Room 203 (2022) Movie Script

What the hell?
You patch that hol?
I'm working on it.
Oh yeah, that always does it.
Why's that?
I've worked this unit every
year, and it's like clockwork.
Tenants never stay long, and
that hole is always there.
We can smoke in here?
No, Chad, I can smoke in.
Now listen.
I did hear this story.
That cavity in the wal?
It's alive.
It's waiting.
It's hungry.
And if you stare at
that long enough,
it becomes a glory hol.
Man, stop playing with me.
Sun's down, scrape out the
damp, cover it with wallpaper,
and I'm not paying overtim.
I need at least another hour.
No, we'll do it tomorrow.
We need to drag this ot
a few more days anyway.
So just go home.
You need a ride?
My girl's meeting me.
All right.
Well, lock up before
you leave, all right?
You got it, boss.
Man, this is fucking bullshit.
What the fuck?
Hey, Mister.
Sorry I'm late.
Look who finally showed up.
And look what I brought.
Is that a four-pack?
Two might've disappeared
on the way over here.
Yeah, sure.
Oh, wow.
That's cool, right?
Wait, wait.
I got something for it.
You got that for me?
Here, turn around.
Let me see.
Do you like?
I love.
And you need another beer.
Baby, you okay?
Oh, fuck.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Look at me, look at me.
Lena, baby, no, no, no, no.
Help, somebody!
Look at me, Lena.
Please help!
Oh, fuck!
Okay, I'm gonna get help,
okay, I'm gonna get help.
You're making a huge mistake.
She's a bad influence on you.
You step out that door,
don't come back to us
asking for help.
This place is lit, right?
So cool, I love the floor.
Where's your mom and dad?
Still not a fan of mine, huh.
Not a fan of either
of us right now.
I'm just happy
you're here with me.
I'm just happy to
ride out your coattails
when you become like,
a famous journalist.
Or if I make it before
then, I'm gonna give yu
an exclusive article
on how fabulous I am.
I like your hat, man.
I'm Ronan, the landlord.
You're moving into
room 203, right?
That's us, yeah.
This is the same
building, right?
This was an old
commerce building.
The bank was on the first,
the other floors were
converted to apartments
during the Depression.
We take first, last,
plus damages, cash onl,
for tenants like
you with no credit.
That's how it's done.
There's no parking included.
No smoking, no loud
noise after nine p.m.,
no cats, no dogs,
and the basement
is off limits to residents.
This is the last floor to be
renovated in the building.
The other units on
this floor are empty,
so it's just yours
here that's available
and mine back over there.
All original
pre-war furnishings.
Utilities are included
in the monthly.
All furnishings are required
to remain in the apartment.
Oh my...
This'll do.
This will do just fine.
It's better than the photos.
Definitely vintage vibes.
You concur?
I concur.
This is beyond.
It reminds me of
that messed up play
that you did freshman year.
"Murder at the Cathedral."
Don't touch that!
This is an historic building,
and under no circumstances
can that be damaged.
Got it, dude.
Are we good here?
She said this was
the only picture
where her hair looked nice.
Her hair always looked good.
I call wheelbarrow.
That was your mom's rules.
Sad girl goes in
the wheelbarrow.
Let's go!
Blood surging to my head.
Fuck, I'm dizzy.
Oh, you know what
I just remembered?
It's a margarita Thursday.
That's not a thing.
I just made it a thing.
It's margarita Thursda.
I can't.
I have orientation day
the day after tomorrow.
Found me on the Gold Coast
Take me where I wanna go
I'll be in your pokey show
Ooh, oh
You can call me Marianne
Tell me I'm your favorite
Yeah, gotta give
me what you got
The sun goes down
We stay awake
You got that shine
I'm in your dreams
You're getting tired
I'm only gonna borrow it.
Borrow it?
I bought it!
Hello, you've
reached Samuel and Anne White.
Please leave us a
message after the tone.
Hey, it's me.
I just want to let you know
that we got all moved in
and the place is really good.
And I'm happy.
Okay, I'm gonna try again
tomorrow after my first day.
Love you.
- Hi.
- Good morning.
I think I dreamt I peed
on the roof last right.
Wait, no, I think you did
pee on the roof last night.
Round two tonight, baby.
That's not what I'm saying.
What I'm saying is that
99% of college students
go to orientation
with a hangover.
I think it's like
a rite of passage.
If I even look at tequila
tonight I'm gonna vomit.
Dude, just drink win.
I know, I tried to hang
the mirror there last night,
but the nail didn't hold.
Found it on the
floor this morning.
Ew, it's fine.
We'll just ask Ronan to fix it.
I think I see something.
Izzy, don't, you know
you're just gonna mess it up.
No, hold on.
- Don't.
- Oh no, it's fine.
You're kidding!
I told you I was
gonna be a superstar.
My pictures everywhere and
everyone knows my name.
- Was that in the wall?
- Yeah.
- Let me see it.
- Finders keepers.
Well, I don't want to ke.
There's probably mold
on it or something.
Oh, whatever.
This is vintage, and Im
the queen of vintage.
Mm-hmm, more like
queen of tetanus.
- That's a good one, actually.
- Thank you.
Get ready, we're
going out tonight.
Okay, so, your mom ad
dad, wouldn't let you
hang in high school,
and then what?
They disown you now, o?
They don't disown me.
They're just really strict.
It's 'cause I went to rehab.
Damn, well...
Not for alcohol, you jackass.
Well, then for what?
None of your
business, stranger.
My name is Steve.
Oh, well good for you, Steve.
Anyway, we're roommates now,
and I start at the
college tomorrow.
Okay, cool.
All right, so you guys
are going to college.
That's cool.
Not me.
Well, what are
you gonna do, then?
Oh, you know, just
probably thinking
I'm gonna drink a lot here.
She's an actress.
Thanks babe.
You're so fucking so hot.
Dude, what are you doing?
Calm down, we're all just,
we're hanging out here, right?
I'm sorry, we'll be quieter.
You know, I didn't
tell you how much
that punch turned me o.
You know, we could
try something like that
if you want, huh?
You can slap me or...
Look, we don't have to
if you don't want, but...
Man, what the fuck?
Holy shit.
What the fuck?
Morning, sunshine.
It's orientation day.
I told you I wouldn't fail you.
I heard some weird
noises last night.
Oh dude, I didn't hear shit.
And that guy must've left.
What's his name?
Dude, I totally forgot.
But yeah.
How's your hand?
Oh, you know, it's all good.
- What time is it?
- It's only 11.
Orientation already started.
Excuse me?
I'm here for the orientation.
You're late.
Orientation ended
15 minutes ago.
I was giving the orientation
tour, so in exchange
for an extra hot non-fat
sugar-free vanilla latte,
I'll give you the
exclusive Ian tour for one.
That's your drink?
I'm kidding.
You got a deal.
Need your name first.
I got that from the tour.
It's all about the web p.
You'll access the live
lectures, round tables there.
Has its own social network.
I'm not really giving
you any gold here.
You don't have to
write it all down.
What are you
majoring in, anyway?
Journalism, but I
want to minor in psych.
I'm a junior now.
I'm doing journalism
too, but I'm focusing
on video journalism.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Just it's the future.
Information's become
democratized on the we.
I think that's part of
the problem, though.
I mean, any idiot with
an internet connection
can take a video of
themselves and call it news.
What about you?
Call me romantic, but
I think there's something
special about the written word.
Like I...
I don't know.
I think there's something
special about the process
of real journalism,
and it helps people.
I hate to break it
to you, but that means
you're gonna be taking a couple
courses with Dr. Phillips.
Is that bad?
Dude is a complete ass.
He was must've given you a C.
C minus.
So you came here
for spring semester,
and your friend came
to pursue acting?
Yeah, but we just
wanted to get away.
I was being suffocated
by my mom and dad.
But Izzy...
She was struggling aftr
her mom passed away.
So I wanted to help her,
and it kinda helps me too.
She's like family, so.
There's a story for Dr.
Phillips' class right there.
You could write about
how you help a friend
cope with loss, you know?
Anyway, you're lucky to have
a friend that's like family.
It's cool.
And we found this
amazing apartment.
I mean, it's amazing
and creepy, kind of.
But we can afford it, so.
I've actually got ths
little protest today
I'm gonna cover.
See you on the portal.
Thanks for the in-person
lesson on isolated education.
Just getting back.
Haven't heard from you.
Gonna go to bed soon.
Hey, what's with the smell?
In the wake...
Of an accidental overdose...
Doesn't always feel like l.
It's more like surviva.
Like you've been kissed
by death and the shadow
that looms in the aftermath is
a reminder that you're next.
I watch helplessly as t
stalks my best friend.
It has come close.
The shadow gave her
a fistful of pills
on a beautiful of
Fourth of July.
But the subsequent fireworks
that burst inside her
didn't finish the job.
She refuses the call to
the other side, but...
The shadow is patient.
What the fuck?
What are you doing?
Hey, wake up.
Wake up, Izzy, please?
I'm here.
It's okay.
She's still with us.
I can feel her.
Well, I had two
visitors last night.
An imaginary bird, then you.
Was the bird cute?
Was I cute?
I'm sorry, Kim.
I put the two and two together
when I woke up in your bed.
But I don't remember anything.
Izzy, last-
- You liked your
smoothie, right?
I like my sleep more.
I used to sleep
walk when I was a kid.
It'll stop.
And if it doesn't,
you won't even know,
'cause I installed a lock.
So what were you
up to last night?
I've met someone.
What's his name?
Her name.
Her name is Sandy, and I met
her last night at the bar.
She is a casting
assistant to this lady.
And guess what?
She's getting me an
audition for this TV show
that she's doing.
When I get the part, taking
you to your first strip club.
- Mm-mm.
- Mm-hmm.
I was gonna tell you
about it last night,
but I met someone too, a guy.
And I like him.
I think I'm gonna let
him take me on a date.
Oh, are you okay?
Yeah, sorry.
My cramps are really
kicking my ass today.
There's aspirin in the
cabinet over the stove.
Drink more water, less tequila.
The SPJ code of ethics
is a great place to start.
You should always run through
the checklist to ensure that
you are delivering your
content in a way that
you're both proud of and that
will stand up to scrutiny.
My office hours are
available as usual.
Thank you, everyone.
Excuse me, Dr. Phillips?
Yeah, I just...
I wanted to ask a questiont
my personal experiences ar,
because what I'm writing about
isn't technically about me,
it's about my friend and
her personal experiences,
some difficult situations and
how I've seen it affect her.
And I think it'd be important
for me too, just be cathartic.
I'm not gonna say
her name or anything,
but I was wondering if youk
I need to get her permission.
You should act
independently here.
As long as you aren't
putting her in any danger
or betraying her trust.
Yeah, I just feel
it's important.
I don't think she'd
understand right now
what I'm trying to do with it.
As long as you
leave her anonymous,
I think you'll be fine.
Good luck.
Thank you, Doctor.
I was just getting some
help from the professo.
So the audition's
today, and then
Sandy's taking me
out for drinks after.
Casting couch.
You should go see that boy.
Give your mom and dad a big
fuck you by fucking him.
All right, I'll see you.
Good luck, love you.
Love you!
So then she punched this
guy in the face.
I think he was knocked out.
Remind me not
to piss Izzy off.
She sounds cool, I just don't
want to go down like that.
How'd her mom pass awa?
Sorry, I shouldn't
have asked that.
Sorry, it's the
journalism thing,
it's ruined my social etiq.
No, no, it's fine.
She just...
It was an overdose.
And the thing about
it was I think she was
the happiest person that I.
I mean, I loved
Leanna, and I had just
no idea that that's wht
she was going through.
And I think she was
going through that
and she was just this
light in our lives,
then what does that
mean for the rest of u?
Just can't imagine.
It crushed Izzy.
The worst part about
it is that I let
my parents run my life.
They wouldn't let me
over there to see her.
They thought I'd overdose
by osmosis or something.
So I couldn't go to the fu.
When she needed me
most, she called me
and asked me to be
there, I didn't show u.
And then the next
thing that I heard,
she was in the hospita.
She tried to...
She took a bunch of pills.
I just promised myself that I
would always be there for her.
Don't apologize.
Come on.
I'll take you for a ride.
You don't have a car.
Yeah, I know.
When's the last time you
rode on a pair of handlebars?
This is better
than a car, right?
- It's kinda scary!
- I know.
How fast are we goin?
Five miles per hour.
You almost got me killed.
You almost got you killed.
I'd invite myself up, but
actually really sweaty now.
Good, 'cause I
would've said no.
Go shower.
Can I see you again?
Hello, you've
reached Samuel and Anne White,
please leave us a
message after the tone.
Hi, it's me again.
I just want to tell you
how it's going here.
I like my classes.
We're doing good.
I guess call me back
if you have time,
or want to talk,
I had a really good
time with you today.
I really wanna kiss yo.
Well why don't you do it?
Are you okay?
Are you awake?
It's me, Kimmy.
Hey, are you...
Izzy, wait.
Izzy, please?
It's me.
Izzy, please.
Please, where are you?
Izzy, where are you going?
Izzy, wait!
It's okay.
It's all right, Izzy.
You're gonna be safe.
You're gonna be all right.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I don't understand.
It's okay.
I think you just
need to stay in bed.
You need rest.
And please don't drink.
I don't know what that was
last night, but it scared me.
I'm not gonna drink.
I have a call back today.
Drink this.
My head really hurts.
I think it might
just be stress.
Can you see a doctor?
I don't have insurance.
And like, I don't know,
but they're not gonna
let me take sleeping pills.
No, that's not
what I was saying.
I don't want that.
Do you ever feel like
you're watching your dreams,
but you're not part of them?
Well, that's
what it felt like.
I feel like I'm talking crazy.
No, no, you're not.
This is real.
You weren't sleepwalking,
you were awake.
Well, what do I do?
I need to do something.
Research, investigate.
That's what we're
supposed to do, right?
There's always an answer,
you just have to dig.
Just can't judge what we.
You'll need like a
research assistant.
Will you come to
the apartment with me?
Finally, you're
inviting me up.
Just don't talk to hr
about it though, pleas.
I just want you to
see the place first.
Maybe there's like radon
poisoning happening or something.
I don't think radon makes
you sleepwalk yourself
down to the basement.
What the hell?
Is she gone?
I don't know.
Can I help you?
Do you know this guy?
He's my landlord.
I came to treat the glass.
Oh, okay.
Can you let me know in
advance when you're gonna be
coming into the apartment?
You went down to the bas.
The basement is off
limits to residents.
Don't go down there.
Your landlord's
kind of a dick.
This thing is horrifying.
You ever seen stained
glass like this?
- No.
- Me neither.
Last night Izzy was
just staring at it.
It was weird.
It was like she was
hypnotized or somethin.
That symbol is weird.
It looks like kinda Irish
or Celtic or something.
What else?
What else what?
You said she was
holding a music box?
Yeah, I found it in that
little cabinet over there.
All the stuff is just
like stuff left behind.
From other renters or what?
I think so.
I don't know.
One second.
Look at these.
This is the music box?
It's not making
any music sounds.
It was last night.
I'm not crazy, it was, I swear.
To my dearest Karen,
always yours, L.M..
Hey, I'm Ian.
How's your call back?
Sandy didn't even
show up, so I guess
it kinda just went like that.
I'm sorry, hon.
I'm sure it went better
than you think it did.
And there's always
gonna be more.
There is gonna be more.
I get another chance to
get rejected tomorrow.
My sister's an actress.
They made her be the spoon
in "Beauty and the Beast."
That's great.
Why don't you cover that up?
I tried.
Smells kinda weird.
I know.
And the necklace that
Izzy found was in ther.
Out of the hole?
She just reached her hand
in there and found it.
Okay, but that's gross.
Does Izzy eat gum
off the sidewalk too?
Shut up.
No, no, really,
that's fucking crazy.
Why would that be in there?
Why would you wear it?
Moving on.
All right.
I'll look into anything
I can find on the window.
You look into the apartment.
Okay, this is definitey
a Celtic mark,
it's called a triskele.
It's like a druid pagan symbol.
Liam McNally.
Look at this.
It's Karen.
It's the name from
the music box.
That's crazy.
That's their music box, right?
It has to be.
Look at this.
"Bank manager
murders pregnant wife."
Milton Briggs.
"He was last known to
be in his apartment..."
They all lived in
this apartment?
I don't know, some of
the articles don't say.
What happened?
Are you okay?
There was this bird,
there was a fucking bid
and it flew at me.
It's just a dream, all right?
It's okay.
Can I help you with some?
Excuse me.
Are you Kim White?
I'm her roommate.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
Kim, I got your paper.
Oh, fuck.
I'm just here in
St. Mark's Cathedral.
As a lifelong atheist, I
don't have much experience
with stained glass
windows, so I wanted to see
these in person,
make some comparisons
between the windows
in the church
and the stained glass
window in Kim's apartment
at the commerce building.
So far, what I'm seeing
here are depictions
of religious events, you know,
probably biblical symbolism.
Or they're totally decorative.
Either way, the tone
is about reverence.
They're generally uplifting,
and generally pretty.
In contrast to the
window in room 203,
I don't see any maker's
marks or symbols
that appear to be Celtic.
Can I help you?
Are, are you Milton Briggs?
When I can remember
my own name I am.
Did I forget to pay
a bill or something?
No, no, nothing like that.
I go to college here
and I'm actually doing
some research for an article,
and I was just wondering
if I could talk to
you for five minutes
about Liam and Karen McNally
and the night that they died.
Why would you want to
write an article about that?
They've already wrote everything
there is to say already.
I just wanted to
hear it from you.
I haven't had to talk
about that in about 50 years.
I don't want to
dredge up the past.
Five minutes.
I live in that same apartment,
and I just need to know.
You live in room 203.
That night I was
working the graveyard,
and I heard some footsteps.
I figured it was Larry,
the other janitor,
had come back 'cause
he had forgot his keys,
but then I heard more
footsteps, and crying.
So I stepped out to
see what was happening.
And that's when I saw him.
Chasing his wife
into the boiler room.
Mr. McNally.
He was after his wife.
And she was screaming.
So I ran after them and chased
them into the boiler room,
and that's when I saw the.
Blood on who?
Mrs. McNally.
She was clutching her
stomach and crying out.
It was everywhere.
And then the crying stopped.
And I just froze.
I've never been so ashamed
of anything in my life.
I stood there, and
when he got up,
he just walked right past me.
He had a look in his eyes
I'd never seen in a man.
It was like I wasn't even.
Like I was a ghost.
I felt like I
floated Mrs. McNally.
I just wanted to
stop the bleeding.
All of a sudden,
I heard a gunshot.
He shot himself?
I guess.
I couldn't think
of what that was.
My mind just wasn't
ready for it yet.
At that point, all I could
hear was the baby crying.
The baby survived?
He did.
A little boy.
What happened to him?
Nobody told me.
I went into shock.
And I've never stepped foot
in that building again.
Hey Kimmy.
Where are you going?
Can you stay for a
few minutes, please?
I need to talk to you.
I've got plans, kid.
Wanna talk about thi?
This whole fucking
thing is about me.
My life.
Izzy, I'm sorry, oka?
I didn't say your name
and I kept it anonymou.
I was just trying to help.
Help who?
No, no...
I was trying to-
- You didn't have
to say my name.
It's obvious who
you're talking about.
You took my tragedy, ripped it
open, and put it on the page.
You made me your guinea
pig just so you can
get a fuckin' A?
No, please, Izzy, don't,
it wasn't like that, okay?
I need you to listen to me now
because it's really important.
Like I needed you.
I buried my mom.
Where the fuck were yo?
Izzy, I'm sorry.
- No.
- No, I am sorry!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
If you were there,
you wouldn't have had
to write this fucking
paper just to make
yourself feel better.
I mean, did you
even ask yourself
why I was so fucked up after?
Bro, you were the
only family left.
And you left.
Izzy, I'm sorry.
I am, I'm sorry,
Izzy, please stay.
I just wanted you
to fight for me.
Izzy, please.
Druids worshiped Pagan gods.
"Goddess of revenge, war,.
Known as 'fury.'"
Often takes the form of a crow.
The mark of the Morrig.
Okay, just the facts,
and the facts are weir.
I found something on
the stained glass windw
in your apartment.
I was researching...
Anyway, whatever.
I just need to tell you
about it as soon as possible.
And maybe you shouldn't
be there right now.
If you are there.
Call me back as soon
as you get this.
I'm coming over.
That was the last picture
taken of my parents.
Do you recognize anything?
My mother's necklace.
Morrigu chooses
who wears it next.
She's with her now.
And she needs to feed.
Feed her children.
If I don't satisfy
the crows soon,
she's going to come after me.
Like she did my
mother and my father.
Normally, it would
be done by now.
But your friend is fighting it.
The others were quicke.
I'm telling you this...
Because you're about to
join them in the walls.
Oh, shit.
Izzy, Jesus.
Ian, right?
Is Kim here?
Do you know where she is?
She'll be back.
For now you can sit here...
And wait.
I don't have a choic!
Morrigu has been trapped
in the glass for centuries.
She's a part of my family.
I found my father's journal.
He taught me about the curse.
He taught me how she feeds.
How the souls she
takes leave a totem
and allow her to
cross into our realm.
My parents thought
they could ignore it,
and she found a
way to get to them.
She won't get to me.
Take this offering.
Feed on her soul.
You little bitch!
Izzy, where are you?
We need to leave,
we need to go now!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You can't save her now.
It's me.
It's Kim.
Just let me save her, okay?
Just let me save Izzy.
I'll go with you.
Just please, okay?
I saw him.
I saw your father's face.
That means she's her.
It's time.
Don't do it, just...
Don't do it.
It's my responsibility.
Help me, Kim.
I need you.
That's why I'm here.
I'm gonna help you, okay?
I just need you to take
off the necklace, okay?
Take the necklace off, Izzy.
Can you get me home?
I love you, Izzy.
I won't let her have you, okay?
I won't.
Help me, please help me.
Help me.
I need you.
Take the necklace of.
Izzy, I won't let you go.
She's mine.
Izzy, don't leave me.
Don't leave.
I love you, Izzy, okay?
Please, I love you.
- Are you okay?
- Fuck.
It's okay, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Let's get the fuck outta.
Not yet.
Not until we destroy
that fucking window.
Fuck, Kimmy, just
do it and leave!
Come on, Kimmy, just
do it and leave!
Kimmy, please.
It's okay.
Come on.
We gotta go.
When you're one
of those left behind,
you understand that the
shadow will always exist.
There's no doomsday clock
ticking away your countdown.
It's more of an appreciation
for every single morning.
That's why I'm grateful
to be here with her.
She appreciates me
simply for existing.
She loves me because
I fight alongside her.
If the shadow wants
to knock on this door,
it'll have to take us both.