Romina (2018) Movie Script

Good afternoon, miss.
First of all, you must know that
this interview will be recorded.
Do you agree?
My name is Jose Lopez Cedeo.
And I will be responsible for
the forensic psychiatric assessment.
Let's begin...
Miss Romina del Rio Pineda,
is that your full name?
OK, Miss Romina...
The first thing I want to ask you
is if you are aware
or if it is clear
why you are here today?
OK, just to make sure
that the information,
previously given is accurate
and the reason why you're here
is because the judge
who's working this case
has asked for this assessment
by order of the prosecution.
The results of this assessment
will be taken into consideration
at the inquiry process
that is carried out during the case.
Do you understand
what I just explained?
OK, miss, so before we move on
to the succession of the events
I need you to tell me if you were
a participant, victim or a witness
of the multiple homicides
that took place at Crystal Lake
on June 27th, 2016.
Were you familiar with the victims,
Ximena Navarro, Celia Bogliano,
Ramon Larrain,
Arturo Guiza, Victor Ortega
and Diego Navas?
Let's move on to the narration
of the events' succession
that occurred on that occasion.
It is very important
that you remain relaxed,
I ask you, please,
to do it with full calmness.
Try to narrate the sequence of
the events as descriptive as possible,
trying not to leave any detail behind
no matter how insignificant it may seem.
You can proceed with your statement.
It's always the same, it turns out
the man is the problem, as if...
-Of course! If not, who? Women?
-Obviously, Celia!
Give me a clever argument
and I'll accept it.
There's nothing clever to say.
It's just that you dress so sexy,
it's a clear invitation to be raped.
Fuck off! You are an asshole!
Ramon, say something to him!
No, dear, what can I say?
He's speaking the truth.
-That's right, man!
-No, you're both pigs!
-But you still love me, right?
-I'm starting to doubt it...
-What do you think, Diego?
-What? I wasn't paying attention.
-Pay attention, dude!
-No, don't worry.
I wouldn't pay attention
either with that bombshell.
Too bad, dumbass!
Suck on that! Maybe next time.
-But, thanks for the compliment.
-Oh, yeah! We're all so cute!
-Group hug!
-Weren't you asleep, dude?
-No, I'm awake now.
No shit!
-Can we pull over somewhere?
-Yes, please!
-I want to smoke!
-Me too...
No, hang in there!
We're almost there.
-I need to piss, dickhead!
-That's your problem, dude.
-Who are you calling?
-Romina, but she's not picking up.
-You've got to be kidding!
-That "Romina" shit again.
-What did you expect? It's Diego.
-You had to mess this up.
Xime, if I were you I would
send him to hell with Romina.
There are some things that
go beyond your understanding.
Asshole, she's my best friend and
I have two missed calls from her.
-I just want to know if she's fine.
-Shame on you!
I don't understand why someone like
Romina can be your best friend.
-That's right, man!
-Look, Xime.
I'm just saying don't be surprised
if he dumps you for that freak of nature.
Stop it, man!
I don't like you offending
others in front of me!
-The queen has spoken!
-No, it's not like that.
It's just that you don't know how
your words can hurt people.
She's right,
you hurt me with your words.
-Damn, you're full of shit, man!
-You're overreacting.
-Yes, you're full of shit, dumbass.
Suck it! Besides, what about you?
You stupid Muppet!
-What the fuck? Why a "Muppet"?
-You look like one, dude!
Let's go buy some beer,
chips and marshmallows.
Yes! I'm in!
But don't give the marshmallows
to this guy or he will eat them all.
-Yeah, that's right!
-Man, I really need to piss!
-Enough! Hold it!
-Fine, I'm sorry!
This is the fourth time
you've said that!
Everybody just shut the fuck up!
-Dear, don't shout.
-They're stressing me out!
No, love, you can't be shouting in here,
we all come with good vibes.
That's right, friend! Relax!
-Dude, there aren't any stores nearby.
-Every time you shout, a dwarf dies!
Or a fairy, because
I do believe in fairies!
You know what, I'm going to go
back if you keep that up, assholes!
-Stop it, Scrooge McDuck!
-Stupid Scrooge McDuck has spoken!
It's complicated. Nothing?
No, it rings,
but she doesn't pick up.
Maybe she just left her phone somewhere.
Yeah, it's probably nothing.
I'm sure she'll call me back later.
-Another one?
-No, I want to go to the restroom.
All right.
This place is full of stones!
-Are we there yet?
-Turn around here.
You sure?
Can't you see the damn sign
that says "camping zone at 2 km"?
I just wanted to be sure.
Fuck off.
-Don't ask stupid questions!
-Enough! Stop arguing for 5 minutes!
We can't! That's the wonderful
foundation of our friendship.
-Fuck yeah!
-Fuck yeah!
-You should go out to meet new people!
-There's no way chicks get this shit.
Just one thing, there's no way that you
understand friendship like we do.
-How many female friends do you have?
-Well, I hate most girls.
-See? All girls say the same!
-Stop it, sweetheart!
-It's the truth!
You all hate other girls!
You don't like other chicks,
but you have your groups of friends
and your little cliques and stuff.
But the truth is, friendship
among women is pure hypocrisy!
Well, except with boys, in that case
it's always straightforward and honest.
No freaking way!
What? I'm serious! We just
want to fuck everyone, that's it.
-You're disgusting!
-That's why we have girlfriends.
-Well, not all of us, man.
-You're right, I'm sorry, man.
-Your case is special.
Exactly! Who would want to fuck
that ugly thing?
You're right!
-Stop it already!
Alright dude, forgive me.
You can't take a joke!
Hey, I'm the only funny guy in here!
I would agree if anyone besides
yourself understood your jokes.
You know what? Thing is my humor is way
too complicated for the simple-minded.
-What a dick!
-He's eating all the chips!
-No way! Those are mine!
Why did you leave him with
all the food on the backseat?
Look, Arturo, let me explain something,
we're going to a place to camp
where there are no stores,
no civilization
and you're eating
the only food we bought!
-What can I say? I'm a growing child.
-But to the sides, dear!
-Why would you leave him with the food?
-Obviously he'll eat it!
-Where do we put it then? On the roof?
-Dude, stop eating. Or give me one!
-Diego, which way now?
-Are we there yet? I'm starving!
-Where? To the left?
-To the left and then to the right.
-Do you think there will be a buffet?
Yeah, sure, you can have
your eggs any style.
Yeah! And two midgets
in tuxes to serve them, Celia!
Excuse me, but every time
I go camping there's a buffet.
I'm sorry!
I always take her to cool places,
not to this kind of shit.
There won't be a buffet, Celia,
get used to the idea
-that you'll have to fish for your meal!
-Gross! Never.
Whenever I went camping
with my dad we had to hunt.
Nobody cares, Ximena!
Take it easy, girls!
-They're going to bite each other.
-Don't you ever do that again!
-Look, there's the checkpoint!
-Yeah, I see it.
-There's the security guard.
-I'm dying of heat!
-No kidding, dude!
-I'm suffocating.
-Good morning, sunshine!
-Shut up, this guy will lynch us.
-Dude, how does he say it?
-Shut the hell up!
-Do it.
-Want some wood?
Want some wood?
Good afternoon, how are you?
-Are you here for camping?
-No, we just came to say hello!
I'm sorry, it's just the dog.
You know how dogs are. Which way?
Drive straight ahead and where you
see a free spot, park in there.
OK, and where is the coolest place?
I can tell you! I know a pretty
cool spot, I've already come here.
Alright, thanks.
-Right, I remember you.
-He can tell you where to go.
Are there other people camping?
There's someone else,
but that person is by the lake.
You'll have everything free
for yourselves.
-Hell, yeah! I hate people!
-Hey, is it a chick or a guy?
-Enough with that!
-What? Maybe she's a hottie!
-Gross. Enough! You're so horny!
-Let him!
-Honey, he's staring at me.
-Do you have cigarettes?
-Celia, he can listen to you.
-No, sorry, we didn't buy any.
-OK, it will be 300 per night.
-Fine, what then?
-150 bucks per head?
-No, dude!
Just 100, man!
No, I never pay!
-You're always so stingy!
Fuck off! Arturo and I
didn't bring any chicks, dude.
You and Diego should pay 200, assholes.
-You're so tight!
-Yeah, fucking miser!
What, man? Are we going
to share the girls too?
Fuck off!
Stop talking shit!
I can pay your share.
I'll pay for the whole
trip in that case!
-Not even in your dreams.
-Hey, we're still missing money!
Take this, dude.
-I'm sorry, sir.
-Shut up.
-But he's staring at me!
Let's go already!
I want to get there!
Just count it.
-Thank you.
-That's all? Thanks, sir.
-He thought you were rich.
-Come on! Let's go!
He thought you were Scrooge McDuck!
Man, I'm traumatized!
Did you see his mouth?
-It's disgusting.
-You can't find toothpaste out here!
If you keep insulting the pedestrians
I won't rate you five stars.
-So what?
-Oh, love, you have my five stars!
-This place is pretty cool!
-I told you it was cool.
But we're heading way over there.
Did she answer?
No, but I can't call her here.
-There's no way I'll get a signal.
-It's just for two days,
-and she knew you were coming.
Besides, you're with me now!
-You're right.
-Pay attention, kid.
-Diego, come here!
It's going to rain, hurry up!
Open the door!
I knew I could count on you, my friend.
Hey! Aren't you going to help
with the bags?
-It's raining!
-Do you need help?
You wanted to bring
your own tent.
-Now you're screwed.
-Don't be such a jerk.
Fine, but it would be easier
if you planned from the start
-to sleep with me.
-If you can't perform, why risk it?
-Give me that.
-Come over here.
What did you just call me?
Don't you ever call me fat again, Ramon!
Stop showing off.
-Don't you ever call me fat again!
-Fine, take it easy, skinny.
Excuse me?
I want to sit down.
-Then help me out.
-No way. Set my chair down, please.
-Do I have to do it all?
-Yes, of course.
How freaking convenient.
Help me out, it's from your dad,
I don't know how to put it together.
No, honey, investigate it.
What a work of art.
-Do you know how to use this?
What's up, dude?
That's enough, isn't it?
No fucking way!
Come on! Three more trips,
don't be a lazy-ass!
No, man! I want a fucking beer.
Oh shit! Be careful or you'll get
marks on your ass.
Excuse me!
Say something to him, Ramon!
Don't be an ass!
I'll buy you five more if you'd like.
Come on, dude! Let's get more firewood
and we can drink some beers afterwards!
Besides, why do you workout daily?
To bring three little twigs?
-But the Pilates seem to be working!
-Right? Hell, yeah!
-You're so pathetic, poor things!
-Look, you can even sit right here!
Hey, dude. She can sit here, too!
-Boom, bitch!
You'll starve to death,
fucking punk!
Yeah right! Meow.
Go get more firewood, dude.
Bunch of assholes!
Why do I always have to go?
Because you're the strongest.
This could be a villa, definitely.
We should sell your tent
and stay in mine.
Yeah, right!
The mosquitoes are biting me.
Can you pass me the...
-Here's yours.
-Hey, I want one too.
They're in the cooler.
Can you get me one, please?
-Celia, can you pass the repellent?
-Hey, where's Eze?
What about Eze?
He went for more firewood,
but he's been gone for a while.
But he can get lost.
Ramon, what does it matter if Ezequiel
gets lost? You're here with me!
It matters!
Will someone come with me?
-Are you seriously going to look for him?
Fuck you, Ramon.
-You too, bye!
-See you!
Hey, can you get me one?
Celia, they're next to you, literally!
-Like, right there.
-I love you, fatty!
What happened with the firewood?
-She's fucking hot, dude!
-Go get her, tiger, I brought a date.
Sure, dude! Why not?
Hell yeah, but come with me.
Don't be a faggot.
-What for, dude?
-Come on, man!
Fine, but let's go from the other side.
Fuck it. Let's go.
She's sexy as fuck!
Shit, dude!
-It's Romina.
-I know, man, look at her.
-What's she doing here?
-I don't know. It's great that she came.
-She's freaking hot, dude.
-Why the hell is she swimming naked?
Let her! Can't you see?
Very nice.
Hey, don't tell fucking Diego we saw her.
No way! What for?
Let's enjoy it!
Yeah, man.
That faggot can go fuck himself!
-She's not as boring as they say.
-Right? Look at her huge tits!
Don't be so stupid, dude.
-Let's get closer, man!
-Let's go.
Wait, asshole!
-Dickhead, she saw me... Let's go!
-No, she didn't see you!
-Fuck this.
-Wait, fucker!
-Where are you going?
-Celia will cut my balls off, idiot!
We'll come back, right?
Where were you?
-Where's the firewood, asshole?
-I'm sorry, dude, I forgot it.
-And here I am waiting like an idiot.
Honey, come with me to the store.
-Bring more beer.
-To the tent, idiot!
Just let me drink a beer.
Shit, you took too long!
It started raining.
-Yeah, I know.
-Sorry, man. Let me drink my beer.
Why don't we go to the lake?
And bring firewood on the way back?
No, Diego, don't worry,
I'll go for the firewood later.
-Besides, it's already raining.
-Yeah, light the fire right here
-while we drink some beer.
-Ramon, you're talking with me!
Yeah, right! "Light the fire",
It's raining!
The problem with the bonfire
is that there's no firewood!
Why just you? Why can't you
apologize and let me go with you?
-"Why do you go with Ezequiel?"
-"Honey, he's my best friend."
Let's have a beer.
They made up.
They're acting funny.
What are you laughing about, assholes?
-Nothing, at my friend here...
-He's really funny.
Enough... enough!
I don't have a beer,
can you get me one?
-Cheers to this sunny weather!
-Dude, you gave me an empty one.
Hey! My hair!
Cheers before it starts raining!
Before it rains even more?
Hey, you even suck
at roasting marshmallows.
-What do you think, Eze?
-I like them burnt!
Now can you see what
I needed the firewood for?
-Yeah, man! It's a great bonfire!
-You nailed it!
-We even got dry wood.
-It's excellent!
Yeah, you nailed it!
Good for me! Hey!
It's not the first time.
Remember when we went to summer camp?
-You're right!
-Yeah, I remember!
At the camp where
"I fell from the bus"
and I "was drunk"
according to the teachers!
No way!
And I was wearing a skirt
so my ass was showing.
But she didn't fall!
I know for certain she threw herself
so that Ramon would see her ass!
Exactly! You did it so that Ramon
could see your ass.
-Maybe I did!
-Truth is, that's how I fell in love.
Like when this dude fell in love
with the guy with long hair.
-What was his name?
-Ramses! His name was Ramses!
-No freaking way! What a shame!
Dude, his back was turned to me
-and he had a great ass!
-Yeah! But it was a guy!
-He was a dude!
-Anyone can get confused!
And you were so drunk
you peed your pants, dude!
Speaking of piss...
You pissed on yourself at my house
when we were 12.
-No way!
-Yeah, it was disgusting!
You shouldn't say that after all these
years. Take it easy, man!
At what age did you stop pissing yourself?
She's defending him.
-Don't be such a pig!
-What do you mean you can't say it?
By the way, at what age did you
stop peeing on yourself?
-We're just talking about his pee.
-Did you hear that?
Listen to me, I'm serious,
there's something over there.
Let's check it out.
Look, right there!
-It's just Ximena.
-No dear, I'm serious.
It's probably just a fucking squirrel.
Calm down.
No, let's go and see.
It's a squirrel alright,
a bear-sized squirrel!
-Where, asshole?
-Right there, dude!
-Please, I'm freaking out. Let's go!
-Grab your flashlights!
-Are you sure, dear?
You're fucking kidding!
-Be careful, it's slippery.
-I'm really scared!
-I know, we had all night.
-Careful where you step!
-I'm sure I heard something.
-I'm really scared!
-Careful where you step!
-Shine the light to the left.
-Why don't we go back?
-No, let's check this out.
-Are you sure?
Shine the light to the left.
I'll wait right here.
This is fucking absurd!
-Don't eat all the marshmallows.
-Holly shit! Did you see that?
-It went over there!
-She's right! To the left!
-No, to the right.
I saw it.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, trust me.
-Fine, we'll follow you!
-I can't see anything.
-I told you, it went to the right!
-I think I heard something.
Be careful.
Careful where you step!
-Careful with the spiders.
Are you alright, Ximena?
Yeah, I just have something in my shoe.
Seriously, be careful with the animals.
-Shut up.
-I'm just saying.
Stop it, don't say that.
But there are. So be careful.
-Arturo, stop touching my leg.
-I hate the woods, I hate nature!
-Are you OK?
-This sucks.
-How can you see?
-Now what?
-I don't know, I've got no clue.
Let's go back.
This is boring!
Aren't you worried about
who was spying on us?
Probably it was just an animal
or the ranger.
Yeah, or the other camper.
I want to keep looking. This is fun.
-Yeah, come on, honey.
-No, I'll wait for you back at the camp.
Come on, man!
Don't be such a party-pooper!
Are you worried about your
little friend being alone?
-It's not like a bear will rape him.
-He would probably enjoy it.
All of this is stupid!
"All of this is stupid"?
So I'm stupid?
Come on, honey,
I didn't say that.
Then what is this all about, Ramon?
You have to do what I say.
OK? I don't give a shit
if you think it's stupid!
So we're going to look for the ranger
because I'm not going to stay here
without finding who the fuck
was spying on us!
Fine, let's go.
-Should we keep looking?
-Me too!
-Stop yelling at me, OK?
-Oh, sorry, was I not invited?
-No, you are invited!
Sure, why not.
-If you don't want me to go, it's OK.
-Let's go!
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Be careful, it's muddy.
-I don't think anyone's in there.
-Shut up!
-I'll go and see.
There's no one in here!
It belongs to a girl.
No shit, Sherlock!
Or a feminine guy.
Well, at least now we know that
there's nothing to worry about, right?
Definitely this dude didn't do it.
-Then who?
-How do I know, but...
but he's asleep.
-Of course he didn't do it.
-Hello, sorry to bother you.
-Someone was spying on us.
-Yeah, we were at the bonfire,
and someone was spying
on us from the woods.
Did you do it?
No, of course not, miss,
I was already asleep.
But don't worry,
this place is safe.
You see? It was probably just
an animal or something like that.
And the other camper?
She's a lady.
Just like you.
See? It's nothing, right?
Thanks, sir, and sorry.
-Are you OK?
I want to know what is out there.
-What could it have been?
-A deer, or a wolf, who knows.
Damn it. Who knows.
I want a beer!
Yeah, me too.
Beer, beer, beer!
-No! My bonfire!
-Light it up, I'm cold.
Seriously, shorts in the woods.
Worst decision of my life.
Hey, and me?
-I'm still here.
How'd it go with the ranger?
Everything OK?
-No, he didn't say anything.
-He was asleep.
We found the other camper's
tent by the lake.
Yeah, but we think it belongs to a girl
so there's nothing to worry about.
-Is she hot or what?
-Wasn't Ezequiel the horny one?
I'm just kidding.
-And where's Ezequiel?
-Fucking Ezequiel.
How boring!
I'm going to sit over here.
Excuse me.
-Let's get in our places!
-Be careful, Celia.
Let's get comfortable!
What's wrong with you?
Don't you care about Ezequiel?
Cool! I'll look for him.
Good luck, man!
Can't you hurry up?
I'm cold!
Celia, a work of art takes time.
Guys, don't you love the little smoke that
comes out of your mouth when you're cold?
Come here, dude.
Come over here.
-What, man?
-Look, look.
She's inside, dude.
She's going to sleep.
No way, she just got inside.
-She's smoking hot, dude!
-Fuck, she saw us.
No, she didn't.
Look, look.
She's coming out.
Dude, look at that.
Look, look, look.
-Move over, dude.
Look at that, man.
What an ass she has on her.
Look, look. Damn.
-Come on, let's go!
-No, wait.
That's why we're here!
Come on!
Shut up!
-I always...
-Relax, dude.
Besides, it was great.
-You don't think it's a big deal.
-Nobody will find out.
Relax, man.
Don't push me.
You think everything's a joke, man.
Relax dude.
-Tomorrow we're getting out of here.
-Yeah dude, we'll leave tomorrow.
What a mess.
I don't give a shit.
I don't care.
Look, everyone is asleep.
What do I do about her?
What are we going
to do when we return?
Enough. Go be with your girl, man.
See you tomorrow.
That's fucking disgusting!
Has anyone seen Diego?
What time did you get back?
I didn't even notice.
No clue. I didn't see Diego either,
You were all wasted
when we returned.
And what did you do
all that time?
Well, it took me a while
to find him
-and we chatted for a while.
I'm going to look for him.
Something bad happened.
Now can we begin to worry?
We're screwed!
This is fucked up!
There must be a logical
explanation for all of this.
Can't you see, asshole?
Yeah, but who would want to hurt us?
Let's think things over!
Because the world is full
of crazy psychos! That's why!
Let's go back to the camp,
grab our stuff and leave.
-I agree.
-Yes, please let's go!
I'm not going to stay here
and wait for some crazy fucker
to come and kill us all! Are you?
I agree, Didn't you watch
Friday the 13th or Evil Dead?
Or The Blair Witch Project?
Where are you going?
To the guard's cabin to ask for help.
Now what?
Well, let's get our stuff and
catch up to Ramon and Celia.
Let's warn the other girl.
OK, then you go to the camp
and we'll go to the lake.
Fine, but hurry up, man.
This really scares me and I don't want
to stay alone for a long time.
Ezequiel is right there.
Don't worry, bro.
Fuck! Ezequiel doesn't
know anything yet.
-What was that?
-I don't know.
I'm not going back to check.
Let's go to call somebody.
Son of a bitch!
What do we do now?
You go back to the camp with Arturo,
and I'll look for her.
No, let's go!
Let the ranger take care of it!
Trust me on this one.
I'll look for you.
Are we going to be alright?
-Be very careful.
-You too.
Hey! Sir!
What the fuck, man!
You said there was nobody here!
They fucked up my van, dude!
-There's no way.
-Yes there is! It's a fucking mess!
Do you want to go look
at it yourself?
-It wasn't one of your friends?
-Why would they, asshole?
Are you stupid or what?
Who is going to take
responsibility for this? You?
-Calm down.
-Yeah, right! "Calm down"!
Are you going to go
and check it out?
We can call a tow truck if you want.
A tow truck, the fucking police.
There's a fucking psycho out there!
-What are we going to do, Ramon?
-Shut the hell up.
What now?
-There's no dial tone.
-No fucking way.
Do you have a cigarette?
-Fuck off.
-Shit! Stop messing with us, asshole!
Why don't you go out and see
who's out there, shithead!
You're not going to get any signal.
-Not until you reach the highway.
Is it far?
Ramon, don't pull me
so hard, you idiot!
What? Do you want to stay here
and get killed as well? Do you?
Are you OK?
Look for a signal over there.
Hello? Miss, I have an emergency.
Arturo. Arturo!
Ramon, what did she tell you?
Do you think they're going to send
somebody, Celia?
What are we going to do?
Wait, obviously!
What do you want to do?
Do you want to go running,
or what?
I don't know.
I don't fucking know!
-We should tell the others.
-No way! Fuck them!
They wanted to stay, didn't they?
Fuck you! Don't be such an ass!
They are your friends!
No, they're not.
Fuck you, dude!
-Where are you going?
-To tell them! What else?
Screw you.
Do what you want!
And we're not together anymore, dick!
Whatever you say!
Go fuck yourself!
Arturo. Arturo!
Diego. Diego!
No! No!
Who are you?
No! No!
What happened?
Calm down. Breathe!
What happened?
Romina, she's...
Calm down and take a breath.
Easy. Breathe.
Be quiet. We can't make any noise, OK?
I'm here now, but you have
to remain calm.
-Stay here.
-Diego, take me home.
Yeah. But first we're going to hide
here for a while.
Right here.
Let's hide.
We must stay here
for a good while.
You can't make any noise.
Sorry! No!
Forgive me!
She got ahead of us.
Get down a bit.
Close your eyes.
They all deserved it.
Yes, Ximena deserved it as well.
Now what?
I'll look for you.