Rommel (2012) Movie Script

Herrlingen near Ulm
October 14th, 1944
I'll get it.
Heil Hitler!
We are to be announced.
The Field Marshal is expecting us.
- Your coats?
- We will not be staying long.
- Will you take us to the General Field Marshal?
- Of course.
Heil Hitler.
- General.
- Field Marshal.
- I hope you will stay for lunch.
- No, thank you.
This is an official visit.
Can I ask you to let us meet in private
with the Field Marshal?
I'll call if we need anything.
Aldinger, unpack the files on Normandy.
Are you still looking for a scapegoat ...
for the collapse of the Western Front?
General-Field Marshal, you are accused of being involved
with the assassination attempt on the Fuhrer.
The desert fox.
The victor of El Agheila ...
the hero of Tobruk, and
conqueror of North Africa.
General-Field Marshal Rommel
is inspecting the Atlantic.
From the North Cape to the Pyrenees ...
runs the world's largest
and most modern fortifications.
Numerous Wehrmacht divisions, with hundreds
of thousands of hardened soldiers ...
on the Western Front stand by ...
to beat the expected
invasion of the enemy.
These are the soldiers who are protecting
the freedom and culture of Europe.
They have the latest weapons.
And this is their commander.
Experienced by many battles ...
awaiting calmly, and confidently, for the big confrontation.
Thanks to Rommel,
Germany can sleep peacefully.
Thank you, Marshal. We'll now
come up for close-ups.
Very well, if you postpone
the invasion for a week.
Field Marshal, the
adjutant of the Fuhrer's.
I need your support.
German officers who were
captured at Stalingrad ...
sent our command letters.
- They call for the fighting to stop.
- That Stalin himself, has wrote.
Unfortunately not. It is certain that
the letters are not forgeries.
- Have you also gotten them?
- No, otherwise I would have torn them up.
Now as the battle hardens, we
need to give the Fuhrer the assurance...
that this betrayal is an incident, and
his field marshals are loyal to him.
- The Fuhrer knows I'm faithful to him.
- Enemy planes!
Aldinger, give me those.
They have not seen us yet.
Daniel, drive to the forest.
They have detected us.
- Do you prefer standing?
- Daniel, hit the gas.
Do you see what our problem is?
With no German planes in sight.
We are easy prey.
Over there. Forward. Forget it,
you'll never hit him.
Over there, hurry!
Anyone shot?
Obersalzberg - March 15th 1944.
We express on behalf of
the entire armed forces ...
our unswerving loyalty to the Fuhrer...
and National Socialism.
We will do everything to ensure ...
that each soldier will fight fanatically ...
for the national-socialist future of our people.
My aide was impressed
with the Atlantic Wall.
I am looking forward to your report.
These recordings were made two
weeks ago in Plymouth.
The enemy is preparing for
a major landing operation.
They bring to the English Channel coast
at least fifty divisions altogether.
- This should only take a few more weeks.
- If it continues.
They are doing a lot of training
on air landings.
It stands to reason that the
landings will take place.
I am even looking forward to it.
Where do you think they will try to land?
Probably here at Calais, or Normandy.
Both peninsulas are ideally
suited for a beachhead.
And how will the enemy attack?
First they'll bombarded our positions.
Then attack boats
and armored landing vehicles...
under the cover of ship artillery.
Paratroopers will be
placed behind the front.
What is your counter-move?
The enemy must be
destroyed immediately.
The beach is the battle line.
Empty talk, Herr Rommel.
How with a coastline of more
than 2000 km to defend?
We lack forces.
We place all armored divisions
to the coast. I'll show you.
Within three months, it will look like this
everywhere on the Atlantic Wall.
Barriers for hindering the landing crafts.
Artillery shells them
directly at the landing.
And where we have no artillery in place,
our tanks fulfill that role.
If the enemy breaks through our
lines at one point ...
the Reich is defenseless.
Then, the enemy will be marching to Berlin ...
Our tanks would only be able to follow.
Our tanks can destroy them within 48 hours
on every conceivable landing.
Before they can get a chance ...
enemy planes will be blowing them apart.
My Fuhrer, I ask that the tanks be
placed under my command.
Only then can we impede the invasion.
If we put them all on the front,
we will have no more reserves.
I can not take that responsibility.
You are responsible for any
deficiencies in the Atlantic Wall.
While Herr Rommel within a short time
has achieved great successes.
The invasion must not succeed.
If the landing operation fails,
they will not try to do it again.
Then, we can use the troops
for the Eastern Front.
All 45 divisions.
The outcome of the war depends
on you and your soldiers,
and thus the fate of the Reich,
and the entire nation.
- Are you aware of that, Field Marshal?
- Yes, my Fuhrer.
Can you not wait for Manfred?
He will be so disappointed.
Greet him for me. Tell him we have very
little time before the enemy attacks
There is still much to do.
- You will succeed.
- I must.
The Fuhrer is expecting me
to save the Reich.
It's nice he trusts you again.
France - April 15, 1944
Rommel's Headquarters
There you are at last, General.
We were expecting you earlier.
We were attacked twice
by enemy aircraft.
Yes, their air superiority is
our biggest problem.
- Captain Aldinger, my adjutant.
- Delighted.
- Take the general's baggage.
- You will get to meet my staff, Speidel .
What is the situation in the East?
The Russian offensive
can not be stopped.
The orders from the Fuhrer are a disaster.
They claim too many victims,
and prevent sensible maneuvers.
We must retreat.
Then negotiate with the enemy.
- Do you want a second Versailles?
- Of course not.
We will prevent the invasion.
Only then can the Fuhrer negotiate with the
British and Americans from a strong position.
Gentlemen, here is our new
Chief of Staff, General Speidel.
Nice to meet you.
This is Countess La Rochefoucauld,
this castle was her uncle's.
- Bonjour.
- Comtesse. Bonjour.
Her German is excellent.
She translates for us.
Is that your famous ancestor, the author?
(In French)- " La jeunesse
est une Ivresse continuelle . "
"C'est la fievre de la raison ."
What did he say?
"Youth is a state of continuous intoxication,
it is a fever of the mind."
To whom are you referring to, Speidel?
The only one here that is in her youth,
is the Countess.
It just suddenly came to me.
You need to be a little more polite
in the presence of the Countess.
- Are you sure?
- Why, aren't you?
Messieurs, have a nice evening.
Did you have to be rude, Speidel?
On the coast of Calvados is...
France, the Atlantic Wall - April 17th 1944
still a gap of 40 kilometers.
France, the Atlantic Wall - April 17th 1944
Without the tanks I'm pessimistic about our chances.
84th Army Corps Coastal section
Fuhrer promised tanks. I trust him.
We must continue placing obstacles Marcks.
The Allies are now training at low tide.
But we will make the path to
the beach a living hell.
How? I can not tire out the men
with pick and shovel.
- I need to rest the soldiers.
- That's the problem.
Your men are too rested after
three years of beach vacations.
Speidel fought on the Eastern Front.
Any complaints?
I lost my leg on the Eastern Front.
Therefore I tell you with all due respect,
Your plan will take at least a year.
Whoever says otherwise doesn't know
what he's talking about.
What do you suggest?
I have orders from the Fuhrer.
And that order is- "Stop the invasion."
Being lazy and a grouch will
not help me accomplish this.
Will you get to work?
At your service.
Perhaps I was a little too rough,
but if I'm not, it doesn't get done.
- Marcks, wait a minute.
- He knows that Marck's right.
Your men have worked hard the
last two months. I'm sorry.
Paris - April 25th, 1944
German Military Administration
Something has changed.
Almost all the Parisian Jews
have been deported.
More transports leave
from Drancy and ...
Heil Hitler.
The SS hunts for Jewish children
sheltered in institutions.
This is the latest mission
of the SS here?
During air attacks against train stations,
they skip opening the car doors.
To prevent them from fleeing,
the Jews are being transported naked.
Come in.
This is Lieutenant Colonel Hofacker,
a cousin of Count Stauffenberg.
- General.
- Nice to meet you.
Berlin wants us to take action.
That's why I requested you,
because I trust you.
- It's about Rommel.
- Rommel?
Can you get him behind the overthrow?
He'll do anything to
prevent the invasion.
You need to convince him.
- We can do it with Rommel's army.
- And the people.
He is our most popular General.
It is a big leap from being
the favorite of the Fuhrer ...
to being the figurehead of a coup d'etat.
- There is no one else.
- I must speak to him.
Without the Gestapo getting wind of it.
Can you arrange that?
Rommel's Headquarters - April 28, 1944
General Guderian will be making
the decisions on the tanks.
You speak for the Fuhrer?
I will be inspecting the units
and advising the Fuhrer.
I look forward to your report.
That would be the 2nd Armored Division,
it's still here.
The enemy can quickly drop paratrooper
divisions with anti-tank guns.
So our tanks would be useless if
they are on the coast ...
and the enemy landed.
The enemy will hold them and
set up its beachhead without resistance.
How do we protect our tanks
against their naval artillery?
I'll have them dig in.
- Dig in?
- Yes.
I thought tanks are protected by armor...
firepower, and mobility?
During the invasion in France you
could not go fast enough ...
with your Ghost Division.
Did the Fuhrer agreed with my plans?
He has not decided.
The panzer divisions are...
under the supreme commander
in the west.
Then we can end this now.
In Africa, he failed.
Now he wants to play a role per se.
Talk sense to him. You can
not stop the invasion ...
with third-rate infantry
that hides behind tanks.
- I think he knows what he's doing.
- Really?
He's actually has never been more
than a good division commander.
The Fuhrer agrees with him
and thinks highly of him.
Let's take a walk.
Rundstedt is old and tired.
He gave up a long time ago.
Guderian does not accept criticism,
he is a "yes man".
Forget the consequences ...
- Take matters in hand.
- What do you mean?
Demand the Supreme Command
in the West.
Hand Hitler an ultimatum. He needs you.
You are loved.
Do I need to force him?
If you want to prevent the invasion.
You do not know the Fuhrer.
That would be counterproductive.
If you resign, the people will also
understand that the war is lost.
It's better to stay silent Speidel.
I just want to be Chief of Staff.
- They generously allow us to live here.
- You mean frivolously.
Rest assured the French nobility fears
the Bolsheviks more than us.
The Count worships the Fuhrer.
That young man there is her son.
The same age as my Manfred.
My son is in the Air Force in Ulm.
He came up with the idea
to join the Waffen-SS.
I forbid him.
Now you may ask why,
but you know,
I've heard horrible stories...
of mass executions.
About the massacre of the Jews
in the occupied territories.
You've been on the Eastern Front.
Can you confirm that?
The Jews are still being
deported in France.
The SS are allowed to search for all
the Jewish children in institutions.
How do you know?
There are people who do not like it
at the military administration in Paris.
Now, Now, come on, boy. That is the kind of
news you need to get use to as a soldier.
Our Manfred cried too
when he was photographed.
Come Stulpnagel. Did I come here
to soothe children?
No, Field Marshal.
A Mansion near Paris - May 14th, 1944
In this extreme case, we have to
remove Hitler by force.
What do you mean by force?
Arrest and prosecute him
for the crimes he has committed ...
in the name of the German people.
That would be military coup,
Herr Stulpnagel.
Do you think there's a General
willing to do such a thing?
There is already a group formed of
prominent men at our disposal .
There are already plans for a coup.
Some who are willing to give their lives
to liberate us from Hitler.
Give their lives?
- You are referring to an attack?
- In an extreme case.
You knew about this?
Only Berlin knows the details.
- What you're asking of me is treason.
- Hitler has betrayed Germany.
If we do not make peace with the
British and Americans ...
Russians will be in Berlin in the Fall.
Don't forget that you've sworn an oath.
Now, it will get back to the Fuhrer.
How long have you known
about these plans?
For some time.
You know what is required of me
as a obedient soldier?
Do what you have to do.
Give it here.
It can be repaired.
France, the Channel Coast - May 20th, 1944
Watch out! They're coming,
they're coming. It begins.
Missed! Damn.
Speidel, what's going on?
Have the English landed?
- A British raid has been averted near Calais.
- On the Channel coast?
A British military officer was arrested.
He was handed over to the Gestapo.
- In Paris?
- You know the chain of command.
SS Headquarters in Paris - May 21st, 1944
They tried to blow up a coastal battery.
Good work, Lieutenant General.
We'll take him.
Rommel wants to talk to him.
You know the Command's order.
He must be executed ...
- after he talks.
- He hasn't talked yet.
Leave him here, then you will
know within 12 hours,
when and where the invasion occurs.
No doubt, but we have
our own methods.
I hope you tell me about
your methods someday.
I'd love to.
Take him away .
Watch out.
- Here is the British lieutenant.
- Take off his handcuffs.
How's my friend
Montgomery? Translate.
He understands you just fine.
- So the British now want to fight?
- This won't be like Africa.
That will be a skirmish in comparison
to what we can expect now.
Sit down.
Do you know, Lieutenant ...
we really have the same enemy?
And that is Russia.
- Why do not we fight side by side?
- That would difficult.
We Brits think that certain things
you Germans do is disgusting.
What do you mean?
The way you treat the Jews.
This is politics. As soldiers,
we have nothing to do with politics.
That your Fuhrer is exterminating
an entire people...
is just politics?
- We can change that.
- It's too late for that.
- Countess.
- What will happen to him?
He'll be sent to a camp
for British officers.
And what about the command order,
- How did you know about that?
- One hears things.
Nothing will happen to him.
That I guarantee.
- Can you?
- Yes, I am the commander in chief here.
There are many commanders
in France.
And then there's the SS.
Countess, wait a minute.
Excuse me...
but can you get hold of
these here in Paris?
- It's my wife's birthday soon.
- You have good taste.
Your uncle hopes that we
can hold off the enemy.
And you?
- What about you?
- We are lost in any case.
Given our defenses,
the morale of our troops ...
the new armament and the weapons we have been given,
Normandy France - May 30th, 1944
we can wait calmly for
what is about to happen.
We have no doubt the
outcome will be successful.
And I do not believe that the English...
6 days before the invasion.
will attempt a second venture.
6 days before the invasion.
- Was it good?
- Excellent, Field Marshal.
- Very convincing.
- If you say so.
I heard that a British soldier
was captured in Calais.
Do you think the invasion will be there?
The place where you least expect it?
Then they'll come this way.
They'll go to church on Sunday, will set sail
on Monday ...
and will be here on
Tuesday in Normandy.
- Why do you say that?
- My birthday is on Tuesday.
- My wife's as well.
- There you have it.
From the high command,
Colonel General Jodl.
- Shit.
- Bad news?
The Fuhrer gave me three armored
divisions. The rest will stay in reserve.
In the event of an attack,
I can call them.
Do I have to send a letter first
when the invasion begins?
I have to see Hitler.
He does not understand the situation.
The thugs are misinforming him.
- You really think so?
- You and your friends see it differently.
But what do you expect from me?
That I don't do anything about this chaos?
I don't want to go down in the books
as a general ...
who led his soldiers to slaughter.
- There are other options.
- That I do not agree with.
Put me through to the Fuhrer's headquarters.
The Fuhrer's adjutant.
I can wait.
Do you like the shoes?
A birthday present for my wife.
Very elegant.
They will please her.
The Navy meteorological service reports that...
Rommel's Headquarters - June 4th, 1944
it will be stormy till June 10th.
Rommel's Headquarters - June 4th, 1944
So you can feel free to go.
- Have a good trip.
- Take care of the store, Speidel.
- Monsieur le Comte.
- Pour votre epouse.
- For your wife, a happy birthday.
- Oh, merci.
- Au revoir.
- Au revoir.
One thing is certain about the invasion,
Rommel's home in Herrlingen - June 5th 1944
the enemy will have a decisive defeat...
Rommel's home in Herrlingen - June 5th 1944
There you are, Manfred.
- Good day, Father.
- Good day, my son.
- You look good in uniform.
- May I still go?
He should be back tonight.
He has permission to leave, but doesn't.
Very good. I'm proud of you.
Go to your room, we'll see you later.
He was sorry that you were against
him joining the Waffen-SS.
I have not changed my mind.
I'm glad you could come.
I have to go to see the Fuhrer.
Problems in France.
Sit down. You look so uncomfortable.
Lu, do you remember the things
Strolin recently told us?
- That they were gassing the Jews?
- Please stop.
Strolin is himself a Nazi
and Lord Mayor of Stuttgart.
He has also deported Jews.
Why does he says something like that?
It happens even in France,
right before my eyes.
I thought they were isolated cases.
But those at the top are corrupt.
What do you mean by
"those at the top"?
You know where we live,
what was here before?
A Jewish boarding school.
Then should we move?
Don't believe that.
We can't prevent him from speaking on the radio,
Rommel's Headquarters - June 5th, 1944 21:30 Hrs.
he appeals to the masses.
Rommel's Headquarters - June 5th, 1944 21:30 Hrs.
We must be
as eloquent as Hitler.
As long as we can't,
it wouldn't help to attack.
Yes, Colonel?
The radio monitoring service has the
second half of a coded message.
Colonel General von Salmuth has set
the whole army on alert in Calais.
Should I alert the Seventh in Normandy?
Call Rundstedt's staff.
Let them decide.
So it has started?
It's probably just the usual hysteria.
Normandy - June 6th, 1944, 01:00 hrs.
There they are. I knew it.
Notify Rommel's staff that it has started.
What is the situation in Calais?
What is the situation in Calais?
Rommel's Headquarters - 01:40 hrs.
Rommel's Headquarters - 01:40 hrs.
Landings have taken place with gliders.
Rommel's Headquarters - 01:40 hrs.
Landings have taken place with gliders.
Prisoners say there are
still more to come.
We can send 21st Army to Normandy.
The Commander of the 21st doesn't respond.
- He is in Paris with his lover.
- What?
General Speidel. Telephone.
Understood. Oh, and happy
birthday, General.
That was Marcks. The English are
attacking with straw dolls.
But he thinks he can handle it
on his own.
- Now what?
-That is it? We go to bed.
Normandy - 06:00 hrs.
Command Post of 84th Army Corps
British naval artillery.
A birthday greeting from Churchill.
"Omaha Beach" - 06:30 hrs.
Rommel's home in Herrlingen - 09:00 hrs.
Command ordered me to deliver
these flowers to your wife.
With heartfelt congratulations
from the Fuhrer.
Take good care of them, Karolina.
They are from the Fuhrer.
Phone call for the field marshal.
It must be the Fuhrer's headquarters.
Yes? Speidel?
Say it again.
They've landed?
How goes our counterattack?
Let those Divisions immediately attack
and don't wait for reinforcement.
- I'm sorry.
- It can't be helped.
- At least the wait is now over.
- Yes.
Take care, Lu.
Take care.
They do not fit, Karolina.
Rommel's Headquarters - 22:30 hrs.
Glad you're here.
We're in the bunker.
- Meanwhile, any good news?
- Unfortunately not.
The enemy has already some 150,000
men put ashore with heavy weapons.
They control 130 square kilometers.
The 6th British Airborne Division has
occupied the bridges over the Orne at Caen.
They also crushed our artillery
at Merville,
albeit with heavy losses.
Is that all?
We are getting sporadic information.
The enemy is disrupting telephone traffic.
French saboteurs are cutting telephone lines.
We must expect
a second major offensive.
They have darkened the coast at Dover.
Just admit it, Speidel.
- What is that?
- We have failed.
Fuhrer's Headquarters
in Margival - June 17th, 1944
Field Marshals von Rundstedt and
Rommel, my Fuhrer.
Thanks for coming.
I'm speechless.
Speechless about the failure of
your local commanders.
The fact that the Wehrmacht
was so surprised ...
says a lot about the readiness
of your soldiers.
That is what the enemy
propaganda is saying.
Call it what you want.
But the landing was not hindered...
as you had assured me.
My Fuhrer, our troops were sacrificed.
That the landing was not prevented ...
was due to the failure of the
Air Force and the Navy.
The army has made a superhuman
effort in this unequal battle.
The enemy prevails in
the air and at sea.
That makes an organized
counteroffensive nearly impossible.
It is regrettable that so far no one
in the high command ...
is forming an accurate picture.
Instead, I believe the
enemy's propaganda.
We need to hold Cherbourg,
with its harbor.
Otherwise, the enemy can take
Normandy and the rest of France.
Well, we only have the choice
between holding Cherbourg ...
or prevent the breakthrough of
the enemy. We can't do both.
Do you have the same opinion,
Herr Von Rundstedt?
We must give up the rigid defense
of the peninsulas ...
and embark on an orderly retreat
to the port and fortress.
And at Caen, in front of Orne,
we should avoid ...
There is no question of taking evasive
action. We must stand or die.
Assign a highly skilled commander
at Cherbourg to ...
and let the field marshals show
the effect of our V-rockets.
Since yesterday, we have continually
fired V-1 rockets against London.
each with a payload of
one ton of explosives .
There have been numerous direct hits.
The English people are distraught and
have turned against Churchill ...
Enemy bombers are
approaching our airspace.
My Fuhrer, we'd better
head for the shelter.
- What now?
- I see a hopeless situation.
- He should know that it's hopeless.
- You tell him.
You are the commander in chief
in the West.
I only have enough power to let my
guards exchange places.
My Fuhrer, you know I am
your loyal servant.
- May I?
- Have a seat .
Do you not think...
it's time to consider
other options?
- What do you mean?
- To negotiate.
They will no longer
negotiate with me.
The enemy wants to destroy Germany.
We now only have our individual
fanatical resistance.
Are you prepared to do this?
Are you prepared to do this, Rommel?
"Where knowledge and ability ends,
intuition takes over" -
"in a transcendental observation
capability, coupled with insight ..."
"there is the leadership of the
commander. Rommel possesses it. "
You certainly amuse yourself.
General-Field Marshal.
- Am I being praised?
- Please.
The Fuhrer orders us to save Cherbourg
And stand west of the Orne.
Make the necessary preparations.
Can General Marcks create
a diversion?
Marcks was killed during an air raid.
Do you want today's total loss figures?
No, it isn't necessary.
Normandy, German position near Caen
June 20th, 1944
Once you have taken the hill, protect
the road to Bayeux. Best of luck.
Thank you, General-Field Marshal.
- Forward, men. Give the Tommy's hell.
- Yes, Field Marshal!
- Good luck, men.
- Thank you, Field Marshal.
Back, Daniel. We must return.
This is madness.
We must get out of here.
Well then. Daniel, get going.
Who's there?
Come forward. Hello?
Excuse me. I did not
mean to scare you.
- What are you doing here, Countess?
- I come here often. It is beautiful here.
Our soldiers may have mistaken
you for a partisan,
Or an British agent.
- Maybe I am.
Then I should watch out. I would make a
fine trophy for the English.
Yes, the Desert Fox.
No longer. Now I am only the one
who could not stop the invasion.
- Do you regret that?
- I am a soldier, don't forget.
- I 'll tell the men that you are
roaming around up here. - Thank you.
"Dear Lu, I'm doing well.
I must not lose heart ...
"Although much hope has been dashed."
[Knock on door] Yes?
General-Field Marshal, the Russians have broken
through the lines of the Army's Center.
Seven divisions are surrounded.
The front is about to collapse.
It's probably over in the east.
It will be nice when next week is over.
Here, I have something.
- Where is that?
-That was Oradour.
A town near Limoges.
The 2nd SS Panzer Division
has leveled it to the ground.
All the residents were slain,
including 450 women and children.
As retaliation for an
abducted SS SturmbannFuhrer.
How do you know this?
Army management.
Stulpnagel has already protested.
But Hitler has prohibited a lawsuit from
being filed against the responsible officer.
Good night.
Poor bastards. Mom said I should
thank God that I ended up with you.
- Why?
- With you, nothing can happen to me.
Colonel Finckh, the quartermaster-
general, has arrived from Paris.
- He wants to present himself .
- Good, I will see him soon.
- Field Marshal ...
- What is it?
The Fuhrer asks if you can
relieve the west flank...
by attacking back against
the Americans in Cherbourg.
He wants the 7th Army, to advance
on the west flank.
Explain that we are only able to keep
our defense line in western Normandy.
An attack is impossible.
The brother of General Marcks
called me this morning.
He wanted to know exactly to the minute
when the general died.
- Why?
- At eleven o'clock that day ...
at his house, a painting of
the General, fell off the wall.
The General was hit a quarter to eleven,
and died at eleven.
-Do you believe in miracles?
- No, but Hitler does .
As far as the war is concerned then-
"Don't speak about the bridgehead ...
except by mentioning the final result
of France as occupied by the enemy. "
Cherbourg will fall within three days.
Within four weeks the enemy will head
unhindered to the Reich border.
We can only pray that the Allies
are faster than the Russians.
You are not the only one who thinks so.
I believe that everyone here
at the table sees it that way.
Is that right, Dr. Speidel?
Hitler is in a sort of frenzy.
He can not draw any conclusions
or make decisions.
I'm just saying that "holding out until the
last man" would be a disaster.
The idea of attacking Cherbourg is idiotic.
You're the only German who
- can end this war.
- There are others who still support it.
Then they must be shot if there
is no other solution.
Good God, Speidel.
You're a true warrior.
At the battle for Cherbourg ...
Cherbourg - June 22nd, 1944
Cherbourg - June 22nd, 1944
the enemy has devastated large parts of the city ...
Cherbourg - June 22nd, 1944
yet at random factories and bases,
stir groups of resistance.
Still in city streets with bitterness ...
wage hot, bloody battles
Rommel's Headquarters - June 25th, 1944
From General von Schlieben - "The final
battle of Cherbourg has begun."
The enemy is attacking with tanks.
Where is the air support?"
Reply with- "Air support impossible, the
aid can not penetrate hostile roadblocks...
The Fuhrer orders you to fight to the
last bullet. God be with you."
The order of the Fuhrer is "to the last man."
Man or bullet,
what is the difference?
"Last bullet" means surrender and not death.
I hope the general chooses that
interpretation of the orders.
In Cherbourg, the Wehrmacht ...
added a page to the
heroic German history.
In a large bunker was a garrison ...
that had been bricked in and only
had shot holes left open ...
and fought until the last bullet,
and than blew up the bunker.
If a nation in the fifth year of the war ...
is capable of such acts ...
Are you sure he's going to Germany?
Hitler ordered him to Obersalzberg.
And how is it that you're so
well informed, Princess?
I'm doing my job,
you should do yours.
Your sure you want me to do that?
Thank you.
Headquarters is looking for a scapegoat
for the fall of Cherbourg. Me or you.
I will tell the Fuhrer that the
war must be ended.
The whole world is against us.
- What do you expect from me?
- That you will support me.
You're right. We can both sign
our own death warrants.
He'll agree with us soon.
Just wait.
Obersalzberg - June 29th, 1944
It's six o'clock. They've kept us waiting.
Herr Von Kluge, you here?
How nice that you have recovered
so quickly after the accident.
Thank you. The Fuhrer asked me to assess
the situation in the East.
Excuse me,
but my plane to Berlin is waiting.
Officer: Attention on deck. Eyes Front.
Please, make your report.
My Fuhrer, I'm standing here
as commander of Army Group B.
This is probably the last time ...
that I can report to you on
the situation in the West.
I'll start with the political situation.
Limit yourself to the military situation.
In the interests of Germany, I can
not so limit myself to that end.
I did not ask for your personal
opinion about world politics.
Limit your report to the military situation.
You know how disappointed I am
that you did not manage
a counter-attack on the Cotentin Peninsula.
Cherbourg never should have fall.
The side with the best supply routes
always win the battles.
Montgomery's supply routes were more
vulnerable than yours, Field Marshal.
But you lost the advantage
because you were so hesitant.
Now we have to lock the British in Caen,
by implementing a counterattack...
... and let the enemy bleed to death in Normandy.
Herr Reich Minister, did
you get the generals' reports?
Question Hauser or Dietrich.
They know how hopeless
the situation is.
My Fuhrer, I can't leave without having
talked about Germany with you.
Can I talk to you in private?
It's probably best that
you leave the room.
Should we stop at your
home in Herrlingen?
... where we are. And we will not give
up an inch without a fight.
And if we do that ,
we can turn them back now!
To our great fortune,
we know since yesterday ...
our General Rommel and his...
General Field Marshal? Should we stay
at your home in Herrlingen?
Will I see you again?
Take care of your mother, Manfred.
Rommel's Headquarters - June 30th,1944
- Well, Speidel?
- The front holds.
I am under no illusions, Speidel...
I am next.
- And Rundstedt?
- Rundstedt...
just as weak as ever.
He'll follow orders, regardless
of how stupid they are.
- The facts are undeniable.
- But Hitler questions everything.
... the enemy's superiority in the air
and the devastating naval guns...
even our supply problems.
He does not believe us,
but we should believe him.
This just leaves us the V-1.
leave your command.
It will alert the people.
You're still our most popular soldier.
Those at the top will not allow it.
They're expecting me to die a
heroic death... at the front.
I can lend a hand to help.
My family is prepared for it.
About him, you need to take care.
He is a soldier's dog. He will
never be more civil.
There you have it.
Understood. Thank you
for that information.
Rundstedt received the Knight's Cross
and has left his office.
And you?
- I'll stay here.
- As Rundstedt's substitute?
No, General-Field Marshal Kluge has
been given the supreme command
in the west.
Rommel's Headquarters - July 3rd, 1944
- How are you, Speidel?
- Good. And you?
Here the British attacked with great force.
It will take a lot of manpower to hold out .
Our forces are needed to stop
the Americans at Saint Lo.
We can't abandon neither Caen
or the bridgehead.
We do not give an inch without a fight.
The Fuhrer's orders are clear.
The Fuhrer doesn't know the situation.
The order to hold out will devastate us.
From now on, get used to following
commands like everyone else.
What do you mean?
You tend to ignore your superiors ...
... and run to the Fuhrer instead.
Gentlemen, let me be alone
with Field Marshal awhile, please.
You seem to have forgotten
I am Field Marshal.
I want all the reports from your
commanders at the front.
I would also like a statistics of
the range and ammunition ...
- of the enemies naval guns.
- If you drive yourself to the front.
...then you can see for yourself
the enemy's artillery.
It is obvious that you never have
led more than one Division.
And you've never fought
against the British.
We've placed our tanks and artillery ...
beyond the range of the enemies naval guns.
The artillery is at Cagny and Emieville...
... behind the tanks.
In fixed positions, to keep
the enemy occupied.
- How long can we hold on?
- The best scenario, three weeks.
Until they break through.
So we have three weeks.
For what?
To find another solution.
- Field Marshal.
- What is it? I'm dog-tired.
Do you remember Colonel von Hofacker?
He was on Stulpnagel's staff.
He wants to see you. Preferably tomorrow.
- About what?
I've come on behalf of my cousin, Count Stauffenberg.
July 9th, 1944
He is now chief of staff in the
reserve army, under General Fromm.
Has he recovered from his injuries?
As much as possible, yes.
He wants your assessment of the
war situation in the West.
That they may also be informed
at the reserve army.
For how much longer?
Three weeks, six max.
Unless a miracle happens.
Do you think that the war is lost?
What do you want from me,
Herr von Hofacker?
- Would you like to work for Germany?
- I already work for Germany.
I mean a different Germany.
Under a different government.
Put your hands up.
- Halt! Stay there.
- Put your hands up! Do not move.
Tanks are advancing.
On the fertile lands of Normandy...
Kluge's Headquarters in Paris - July 11th, 1944
is a harvest of death and destruction.
Kluge's Headquarters in Paris - July 11th, 1944
The German tank munitions penetrates
through the hardest steel.
around Caen and Bayeux
rages a heavy battle.
The decisive battle for Europe
has begun ...
General Field Marshal Rommel!
I have read your report,
field marshal.
Will you accept my apologies?
I will inform the Fuhrer that I, like you,
see a serious problem.
That the Americans will
soon break through.
In some areas, all the men are dead.
The cost is too high.
What do you suggest?
The Fuhrer should negotiate for peace.
Otherwise, our front will be open.
- Would you give Hitler an ultimatum?
- Call it what you want.
It's his last chance. If he does not
grab it, I will act.
Can I count on you?
Do you think you have a chance? Hitler
will not be impressed.
Nevertheless, we must act.
Will you agree on allowing my chief of
staff to prepare a letter to Hitler?
First, we should consult with the
commanders, especially SS Generals.
- Without them you can't.
- I will inform you of my plans.
Does he, or does he not know?
That in Berlin a coup is being planned?
- How do you know?
- General Speidel informed me.
He made some allusions. Also, your
name was mentioned in this context.
I know nothing.
The situation at the front is
increasingly difficult.
97,000 men have been killed.
Also, there is an unusual amount of
supplies that have been lost ...
which can hardly be replaced.
2360 ... including officers.
Average... 2500 to 3000 compared
to 10,000 men standing ...
... compared to the material
superiority of the enemy ...
even the bravest units are one
by one being crushed ...
leading to loss of
people, weapons, and ...
We have a problem, Field Marshal.
Heil Hitler, Obersturmbannfuehrer.
Heil Hitler.
To what do I owe this honor?
- A French saboteur is hiding here.
- In my headquarters?
The Countess,
the niece of the Count.
The family is under my protection.
We grabbed a British agent yesterday.
He has unequivocally admitted to her guilt.
- You must be kidding.
- I understand that news shocks you.
You should be grateful.
They had planned to assassinate you.
StandartenFuhrer, this
will interest you.
This is certainly is not the radio
room of the army group.
SS has seized the people of the village.
- Was the countess there?
- No.
Where were we?
"The troops are fighting heroically all over."
However, this unequal fight nears its end.
I think we need to accept the political
consequences of this situation.
"I think we need to accept the political consequences of this situation."
- Do you really want to send this?
- No, it's too risky.
I'll talk to him.
"Political consequences" means peace talks.
"Politics" is a loaded word for Hitler.
He believes that providence will rescue him.
- Delete the word "political".
- Good. I'll send it to Kluge today.
- Field marshal.
- What now?
What did Prince Hofacker tell you?
- What do you mean?
- Has he initiated his plans?
He asked if I wanted to work
under new leadership.
-What plans?
- I don't know.
Only a small circle know how the
coup's going to be executed.
I'm with you if you bring Hitler to
justice. But I support no attacks.
There I have not changed
my mind, General.
Paris - July 16th, 1944
Hofacker has told him nothing
about an attack.
He believes that we should
prosecute Hitler.
Hofacker told us that Rommel was
available for peace negotiations.
For peace negotiations.
Not for an attack.
He surely understands that
violence will be necessary.
No violent attack will hold.
Please, gentlemen...
We may not be trained for it, but it must
be done. With or without Rommel.
- Hitler is faced with an ultimatum.
- What?!
Either Hitler agrees to
peace negotiations ...
or Rommel and Kluge will stop fighting.
Hitler may depose Rommel when he
gets that ultimatum or worst.
The success of Valkyrie is at stake.
- "Valkyrie"?
Stauffenberg's people have a plan ...
if a national emergency is imposed...
The Reserve Army takes over power
of the Interior.
The condition is an attempt on Hitler.
The identity of the plotters will
not come to light?
No. It will look like a coup
of party members and the SS.
The plan enables all departments,
though they are not involved.
They'll follow the procedures
that Hitler himself ...
drafted in case of unrest.
We just need a reason
to enable it.
- Ingenious.
- The front is the only uncertainty.
That's why we approached Rommel.
- The soldiers respect him enormously.
- Is he purely a propaganda tool?
Goebbels has made
Rommel a folk hero.
We can use that now.
Now he has the chance to really provide
the people a great service.
I think he understands that.
[Knock at door]
- Yes?
- Field Marshal.
- What's up, Speidel?
Aldinger says that you go to see
ObergruppenFuhrer Dietrich today.
- Should you discuss our plans with him?
- Of course.
He is an spineless National Socialist.
He'll tell the SS.
I know who he is,
but we have no choice.
Else the coup will be stopped
by the Waffen-SS.
Why not inform Himmler and Goebbels?
Dietrich is an experienced front-line
soldier with a sense of reality.
The Armored Division of Count Schwerin
is ready to disarm the SS.
- Will I still be in charge here?!
- Of course .
Don't forget the enemy is
still in the West.
Normandy, the road to Livarot
July 17th, 1944
Did you see how these people looked?
How is that?
- Respectful?
- No, afraid.
- They do not know what to expect.
- And what do you think?
Hopefully we'll be a British colony and
not a Soviet republic.
- Enemy fighters. Eight planes.
- Give me that.
Do you see the road?
Try to reach that forest. Go! Go!
Hurry up! Gas it!
Field Marshal!
Field Marshal.
Help me! Hurry up!
Hurry up! Come on!
Kluge's Headquarters in Paris
Blumentritt speaking.
Just a moment.
Field Marshal?
- Yes?
- General Speidel.
Yes, Kluge here.
Yes, understood.
No, I will inform the
supreme command.
Rommel's car was attacked.
They do not know if he survived.
- Now this!
- Call the command.
What happened to Rommel's letter?
Have you sent it to the Fuhrer yet?
No, you wanted to add more.
Put it away for now.
He has a fractured skull.
It's a miracle he's still alive.
The Fuhrer has given me command
here, until Rommel has recovered.
- Can I count on your support, Speidel?
Of course, field marshal.
I'll set up my command post
here in the castle.
Where I can reach the front faster.
Blumentritt will represent me in Paris.
That's all for now.
The enemy has been attacking Caen
since this morning .
Air Force hospital in Normandy - July 18th, 1944
During heavy bombing ...
Air Force hospital in Normandy - July 18th, 1944
the 16th-Luftwaffen Field division
and 272 Infantry Division ...
...which was along the front,
was totally obliterated .
- Are we stand standing?
- Yeah, so far.
How is Daniel?
He's dead.
He succumbed to his injuries last night.
You have a telegram from the Fuhrer.
"Field Marshal, best wishes for
your continued recovery."
"Signed, Adolf Hitler."
- Is that all?
- Yes, Field Marshal.
Stauffenberg remains determined
to act.
He flies tomorrow to see the Fuhrer.
Kluge has moved the 106th Panzer division...
The Hotel Raphael in Paris - July 19th, 1944
to the front.
The Hotel Raphael in Paris - July 19th, 1944
Now, we can no longer stop the SS.
We had put our hope on Kluge.
Has the Supreme Command
responded to the ultimatum?
Rommel was injured.
There was no ultimatum.
- He didn't send it?
- No.
Kluge knows about it. He has had the
conspirators met on several occasions.
I do not think he is ready to make peace
negotiations with the Allies.
- There will be no negotiations, General.
- Why not?
According to the British
ambassador in Madrid ...
the British want a simultaneous
surrender in the West and East.
What's the point then?
The fact that we show the world that we
dare revolt against these criminals.
What are you doing here?
My colleagues are interested
in the Hotel Raphael.
And one of them spotted
Rommel's staff car there.
How is the field marshal?
You are taking a risk of having
me betray you.
SS has taken hostages in the village.
I should surrender myself.
Some of them are children.
Can you do something?
- Unfortunately, I have no influence.
- I understand.
Best of luck.
What will you do?
- I will surrender myself.
- Don't do that.
- Things are changing fast.
- You really think so?
One should never give up hope.
Rommel's Headquarters - July 20th 1944
On the night of 18 July 19 ...
Rommel's Headquarters - July 20th 1944
night fighters above France
shot down 30 British bombers.
artillery at the channel coast fired
on a destroyer...
that exploded and sank.
In Normandy, the enemy continued
his attacks on Caen ...
with the support of armored artillery
and bombers,
without a breakthrough.
Paris - 09:10 hrs.
-This is Finckh.
- From the Zossens ministry.
- Is everything set for the exercise?
- Yes.
Saint-Lo in Normandy - 14:00 hrs.
The enemy attacks to the south ...
and attacks from the Americans
in the Northwest...
failed with great losses.
Fighter planes gave support to
the ground troops ...
and destroyed ten enemy tanks.
16 enemy aircraft shot down
in aerial combat. The night of Thurs ...
- It is Finckh .
The exercise is completed.
General, the Gestapo has carried out
a coup in Berlin.
And attacked the Fuhrer.
The Fuhrer is dead.
Generals Witzleben and Beck has formed
an interim government.
- How did you get this news?
- General Van Stulpnagel.
The SS and Gestapo carried out
a coup in Berlin.
The Fuhrer is dead.
Paris, German Command - 18:15 hrs
All of the security in Paris and the leaders...
Paris, German Command - 18:15 hrs
of the SS must be arrested.
Paris, German Command - 18:15 hrs
These are the most recent addresses
of the SS, and the SD.
- Any questions?
Both- No!
Hofacker. Just a moment .
General Speidel for you.
Field Marshal von Kluge wants to meet
you at the command center at 20:00.
It's an important meeting.
Thank you.
- What did he say?
- That he will be there.
- What is it?
- Telex out of the Fuhrer's headquarters ...
from General-Field Marshal Keitel.
- What does he say?
- That Hitler is still alive.
Find out the truth.
I must go.
Say, Speidel.
Did you and Rommel know about this?
Next, a repeat
of an important message
which was aired this afternoon.
-Yes, Field Marshal?
Turn the radio down.
Today, a bomb attack was committed
against the Fuhrer.
Yes, field marshal.
SS Headquarters in Paris - 20:30 hrs.
- What now, sir ?
- We are here to arrest you.
- At the command of General Stulpnagel.
- What?
Come on, out. Out with you!
Your gun, GruppenFuhrer.
You will regret this.
Rommel's Headquarters - 20:40 hrs.
Now that the Fuhrer is dead, we must
make decisions. What will you do?
Settle down, gentlemen.
Gentlemen, We have received
conflicting information.
Half an hour ago I
telephoned General Stieff.
He is at the Mauersee
and has talked to some officers
who came from the Wolf's Lair today.
Who said that Hitler
survived the bombing.
What is happening in Berlin
is not conclusive.
Much more important is what is being
decided here in France.
For Germany's future sake,
abandon Hitler...
by taking charge of the
liberation in the west.
Do what Rommel would have done.
Stop the killing in order to prevent
an even more terrible end. [Phone begins ringing]
Prevent the biggest disaster
in German history.
One moment,
I'll connect you through.
General Warlimont, from
the Fuhrer's headquarters.
Kluge here.
I'm very relieved.
General Warlimont says that nothing
is wrong with the Fuhrer.
Then the attack failed.
But, I thought you knew.
No ... I had no idea.
Gentlemen, dinner is served.
Yes. Please, gentlemen.
- Field Marshal, I need to talk to you.
- Are we ready?
Blumentritt, the whole SD including
GruppenFuhrer Oberg was arrested.
On Stulpnagels orders.
He did it without consulting or
informing their commander in chief.
Such arbitrary conduct
is unprecedented!
Have his command
immediately withdrawn.
The facts speak for themselves.
Your credibility and your
honor are at stake.
The honor of the armed forces and the
fate of millions are in your hands.
Yes, if that bastard was dead ...
If I were you, I would try
to escape as an civilian.
Try to defect.
A small clique of ambitious,
unscrupulous ...
stupid and criminal officers ...
forged a plot to eliminate me
and the leadership of the armed forces.
The bomb, planted by Count von Stauffenberg ...
exploded two meters to my right.
Some of my most loyal staff are
seriously injured, and one is dead.
myself, I am completely unharmed,
except for a shaking hand, and
a few scratches...
A road near Verdun - July 21st, 1944
I'm just stretching my legs. Wait for
me at the next intersection.
Where were you, Rommel?
Where have you been?
SS Headquarters in Paris - July 23rd, 1944
There are names being mentioned.
SS Headquarters in Paris - July 23rd, 1944
SS Headquarters in Paris - July 23rd, 1944
Even that of "Rommel".
Thank you for coming, sir. But the
matter is already been settled.
I'll take full responsibility
for revolt here in Paris.
Only Stulpnagel and
I were involved...
All the others were unaware.
I apologize for it.
But I regret nothing.
In a sanatorium near Paris - August 1st, 1944
There are names bearing mentioned, even yours.
In a sanatorium near Paris - August 1st, 1944
It was about a discussion that you
had with Hofacker on July 9th.
I don't remember it.
It may not be about
anything incriminating.
You were asked how you assessed the
war, and you gave an honest answer.
How does it look on the front line?
The Americans broke through
yesterday at Avranches.
I would not like to be in your shoes.
Fuhrer's Headquarters - August 1st, 1944
Heil, my Fuhrer.
Read this, Keitel.
It's what Hofacker said
about Rommel.
He discussed the attack with him.
If that's true, Keitel ...
it would be for me one of
the bitterest disappointments.
But I can't hurt the people who idolizes
him so highly, by prosecuting him.
Rommel's home in Herrlingen -
August 8th 1944
- Field Marshal.
- Loistl, good to see you.
Jesus ...
As long as your head is attached
to your body, it's OK.
Come on.
France - August 17th, 1944
Come, if your coming.
I have a letter from
the Fuhrer for you.
You are asked to come to Berlin
and make a report.
To report?
The Americans have already crossed
the Seine with two divisions.
Yes, Speidel ...
This is it for me.
Good to see you, Colonel.
How are you?
I need to talk to you in private.
Go find your mother and tell
her we have guests.
- What is it, Colonel?
- Field Marshal Kluge is dead.
He ingested poison after Hitler
had summoned him.
General Speidel thought
you ought to know.
Yes. Thank you.
Do we know why?
We assumed that Hitler blamed him
for the collapse of the front.
Everything is fleeing us.
Aren't you ashamed, you bastard...
The People's Court in Berlin - August 30th, 1944
you've betrayed the Fuhrer in
such despicable manner?
I regret only that
I did not perform the attack.
Because I would have succeeded.
- You are still a Culprit.
- Be quiet, Mr. Freissler .
Today, it's my head.
In a year, it's going to be your head.
- What was behind it?
- Nothing at all. It came totally unexpected.
It comes out of the blue.
I have to go to Germany and
await my orders.
- Who will replace you in the army group?
- General Krebs.
Blumentritt is also relieved.
He must report to Berlin.
This is nothing unusual, Speidel.
They seek scapegoats for the
failure at the front.
The conspirators from Paris
were sentenced a week ago.
Terrible. Even Stulpnagel.
Hofacker has apparently not
been executed yet.
Maybe they still need him.
Have you got any anything
to fear, Speidel?
Freudenstadt - September 7th, 1944
Good morning, Frau Speidel.
Is your husband home?
Security Ministry in Berlin
September 20th, 1944
- Good morning, General.
- Lieutenant Colonel.
-That, he no longer is.
Herr von Hofacker has just
his pathetic life left.
Well, Herr von Hofacker...
tell him what you've
told us Dr. Speidel.
That you've talked to him
about the attack plans.
And that even Field Marshal Rommel
was informed about them.
No, the field marshal, nor the
lieutenant-general knew.
Should I have said that...
I must have been confused.
Herrlingen, October 1.
Dear Frau Speidel ...
the fate of your husband
touches me very much.
Especially since you have not heard anything
from him for over three weeks ...
... worries me a lot.
I consider your husband ...
as an excellent, hard-working General.
I'll write to the Fuhrer today and put
in a good word for him.
" You, my Fuhrer, know that
I have been committed...
"since France in 1940, during the campaigns
in Africa from 1941 to 1943...
... "In Italy in 1943 and on the
western front in 1944.
"I have always and only wanted to
fight for your new Germany.
"Heil, my Fuhrer. E. Rommel. "
- But he did not participate actively.
- Knowledge is still betrayal.
If he knew about it,
he is a traitor.
"According to Lieutenant
General Speidel he,
by an officer of General Stulpnagel, namely Hofacker ...
Berlin - October 4th
had been informed of the plan for
the attack of July 20, 1944.
He then informed
Field Marshal Rommel.
That if he had not passed on,
he would not have known."
I believe the General Lieutenant's
testimony to be unlikely.
It was his duty to warn
for the attack itself.
Certainly there is no mention of it made
to Rommel or he would have said something.
The Fuhrer is of the opinion ...
that Speidels account can
not be doubted.
If General Speidel claims...
that he has informed Rommel
of the attack...
then we must prove the opposite.
This is an attempt to
exonerate Dr Speidel.
Even if it is true ...
The matter was so serious that Speidel
should not have relied on the marshal.
What can a soldier
rely on, if anything ...
if he can't rely on the sense
of duty of his superior?
I hope you realize
what this means for Rommel?
Herrlingen - October 14th, 1944
You are accused of being involved with the
assassination attempt on the Fuhrer.
- Who says that?
- We have testimonials ...
from General Stulpnagel,
Lieutenant-Colonel von Hofacker ...
and General Speidel.
He states that he had informed you
about the attack plans.
I don't believe you.
Well ...
I wasn't myself.
I will take the consequences.
Would you give us a few minutes?
In recognition of your great
service to the Reich ...
your betrayal will
be withheld from the people.
If you are ready.
- I don't trust using a gun.
- I have something that works fast.
- And my family?
- They are not arrested.
There is a state funeral
is being prepared.
Your wife will get a full pension
as the widow of a Field Marshal.
Thank you.
- May I say goodbye to my family?
- Of course.
What is it?
In about fifteen minutes
I'll be dead.
Come, my son.
this is the end.
- Field Marshal?
I'm innocent.
I was not involved in the attack.
I have always served my country.
And done my best.
Salute comrades. Especially my
beloved Afrika Korps.
Manfred, they did not
spare Speidel either.
Take care of Frau Speidel also.
Good luck, son.
At a state funeral, the nation says goodbye
to one of it's bravest generals.
With him, reports the Fuhrer ...
one of our best generals is gone.
His name is written in our current struggle ...
as a symbol of bravery and
fearless fighting spirit.
This southern German city honors the
great soldier on his last road.