Romantik komedi (2010) Movie Script

-I'm here.
Finally, girl. Where have you been?
I'm losing my energy because of you.
Don't ask. The boss gave me
things to do just before I had to leave.
-Zeynep, you look beautiful.
-Thanks. It's not too much, is it?
No, it looks great.
Stop commenting, dear.
Go put on your dress. Look at you.
Okay, calm down.
I'll take only two minutes.
-Didem, give me my shoe.
-I'm almost done.
There we go.
Would you like to see my masterpiece?
Let me see.
Wow, girl.
You may as well cover
the whole shoe in your name.
Yes, okay. Thanks a lot, guys.
Zeynep, I can't believe
you're getting married.
Neither can I.
So, now you're leaving us for good
and not coming back home, right?
Come on.
Nothing will change.
Not a single handsome man
anywhere in sight.
Someone like me being single,
it's like a joke.
Girl, our best friend is getting
married, where's your man?
He must be busy, he'll be here soon.
You make it sound
like he's a big businessman.
The only thing he does is collect
the rent from his father's tenants
and then spend it on whatever
meaningless things he wants.
-He's stingy too.
-Come on, Dido, give her a break.
Look, he's finally decided to show up.
-Want to hear my guess?
-Absolutely not.
"I was waiting for my brother,
he had the car."
Hello, girls.
What took you so long, Ouz?
I was waiting for my brother,
he had the car.
-You could've called.
-My phone died, I couldn't call.
Just let it go.
You made it here without me.
What's with feeding the guests?
Why would you spend money
on a wedding when you can buy
a house or land?
It's such a waste of money.
Why are you looking
at me like that? Am I wrong?
Wine, please.
what's this dress? This is not
your color. It makes you look so old.
-At least five years older.
I'm just saying.
This cannot be happening.
Aren't those the losers who were
in our literature class? Ecla and Derya?
Look, it's them.
Well, they definitely turned fancy.
Look at the husbands.
One of them looks like a tycoon,
the other looks like an architect.
Shame on us.
Let's dance.
Come on.
-What, me?
-Yes, come on.
Let's go.
Hey. May I have this dance, please?
Ouz, will you ask me to dance?
Dancing? Come on, you know I
don't like slow dancing. Come on.
You saw Esra's man, right?
-No charisma whatsoever.
-Forget about the looks.
Watching him for two minutes was enough.
That idiot couldn't find a decent man
for herself, she should be suffering.
She was a smart girl too.
She'd always pass with flying colors.
She obviously doesn't
know how to use her mind.
Come on, let's go.
Stupid Esra.
Is this how you spell this word?
I am just curious, can you
not read what you type out?
Does your brain work at all?
Even an intern can spell out "intern".
I just don't understand you. Even an
intern can do this one simple task.
And your husband does them.
-Your husband's doing them, Mrs. Aynur!
Someone bring some water!
Hello? Ouz? Where are you?
Okay, I'm on my way.
How's it going, Esra?
Hey, man! One more portion for me!
-Want to eat something?
-No, thanks.
Why do we always eat here?
Why don't we go to amboaz and have fish?
Sure, if you're buying.
There's no way
I'm paying 200 liras for one meal.
You used to laugh at this.
-Now you get angry.
-As you said, "used to."
-What's with the long face?
-I quit.
What? You quit?
Do you have any idea how hard
it is to find a job right now?
Why did you quit? Tell me.
You know it wasn't my dream job, Ouz.
Since when do you have a dream job, dear?
-What's your dream job then?
-Well, I thought about it yesterday.
I could be a scriptwriter
for an advertisement agency.
Well. Scriptwriting?
Right. Because all these agencies
are waiting for you with open arms.
What do you know about advertising?
You couldn't even get
a promotion in five years. Five years!
Hope you have fun cleaning this up.
By the way, you're boring, stingy,
and you look so gay when you dance.
So, you broke up
with him and quit your job?
Alright, girls.
This one is to new beginnings.
-To new beginnings.
-New beginnings.
Here we go.
Girls. Handsome-men alert.
I'm getting goosebumps.
-Bar boy!
Haven't they kicked you out yet?
Look at Erdi.
Well, Erdi definitely
knows how to keep busy.
As you can see, with men like him,
even fantasizing lasts ten seconds.
Can you please shake
that breakup off and stop
with these depressing
desperate housewife quotes?
Come on. Give me an "I'm the most
beautiful woman in the world" look.
If you don't know how, I can show you.
There you go. Good job, girl.
Erdi? Come on, love.
I'll introduce you to my cousins.
Okay, dear.
You go over there, I'll follow you.
-Hurry up!
-Will do.
The slut is cousins
with half of this city.
Here we go.
What're you doing? Come here.
-You shouldn't have had that last one.
-You made me drink it!
I wasn't going to!
I'm so tired.
My phone is in there. I'll go grab it.
What the hell was that?
-Come on.
-Wait! I'll be back!
Which one is mine?
-Isn't that your car, man?
-It is.
I'm here!
Where did she go?
Miss, are you okay?
-I'm so cold.
-Okay, we can fix that.
What the hell?
That's my friend over there! Hey!
-Leave me alone!
-I can't. You can't sleep in my car.
I'm sorry.
-What are you doing? Esra!
-Cem, right behind you!
Move out of my way!
-I said get out of my way!
-Miss, calm down.
-What are you trying to do?
-Calm down, please!
Who the hell are you?
What are you doing to my friend?
-Here! You carry her!
-I'll carry my friend!
Are you okay? Did they...
-It's okay.
Are you okay?
I am so sorry. I completely
misunderstood it when I saw her like that.
What can I do? Do you need some ice?
I think you should
stay away from me, miss.
-Which one is yours?
-This one.
It's this car.
-Where did they come from?
-Esra, wake up.
-Didem, what do you want?
-I feel so awful.
-What happened?
I miss Zeynep.
It hasn't even been that long,
what do we do now?
Shall we call her?
No, don't. This is not the time.
I'm going to call her.
It'll be fine.
Zeynep, we miss you so much.
-What are you up to?
-We just woke up, honey. Still in bed.
Still in bed?
-What are you doing in bed?
-Working, of course. What else?
-Good job, keep working.
-Honey, breakfast is ready.
Ergn made me breakfast.
I'll talk to you later, sweetie.
-Well, that's nice.
-By the way, I miss you guys too.
Alright, I'm hanging up.
I'm a married woman now,
stop bothering me.
Okay, fine, I'll talk to you later. Bye.
She misses us too.
Wake up, come on.
Then, scoot.
I'll lay down too.
Wake up.
Wake up.
What is this?
A sweater.
I still can't believe
what happened last night.
Neither can I. I can still see them.
I think they were the best of the best,
what about you?
I mean, after dating someone like Ouz,
I need to figure out
what a real man is first.
So many options. Which one
shall I send my rsum to?
Do you think we'll see them again?
This is a huge city,
Didem, not a small town.
Isn't that him?
Didem, isn't this you?
"Famous actor Cem Sezgin
and a mysterious lady
were photographed
while leaving a bar separately."
"Mysterious lady."
"Cem Sezgin and a mysterious lady."
Didem, enough already.
You've been reading the same article
for the last five months.
I'm getting sick of it.
So what? They thought we were
dating, don't you think this is a sign?
Yes, it is a sign. A sign that tells me
you need professional help.
He is an actor. He is public property.
It's just a dream, okay?
You need to forget about him.
You're killing my vibe.
Stop being so negative.
Didem, you may not realize it, but there
are more important things in life.
Like unemployment.
I haven't paid rent in a month,
can't get the wipers on my car fixed.
I sent out 16 rsums,
and haven't received a single call.
I'm about to starve to death,
do you understand?
Okay, fine, you're right.
Look, this is my father's place.
Yours, mine, it doesn't matter.
Don't worry about the rent.
Look, you're going to have an amazing
job soon. And I'll be with you forever.
Hello? It's me.
For an interview?
Yes, okay. At 11.
I'll be there, thank you.
I told you!
This is a sign, too.
Now go and get that job.
I feel so nervous.
-"Mysterious lady."
I'm here for an interview.
You too?
Now, go up to the fourth floor.
Second door on the left.
Wait with the other candidates, please.
This way or that way?
This side is only for employees.
Use the left side, please.
I hope you've prepared a campaign
that'll have a big impact in the market.
You can be sure of that.
I'm getting excited.
Let's start then.
Well, let's go then.
We need more users.
We have some serious competition.
We said "death" and "telephone".
What's the bill so far?
That's what they want.
What do we give them?
First, users...
More minutes.
More love.
You prepared a lot of stuff, and it all
appears to be related to us but...
It seems that you have a problem
understanding our concept and targets.
First of all, the catchline
needs to be catchy.
People should be able to relate.
-People need to...
-Is everyone here for the interview?
-This should be fun.
-Excuse me, what was that?
-Yes, you. You just said something.
I said "this should be fun."
That's it. "This should be fun."
That is a very good starting point
for our corporate identity.
We can build a new campaign
by using this new catchline.
How long do we have?
We'll give you one week.
-If not, we'll work with Concur.
-That will not be needed, Mr. Muammer.
We can build a new campaign
and presentation in a few days.
We'll be looking
forward to seeing it.
Hello, Mom? I got the job.
In an advertising agency,
I'm their scriptwriter.
Mom, I just told you I got a job,
and you're talking about marriage.
Okay, fine. I'll talk to you later then.
Say "hi" to Dad, okay?
Cosmic powers
brought you two back together.
Just think about it. You'll be with him,
and I'll be with Cem Sezgin.
Keep me out of this,
I just want to focus on my career.
Right now, my career goal is
to be Cem Sezgin's girlfriend.
You don't even know him yet.
You think so?
-What's this?
All the articles and information
I could find on Cem Sezgin.
I read them all, he's the perfect guy.
Didem, you're mental.
Let me show you his latest interview.
Listen carefully.
"A woman should be smart
enough to not live under a man's shadow,
but sensitive enough
to be able to rest under it."
That's nice.
Do you think so? It took me two hours
of rereading to understand what he meant.
I mean, he's charming, smart, sensitive.
He's everything I've been looking for.
I think I'll fall in love with him.
Okay, he sounds way too perfect,
what if he's gay?
Could he be?
Could he? No.
Stop shattering my hopes and dreams!
You're killing my vibe again, Esra!
Yiit's interest in women
honestly scares me.
If he can't find a decent woman soon,
he'll start sailing the other sea.
We should watch our backsides.
Don't laugh.
Guys, did you see the girls?
I made plans for tonight with them.
Solid group. Would you guys join us?
Two is always better than one.
Can't you ever stop thinking on
banging every woman you see?
God. This is way more fun than exercising!
First of all, you burn
more calories, got it?
They're all dying to be with me.
God, I can't believe how charming I am.
The weird thing is, I don't understand
why anyone would sleep with him.
Want me to show you?
-Fuck off!
-I'll show you.
You deserve a show,
I'll definitely show you.
Cem Sezgin,
we thought you might be thirsty.
What the hell are you doing, man?
Why would you do that?
Are you sick? We could call them! God.
Are we going to call them all, man?
There's no end to this.
-I tried it, it's an endless pit.
-I saw the end, man. It's really pretty.
Here's an idea. Why don't you get married?
Because you're obviously
dead inside now.
You're done for, nothing left.
Getting married? I can't even find
a girl to go on a decent date with.
Everybody's after Cem Sezgin.
Nobody wants to know Cem.
This is so tragic. I feel your pain.
Okay, listen.
This is the list of men I've dated.
Looks, intelligence, loyalty, career,
performance, character, family values.
These are the criteria.
Wait, hold on, let me get this straight.
Now, you had--
There are some "date-only" ones
in here! This is a very innocent list.
Just shut up.
Now, as we look at the results here,
all these men and their best features
equal to one man only.
Cem Sezgin.
With the right strategy,
I will get to my target.
Right strategy. Target.
I am such a smart woman.
This is the girl, man.
I've been trying for months,
but I still can't get to her.
-This must be a first time in history.
This is a girl I could marry, get it?
Wearing her miniskirt in front of me,
putting ice in my whiskey,
sucking on my earlobes.
Yes, man, I want that.
She should suck on them.
She should be comfortable.
I like it, so what?
She won't even look at me.
Do you think I'm in love?
What do I do now, man?
Let me tell you one thing.
She's out of your league.
You think so? Dude,
you're the only one who can help me.
-This is not my area of expertise.
-It's not your area?
Dude, you make people buy candy bars.
You make them buy candy bars,
that is the lamest job ever.
Now, look. Think of me as a product, okay?
Make people interested in me,
talk them into buying me.
I want them to eat me up.
considering the sales of your
product in the last 300,000 years,
I'm sure I can do something about this.
What? No, what're you doing?
Stop, what are you doing?
What is he doing, dude?
-What the hell is he doing?
-Calm down, just calm down.
Don't do these things, man.
It's seriously not cool.
Why is he doing this now?
This is so uncalled for.
What the hell are you doing, man?
Why did you do that now?
You screwed everything up.
I've been chasing her for months.
What? How?
How did you do that?
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Come on, give it to me.
Of course you can't get that girl. Here.
I won't fall for that.
Didem, look at what it says.
Read it, I'm listening.
"Nobody, especially men, will appreciate
things they easily achieve."
"Be mysterious. Let him explore you."
Damn me and my big mouth. I'll tell him
everything about me in ten minutes.
"Contrary to popular belief,
men actually do like smart women.
You certainly must have
a solid career and a set of skills."
No career.
But I'm sure I have some skills.
Well, that's my luck.
He looks like a smartass.
These men are just eye candy,
I shouldn't touch them.
And falling in love? Stupid.
I wonder if he's single.
Good morning.
Are the storyboards ready?
I expect everyone
in the meeting room in 15.
-Did you get my ticket to London?
-Today at 7:30.
-Who're you going with?
First time I'm hearing this.
-It's just us girls. Didn't I tell you?
-Let's start the meeting.
-Very well.
This campaign is our first one in Russia.
We want a very impressive campaign,
which is why we chose you
to get to the heart
of all women out there.
As you wish, why not?
Alright, Ms. Suzan,
what is your target class? A, B, C?
-Which class are you in, Ms. Ece?
-A, of course.
Which class are you in, miss?
F class maybe. D at best.
That is our target class.
F class. D at best.
You cannot classify people.
Especially women.
Women are important. They are special.
They are beautiful. They are
princesses in every way, like Cinderella.
-Classes don't exist.
-I completely agree, Ms. Suzan.
Just tell us what you want
the audience to feel.
Love at first sight.
Passion. Courage.
And excitement.
-Love is formed by these three--
-Maturity, infinity, commitment.
These are also in the formula of love.
Such great ways to explain love.
With a man's words. And a woman's.
If we say love is
formed by these components,
no questioning,
no logic,
no worries,
no cheapness.
One of our most important policies.
"Never cheaper than our competition."
Not in a material nor spiritual way.
-Neither do us.
-Long story short, I want difference.
Let's do things our competition
could never even think of.
Why not?
Dido, are you trying to marry
that pencil? Hold it gently like this.
It doesn't matter which way I hold it,
it just doesn't work.
It'll work.
Just avoid unnecessary sketching.
-Right, sir?
This teacher says "yes"
to everything I say. So cute.
-Yes, dear?
-Didem, I can't help it.
-He's so cute I want to cry.
-I want to cry, too.
-I have zero talent for this thing.
-Keep trying. Don't give up, okay?
Erdi just finished his fifth
drawing, I'm still on my first one.
These shoes are...
-Your guy is here!
Cem Sezgin is there?
-My style is on the floor right now.
-That's enough.
You've been complaining
since this morning.
-Is that so?
-Yes, it is so.
-Fine. Would you like public opinion?
Excuse me. Hello.
Sorry for interrupting.
But I need your opinion
on a very important matter.
Now, pay attention. Here's the question.
Which one would make you
have sex with me, this one? Or this one?
-Come on.
-What did I do?
I would have sex with you
either way, you're being mean.
You are the only creature
I have ever been scared of.
What, man? That's how
young folk talk these days.
-Let me take that.
-Where are you going?
Erdi, give me yours too.
Where are you going?
To charm a guy.
Don't forget to avoid sketching too much!
God, I'm so funny.
That looks so lovely.
My man.
-What's up?
-For Selen.
You know how I looked
like a little bastard? A little dangerous?
-We figured that out.
-Yes, you look somewhat decent.
Much appreciated.
I was thinking
he'd look even more
like a decent man if he shaved.
Here's an even better idea, boys.
Why don't I just cut my dick off for you?
Would that finally make you happy?
Enough is enough.
Calm down, man. Just kidding.
Hey, man.
-Is that girl outside...
-Yes. That's her.
Which girl? What did I miss?
You're talking about that cutie pie.
But she's not my type anyway.
I have my Selen now, man.
What's the deal with Selen, man?
Why is she so important to you?
Let me explain.
Here's the thing, guys.
When I meet a girl and sleep with her,
I just want to kick her out.
I get irritated, I just want her to leave.
But this girl is going for the record
as the only woman I've been thinking of
for 24 hours straight. Could I be in love?
I think
-your brain is damaged.
We're publishing this catalogue
in ten days, we're still missing photos.
Don't look at me, man. That's his job.
-You're too busy. I'll call Tamer.
-No, man, it's fine. Give me two days.
-Did you fly here?
-Kind of. He's still here, right?
Maybe I should've changed.
How do I look?
Mert and Yiit are at the agency,
but I have to leave.
See you later.
-Nice drawings.
-Do I know you?
-Actually, no.
Your friend fell into my friend's car,
and then you jumped me.
Okay. Sorry, my head
is just so full of things.
I should go now.
I've always wanted to learn how to draw.
Do you teach?
-Sorry, I have no free time.
-That's a bummer.
I'm Cem Sezgin, by the way.
Didem Dnmez.
I really need to go now.
I mean, I have a lot of things to do.
-Don't be late for the play tonight.
-Which play?
-"Tip of my..."
-Words At The Tip Of My Tongue
You talking about that one?
Yes. How do you know?
Some of my friends are in the show.
-"The show"?
-I'm an actor. The show Elveda.
I'm sorry. I don't have much time.
I don't watch TV that much.
I usually read books.
-See you.
-See you.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks to the book. How was I?
I even believed in you for a moment.
But he is the actor, right?
Are you girls drinking again?
I don't understand why you guys like it.
What did you guys do to the house?
It's a total mess.
One can tell that I haven't been around.
Girl, we are celebrating this time.
Celebrating what?
I am a scriptwriter
in the best advertising agency now.
Congratulations! I'm so glad! You guys
aren't drinking out of grief this time.
No. We are enjoying ourselves.
Tell me about how you got the job.
Remember the guy whose car I fell into?
I went for an interview at his advertising
agency. What a coincidence!
She went on the wrong direction.
She turned left instead of right.
Yes. I found myself in a big meeting.
Then I got the job.
It's such a weird way to get a job!
-Our cars, please.
-Right away.
Bring Mr. Cem's car.
-Cem Sezgin, we love you!
-Cem Sezgin, we love you!
How does that make you feel
when girls scream your name?
But today I had to tell a girl
what my name was. At the agency.
-She was cute.
-What girl? What are you saying?
She's friends with this girl
who works with you.
She hit my head, remember?
-I ran into her today at the agency.
-She hit your head?
Man, I want to meet her right away.
She hit Cem Sezgin's head? Great!
Those same hands can draw too.
Cem, what's up dude?
Nothing. I mean nothing's going
to happen but...
She is cute.
We're leaving.
Be safe.
Don't forget about me!
It would be surprising
if you guys didn't like them!
I bet they are womanizers.
Because you guys have
the talent to find the worst guys.
From a thousand guys,
you would pick the most mental ones.
Why are you laughing?
It will be different this time.
We are acting according to a plan
this time. We'll be smart.
Still, I'd say stay away from them.
These guys are different.
You'll find yourselves
in their beds and then kicked out
in four minutes!
I have nothing to do
with this kind of people.
We'll see. Don't come
to me and cry later though.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm focusing on my career.
My dear. To your new job then.
To my new job.
Are you ready?
Dude, it is running
out of battery. Change it!
I'm coming.
Cem. Nice.
Cem, look a little more upwards.
You're arrogant. Girls love you,
but you don't care. Yes, just like that!
Yes, man!
Man, that's very nice.
Cem, don't want you to get bored.
A little bit more.
Yes, that's it! Yes, make love to him.
It's so hard being at the same place
every day. I'm sick of looking at him.
What am I gonna do?
Girl, I'm after a huge butterfly right now
There are some small ones too
but I can't chase them yet.
Big or small, why do you care?
You got one. Be content with it.
Don't be so picky
or you'll end up empty-handed.
Wait, it landed on a branch.
Okay. Now you calm down.
Don't rush things.
Girl, it is very pretty.
-Is it?
-I'm exhausted though.
Didem, you get easily tired.
I've been running after a butterfly
for three hours, you know?
Three hours? You must really like it.
Alright, take many pictures. See you.
-Hello, Yiit.
-Man, we're done with the shootings.
They came out wonderful.
I love women.
I wasn't talking to you.
We'll come there if you're at the agency.
I might be half an hour late.
No, don't come.
I need to go to the sponsorship
of the gold company tonight.
Great news. Thank you.
-Hey. How are you?
-I'm good. Thank you.
Mert, I was looking for you. My son has
a fever and the nanny is not available.
I won't be able to make it tonight.
-May he get well.
-Thank you.
I hope he gets better.
Ece is abroad.
It wouldn't be nice to go
to Suzan's dinner alone.
Esra, what are you doing?
-Are you going to wear that?
-I'm not sure. Do you like it or not?
Girl, cut the bullshit. This won't do.
-Come on, change.
Come on.
-Ece, how is it going? Where are you?
I'm at the hotel, my love.
I'm trying to relax.
-Are you okay? You sound like you're not.
-Just came from shopping.
I'm out of breath.
I'm going to Suzan's dinner now.
-Can we talk later?
-Okay, we'll talk later.
-Okay, bye.
I hope I don't act weird tonight.
Of course not! Everything will be great!
Where are you going? You dressed up.
I'm going to Erdener's karaoke night.
Erdener texted everyone.
Cem Sezgin might come!
You're kidding!
Listen. Some important tips before you go.
Don't drink too much.
Don't forget the impressive looks.
-Don't talk too much.
-He's here.
I was just heading out right now.
Alright. See you.
I'm leaving.
Don't leave right away so he doesn't think
you were waiting at the door.
Don't forget that the right strategy
is very important. We'll wait.
Didem, that's enough.
I can't wait anymore.
-I need to pee when I wait.
-No pee! We're waiting.
-You can leave.
Good luck.
Good luck to you too.
-See you.
-See you.
-You look pretty.
-Thank you.
-We're late. Shall we go?
God, we're so compatible.
Like a bride and a groom.
-Would you like to come in?
-Sorry, I was zoning out.
-Hey, Suzan.
-Mr. Mert.
-How are you.
-Good. How are you?
-Good. Thank you.
-You look nice.
Thank you.
Do you remember Esra from the agency?
-Yes. "F class". Hello.
-How are you?
-I'm good. How are you?
I'm good. Thank you.
We reserved a wonderful table for you.
-You guys sit there. I'll be back.
-Thank you.
Hello. Welcome.
-What shall we drink?
-Could I not drink?
Don't worry.
I'm in control tonight. Red or white?
I won't let you steal my car tonight.
Yes. I drank a lot that night.
I don't usually drink that much.
We were celebrating something.
Really? What were you guys celebrating?
Don't ask.
I really would love to know though.
I had decided to change my life.
That's what we were celebrating.
Let's drink to your decision
on changing your life then.
-How did it happen?
-The wound on your hand.
I was either eight or nine.
A cat climbed a tree in the schoolyard.
And I went after him. Then to the ground.
-You mean you fell off?
-Yes, I did.
I was trying to show off.
Wow. Esra, it's nice to see you again.
Let me introduce you to my fiance, Ezgi.
-Hey. Hey, Mert. How are you?
I'm good, Ezgi. How are you?
-I'm good. Thank you.
-She is the face of the brand.
Darling, Esra is an old friend of mine.
She... Right, what do you do?
You were unemployed when we last talked.
I am a scriptwriter
at an advertising agency.
I wonder who was stupid enough
to give you the job.
I was.
She is so talented that it would
have been stupid not to give her the job.
Darling, let's dance.
-I have a surprise for you.
-I wonder what that is.
Is he your ex-boyfriend?
I don't know how to dance but I know
how to make a sad young lady happy.
Shall we dance?
I like the song very much.
It's good, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
Pardon me.
-I'm terrible, right?
-You're a disaster.
Erdi. They're still not here.
Dido, that's enough. You keep repeating
the same thing over and over again.
It's still early, my dear.
Well, I know rich guys.
They won't come here before visiting
at least three other places.
Don't be sad. Take your drink, come on.
Come on. This way.
Here. Thanks.
Isn't that Selen?
Good God.
What is this, dude?
-She was with me last night.
-Well, women. You never know what they do.
Man, I am so furious right now, Cem.
I am so angry right now.
Don't be fooled by my Western looks.
I am a Turkish guy. I can't take that.
-The guy looks like an intellectual.
-No. He looks like my ass.
Man, don't look at him like that. I don't
want any fighting here. We're having fun.
What fight? What can he do?
-Look. You need to calm down.
-Wait a minute, dude. Good God.
I won't do anything. I'll just talk.
I'm sorry to bother you.
You look very familiar to me.
Do you know if we've met before?
We might have met
at an art exhibition or a biennial.
-I have a very distinct face.
-Yes. Right.
Everybody thinks I look like someone else.
Who do you think I look like?
-My ass.
Fuck off!
-Calm down!
-Fuck you!
I'll take a shit on your glasses.
Wait a minute.
Dude, do you know who you're kicking out?
-Don't you know me?
-Don't let him in again.
-Why are you shouting?
We were asking him
for an autograph, right?
Yiit, luckily there is no press here.
Take this.
Did you see the wanker?
He almost shitted his pants.
She used me and threw me away.
How can a woman to that to me?
These nymphomaniac women
ruined me, Cem. I hope God punishes them.
Calm down. You've made one mess already.
But my pride is so hurt.
Could I be in love with this girl?
I don't think so, dude.
I am a womanizer, right?
Now I feel better.
I am so energetic now.
Let's go to another club now.
See, it rhymes.
-Come on.
-Come on.
Fuck you!
She's not picking it up.
-Did you lose your keys?
-I think I forgot them at home.
Excuse me.
You can sing too.
Is there anything you can't do?
I guess not.
-I got you this. Would you like it?
-Thank you.
I was going to get myself a drink anyway.
Give me my bag.
Would you drink it?
-What are you doing?
-It's a tactic.
-I wonder if he comes after me.
-Fuck it if he doesn't.
Hey. It's so loud in here.
Shall we go to a quieter place?
I have to go.
Man, how are the girls?
A German girl and a French girl.
Tonight is the night we're getting
in a European Union because I don't think
we'll be able to get in any other way.
We'll show them
the power of the Turks! Let's not miss it!
Let's get in the European Union
and let's not get out.
What do you say?
-Dude, what are you talking about?
-Dude, this is totally instinctual.
I can't help it.
-Good night, Ms. Didem.
-Good night.
-I need to go.
-Come on, are you with me?
-I'll be back in five minutes.
God damn it.
Did you take these?
From different trips.
I'll go change. You can hang out here.
-I guess there's no signal.
-It happens sometimes.
Where is the bathroom?
-Just go upstairs.
-Thank you.
No nail polish.
No nail-polish remover either.
No extra toothbrush either.
Not even a hair in the bathtub.
He doesn't have a girlfriend.
What do you want to drink?
-I could drink white wine.
-White wine.
-Shall we go to the backyard?
I'm drinking to you being locked out.
The backyard is lovely.
It's alright.
-What makes you the happiest in life?
Success makes everyone happy.
How about something more special?
If you want to answer.
I don't know. I never thought about it.
Writing makes me very happy.
I think I haven't had
my own dreams since my childhood.
I mean my job is to make
others' dreams come true.
I've been doing so since I started
working. And they come true pretty easily.
You ask strange questions.
So, you don't know
what makes you happy, right?
Yes. I don't know.
Excuse me.
I was sleeping. I'm tired.
Alright. Can we talk later?
I am so sorry.
-It's okay. Are you alright?
-Yes, I am.
-How did it happen?
-I don't know.
-You're so talented.
-I'm so sorry.
-You didn't burn yourself, did you?
-I'm okay.
-I'm alright.
Excuse me. My phone is ringing.
Hello, Esra. Where are you?
Girl, you wouldn't believe where I am.
-I'm at Mert's place.
-What? His place?
-We were about to kiss.
-You guys were about to kiss?
Girl, look. Don't do anything, okay?
Or just do it. I didn't do
anything and now what? I feel miserable.
-Love you. Bye.
-Love you too. Bye.
Didem is home so I--
Wait a minute.
Isn't it a little early for that?
Just a little.
-We don't know each other yet though.
-We will in a second.
I'm sorry. Are you angry with me?
No. It's just...
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
Can I ask for a favor?
Will you cuddle up with me?
Just cuddle.
The customer's gone!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-See you at the agency.
-See you.
So romantic.
Can I get the details?
How was his performance?
It was perfect.
I can tell. You're shining.
Zeynep. Don't come
to the house like a thief.
Do you want to tell me
why you are shining, little miss?
-Do you know who she met last night?
-Didem, hold on.
You shut it. She should tell me.
She couldn't come
to the dinner so I had to go.
-We went to dinner. Didem was late so...
-She slept with him!
Good God! You follow her. Congratulations.
-It was you.
-No, it was you.
-No, it was you.
-It wasn't!
Good morning.
-He hasn't called.
-He will call.
Esra, chill. Do you expect
him to call you every minute
as if you guys were
high-school sweethearts?
I'm going to Erdi's caf with Zeynep.
-Will you come by after work?
-She should.
We'll be waiting for you.
He hasn't called, right?
-He hasn't called yet, but he will.
-He won't.
Forget him. He got what he wanted.
Stop that. It will work out.
He held her hand. It's called love.
-It will work out.
Enough. Leave me alone. How are you?
-I'm upset.
-Why? What happened?
Ergn talked about starting a family
and having kids last night.
-So what did you say?
-I told him that I don't want kids.
I said it's a great responsibility.
I said life is hard already,
so why make it even harder.
You should try to understand him too.
Esra, can you imagine me having a kid?
-You're heartless.
-I don't want kids. End of the discussion.
-Come on!
-You will pass him, dude.
Mert, what's up, dude?
Couldn't you please a customer today?
Who? Me?
Do I look like someone who would do that?
Guys, I don't know what's up,
but for the last two rounds, you guys
are physically here
but mentally flirting with other girls.
Who are these girls?
-I want to know.
-Slow down.
Alright, I'm a little
confused but not that much.
Could the girl from the agency be
the reason why you're confused?
-Could you be in love with her?
What is so confusing about it?
I don't get why you're so worried.
You hang out with both of them.
I've done it many times. It works!
They don't get it. You get them.
I'm so dirty.
Dude, hold on. I don't think
we're talking about the same thing.
Look, women have a sixth sense.
They have had hormones for years.
We have had cardiologists.
You're right.
-Come on, play.
Okay. I'm leaving.
I'm leaving.
Wow, what a surprise.
If you break the controllers,
I'll make you buy another set.
Go on.
This guy is called Ronaldo.
Looks like Mert has fallen in love.
No, man. He just wants some adventure.
Once he is done with her...
He will come back
to being a womanizer again.
-I think it's different this time.
-I already said what I think.
-Do you want to bet?
-So, you're challenging me?
-I guess so.
-I know Mert pretty well.
-Okay. We bet over what?
-So you're serious?
-Over World Championship Opening ticket.
Zeynep, I guess I made a mistake.
I found the worst guy.
Good for you! I told you though.
Girls, I fell in love with this guy.
I don't think we'll turn out to be well.
Do you know how I will turn out to be?
I will be 65, I'll have 20 cats,
and I will think that I'm a happy woman.
I know that.
What shall we drink?
-White wine, please.
-Yes, sir.
You haven't talked since we met tonight.
How well do you think
we know each other, Ece?
-I know each spot of you quite well.
Alright. How did this happen?
-What is it?
-I don't know.
-We've been together for five years
and you don't know.
We have a problem, right, Ece?
You're acting weird tonight.
-I think we're good, Mert.
-At what?
-Sex. Work. Love.
-What else?
Do we need something else, Mert?
-What makes me the happiest in life, Ece?
-Success, of course.
Mert, why are you staring at me?
What's wrong?
Are you reading a new book or something?
Or has a new philosophical movement
started and I don't know about it?
Ece, I can't even argue with you.
Let's not argue then.
Arguments are unpleasant.
Can we get the check?
He won't call me.
But I deserve it because I'm easy.
Stop it.
-Hello, Zeynep.
-Esra, I made it safe.
-You got there safe?
-I did. You won't call him, okay?
Okay, Zeynep. I won't call him.
-Good night.
Be patient. He will call.
The number you're calling
cannot be reached at the moment.
Good job, Esra.
I'm sleeping.
Playing hard-to-get doesn't work.
Vice-versa doesn't work either.
I don't know anymore.
The best choice is to be a lesbian.
On the third frame, there comes a shark.
He will float over the crowd
on stikll Street.
Well, it needs to be fast enough.
-The meeting was satisfying.
-Yes. They did a good job.
-How was the launch?
-Good. What did you do when I wasn't here?
Not much.
Esra, we need to hold a meeting
with you in the afternoon as well, okay?
He walked by as if I weren't there.
He didn't even glance at me.
He was with Ms. Ece but...
It is because he was
with Ms. Ece. Don't worry.
We're going to the opening
of Aycemal tonight, okay?
Aycemal's opening?
I don't want to come.
You have to! We will have so much fun!
Okay, I will. See you.
Junior whore!
There is an event
we need to attend tonight.
I can't come. I'm busy.
Ms. Suzan is the co-sponsor of the event.
It's up to you.
Didem. I'm here.
He hasn't called.
He will. You're not ready yet.
Come on, dress up!
Didem, is it okay if I don't come.
You know, I don't like opening parties.
All they care about is who came
with whom and who is wearing what.
Which is great. We will have
so much fun. Come on, go change!
Come on.
-What happened?
-We had a fight.
I told you that it would happen soon.
-Why did you guys have a fight?
-He is crazy over having a child!
He says he is getting old.
He wants to be a young father.
So I packed up and left.
He didn't even tell me not to go.
It's over!
He's right.
No way!
You'll see. I'll make him miserable.
He cannot even breathe without me!
-He will call soon. But I won't pick up.
Zeynep, shall we go to Erdi's place?
We'll have fun.
No. I don't want to.
Come on. A different
place will make you feel good.
Come on.
Come on.
Fine. I'll go change then.
I told her many times. She's so stubborn.
You talk like that in front of her.
It's not nice.
I think love is the feeling
that the person who follows
the right strategy gets.
I think love is when you feel like
there is no need for strategies anymore.
I think both of you are wrong.
Love is what the fool feels
when he fails at the strategy
and realizes it when it's too late.
Well... Love, passion, jealousy...
They're all overrated feelings.
The important thing is that both people's
worldviews are parallel.
-You think so, Ms. Logic?
Well, keep that in mind.
You'll be old at 40
and even plastic surgery won't fix it.
-You're funny.
-I won't live that long.
You keep that in mind.
At least, I won't be alone at 40.
-Well, Ergn still hasn't called but...
Come on. Whatever I say about this topic
turns out to be true. He will call.
-He will call.
-Yes, he will.
-He will?
-He will.
-Did you guys call Ergn?
-Yes, we did. He's on his way.
He's coming. We just called him.
I'm here, my dear.
-He's here, come.
-I'm here.
Come on.
-My dear.
-We made up, right?
Let's go home.
Let's go on honeymoon, not home.
We're leaving. You guys have fun.
Esra. Cem is here. I can't believe it.
Girl, he has a girlfriend.
Girl, this is our luck.
I was a fool...
I feel like crying now.
Girl, my mood is so down.
You see him? He's flirting with the girl
and waving at me at the same time.
What the hell is this?
Didem, can you calm down, please?
Look. He's still staring at me.
I can't calm down, Esra.
Didem, please, don't tell him anything.
-Don't stop me, Esra.
Do you want to make
a fool out of yourself?
I need to go to the bathroom. Come on.
Be quick. I'll be waiting.
Why are you smiling?
Pardon me?
-What are you trying to do?
-I'm not trying to do anything.
Do all girls have to be
interested in you? Who are you?
Wannabe actor!
You shamelessly talk about wanting
a decent relationship in your interviews.
Who would want you anyway?
You look at other girls
when you're with your girlfriend.
Brother? My friends are here.
We're leaving. Is that okay?
Okay, sweetie.
-Take care.
-Don't be late.
So, you guys are siblings.
I'm sorry.
Didem, I want to get to know you.
Let's not leave it
to chance anymore, okay?
Come on.
I was in the bathroom for two minutes.
What's going on now?
She's broken. How sad.
She was crying in the toilet this morning,
saying "he didn't even look at me."
How could you leave me alone there?
How could you cheat on me
with a girl like her, Mert?
Would it be any different if I cheated
with Adriana Lima?
Stop messing around.
You're going downhill.
I'm going to bed.
Speaking of gold
Sixth sense
-Hey. Is the file ready?
Great job. Thank you.
I like your drawings by the way.
You don't need to say "thank you."
We did it together.
They know I would never
come up with such a great idea.
They're trying to find
an excuse to fire me anyway.
The sector is sketchy. You don't even
realize that you're fired until you are.
I realized it in a short time too.
Everybody's two-faced.
Everybody sells one another off.
Now you get it.
You'll be doing the presentation.
-I can't.
-Yes, you can.
You have to.
Because I'm leaving in a minute or two.
I'm planning to transfer to another agency
before they kick me out.
I don't want to stain my honor.
I have a job interview today.
Wish me good luck.
-Good luck.
-Thank you. Bye.
President of the agency, Mr. Ali.
Ms. Esra.
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
Let's see what you did
in such a short time.
Well, you're pretty good at it.
-We thought that...
Is there someone else that we cannot see?
I prepared it with Ms. Sevgi.
She asked me to do the presentation
because she had to go.
Go on, please.
"Speaking of gold,
all women want the best."
So we decided on a Russian athlete who
wanted the best and won many gold medals.
She showed the whole world
what a woman can do for gold.
She is very pretty as well.
And she can value our product.
I don't quite understand? How are we going
to use her in our commercials?
Let me explain.
We see her in a little black dress.
She is doing pole vault.
The gold pieces on her neck
and ears are floating.
At the end of the video,
there is a huge first-place podium.
Our athlete and many women
are on the first-place podium.
Then, we say: "because
all women deserve the best," and it ends.
I think it is perfect.
What do you say, Mert?
I think it's a great idea, Mr. Ali.
I'm jealous.
The videos, ads, and billboards
will be quite good.
I'm sure Ms. Suzan will love it too.
-I'm glad you like it.
-Thank you.
I guess there is another idea.
Let's see it.
Well, this? This...
This is my resignation.
Thank you for listening.
Esra, please, get in the car.
Esra. Please, get in the car.
Damn it! Move!
Esra, wait!
Esra, wait a minute. Please.
Nothing is as it seems.
-With Ece, it is--
-Don't explain, Mert.
I saw everything last night.
It was enough.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you
but everything happened so fast.
I trusted you.
-How could you do that to me?
-Everything I did with you was real.
-Please, believe me.
-I don't believe you.
I wish I had never met you.
Don't say that, please.
There must be something I can do.
Well, there is.
Get out of my life.
Phone is locked
Did you guys change
the billboards' font?
Yes, Mr. Mert.
Would you like to see the print-outs?
Yes, please.
My love and career,
which fitted in five days, ended sadly.
To relieve the pain,
all I could do was write.
When I realized it,
I started to write my own story.
All women deserve the best...
I wrote a book about love
but I am a single woman
who lost all hope about love.
Since you either live it
or write about it,
well, I had to write about it.
I hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you.
-To your success.
-Thank you.
It was so crowded, right?
They really worked for it.
My friend wrote it.
Of course it had to be crowded.
Who invited him?
Esra, great job, my dear.
Excuse me. Great job.
The book is wonderful. Congratulations.
I knew you would make it.
I'm proud of you.
I broke up with my fiance by the way.
I want you back.
You want me back.
He wants me back.
-He wants her back.
-He wants her--
Take this.
Take it.
Give me the book.
No book for you. Go away now.
Did you get this award for me?
"This award does not belong to me,
but to a woman with a big heart."
I said a woman who has a heart.
Why did you think it was you?
What do you mean?
You should get it now. It's over.
I was waiting for my compensation.
You know that.
Take the award. I can't do it anymore.
You're not leaving the agency, are you?
That's the reaction
to be expected from you.
"This award does not belong to me,
but to a woman with a big heart."
"She said:
'You either live it or write about it.'
Then she smacked her ex-boyfriend."
Girls, Mert Demir,
while he was getting his award, said:
"This award does not belong to me,
but to a woman with a big heart."
-This is so romantic, girl.
Girl, this guy is in love with you.
Guys, don't be silly.
He doesn't know what love is.
Come on, Esra.
He is in love for sure.
"If a woman is writing a note like this,
it means she is in love with you.
If you find this note and
you smile, you're in love with her.
Despite your smile, if you miss
that woman, it means you're stupid."
Come on, girls. Be quick.
We only have half an hour. Come on!
He has a job now thanks to you.
Yes, I am Mr. Cem's manager.
How can I help you?
Well, you're his fan.
Well, let me put you
through to Ms. Cem's girlfriend.
Hello. I am Mr. Cem's girlfriend, Didem.
About this topic, please don't...
She hung up.
She's mental.
Sir, can you go through again?
It's my belt.
"If a man accepts he is stupid
and waits in the line,
it means he is in love with you.
If you get excited as you read this note,
it means you're in love with him.
If you still haven't punched my face,
it means there is still hope."
Wonder what happens next?
Darling. Love.
I'm sorry.
It hurts so much.
I will be the surrogate mother next time.
-I hope it ends quickly.
-Let's hope so.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
We're almost there. That's it.
-Erdi, get up.
I can't believe it. We are aunts now.
What do we do now?
Yes, it is as it seems.
It's our new agency.
Pnar is also here.
And everyone else too.
And this is our house.
The handsome guy
cooking on the barbecue is my boyfriend.
He proposed, of course,
but I haven't answered yet.
We'll see.
-Come on, daughter. Eat some. Mom will...
-Ergn, you can't even feed him.
Give it to me.
The path to marriage
It keeps moving.
It keeps moving because of the wind.
I can't draw it.
I guess I'm not talented.
You draw so well. Can you help me with it?
Well, it's a natural talent, darling.
How about getting better at other things?
Where are the girls? I'm bored.
Hey, guys. I'm here.
Come on, daughter.
Did he roll the leaves with his hands?
-Did you roll them yourself?
No. Thanks.
Well, by the way, we are all going
abroad for the World Championship game.
All expenses will be covered by Yiit.
Does anyone know why?
Let me tell you something.
If all men aren't faggots,
then I'm not a faggot.
Sorry, babes.
It's funny.
Didem, look.
I swear.
We'll do the presentation.
Right, Mr. Demir?
Stand still.
-I can't calm down. Esra!
-You carry her then.
She's my friend. Give her to me.
-One more round?
Cool. I'll take your joystick
because I see that it is more comfortable.
Yes, it is longer.
It's a terrible joke.
This game can't be played with one arm.
If so, perhaps you could beat me.
What do you say?
-Come on, start.
-How often do you play with the joystick?
-Very often.
Do you play with the joystick
when you're alone?
You use your joystick very well.
-Come on, dude.
-You figure out how to use the joystick.
Come on, dude. I come from Commodore 64.
-I come from the bathroom.
-You're so dirty.
-So dirty.