Room 213 (2008) Movie Script

- ROOM 213 -
Do you know what a whore does?
Yes, sir.
Stand up.
Remove your underwear.
Put it over there.
Pull up your skirt.
You know what to do.
Happy Anniversary.
Let's go.
Why ?
We're finished here.
Come on...
even if you only reached 8 o'clock.
I know you had fun.
Maybe I'd reach higher
if you weren't barren.
Let's go!
To our Diamond Year.
Why are we doing this?
To make sure
history doesn't repeat itself.
Do we really need
to dwell on the past?
Why not?
I'm a changed person.
Until now,
you still won't apologize.
These games began
during a rainy season with no rain.
My husband got an assignment
to restore a derelict building.
It's ironic that he can fix
such massive structures,
but can't do anything
to fix our marriage.
It's easy to see...
he's more interested
in decaying buildings than me.
Wearing that hat
is what gave my husband the idea..
that he could be somebody else.
I wasn't in
when he first brought the hat,
but I know it was for me.
That's how he should affection
by bringing gifts.
No fanfare.
Sad to say,
this is as intimate as we got.
He told me to meet him
at his new building.
It is the first time he's done so.
This is a rare occurrence.
Why aren't you wearing your hat?
I thought you might want to keep it.
It suits you.
Come with me.
You know,
I've been dreaming for a chance
to restore a building like this.
This place has seen so much.
Been so many things.
As we toured the building,
he told me its history.
It was built in 1914,
A wedding gift.
For a "mestiza" from
South America.
Initially, it was made into
an office building.
Then, it was bought by
a Chinese businessman.
Modified, transformed into a hotel.
He told me how a guest
complained of smoke everywhere.
It was later discovered
that it turned out to be evil spirits.
This must be the deluxe suite.
Probably at first.
In leaner times,
it was used as a brothel.
How nice of you to bring me here.
Makes you wonder
what these walls have seen.
I took the hat and made a copy
of the keys to the building.
I figured ,
I should put the space to good use..
before my husband
ruined it with renovations.
According to experts,
rising temperatures attributed
to global warming will continue.
This is probably the worst drought
situation that the country has faced...
since the 70's where thousands
of hectares of rice were destroyed.
I wonder if what I see in the mirror
is what my husband sees.
Maybe what he sees is another person.
Maybe he sees the different woman
I can become.
I know
until now you think I will stray.
That hurts.
But I promise you,
History won't repeat itself.
Please believe me.
That was the first time
I saw that strange creature.
This girl who was so clearly
in her own world.
Father, please forgive me,
For my mistakes.
What's troubling you, child?
Why are you taking pictures of me?
It's nothing.
Do you live around here?
I see you around all the time.
So you're a stalker?
But I'm not the malicious kind.
You smoke'?
Yeah, I quit.
You know, I'm really happy
we saw each other again.
Where've you been?
I've been at the studio all day.
You have a new victim?
There's only one person
I want to victimize.
Look at me.
It was difficult to talk
after what we'd done.
But we somehow began to speak
about fantasies.
There's no water again.
The tank is full.
Well, there's still no water!
Fine, I'll call the plumber tomorrow.
You always put it off,
why don't you just do it'?
Sure, I'll call him now.
Then call him!
Do it now! Call him up!
You're always just sitting there.
Fetching water.
I thought it was something suitors
did in the old days
for the girl and her family.
I guess that all changes
once they're married.
You know
you could help if you wanted to.
I'm doing something.
What are you doing?
Come on, I'm doing something!
What are you doing?
I'm just asking for your help.
Can't you see
when someone's busy?
Will reach 50 Million Pesos
to rehabilitate the rice fields...
due to the El Nino phenomenon.
The rising temperatures
will also have an adverse effect.
on the supply of rice...
and raise prices on goods
like vegetables, chicken, and pork.
Because of this,
the government has decided
to create a committee...
for the rehabilitation of workers who
have been affected by the calamity.
You know
you could help if you wanted to.
I'm busy.
Hello! I'm your wife!
So you're busy.
You're worthless!
We continued playing our games.
Desperate to attain our freedom
with our imagination,
Searching for passion in this sacred room.
You think you're a good husband?
Devoted. Hard-working.
But it takes more than that.
Do you know what a whore does?
But whatever we did...
We'd be as distant as before.
Love isn't just complicated.
It's a battlefield.
I know you got hurt.
I deserve it.
Maybe what you mean is:
It's hard when there is doubt.
If you have doubts
then why don't you just leave me?
Because you're my wife.
Hence all the experiments and
games you want to do...that we do.
Just so my eyes don't wander,
is that it?
You know this is just ruining us.
It's the other way around.
What you call games,
Are what is bringing out
our true selves.
Well why don't we stop
playing games and do it for real?
How about it?
Are you afraid, Mr. 8 o'clock?
That day I was going to test
the limits of the game.
It's fair to say my poor husband
had trepidations on this rendezvous.
We were both about to see
how much of a man he was.
Hey, why are you looking sad?
You enjoyed yourself.
You even reached 11 o'clock.
Why are you speechless?
I don't want to fight.
I'm not fighting.
It's cold.
By the way,
Could you tell who was who?
I know how big your hips are.
Are you sure?
I might have been just standing
in the corner,
While you were having a
But I'll confess.
I was one of them.
But aren't you curious
who the other one is?
A blindfold.
My gamble seemed to have paid off.
He was finally making things
interesting again.
I couldn't wait for what
he had planned.
How are you?
This is what you wanted, right?
Where are you going?
I have an on-site abroad.
When will you be back?
Your birthday.
That's not long enough for you
to miss me.
My useless womb.
I'm certain my child would be big by now ..
If I got pregnant early
in our marriage.
I wonder which one of us
would he resemble the most.
I can't believe we're meeting here.
It's nice here.
I'm sick of silence.
Since my husband left
due to work abroad,
the silence in the house
is driving me mad.
You're married?
please forgive me,
for my mistake.
What is it, child'?
I've committed a mortal sin.
I got involved with a married man.
That is a grave offense.
Does his wife know'?
Yes, Father.
Have you asked her
for forgiveness?
I don't think that's necessary.
Your offense is not just to the Lord.
What if...
His wife gave me her consent?
Excuse me,
I think
I recognize you from somewhere.
You recognize me?
Sorry. Maybe I made a mistake.
What if I was wearing a blindfold?
I don't know what I knew
this was the bastard. I just knew.
How much are you?
How much are you?
Answer, you devil!
Admit that you're my husband's
Or is your silence your confession?
Why won't you speak?
How much are you?
Were you paid enough to fuck me?
You're a fucking animal!
Get out! Get out!
A few days Eater,
My husband's accomplice
came back.
I know you were hurt.
You were shamed.
I've wronged you immensely.
But I hope you'll give me a chance
to make amends.
Despite my silence,
the devil kept coming back.
What are you doing here?
I'm here to ask for your forgiveness.
I know
you're not the only one at fault here.
It's also my husband's fault.
The devil wanted peace.
He victimized me.
I'll victimize him in my own way.
Little did I know that he had made
an impression with someone else.
Oh Lord.
Please forgive me,
For my sins.
I was swayed by flesh yet again.
Lord, please help me fight this.
I don't want you to get the wrong
impression of me.
What we did last night...
This is the last time
we'll see each other.
Because this is wrong.
I can't understand her.
What you had together
was too intense.
She just needs to cool off.
The fire reminded me
just how tinder-dry the world is.
Ready at any moment to ignite.
Were you sleeping?
No, no.
Then what are you doing?
Nothing. Taking a bath.
You sound guilty!
No, I don't.
Have you seen any sights?
Other than the building sites,
All I've seen is the hotel room.
Maybe you're working on
something else over there.
When are you coming home?
That's why I'm calling.
I'll be here another week.
You promised.
Don't worry, I'll buy you a present.
You've still never told me,
Why you and your husband
have a problem.
Why would I tell you?
Don't evade the question.
Even in our first year of marriage,
Work was the priority.
He was always at work.
I started looking at other men.
On our fourth marriage anniversary,
my husband was away.
I was lonely.
I found myself with another man.
And he found out'?
I told him.
Why did you tell him?
To show him what I'm capable of.
Since then
he never trusted me again.
He might be alarmed
if he finds out we're together a lot.
Don't worry.
He won't find out.
My husband did come back
for my birthday.
Probably as a surprise.
You women are really crazy.
I can't understand any of you!
Love is always complicated.
Help me.
I need to see her again.
Come in.
Nothing is sure in this world.
Don't let opportunities pass you by.
As the sun rises on my birthday,
Our three lonely souls...
Became one.
What happened in the past,
happened again.
It's been weeks
since I last saw my husband.
I haven't been back
to that room again.
The room that was meant to
bring us together,
is the reason why
we're now so far apart.
Now all I do is sit in his favorite spot
and hope for the door to open...
and find my husband's return.