Rollerball (1975) Movie Script

Good evening.
Welcome to Houston, the Energy City,
home of the defending
rollerball world champions.
This key international battle
pits divisional champions Madrid
against powerful Houston.
Here they come for a standing ovation.
On the track comes Houston!
Houston, led by captain Jonathan E,
again their leading scorer this year.
OK. Let's go.
The controller indicates he is ready.
Our 30 Multivision cameras will bring you
all the thrills and excitement of this game.
Ladies and gentlemen,
our corporate anthem.
The controller tests his equipment,
readies for the start.
The firing of the test ball
will signal we're about set to go.
The controller for tonight's game -
DA Niehaus.
The officials approve play.
Each team concludes its huddle,
and the crowd cheers once again as
this Houston audience greets its team,
led by the stalwart athlete Jonathan E.
Break off. That's it, boys.
Hook it!
Now the play-by-play. Here's RD.
The computer counts down.
The ball is fired.
First period is under way
here at Houston tonight.
The first team to pick up the ball
will be on offence
and it's a pick-up by Houston!
It's picked up by BJ.
BJ moves around, manoeuvring it in
to the leading scorer Jonathan E.
Go on! Go on!
Watch him!
Jonathan E holds the ball aloft.
You must hold it in view at all times.
- Pick 'em up, pick 'em up!
- I got him, I got him.
On your right!
Jonathan moves in,
then out in front of Blue's bike.
Jonathan moves up the track
and up onto the side.
Here comes Sanchez.
Sanchez grabs Jonathan,
but off the rail comes Moonpie
and takes out four Madrid men.
The old swooper Moonpie
came right off the top of the rail
and took out four Madrid men.
The remaining Madrid skaters
defend the goal.
Jonathan still has the ball.
Moving in, he'll try to shoot.
He does! Jonathan!
He shoots and it's just wide.
- Regroup!
- The Houston team will have to regroup.
Injured on the play is Belmonte
and he's helped off the track for Madrid.
First period, no score, as we get set
for the firing of the second ball.
Oh, and he misses and it hits
the bike of Carter. Knocks Carter down.
Gimme a hand. Move out!
Jonathan is there. It is handed off.
The pass is complete to Jonathan.
- He knocks him down dead!
- Did you see that?
That should be a penalty.
The official looking over.
Keep up!
- Moon, on your left.
- Right, right!
I got him!
Break it up, break it up!
Go, Jonathan, go!
Can he give Houston the first goal?
He scores!
And at the end of the first period
Jonathan's goal gives Houston a 1-0 lead.
Scored by Jonathan E!
The time - first period, 12 minutes.
The ball is fired for the second period.
Madrid, trailing by one goal,
try to go on offence to tie the score.
Go, Madrid!
- Here, latch on, latch on.
- I'm with you.
Come on, Madrid, come on!
He skates up in front. Gonzales has it
for Madrid. Hands off again to Bodeus.
Bodeus, on offence for the Madrid team.
Here's the Houston defence.
It's a shot. It's low!
And down on the track goes Bodeus.
He's not injured,
but his scoring attempt failed.
And the score is still 1-0
in favour of Houston.
The ball is fired again.
Madrid is putting the pressure on.
Move it! Come on, move!
Hold on. Come on, let's move it!
- We got it now.
- Hold on, hold on.
Watch it. Keep an eye out!
Coming in now, Sanchez.
Moving to his left and right.
Has a full head of steam,
trying to tie the score.
Sanchez moves around the bike,
takes a long looping shot. He scores!
Sanchez scores for Madrid
and ties the game 1-1.
Second period.
The ball is in play again
and scooped up this time by Aston!
Three minutes. Get off!
Madrid penalty. Three minutes.
Biking misconduct on No. 1 biker.
Are you satisfied, Madrid?
What game are you guys playing?
Take it easy. Relax, you'll be all right.
The crowd's going wild, loving
this wide-open action in this game.
Skate! Skate!
Come on, goddammit, skate!
A pile-up on the track. The ball rolls free
and into the gutter. It's a dead ball.
Here, here! Come on, come on!
Off the track, off the track!
Come on, move out!
How is it, Jonathan?
- Gimme a towel, will you, Bull?
- Sure.
Come on, Dune!
Moonpie drop-kicks him!
Three-minute penalty!
Off the track! Off the track!
Group up.
Jumping over the Madrid defence,
gets up and he jams it in for the score!
Jonathan jams it in and scores
to give Houston a 2-1 lead over Madrid.
- Houston with the ball again.
- It's a bike!
Stop him!
Jonathan E has it. Jonathan
coming in low with a great manoeuvre.
He shoots, he scores!
- I love this game, Moonpie! I love it.
- Yeah!
We got two games left.
Guess who we're playing first.
Tokyo! Who'd have thought
they'd make it to the play-off?
They're good.
They got the old samurai spirit.
Yeah, but they're all about this tall.
Two or three little things
make one big one.
They're liable to climb all over you
and eat your lunch!
I can't get on a man-to-man basis
with a Pygmy or an Oriental.
I don't know what it is.
You were fine tonight, all of you.
Mean! Sharp!
- You boys did well again.
- Thank you, Mr Bartholomew.
- And you, you rolled, you really rolled.
- Yeah.
You play like our champion here.
You take lessons from him?
No, we just give lessons
to the other team!
- How are you, Jonathan?
- I'm feelin' mean, Mr Bartholomew.
- It's good to see you.
- Jonathan E, that's the name.
Houston players come and go,
but the champion plays on.
The Energy Corporation has a hard time
figuring out ways to pay the champion.
We can't think up more rewards. You'd
like us to have that problem with you?
Yes, sir!
Like Jonathan, you play with abandon.
But this is Jonathan's season.
Every season seems to be
Jonathan's season.
But this year we've got you on
Multivision. A special show all about you.
No player ever had that before.
The whole world will be watching
because this is your year.
Howdy, babe!
- So, two games left.
- That's right, Mr Bartholomew.
New York in the final!
The team seems healthy.
The champion says he feels mean.
No problems here.
- What is this? Fruit juice?
- Very healthy, Mr Bartholomew!
Sweet dreams, Moonpie.
It's a bad habit you got there.
You know what that habit
will make you dream, Moonpie?
You'll dream you're an executive.
You'll have your hands
on all the controls
and you'll wear a grey suit
and you'll make decisions.
But you know what, Moonpie?
You know what those executives dream
about, out there behind their desks?
They dream they're great rollerballers.
They dream they're Jonathan.
They have muscles.
- They bash in faces.
- Yeah!
Ready to go.
Can't keep these boys here all night.
Jonathan, come and see me tomorrow.
Good night, Mr Bartholomew.
Ssh! Quiet, quiet.
This is a great team. A great city.
Great stuff out there tonight.
- Good morning. Brutal game last night.
- Thank you.
- So it's Tokyo in the semifinals?
- That's right.
Continue to hold the calls, all right?
Come in, Jonathan. Keep silence
with me for a minute, won't you?
It's important to have a place
to think things out.
You have your ranch.
I know you take a lot of pleasure in it.
I cut my finger.
Sorry. Here.
You've had an amazing career, Jonathan.
You know how proud we are
of the Houston team,
and what we think of you at Energy.
But now there are executives
who want you out.
You've had 10 years
in this game, Jonathan.
Longer than anyone ever.
- Retire... How can I do that?
- On your special programme.
Some people feel this programme should
be used to announce your retirement.
Who wants that?
When this special was first planned by us
here at Energy, we saw it as a good thing.
Now the Executive Directorate
wants a change.
The programme is scheduled,
the world is waiting,
so this does seem the perfect time.
The team, they depend on me.
Jonathan, let's think this through together.
You know how the game serves us.
It has a definite social purpose.
Nations are bankrupt, gone.
None of that tribal warfare any more.
Even the corporate wars
are a thing of the past.
I know that...
So now we have the majors
and their executives.
Transport, food, communication,
housing, luxury, energy.
A few of us making decisions
on a global basis for the common good.
The team is a unit.
It plays with certain rhythms.
So does an executive team, Jonathan.
Now everyone has all the comforts,
you know that.
No poverty, no sickness.
No needs and many luxuries,
which you enjoy just as if
you were in the executive class.
Corporate society
takes care of everything.
And all it asks of anyone,
all it has ever asked of anyone ever,
is not to interfere
with management decisions.
I don't mean to resist.
I'm just tryin' to understand.
This is for your own benefit.
You must know that, Jonathan.
All decisions concerning you are.
Well, I lost Ella.
They took my wife
because an executive wanted her.
I won't review all that again.
That was before I took over.
I had nothing to do with it.
From what I hear
your wife wanted to leave herself.
So, now you're going to retire.
That shouldn't be too hard for you.
Stupid game, after all. Awful game.
You ought to be glad to be out of it.
I don't...
I don't know, Mr Bartholomew.
I just don't know.
I realise you had nothing to do with Ella.
- Jonathan, I...
- But...
You're right.
I mean, I oughta do...
- I oughta be happy to do what you say.
- Take your time.
Take a few days.
You've just come through a game.
You're tired.
Go to your ranch, but think about it.
And understand it.
Do understand it.
Because I don't understand
your resistance.
And I don't think anyone else will either.
- Is Clete here?
- In the training room.
I'll go say hello.
Look what I got for breakfast.
It's a notice from the Corporation.
What's it say?
Oh, that I should get out of here.
You know, go away, vanish.
That kind of thing.
You know anything about that?
Yeah, I kinda heard something about it.
You knew it was comin'.
We've been together six months.
Didn't you even wanna say goodbye?
- We'll talk about it later, OK?
- You didn't, did you?
You didn't even want me here
when you got back.
I gotta go see Cletus.
- What do you want me to do now?
- I want you to take it easy.
I want you to go in
and fix us something to eat.
Clete's come a long way
and I'm hungry. All right?
I'm glad you're all right.
Come on. All right, come on.
- I ain't tired enough.
- Yeah!
It caught you, didn't it, baby?
Two games running.
- What?
- You did that in the last two games.
Shoulder forward left.
You're standing on your left skate.
You do that in Tokyo, they'll take
your arm home for lunch. You with me?
OK. You practise that for me a little, huh?
Hell, I forget which corporation is which.
Any ass knows that fire's energy.
Who wrote the music?
Where does the music come from?
- OK if I have one of these?
- Go on, have a holiday.
I forget what corporation's
running what city.
Chicago's still the Food City,
but what about Indianapolis?
Whatever happened to that town?
Whatever happened to Mackie?
Everything was much simpler when
I was a kid. We still had three nations.
That was before the corporate wars,
even before rollerball. Before everything.
Do you believe in kids?
I remember hearing about the National
Football League and the World Cup.
- Where are you going?
- Indianapolis.
What do you know about that stuff, Clete?
You know, how the corporations
got started, about the corporate wars.
They were nasty!
- Well, nobody talks about that.
- Well, except for friends.
I remember your rookie year.
You were mean and tight.
The best player I ever coached.
Nobody could lay a hand on you
that year. Remember?
Look, I gotta ask you something.
That figures. Go ahead, I'm listening.
Well, there's something
goin' on with the game.
I don't know what it is.
I don't think I'm supposed to know.
- What's that?
- They want me to quit.
Why would they want you to do that?
I don't know.
That's what I'd like you to find out.
I can try.
I hear just about everything going on
in the game, one way or another.
That's what I mean. I can't think of
another executive who'd tell me a thing.
Like I say,
I'll try.
- But I don't think there's much...
- Look, no troubles for either of us, Clete.
Just find out what you can.
Trust me, Jonathan. You know you can.
Well, sit down.
Oh, yeah!
Thanks, boys.
Good show, Johnny.
That's the Houston stride.
You boys wanna play for Houston,
you'll have to learn it.
We pride ourselves
on bein' a power team.
- That's right.
- We're power, we're mean.
And that doesn't mean to say we like to
have you hangin' back there on a rail,
just fightin' somebody in section A,
when you should be in section B.
I'm comin' up to score
and you ain't in the section,
- it won't do us no good.
- That's right.
Who's the two new catchers here?
Right. Gimme that ball.
Don't stick your hand
in that gutter too quick.
Wait till this ball
comes down on the track.
Don't get too anxious.
That thing'll take your arm off.
Now the bikers.
A biker might sacrifice
a little three-minute penalty,
run over the top of a skater,
if he feels he's skating a little too good.
So we have a few methods
here in Houston. There's hundreds.
One, of course, is to use this shield.
Use your pads. Use what you got.
Drive that arm in there.
Keep your feet forward.
Hit, move, you get away from the wreck.
Don't come across in here.
You get all twisted.
Or if a biker's sittin' up nice and high -
a lot of guys like to ride high -
drag one off in midair. I hurt you, Blue?
I wouldn't hurt him for the world.
Now a third method, and the one
perfected by a little friend of mine,
the swoop.
The swooper, that's me!
Hang up on the rail,
use the speed of the track,
come down and drop-kick a biker.
Say, excuse me.
You're not paying a whole lot
of attention, are you?
- What's this dude's name?
- That's our new speedball from Manila.
Yeah, you know. That's Toughie.
Come on up, Tough.
Oh, he's a big honker.
Say, why don't you do
me and the boys a favour?
Since you know all there is to know,
we'd appreciate it.
Why not give us a demonstration?
Show us how you made that big rep.
Just skate around
and just take me out, huh?
Go get him, Toughie.
Now, eyes. Use 'em.
Don't lock your eyes in one spot. This
game isn't all muscle. Use your head.
Lock your eyes on the target and keep...
Ears. Now, they're real important, too.
If there's anything I love,
it's luxury centres.
When I get my privilege card,
I know what I'm gonna get me, too.
- A secretary.
- What for?
You planning on becoming an executive?
I just need one. About this tall.
Yeah? Why don't you give it a rest?
- Can I help you, please?
- Yeah. I tried to order some books
and they said I had to appear
at the centre personally.
That's right, this is our circulation unit.
Make your choice here or by catalogue.
There must be a mistake.
These books are classified.
They have been transcribed
and summarised.
- Who summarises them?
- I suppose the computers do.
- What do you need books for?
- I wanna study up on some things.
You could go to the computer centre
where the real librarians are.
But we have all the edited versions here.
Anything I think you'd want.
Let's see, then. This is not a library
and you're really not a librarian.
I'm only a clerk, that's right.
I'm sorry, really.
The books are really in computer banks
being summarised? Where is that?
There's a computer bank in Washington.
The biggest is in Geneva.
That's a nice place to visit.
- I guess that's where the books are now.
- Thank you.
It's not that exactly.
Yeah, but books, Jonathan?
Anything you wanna know,
you could hire a corporate teacher.
You could call somebody up,
use your privilege card.
I can't. That's just it.
I think there's something goin' on.
Somebody's pushin' me.
Who? Bartholomew?
But you're Jonathan E. Everybody
knows you. You've got everything!
You know you'll be treated right.
You always have been.
Yeah. I don't know.
Well, I do know. We're livin' good.
You know we are.
I found this to wear.
Is it all right?
That's the uniform of the house.
I'm Daphne.
Yeah. That figures.
It's all right.
Here. Wear these, too.
That's right. No penalties.
Limited substitutions.
You can handle it! You can beat Tokyo!
All we gotta do is change our tactics.
There's always been rule changes.
You know that!
It gets more people to watch the game,
that's all there is to it.
You all signed contracts to finish the
season, no matter what the alterations.
- Every last one of you signed.
- See, now we all signed a contract.
It doesn't matter! We're not gonna lose,
no matter how they change the game.
That's right. That's right.
All it means is a change of strategy.
We knock out their bikers early,
then their skaters.
Don't try to score yourselves
and the game's yours.
Watch yourselves out there!
They're playing the same rules we are.
It's gonna be rough.
But it's still basically the same game.
And the team with the power wins.
That's easy to say, man!
Hey, Rusty.
Hey! Wait a minute.
Hey, Rusty, come on.
Listen, you were talking
about them contracts.
How come everyone else has got
to play with the no-penalty rule
and they're pressuring me to quit?
I don't know.
But can't you do what you're told?
For your own good, get out!
I don't wanna leave the guys to play
Tokyo with the rules breakin' down.
Jonathan, it doesn't matter
what you want!
You think about that.
These are in slow motion to show
the impact of your blows on opponents.
- Yeah, fine.
- We want you to approve the sequences.
It's all fine with me. Anything.
I really don't see why I'm needed here.
Well, the Energy people
want you to be satisfied.
There, now. Isn't that a marvellous shot?
I'm a stat freak myself.
Isn't that perverse?
Have you got anything I can take?
Just take one.
Statistics, huh?
Yes. The greatest number of points
scored in a single game - 18.
The highest velocity of a ball when
actually fielded by a skater - 120mph.
Most deaths...
Don't do that.
Most deaths - 9. Rome versus Pittsburgh,
December last year.
The greatest number of players put out of
action by a single player in a game - 13.
A world record,
courtesy of your dear self.
There have been studies
of stat freaks in rollerball.
Some go to the track, but they never
take their eyes off the big board.
What's this?
I always wonder if a rollerball player
sees himself as a class apart.
"Hello... pause. "
"I'm Jonathan E... smile. "
"I would like... " This for me?
Very astute. Yes.
It's your retirement announcement.
Your special is already
scheduled all over the world.
You're supposed to read this
as part of the programme.
- What sort of pill did you give me?
- Pure aphrodisiac, Daph. Enjoy yourself.
Can't we finish up here and go home?
You are being recorded.
- Feelin' woozy?
- Try to read the announcement.
I'm all right.
Why don't you read the?
- Oh, yeah. You want that, do you?
- You are making things very...
How many assignments
you been on, Daph?
You're good at what you're good at,
so you must have been around some.
A lot of girls have stayed with me,
but you know that. Never seemed to mind.
But odd thoughts I've had
about you, Daph. Odd thoughts.
- Wondered if you'd been briefed on me.
- I'll ask you to read...
Yeah, a lot of things occur to me, Daph.
A lot of things occur to you?
You look terrible.
You do look terrible.
Come on.
You shouldn't take anything
offered to you just like that.
- What was in it?
- Nothin' to hurt you.
You're too trustin'. Ever think of that?
Hook 'em deep now!
They're good boys,
but they're a bit rough.
As you know,
the Tokyo game is coming up.
You will remember that the Tokyo team
uses karate and hapkido techniques.
We will review these techniques
with special attention to deathblows.
Same lecture every year!
There are certain body areas that skilled
opponents will endeavour to strike.
What we got for our skilled opponents
is the Houston fist-in-the-face technique!
Especially in a game with no penalties...
You gotta get mad, all right? Play hard.
It don't matter if they're all tiny little men.
Especially in a game with no penalties
and limited substitutions.
Get mad and fly!
I know about certain body areas, too.
We gotta hit those guys in the ganglia.
- Where?
- In the ganglia.
That's a mess of nerves under the ear.
You gotta drive the jawbone up in that
mess of nerves and it rings a bell.
You must understand.
The Tokyo team has
a very eccentric playing style.
And no penalties! If I go down,
I know my team is with me, right?
- Please...
- Brute speed!
Familiarise yourself with
the basic fighting-art techniques.
Nobody's gonna take us, rules or no rules!
- Go on.
- This is the Houston team!
- Rules or no rules.
- We fight for each other.
They're really quite beautiful,
in a wild kind of way.
- I can almost smell the lions.
- Don't be silly. They're made in Detroit.
They're android. They're all programmed.
That's right.
The game is played by robots.
They look like men and they bleed!
Not so loud. They'll hear you.
It'll ensure stability, expansion
and profits for the planetary enterprise.
- What do you think about that?
- You make it sound absolutely romantic.
He's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.
I know, but he's so intelligent.
I'm practically living on bright pills.
Hey, here he is.
Hey, Johnny boy! Hey, kid!
Come on, let's hear it. Come on!
- Gimme a hand. I got too much here.
- Behave yourself.
Hello, Mackie.
Well, how you been?
It's your night tonight, Jonathan.
You having a good time?
I'm glad you're here.
I'm here with an executive.
He asked all about you.
Wanted to know if I enjoyed you.
Hey, Rockie! Give her your hand.
It's too much!
- What about the new game?
- I haven't heard much about it.
The rule changes
were announced a week ago.
- Who changed them?
- I've been tryin' to find out.
Rules or no rules, it's still the same game.
- I'm looking forward to the programme.
- When you see that screen replay...
- Did you hear about Evans?
- What?
- He's out. Gone.
- No kidding!
The old man? Who got him?
- What?
- I said who got him?
The crocodile.
Do you like poetry?
Why don't you come upstairs?
I got a poem for you.
Welcome, sports enthusiasts everywhere.
Tonight Multivision trains its cameras
on the amazing career of Jonathan E.
As Houston began to mould itself
into a world championship team,
- the attacking style of Jonathan E...
- Jonathan, you're on!
...has always been
the team's strongest asset.
Yes, the game seems invented for him.
Look, I talked to everybody I could.
There is something going on.
You're right about that.
Nobody will talk about it, I mean nobody!
It's hard finding anything out, Jonathan.
You know that.
Hell, nobody even knows the names
of the men on the directorate any more.
Look, I'm sorry.
- They want you out, you know that.
- Yeah.
But do you know who they are?
Bartholomew, I guess.
Above Bartholomew.
It's the Executive Directorate.
- Why would they worry about me?
- Well, they do.
They're even after the old man because
he didn't get your retirement announced.
- Why put the programme on without it?
- I think they had to.
They didn't want to. It's very tricky.
there's one thing you ought to know.
Look, nobody's said it, but I'm sure of it.
They're afraid of you, Jonathan.
All the way to the top, they are.
What are they afraid of me for?
Don't go yet.
We're showing some replays.
Let's see 'em then!
Mr Bartholomew would like
to see you now. He's in the study.
Come on, hurry up!
You know I've always considered
your situation, Jonathan,
and your needs.
Now you have to consider mine
- and ours.
- I'm considering it, Mr Bartholomew.
No player is greater than the game itself.
It's a significant game
in a number of ways.
The velocities of the ball,
the awful physics of the track.
And in the middle of it all,
men playing by an odd set of rules.
It's not a game a man is supposed
to grow strong in, Jonathan.
- You appreciate that, don't you?
- More and more, Mr Bartholomew.
Shoot that statue!
That's the one! Shoot that!
Hey, the tree!
You must take good advice.
You're not to play against Tokyo.
You're not to play again.
- I want some concessions.
- Concessions?
Believe me, I'd be happy to talk
a deal, Jonathan. I love deals.
But this situation is much, much simpler.
This Multivision event tonight
was very embarrassing.
For me and for others.
It might be I won't ever find out
why I've been asked to leave the game,
but I do know I can get
some concessions and I want 'em.
You missed!
I wanna see Ella - my wife.
Arrange it so I can see her again.
That's not easy, Jonathan.
I want other concessions, too,
Mr Bartholomew.
Look at that!
I've never seen anything like that
in my life! That's incredible!
That's terrific.
Specifically, you're bargaining for the
right to stay in a horrible social spectacle.
It has its purposes.
You've served those purposes brilliantly.
Why argue when you can quit?
And you say you want to know
why decisions are made.
Your future comfort is assured.
You don't need to know.
Why argue about decisions you're not
powerful enough to make for yourself?
Energy will treat you well, you know that.
If the rule changes stay, Mr Bartholomew,
I'm playin' with my team.
Too late. The rule change
is scheduled and announced.
There's no going back.
You've seen to that.
I'll see you in Tokyo.
You can be made to quit!
You can be forced!
You can't make me quit!
Don't tell me I can't.
Don't ever say that! I can!
You can be stopped!
You could have killed someone!
- It's all goin' too fast. I'm not packed...
- You're not going, Daph.
Those bags are ready.
Here. Take this extra hat.
Sir, I've had a call.
I have to go over to Energy.
- You can't go to Tokyo?
- What do you mean, I'm not going?
I hope this isn't an inconvenience.
No, no, it's no problem.
I'm supposed to go with you.
Well, what's that mean?
Who told you
you're supposed to go with me?
Nobody told me.
Listen, Jonathan, I really wanna
go with you. I do really. You'll need me.
Get yourself another assignment,
will you, Daph?
Everybody's an assignment.
Life's an assignment.
You better do as you're told, Jonathan.
That's all I have to say.
Are you threatenin' me?
- Don't be here when I come back.
- You won't be back, Johnny boy...
Don't try to frighten me, Daphne,
you don't know how.
You go tell them people that
I'm going to Tokyo and you're not, huh?
You tell 'em that.
Make sure my gear
gets to the track in Tokyo.
I'm gonna travel with the team this trip.
You call Transportation and tell 'em.
Yes, sir.
What chance does Houston have
of defeating Tokyo tonight?
Both teams have fine players
and different styles.
What do you say, Moonpie?
It's not an even match, see, because the
Tokyo team has all these little short guys!
What about the rule changes?
Well, at Houston,
we kinda play a wide-open system.
Will you comment on a game
where the rules are always changing?
The game's always had rule changes.
They don't affect good teams.
You're a great new player.
What's the secret of your success?
Oh, it's no secret. I just imitate him
and plastic surgery keeps me beautiful.
There are rumours that the last game of
the season will be without time limits.
Any comments?
I don't think it will. It's still a game.
There are also other rumours.
Some say you retired from the game.
Here I am.
Corporate society
was an inevitable destiny,
a material dream world.
Everything man touched
became attainable.
I've been touched all my life,
one way or the other.
Either caressed or hit.
Don't much seem
to matter which any more.
I guess that's why I wanna see Ella again.
To see if I still feel things now.
You know what I mean?
There are some other things, too.
They took Ella away from me.
Now they're tryin' to push me out.
I'd sure like to find out why.
I think I'll go to one of them
computer centres.
See what I can find out.
Findin' out things, that's...
That's the thing, Moonpie.
Welcome to Tokyo and tonight's
dramatic semifinal match
for the world's rollerball championship
between hosts Tokyo and Houston.
Big rule changes tonight.
There will be no penalties called
and limited substitution.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please stand for our corporate hymn.
The name of the controller
for tonight's game - CC Nakamura.
- You all right?
- Yeah, I'm all right!
I just wanna get out there
and hit them little fellas.
Listen, stay close now, all right?
Yeah. OK, Johnny. Let's go, let's go!
Attention. Your attention, please.
Rule changes for tonight's game:
Limited substitution and no penalties.
The controller checks the computer,
ready to fire,
and the first ball is fired.
The game is under way.
Remember, there'll be no penalties
and limited substitutions.
This will be a punishing game
for both teams.
- Here they come!
- Next time around.
- Spread! Spread out!
- All right, boys! Go ahead!
Stay close now, stay close.
Stick with 'em!
Go, go, go!
There's a scramble in front of the goal.
Kubo, on his knees, scores!
Kubo scores from a kneeling position
in front of the goal.
And Tokyo takes a 1-0 lead over Houston.
This is a fast-paced game tonight
with Tokyo leading 1-0.
Houston being pressured
by the faster Tokyo team.
The second ball is fired.
- Spread out!
- Slow 'em down!
Spread out!
Now the faster tactics of the Tokyo team.
And now Houston.
Their bikers and skaters form a wall.
- Watch the ball!
- Get 'em out!
Bike, bike!
Bike him! Bike him!
You got him, baby, you got him!
The ball is fired, the second period
is under way. Tokyo leading.
Houston forced to come
from behind tonight.
Here you go.
Watch the man behind me!
Watch the man behind me!
The ball is in play again.
It is scooped up by Carter for Houston.
Houston on the offensive attack.
Come on!
Right in the slot,
through three men and he scores!
Houston goal scored by Jonathan E!
The time - 12.05, second period.
- I love this game!
- Yeah!
Some injuries here as three players
are helped off the track.
- Sprint!
- Yeah, right!
Come on, Moonpie! Over here! Over here!
- What the hell are those guys doin'?
- I don't know. Stay close.
I told you to stay close.
All right, turn loose next time around.
All right? Go on, go on, go on, go on!
I got him, I got him!
Take it easy. Everything will be all right.
Sit down over here.
Sit right here.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Medic, hey, medic, come over here!
Come on!
- Come on, Moonpie.
- Come on, get some help!
Set him down, set him down!
Just a bit more.
Come on now, Moonpie.
Come on, Moonpie!
Come on, Tokyo! Go get 'em!
Go, go, go, Tokyo!
Jonathan, watch yourself out there!
Now, watch them!
Keep behind, Blue.
Look out!
Jonathan E!
Time in the third period - 11.35.
Sprint! Sprint!
Roll out! Roll out!
This way, please.
May I say first, please,
that you played a superb game in our city.
Thank you.
A simple problem,
yet I know it is difficult for you.
Your team-mate has no family
and permission is required now
before consummating matters.
So, he's technically dead?
Yes, unfortunately.
His heart and lungs will function,
but his brain is...
It has expired.
From the first minutes, it was hopeless.
I believe this was explained to you.
He's warm.
Yes. But if you will, please,
you must sign a release form.
It is required.
Does he...
Does he dream?
No, there is no brain wave at all,
no sort of consciousness.
Just a deep coma, a vegetable.
No dreams, nothing.
But even a plant feels somethin'.
Who can say? Please.
It senses life.
I mean, it turns towards the sun.
- It's alive, isn't it?
- You must sign.
You just leave him the way he is.
- Just leave him as he is.
- You must sign. There's no other way.
- Arrangements will be made.
- Please!
- There are hospital rules that...
- No, there aren't.
There aren't any rules at all.
Let me know if you have any problems.
You won't find any answers in Geneva.
Take care of your arm.
In my opinion we are confronted here
with something of a situation.
Otherwise I would not have presumed
to take up your time.
Once again it concerns
the case of Jonathan E.
We don't want anything extraordinary
to happen to Jonathan.
We've already agreed on that.
No accidents, nothing unnatural.
The game was created to demonstrate
the futility of individual effort.
Let the game do its work.
The Energy Corporation
has done all it can.
If a champion defeats the meaning
for which the game was designed,
then he must lose.
I hope you agree with my reasoning.
Thank you all.
Will you follow me, please?
Hello! Hello! Yes, it is!
The famous Jonathan E. Hard to believe!
Sorry things are in a mess.
The rollerball champion. Wonderful!
Not many people come
to see us, you know.
We're not easy to talk to, Zero and I.
We're a little confused again here today.
This is embarrassing.
It's embarrassing to misplace things.
You've misplaced some data?
Mm, the whole of the 13th century.
Misplaced the computers -
several conventional computers.
We can't find them.
We're always moving things around,
getting organised, my assistants and I.
But this is Zero's fault.
Zero, he's the world's file cabinet.
Pity. Poor old 13th century.
Well, come along now.
You want to get started, don't you?
Yes, sir.
This way.
We've lost those computers
with all of the 13th century in them.
Not much in the century -
just Dante and a few corrupt popes.
But it's so distracting and annoying.
You've unlimited restrictions here,
of course,
but you'll have to come so,
so many times.
It all takes such effort.
Do the executives still come here?
Oh, they used to, some of them.
- What about the books?
- Books, books? They're all changed.
All transcribed. All information is here.
We've Zero, of course.
He's the central brain, the world's brain.
Fluid mechanics, fluidics.
He's liquid, you see.
His waters touch all knowledge.
Everything we ask has become
so complicated now.
Each thing we ask... This morning we
wanted to know about the 13th century.
He flows out into all our storage systems.
He considers everything.
He's become so ambiguous now,
as if he knows nothing at all.
Could you tell me about
the corporate wars?
Wars, wars?
Oh, yes, of course, we have them all here.
Punic War, Prussian War, Peloponnesian
War. Crimean War, Wars of the Roses.
One doesn't recall them in sequence,
but corporate wars...
Well, Zero will or can,
I'm sure, tell you anything.
A memory pool, you see.
He's supposed to tell us where things are
and what they might possibly mean.
Look, Zero. A visitor.
Jonathan E, the rollerball champion.
You've filed away a lot of data on him.
Do you remember?
- Does it answer you?
- Oh, yes, it speaks.
It finds things
and loses them
and confuses itself.
Ask anything, he'll find it for you,
section and lot.
Won't you, Zero?
All right. I'd like...
I'd like some information
about corporate decisions.
How they're made and who makes them.
Zero, you heard the question.
Answer him.
You don't have to give him
a full political briefing.
- Answer.
- Negative.
This is Jonathan E.
He has to know.
Make it simple.
Corporate decisions are made
by corporate executives.
- Corporate executives make...
- I know we have the answers.
Knowledge converts to power.
Energy equals genius.
- Power is knowledge.
- I don't want to bully you.
Genius is energy.
- Corporate entities control elements...
- But you have to answer!
...of economic life, technology, capital,
labour and markets.
Corporate decisions are made by...
- You have to, Zero!
- ... corporate executives.
The 13th century...
- Negative, negative, negative...
- It's so embarrassing!
Hello, Johnny.
How are you, Ella?
How are you?
I'm all right, I guess.
What are you doin'?
Looking at you.
Counting your scars.
Seeing how you've changed.
Oh, you mean that's how I've changed?
Just a little more beat-up.
Oh, no!
You're just not...
Yeah, well...
Come on.
You want a drink or somethin'?
No, thank you.
You have a lovely place.
Thank you. Well, I've seen your house.
You have?
Yeah. When we played in Rome,
I stood a block away
and watched your front gate
for a couple of hours.
I was just standin' there wonderin'
what your furniture was like, what you
said to each other in the mornings.
What's he like? What's he do, this?
He's a city engineer.
We have a jet-copter, a son,
two cats and a place in the Alps.
You don't really want to hear all of this.
- A son, huh?
- Yes.
We have a lot of friends.
And he has a lover.
We have furniture a lot like yours.
Same taste in furniture. How about that?
You know, Johnny,
all they want is a kind of incidental
control over just a part of our lives.
They have control economically
and politically, but they also provide.
Provide, huh?
They were responsible
for takin' you away
and I started to hate 'em.
But they weren't.
It was the game, Johnny.
I mean, it was so important to you.
It was as if I wasn't even there.
The play, there was nothing else.
I'm sorry.
You know I wanted you here.
Well, I mean...
This might sound all wrong, but...
Well, I was just tryin' to
remember myself then.
Maybe it was love
I wanted to try to remember.
There's a lot of things
I wanna talk to you about.
I've been thinkin', Ella.
Thinkin' a lot.
I've been watching.
It's like people had a choice
a long time ago between...
well, having all them nice things
or freedom.
Of course, they chose comfort.
But comfort is freedom.
It always has been.
The history of civilisation
is the struggle against poverty.
No! No, that's not it. That's never been it.
I mean, them privileges just buy us off.
They want me to quit, Ella.
Then quit.
Just like that, huh?
But you've got to do it now.
You've got to before it's too late,
whether you want to or not.
Look, Johnny...
The next game, there won't be any
substitutions allowed. And no time limit.
You'll die, Johnny. Everybody will die.
No time limit. They tell you that?
- They tell you to convince me to quit?
- Yes, but that isn't why I came here.
You have to get out for your own sake.
Please, Johnny, please.
Did they tell you to stay if I did quit?
Are you my big reward?
You still don't understand
why I came here.
You're the only person I ever wanted.
I wanted you on my side, that's all.
It's like you're a god now.
Maybe you know what I don't.
I've been so stupid for so long.
I've been so stubborn.
I don't even know why.
It scares me.
I know I'm probably gonna...
I'm probably gonna die.
And you'll be in there pumpin' away
long after I'm gone.
Hey, you...
You got it made, old buddy.
Bluebonnets and everything.
Jonathan's dead! Jonathan's dead!
Jonathan's dead! Jonathan's dead!
Attention. Your attention, please.
Rule changes for tonight's
world championship game.
No substitutions, no penalties
and no time limit!
Watch now, he's got the ball.
Next time around we defend.
Come on! Come on, get outta there!
Get him up.
He did it!
Get him in the elevator.
Get off the rail!
Get him off the track!
I don't want another man on that track!
Houston, what the hell are you doing?
- Ain't nobody gonna win this game!
- Game! This wasn't meant to be a game!
Watch his leg. Easy, easy!
Let me have him, let me have him.
Let me have him!
Move out.
Move out!