small.
Why don't you keep it?
There's no room in the suitcase.
Do you have my new address?
Yeah, I got it.
You got mine?
It's in my flute case, so I'll see it all the time.
You're gonna be big, Bobby James.
I'll read about you in the papers someday:
"Famous skater wins gold medal."
Sure. Might even get to New York sometime.
You never know.
Never know.