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This story is when Pakistan was divided into two parts.
Western Pakistan
And East Pakistan
East Pakistan now called Bangladesh's know
East Pakistan Government strongly dissatisfied people from tyranny
All desperately looking for freedom
In this regard, many innocent people were brutally killed
Thousands of people fled East Pakistan to escape to India
The Indian government was also trying to liberate East Pakistan
... neighbors
Were at war with each other
Indian Intelligence Agency Prison, Karachi November 1971
"Grandma, now your grandchildren grow up."
"... the only things that remained,"
"The thief took them wrong."
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Timing and Translation: Dawn
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"Romeo, A., Walter," a translation of the website Bollywood tub
Nine months ago New Delhi, India
Some time ago I started a new project
... In this project I was looking for someone
Without attracting attention to himself anymore
It's easy to put putty to match
As a secret agent
Among the options was one of the more specific
This person ... to change the face and identity
Could be the key to our success
Finally, I offer a bit of poetry
Recurrence of a structure
I was off the track
The blood vessels so that the color Sorkhe
The red blood
... in every vein
That 's colors
Here at the interval
What a bitch did a demonstration run
For this I thank you bitch Nvazyt
Mr. Romeo High
Sometimes I do not feel that apart from the money counting else got talent?
I finally saw something in me
We Rvmyv- Juliet?
Party late
Five minutes
"Oh, the heart of"
"Oh, the heart of"
"Come and see this face," "made my heart tremble"
"Shines like gold" "absolutely magical"
"Come and see this face"
"My heart shaken"
"There is no one like him."
"All of their desire" "Hazrn die for him."
"It's beautiful," "like a dagger in his wake Heart"
"Being with you, that's great."
"Oh, the heart of"
"Where my heart Brady?"
"Oh My Heart" "Where You took my heart?"
"Oh My Heart" "Where You took my heart?"
"Hey love that change color every time you" "When you come to me."
"I come to you, I forget everything."
"Your eyes are so beautiful."
"Kohl's is even more beautiful eyes"
"I want to get lost in your eyes"
"Just look," "he was referring to you."
"Just tell me so." "Everybody say"
"Being with you is great."
"Oh My Heart" "Where You took my heart?"
So I want to ask you two months am
Tomorrow we see the film?
I promise to not your hand
Who's gonna take the hand?
"I look to all colors."
"My hands happiness full of stars"
"Being with you is great."
"Oh My Heart" "Where You took my heart?"
"Oh My Heart" "Where You took my heart?"
"Oh My Heart" "Where You took my heart?"
You did not sleep?
I said that I will be late
Why stayed awake?
! Mom
Mom loved me
Do not play video
did you eat yet?
If I had one day I leave you what?
Pashv- what? -
stand up
Not move
You ate?
Until now I do without you?
For I am heaters
next one
next one
see you later
Where do you go time-consuming 'what theater play?
Please you calling
help yourself
I have a cup of tea for me
What was that you were asked to leave?
You see that now pot of tea Dstmh
Mr. Sharma
hands up
Klyda Where?
Not move
Klyda Where? You hear?
Klyda Say Where?
Say Klyda hands high Kjast-
Take your hand up
Klyda Where? Take your hand up
Where Klyda hands up?
Parole Libre Call the police
From Rahul to Weiss
The purpose of the yogurt
I repeat target secreted abroad that we all
Romeo aka Rahmatullah ali
Senior investigator, Maj. Ali Golriz
In the War of 1950
The martyrdom
... the victory of war
Your dad was the greatest hero
Because you let her footsteps
Wanted to join the army
... but your mother
After the death of the father in front of you was
Klyda Where? hands up
You pass the final test
Vote partners
the manager
Operations research analyst
We work for the National Security Agency India
... it all
I'm ... I'm ready for the display
That could change the future of India
I want to serve your country
To join the Secret Service
I know that this decision is not easy for you.
Everything is your mother
Because your mother lives Krdnth
But the fact is there
Golriz martyr Ali's blood flow in your veins
Who would protect the country
The country today needs you
Vrzsht ended earlier today?
Yes Mom
Your dad took us to himself, Delhi
26 January
... Do not Tread war
Father to serve, ready
My Mom got promoted
Menu break their banks for several months another town
for education
Another town?
What I'm going after you?
Just a few months
lets eat
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We are fighting Pakstanym
We are winning or losing in war depends on just one thing
What's the plan when and where they want to implement
This information is the card we Bresson
The main office of spy agency India New Delhi
Come in
Welcome to the family
This is your most common means of transmitting information by wireless Russian
Here I find it especially
One here and one in the Mughal Abad
I'm watching
But you'll see what I see?
Your brain a key for each lock should have
Should keep a look out for everything you
Tell me more about childhood
... Me and my dad
I think more of myself to my boyhood information about you
What to say?
Dad had a keen interest in tracking
... and Mom
What did you see?
White Fiat DNA of 7172
Has now been rejected twice
that's good
Prime Minister's Office New Delhi
Ryhana- day a great day Bkhyr-
The radio regulator in relation to Vietnam
Mmnvn- was great.
I never thought that I follow things
Should follow
It gives you the power you have in mind for me
what has happened? Early this morning here?
She's interview
Oh, okay, now head cool
that's good
Mybynmtvn- later Hmchnyn-
A typical Mammvr for intelligence work in you
... especially for such a mission
Mr. surveys, sometimes for large missions
Must be a risk of
But at what cost?
Thank you for the project you're entering personal matters too
Why? I do not understand
I will do Amzash
Because you have already got you hold her confirmation
But I must note that
... all responsibility for this project with you and
Only one is your
I was a British Army officer
After independence Indian Army formed a group
... We are one of the lucky people that
Thus, we get an opportunity to serve the country
Always use the Frsttan
Going to get sent on a secret mission
Where should always remember to stay
Always under review
... If I tell you that your tea is cold
In fact, I mean, you do not need to eat the tea.
Who's talking directly to you will not.
You have to understand what he means go
Understand you
If you notice or quit?
Always trust instinct
That's the right way to achieve your goal easier to find you
I am always by your side.
good luck
Marz met Pakistan
Identification tab
Identification tab
Pnhvn's identity can not think of a paper?
Hndya out notably Bbrydsh
Good Bgrdynsh
identification card
There is no other Romeo
From now on, the name does not exist
Akbar your new identity products.
Akbar is a Pakistani from cashmere
Eight years ago, when her parents were killed crossing the border
Of India and the Indian army hates
Hotel Akbar in Pakistan Deputy Directors
An important Shkhsyt of Karachi, remembers going to do something and not stay in this hotel
Isaac Afridi
One of the most important suppliers Pakistani military weapons
Certain man of Pakistani army chief
And the key to your safe
thank you
Akbar products.
Isaac was the second attack in four months Afridi
The report found that ... responsible for the attacks
Only one person only son Isaac made the Nawab Afridi
what is this?
How fingers cut off?
Honestly, I like a bit of kite flying
Kite had the rest of the fingers cut Myndakhtm
I would love to play Babadk
We will be playing opportunities
Next we see that
When the sky from their government
Inevitably Anchallah
Excuse me, sir.
When finished servicing the kitchen
And in fact their specialized materials have been Tmm
OK, no problem
Mr. Afridi
... If I upset Nmyshyd
... go out to you
Where are you going?
This close encounter
In the alley Messenger, an uncle's shop
... and the food
! You are not a spy
All interests me very well know
Under the hotel you?
Yes, Mr. Afridi
That my house is high
Very close to the border you live
My father worked in that field
In India?
In Kashmir
We got the India separated Khvnmvn
What are your parents?
Past eight years
Come on Apple Tiger
Apple I Syyyyb
Apple I Syyyb
Apple buy apples brother
Apple buy apples brother
Mr. Afridi
How long will they come here to stay silent?
Khdarvshkr good you
Nitrogen was better public hospital care
And even after the police let anyone inside
... I heard the hotel staff
Before it had resigned card
I wanted to get a hotel Jytar seeker
Wanted to break me out of the country
But I can not get separated from Pakistan
...with me
Do you work?
In Karachi?
Turn cigarette
Asthaq Afridi's coming towards you
Karachi Pakistan
After reaching Karachi, first of all, to see someone go
Is known as a joker
This is not a name of a Mvqyh
Actor Yeon information network inside Pakistan
I just know what the major work Joker
Malik Akbar?
Qureshi market in five minutes
This pack of cigarettes for essential
... only when I use now
That Pvshsht in danger or met with top officials
I must keep the meeting secret to protect intelligence network
All your next steps in the existing cigarette cases
This is our first and last visit
I know your name?
I give you an advice
His every thought that comes to mind
Quick'll need to Zbvnt
That way you live better
Good bye
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The SIBA few? - pound eight Tvmn-
Give a kilo
Brother Akbar
How do you know my name?
Why do you Tqybm?
Telling me that I'm looking for you.
I was just taking care Akbar
Someone else after you meet with the Joker would be monitored
Muddaththir you?
Yeah I Mdsrm unlucky Khdmtkart
God bless you wanted to, I'd be dead
help yourself
Here is your office
What do you know about the Joker?
The less you know about it
Here is better for your health
Here is your office
Here's your data transfer device
help yourself
Take it
You keep
Is your protection
Khdanknh one day have to make sure to use
Come in
Joker message sent
Horses are ready to race
I got you
come and sit
Thankfully, a very great deal is going to do
He suggested us an important
... So
I have seven days to East Pakistan
Details remain mirrors
that's good
The weapons will be delivered to East Pakistan
How so easy to score created such a contract?
What is the problem?
Pakistan's army chief Gen Jahangir Alam
Behind every transaction that created Isaac's presence
The relationship between these two people hurt most of all they
One of his son Nawab Mr. Afridi Afridi
And Dvmysh
There are currently two senior officials in Pakistan
Pakistan's intelligence chief General Ghazi Ali
The two together Friend
... and both
In Tlashn that ... when they can see the head of the army
So they created and Isaac takeover
Boss? - Yes? -
Akbar sent message
Going to be a large arms shipment was delivered
You have to give news Intelligence Unit
In East Pakistan
Two Pakistani units to obtain information on 23 February
... it seems that
Pakistan was getting ready to fight
It was obvious everything
A role that's something else
Javed Careful
Afaq brother? - What? -
... the army ... in our office
Gen. soldiers Jhangyrn
... General here?
Be careful little thing is not
You cleaned out now
Mr. Siddiqui without my permission
His Excellency Mr. Siddiqui I created ...
OK then
Mr. Siddiqui I'll talk to you later
with permission
help yourself
a few hours later
thank you
Fresh nuts Fresh nuts like brother
I wanted to pack a brother
Come on bro
Fresh nuts
On the anniversary of Indians
Where Gautam Buddha was born
Near Nepal
Joker's Message
Akbar wanted to see me
Pakistan airport
... reports that
Thousands of people are being trained in Bdlypvr
Ordinary people taking up arms and demanded the release of East Pakistan in
Indian airport
Outside air Tvfanyh
In these stormy weather
Was a necessary companion
I had to meet specific reason?
! Mom
... tomorrow happen
You should always take care of my mother
I promise you
I will always be your mother's weather
East Pakistan the situation is going to get worse
Indian Army Bdlypvr and around the ball
... Indian Army
He was educated immigrants in Bdlypvr
... to deal with us in this war
The question of East Pakistan into India through his Bdlypvr
There is a small village along the border river Bdlypvr ...
That the supply of ammunition
Afridi hnab
When a wound deep into his bones should be changed after the cut
We finished our work Bdlypvr from power West
... The
Abdul airbase in eastern Pakistan
Not perfect surprise the enemy will attack
And we Mtvqfshvn
This will destroy the enemy without fighting will begin in the bud
We've done all my planning
Even if they can not read the body do
After the operation ... no government
Or the Pakistani army in the world that has
...I want
To perform this operation you help us out
We Dakota aircraft
... bomb blast
And a non-Pakistani pilots need
Operation Bdlypvr
it's important
And an operation expeditions
11 pm on November 20
The night of Diwali, India's operations
... This time, the night of Diwali this Kafra
We're sensation
... that the military contracts
And their friendship
You have to finish a backtrack
All our senses to the countryside
And he pulled the West to map the destruction Bdlypvr
Smart move verse
Boss? - Yes
Many were killed Bygnahay
And we Artshyay number of people there more typical
It's like an attack on our
But not quite
Technically, this land belongs to the Avnhast
... and you know that our war
Rihanna Kazemi?
I draw attention to this side of the world map
Twenty November
Myzaryd press conference?
Two days before Diwali
Hi Rihanna tea What do you think?
Not here
Better is a little more private
I want to give you the greatest story in professional Karet
What happened three days ago at the University of Dakar
Twenty-five students were killed at the hands of a Pakistani soldier
... In this file
All details available
I can see? - Htma-
This is the first story that was out of East Pakistan
It's so big
This is for all the world's hot
Let's work methods
Mr partners
... I want the news
Two days before Diwali print out
Not one day, not later than one day before
Time so Hyatyh
I thank Methods partners
you're welcome
! Avast
With the release of the news
All attention was attracted world to Pakistan
BBC Channel 5
All the news coverage created
Pakistan was under pressure from the media
... However, even if
Bdlypvr happened to people ... or Hndvstanya Byvfth
For them to lead a diplomatic scandal
... and to prevent this dishonor
It's just a way for them
Stop attacking Bdlypvr
After the news
So many words to say Darren
To attend the world
We have added fuel to the fire
Yes Boss
John's mother was again promoted
Her home is now even better
Everything is fine
Written when returns?
Coming soon
I n the last beating that last a long time, is not it?
! O God!
His life long now
Malik Akbar?
You should come with us
Welcome brother Akbar welcome
First of all, apologies here I like Vrdmt
But the truth is,
I can not wait to see you
I've created Nawab
help yourself
Mr. Nawab's okay
This excuse, I Mlaqattvn
You also own the heart of my dad did as he totally forgot me
Khyaltvn would not say that I should be comfortable working with.
... just a little
Qrardadhash details of his personal meeting with me and let Drmyvn
Whatever you want to give to you in return
Mr. Nawab
... sell my confidence that one's
Is not in my nature
Hrtvr that you know Salah
But one should you come here, be heard
... or swear
Take vengeance
Good bye
Good bye
Mr. Nawab
It may have forgotten the envelope
thank you
In fact, I wanted to give it to room 117
If you give so much thanks to you
Mr. Nawab must eyes
... Right
Be sure you come tomorrow Fingers
I had a little party
Private house Khvdm- Yes
Go bro mercy
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Yes sir
Yes, tomorrow I'll
see you tomorrow
Yes I'm right there Mlaqattvn
Good bye
Mr. Nawab Afridi send it to you
thank you
Good bye
"I accept."
"I beg you"
"If you hurt my heart."
"When I got to my pain?"
"Khalym hands reached out to the Drgaht"
"Other than you, who go to the house?"
Mr. Nawab
She invites you to come
His secretary, Office of the Embassy are
Ms. Sharada Sharma
"The Messenger of Allah to help the people of his blood."
"Lord, you are right," "Lord, you are everything"
"O Prophet of God"
"God loves you"
"You are a prophet prophet"
"What the Messenger of Allah"
"O Messenger of God"
"O Messenger of God"
"O Messenger of God"
"I remember the tears from my eyes with the current field"
... why you'd like to work in the Bank
Just I
You are under my protection
"I remember the tears from my eyes with the current field"
"If I had my sadness of the revolving amd" "Who's doing this?"
But he hears your hotel room
Every Indian diplomat, under terms
The goal came originally from here?
I needed a companion in this season.
"The world at any moment Tghyyrh"
"Who knows now who is right here" or "Who is lying?"
"From what I see the world with different"
"Passengers over water, whether it's from the bottom of the sea"
You should also be careful to Isaac created
Pakistan's army and the Jasvsyshvn me
I was definitely aware of every move they
We have to stop operations in all circumstances take up Bdlypvr
"You are the beloved Prophet of God"
"The Messenger of Allah, I love all people."
"You've got an empty one Brnmygrdvny Messenger of Allah"
"You are the beloved Prophet of God"
"O Messenger of God"
"O Messenger of God"
"O Messenger of God"
"Clean Prophet, the Messenger of Allah"
Romeo A.
I agree, sir.
You state that you send the right thing here
Come show me, tell me about yourself.
Why does this for India after a Pakistani?
What do I do?
I'll save my country from the hands of fools
We Lahvrya, al-Qlmvn
Border, I was just drinking my blood
The government has arrested
... From that point on
Whatever he says will do
Until now you have not thought this out the door?
Because I thought
They even feel that they ..agr
... not come to turn their website
With an arrow, to finish my work out.
...And I
... This
...this side
So I can not just leave this world and go
Tonight did not eat anything.
I'll get something.
I put the dress on the bed
The nitrogen home care
Do not forget your master's Mom
You're my only son
! Mom
Did you think that Berry and actor door?
! Myznmta


... -





Yes Akbar products.
A. I got something important you trust
A Dakota aircraft bomb blast
Non-Pakistani pilot
Must hear before 20 November
the eye
Akbar products.
A Pakistani Kashmiris
Mr. Afridi worked in the office in Karachi
And do so within three months after that ...
Of high-level agents
! Khan
... All these things that you say about it
You may only Bashh- doubt! Qrban-
When someone somewhere must have made enough progress at work Mylngh
I just want to be under strict surveillance
Let me
I know which I should allow officials
This particular individuals Isaac Frydyh
And General Jehangir Afridi and Isaac are close friends
It's not easy
Sir, I carefully to what I
In three months?
Within three months of Isaac created the right hand
Not only under electronic surveillance is
No individual monitoring
And be careful
Not to hear someone else
Yes sir
Nats- bl sacrifice -
In offices, the building created high-frequency detection devices will let
Akbar phone was tapped and Owners
No, not there.
Bzarydsh door
Here we can see each other ... you know out
I have to Bdlypvr operations to provide a series of basic ammunition I
It was good card
Why would you risk it all?
I could Bfrstyshvn
Some people had a different feel to close
Ms. Inna Madst
Yes, I'm coming
I have to go
Romeo Ali's name was not?
The officer's good work you have done
Work in the great Bdlypvr
But this progress because I feel that I ...
It should be close to them Bashh- Dqyqa-
We can trust him?
In fact, he himself Mslmvnh
And you know that ... These days many in India are Mslmvnhay
... Mr. Survey
That to me is not just a Hindustani
It's not even just a Hindu or Mslmvn
Hrtvr that you want to think
But a question ...
What was he thinking?
we will see
Hi hi-
I'm waiting too long Please Please
This is a great error
Must fix
Hi hi-
These must be approved by Darren
The effectiveness of the pilot and the aircraft was
To show patriotism
Money does not matter
A major issue Akbar
There's a lot of change in history
Now planes instead of the twentieth
Abdul Abad airport in the morning of the 19th should be
And 19 nights
... the 10 pm to
the eye
By eight o'clock
Nawab Naryndar be noticed
The explosion on the night of the 19th?
... According to the map
... Media about us
Twentieth day of their release
But if they do their work before
...that's mean
... all our map
Have an influence
All Atlaatmvn leaked
So, instead of going to the 19th twentieth after operation
But President
In conjunction with our media map ... other than the two of us, just
National Security
Here you ...?
Who ordered?
You are under arrest
What a rainy
Very strange
... here
... other places are also the
In this season's severe rain
head of?
... Rihanna Kazmy- ... Vasty-
East office appointments for me with a quick fix now
Calcutta? - Yeah
What about the media story?
... Rihanna Kazmy- ignore Shu
... East Pakistan
Nmtvnh nothing to do
... and what we drew up its role
Quite the opposite, we must act
Let it be published news from East Pakistan
Okay boss
What's next?
When other people would be win
Suddenly met this time of night?
The news reached officials
Bdlypvr to stop operations, any map that we had, we should stop
... Ama- Mydvnm-
Only 5 days left to Bdlypvr operations
... But senior officials too much Ken-Vazh-
I know
Tonight is very important for me
Birthday Mamanmh
And nothing goes right ahead
... if Pakistan did things I was
But not about you
Not happened to you Byvfth
The main office of the Ministry of Information Pakistan Karachi
Coordinates? - Thirty-four degrees north, 67 degrees east
Come in
Last night at eight o'clock evening sir device has received strong signals
A message was sent to India
Find his position
Done, sir.
Message sent e Lyqat
Yes, sir Lyqat Abad
Akbar owner lives there.
Mnkh sister lie
... and I swear to God
You've got these
Akbar's office phone ring hard,
Where is the phone?
Outside the Indian embassy
Pick up the phone
Pick up the phone
Brother John
Not approve wants your signature
... commander
what has happened?
Someone's going great you know the game
Near Indian embassy
Just outside the embassy
Mirren's intelligence on the Lyqat Abad
One telegram Bollywood @ Bollywood1official
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Malik Akbar?
Do not come home.
... cont ... sir.
Listen sir.
There Tarq- Qrban-
What are you, sir? - there's Bgrd-
What is it, sir?
She's interested to see Indian films and music
Really? - Yes
Go away
Who does this by allowing you to be?
Malik Akbar?
Ask a few questions to ask you to come with us closely headquarters
Show me the wisdom of the
Cops need a warrant Darren
head of
Joker message sent
Horse broken leg
That he might finish
Five hours to attack Bdlypvr
Malik Akbar?
Sit down
LED Light
You should know what it is, is not it?
Polygraph Test
Lie detectors
Let's see how it works
I've got a few fingers?
Five to
He's one of mine?
Five to
what is your name?
what is your name? Real name
what is your name?
Akbar products.
Sharada Sharma you first saw it in India?
You're an agent Hindi?
Your relations with Delhi?
Khanvdat in Delhi are?
"Grandma, now your grandchildren grow up."
No sir, that nothing ever
But everything says just give me a chance
You can not make use of interrogation grade
You know the situation?
... I Mtmynm- Khan? -
It is important to wait for the right time to be
Released now
Our bodies react to the truth and falsehood was shown two different types
When you tell a lie, much Astrsmvn field and stuck Myvftym
Is there a way to defeat it
the pain
I've got a few fingers?
Five to
Pain, tension was high body
Telling the truth or lying, it does not matter
And the car might have been out of work
Come on, sir Zkhmatvn sure were good early
However, Colonel Khan will not forget so fast
But the Joker is now dangerous for you Torre
... because he knows
Now under the Ministry of Information
I am calling Delhi
so what?
For a person's entire network at risk Myndazn?
... sir.
Now there's only one way to escape
Isaac Afridi
I let something happen to you Byvfth
Hychyt not
Karachi army headquarters
Akbar Ideas homeland Offaly
An angel who showed himself to save the others, the risk of lead
How efficient is not him
Torture as Jasvsa
Who is behind this theorem?
Mr. Gen.
I'm talking about burning heart child
Who's my blood
! Deputies
... and the
For skeptics wrong guy
By Mr. Justice annoyed
Order? - Akbar specific person Mnh-
With close to me and you
Very evil
... Qazy- Hi Qrban-
Since when did you start questioning without the knowledge of high-level Mznvnt you?
She's not my permission Qrban-
Never without your permission.
So with the permission of the owner who did such a great job?
.... Kurban Online
I'm sorry I did not know
So you quickly check
And until tomorrow at 9 am I saw reports
Yes 9 o'clock Qrban-
Colonel Khan's go inside
Srya- Yes, sir.
Thirty-two hours to attack Bdlypvr
Brother Akbar
You've won this game
You created me like his own son Isaac knows
...And I
... something good in your brain down now
U Akbar Ali are not owner Romeo
God forbid that I never forget about your relationships
You fall into trouble
help yourself
Brother because all the shops close?
Did you hear the news?
It's terrible
At two o'clock this morning, two killed
General Jahangir as a result of an explosion at the office of the army, killed
And with a close friend Mikhailov
Isaac Afridi killed
It is not clear what was the purpose of it
Currently, Akbar name of the owner as responsible for the attack has been declared
Who was spying for India
Akbar products.
Varq- an offering? -
Go look for
Get out get out
If they were not here, sir.
... Akbar products.
How long will you go?
Pakistan spy chief General Ghazi Ali
As the head of Pakistan's army declared
His owner Akbar's command in all circumstances must they captured alive
Akbar brother here?
You should be here
Before one has to know that you are here
Must cross the border to go get your country
All the way out, closed
Cross the border, almost Nammknh
Come you looking at
I'm going to tea
To protect Jvnth
God forbid that you have to get used
God forbid that I never forget about your relationships
You fall into trouble
Twenty-four hours to attack Bdlypvr
Akbar products.
Sir telephone connected
Kurdish reviews? - Yes Qrban-
Sir, from a shop near the sea a call connected
To Delhi
Home spy chief
Contacts had to hang up the call to send recorder
Yes Qrban- given much, come
Goodbye Baba- Khdahafz-
While Saddam's Shndyn what?
I'm glad the voice Shndyn
What happened to me last night.
He said Khvshhalyth method?
!Not me
The same thing somebody else's decision
However, talking about the past, not medicine pain
Question of the day
And future states
And I?
what about me?
That does this for country
Sir, come on ... Storm
Akbar anywhere near the beach and the sea may be experiencing such a storm
If the terms of the intensity high after storms
People to turn their ...
... home and life
All Chyzshvn should be behind Bzarn and from there to go
Then they must be completely empty
What are you trying to tell me something
... storm that you're stuck in the middle
One can not help
From where I am
You have to do something yourself.
... Now you for me
Pakistanis are like a
Even more dangerous
It might have something in Stynt
Like the Joker
In this situation you are to me like a stranger
I myself do
You should do yourself a bad card
Mvzshatt when it ends?
It's hard to say Mom
Work like that
May soon come
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Thirteen hours to attack Bdlypvr
Sharada Sharma?
Yes, you are under arrest
What? - Bfrmayyd-
Please come
Salahuddin Ahmed
Imam of Masjid term
And the right communication network in India
Networking with information about how to get this joker India in Pakistan's Dead
What do you think?
You give us some details and we'll accept Hrft?
Give me the chance to be able to trust me.
... an opportunity to India Bfhmvnm
... that what they Mslmvn the Hindi-up
Nknn dare do it again up by another owner or Romeo Ali Akbar else to do
what you want to say?
I'm going to do the operation Bdlypvr
Qlt the Jashh? Yeah?
You know the importance of this operation?
very good
I know well the importance and details of the operation
All ammunition or the operation of my
... or Mr. Frydy- you the opportunity Mydm-
help yourself
Ready to make sure operations
we do not have much time
Thank you, sir.
Indian intelligence was the victim until yesterday
So with all this performance at the final exam required
But a big risk
You'll be on the plane
... If he withdrew
You're the Nmykshy and complete the mission
the eye
Hindi diplomat detained under the protection of the country's Back
Abdul air base in eastern Pakistan
Two hours to attack Bdlypvr
Good cross in the morning Mrs.
Bdlypvr exploded
November 19 at 5:40 am the night ...
Air Force attacked a Pakistani air base Patankvnt
And immediately
Ten other air base was attacked in India
India for the attacks
And immediately answer the Pakistan attacks
In the evening, Indira Gandhi
The answer must be given attacks
... and that between India and Pakistan
The war started
Seventeenth December 1971
The Pakistani army failed accepted
And also gave up his gun
And signed the surrender document
And on the global map
A new country appeared
Pakistani President Gen. Ghazi
And Senior Vice President, Vice-created only three days to resign, chances are
This transition into the work Trtytb
And a new government in Pakistan was
... more news
... in the English game and Pakistan
What good is the head of the chase?
Past ten years
And now you're going to retire
This is not to Faydsh
From habit
Easy to do when you're retired
But the thought of retirement
It is too difficult
The bills then you please?
Ajaltoun What's all this?
Walter Khan
I was with you all the Mshtrkatm
But it would be a problem in the security check
... Here are a couple of special friends
Srzmynmvn come from the
Byrvnshvn victim should I do?
I hope no problem too.
You did me a big favor
help yourself
Today I got the chance to thank you.
The particular person you've become a regular guy
Blood and place him the value Fhmvndyd
For the true meaning of life told me, thank you
Thank you for all the work you
Or where to put these learning
Mr partners Vote
Men's instinct
Your instinct on what is cool?
Do I believe him.
Then let me proud
Mr. Avast
everything is OK?
A few days left until promotion
Most young spy chief
Good luck
Boss? - What? -
What was stupid was that?
I still have not officially announced promotion
Only two members of the office are aware of this issue
This is where understanding
According to a Great Magician
... Magic is not
But the art of distraction
All senses of the match and that's what they put in place do not care
Kolkata November 1971
I've used the same trick
I myself work slowly
... to twelve hours.
It was the rain and severe storms
Bdlypvr, 18 November 1971, twenty-four hours before the attack.
... Everyone must collect the Vsayltvn
... and to escape the weather conditions Bdlypvr
As soon as possible, the discharge Bdlypvr
Even a km away there is no rainfall
The region's dry season
So you get all the things done secretly
November 1971
Twenty-five kilometers around Bdlypvr
The evacuation was
That was under our control
We've just moved them to another place
Yes, Sure
He's the joker?
... Joker 's going on that tab
Show you something else was
But other work was done
This is the main message of the meeting today
Walter Khan same Jvkrh
I just knew that I miss her
And now the new head
Do you remember?
... once at home
I had a call from Akbar?
And I tried something I Bfhmvnm
Akbar anywhere near the beach and the sea may be experiencing such a storm
If the terms of the intensity high after storms
People to turn their ...
... home and life
All Chyzshvn should be behind Bzarn and Bern
Have a place that they are evacuated
What you want to say?
Now you are to me like a Pakistani
Even more dangerous
I might have something Stynt
Like the Joker
If I tell you that your tea and ice
In fact, I'm telling you do not need to eat the tea.
I'm not talking to you ever place
...You should
Order to understand the main door
You understand it
... Now you for me
Pakistanis are like a
I might have something Stynt
Like the Joker
If the terms of the intensity of the storm was too far
Everything behind and go Bzarn
Should they place their lives empty
... the map Bdlypvr
... He Pakistanis
... that he Bdlypvr attack
Your job was finished
I understand that I mentioned and
But the path he chose
War of 1981
... War airbase India
The information that the attack had
During the last ten years India will always be one step from Pakistan Jlvtrh
Just because a person
Romeo, A. Walter
He attacked the Bdlypvr trust them fully achieved
And do not look to his previous state
Forget their primary identity and the country served
She is forever
...up to now
After the death of his mother
I was never happy
"Oh my."
"Oh my."
"Oh my."
"Oh my."
"Oh my."
It's just a land Madryh
And he lost both his mother
Karachi, Pakistan
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Translator: Dawn
... people who
We do not know their names
Nor Myshnasymshvn
They devoted all their lives to their homeland
... They know this trip
Not to fame myrcene
And not to relax
These people even after Mrgshvn a piece of their soil, not Nsybshvn
... this story
He Hndvstanyay to champion respect chipped
Long live India
Long live the motherland