Ronda nocturna (2005) Movie Script

Marcelo Cspedes
and Serge Lalou presents
an Edgardo Cozarinsky film
- What's up, dude?
- How's it going?
Long time, no see.
Everything cool?
We haven't seen you in a while.
Look, he's playing dumb,
not answering me.
- Where have you been?
- Where were you, dude?
Look, he's still playing dumb.
No, what's up?
You were missing.
- No, I'm working.
- Are you dating?
Did you get married?
No, I'm working hard.
I'm not dating.
Nothing much, cool.
Money, work.
The night of Buenos
Aires is very pretty.
- Everything's cool.
- Is the nightlife fun?
Very much.
Lots of fun.
That's what I thought.
Hey, let me borrow your
glasses and get going.
Excuse me; We are
casting for a movie...
Come on, dude, I've been in
Buenos Aires for 3 years.
Don't try to sell
me the movie bit.
At sunset, when she leaves,
at sunset.
At sunset, he goes to work,
at sunset.
He goes to the station
and takes the train,
They whistle from a van,
they look from the platform,
at sunset.
Streets of moon, people
without fortune or love.
Lights and hookers, cheap
contact for some booze.
At sunset,
he crosses the city,
at sunset.
Dirt streets are left
behind at sunset.
I wonder how it's
gonna be today,
how much I'll make...
Dirty police inspector,
don't even want to see you,
at sunset.
Where were you last Tuesday?
I passed by three times.
At 8 o'clock, at 10...
and after midnight.
Last Tuesday?
I don't know, can't remember.
I thought you were hiding
and I wouldn't see you.
And how's business going?
The streets are empty.
Less and less people.
The streets, the streets,
always the streets.
You are handsome,
and very presentable.
You should work at
a bar or something.
When I ask you
about your business...
it's because I care for you.
Don't be so wary.
What am I, an IRS agent?
I don't ask for a report.
I don't ask for
interest, percentages,
nothing like that... please.
I know, daddy.
Oh! C'mon, c'mon,
move, move.
You are protected, right?
I mean, you wear condoms.
I care for you.
You're OK?
What color would you like?
Be careful, you hear.
Any day now, they
could transfer me...
and you'll have no protection.
Can I get out?
Get out, get out.
Who's stopping you?
Who is stopping you?
That was not part of the deal.
Are you hungry or what?
And you?
The police inspector
passed by an hour ago.
Yeah, but I got rid of him.
He cums too fast.
Why don't you follow my advice
and change neighborhoods?
For a while, at least.
Sooner or later he'll
get transferred.
Until then, you can
try out someplace else.
Where, in Constitucion?
Fuck off!
I won't trade Santa Fe and
Pueyrredon for anything.
Plus, there are
people who know me,
well-to-do guys that know me;
They know where to find me...
Among them, an old fart
that fucks you twice a week,
and for free.
No, that is called
"protection", OK?
I'd rather have that than
two cops trying to lock me up...
because they want a bribe.
The inspector is a
serious man, dude.
I mean it.
Besides, he knows that what I make,
I make selling joints, not my body.
He is not stupid,
nor is he broke,
he does not threaten me, ok?
He even gave me his cell
number so I can call him...
if I need anything.
What else can I ask for?
In Constitucion!
Yeah, right!
How about an even
shittier neighborhood?
You know what I think?
That the old fart
is in love with you.
How long has he been
looking for you?
Six months?
Anyone else would've let go...
but this one comes back.
Twice a week.
Haven't you ever thought of asking
him for more than protection?
- Here's to health!
- Health?
Ouch, you moron!
C'mon, are you gonna
give me a massage?
No, you are tense.
Your back is hard as steel,
don't you feel it?
You are stressed out.
How do you feel?
Yeah, it hurts a little.
No, no, how do you feel?
Vctor, how do you feel?
Yes, sometimes
my shoulders hurt.
And what else?
Is that what you mean?
Not only that.
I mean you.
How do you see yourself?
In the world, with yourself,
with people, clients,
your life...
Man, sometimes
you're an asshole...
I mean it.
Haven't you ever
thought of that?
Why don't you take up Papu.
It's the ideal place to see
what I'm talking about.
You may find it's
a great choice.
I haven't heard of it
in my fucking life.
In your life?
It's great because, it's not
that they give you answers.
You work it out
with your own body,
with exercise, with movement.
Let's see.
Let's try an exercise.
Get into position.
We are going to do the...
let go of that shit!
We are gonna do this
position, the shadow,
that is very good and we'll
help you get rid of that.
- Are you following?
- Yeah.
Look straight ahead.
Inhale, exhale.
- Yeah.
- Don't you feel it flowing?
I know many more exercises.
Why don't you come to
a class with me? I mean it.
How long have you
been doing this?
Two years.
I gave up smoking, I feel
much better with myself,
with my friends, family,
my clients, I swear.
New Spartacus.
Where have
you brought me, Carlitos?
I brought a friend.
I'll be back with the towels.
Victor, don't forget.
This is the top.
Don't make a deal for
less than one hundred, ok?
And if they ask for kinky
stuff... that's extra.
- Wow!
- That's much better!
It's cool.
And if you show off,
that's ok...
but you can't spend
your life like that.
At least you can take the
arm out of the truck window.
I'm happy with this one.
Watch out, it bites.
Look, it looks like The Joker.
What can I offer you?
Coca-Cola... light.
Tango complex
Are you sure the
Ambassador is waiting for you?
Yeah, we have a date.
Who should I announce?
Vctor Pueyrredon and Charcas.
Hey, tell me something.
Is it true they offered you
the Embassy in Berne?
I cannot even think of
accepting if I don't have...
the money to live as a king.
I totally agree with
the budgetary cuts,
as long as they cut the funds
reserved by Congress first.
This country cannot appear
as a beggar to the Swiss.
I'm not worried about those
bastards from the Monetary Fund,
but the rest of Europe...
Forget about it!
I heard the story of one of
our ambassadors in Vienna...
who used his driver
as an interpreter.
Unheard of.
No one is asking our
delegation in Kazakhstan...
to be able to speak Kazak,
but how is it possible...
that we have political
who don't speak French,
English, or German.
They think they
know Portuguese...
just because they've been
to Carnival in Brazil...
and can say "obrigado"
with a Carioca accent.
I'm sure you've seen this
when you were in Bonn.
It gets even more complicated when
you can't entertain the...
If you'd excuse me,
Mr. Ambassador,
it seems to me that
you worry too much.
A little relaxation
would do you good.
I'm an expert in Thai massage.
My teacher is Oriental and he
says I'm his best student...
Please, aren't we supposed
to be with our own kind?
Ok, boy, enough for today.
You are worn out and
should get some sleep.
I just wanted to be useful
and help out the ambassador.
No, thanks, don't help him out.
Here, take a cab.
Escort him outside.
...that's logical, of course,
good champagne...
In the bottom drawer,
between the socks.
Shall we share?
And I don't mean the money.
What's up, Vctor?
Don't you recognize me?
It's me, the best, see?
Your best client.
Come on!
Hey, how handsome.
You have money.
Those clothes are
extra high quality.
And the hairdo?
Very modern.
Do you have one for me?
Don't look at me like that.
Give it up!
It's me, always in due
time and proper form, eh.
There you go, there
you go, liven up!
Ok, there you go.
It seems you are slow.
Hey, what's up?
Come on, gimme that.
Good, good.
Callao and Corrientes.
There you go, huh?
Come on, gimme that, huh?
What are you waiting for?
Come on, come on.
Come on, come here!
Mario, my friend.
But it's been a long time
since I've been there,
I mean it, it must have
been some other place.
And here I am.
And what is this thing
you have hanging here?
A good luck charm.
I heard there's a dude
that's in love with you.
- In the Red Light District.
- Who?
Wow, this is the goddess.
This is the queen.
- Hi, sexy mama.
- Hi, baby.
- Hi love, hi.
- How is it going?
- Fine, and you?
- Fine.
- What are you looking for?
- To play a little, honey.
- What?
- To play!
Come on, come a little closer.
Like this?
How close?
Hi, sexy mama.
- Ay, you're sweet!
- Really?
- You look great.
- Do I?
- What's your name?
- Lorena, and yours?
- Vctor.
- Vctor?
And how much do
you charge, honey?
- For the both of you?
- Yeah.
Well, you are cute boys.
There's always a
discount for cute boys.
What does that mean?
- Well, maybe.
- Do you wanna go for a ride?
- Well, why not?
- Where?
I'm surprised,
you surprised me.
- OK.
- Good.
We'll go for a
ride and be back.
OK, I'll be waiting.
Can you stick your tongue out?
Behave yourself...
and your friend, too.
- Bye.
- Bye, baby.
Wow, there we go.
- Shall we go out, cookie?
- Hi, beauty.
- Shall we go out?
- Eh?
- Shall we go out?
- I'd love to.
- It's 50, hotel included.
- Really?
I'd charge you 80.
What do you think?
And you owe me 30.
What if I charge you 100
and you can owe me?
- You're so pretty!
- Bye.
- I like how she negotiates.
- Yeah.
- Let's see these two.
- Look at you!
Let's see.
- Hot mama.
- Let's see, honey.
You like it?
- Move it aside for me.
- Oh, sexy mama.
- Let's see.
- Twenty for a blow job.
- Eh?
- Twenty for a BJ.
Twenty for head?
I love BJs.
Do you dig BJs?
Yeah, with that mouth.
How yummy.
- That's good.
- Let's go.
- Bye, mama.
- Bye.
- Look at this one.
- I like her.
Yes, this one, I love her.
Look, no.
Are you coming, baby?
Uh Uh
Ok. Bye, love.
The blonde one.
The blonde one.
The blonde one?
I'd do the blonde one,
the first and the third one.
This one looks like my mom.
Good evening.
What's that disguise all about?
For 30 dollars you can fuck
Thatcher, you spoiled brat.
Wow, ok.
Bye, Margarita.
No fucking way!
That was a moron who hasn't
let go of the Falkland Islands war.
Margaret Thatcher.
- Are they pulling my leg?
- Yeah, and they got it.
Here, look.
Very good.
I'll stick with this.
To the chopsticks.
You know what I was thinking?
Remember the Duck?
The Duck!
Do you know anything about him?
He's... the bouncer
at a gay club.
Good for him!
It's a ritzy club,
20 bucks a drink.
The Duck.
And the other one?
What was his name?
The red-haired one who
wore the Miami t-shirt.
What a fool, please!
Lolo, Lolo, yeah, that one.
He disappeared.
He told everybody that
an American businessman,
I think, had gotten
him set up in Miami.
others say he's dead.
They say he died from it...
and that he made up that
story about the American...
to get admitted to the hospital.
What an asshole!
Don't be so crude,
nobody's safe.
- He's an asshole.
- No, he's not.
- I bet he let them.
- What would you know?
- I do know.
- Shut up.
I'm sure they offered
him twice as much.
Sure, right.
And he was willing to...
fuck without a condom.
Don't you realize it's
just his style, you moron,
this whole thing
about the American,
the shitty shirts he used
to wear that said 'Miami'?
I bet he ended up in
the AIDS hospital...
in the infectious section.
What an asshole.
- So, what are you?
- Now I'm a wild boar.
How come "now you
are a wild boar"?
- I'm a snake, let's go!
- OK.
- Should I buy it?
- No.
- It's bullshit.
- Right.
How about going at it
together, relaxing?
Going out, are
you asking me out?
No, I said going at it.
Now I get it,
I know what you mean.
C'mon, d'you want to?
Don't play stupid.
- We are both machos, right?
- Yeah.
Well... so?
Well, but I'm not sure...
"The Swan" reopened.
Remember "The Swan"?
- "The Swan".
- On Congreso street.
The one with the
billboard at the entrance.
- Yes, neon light.
- It would be cool if...
Well, I was planning on
working one more hour.
"I was planning on
working one more hour".
There were never lies
between us, or were there?
- Should I answer that?
- No.
- Hello, guys.
- Good evening.
- How are you?
- Hi, hi.
How is it going?
18, 25 or 35?
Does the one for
35 have a Jacuzzi?
- Yes.
- Ok, I'll take the one for 35.
- In the back, on the right.
- OK, thanks.
You knew Fatty...
in fact,
I think you were with him...
a few times last Summer.
- Really?
- Yeah, don't you remember?
I don't know who you
are talking about.
I left the streets
thanks to him.
At the beginning he'd come looking
for me once or twice a week.
One day he told me
"here, this cab's for you".
He was still the owner,
and I'd only drive it,
but I didn't have
to pay a thing.
Fatty would even fill it up.
- Everything.
- Everything.
One day, about...
three months ago,
he went to see the doctor
and found out he had cancer.
- Cancer?
- Cancer, yes.
He came back and told me;
"put a tie on,
we'll go see a notary".
He left me a condo and the cab.
For you?
And the rest?
He left the rest to
his wife and sons.
He died.
Only at the cemetery
did I meet his sons,
two guys older than me.
- Didn't you know them?
- No.
They were so uncomfortable;
They kept looking at their watches.
I wouldn't be
surprised if they were...
afraid of being late
to watch "Big Brother".
You knew him.
What a guy, a good guy.
Am I so boring?
No, I'm listening,
you moron, I'm listening.
- You look tired.
- Fuck you!
- You're falling asleep.
- Fuck you!
You son of a bitch.
Stop it!
- Hi, good evening.
- Hey.
How's it going?
Hang on a second...
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
See you tomorrow.
Paola, let's go,
it's getting late.
- Hi, lvaro.
- Hi, are you cold?
Hi, chief.
I'm cold.
How are you doing?
Thank you very much,
very good, hey!
Our herbs are no good.
Yeah, it's gone, all the
sticks are on top, right?
There you go, for the friends.
Is it bitter?
I bet you, if that one
orders anything...
he cannot afford it.
Tuesday, November 2nd.
So you do remember.
It's not a dream.
It's me.
I'm here.
Have you ever gone back?
No, never again.
What are you doing here in
the middle of the night?
You didn't use to ask
so many questions.
I used to be an asshole.
No, not at all.
You used to be a
very bright boy,
too cute to stay in town.
What do you know about my life?
What would you say if I told
you they just tried to kill me,
would you believe me?
And before that I almost
got run over by a car?
Through the whole night,
I've felt I was being spied on,
followed; As if I was in
danger, you know what I mean?
The night is almost over.
When the sun comes out
all the fears are gone,
all of them.
Believe me, I know.
The sun comes out
at ten to six.
I read it in
yesterday's almanac.
Then you must know
what day it is.
Yes... November 2, why?
Where were you born?
What does that have
to do with anything?
- In Gonzlez Catn.
- So?
That's the outskirts
of Buenos Aires.
In Buenos Aires, people
never know about...
the important things in life.
But I was born in the North...
in the province of Chaco.
Over there, people know things
that get forgotten in the city.
I don't know, maybe they are
scared to think of those things...
and they choose
to live this way.
For example, we know there's
a day that starts at midnight,
before sunrise...
in which the dead
that really want to...
can come back to this world...
to look for their loved ones...
and take them back
to the other side...
You see?
Now I've spoken, you know.
Stay with me...
until sunrise.
You never wanted to
understand other people.
You never got us.
But if you ask me to...
I'll stay with you.
- Liar.
- What?
You think that I don't
know that you forgot me.
You think I don't realize that
I never even existed to you.
The only thing you ever
gave me was 15 minutes...
in the back seat of a car.
What are you saying?
And I had to get rid of the scum
you left inside me all by myself.
What are you saying?
- What?
- You fake.
- You fake.
- What are you saying?
We never slept together.
What are you saying?
You want me to think
you only sleep with men,
but I know the truth,
I know you do it for the money.
Me, on the other hand, you
left me a child inside.
It's true.
I had to get it out
of me using this rod.
I took it out from inside
and I lost all my blood.
All of it.
It's true.
I never stopped
thinking about you.
FOR REN Listen, young man...
excuse me,
do you know if bus 47
still goes to the cemetery?
Yes, the cemetery is the
end of the line, ma'am.
What a great thing.
Of course the cemetery
is the end of it,
as if we didn't know!
We go every year by this time,
so we get used to it.
Don't you go?
Of course not.
At his age, he hasn't lost
any loved one, yet.
Oh, here it is!
Get the ball from him, Mati.
Get the ball!
Hey, hey, hey.
Do you want us to throw
your shoe on the tracks?
Hey, I'm leaving.
Here you go.