Romantik komedi 2: Bekarliga veda (2013) Movie Script

How about this one?
Didem, pull yourself together,
what are you doing?
Are you two trying to make me go crazy?
Look at the place you brought me to.
Didem, calm down, please. You'll
get married and have a baby soon too.
When? Huh? When?
Are you ready?
Definitely this one. What do you say?
Didem, that's enough,
you're keeping people busy for no reason.
Fine, I get it. There's no harm.
Esra, what do you think? Tell me.
Girls, shall I buy this one?
Didem, stop being ridiculous.
We're here for Esra.
Girls, I have something to say.
Mert is introducing me
to his mother this weekend.
-Thank God!
It's very important that she likes you.
The book says that mothers
don't like sharing their sons,
so it's crucial that she likes you.
She'll like me, right?
What is it?
I hope your mother likes me.
Of course she will, why wouldn't she?
I don't know.
They say
mothers don't like to share their sons.
My mother is not like that.
Come on.
Don't worry.
She will be so happy to hear
we're getting married, you'll see.
We're getting married.
You're getting married?
Excuse me. I will be right back.
-Your mother doesn't seem happy.
-It's fine, she'll get used to it.
Here we go!
-You'd like some, right, Esra?
-No, thank you, I'm fine.
Why not?
Is she...
I see.
I understand completely.
I stopped drinking as well
when I was pregnant with Mert.
God bless!
I was your nanny,
I'll be your kid's nanny too.
Don't you worry.
-Mrvvet, why don't you start serving?
-Of course.
-There's a misunderstanding.
-Esra is not pregnant, mom.
Then why are you getting married?
I mean, you're both so young, that's why.
-Even I am in my early 40s.
Mom. Mommy.
Don't worry, when the time comes, we'll
tell the kids not to call you "grandma".
Umm, where's the bathroom?
-That way.
-Excuse me.
-Esra, how's it going so far?
She was shocked at first
when we told her, but...
-...I think she likes me.
I don't like her.
Definitely not worthy of you.
Don't insist, I will never go
and meet her parents.
There we go. Look.
Yi?it, would you like some?
No, I don't eat sausage, thank you.
Then I'll eat it, honey.
Well, thanks anyway.
Come on, let's give them the presents now.
-Happy birthday to your pretty girl!
-Thank you so much.
I hope to have one soon.
Since you're all here,
let me give you these.
-You're getting married?
-I'm getting married this summer too.
-What about you, Didem?
-Would you like some drinks?
Oh, thank you so much.
We hope to see you at the wedding.
I'm about to go nuts.
You see the pressure, right?
We used to call this girl
an upcoming cat lady in high school.
Now who is the loser here?
Didem, stop being ridiculous.
Why are you making
such a big deal out of this?
Just be honest with Cem,
what's the worst that can happen?
I agree.
-God, no.
-Why not?
Road to Marriage, Article 1.
"Don't be the first one to bring up
the subject of marriage."
I'm going go and play with the kids now.
"Article 5: Always show him that
you can be a good mother."
No, man, I don't like kids at all.
Having kids is so meaningless.
I just like the way they're made.
I'm thinking of proposing to Didem.
-I'm so happy for you, man. When?
-You too?
You too? First Mert, now you.
Dude, are you crazy?
Are you seriously out of your mind?
Why get married?
Don't do that to yourself.
The same woman, every day and night.
You will get bored.
How can you not see this?
Look at Ergn.
Just look at him.
Yes. The man's married.
He's married, and he's lost
all his life energy. The man's over.
Dude, stop talking.
He's going to hear you!
Man, stop, maybe
he's troubled about something.
Give me one minute, and I'll give you
the public opinion result.
I'm here.
-Come here, man.
-How's it going, guys?
Good, good. Very good.
Ergn, we have a question
for you, we're just so curious.
What is...
What's the situation?
What situation?
The situation with the thing.
-What thing?
-Thing One and Thing Two.
What do you mean "what thing"?
Yes, as you can see, guys. He's forgotten.
He's forgotten all about it.
There's no action, right?
How could you tell?
-Take it, take it.
-Yes, dear?
Elif is crying, take care of her!
-I'll go check now!
-Take it, man.
-Enjoy the food, guys.
-Take it, Ergn!
See, gentlemen?
That's what marriage does to you.
I was right, as usual.
Give up while you still can.
Join me and let's party.
Okay, one, two, three!
Come on, come on.
Yeah! Good job!
I say Ukraine, what do you think?
About what?
Let's have Mert's bachelor party
in Ukraine.
He'll call the wedding off for sure.
Or we could go Far East! I can't decide.
Or I could form a team
with a girl from each nation.
Put all the options out there.
You're with me on this, right?
-We'll see.
-Still saying "we'll see".
Don't be scared, man. I'll give
you guys a tour around the world.
Article 1: Don't talk about marriage.
How come he still hasn't proposed to me?
I did everything this book told me to do!
Look: "Article 1.
Don't talk about marriage."
I don't talk about it at all!
I even cooked for him.
I mean, I ordered it but he had no idea.
And I'm not as clingy now,
I call him only ten times a day.
I keep my jealousy under control.
Right away, honey.
Now listen to me.
Do you think I'll let you take him?
Go away before I rip your heads off.
He doesn't know I'm jealous, at least.
"Article 2: Raising a kitten
or a puppy together might be a good idea."
You can open your eyes!
Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.
I didn't know you're allergic to dog hair.
At least I tried.
"Article 3: Be open to fantasies
and keep your sex life exciting."
There was a football game that night,
how could I have known?
Anyway. "Article 4:
Adrenaline is very important
in a relationship. Try to keep it high."
Baby! I hadn't jumped in years!
I'm so excited to do it again!
-I love you!
-I love you too!
I'm scared of heights.
I can't do this! I can't!
Get me down!
You did everything you could.
I did.
I did, I seriously did everything.
Didem, please calm down.
You have a great relationship with Cem.
Is marriage that important?
Yes, it is.
What do you think?
I'd say the blonde one.
Dude, I'm not talking about the girls.
Excuse me.
Sorry to bother you,
but my friend and I can't decide.
Which one do you like the best?
-I'd pick the one in your right hand.
Could we see it?
On your finger, I mean.
If it looks good, I'll buy it for you.
What do you think you're doing?
Just be quiet for a minute.
Okay, but I'm bored out of my mind.
You've been looking at them
for an hour, just pick one already.
Okay. I'll take this one.
Look at you. I swear,
I'm going to stop seeing you.
You're even happy about it.
Stop pouting, man.
Don't worry, we'll find you a wife soon.
What's going on?
-I can't believe she's here?
-Who's she?
We slept together once,
now she won't leave me alone.
Did she see me? Is she looking?
-She's not looking, but she's coming.
-Mine, how are you?
-It's Merve, not Mine.
Close enough.
I've been calling you for days,
why won't you answer?
You're avoiding me, aren't you?
But why? I thought you were in love
with me, and we were so happy.
-Listen, Mine...
-Come on, don't cry. Stop crying.
-I trusted you!
-You played me!
-Come here.
-I'm sorry for yelling at you.
-It's fine.
I'll see you later.
What did you tell her?
Trick of the trade.
You're such a scumbag.
-Sit down.
-What's up?
I just saw Cem leave a store
with a box in his hand.
Erdi?, today is our anniversary.
It must be a gift, what's the big deal?
I just said store. And a box.
A ring?
He got me a ring.
He's going to propose!
He's going to propose!
I did it, finally did it!
The power of the book!
I'm so happy, Yaman.
It was such a good script,
I'm so glad they picked me.
This is going to fly you to the top.
Opportunities like this one are
very rare in this line of work.
We need to make the best of it.
If everything goes smoothly,
you'll be a star next year.
Everybody will talk about you.
The producer wants to have dinner tonight,
and you're coming with me.
I'd love to, but tonight is
our anniversary with Didem.
Our dear friend is proposing.
Good job. Have you lost your mind?
That's it! That's experience
right there. I salute you, friend.
This is your first big role in a movie.
You need to watch your personal life.
I'm sure she'll still be there next year,
ask her then.
Excuse me. I think we're having
a little confusion with the orders.
Was it season salad with shrimp
and salmon with tropical ginger sauce?
Parmesan salad and grilled rib steak.
You were saying?
-How would you like your steak?
-Well done.
Would you like vegetables, rice
or mashed potatoes with that?
-I'd recommend our souffl.
-No, thanks.
What were you saying, baby?
You are the most beautiful thing
I have ever laid eyes on.
Except for the time you hit me
with your purse when we first met.
I love you so much.
Oh, these are...
These are the ones...
These are the earrings
I've been eyeing for a long time.
Great. I'm glad you like them.
I actually have a surprise for you.
There can't be a bigger surprise
than these earrings.
I'm going to be in a movie.
I'm so happy.
Oh, good evening, Didem.
G?zde, come here.
Let me introduce you.
Didem, and Cem, your cast mate.
-Nice to meet you.
I looked at these earrings and screamed
"yes", can you believe this?
It's not going to happen.
He will never marry me.
You're being ridiculous, Didem.
Besides, you're being selfish.
This movie is a big step for his career.
What about my career? Huh?
My God.
She's also in the movie.
She's so ordinary.
You're a thousand times prettier than her.
There's nothing to worry about.
Cem is an actor and girls like her
are going to be around him all the time.
You better get used to it.
Zeynep is right.
Don't overreact to this, you will make
a big mistake, I'm warning you.
-So you live in the US, G?zde?
-Yes, in New York.
-Are you here for the movie?
-Yes, for the movie.
There isn't much left for me
in America now.
I'll see where life takes me.
Where did I go wrong?
I'm going to kill myself.
Please calm down, Zeynep.
There, I found it.
"If you did everything correctly
and still haven't received a proposal,
be prepared to find out there is
someone else in his life." What?
Great. This is just great.
Didem, please put that book down.
This is killing my vibe.
He's not answering.
He hung up!
Could it be?
No, it can't be. It cannot be.
He couldn't have had time to cheat on me.
I'm always with him, you know me.
Didem, please. You know how men are.
They tell you they're in a meeting, and...
He did!
He did.
This is over, it's over.
My vibe is dead, I'm about to go crazy!
Don't go crazy, girls. We will catch him.
I caught plenty,
thanks to my fortune teller.
Fortune teller?
Come in.
This is my first time
with a fortune teller, I'm so nervous!
-He can see everything, right?
-Yup, he definitely can.
Miss Didem, sit down, please.
He knows my name!
I just called you by your name.
My boyfriend still hasn't proposed
to me, could he be cheating on me?
Could he be?
Your boyfriend
is popular and handsome.
-Yes, he's an actor.
-Don't interrupt!
There are so many women around him!
-What is it?
I see him kissing a tall brunette.
No. No, it can't be.
They're making love!
They're kissing!
Are you sure?
-Water doesn't lie.
You'll see with your eyes soon enough.
I need to go.
I have teaser shootings,
and a combat class. I'll see you later.
-Do you need a ride?
-No. We can have another drink, right?
He's definitely going to cheat
on me with that G?zde girl.
I've known it since I first saw her.
I can't believe you, Didem. I think
you need a shrink, not a fortune teller.
It's not just what he told me.
Another book?
Look. Hold on.
"If he's not answering your calls",
like earlier today, "if he's buying you
expensive gifts out of the blue",
like those earrings, "and if you
-don't have sex as often as before..."
-That doesn't mean anything.
-This is meaningless, I disagree.
-Of course you would, you're frigid.
-What? She is!
Who knows when was the last time
she had sex with Ergn?
-I feel bad for him.
-Feel bad for him?
-That's over the top.
-Okay, fine, hold on.
Then tell me. When was the last time
you had sex? Be honest with us.
I don't know, let me think.
Oh, we went to this concert
together and I got so drunk.
I think that's when.
It's been four months.
Four months and a week ago.
Four months and a week?
Shame on you, man.
What did I tell you? Didn't I tell you
this man has lost his life energy?
-There you go.
-Yi?it, stop it.
He can barely tell us his problems,
and you're saying all the wrong things.
I am a man after all, guys.
Yes, you are a man,
and this is what's troubling your mind.
I mean, it seems that your mind is
the only thing getting some action.
-But whatever.
Dude, if you were having money
problems, why didn't you tell me?
Give Ergn 1000 dollars.
Come on, give it to him.
What are friends for?
That's the solution you come up with?
Have you considered couples therapy?
Are you out of your mind finally?
You're making such a big deal
out of this. Wait right here, man.
I have your medicine...
right here. Hold on.
-here it is.
-No way.
What's that?
Calm down. Just relax.
No troubles.
It's completely natural, no side effects.
They sell these in every shop in Europe.
You'll find it anywhere in Amsterdam.
since we're all guys here, we can
be honest, and we should face it.
We are not always successful when it comes
to making women have orgasms.
But we should also understand
that, even if it doesn't happen,
it is possible, and it is
still just as powerful.
Dude, if you were having this problem,
why didn't you just talk to me?
Please, I'm begging you.
Jerking off is only a temporary solution.
You've been doing that for four months
and a week, and you shook my hand!
-Don't come crying to me when he...
-That's enough.
Enough, stop coming at me.
Cem is with her!
-Tell me, what do I do now?
-Just calm down.
-Yeah, keep calm.
-That bastard told me he had a meeting!
Don't start any trouble now, you hear me?
Okay. I'll just talk to them.
Hello there!
I hope I'm not interrupting the meeting.
Hey, honey. Our meeting has ended,
why don't you join us?
No, thank you.
-You remember G?zde, right?
Yeah, I went shopping and I was going
to let you know but you hung up on me.
Our meeting hadn't ended then,
I was just about to call you, babe.
Doubt you'd remember to.
Well, I have a very important matter
to take care of, I forgot about it.
-Please excuse me.
-Yeah, of course. Don't let us keep you.
-G?zde, do you need a ride?
-No, don't worry about it.
-See you later.
-See you.
Didem, have a seat.
Honey, sit down.
-Are you hungry?
-No, I am not.
-What is it? Is there a problem?
-I don't know. What do you think?
I mean, I don't think so.
Of course.
Besides the fact that you lied to me.
You were at a meeting.
Baby, it really was a meeting.
After the meeting, we came here
to grab a bite. Yaman was just here.
Of course he was.
Are you implying something?
Let's go, come on.
No, what's really pissing me off is
that you have time to have lunch with her,
but no time to call me back.
Is there something going on between you
and her? If there is, be honest.
Didem, you are being ridiculous.
Don't you trust me?
If you still don't trust me
after all this time...
Baby, I trust you, but...
I don't trust girls.
What are you doing, honey? Stop it.
You promised me last night, baby.
I have a headache.
I'm begging you, Zeynep.
It was snowing the last time
we had sex, for God's sake.
-Keep it down, the kid's going hear it!
-She is two years old!
Ergn, stop it.
You're getting on my nerves.
Getting on her nerves, huh?
Getting on her nerves.
What about my nerves, huh?
What about my feelings?
What's that in your hand?
Nothing. What could it be?
-You're hiding something.
-Not hiding anything.
I was looking for this. My pill box.
-What pills?
It's imported from overseas,
heard it works wonders.
-All natural.
-Well, give me one. Maybe it'll work.
Yes, dear.
Come on.
I'll melt this in water and bring it back.
Hold me, I'm about to faint.
There isn't even a road to their house.
My head hurts.
-My head.
-I used to live in a village like this.
Takes me back to my teenage years.
So glad we're here.
Maybe we should stay for a few days.
You're saying the exact opposite
of what I'm saying.
I don't feel good.
I'm going to faint.
Must be the fresh air.
Keep walking, you'll be fine.
This is the middle of nowhere!
-I'm sure there are some bears...
-Hello, how are you?
-My dear.
-Could you get us some water?
-What happened to her?
-Maybe we should call a doctor.
Oh, God.
Mom? Are you okay?
She's back! Are you okay, dear?
Mert seriously went to see Esra's
family to ask for her hand in marriage.
They are seriously getting married.
They are going to regret it soon.
In six months,
all that love will be history.
Man, what do you know about love?
Have you had a single real relationship?
Dude, everyone comes to this world
for a reason. I...
was designed to please women.
As you see, devoting myself to one woman
is unfair to all the other women.
I can't do this to them.
-I thought she was seriously hurt.
-Thank God she was okay.
I can't believe this. I left my boyfriend
in Istanbul with a girl like her.
Here we go again.
Combat classes with G?zde,
this with G?zde, that with G?zde.
Hold on.
Isn't there any service here?
Oh, no. I've got no service!
-Coach, is this enough for the day?
I'm telling you, man.
You can't resist her for long.
Stop with the nonsense.
Who's that girl, man? Introduce me.
Not going to happen.
That's G?zde's best friend.
Don't want you treating her wrong.
She likes me.
I'm dead.
I don't understand how people live here
without Facebook and Twitter.
There's literally no communication!
Service! I got service!
-What the hell?
-Are you hurt?
-No, I'm fine.
-Let me see.
Sorry about that.
Didn't see you there.
What's with the rifle and hunting?
This is not a forest or whatever!
Yes, it is.
Let me introduce you, man.
His name is ?zil.
And that makes six. You must be stupid.
Yeah, man. That girl made me go stupid.
I can't stop thinking about her!
-Which girl?
-Hande, man. Hande.
Do you think I'm in love?
-Are we playing?
-Then, in order to forget about this girl,
I definitely have to have sex with her.
Do you think she'll call?
Considering the fact
that you forcefully gave her your number,
-You think so?
Dude, it's Hande.
No way.
Yes, this must be a sign.
Hello? Hande?
This is such a nice surprise.
-Mom, you're up.
I'm not familiar
with these traditions, but...
we are here for obvious reasons.
The kids have decided to marry.
If you are cool with it too...
I mean, we'd totally
understand if you said "no".
You have our permission!
Now, where should we have sex?
-What do you do at night, man?
-I don't know.
Watch television or something.
That's nice.
Then you hang out here
and I'll take her to your place.
No, man, you can't have sex in my house.
-Okay, I'll see you later.
Aww, my dear friend.
I feel so emotional now.
I wish Cem was here too. Maybe he'd
propose with the heat of the moment.
Mustafa? Welcome.
Thank you.
-How are you?
-I'm fine. Congratulations, cousin.
Thank you, wish the same upon you.
This is my cousin Mustafa.
These are Didem, Zeynep and Mert.
Mustafa is a civil engineer.
He lives in Ankara,
-but moving to Istanbul soon, right?
Put the phone down for a second.
You're obsessing over him.
Geez, fine.
I can't reach him anyway.
Hey, Yaman.
-It's Yi?it.
-Close enough.
-Is this your house?
-It looks too good to be yours.
-What? Why is that?
It's definitely mine.
-So you're married.
-Oh, no. I'm not married.
I don't like commitment,
and do not condone it.
I'm not thinking of marriage,
just putting it out there.
-I know, marriage is so unnecessary.
-Totally! "Till death do us apart" stuff.
Just as Nietzsche said, "women are
caves full of flowers when they're young.
When they grow old,
that cave starts hosting a dragon."
That's cool!
-Hate it.
So do I. Don't like it at all.
Then, let's see.
What else do we have?
Don't make homes on high mountains
Don't send girls to far away countries
The henna is not marking.
Where is the mother-in-law?
That's you. Go and place
a golden coin on her palm.
What golden coin, Mrvvet?
I don't know what you'd do without me.
These are meaningless traditions.
She is coming.
Come on dance.
Thank you very much, I don't like dancing.
Dancing is exactly what we need.
I'm getting another headache.
-Give me my medicine, Mrvvet.
-I don't have your medicine.
What do you mean you don't have it?
Didn't I tell you to pack it?
-Mom, do we have painkillers?
-We should have some.
I have some in my purse.
-Need I remind you that I'm 70?
-My husband got this from overseas.
It'll be effective right away.
It's completely natural.
-You're a photographer, right?
Tell you what. Why don't you take
my photos sometime?
-I will.
-I want nudes, though.
-I definitely will.
-I mean
we need to appreciate
beauty while it lasts, right?
Couldn't agree more.
We can do it whenever you want.
We can do it now, if you wish.
I'm not in the mood right now.
What should we do?
-Want to watch a movie?
That's it.
Have you seen this movie?
The first 15 minutes.
Really? So did I.
Then we should start
watching 15 minutes later.
-I don't like to waste time.
-Neither do I.
I don't know why this happened.
Must be some kind of jinx.
Why did it end so quick?
if you give me an hour,
I'll make it up to you.
I don't have that much time, I have to go.
I need to go.
You have to go?
You're not staying?
No, baby, I can't sleep
with a guy next to me.
-Besides, I have an early class.
This is it?
One more.
-Are you guys back?
-Yes, I am. Where are you?
Alright, I'll stop by.
Text me the address.
-We're going to Cem's place.
You can't go through Cem's stuff!
Come in.
I can't go in someone's
house without permission!
Neither can I.
-What is it?
Hair string. And a beer bottle
with lipstick around the rim.
-Do you still think I'm wrong?
-I'm sure there's an explanation for this.
Yes. There is.
I was cheated on.
I'll be there in a minute!
Ah! Pizza.
Hold on.
Here you go.
Thank you.
The receipt?
Oh, I see.
-It was Yi?it who brought a girl over!
-Here you go.
You almost blamed Cem for nothing.
We're not sure if it was Yi?it.
Maybe he came here this morning!
We're not sure if it was Cem either.
That is true.
Then the odds of me being
cheated on is down to fifty percent.
Which is worse,
because I cannot live with this suspicion.
What is he doing?
Goddamn it!
What the hell is he doing?
-I wish we'd jumped off.
-Dying would've been better.
Okay, just forget it.
This did not happen, we did not see that.
It did happen though.
-I feel sick.
-I can't walk, slow down.
Excuse me.
-This is the movie set, right?
-We're shooting, you can't enter, miss.
I am Cem Sezgin's girlfriend.
Miss, the director has ordered us
to not let anyone in during shooting.
Please wait here.
What the hell is this?
I'm sorry, sir. That's my girlfriend.
I brought you cake.
Hold on. Just hold on a minute.
Oh, God. Good day, everyone!
-Hello, I am Didem.
Take it.
-Congratulations on the job.
-Welcome, Didem.
Hello, G?zde.
Umm, I came here because Cem asked
me to. I've been gone for two days.
He couldn't wait until tonight
to see me, so he invited me here.
We're so in love with each other.
We have so much passion.
That's nice.
-Do you have a boyfriend?
-Unfortunately, no. We broke up.
Oh, why? Maybe you'll get back together.
I mean, that'll be hard.
He was overly jealous.
I'd have to quit my job
for our relationship to work out.
Then quit.
What's more important than love?
Yeah, love is important, but...
Aww, you poor little thing. You couldn't
decide, huh? Come here, hug it out.
Well, have a good day.
-I don't think they're the same.
-Same here.
I think they are.
Girls, can't you see the difference?
One of them is L'Oral 430 dark brown
and the other one is 320 auburn.
Believe me, I'd worked with a hairdresser
once, I know these things.
Dude, we've been waiting here
for half an hour. I've got stuff to do.
Come on, let me go now.
She'll think I'm a loser
if I wait here by myself.
-So you're not a loser?
-Dude, she'll definitely come here today.
-What if she doesn't?
-Then we'll come back tomorrow.
You're out of your mind.
-You've become obsessed with her.
-She used me and threw me away.
I need to get a rematch on that.
-Well, so your pride is hurt.
-There is no pride in love.
Come on, man, this isn't love.
That's how it is now, man. When someone
treats you bad, you fall in love.
-Simple as that.
-Check that bike out.
Now I see why she doesn't want me.
If I had a bike like that,
I wouldn't ride me either.
-How's it going?
I didn't call you back, did I?
Yeah. I just called to ask
if you wanted to hang out.
-Sorry, babe, I was busy.
-That's fine. No problem.
-We can do something later.
-I'm not available.
-I have something planned.
-This weekend?
I'm going to Antalya.
Antalya? What a coincidence!
I'm there too! Which hotel?
-Adam Eve.
-Adam Eve? Oh, my God.
It's like destiny, this is meant to be.
This is definitely a sign.
-I'm there too. I'll see you there, then.
-I have plans with girls, no time for you.
-Told you to fuck off, didn't she?
-Oh, that she did.
I mean, I was getting bored anyway.
This will never happen again.
We're going to Antalya for Mert's
bachelor party this weekend.
Be ready. I'm back.
Baby, maybe I should go to ?zmir with you.
Umm, it's up to you.
What are you going to do at a funeral?
Besides, Esra and Zeynep
are staying here, too.
Us guys will go and come back.
You're right.
-You're sure it's Antalya, right?
-I saw the text messages.
Why would they lie to us?
Are you that naive?
Of course, he wasn't comfortable here.
But why would he invite Mert and Ergn?
I don't know. Maybe she's
bringing some friends with her.
Ergn won't lie to me. He can't.
Zeynep. He did.
That's what happens when you open
your legs once every four months!
I told you, didn't I?
You have to keep them satisfied.
How is that working out for you?
Okay, but at least I found out
the funeral was a lie.
I can't believe this, man.
You told me we were going to a funeral.
You could've told me so I could pack!
Don't blame me, man. It's all on Yi?it.
Gentlemen, don't worry, because tonight
will be one you won't forget.
I am really excited,
because this is my first bachelor party.
You poor thing, there, there.
Well, I guess we're all winners here.
God is great, you see.
You are poor.
Anyway, it will pass.
There are no girls with them.
I'm going to get a divorce.
I swear to God, I'm getting a divorce.
Maybe the place for the funeral
changed last minute, huh?
What? It's possible.
Sir, could you please turn
your cellphone off?
No problem. It is ready for take off.
Hello. Adam Eve Hotel, please.
Come on, guys, go in. Go.
Hurry up with the bags, son. Come on now.
I'm taking boys on vacation.
Follow that black van.
God, this is so exciting.
I've always wanted to do this!
God. Take us now.
Gentlemen, are you ready
for a tour around the world?
I told you.
Okay, I am a little spooked by you.
I am spooked by myself.
But I cannot cheat on Zeynep.
-You should still hold me back.
-Don't you worry, bro.
What's going on here?
Look at them. We look
like faulty products next to them.
They're coming.
They're coming!
-What are they doing?
-Hello, welcome.
Do you have vacant rooms?
-Let me check.
-But, umm, uh...
We'd be happy if our rooms
were next to the guys who just left.
Gentlemen, here's our King Suite.
Guys, seriously,
this is way over the top.
Dude, when's the next time I can throw
a bachelor party for my best friend?
-Hopefully, never again.
-Hug me.
-You did it again.
-Yes, I did.
-Yi?it, this is a nice room.
-Of course it is, man. Of course.
Don't worry, I got a good deal.
What are you doing with my card?
No money talk among friends, come on.
-Then let's enjoy it.
-Of course.
Come here.
This place is amazing.
Look at this, perfect for a honeymoon.
I wonder why they didn't want us
to come with.
Why would they want us?
They have other plans!
I can't believe this.
My husband, the father of my child,
is in the next room right now
getting ready to act all
"single and ready to mingle".
They are not wasting any time.
I'll show them! Girls! Come on, let's go.
They're not wasting any time,
they're already down by the pool.
Oh, sorry, thought you were someone else.
I'm Yi?it, by the way.
I understand. Right away.
As you can see, there are
no girls with them, Didem.
Okay, so it was a false alarm.
They don't have girls around them,
so what? They still lied to us.
They haven't even called us in hours.
Their excuse is ready too.
"Oh, we're at the funeral."
Look at those idiots.
And now they're sunbathing.
Then they're going to be like:
"How did we get caught? Women are evil."
They just don't want
to admit they're stupid.
I just thought of something.
Keep it down.
Hold on, don't call.
Don't call. We should all call
at the same time so they panic.
I want to watch that.
-I'm calling.
-Me too.
Guys, Zeynep is calling.
Zeynep is calling, what do we do?
Esra is calling me.
And Didem is calling me.
They felt we were lying.
Women are scary, man.
They're evil, seriously.
Even if they didn't feel it,
they will know by the time we go back.
Because, right now,
you're sunbathing like idiots.
Do you have sunscreen?
I wonder what they're saying.
Come on, let's go.
I think we should tell them the truth.
Do you hear yourself? So we're
just going to tell them that we left
the house saying we were going
to a funeral, but we didn't want to lie...
What are you saying, man?
Are we saying that?
I can't tell her, man.
She's been so jealous lately,
she will never trust me again.
Oh, my God, you guys are pathetic.
One phone call,
and you're shaking in fear.
They really do have leashes
around your necks. Sit down, stand up.
Are you really going to account to them?
Turkish men are supposed
to be strong and independent.
You don't have to listen to women.
-All it takes is one slap to the face.
-That's enough!
Calm down.
What are you saying? Who is slapping who?
-Are we cavemen?
-Okay, I may have stepped over the line.
But if you call them right now
they'll be here in an hour.
Please. Let's not ruin this bachelor party
any further, gentlemen.
-Bachelor party?
-Bachelor party?
I'm jumping in, guys.
Look, they understood. Cem, listen to me.
Why are you all so nonchalant?
Guys, I'm going to go and give Didem
a call. It's been hours, she must be mad.
Dear God.
Cem is calling, what do I do?
-Just calm down and answer the phone.
-Oh, God, okay. Hold on.
-Yes, baby?
-How are you, sweetie?
Sorry about before.
-We just got back.
-What are you up to?
-Nothing. Just sitting at home.
Umm, we...
The girls and I went to the pool
today, I am so tired.
-What are you guys up to?
-Nothing much.
We were at the funeral.
And now we're at Yi?it's family's place.
We're probably going to bed early.
-He's gone!
-What's going on?
He's gone!
Nothing, honey. It's just Yi?it,
we just can't calm him down.
Oh, is that so? I am so sorry, honey.
-Well, okay then. Goodbye.
-Alright, babe. Say hi to everyone.
What the hell was that?
They're going to hear you!
-What the hell was that?
-Damn, man.
Guys, there's some crazy action
going on next door. Who knows
what's he's doing to her.
I think we should do the same.
-I swear I'm going to go and...
-Come here!
-Did you find out?
I did. The party is on the Atrium floor,
and the theme is harem.
-What? Harem?
-Yup, that is it.
Do you know what this means?
Do you know what harem means?
It means lots of pretty girls,
lots of them!
When are we leaving?
-Well, let's go.
-I'm getting bored.
Hold on. I think they left.
They left.
We need to sneak into that party
and keep an eye on them.
Yeah, but how?
Goddamn it. Sorry about that. God!
You again?
Dude. I'm so sorry, we run into each other
again, it's a misunderstanding. What's up?
Shut up! Are you kidding me?
Kidding? No, no way.
I don't kid around,
I'm into more mature stuff.
But not with your lady!
Definitely not with her.
Finally! Where have you been?
Look, this is my woman.
It was a misunderstanding.
Don't they look alike?
Let's see.
Nope, not even remotely alike.
Then we should go.
I hope nobody kids you!
Hande, where are you going?
Oh, God.
My head is spinning, Cem.
-Hey, G?zde!
-What's up?
-Not much, you?
Same here. What are you up to?
What do you want to drink?
-I'll take vodka.
-Two vodka shots.
-One more?
Keep it coming.
How is it?
-One more?
One more.
-One more?
Give us two shots.
One more.
I see where this is going.
You're trying to get me drunk
and use me for your ulterior motives.
Fine by me.
Send one more.
-What's with the lovey-dovey eyes?
Lovey-dovey eyes.
Maybe I love you, it's possible.
Yeah, right.
This feels good!
-Let's step outside.
Let's step outside and get some air.
Esra, baby.
Baby, where are you going?
-Why should I listen to you? You liar.
-I didn't lie! I didn't know either!
Didem, will you listen to me for a second?
-And why should I listen to you?
This was all your plan, wasn't it?
So you could cheat on me with G?zde!
Yi?it chased Hande down,
I didn't know G?zde was here.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Do you have any idea
how many books I read about cheating?
I can write my own book on this now!
"I didn't know about it", my ass!
-Don't even open your mouth, Ergn.
I can't believe this!
-I wasn't going to cheat on you!
-You were drooling all over her!
You expect me to believe that? This is it,
I'm getting a divorce. It's over.
Baby! Zeynep, baby, please!
Please listen to me!
What is it?
Nothing, there are too many rocks here.
The pressure is...
messing with me.
Oh. Oh, yeah.
But could you not bite?
It doesn't feel that good. Really.
What biting?
Are you okay?
-She's not answering?
-No, she's not.
-Mert is calling me.
-And here's Ergn.
I'm not going to answer.
I'm not going to answer.
He better get used to it.
Not answering.
Why isn't anyone calling me?
She's going to leave me, I know it.
And she'll take the kid too.
I'm dead, man. This is it for me.
Esra is not answering either.
Dude, calm down and relax a little.
She'll call you when she's calmer.
Women are like this. It's not like
she can find a better guy than you.
-Is he still talking?
-What did I do?
What more can you do?
We all got dumped because of you!
Oh, really?
I almost lost my mini me, you're still
complaining about getting dumped.
It's over. We had our fun and now
we're going back. We have stuff to do.
Come on!
It's over. I'll never forgive him.
I will get a divorce, and take the kid!
When did you take that photo?
I'm a lawyer, I know what I'm doing.
-Who've you been texting all this time?
-I'm firing away at Cem.
What? I can't hold it all in.
Listen to this. "I hope the box office
number gets stuck at 10,000."
Over. His life is over now. This is
the worst thing that can happen to him.
You'll see.
I'm glad we're going out.
We've been staying inside for so long
for a bunch of ungrateful men.
We'll show them how to have fun.
-Turn it up, girl. Turn it up.
-Come on.
Louder, louder. There we go!
You're so sad again
You have a faraway look
I'll show him. I'm going to find someone
as soon as possible, and marry him.
I made that mistake once.
I have a baby too.
Not doing it again.
I'll just adopt, then.
Is marriage that necessary?
-Totally not!
-Totally not!
No, you're not calling her.
You are not calling her.
What is it to you?
Besides, why are you still here?
Go back to your place.
I can't. This place has memories.
I want Cem to sing me the next song.
And the next song is from Mert to me.
And the next one is from Ergn to you.
No, thanks. I don't want songs from him.
If I wasn't there,
he would've cheated on me!
Yeah. Douchebag.
He will never see my face again.
Girls, I'm seriously getting sick of this.
Have you all lost your mind?
This is no reason to break up.
People forgive worse things.
Like there are tons of decent men around.
And what's the golden rule?
Didn't see, didn't hear, don't know.
So you'll play dumb
and plan your revenge deep down.
Do I have to teach you how to be a woman?
Let me tell you, if you keep thinking
this way, you will die alone.
Ergn. Okay.
You wait here, I'll bring Zeynep out.
-I want my wife, man.
-I'll bring her here.
-Keep an eye on him, please.
-Bring me my wife!
Girls, maybe we overreacted, huh?
-Shut up, Didem.
-Shut up, Didem.
Shut up.
Ergn is outside, he's a wreck.
Why don't you check on him?
I, uh...
I should go check.
Baby, I'm sorry.
Please, let's stop this fight now.
The time for our wedding is coming closer.
Am I the one ruining things?
-You are the liar here.
-You're right, baby.
-Come on, we can talk at home.
-There's nothing to talk about.
My dear wife.
I promise, this will never happen again.
Let's go home now.
Sweetie, please, I promise
-this will never happen again.
-Excuse me.
-Mert! Let me go!
-Excuse me.
-Aah! That's enough!
I'm sick of this! We're going home!
Women should know their places!
I've been letting you boss me around
for way too long, it's over now!
I am your husband! Your husband!
We're going home now. Come on!
Okay, dear. Calm down.
Well? Why isn't Cem calling me?
Give me the phone.
Alright. Here. Here you go.
Call her and beg for forgiveness
like all of this is your fault. But...
you will never have the power again.
Listen to me.
She will come to you, begging.
You don't understand women at all.
Not even one bit.
You're sucking my energy, man.
You can't just wait for him to call you.
Well, what do I do, then?
Shall I call him?
Of course not. You need a strategy.
Make him feel like he's lost you.
Yi?it knows what he's talking about.
I came here to grab my stuff.
Wait here, I'll just grab them for you.
She's dumping me
when she should be apologizing.
Yes, I did exactly as you said.
Well, did you guys make up?
Make up?
He went inside to grab my stuff,
didn't even invite me in.
Oh, my God. He definitely
has a relationship with G?zde!
Dido?, listen to me. Don't stay there,
grab your stuff and leave!
Don't listen to his lies!
Maybe we should talk.
It's not needed. Goodbye.
Why did I ever trust Yi?it?
What are you doing here?
I called Esra, but didn't get an answer.
Her mom shipped some stuff.
I brought those.
She's not here, but I'll take them.
I went to Cem's place to make up,
but he gave me my stuff, why?
Because he has a relationship with G?zde.
What else could it be?
I hate men.
Why are you at the door? Come in!
Come on!
Come on, go in!
He gave me my stuff back,
what else could it mean?
Let me say something.
Now, in this situation,
did he dump me or did I dump him?
-Does it matter?
-Of course it does, Mustafa.
Of course it matters.
I wasted a whole year on this man.
A whole year.
I'm not going to cry.
I'm not going to cry again.
Could you pour me some more?
I'm not going to cry.
That's enough, you'll get drunk.
I'm not going to cry.
I'm not going to get drunk. No drunk.
But you'll see.
You will see, he will come here.
He'll come here and ask for forgiveness.
You will see!
He's going to beg me to forgive him!
I feel so sick!
-Okay, let's just...
-He'll come here. He will.
Dirty bastard.
Didem. Calm down, okay.
Come on, I've got you.
Didem, are you okay?
I'm coming in!
Didem, what are you doing?
I'm taking a shower!
Come on, let's step out.
Stop! Come on, give me your hands!
Let me go!
You need to change, you'll get sick
if you sleep in these clothes.
I want to sleep.
Come on, let's get up.
-I want to sleep.
-Okay, you're going to sleep soon.
So what?
I'm the only one who got dumped?
I mean, don't mean to brag,
but it feels like a second honeymoon.
What happened?
Didn't Didem come over last night?
She did.
To get her stuff back.
-Well, why didn't you make up?
-Dude, she came to get her stuff.
She dumped me.
You are so oblivious
when it comes to woman. Look,
if a girl is coming over to get her stuff
after a fight, that leads to angry
and passionate make-up sex.
You didn't know?
Even I know that, man.
Damn it.
What did I do?
You were so drunk.
-It can happen to anyone, it's fine.
-It's fine?
-You were kind of hard to deal with...
-Okay, stop!
I don't want to hear about it!
-I feel so embarrassed.
-Nothing to feel embarrassed about.
Don't worry, I didn't see anything,
I had my eyes closed.
Wow, that's such a relief.
We had sex, but you didn't look at me.
Didem, you got it wrong.
I didn't get it wrong, I did wrong!
I was drunk and cheated on,
my subconscious wanted revenge, not me!
My subconscious.
This never happened, okay?
Forget about it, this never happened!
Look, nothing happened
between us last night, okay?
You were so drunk, you decided
to take a shower with your clothes on.
And I had to change your clothes.
That's all.
Can you please forget about
this conversation and drink your coffee?
Is she home?
And you are?
I am Esra's cousin.
who are you?
And you made breakfast.
Mustafa, you're awesome.
I can't find the spare key to my car.
I was going to ask you
if you have it.
No, I don't have it.
Okay, I'll leave then.
-Didem, stop it.
-You'll regret it later.
I won't.
I have spares.
He's pulling this
when he has to apologize. Jerk!
He wasted a year of my life!
But there is no way I'm making
the same mistake next time.
He has to propose to me
in three months, if not...
onto the next one.
Every minute of my life matters.
Besides, I have a biological clock
that won't stop ticking.
There's a time limit to being a mother.
-You're right.
I need to forget about him.
"Cem Sezgin and G?zde Atasoy
dazzled the paparazzi
with their close interaction
at the gala party of their latest movie."
I don't believe this!
Didem, that's enough. You've been
reading the same news for two days.
That's it.
-Looks amazing, man.
-To happiness.
-Hope you find it, too.
This feels nice.
Okay, is the bride ready?
-You look beautiful.
-Such a pretty bride.
Really? I'm so nervous.
My dear, hope you find happiness, too.
Uh, no, thank you.
I've had enough of this.
I don't have time to deal
with wedding dreams, men, and other stuff.
I'm good.
Right, baby? Oh, here's my little baby.
We'll feel even better
once tonight's over, right, girl?
Seeing Cem won't be good for you, right?
Don't worry. I'll be fine.
Why won't you believe me?
Okay, fine.
Well, well, well! Look at my main man!
You look so handsome, dude.
you still have time to back out of this.
You can do it right this moment.
I'm keeping the car running downstairs.
Just in case.
Too late now.
So you've made up your mind.
Then I wish you happiness, man.
Be happy.
-Are you sure?
Go, come on.
Dude, I don't get
what's so charming about marriage.
Come on, are we ready?
Come in.
Let's go.
-What brings you here?
-Open it.
For me?
What is this?
-The first photo of our baby.
Isn't it cool?
I scored.
What you're doing is low, even for you.
First you cheat on me, then make sure
I see you two everywhere.
-We're taking off.
-Didem, did you guys make up?
-I'm so happy for you two!
-Come on, let's leave them alone, love.
I'm sorry.
No earrings, right?
I love you when you're like this.
I love you so much.
Will you marry me?
I did it! I finally did it!
I did it! I did it!
I did it!