Rolling Thunder (1977) Movie Script

Major, I sure do hate
to face all them people.
Then put your glasses on, John.
- Welcome home, Major Rane.
- Good to be back.
Meet Mrs. Murphy.
Hello, Mrs. Murphy,
nice to meet you.
Meet Colonel Burlingame.
Welcome home,
meet Mrs. Burlingame.
- Thank you.
- Welcome home.
- Meet Colonel Maxwell.
- Welcome home, Major.
Major McConnell, sir.
- Welcome home.
- Good to meet you.
Major Rane, I'm sure the crowd would
like to hear you say a few words.
Good to be back.
We knew all along
that everyone back home
from the President on down,
was behind us 100 percent.
It was God and faith in our families
that kept us going.
Speaking for myself,
I'd like to say that the whole
experience has made a better man,
a better officer,
and a better American out of me.
Thank you very much.
Very well clone, very well clone,
I wish you a lot of luck.
Thank you, sir.
Major, uh, Mrs. Rane and your son
are right over this way.
Good to see you, Charley.
Hi, Daddy.
- Hello, Son, how are you?
- Fine.
Oh, honey, oh.
Oh, baby, it's so good
having you back.
Look who all came to see you.
There's your dad.
Oh, God, we've been looking
forward to this day.
Doesn't he look great?
Yeah, oh, I'm so glad you're home.
Aw, welcome home.
- Look at his patches, Pa.
- Hello, boy.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Doesn't he look good?
- Glad my boy's home.
Glad to see you, Son.
Major Rane, how do feel
about being back after seven years?
No questions right now,
if you don't mind, please.
Major do you feel any bitterness toward
the people in the anti-war movement?
I don't think this is time for that,
if you don't mind.
Gentlemen, please...
Is it true that you were starved
and tortured?
Colonel Maxwell, can you comment...
Charley, I was so nervous that, uh,
Cliff came by to drive us out.
You remember Cliff?
- How ya doin', Cliff?
- Real good, Charley.
God damn,
it's good to see you.
- Good to see you too again.
- Jesus Christ, you're lookin' good.
Hey, let's get you outta here, okay?
Oh, excuse me.
Hey, runt, not over there.
Come on, get in back
with your daddy.
Come on, runt,
let's move it.
Come on.
We'll, we made it, John.
We're home.
Take care of yourself, now,
you're gonna be fine.
Oh, yeah.
You ever get out
to El Paso, Major...
Hey, I'll be there.
Take care.
Aren't you glad
your daddy's home?
Remember what Dr. Maxwell said.
It'll take a little while for you two
to get to know each other,
but you will.
Why is he staying out
in the work shed?
Just 'cause it's small
and quiet out there.
Charley, come in.
That's a real pretty shotgun you got me
for a present, thank you.
Cliff took me down to his special
police gun store to get it.
He helped me pick it out.
Says it's as good
as they come.
Sleep tight.
Well, that was
real nice of Cliff.
Maybe you and I can go out and take
a little target practice with it.
- What do you say?
- Okay.
We'll do it.
Why don't you
get some sleep
and I'll talk to you
in the morning, huh?
Where'd you find that?
In the living room.
Mom said it was yours.
It's all right,
I just didn't know you had it.
I carried that around with me
for a long time.
See, where I was, uh,
we didn't get to see
the American flag very often.
In jail?
Jail, well, I guess so, yeah.
I made that myself.
I'd collect little pieces
of thread and cloth and-
Well, it took a long time.
But I made it.
Every morning
all the men in my compound
would come in and salute it.
That little thing?
Yeah, that little thing.
Sometimes we'd even whisper
the "Star Spangled Banner."
Do you remember me?
I mean, what I looked like
when I was a baby?
Sure, of course I do.
Every last detail.
Why don't you take that
as a present from me?
You don't remember me, do you?
Well, there's no reason
why you should.
When I left, you were only
about that big.
About 18 months old.
But you knew
your daddy then, Mark.
You knew me.
Last thing I remember,
just before I was gettin'
on the plane to go overseas,
was your little legs toddling up
toward me saying, "Daddy, Daddy."
You were some tough little guy.
Now, why don't you get
some sleep, Son?
Good night, Daddy.
Did you leave
the night-light on?
Can't sleep without it.
Seems a little confused.
Yeah, he's been
that way for weeks.
Had a 104 degree fever
for three days...
vomiting and diarrhea.
Dr. Maxwell says
it's nothing organic.
It's just nerves, that's all.
A problem
that POW families have.
Among others.
You didn't change
the house much, did you?
Didn't change a thing.
You had all that back pay.
I didn't touch a penny of it.
As soon as I found out
you were alive...
Well, in the prison camp,
whatever you call it.
Anyway, I was workin'.
I decided just to leave it in the bank
for you to do wanted with it.
That's real nice to hear.
I, uh-I got you a present.
A special one.
I hope you remember.
Mounds, huh?
Remember how you used to eat 'em
when we first went together?
I told you that your teeth
were gonna fall out.
I had one of those in my flight jacket
the day I went down.
I tried to save it.
I took a little bite out of it
every day for six months.
Oh, Charley.
You've changed your hair.
Yeah, about a hundred times
in the last three weeks.
And you're not wearing
a brassiere.
Nobody wears 'em anymore.
Didn't they tell you that?
They told us about miniskirts,
but, uh, I never thought
we'd get to see one.
Well I have one,
you want me to try it on?
You don't have to do that.
I've, uh...
I've been with another man.
Well, aren't you gonna
say anything?
Just gonna sit there?
Oh, Charley, I didn't know
when you were coming back
or if you ever would.
I'll tell ya, the men around here
don't respect anything.
If I told you all the guys
that called me up.
A lot of your friends from the base,
I didn't even look at 'em.
And then, Cliff.
He and Peggy split and, uh,
she took the kids to California.
And Cliff started comin' over,
playing with Mark
and fixin' things up
around the house.
He didn't make
a pass at me.
I mean, he didn't
even do it at all, Charley.
I knew what he wanted but...
he never did anything about it.
And then it just seemed
like the two of us just had to.
I knew, we all knew.
Couldn't a been
any other way.
Cliff asked me
to marry him, Charley.
And I... I said I would.
I don't think I'm up
for any more of this.
Why don't you go to bed?
We'll work this all out.
What are you going to do?
I'm just gonna sit here.
I can't sleep.
Those pills you gave me
don't work anymore.
Well, after seven years, uh,
it's gonna take some time
to readjust.
I had everything worked out.
But nothing's goin'
the way I planned.
My wife wants a divorce, but I suppose
you already knew that.
Does that make you angry?
It's important to me
that I stay close to my son.
I won't let him go.
You won't have to.
Now, no matter what happens,
I won't let him go.
All right folks, keep it quiet.
Major Rane, to help you travel
on the road to success in style,
Rogers Motors is proud
to present to you
the keys to that
Cadillac convertible.
Thank you very much.
And as a special presentation,
the young Texas belle
who wore your VIVA bracelet
all the while you were away,
Miss Linda Forchet...
I've been lookin' forward to the clay
that I'd be givin' this back to you.
Thank you very much.
And Green's Department Store
would like to present you
with a token of our respect,
admiration, and hope
for the future...
One silver dollar for every day
you were in Hanoi's hell hole.
That amounts to a grand total
of $2,555.00.
Oh, and one for good luck.
Thank you very much.
What are you gonna do
with all those silver dollars?
Oh, I guess I'll take 'em home
and hide 'em.
You should try talkin'
to Charley about it.
What should I tell him?
I'm sorry they shot you down
and tortured you?
Sorry I'm takin' your family
away from you?
I sure didn't want it
to work out like this.
I didn't either.
Hey, come on.
Come on,
it's gonna be all right.
I'll try talkin' to him.
Cliff, I feel so guilty.
Come on, runt,
chuck it over here.
Now over to your daddy.
No, No, no, no.
You guys go ahead,
I'm beat.
Buy you a drink?
If I'm bothering you, man,
just tell me to leave.
No, that's all right.
Uh, I mean, hell,
I wouldn't blame you
if you came after me
with a damn tire iron or somethin'.
Now, why would I want
to do somethin' like that?
After everything
that's happened.
Hell, what kind
of a man would I be
if I went and hid someplace
without talkin' about it.
Welcome home, Charley.
It's good to be home, Cliff.
I gotta say this, Charley-
I really admire you.
Well, thank you, Cliff.
I mean, I... I've been in some scrapes,
I know what I can do.
But, uh,
well, anyone who wasn't over there
has to ask himself
if he coulda taken it.
You know,
gettin' tortured and all.
I mean, them gooks
had no mercy.
Well, you don't want to hear
about that, Cliff.
No, no way.
I don't even want
to think about it.
You know, you're lucky.
You're lucky
they didn't ruin you for life.
You want to know
what they did?
Sure you do.
I'll show you...
See, they had this little rope trick.
Yeah, they were...
kinda happy with it.
What they did was, see,
was they got you down
on your knees
in front of 'em, see.
- Uh, huh.
- Like this.
And then they tied your arms
behind you, see, here.
- Here, help me out, give me a hand.
- Huh?
Just help me out, tie that arm
to this one real close.
- Like this?
- That's right.
Tighter, man,
they did it tighter.
All right.
You, uh, sure you want to go through
this again, huh, Charley?
Yeah, of course I'm sure.
Go ahead, now you take in
the loose ends.
All right.
And you pull it up in the air
like you're gonna
take me clear on up
to the ceiling.
All right, like this?
- That's it.
- Mm-hm.
Now, higher, man, higher, 'til you hear
the bones startin' to crack.
That's it-
Pull on it, higher!
Yeah, all right, Charley,
that's enough.
They used to do that
to us twice a clay.
I don't know how you took it.
You learn to love the rope.
That's how you beat 'em.
That's how you beat people
who torture you.
You learn to love 'em.
And they don't know
you're beatin' 'em.
Listen, Cliff...
I hope you don't mind me
sayin' this to you.
But I'd really appreciate it
if you didn't call my kid a runt.
I won't.
Sorry, Charley.
Here's lookin' at you.
How ya doin' fella,
what can I do for ya?
Oh, how 'bout givin' me
ten dollars worth a premium.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
Major Rane?
Linda Forchet,
the girl who wore your bracelet.
Oh, yeah, I remember.
How are you?
I like your shirt.
You been shopping?
How 'bout... come on, I'll buy you
a drink to your new wardrobe, okay?
No, I gotta be gettin' back.
Hey, you gonna be the first guy
to say no to me?
- Come on.
- I guess not.
Why don't you hop in
and I'll park the car.
I work here at night.
What are you doin' here now?
Just hangin' out.
I come in
and I water the plants.
And socialize.
Bebe, uh, bring me
a Tom Collins.
Major, what are you drinking?
I'll have a tap beer.
You Major Charles Rane?
Yes, mam.
Bebe, the man's thirsty.
Oh, well, you sure shouldn't be.
Pay no attention
to the village idiot.
I been hopin'
to run into you like this.
Would you believe that I was gonna
slip you my number
that day that they gave you
those dumb silver dollars?
You being married and all,
I just like, "Whoa, baby,
get ahold of yourself."
Thank you.
This round's on Eddie, Major.
The bartender.
Oh, would you thank him
for me, please.
Well, happy days-
Here's lookin' at you.
Here's lookin' at you.
You're the strong,
silent type, aren't you?
No, I'm just a little rusty
on my small talk.
Hey, I didn't mean
anything bad.
I don't mind carrying the ball.
Shoot, it's a pleasure
after all the fat,
maudlin drunks
I have to put up with.
Well, I gotta be gettin'
back anyway.
You know, I'd like you to thank
your friends for me.
That was really nice.
And uh... I'd like
to thank you too
for wearing my bracelet
all that time.
I really appreciate that.
It's the very least
I could do.
I'd like to do more.
Yeah, well...
Well, come back
and see me now, okay?
Uh, Wednesday
through Sunday night.
Sure, I'll be glad to.
Come on in, Major
and have a seat.
Hello, Major.
Saw you on TV,
you looked good.
You really did,
you looked good.
We also saw 'em give you a whole
shitload full a silver dollars.
And me and the boys,
we were in the neighborhood
and we thought
maybe you should give us
some a them silver dollars.
Now, if you'll just be so kind
as to tell us where all that money is,
then we can just
be on our way.
No fuss, no muss.
Ain't gonna do it.
Well, these are mean old boys.
They can make you tell me
where the money is.
I didn't hear you, boy.
Now, you are gonna tell us where
that money is sooner or later.
I would suggest sooner...
'cause later may be too late.
He ain't cooperating
worth a shit.
Get him up, Melio.
Now, don't give me any
of that officer hard shit.
'Cause I was right there
in Nam with rest of you.
Except I was laying
face down in the mud
while you cats was
flyin' over.
Come on.
Now, whatta you got to say?
Rane... Major Charles W.
He's a rough old boy, ain't he?
This dude's crazy.
He ain't gonna do too well
in the information department.
God damn you.
I'll make this motherfucker talk,
fetch him.
You ready to talk
to us now, boy?
I don't think we gonna get
them silver dollars.
Oh, shit, Slim, we'll get 'em,
we'll get 'em.
Jefe, la puerta.
Well, get it!
- Come on.
- Charley?
Who are you?
Shut up!
Oh, my God.
Lady, your husband...
He's got a whole bag a silver dollars
and he's got 'em hid from me.
Now, I want
them silver dollars.
And if I don't get 'em,
he's gonna die.
No, don't hurt him.
No don't, please don't.
I know where he hid 'em.
Show me, come on.
You dumb asshole.
How does it feel to have gone through
all this shit for nothin'?
You could have saved yourself
a lot of grief.
Oh, now, Slim, you know a hero,
he don't work like that.
Charley, why didn't
you tell him?
I'll tell you why, lady...
'Cause he's one
macho motherfucker.
Slim, you and T Bird,
you take the wagon
and Melio and I will meet you
in Nuevo Laredo.
- Fat Ed's?
- Yeah.
They're cuttin' new orders
for me, Major.
I wasn't gonna re-up,
but I figure with cupe time
got me ten years
and if I hang in another ten,
I'll get me a pension.
Well, you should stay in, John.
All you have to do
is collect your check.
Hell, what am I gonna do
when them ten years are up?
I guess you re-up
for another ten.
After all, they ain't gonna dig no
oil wells in your back yard, are they?
Hell, no.
I guess one jerk-off job's
good as another one is.
How's your wife?
Real good.
Oh, it's hard gettin' used
to home life again.
You know, gettin' used to bein'
with a woman.
You wanna head back?
Yeah, sure, might as well.
Thank you, John.
Pretty slick, ain't it?
Oh, yeah.
Figure out
how to work it yet?
Mm-hm, and I've been
practicing too.
You ought to get the hang
of it pretty soon.
They'll catch them son of a bitches,
Major, they'll catch 'em.
I suppose.
Can't just let it slide, Major,
they don't have any right to live.
Hey, listen,
I can come back later.
Oh, no, that's all right,
come on in.
Sit down.
Linda Forchet,
this here is John Vohden.
We were together.
- I'm pleased to meet you.
- How do you do?
Well, I guess
I better get goin', Major,
I gotta long drive
back to El Paso.
We'll see you.
Yeah, John.
Thanks for comin'.
I'll see you real soon.
' BYE, Miss.
- Bye.
- Bye, Major.
- Take care, John.
Uh, I'm gonna put these
in some water.
You tryin' to tell me you ain't got
anything better to do?
Oh, sure, my life is just a mad world
of parties and rich boyfriends.
It wouldn't make any difference
what I was doin'.
I'd still wanna come see you.
Got yourself a groupie, Major.
What's a groupie?
That word's a little
after my time.
Well, a groupie is a girl who falls
in love with a rock star
or a movie star.
Somebody she didn't know.
Worships him and...
knows she's never
gonna meet him.
But, uh...
if she ever does,
she'll do anything for him.
Anything she can.
It's been six weeks.
And we're gettin' nowhere.
Wish you could
remember something...
A name, a face,
an accent, anything.
I can't.
You sure about that, Charley?
I can't even remember
how this happened.
I know.
I just came
from the cemetery.
Took some flowers.
Graves look real nice.
Oh, God.
I wanna get my hands
on them murderin' bastards.
Well, that'll pass, Cliff.
Everything passes.
X- ray technician,
please call the emergency room.
X- ray technician,
- Just, uh, sign your...
- Hello, Major.
Yeah, I wanna sign
the Major in, please.
- How are you today?
- Fine, how are you?
Taking Major home?
- That's right.
- Good.
- You take good care.
- I will.
IV Nurse
to Four West, stat.
- Okay, that'll be fine.
- Okay, thank you, take care.
- You all set?
- Yeah.
Good-bye, Major.
Sure you wouldn't rather stay
at a hotel now?
I'm sure.
I'll pick you up Monday morning
at about, uh, 10 o'clock, okay?
That's fine.
You know, I really do think
I can help you, Charley.
Well, I'm sure you can, Doc.
I think we give it our best shot
on Monday mornin'.
Why don't you just, uh... pull over
and let me out by the mailbox.
See you Monday morning then, huh?
You need some help
with this bag?
No, I can get it, thank you.
How ya doin'?
Well, I was just startin' to get mad
at you for not calling.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna go on down
to Mexico for a couple of clays.
- You wanna come with me?
- When you leavin'?
I get off at two, why don't you
stick around and have a drink?
I gotta go now.
What do you expect me to do,
just drop everything?
Wednesday was always
a slow night.
Where we goin'?
Well, we're gonna head down
toward Nuevo Laredo.
What's there?
Some people I used to know.
What are we gonna do?
Be sociable.
Okay, I'm ready.
Okay, so what do you want
me to do, ask for Fat Ed?
That's right.
I wish you'd come
in there with me.
I'm gonna come in
right behind you.
I'm gonna surprise him.
Do you know a guy
named Fat Ed?
No Comprende.
I'm lookin' for a guy
named Fat Ed.
Fat Ed, uh, I don't know
anybody by that name.
Fat Ed?
I know Fat Ed.
He's a good friend of mine.
You want to talk to him?
Yeah, um, he's a friend
of a friend.
You want to talk to Fat Ed?
I will take you to him.
Follow me.
I'm Lopez.
Why do you want
to see Fat Ed?
I told you,
now where is he?
He'll be here.
Fat Ed likes
beautiful gringo girls.
I like beautiful gringo girls.
Everybody likes
beautiful gringo girls.
Fat Ed, he always takes care
of his friends.
What do you mean?
We share.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- Mister,
- It's okay.
You've got the wrong idea!
Oh, no, I don't think so.
- It's...
- Well, I do!
It's okay, it's okay.
Charley, what the hell is this?
Wait for me in the car.
Wait a fucking minute, man!
You don't tell nobody
where to go!
She stays here...
Get on your fuckin' knees.
Put your hands
behind your head.
Put your forehead
on the ground.
And don't move.
Now, I wanna know
where Fat Ed is
or I'm gonna kill you.
Honest, senor,
I don't know no Fat Ed.
I was just lying.
I'm in a hurry.
I don't know, I don't know!
You tellin' me
you never heard of Melio,
T Bird, or Automatic Slim?
Wait, please, please, senor.
Those sound like 'cuna boys.
Go to Acuna.
Ask for Billy Sanchez
at El Lobo.
He knows everybody.
I don't know nobody.
Please, mister, please!
You could lose
a hand like that.
Why'd you set me up
in there?
- Move over.
- Who the hell is Fat Ed?
I thought I was takin' off with you
for a good time.
You're lookin' for those guys,
aren't you?
Aren't you!
You know who they are,
don't you?
Don't you!
Some of them.
Well, why don't you just
tell the police?
'Cause I want to find
all of them.
Man, I have had it
with lying men, Charley.
The ones that say one thing
and they do another.
The ones that always
let you down.
Are you gonna let
me down?
It depends on what
you're lookin' for.
Right now, I'm gonna
take you to Acuna.
That's miles from here
and I'm dog tired.
Come on, climb in the back seat
and go to sleep.
Why do I always get stuck
with crazy men?
'Cause that's
the only kind that's left.
My, uh, brother-in-law
took off on me.
He got pissed
at my sister and split.
I'd like you
to run him down for me.
You know, put out a 10-29
on him unofficially.
I don't know.
Come on, it wouldn't be
the first time.
Okay, but now
you owe me one.
All right.
Listen, it's a 1973 red
Cadillac convertible.
Texas license number,
temporary, 3-8-0-2 William.
Now, listen,
when you find him,
I don't want you
to pull him over or nothin'.
You just call me,
Remember, you're in barrel
if anybody finds out.
Don't worry, I'll cover you.
- Okay, later.
- All right.
This is a 10-29,
73 red Cadillac convertible.
You look better.
Does that mean
I look good?
Sure does.
Well, anything would be
an improvement.
Hope you're not just
stringin' me along, Charley Rane.
Hope that's not all you're doin'.
I don't have to do that, do I?
Maybe you do.
How old do you think I am?
Almost thirty.
I've been around the course
a couple times now.
Well, you sure don't look it.
Well, I do in the morning,
after I've been out
partying all night.
I do when I'm sittin' alone brooding
about some worthless man.
I've had a few of 'em,
you know?
What are you gettin' at?
Only that you can trust me.
And I wanna know
I can trust you.
I wanna help.
Let's get outta here.
Why don't we tell them?
Forget it.
Poor Linda,
here she goes again.
Hey, Jim, wasn't that the car?
I think it was.
They said no arrest, though,
just to call in on it.
Go ahead
and get me some coffee.
- Cliff?
- Yo.
Your sister better be
good looking.
'Cause your brother-in-law's
got a real piece a ass with him.
Yeah, where are they?
Outside Del Rio headin' across
to Acuna on Highway 90.
Okay, thanks, Bob.
Listen, I'll call you
for any updates, okay?
You bet.
Do you know a guy
named Billy Sanchez?
Why are you lookin'
for him?
He ain't no good for nothin'.
I don't want him for nothin'.
I just want to talk to him.
He ain't even good for that.
- Hey, Billy?
- Yeah.
Lady here wants
to talk to you.
Hello, lady.
What's your name?
I'm lookin' for a guy
named Fat Ed.
I was told to ask
for him here.
I'm a friend of his
from San Antone.
That lucky old horse!
How does he get a friend like you,
ugly as he is, huh?
What's your name, baby?
I was supposed to meet him here
a couple days ago,
but I got into somethin' else.
Aww, you mean,
something else got into you.
Ed wouldn't like
that kind of talk.
He ain't here to hear it.
When over to the Dean house
in El Paso.
Where's that?
Around La Colina Road.
Uh, did they all go over?
Yeah, all except Automatic Slim.
- He's still here.
- In Acuna?
Yeah, hey, uh,
why don't you wait around?
He'll be back in a couple
of minutes.
He'll drive you over to El Paso
if you're really a friend of Fat Ed.
No, that's okay,
I got my own car.
Come on,
I'll buy you a drink.
I gotta go.
Hey, come on, one drink
ain't gonna slow you down!
I said no thanks!
Charley, come on, let's go,
this is gettin' ugly.
Start the car.
What kind of hustle
you two puttin' down, huh?
You been lookin'
for me, Major?
Let me have him.
Oh! Shit!
Let him go!
Let him go!
Get away, get away from-
Let me... you gotta
get away from him!
When we get to El Paso,
I am gone.
You know, I'm not one
to leave a man in trouble.
But man, you don't deserve
any better.
I thought I could help you,
but that was a big mistake.
The same damn mistake
I always make.
Well, the best thing
that I could do for you right now
is just tell the police.
That's right,
I'm gonna tell the police.
And man,
if you won't do it, I will.
And you're not gonna
change my mind.
What is wrong with you?
You're drivin' too slow.
Where are you gain'?
I'm not staying in any car
with any damn lunatic!
Then get out!
Get out.
Get out.
God damn it!
I'm all you got.
You feeling better now?
Better than what?
Better than before?
I should be askin' you
that question.
You don't have
to worry about me.
I remember that song
from when I was alive.
That's what we used to call the time
before we were captured.
That's a hell of a wake-up call.
What you doin'?
Must be plannin'
on some point-blank shootin'.
Sawin' off the barrels
don't give you much distance.
I haven't used one in years.
But I guess you never forget.
I grew up around 'em.
Where was that?
Just around.
My daddy was a master sergeant
in the army.
Still is.
He teach you how to shoot?
Ride too.
See, he wanted a boy
and he got three girls.
Uh, or I should say two girls
and a tomboy.
I'm kinda the black sheep.
Why are you the black sheep?
Well, I eloped when I was 17.
My mama was
a churchgoin' lady.
She didn't like me very much
'cause I was my father's favorite.
So, uh...
she just acted
like I was killin' her.
Guess they were right, though.
I only stayed married
for a year.
I wish we had somethin'
more exciting to shoot at.
No has visto un Cadillac rojo?
God, look at me,
what a mess.
I'm gonna need a vacation
when this vacation's over.
I feel like I been gone
for two years instead a two days.
Sure would like
to soak in a hot tub.
Where are you goin' now,
on parade or somethin'?
You don't have to get
all spruced up for me.
I like a little naturalness
in a man.
Doesn't your friend live here?
The one I met in the hospital?
Johnny Vohden?
He said he lived in El Paso.
Well, he doesn't.
Will you sit down and relax?
You know, you don't have
to do any of this.
You don't have to go
after these guys.
You could just jump in the car
and go a thousand miles from here
and nobody'd know any different.
Bury the guns in the desert.
Are you just staying
with me for a while?
Hold me?
Charley, I love you.
He knows about your car.
The boy, he says you're, uh,
looking for a yankee
that drives a big red Cadillac?
That's right.
Five dollars.
A Yankee, huh?
- With a big steel hand?
- Yeah.
He was here.
Where'd he go?
That will be five more dollars.
Ten altogether.
There was a big fight
and... now he's gone.
Why do you want to find him?
Hey, look, I'm payin',
I ask the questions.
Well, if you want some answers,
you have to pay a little more.
Where the fuck
did you get this, huh?
Charley, you're the quietest man
I've ever known.
That's 'cause I can't think
of anything to say.
It's like my eyes are open
and I'm lookin' at you, but I'm dead.
They've pulled out
whatever it was inside of me.
It never hurt at all after that
and it never will.
Are we goin' back
to San Antone?
If you want to.
How 'bout you?
I don't care if I ever see
that town again.
Good, then let's go
as far away as we can get.
Let's go someplace cold.
Let's go to Alaska.
Well, Alaska's cold.
People don't do anything
but just stay inside.
And sit in front
of the fireplace.
And make love
all day long.
Please tell me we're goin'.
Yeah, uh, let me have the number
for the police department.
- Emergency?
- Yes.
- 7-2-2-2-1.
- Thank you.
El Paso Police Station.
That there is the last
American factory made convertible.
No more convertibles?
No, mam, those things
cost a fortune too.
The Japanese) start making 'em.
That's what happens.
We'll be buyin' our Cadillac
convertibles from Japan.
Japan, I ain't buyin' nothin'
from no Japs.
The only color
Pop recognizes is white.
Well, even white people don't make
things any good any more.
I bought a U.S. made TV
because I wanted to buy American.
And it broke down
in three weeks.
When the repairman
came to fix it,
he said all the parts were made
in Japan anyway.
So, next time I'm gonna buy one
straight from Japan.
Don Visser's got a car
like the major's.
You remember Don Visser,
don't you, John.
- No.
- 'Course you do.
He went to high school
right around the time you did.
He went on to play
for the Cowboys for two years.
Hell, he knows
who Don Visser is.
Everybody knows
who Don Visser is.
Come on, Susan,
let's take a look at that roast.
I'll help ya.
Excuse me.
John, uh, can I talk
to you for a minute?
Oh, yeah.
- Excuse me.
- Make yourself at home.
Say, Pop, can I have one
of them cigars?
How's that?
I say, can I have one
of them cigars?
Oh, you betcha, boy.
Well, I'm sorry
about all this, Major.
That's all right, John.
I found them.
The men who killed my son.
I'll just get my gear.
They're in a whorehouse
over in Juarez right now.
There's the four
that came into my home
and there's eight
or ten others.
Let's go clean 'em up.
Johnny, come on in,
everything's ready.
Uh, me and the major are gonna go out
and, uh, get some beer.
We'll be back after while.
Well, what about your dinner?
And why you wearing
that thing?
He never wears his uniform
when I ask him to.
Good-bye, Daddy.
Bye! SQ.
Well, where are you goin'?
Y'all get back here soon.
They're all inside there now.
There's a Texan with beige boots
and a tall, skinny guy
with a straw hat who I want,
and there's a couple
of Mexicans.
Well, they'll recognize me,
so why don't you go in
through the front
and pick up a hooker,
take her on upstairs.
When you hear me comin',
I'm gonna be tappin' my gun
just like that.
When you hear that,
get yourself set.
And when you hear me shootin',
come on out.
Hey, soldier,
you wanna get married?
Not to you, muchacha.
Got any nice
American girls here?
Take a look around, gringo.
Maybe you'll find your sister.
I want a cervesa, por favor.
Que clase de cervesa, mister?
Carta Blanca.
See anything you like?
Oh, yeah.
Thirty minutes, thirty dollars.
God damn, I wanted
to rent you, not buy you.
If you're looking for a cheap thrill,
why don't you go to the dog races?
Lead on.
Follow me.
Let's go.
Now, take your time, sweetheart.
If I take some of my time,
I'm gonna take a hell of a lot more
of your money.
Well, you'll get it
if you're worth it.
That's what I like to hear.
Pues, gringo, pa' donde vas?
Do you wanna fuck or what?
I'm havin' a problem.
You're gonna have to help me.
It's your time, boy.
What the fuck
are you doin'?
I'm gonna kill
a bunch a people.
Adios, boys.
Get your ass
on down here, fly-boy.
Let's go home, John.