Romeos (2011) Movie Script

This is my "T".
My testosterone.
I'm on 250 milligram right now.
Today is my 25th shot.
That's why I wanted
to share with you.
see I pull back a little bit
to get rid of the bubble,
then I wipe it,
then I slap it,
like this...
and then...
- It was a misunderstanding.
- A "misunderstanding"?
Lukas was placed in the
girls dorms by mistake.
- Do I look like a girl?
- The men's dorms are full.
- So, I have to stay here?
- Lukas stays 'til this is sorted.
- Can you cope for now?
- Ms. Kampmann, I can't stay!
We will put up a notice for
new arrivals.
Lukas, although our first meeting
didn't go especially well,
We're happy that you're
joining our team,
so welcome to your civilian
service year in Ehrenfeld.
Could you please tell the others?
Lukas, a moment please.
- I'm sorry about this.
- What do you mean there's no room?
- It wasn't approved.
- What? I thought it would be fine.
- I'll speak with them again, OK?
- When will you?
- When I get an appointment.
- Hello.
They're all very nice here.
Ine, shouldn't you be working?
- Do it now or it'll take forever.
- I just wanted to say hello.
- Ine, it's ten past.
- I'm not gonna stay here.
- I'll take care of it.
- Ms. Kampmann, please.
I promise.
- Ine?
- Yeah.
Get a move on, girls.
Crazy! This is crazy!
- Yeah crazy.
- Your voice!
- Ine are you coming?
- Yes. Everything. Crazy!
Ine, come please.
- Yes!
Shit, I gotta go.
Oh, God...
- There's a party tonight. Are you coming?
- Sure.
I'm glad you're here.
- All right!
Legs, biceps
- It's me. Are you coming?
- Yes.
- Hurry up.
- Ok.
- What are you waiting for?
- Oh.
"Oh" what?
- I'm hurrying.
- You better. I got us a lift.
What do you think?
If I don't pull tonight, I'll go mad.
Look. Good, right?
You've got so much armpit hair!
Yeah. We're coming.
Yeah, we're leaving now,
see you in a second.
Let's go.
God, fuck!
"Biceps, stomach, legs, arse?"
- You measure your arse?
- Of course.
- Isn't that a little over the top?
- No.
- Come on, we've got to go!
- What's better, open or closed?
- Both are good.
It's just a party.
We look good.
- Is this OK? I'm freaking out.
- Yes! We have to leave.
- You didn't tell anyone did you?
- No.
- Come on.
- You swear?
- You look good.
- Really?
Yes, now come on!
- We've got a lift. Come on!
- I am coming.
- Hello, you're there.
- You're coming with us?
- Yes.
- Hi, I'm Lukas.
- Sven. The car's up there. come on!
- Great, and you?
- Hurry! Come on! Let's go!
- We'll talk later, OK?
- Can you wait a minute?
- It's on the left.
- Let's talk later, OK?
- We can...
- Bye.
- Who are you?
- You said that we could bring...
- It's so nice of you.
- Yeah, great.
- Yeah, thank you.
- It's not my fault!
Ine, asked to come.
Now there are five of us.
- Are you crazy? Get back inside!
- It's fun.
- No one's getting off in my car, OK?
- All right, we didn't know.
- Hey! Get out. You can walk!
- Calm down!
- What's the problem?
- Nobody is getting off in my car.
I'm serious guys!
What's up?
Here we go. Come on!
I'm watching you.
- Yeah!
- Yes!
How old are you guys?
- Women just don't get it!
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hi, I'm Fabio.
- Lukas.
- Thanks for the lift.
- No worries.
- Yeah, thanks for the lift. Bye bye.
Are we going or not?
- I'm not coming. I'm going home.
- Are you crazy?
- My jacket is too tight.
- No, it isn't. You look good. Vamos!
So, is she looking?
Yes. No, not anymore.
Wait, she is.
She's gone.
Those girls are looking at us.
- No, they're looking at you.
- Think they're together?
Not so obvious!
- Let's look for one for you.
- No, don't.
Just for a snog.
Have a go with her.
- No.
- Why not? She's your type.
No. You can have her.
- Are you crazy?
- Careful!
That chick.
- What a bitch.
- Hey necklace was ugly anyway.
Ok, retards, it's time to party!
The alpha male. To us!
The way he looks.
What you're lacking in manliness,
he has too much of.
Come on. To us. Cheers!
Sorry. Occupied!
I'm sorry.
Shit... Shit...
- You're back?
- What? I didn't go anywhere.
- Neither did I.
- What's up with you?
- You're acting weird.
- No, everything's just great.
- Hey, Sven, how you doing?
- Great party, yeah?
Guys, you have to see this!
It's totally mad!
- What's going on?
- Hey, where did you guys meet?
- I can't see anything, can you?
- No. What's going on?
- Let's check it out.
- No, Ine, don't. No!
- What?
- So, who's cock is this?
- Whose cock is this?
- I found it on the bathtub.
Come on! Whose is this cock?
It's yours?! Take it!
Admit it! Admit it, man!
Sven, is it yours? Go on, admit it!
Svennie! Svennie!
Stop it! It's not even funny!
Sven, give it here. This isn't funny!
Sve, give me the fucking penis man!
Total retards!
Hey, Lukas, you all right?
My neck... It's cramped in there.
- Waiting for someone?
- Nobody.
- So what are you doing here?
- Chilling.
- Nothing happening up there?
- Nah, not really.
Wait a second.
Very funny...
Total retards.
There were three of you in there?
My balls ache.
All they were doing is snogging.
Totally annoying man,
you know what I mean?
- Yeah, sure.
- Well, it was good anyway.
Hold this for a second.
Hey, the disabled home where you live...
- What is it?
- It's not a disabled home.
I'm doing my civilian service there.
- You're new here?
- Yep.
To Cologne and everything.
Sweet jacket.
Can I try it on?
Hand it over.
Come on...
Don't be like that. Give it to me.
- Well?
- It's Ok.
- What then? Ok or really good?
- Really good.
- Are you cold?
- No. Why?
You're sitting as if you are.
Just give me my jacket, Ok?
Try and take it.
- Shit! Fabio?
- Come on!
Fabio, I swear...
- Come and get it!
- Fabio! Shit!
Come on! Come!
Fabio! Wait!
Do you have problems sleeping?
I don't know if it's my but dreams they keep me up
all night.
Some really scary sort of dreams
makes me not want to go to sleep.
So you guys on please beg me with your experience.
I'm sure I'm not alone
I'm sure you have the same feelings.
You know what I thought when I cut it out
it would be off my chest and
I would try to work on it better.
Okay, whatever, hopefully I'll
update again soon.
Hopefully then it's a very happy update.
- I'm Not Vera.
- What? Really? Oh, Vera...
- Everyone saw.
- Girls, make yourselves decent.
Thank you.
Put all this in the fridge.
- Shit.
- Good God!
Give it to me.
Give me your hand.
- Why?
- Give me your hand.
- Why?
- Give me it.
- Are you crazy!
- Try to get away! No!
I know. I acted stupid
last night at the party.
I'm sorry. Honestly.
Miri, you're a little smelly.
- My name is Lukas.
- OK, but you still smell sweaty.
Manly sweat. Isn't that great?
It's Ok now, but you
would've passed out a year ago.
- Ine, you should've seen it!
- I wanted to.
- I was a little distant.
- A little?
They are thicker.
Ms. Leonhard, I have to admit
I thought that you would
look differently.
The current changing room situation
for you is unbearable.
You wrote: "I receive
uncomfortable looks everywhere... "
Mr. Boeken, Lukas is the only boy
at a nurses' station.
The girls are curious. The situation is
embarrassing for everyone.
But they know that Miss Leonhard,
Lukas, is a girl.
- Can't they just accept her?
- They don't know how to.
I'm not a girl. I am a FTM.
- "Female to male. "
- Female to male.
I wrote everything down for you.
- "Gender identity disorder. "
- Yes. - Transsexuality.
Will you approve the request?
Yes or no?
This is still about housing a
female in a males dorm.
The decision can not be taken lightly.
- My name's been changed.
- It says here that you are female.
Because I still have ovaries?
- So I am officially a man if...
- How much is the operation?
- A lot but state insurance covers it.
- Really? Health insurance covers that?
- Did you know Ms. Kampmann?
- Didn't you?
I mean, you can't even tell.
Well done. Remarkable.
- Can I ask you a small question?
- Will you approve the transfer? Yes or no?
Ms. Kampmann, I'll take such
a request into consideration.
I'll check everything over again,
but now that I've seen Miss Leonhard,
and she's left a good impression on me...
Come on, Lukas, we're leaving.
- Super. Thanks!
- We have to find his weak point.
- What am I supposed to do now?
- Fight.
I can't believe it,
So... Drains... Flat...
Here look on the left side,
on this side you can see the scar.
Still very swollen.
But it'll fade.
Can I ask you something?
I mean, down there...
I don't know if it's my T, my
hormones or the fucking steroids,
but do you know what it's like to have
a permanent hard on?
Hey, what's it like in your dorm?
Super. The boys are really great!
Really amazing.
Why are you in the girls dorms?
Hey, Marcus, what's up? Up for
going out for a drink later?
Sure, absolutely. Great!
Do you want to come too?
Come with us. See you then!
- Give me the sherry.
- Just a second.
Ine, want to go out tonight?
Ine, please.
Do it for me, please.
Little big, isn't it?
Can I go like this?
- My dearest. For you.
- Thanks.
- He's annoying. Let's go soon, Ok?
- Yeah, Ok.
- Thanks again for coming.
- Sure.
To us.
Hey guys.
- How are you?
- Good, you?
Hey ladies, you all right?
Look who's here.
Is he wearing your jacket?
- I lent it to him.
- To him? When was that?
- Hey, it's your turn.
- Hold this. Hold this.
Shit! Fuck!
You're such a poof, man.
- You play like a fairy.
- You are a fairy. Look at you!
One to one.
- Ok, let's go.
- What?
How about a deciding game?
Go play it from over there.
What are you waiting for?
- I thought we were going.
- Ine, please, just this game.
- Move over?
- Come on, play!
Shit! We're losing, you idiot.
Fuck you man! Think I didn't see you?
You flirt with my girl,
You'll be on the floor!
- Understand?.
- I didn't do anything.
- You were staring, you arsehole!
- You're the arsehole!
Calm down, Massimo.
Take it easy!
- He's coming onto my girlfriend!
- No he isn't.
- Do you know him?
- No.
Fine. I want a big apology
from you now.
- Go on.
- Just leave it?
I apologize. Sorry, scusi,
excuse me. Happy now?
You got lucky.
- Could you please move aside.
- "Could you please move aside. "
What a fairy, man.
- Hit it from the side.
- Shut up.
It was just luck.
What now?
Are you coming?
- Where to?
- To have a bit of fun.
- No, I can't.
- Yes, you can.
Come on.
Come on!
- How's it going?
- Good. You?
Isn't it great here.
Absolutely amazing! Totally raging.
- What did you take?
- He looks so good!
- Who?
- Fabio, of course.
You look good too.
Look after yourself, OK?
Let me tell you something.
He might fuck well,
but there's nothing else.
Some guys are better left alone.
Hey, where have you been?
- Fabio, I can't.
- Sure you can.
- Fabio, we're moving too fast.
- Fast?
Last night was so cool.
Ine, guess where I
went yesterday. Come on.
I went to Men Only.
Ine, isn't that amazing?
You know what?
"Please, please,
Don't leave me alone. "
I didn't see you anywhere.
You are so into yourself.
You wouldn't have got in anyway.
Girls aren't allowed in.
- You two look really rough.
- So do you.
Do you know what they said?
What they think of me?
You have a huge hickey.
- Who was it?
- Only if you stop to being cross.
- It doesn't bother him?
- What bother whom?
Guess what they think of me.
Guess what Sven and others
said to me.
- I have no idea. Nice?
- No.
- Interesting?
- Good looking!
Ine, Sven thinks I'm good looking.
They all do!
- How do you guys know each other?
- From school. Satisfied?
- Is he your ex?
- No, my best girlfriend.
Is he gay?
When can I move to the men's dormitory?
- Hello, first of all.
- Have you apologized?
- So I can get approval?
No, and I'm not going to.
But there are loads of free rooms!
Lukas, I promised I will talk about that,
but there are other important things.
- Like what?
- Excuse me?
I hate having to give every
tiny detail.
My name, my new passport,
whether or not I take my testosterone.
I needed five signatures just to
get out of fucking physical surveillance.
It's always the same questions.
And now when all I need is for you to
suck up a little, you won't.
- That's right.
- Why not?
Miss Kampmann, please.
- I understand it's difficult for you.
- I'm not a girl. I don't belong here!
I know, but you can't force things.
- Let's go swimming.
- No, I do not have time.
Oh, come on.
Is everything Okay?
Lukas was at the window.
- Fabio, your family's here.
- What?
- Over there, look!
- Where?
- Over there, next to the tree.
- Where?
He's a big man out here, but he'd get
his arse kicked if Mama found out
how many strangers' arses
he'd stuck his cock up.
You arse.
Do you think it's winter?
Ditch your clothes and get a tan.
What's wrong?
- I have a sun allergy.
- Sun allergy?
- So, you're handicapped.
- No!
Stop it! Fabio!
- Who wants water?
- Bitch!
Just eleven more weeks,
then these things are off at last.
I am so happy.
- Afterward, just a small scar...
- Have you lost your mind!
Lukas, come on in! Don't be like that!
- No thanks.
- Come on!
Fabio's always looking at us.
He's looking at me.
He looks so good.
Are you jealous?
It's so unfair.
What's going on between you two?
- Is he into you?
- Yes.
I think so.
Look! Look, now!
Not so obvious.
There, did you see that?
- Have you told him?
- Of course not.
He's going to figure it out eventually
If you like boys anyway,
then stay a girl. It would be easier.
Are you crazy?
Why put yourself through all this?
One thing has absolutely nothing to
do with the other.
You're just jealous.
Just because you're not the center
of attention and I am.
- Miri, I don't know who you are.
- Listen to me!
Can you just call me Lukas, please!
- Miri doesn't exist anymore.
- Too bad.
You can't stand me not following you!
Miri was shit!
No, she wasn't!
Lukas! Come on!
Look, they all think I'm great.
They don't know who you are yet.
No! No!
Go away!
You have such a rod up your arse!
Fabio, wait!
- Thanks for the lift.
- No problem.
What's wrong with you, man?
Hey! My jacket!
- Minnie Mouse!
- Happy birthday!
- Don't worry. He's always late.
- Hey.
- Lukas!
- Miriam, finally!
- Happy birthday!
- Thank you.
- Hi, Dad.
- Happy birthday.
You're soaking wet. What happened?
- Lukas, where are you?
- I'll be right back! Wait for me!
Lukas! My mobile! My keys!
Don't take another step!
I'll get your things! Wait there!
- Layla, take that off now. Take it off!
- I don't want to.
- Where's the other stuff?
- I hid them.
Lukas, I'm sick of this!
Let's play our little lying game.
Do you remember how we played?
- So, am I your brother or your sister?
- My brother.
- If someone asks my name, you say?
- Lukas. He's dumb...
You're pissing me off, man!
- My brother's dumb!
- That's true, totally dumb.
- Here's your jacket!
- The rest?
- I'm looking for it.
- I hid it.
- Layla, where are his things?
- I hid them!
- And who are you?
- Minnie Mouse.
- Is that chewing gum?
- Yes.
- OK.
- Cool.
Give me your gum.
I'll show you a trick. Spit it out.
- Cool!
- There!
Here's everything.
Come on, you've gotta go.
- Ciao, Minnie Mouse.
- No!
Do some more magic!
I don't want you to go!
- Shut up!
- Stupid cow!
- Get out!
- What is wrong with you?!
- I hate you and your stupid secret!
- Quiet!
- Lukas is a girl! Lukas is a girl!
- Shut your mouth!
- Don't talk to her like that!
- Miri's lying! She's a she, not a he!
Nobody's supposed to know that she
takes medicine to become a boy!
That's why I have to lie and tell
everyone she's my brother!
- Are you crazy! Stop it!
- Have you lost your mind, Miri?
Get lost!
Just the two of us.
What huge thighs I had back then.
- Anything exciting happening?
- Not really.
- Hi.
- And you?
No, nothing special.
We're doing something tonight.
Come with us, Lukas.
Ine told me everything.
You and Fabio are over. What an arse.
You should be happy. Really.
Shall we go? Are you coming, Lukas?
- No, I'm staying in.
- It's good to distract yourself.
You can come with us.
OK, bye. Call me if you need anything.
Can I come in?
- Was my application rejected?
- Yes.
Let's do this.
Nobody will check and the
porters know.
Thank you.
But I'm warning you, it's not as nice
over there as it is here.
- What's all this?
- Applications.
Do you have good doctors?
I hope so.
- You know you can always come back.
- No.
I have to go.
What do you think?
Like this or like this?
Like that.
- Do you have a date?
- It's Saturday night.
Let me make this clear.
I don't like trannies, OK?
- I'm not a tranny. I just...
- Yeah, right. Bullshit!
Let's clear some things up!
First, don't touch me!
And second, who knows?
- Ine?
- Yes.
Who else? Sven? Sven's boyfriend?
- No, of course not.
- Thank God. Let's keep it that way.
- No one needs to know that you're a girl!
- I'm not a girl!
I don't want anyone like Sven having
a go at me.
Hey, Lukas! You came.
- What did he want?
- Nothing special.
- Having problems? Is it over?
- It's not that bad.
- Typical Fabio.
- Let's have a drink, Lukas.
The important thing is to tell
everyone that you finished it.
Otherwise, your reputation is gone.
Find someone else.
There are plenty of guys around.
- What are you having?
- A beer.
- Beer?
- Sure.
- Excuse me.
- What do you think is under her dress?
- I'm not sure.
- Think he'll really cut his dick off?
- Yes.
- No. You can't cut your own dick off.
First they cut off the balls and
then they pull the glands down.
Is that something for you, Fabio?
Make you a pussy? With a little clit?
- Each to their own.
- I bet.
- If they only knew who was
standing next to me. Crazy!
Tell me...
Will you have a cock?
- Is that even possible?
- Of course it is.
What do you have down there?
- Can you fall pregnant?
- Why don't you look on the internet?!
- It's explained in full there!
- Sorry. It's just so crazy.
What's so wrong with me that
nothing ever works out?
Why can't things just work out
for me, without all the shit,
the stress and all the psychos?
Why does everything always have to
be so hard for me?
- What's wrong?
- She doesn't know if she loves me.
You don't have to think about it.
You feel it!
- You've become so self-centered.
- What?
You're not even listening to me,
You arse!
If she says she doesn't know,
it's still better than saying she
doesn't love you at all.
I am a poor wayfaring stranger
I'm travelling through
this world of woe
yet there's no sickness, toil
nor danger
in that bright world, in which I go.
I'm going there to see my father,
I'm going there, no more to roam
I'm only going over Jordan
I'm only going over home.
I know dark clouds,
will gather around me
I know my way is rough and steep,
but golden fields lie out before me
where God's redeemed,
shall ever sleep.
- Where should we go tonight?
- The Italian place.
- Hey, can you clean my room too?
- Need an apron?
- Not today.
Ask him if he wants some too.
- You want a noodle?
- You all right?
- Yes.
- What's that? What is it?
- None of your business.
- What's wrong? Why are you running?
- Why? Can't you keep up?
Of course, you retard.
- Are you taking tablets?
- Give them here.
- Do they give you muscles?
- Bigger than yours.
- Give them to me.
- No, are you crazy?
Come on!
Hey, all right?
OK, you?
Ok, see you soon.
My date. I have to go. Ciao.
I was looking for Ine but
I can't find her.
Something terrible has happened.
Guys are shits.
Twenty four SMS messages.
I thought I'd just take a look and
there were twenty four SMS messages.
It's strange, right? He said he
needed a second mobile for work.
It's been going on for three weeks.
He says he loves me.
Guys are shits.
It's all behind me now.
- Being alone is much better.
- Absolutely.
- No stress, no worries...
- To being alone!
To being alone!
- Guys are shits.
- Fabio's a shit.
- And your shitty boyfriend.
- Shitty ex-boyfriend.
Fight, Sven, fight!
- With you!
- With you!
You're really sweet, Lukas.
- Sven, I can't.
- Of course you can. Why not?
I just can't.
- Come on.
- Sven, I'm trans.
- Trans?
- Transsexual.
- What? You want tits?
- No, I want to get rid of them.
- I've never fucked a tranny, come on!
- Stop! Get off!
- I'll stick it in the front.
- Stop! Stop!
Fuck off! Fuck off!
Get out now!
I said no!
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Are you messed up?
- No. You?
- No. why?
I have something for you.
It was your birthday, wasn't it?
Ok, it's second hand, but I
thought maybe you could use it.
- Totally Weak.
- Use that one.
- Still weak.
- Do it on the side.
Is it for the shoulder?
What are you looking at? Triceps.
And you should do it too.
Keep your shoulders straight and put
your elbows up a little higher.
- Like this?
- Yes.
Come on. Do a couple more.
Come on.
That's good.
Not bad.
Aren't you guys sweet!
- Romeo and Juliet!
- You're asking to be hit.
Oh my God!
Fabio, wait!
Shit! Fuck!
- Are you Ok?
- Yes, everything's ok, Lukas.
- Let me see.
- Leave me alone!
- What is it?
- Miri, you make me sick as Lukas!
- It wasn't on purpose..
- That's not what I meant. Got it?
- You don't listen to or care about me.
It's always, trans, trans, trans!
- Sorry, I...
- Friends take care of each other!
I have to wonder if we are
still friends!
Fabio, it's me.
- Fabio, I'm tired of...
- Yes? Hello?
I'm sorry. I thought Fabio lived here.
- Yes, he does. Who are you?
- I'm Lukas, a friend of Fabio's.
Come in, please, come in.
- I'll come back.
- No, no, no. Fabio's home. Come in.
Fabio never brings friends home.
Just a moment please.
- Fabio, I...
- Get out!
Fabio, I had no idea you lived at home!
I never want to see you again!
- I'm sick of you!
- Me too!
- Well, that's perfect then!
- Yeah!
- I've deleted you.
- I deleted you too!
- Good.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Can I have a drag?
- Sure.
Thank you.
They found out about me,
about my situation,
were making fun of me.
So I will look like this.
Like a piece of shit!
You know, I don't want to go on like this.
I just want to make a break.
...wanna be free.
Hey. It's me.
Be strong Chester.
I'm here for you.
I wish I could meet you someday.
Keep fighting my friend. Keep fighting!
Who's there?
How are you?
And you?
Ready for a rematch?
- Come on.
- Ine, no.
We challenge you.
- You can't.
- Yes we can.
- No.
- We can play together.
- We don't have any time.
- Please, baby.
- You don't know how to play.
- But I want to learn!
Please, I want to stay.
- This is Jacqueline.
- Hi. I'm Ine and this is Lukas.
- We're going.
- We'll come with you.
No, baby, please.
- What are the teams?
- I want to play with one of the boys,
because I'm just learning, so
it's hard for me.
Ok, I understand.
- Just one game though.
- One game.
One game.
Yes! Very good.
Thats the way it's done.
- You can have another shot.
- Exactly.
That's the way!
- I don't believe it!
- Not bad.
Baby, this is for you, so you're not
too sad that I'm so good.
- Damn.
- See? You can't always win.
Cute, isn't he?
It's still really new between
Fabio and me.
And what about you and Lukas?
How long have you been together?
- We're not together.
- Crazy. Is he your ex?
Nope. I'm a lesbian.
Girls, can you give the chat a rest?
It's your turn.
- We won!
- Rematch. Rematch.
- Baby, shouldn't we go soon?
- Just one game. Ok, babe?
- New teams.
- Baby, one more.
- Ok, new teams. Who's playing with me?
- Me.