Romance to the Rescue (2022) Movie Script

This program is rated G
and is suitable for
general audiences.
If I had a penny
for every time
That I thought of you
and smiled
If you were a picture
I'd paint you
all of the colors I see
When I look at you
Time fades
when I'm with you...
And I can't explain
The crazy things I do...
You give me butterflies...
Excuse me?
Uh, could you please direct me
to the manager's office?
Just through the door,
to the other half of the store.
- Ah.
- Ah, but wait!
Before you meet with her,
you have a little something
in your...
Thank you.
You know...
not everyone
would tell you that.
Oh, I know.
Good luck.
Trust me... I would make
the best merchandiser
for your store,
because, aside from my degree,
I am detail-oriented, organized,
and I have a plan
that includes this job...
A plan I have every intention
of carrying out
to the best of my abilities.
Hey, Mark,
is this a new product?
Yes, it is.
One of the buyers
just brought it in.
There you go.
Hey, Kyra, I just had a customer
asking for
"ready-made lemon curd."
I mean, I've never
seen it before. Have you?
I don't think so...
but I'll find some.
This is a brand-new product
that I just brought in.
It's lemon curd.
It brightens up pancakes,
ice cream,
and it tastes
especially delicious in a tart.
Hi! So, this is the product.
It is organic...
Wow. My to-do list
is "get the sofa cleaned"
and "pick up guacamole."
both important,
but this is a bit of
a bigger-picture plan,
because if you take control,
your life will turn out
just as you'd hoped.
So, next, is selling
and marketing your own product?
That's why I'm trying to learn
what sells and what doesn't.
So what about number five?
"Find the perfect partner"?
I see that's not
checked off yet.
- I'm working on it.
- And?
Who is this "perfect partner"?
That's easy.
meets this criteria.
"Loyal, dependable,
Well, other than that,
it sounds like
you're looking for a dog
more than a man.
I mean, what about...
Or how about
being a best friend?
- Yeah...
- How about...
That will all happen, of course,
as long as he is all of this.
I just need to make sure.
I cannot end up like my mother.
But isn't your mother
traveling the world?
Because that doesn't
sound terrible!
She is, but that's only
because I convinced her to.
My mother has been miserable
for years,
ever since my father left us.
So, anything I can do in life
to minimize that type
of disappointment again,
I will.
Well, I'm rolling the dice
on Peter,
whose online profile states
that he's fun and funny.
Because as far as I'm concerned,
you can't control everything
in your life...
not love.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, Mark!
Don't stay out too late,
because, remember,
we are meeting with
the new store manager tomorrow.
And, uh, just...
watch out for signs
that this guy...
he might flake on you.
Don't worry.
I'm planning to be reckless
and fall head over heels
at first sight.
Well, you know what,
thank you so, so much
for stopping by
with the samples,
and, uh, I'll give you a call
if we're interested.
You're late.
Nah, it's okay,
the new manager just got here.
he's been with Merils
since he was a stock boy,
now he owns
and manages two stores.
This will be his third.
Since he was a stock boy, huh?
Now, that's loyal
to the company.
He was even wooed
by our competitors
for more money.
- Now that's faithful.
- And dependable.
Hang on.
Loyal, faithful, dependable.
Check, check, check!
And no wedding ring
that I can see,
so... check!
It's gonna be really awesome.
Oh, you better get over there
because I see Lara is
on the prowl for a new man,
and she is working that.
I'm on it.
Yeah, I would love that.
Hi! My name's Kyra.
I am the store's product buyer.
Kyra! Heard lots about you.
Clearly, they're true,
because this display
is fantastic.
Thank you.
You know, there's nothing
quite like showing customers
what a new product looks like
and tastes like.
I couldn't agree more.
Would you like to try some?
They're whole wheat.
I would,
but I'm doing gluten-free.
Check! Ahem.
So... tell me.
How would you go about marketing
a new brand of dog food?
Because, unfortunately, we can't
bring dogs into the store,
otherwise I'd bring mine
to work.
I hate being away from him.
Oh, me too.
It breaks my heart
being away from
my little queen Antoinette.
That's funny,
I call mine "King".
It's not because
he's royalty in the house.
Oh, my little girl
definitely rules the roost.
She even has her own Insta page.
Oh, so does my King.
Well, you know,
in terms of brainstorming
for the new dog-food brand...
- We could, uh...
- That's amazing.
Do like a little bone...
So cute.
Has these really cool
eyes, too.
- So does my King!
- Aww!
I know!
Kyra has a dog.
Uh, you do?
What kind?
It's a like a short-hair,
but a little... long, too.
Do you have a picture?
No. He's camera-shy.
Oh, not my little queen.
In fact, she's been
in a few commercials.
I think I'm going to have
to meet your Antoinette.
Kyra's dog's
been in commercials.
I thought you just said
he was camera-shy.
H-He is.
When I try to take
a picture of him.
Oh. Well, Antoinette's won
more dog shows than I can count.
I'm just getting more impressed
by the minute.
Sparky's dad
is actually a champion!
Your dog.
Well, my baby
is survival-trained.
Well, my Sparky is...
Agility-trained. Yes.
Well, that couldn't be
more perfect!
We'll enter him
into the "Superpups" show.
I'm sorry, what?
Head office
is sponsoring the "Superpups"...
The new canine food
that I was talking about.
Lara, what about Antoinette?
Oh, well, she's not
exactly agility-trained.
Aw, too bad.
But we still have
Kyra and Sparky.
This is gonna be great promo
for the store.
In fact, I'm gonna call
head office right now,
and have them include you
on the print ads.
Oh, I...
Do what you have to
to get me a photo.
Uh... will do!
I think you got yourself
into a corner this time, keener.
Where am I gonna get a dog?
I, I, I... don't know.
Uh, great, well, thanks anyway.
Ah! I don't know
what I'm gonna do.
Every single breeder
I've talked to
says I can't just buy
an agility-trained dog.
I'm sorry.
Thought I was helping.
I mean, he's totally
your number five.
I know, right?
He is exactly
what I'm looking for.
So what are you gonna do?
Well, guess I'm gonna have
to grab this bull...
Or this dog...
By the horns
and find one I can train myself.
Oh, come along with me
I'll show you just how much
You're missing out on
When you're stuck
Can I help you?
Oh. Uh...
Yes, actually.
I am looking for a dog to adopt.
All right.
I'm sorry, what?
Why are you looking for a dog?
Because I like dogs
and I would like to adopt one?
Well, I'd like
a vintage Corvette,
but then I'd need
to find time to care for it,
make sure it gets out
for a spin,
clean it, put money into it,
so probably I figure
it's too much work
and end up taking it back
to the dealer.
Uh... right. Um...
- My point is...
- Oh, thank goodness.
A lot of people come in here
looking for a dog, but...
they don't realize how much work
goes into them,
so, they just end up
giving up on them.
Oh, no! No. No, no, no.
I am not one of those people.
Trust me.
Well, I'd like to,
but I've heard
those words before.
So, if you're really serious,
then we can go into my office
and see if you're a candidate
for adoption.
Okay, let's do it.
All right.
Um, you the manager
of the shelter or...?
Uh, I'm the owner.
Kevin Walker.
Uh, Kyra Fowler.
Soon-to-be dog owner, I hope.
Well, there are
a few standard questions
we need to ask
before you can be approved.
Number one, does anyone
in the home
or building where you live
have a problem
with you owning a dog?
Nope. Just me, myself, and I.
And how many hours a day
will the dog be left alone?
Well, let's see,
I work in eight-hour shifts.
So... uh, but I could
be home for lunch.
I will be home for lunch.
Every day.
And have you ever
owned a dog before?
No, but I did have a goldfish
when I was six.
I have a plan,
and I have every intention
on following through with it,
and recently, that plan
involves a dog, so...
even the best-laid plans
don't always work out,
and, from what
I can tell so far,
you're not really
a candidate for a dog.
Maybe a cat
would be a better fit.
No, no, no, no! Wait.
I don't think you understand.
I-I will make it work,
because I am not one
of those people who gives up,
and if you are worried
that I will bring the dog back,
you don't have to be,
because I would never abandon
anyone or anything,
because I know
what that's like,
and I wouldn't wish that
on anyone.
All right.
Let's find you a dog.
So, any ideas
what you're looking for?
Breed? Size?
Um, I would like
an athletic dog.
Oh, and smart.
I would really like
to sink my teeth into training.
You know,
kind of like those "Superpups"?
The agility-trained ones?
Oh. Okay.
So you want a challenge?
I love a challenge.
Then I've got the dog for you.
This here is Sam.
He's almost five.
He's a Border Collie-
Australian Shepherd mix.
Hi! Hi, Sam!
Look at you.
Look at you!
How did you end up in here? Hmm?
Sam's owner took a job overseas
and left him behind.
It's heartbreaking,
because these guys
can't understand
why the people they love
abandon them.
I get it, Sam.
Because, years ago, my dad left,
took a job across the country,
and I still don't get it.
But you know what?
That's okay.
Because you are
coming home with me!
Sam! Home, sweet home.
Okay, here.
Why don't you try out
your nice, comfy bed?
Good, Sam! Good boy.
Good boy!
I'm gonna do some homework.
"Dog... agility."
That's incredible!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
What are you doing?
It is 3:00 in the morning!
Go to bed!
Or just...
go to the sofa.
Look, if this is a ploy
to get into my bed,
forget it.
All right,
let's get you on this walk
before I go to wo...
Oh, Sam!
Sam! Whoa!
All right, Sam. I will be home
for lunch in a couple of hours.
Very funny.
Thank you.
Now be good, Sam.
Be good.
My phone.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, now,
don't you try to be cute.
Aw, Sam.
Are you gonna help me clean up?
This is... incredible.
Hey, Kyra!
Listen, do you think you could
cover for me today?
Are you not coming in?
I mean, you always come in.
And you have
that meeting with Trevor.
Right. I am gonna ask
to do that on a video call,
because, uh... ha.
Guess what?
I got a dog!
Is it trained?
Eh, working on it.
Uh, you know what?
I've got to go,
but I will talk to you soon.
Thank you
so, so, so, so, so, so much!
What are you doing here?
Didn't you read
the adoption agreement?
I haven't had a chance yet.
Ah. Okay.
Well, it states
that you'll be getting
a house call to check in.
I was in the neighborhood
following up
with another family,
and figured
I'd see if you were home.
Guess I got lucky.
Ha. So lucky!
Hey, you know what?
It's a beautiful day outside,
- why don't we go for a wal...
- Well, actually,
we prefer to walk
through the home,
confirm that it's pet-friendly.
I have to admit,
I'm a little bit embarrassed,
because my place is a mess
right now...
Oh, I'm sure it's fine.
Um, hey, actually...
There was a fly
in here earlier...
buzzing around
and, uh, uh, uh, I,
I mean, Sam, uh,
was chasing it and, uh...
I had my swatter out,
and everything was just, uh,
out of control.
Yeah, no, no, I could see
how a fly could get things
out of hand.
Question, uh...
you do have a crate
for Sam, right?
Didn't know I needed one.
Was that also in
the adoption papers?
Uh, it's not,
but it's a good thing to have.
Really, most dogs learn
to love their crate...
A place for them to go
where they don't get into
any, uh...
you know... trouble.
- Got it.
- Yeah.
I see you work at Merils?
Right! Yeah. I do.
Were you on your way in?
Because I won't keep you long.
Actually, I was planning
to stay home,
you know,
be here to keep Sam company.
Sam, no!
Sam! No! Sam, out of that!
Sam, here. Hey. Sit.
Good boy. Good boy.
What did you just do
right there?
Oh. Well,
when Sam's focus was on me,
I praised him.
That way,
whenever you say his name,
he'll immediately focus on you,
no matter what he's doing.
So you're a trainer?
Oh, no, I've just learned a lot
from working with dogs
over the years.
Well, I couldn't, say,
hire you to train Sam?
No, sorry.
But, um,
just for your reference,
it's really the owner
that gets the training.
Well, that's perfect,
because I would be
the model student,
and I would be happy to pay you
whatever it is
that you wanted to charge me.
I'm sorry,
but I'm sure you can find
an actual trainer to help you
and this guy.
You hear that, Sam?
Because, although I miss you,
this is your new home now,
all right?
So you're gonna have to be
a good boy.
Well, uh, everything here
seems to be in...
some kind of order, so, uh...
I'm sure I won't need
to come back again.
Unless, of course, uh...
you wanted to come back
and say "hi" to Sam or whatever.
Thank you, but...
I find it's easier
just to say goodbye.
But, uh, good luck,
and, seriously, get that crate...
I'm sure the flies to be...
much less destructive.
All right, Sam,
please go inside your cozy den.
Go inside.
Go inside...
Um, okay, Sam,
I need you to be good
for ten minutes... ten minutes!
Kyra! There you are.
Mark told me that you were
staying home today.
Is everything okay?
Oh, um, everything is fine.
I just had a few personal things
that I had to, uh, deal with,
but, hey, why don't
we talk dog food,
since we are both
such big dog lovers?
I know you mentioned
that you couldn't bring
your dog inside the store,
so why don't
we bring the brand out?
We could set up an outdoor
doggie drinking station.
We could give away treat samples
for owners to try or take home.
Wow! You really know
how to check off all the boxes.
So do you.
I mean... you... I'm sure
that you are able to check off
all the boxes that you need to,
as well.
Oh, that must be him...
The wonder dog
I can't wait to see in action
with his equally brilliant
That is us... the dynamic duo.
Okay, Sam, time to meet
some trainers.
Training dogs
is like training soldiers...
It takes discipline!
To communicate with your animal,
you have to speak
their language.
aura... it's all about the auras.
Uh... huh.
Wow. Um, thank you.
Trust me, this always works.
It's okay.
A-woo, ooh!
Please, join.
A-woo-oo-oo... ooh?
How's the training going?
It's not.
I didn't connect
with any of the trainers.
And I read that smart dogs
need the mental stimulation
of training,
or else they get bored,
and after being cooped up
at that shelter for so long,
I just want to do
what's best for Sam.
Not to mention you want Trevor.
Yeah, well, that too, of course.
Well, I'm sure you'll find
a trainer you connect with.
Yeah, that's the thing.
I think
maybe Sam and I already have.
Knock-knock? It's me!
Don't worry,
I'm not here to bring Sam back.
Is everything okay?
Yeah... everything is great.
I mean...
not really.
I mean, I'll be lucky
if there's not
another small disaster
by the time I get home.
Did you get a crate?
I did, I got a wire one,
which Sam refused to go inside,
so I got a soft, padded one,
which he would go inside,
but he would not
stop barking in,
so now I have one that's shaped
like a little house,
and I even took the time to draw
little pictures for the inside,
for ambience,
but no, it's a no-go.
Yeah, it sounds like
he might be suffering
from some separation anxiety.
So you're saying
the crates are reminding him
of the fact that I'm leaving.
That makes total sense.
And even more amazing
is the fact
that none of the trainers
I talked to picked up on it.
And that is exactly why
you are the man for the job!
I'm sorry, okay?
I already told you.
I just, I don't have the time...
I know, I know, I know,
you are not an official trainer,
but I am begging you...
Because you are right,
Sam is super-smart,
and a dog like that needs
major mental stimulation,
kind of like
the agility training
that I was talking about,
but the problem is,
I don't even know
basic training.
I was honest in that
I don't want to give up on Sam,
but I just need
a little bit of help.
So what do you say?
Will you help me and Sam?
You have to take
some responsibility
for letting me adopt him.
I mean, I know I can be
very convincing, but...
All right, fine.
I'll run you
through some basics.
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And like I said,
I will be a model student.
Great. Sit.
Now stay, and I'll grab my keys.
Won't go anywhere.
Not bad.
"Sit, stay."
Yeah, sorry, I couldn't resist.
Very funny.
Well, in that case,
I want my treat.
That's a good one.
I was serious, I am very hungry,
so maybe after we pick up Sam,
we could pick up something,
like a taco?
So, the easiest way
to train your dog
is by using the tastiest treats
that you can find.
- Hmm.
- Assuming, of course,
that your dog is food-motivated,
which, from the way that Sam
keeps eyeballing your taco...
You have some... uh...
A little...
Uh... got it!
Now, always make sure that
you have some treats on hand.
That way, you can
reward Sam right away,
so he makes the association.
Now, a lot of previous owners
already trained their dogs,
so let's see
if that's the case with Sam.
Sam... sit.
Sam, down.
- Good boy!
- Look at that!
It's like
he's already fully trained.
Yeah, I'd say
he's pretty advanced, actually.
Then why's
he acting out so much?
Because even the most
well-trained dogs will act out
if they're suffering
from some emotional issues...
Like the separation anxiety.
But, don't worry,
if you gain his trust
by showing him
that you're always coming back
if you leave,
then he'll let it go.
Now, let's see
how he behaves with you.
That might be
a bit of a problem.
How so?
Whoa! Sam! No!
Got it.
- Sam!
- Here. Here, here.
I got it, I got it.
I got it.
Hey. Hey.
It's like doing the Iditarod
every time.
Yeah. You can't let him lead,
is the thing.
- Right.
- Watch.
Sam? Walk.
Just like that.
So, every time Sam pulls,
you tell him to sit, stay,
and then you walk again. Okay?
Okay. Ahem.
Okay, Sam?
And walk.
And sit!
Well, look at that...
He's really getting it.
Well, actually,
you're really getting it.
Right, because
you are not only training him,
you are also training me.
Tch. There you go.
So, because
this is going so well,
do you think that
Sam could be agility-trained?
I have no doubt that Sam
could be agility-trained,
but it takes a lot of dedication
and motivation
to get a dog to that level.
Oh, I am motivated.
Yeah. I can see that.
I may have exaggerated a wee bit
about how smart Sam is,
and because Merils
is sponsoring it,
we have been entered
as contestants
into an agility show.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Not the Superpups show?
- That's the one.
- Oh...
No, no, it's...
I mean, I know,
it's a little crazy,
but you said it yourself...
Sam is very smart,
so this could be an opportunity
for him to work
that big brain of his.
Again, I have no doubt
that Sam could handle it...
Really? That's great.
When can we start?
I am off Saturday,
Thursday after 3:00...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I didn't say
that I would help you
agility-train Sam.
But this, us...
All of this has been so great.
Yeah, it went
relatively smoothly,
and now I can feel good
about the adoption,
knowing that you know how
to manage Sam moving forward.
Well, I guess we will just
have to carry on to greatness
without you.
Nice try.
Is it working?
I'll think about it, okay?
Great! Because I know
you are the best one
to train Sam...
And me, of course.
Okay, okay, I said
I'd think about it.
Just so you know, the show is
coming up in a couple of weeks...
- No pressure, of course.
- Right.
Well, I need to get back
to the shelter, but, um...
I will be in touch.
Um, don't wait too long.
Because, you know,
it's a couple weeks!
He'll be back.
I think.
Good, Sam. Good.
Oh, hey, Kev.
Brought you some leftovers.
John's away on business
and there is no way
I'm gonna finish them all,
which is good,
because your fridge
is seriously empty.
I swear, Mom dropped the ball
by not teaching you how to cook.
It's only empty
because I've been
busier than usual.
Oh, shelter getting full?
That, and, you know,
I'm just keeping busy.
And just today I was helping
someone train their dog.
Just this woman, Kyra.
She came in to the shelter
looking for a dog,
and I honestly wasn't even
going to let her adopt, but...
But I don't know.
What she said,
she just seemed so sincere,
and I got the feeling
she wouldn't give up, so.
You never let emotion
get in the way of adoptions.
It wasn't emotional, okay?
It was just my gut.
Your gut... same thing.
So? Was your gut right?
Yeah, I think so.
Great! I mean, it's great
that you're having
a little human interaction,
plus, I think you would make
an excellent trainer.
I just gave her a few tips,
and now she's gonna have
to find someone else.
Why? Why?
Because I'm happy
doing what I do.
Look, Kev.
You've done an amazing thing
with that shelter,
you really have,
but you can't just
spend your entire life
surrounded by dogs and animals.
There are
some good people out there
and I think a good start
would be helping this Kyra girl
train her dog.
I'll think about it.
Hi, Mom!
How's the European tour going?
It's spectacular.
Honestly, I haven't felt
this alive in ages,
so thank you
for pushing me to go.
Mom, that is so great.
Oh, uh... you'll never guess.
I got a dog.
A dog?
I didn't know
that was in your plans.
Oh, it wasn't,
but it is kind of tied to them.
See, the new store manager, Mom,
he is, like, perfect
and he is a dog-lover, so...
I see.
Well, he must be perfect
for you to go to such measures
and get a dog.
Oh, he is.
He is loyal, dependable...
Trevor is nothing like Dad.
well, just remember, sweetheart,
no one's perfect.
Oh, I'm sorry, but I should go.
I've got a river cruise
in 30 minutes with Valentin,
but we'll talk again
in a few days.
Valentin! Mom?
I love you, sweetheart!
Talk to you soon.
Guess who's doing
the announcing
for the Superpups show?
Yours truly!
"And now
for our next dynamic duo...
Kyra and her Superpup!"
That's so great.
Now I just have to get a handle
on this whole agility thing.
Maybe you can just
tell Trevor that you...
I mean, "we" may have
exaggerated just a bit.
Yeah. Really?
Can I?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
Yes, absolutely...
Kyra! Hey!
- Hey!
- Isn't it great?
Sure is.
You and Sparky
must be so excited.
Oh... yeah, we, um,
really, really are.
Well, I'm just
on my way to grab
some sandwiches from Stefano's.
- Can I get you one?
- Actually, I'm okay.
I brought
my own gluten-free bars.
Actually, do you want one?
Because I have to warn you,
Stefano's does not have
a gluten-free option.
That's okay.
Today's not my gluten-free day.
Oh. "Day"?
you're not actually gluten-free,
Just on Thursdays.
And then, on Tuesdays,
I am faithfully vegetarian,
and on Monday, Wednesdays,
and Fridays,
I am loyal to that Reuben on rye
at Stefano's.
So enjoy,
and I'll see you after lunch.
So, uncheck "gluten-free."
Is that a deal-breaker?
No. No, no, no. No. No.
No, because he still checks off
everything else on the list.
You know? The important things.
It's the guy from the shelter.
Could you just watch
the customers for me? Great.
- Hi!
- Hey.
Wow. So, this is, uh...
really happening, huh?
Uh, sure is.
Full-steam ahead.
So, uh, look.
If you and Sam still
need someone to train you,
then, uh, I would be willing
to take you on as clients.
That would be so great!
Ah! Sam and I are, like,
the luckiest human and dog ever!
Who's Sam?
Sam is my dog... obviously!
Thought your dog's name
was "Sparky".
Uh, yes... it is.
That is the nickname
that I gave him...
because he is so smart,
you know?
Like, a lightbulb.
Like, bing-bing-bing-bing!
Like a... like a...
Um, just to avoid confusion
in training,
you should really refer to him
by just one name only.
Yeah, Lara, well, you know
what dogs are like...
The training never stops.
are you the trainer?
Oh, my gosh!
Lara, did you just
post a new picture
on Antoinette's Insta page?
I did, actually.
It is a-maz-ing!
So many likes!
Oh, my gosh, really?
Let me see!
Um... well.
You know what?
Why don't we just take
some of these treats
and get started?
Right now?
Don't you have to...
I don't know, work?
Nah, I can knock off
a few hours early
for the sake of the show.
Okay, yeah, I mean,
I guess I don't need to be
back at the shelter
for a few hours, so...
Mark, can you cover for me?
Thank you.
All right, let's go.
Okay. You are already
on your way.
All right,
let's get some of those treats
into this pouch here
and we'll get started.
Like that.
There. So it doesn't...
slide off.
Yeah. Just like that.
That looks great.
Okay, so first things first.
You're gonna want to get
Sam's full attention on you.
- So, grab a treat.
- Right.
Sam... sit.
Good boy!
That's weird.
The box of new treats
says "irresistible".
Huh. He must not be hungry.
Or maybe
he just doesn't like them.
I know!
I'll try
one of my gluten-free bars.
Uh... 'kay.
Sam, sit.
Good boy!
Oh, look at that!
I think he likes it.
Here, let's try this again.
We'll use it
to lead him around the cones.
Come on.
Oh, good boy!
That's it!
Around here. Around here.
There you go! Good boy.
This is working great!
- Huh!
- Great!
Except that was my last one.
I guess I'll have to make
a whole whack more.
You made these?
Yeah! It's my very own recipe.
Maybe I could get that from you.
Sure, why?
Are you gluten-free or...?
I am, actually.
When I was a kid,
I would get these rashes
every time I ate wheat.
I know exactly
what you're talking about.
Those rashes are the worst!
I know!
Between that
and the stutter I had,
it didn't help
my popularity any.
If you've got some time,
we could go inside
and make some more.
Uh, actually, you probably have
to get back to the shelter.
Well, I... my assistant
is actually there today,
so, it should be okay.
Except I have to warn you,
I'm not the best in the kitchen.
Now I can teach you something.
Sam? Wanna come in?
I don't think so.
Okay, so,
it will just take me a second
to get all the ingredients.
Wow. It's much tidier
than last time.
I guess no more flies, huh?
Come on,
you know that wasn't a fly.
Plus, you don't
strike me as the messy type.
In fact,
you seem quite organized.
In every aspect.
Oh. Um...
That is just
a silly motivational...
Why don't you help me
in the kitchen?
Okay! Uh, I will start off
by getting you
to add some water...
Some oats.
Oats. 'Kay.
I will get
the other ingredients.
- Okay.
- Perfect.
Nut butter will thicken it up.
So do you have
a to-do list for Sam,
to get him motivated
for the big show?
Of course.
He has to learn
to jump, weave, turn.
Jump, weave, turn...
Well, you've really done
your agility homework.
Would you expect anything less?
Gotta put some elbow into that.
- Elbow?
- Yeah.
- Too much elbow.
- Perfect!
Here, I'll add
the gluten-free peanut butter.
Is it always this messy?
No, actually, it's not!
Gonna have to wash
my hands here.
All right, that's it.
Now... for the taste test.
Wow! Very funny.
What? I thought this batch
was for Sam.
Yeah. No, I see where I stand
on the, uh, totem pole here.
What's Sam's getting into?
What? Where?
Oh. O-Okay. Very funny.
I see what you're doing...
Get the dog in trouble
so you could eat his treats.
Sorry, but these are good.
Really good!
Oh, what's Sam got?
You really think I'm gonna
fall for that again?
No, seriously.
What's in his mouth?
I swear, he's obsessed
with my car keys.
Maybe he's trying to tell you
he wants to go for a car ride.
Do you want to go for a ride?
Well, great, now
I've gotten him all excited.
I'm game if you are.
How about this?
No plan
and look where we ended up.
Yeah. It really is beautiful.
Guess this is one of
those off-leash dog parks, huh?
Sure is.
And I think he knows it.
Okay. Sam, ready?
Go play!
- Go. go!
- Go, Sam!
You see, this is what I love...
Just dogs just being dogs,
you know?
Not a care in the world.
Must be pretty fun
to be a dog, huh?
Yeah, well, that's why
it's nice having a dog.
Because all the things
that are great
about being a dog,
they can teach us, you know?
Like just taking a moment
to play,
or enjoying a car ride,
like Sam just did.
I mean, he didn't know
where we were going
or what the plan was,
he was just
living in the moment.
I mean, that would be great,
but the reality is,
we will never be
as carefree as dogs.
I just think life is easier
if you have a plan,
because, if you don't,
then things just turn out...
not as planned.
Well, then
I guess the good news is
that, according
to your to-do list,
you seem to be well on track...
Except for one thing.
Hey, look, if you are talking
about the "partner" thing,
that is not...
I was talking about Sam,
because I didn't see
"getting a dog" on there.
I mean, getting a dog
was a part of the plan,
it was just part of
a bigger plan.
Did you see that?
Hey, let's, uh, let's try this.
All right, Sam, ready?
Ready? Go!
Oh! Good boy!
Oh, come on, that was amazing!
Uh, he's definitely got
some Superpup in him.
That's right.
That is my Superpup.
Come on, Sam! Come on!
Bring it back. Bring it here.
Come on.
Come on. Bring it to me.
Bring it to me.
Pick it up.
Yeah! Good!
Good! Good, Sam.
Do you wanna go again? Okay.
Try again. Ready?
Good... and go!
Good boy! Good boy.
Well, I guess we didn't really
get a lot of training in.
Ah, it's okay.
We'll, uh, make up for it
this weekend.
You know, maybe I'll set up
a proper course at my place
and then you can
bring Sam over there.
And then
I get to meet your dog...
Or dogs, I'm assuming.
Uh, well, actually,
I don't have a dog.
you're the dog guy!
How do you not have a dog?
I mean,
I had one growing up, but...
I mean, I guess now that I have
so many at the shelter,
every time I think about
bringing one home,
I start thinking that
I should bring them all home,
it's just too hard.
Huh. Yeah. I mean, I get it.
Just so you know,
I think what you're doing
at the shelter...
Finding these dogs
their forever homes...
Is incredible.
Ah, they're
the incredible ones...
For giving us humans
another chance.
But, on that note,
I should get going.
I still need to pop
by the shelter.
So, uh, this weekend...
Serious work?
- Serious work.
- Serious work.
See ya, Sam.
- Hi!
- What do you think?
I mean, it's not
totally up to speed,
- but it's getting there.
- Okay, go play.
Oh, go, play.
Wow. This whole space
is perfect for dog training.
Yeah, I mean,
it's not why I moved here,
but I just kind of like
that it's tucked away, you know?
Even better, because then
the dogs can't bother anybody.
Kevin, you should
seriously consider this
as a side business.
But just not yet,
because I wouldn't want
to share you.
Right. Well, I don't
have any plans right now
to take on any more clients,
Now, I did a little research
and this course
is fairly accurate,
but on a beginner scale.
That being said, if I do...
we can easily
adjust the difficulty.
I love it.
Yeah. Should we get
started with Sam?
- Sam! Come on!
- Come on, Sam.
Come on. Come on.
- All right. Here we go.
- All right.
So, first thing you want to do,
you want to get Sam
to come around on your left...
- Right.
- As you start the course.
So... sit. Good.
But we want to go...
- come around...
- And around.
And we're gonna jump...
Good job!
And now we are going to...
What's the best way?
So the poles
are just like the cones.
You're just gonna want
to get him weaving through.
- Look at... look at Kevin.
- Just like that.
- Look at Kevin.
- See that, Sam?
Just like that.
And then around...
and then around...
- Good boy!
- Good job. Good job.
- And around... and then sit.
- Here we go.
Good, Sam!
That was great!
Okay, so...
Okay, so next, you want to get
a lot of momentum,
- so you hit the first jump...
- Yep.
Go up the A-frame
and then hit the second jump.
Get him on your side.
Okay. Come on. Sit.
Okay, ready? And... go!
Good job! And up!
We're gonna go...
Walk, walk, walk, walk,
walk, walk, walk!
Good boy!
And jump!
Good job! We did it!
I mean, Sam did it!
Good job.
- Good boy, Sam! Good boy!
- Good job.
Come here.
You're such a good boy!
Hey, Kev.
What is all this?
Kyra, this is Heather,
my sister. Heather...
This is Kyra and her dog, Sam.
It is so nice to meet you.
So nice to meet you.
And you, you little cutie.
So, are you doing some training
or just having fun
with all of this?
- Uh, well, we...
- Yeah! We are.
Doing some serious training...
Very serious.
Actually, Kevin is amazing,
he's kind of like
the dog whisperer of trainers.
Well, I am not surprised.
You know, um...
I brought a half a roast chicken
from home,
if you want to join us
for a little dinner.
That would be lovely.
Thank you.
I'll just heat this up.
That's so nice.
what do you say?
One more time around?
One more time.
Okay. Sam! Sam!
Hi! All right, ready?
We're gonna go.
We're gonna go.
Come on!
Good! Good!
And that is when it got crazy.
I mean, he brought home
every living creature
you can think of...
Birds with broken wings,
toads from off the road...
it's when
you brought home the skunk,
that's when Mom drew the line.
That's when we got Buddy.
Ohh. Buddy? Was that your dog?
Yeah, more like his best friend.
Do you have any pictures?
I would to see.
Are you kidding?
I have a whole album.
I'll go dig it up.
Oh, yeah.
You know, I think it's...
I think it's really great
that you convinced Kevin
to help you train your dog.
No, I mean, like I said,
he is amazing!
I feel like the lucky one.
I think
that he's pretty lucky, too.
Kevin's never really had
a lot of friends
or people that he's let
into his life,
which is why I'm so happy
that you're here.
You know, I've never seen him
like this with anyone.
And if he does let you
into his life,
he's gonna be
the most loyal friend
that you've ever had.
Here it is!
Oh, hey, you know what?
I've got an idea.
Why don't you two
take that out to the porch,
and I'll make some coffee?
Oh, no, no.
Here, let me help you.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I insist.
I got this.
Don't. Don't fight her on it.
He's right.
Okay, okay.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Go, before I change my mind.
Yeah, there's a seat right here.
The two of you
were so cute.
You guys are swimming together.
That was like
his favorite thing to do.
I couldn't keep him
out of the water.
Even a puddle...
He would just plunk himself
right in the middle of it.
You know, I was thinking about
that to-do list of yours...
Um, number four...
"sell and market"
your own product.
Right. Yes.
I am still working on that.
What about those bars
we just made?
The problem is there are
just so many gluten-free bars
on the market already.
Well, I was kind of thinking
for dogs. You know?
I think that might be
a little more original.
That would be original,
but I mean, is there even
a market for that?
How many dogs are gluten-free?
I know we have
plenty of dogs at the shelter
with food sensitivities,
and I mean, I could even
help you with marketing.
I could give away
a free bag of dog treats
with every adoption.
You would do that?
Yeah, of course.
If I were to sell these treats,
I would be happy
to donate a portion of the sales
to your shelter.
You don't have to do that.
I know I don't have to,
but I want to.
This is adorable, by the way.
I don't even know
what I was doing there.
Look how cute you are!
Let's get back to...
You have
very pronounced dimples,
by the way.
It was so nice of her
to invite me.
Oh! Okay, Sam. Let's go.
- Ready to go.
- Ready to go! Come on.
Good boy.
You know, I think I saw them
setting up the agility course
the other day.
- Are you nervous?
- A bit!
It's just gonna be me and Sam
and a bunch of people watching.
Unless, of course,
you wanted to do it with me.
Oh, not a chance.
But don't worry,
we'll keep training,
and, you know,
hopefully calm those nerves.
Uh, hey, Kevin?
I just wanted to say thank you.
And not...
Not just for the training,
for letting me adopt Sam,
and for everything.
I'm just...
glad it's working out.
Me too.
Goodnight, Kyra.
Ready for your training?
Sam? What's wrong?
Are you sick, buddy?
Hi. Kevin, there's
something wrong with Sam.
What? What is it?
I-I-I don't know,
he's just not moving.
All right, can you bring him
down to the shelter?
Of course.
I'll let the vet know
you're on your way.
Thank you!
Oh, no.
It's gonna be okay, Sam.
I appreciate
you running all the tests.
I'll have more
information when we're finished.
All right.
Thank you, Dr. Cormier.
Is everything okay?
How's Sam?
They are currently performing
an ultrasound
to see if there may be
an obstruction.
An obstruction of what?
I don't know, is there anything
he could've gotten into?
No, not that I can think of.
All right, well, here.
There's nothing we can do
but wait, so.
So could this be serious?
Depends what it is.
This is the worst.
I just can't imagine my life...
if Sam wasn't around.
He's become like family.
I just can't lose anybody else.
How old were you
when your dad left?
And I know that...
sounds like
it's old enough to handle it,
but it still hurt.
And the worst part was,
there was nothing I could do
to stop it.
Is that why you have the list?
So you can feel
more in control of things?
I mean, I know
that probably sounds crazy.
No. No.
I've been trying for years
not to get hurt, so.
Well, it must be impossible,
because look at
this situation right now.
If something happens
to Sam, I'm...
Hey, hey...
Look at me.
Sam is going to be okay.
Because he didn't wait this long
to get adopted by
the absolute perfect dog owner
just to end it like this, okay?
- Is Sam okay?
- He's fine.
He had part of what
looked like a chopstick
lodged in his throat,
that we successfully extracted.
Oh, my goodness.
Thank you!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you!
We'll bring him out shortly.
Oh! He's gonna be okay!
- He is.
- Oh!
Thank you so much
for being here.
Yeah. Of course.
You're okay!
You scared me.
Well, Sam thinks you still are.
Good, good, good!
Go, go, go, go!
Looks like Sam's back to normal.
Oh, you bet.
Watch this!
Okay, Sam, ready?
Come over here.
And weave! Go, go, go!
Good job, good job, good job!
- There you go, that's it!
All right, that's great.
Now, into the tunnel...
- Tunnel!
- In!
And tunnel!
Come on.
In the tunnel!
- Oh!
- Oh, oh!
Not on top.
- Well...
- I don't know.
He keeps doing this.
Maybe he's claustrophobic.
Maybe he just needs
a little encouragement.
Ahem. Watch this.
Oh! Hi!
Wow, this looks like
a circus for dogs.
- Yep.
- Can Sam really do all this?
Oh, yeah!
I mean, most of it.
Well, my hat's off to you,
because, honestly,
I didn't really think
you were gonna be able
to pull it off, but...
Did he follow me?
Oh, wow!
Didn't mean to startle you.
Um... uh, Kevin,
this is my colleague
and co-worker, Mark.
This is my friend and trainer.
So you're the dog trainer
I've heard so much about?
Well, actually,
I'm not an official trainer.
Well, could've fooled me.
Kevin doesn't give himself
enough credit.
Like I always say,
it's the dog owner
that gets trained,
so, Kyra deserves
a bit of credit as well.
Oh. Just a little bit?
Maybe more than a bit.
Well, seeing as you've both
been so hard at work here,
why don't you take some time
and I'll stay
and babysit Sam for a while?
- Oh...
- Let him get to know
his Uncle Mark.
I don't know if Kevin
can take any more time
away from the shelter.
Well, that would be great, actually.
I mean, I figured
we'd need a full day,
so I lined up some staff
to take over.
Really? Um...
well, in that case, all right.
Okay. Come here, Sam!
Come here!
Are you gonna stay here?
Are you gonna be a good boy?
Okay. These are for you.
Okay. Thanks.
Mom and Dad are gone.
Now where are those treats?
Thank you.
Oh, ho, ho, ho.
Now this is a lot of ice cream.
You know, my mom and I used
to order these for dinner
before we'd go to the movies.
It would help take our mind
off things.
Mm. What about your dad?
His job transferred him
to the East Coast.
But we still talk. Sometimes.
But it's just been different
ever since he left.
What about you?
Are your parents still close?
My parents are, uh,
living their retirement dream
in the country
with three dogs,
all from the shelter,
which is just really ironic,
because before we had Buddy,
they never even thought
about having a dog.
I mean, that's kind of like me.
I didn't think about it,
and now look at me...
I'm like a helicopter dog-mom.
Actually kind of makes me wonder
what I'll be like
when I have kids of my own.
If they're anything like me,
they'll be wild...
You know,
running around the park,
climbing up trees,
hanging upside-down
off monkey bars.
I'd be swinging
as high as I possibly could.
Actually sounds like
a lot of fun.
Put that down.
What? I just started.
No. You are getting
on a swing.
Right now?
Come on!
Hurry, before we lose them!
Let's see
who can swing the highest.
All right.
Are you ready?
For what?
We're gonna jump!
- What, from here?
- Yes!
I think we're too high.
- Oh, come on.
On the count of three.
- Two...
- I...
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm gonna do it!
- No, don't!
- Three!
You good?
You good?
I'm good.
I'm good, too.
And that was easily
the most fun I've ever had
on a swing set.
Well, hey, the day's not over.
Do you wanna go see a movie?
I don't think
I've been to see a movie
since my sister and I
went to see a screening
of The Incredible Journey.
You know, we could
watch a movie at my place.
That's a great idea.
I will just call Mark
and make sure Sam's okay.
Oh! It's Mama.
Hey, everything okay?
It's great.
What about you?
We're having
a lot of fun, actually.
I wouldn't have guessed.
In fact, we are thinking
of watching a movie,
but only if
you can stay and feed Sam dinner
and maybe take him
for a quick walk?
Yeah, of course.
So, is this movie
like a date-date?
- No! No, no, no, no.
- It's a date.
So, you just keep having fun
and I will feed Sam
and order takeout for myself.
Just no chopsticks, okay?
No chopsticks. Check.
Okay. Here it is.
The Incredible Journey.
Well, our popcorn is popped
and ready to go.
Don't mind if I do.
I have to warn you,
I have seen this movie
about a thousand times,
and so I may know
some of the lines by heart.
No! No, no, no, no, no.
There's no talking
during the movie.
That is a hard rule.
Okay, but before we get started,
- my favorite part...
- No, Kevin!
You can't share spoilers.
Well, I'll just...
sit here and promise to...
not say anything.
Oh, wait.
That's better.
So what'd you think?
I think that was one of
the best movies I've ever seen.
The will to get home
to their family is just...
it's so beautiful.
It is an amazing bond
our pets have with us.
How do the dogs at the shelter...
How do they get over
being abandoned?
It's the love of a new owner.
That's why it's so important
to find the right person
to adopt them.
Like you.
Uh... and on that note,
I should probably get home.
I don't want Sam
to worry about me.
And besides, I have
about a hundred dog treats
to bake tomorrow.
You know, I could help you out
with the treats.
Okay. Until tomorrow.
Goodnight, Kyra.
All right, Peter,
I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Hi, Sam!
How was your date?
Like I told you,
it was not a date.
Come on, seriously, Kyra.
Look, I know this whole exercise
was to make Trevor
another check mark
on your to-do list,
but it clearly has become
more than that.
Yeah, but I just didn't know
how much I was gonna love Sam.
Just Sam?
if you're still hung up
on your list...
"loyal, dependable, faithful"...
That's great!
Because I actually think
it worked out.
I'm not sure I'm following.
Think about it.
Without the list,
you never would've
pursued Trevor,
which prompted you to get Sam,
which led you to Kevin. See?
I don't think that's exactly
how it was meant to work.
Are you sure?
Kyra, you can't ignore
what's happening.
And what's happening is,
you've fallen
for this dog whisperer.
So just take a chance
and go with it!
If you don't believe me,
believe this guy.
Who loves Uncle Mark?
I got it!
- Thank you.
- Here we go.
I'll take that.
I'm pretty sure
I cleaned the store
out of peanut butter and nuts.
Looks like it.
Sam! We're home!
I mean, I'm home.
We're both here.
Here, give me that.
Oh. Thank you.
Come on. Let's set you free.
And I will take you
for a walk later,
when we are done here.
Oh. Check this out.
I found the cutest...
cookie cutters!
Now it's gonna look like
we are making real dog treats.
Not to be confused
with people treats.
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
Although, you know,
I have to admit,
I may have sampled
some of Buddy's dog treats
when I was a kid.
For real?
Yeah, I was curious.
I mean, he seemed to like them
so much, so.
How did they taste?
Surprisingly salty.
Okay, well, in that case,
maybe we should try
the competitor brand,
see what I'm up against here.
You know what,
I think I've kinda had
my taste of dog treats,
plus, I really doubt
that they're wheat-free.
Here. Let's see. Um...
Corn, rice...
no wheat.
Oh, come on! Aren't you
just a little bit curious?
You're really serious
about this, aren't you?
On the count of three.
two... three.
I see what you were saying
about the salt.
Yeah, it really makes up
for the lack of flavor, but...
what is that taste I'm getting?
Oh, my gosh!
I think that is it.
We have more than enough
to distribute at the show,
for all of those adoptions
that I'm sure you're gonna make.
Let's hope.
So how are you
going to package all these?
Ooh. Um, I was thinking,
I would keep it simple
with some eco-friendly
brown paper bags.
But, actually, I'm still
having a bit of trouble
with the name.
I was thinking
of doing a riff on my name...
"K" for Kyra, "K9 Treats"?
It's not bad.
Yeah, but it's not
really original.
With all the help
that you're giving me,
I should probably
give you a nod.
Well, you... no.
Wait a second.
That's it.
"Kevin and Kyra."
That's kind of different, right?
Yeah, I mean, I like it, but...
- But?
- But you don't have to.
Oh, come on,
this whole thing was your idea.
It's more than right.
Does have a nice ring to it.
What do you say?
Oh, yeah, you know,
I probably should bring Sam in
to eat his dinner,
before he starts giving me
the evil eye.
Yes, and if it's that time,
I should get going.
But I will see you two
at the show.
And hey.
Don't worry, okay?
Whatever happens
in that arena...
I think
we did pretty good.
Yeah. I think we did.
Hey, Kevin?
I just wanted to say...
And I know
you might not think so...
But you really are
great with people,
not just with dogs.
And I wanted to tell you that,
in case you ever...
I don't know...
In case you ever wanted to turn
this whole training thing
into a real thing someday.
Because any new dog owner
would be lucky to have you.
Thanks for that.
Look at that face.
Look at that face!
Do you want a treat?
This is all because of you,
after all.
Good boy! Good boy, Sam.
Well, Mark?
You were right.
- Hey.
- Oh, good.
I caught you before you left.
What's the...
Dog toys
and blankets... here...
From the kids,
collected at the daycare.
Okay. These are great, Heather.
I can give 'em away
with Kyra's dog treats.
Oh! So, how is that going,
by the way?
It's good, it's good.
I think that, you know,
she and her dog
are as ready as they'll ever be.
Hmm. I wasn't talking
about the training, Kev.
Come on!
You can't pretend
you don't feel something
for her.
So what if I do?
It doesn't mean
that she feels the same.
There's really only one way
to find out.
I can't do that.
It's no different
than what you do here every day
at the shelter.
You take a chance on people
for the sake of these dogs,
only now it's you
who needs to take a chance.
I mean, I guess
I did take a chance on her
when I let her adopt Sam, so...
Come here.
Bring it in.
Bring it in.
What is this for?
It's because I'm your sister...
And I love you.
And just know that...
I'm here for you, so...
- I know.
- That's what sisters are for.
Take the plunge, all right?
Just take the plunge.
Take the plunge!
"Take the plunge."
I just can't believe it.
You were right, Mark...
About how following the list
led me to Kevin,
and how Kevin checks off
all the important things.
See? I am not just here
to tell you
when there's something
in your teeth.
So, what are you going to do?
Ask him out
on, like, a doggie play date?
Yes, I was thinking
maybe after the show...
You know,
a little celebration for two?
That's romantic.
I mean, think of the story
you can tell
about how you met
when you adopted a dog
with the intention
of impressing your perfect man.
I think I'll leave
that part out,
but you're right,
it's a great story.
There she is,
the owner of the Superpup.
Here I am.
That trainer of yours
must really be something
for you to have
actually pulled this off.
Lara, I...
Don't try to convince me
that your dog, Sam,
or Sparky, or whatever,
was a Superpup
before you adopted him,
and tried to snare Trevor.
Look, I wasn't trying to...
It's okay.
You're a keener.
And once again,
you've clearly pulled it off
with how much Trevor goes on
about how amazing
you and your dog are.
well played, Kyra.
Kevin! Hi!
Hey! What are you doing?
Stop. Kevin?
What's going on?
Why are you
running away from me?
Just thought I needed
to talk to you,
but luckily,
I got clarification first.
Now I don't.
What are you talking about?
The reason you adopted Sam?
Why you hired me to train him...
It's not because
you really wanted a dog
or because you may have
over-exaggerated his abilities...
Which is... it's fine.
It's just...
I don't know,
I'm just glad
everything worked out,
- especially for Sam.
- Wait. Kevin, I don't think
- you-you understand.
- Kyra?
I don't mean to interrupt.
Um, do you have a minute?
I need some help in the back.
Actually, Trevor, I am
just in the middle of something.
No, she's not.
Enjoy the show tomorrow, because...
Kyra and Sam are really...
quite something.
Kevin! Wait! I...
Yes, Trevor?
What can I do for you?
To be honest,
I just wanted to ask...
Wow, this is awkward
since we all work together.
Yeah, um, Trevor... look.
Um, I'm sorry, if you are
trying to ask me out right now...
This is really awkward.
I was wondering
if you thought
that Lara would be interested
in going out with me?
- Lara?
- It's not often that you find
someone who checks off
all the boxes,
and she really does.
Yeah, I get that.
You know what?
I think that she would say yes.
That's great.
Thank you.
Um, you really made my day.
Well, I'm glad
I made somebody's.
Um, would it be okay
if I went home?
I just have a lot to do
before the show tomorrow.
Of course! Go.
And we'll see
the dynamic duo tomorrow.
Hey, Mom.
Are you still going on
river rides with Valentin?
No, but we're having
lunch tomorrow.
How about you?
Oh... everything I...
I can see that's not true.
Well, you know me.
Thought I had everything
under control,
and then I had to go ahead
and lose focus.
everything is a mess.
Does this have to do
with dog-lover?
How could I let this happen?
You can't control it,
it just happens...
Like me and your father.
We were in love once.
So you're saying
that I was meant to be here,
right now, feeling horrible,
because I just lost everything
that I thought I had with him?
Before you let it go,
it's always worth a fight.
Did you fight for Dad?
I did.
For you.
For me,
because I still loved him,
so I had to at least try...
Just like you do.
I will.
That's my girl.
I love you, Mom.
I love you, sweetheart.
The whole doesn't act
up to its parts
There's a hairline fracture
threatening to start
I know I don't need to
But I just got to try
To fix
and make it better, though
I don't know how or why
Can I take Sam for you?
Oh, yes, thank you so much.
So you know,
let your parents know,
there's a bit of a screening
process beforehand
to determine eligibility.
Why don't I give you this
and you can take that home
to your parents,
and let them know?
So, are you finding
a lot of likely candidates?
Uh, a few, yeah.
I still need to, uh,
dig a little deeper
into their intentions
to have a dog, though.
Right, of course.
Well, here are the cookies. Ahem.
Good luck out there.
Good luck with the adoptions.
I hope you find
a lot of forever homes.
Kevin. Listen.
I know I wasn't
entirely truthful
as to why I adopted Sam.
And I know that
you probably don't trust me,
which I get,
because I wouldn't trust me.
And I think I have
always been so scared
of falling for someone
who might someday leave me,
that I figured
finding someone faithful
and dependable
was the most important thing.
But I was wrong.
Finding someone that you enjoy
spending time with,
finding someone who feels like
your best friend...
That is also important.
And while I might feel terrified
about what might happen
five, ten,
fifteen years from now...
all I can say
is that right here, right now,
in this moment...
I love you.
And, uh, I just...
couldn't ignore that.
All Superpups
report to the starting line-up
for the pre-show check in.
Well, there you have it.
I should probably go.
I'll see you, Kevin.
Welcome, everyone,
to the Superpups
Annual Agility Show,
sponsored by "Woof Joy" dog food
and Merils Supermarket!
Get ready to watch some of
the country's most agile dogs
and their skillful trainers.
So, please, give a big hand
to our first dynamic duo,
Leila and Paris!
We're here
to have a good time...
And Paris
is off to a fast start!
Through, yes!
And look at the balance!
That balance is incredible.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!
One more hurdle!
Yes! There we go!
Through the tunnel!
Yes, Paris!
Please welcome Lucy and Dani!
Gus and Peter!
Sophie and Jenny!
Aw, look who's playing shy!
Let's hear it
for Sophie and Terri!
Now, for our final performance,
please welcome to the arena,
our very special guest
and my good friend,
Merils Supermarket's
very own Kyra Fowler
and Superpup Sam!
Come on, Sam!
Come on!
Come on, come on!
Uncle Mark loves you, Sam!
Okay, ready?
Come here.
Ready? Sit. Sit.
Good dog. Good dog.
Sam? Sam! No. Sam. Sam.
Sam. Sam... Sam.
Sam, go to Kyra.
Sam. Sam! No. Sam...
It seems like Sam is very intent
on having someone else
join the show!
- Sam, come here!
- Sam, Sam. Sam, go to Kyra.
- Sam, go to Kyra. Sam.
- What is Sam doing?
- I don't know.
- Hey!
Come around. And sit.
What do you say,
should we just go with it?
Should we run it together?
Yeah, I think so.
Okay. Okay, ready, Sam?
Let's go!
Come on, Sam! Jump!
Good dog!
Up! Up, up.
And up, up, up, up, up!
Good! And good job!
And come on. Come on!
Go, Sam!
Come on, boy!
Jump! Jump!
Jump! Jump! Jump!
- Jump! Jump! Jump!
- Come on.
Jump! Jump! Jump!
Jump! Jump!
Up, up, up, up, up!
Walk, walk, walk!
And weave!
Weave, weave, weave, weave,
weave, weave, weave!
And jump.
We're gonna do another jump!
Good job!
Good Sam!
- Oh. Come on! Come on. Sam?
- Come on!
Come on. Come on!
Okay, I'll show you, Sam.
You sure?
Kevin, I...
I love you, Kyra.
I love you, too.