Room 37: The Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders (2019) Movie Script

You are talkin'
You're talkin' to me
I'm not listenin'
Don't bother me
I'm alone
Even with you
I'm alone
So what do I do?
You're tellin'
You're tellin' me
I'm not listenin'
Don't bother me
I'm alone
Even with you
I'm alone
So what do I do?
I'm alone
So what do I do?
Alone in a crowd
Alone in a crowd
Alone in a crowd
Alone in a crowd
Alone in a crowd
Alone in a crowd
MAN: Can I help you?
Oh, yeah, I was looking
to check into a room
and there was nobody
at the front desk.
Well, sir, the check-out
time is 10:00 a.m.
Did you leave some
personal items or...
No, I'm not... I'm not
checking out of a room.
I'm checking into a room.
I'm so sorry.
I had you confused
with another guest.
All right, well,
why don't we go on down to the front desk?
I will get you
checked right in.
All right.
Say, is that, uh...
Is that the hair
of a rock star I notice?
I've come
to recognize the type.
No, it's just me being me.
You just arrived?
- How do you like it so far?
I like it so far.
All right. Here is
your room key.
And this is my card.
It's got our main number,
in case you need to get in touch with me.
You'll be in room 37.
There's someone
already booked in that room.
I've already asked for it
to be cleaned and ready.
I'll be damned if one of our maids hadn't
already cleaned it for ya. [CHUCKLES]
All righty.
Here you go.
Room 37.
If you need anything
at all from us,
just give us a call
at the front desk.
Our staff's
extremely attentive.
Hey, I'll tell you what? We got free
coffee down there in the mornings.
Plus, for lunch,
it's the best dang gumbo in the South.
So, uh, anything else?
that's all right. Here.
- Take that.
- Oh.
Oh, thank you
for your kindness, sir.
Thank you.
WOMAN: Well, it's not pretty,
but it's clean.
I knew, I cleaned
this room yesterday.
Is everything all right, sir?
It's fine.
It's all right.
Here for business,
sir, or pleasure?
Maybe a little bit of both.
Say, what's a pretty face like yours
doin' in a place like this, anyways?
This town is not as bad
as people say it is.
Seems like a pretty good
place to get away for a while.
Get away from what?
So, do you got a name, or should I
just keep calling you "pretty face"?
My name is Iris.
And you, sir?
Just Johnny.
[CHUCKLES] Well, Just Johnny,
if you need anything,
you know where to find me.
I've lived here
for quite a while.
I can tell you where to find
all the jewels of the city.
Say, talkin' about jewels
of the city,
what's the best place
to go for a drink around here?
There's a good spot
right up the street.
A good rock 'n' roll bar.
You'd like it.
Thanks, babe.
Don't mention it.
IRIS: Ms. Alexander...
You're gonna let me
clean your room today?
- Oh, it's great.
It's wonderful. Yeah,
it's just how everybody says it is, huh.
They got the greatest music
in the world here.
I'm telling you.
I'm telling you, I was taking a cab
over to the hotel,
and I walk down the street,
and there's people just
singing up and down the street.
I'm doing fine. Yeah.
Yeah. No, no, no.
My health's good.
I'm drinking my milk,
you know.
Actually, I...
I've been getting some more of
those bumps on my back, you know.
No, Mariann.
Mariann, no, no, no.
I'm not gonna go
to the hospital, okay? No.
All right? I don't trust
those guys. I don't...
Okay, listen.
I got a surprise for you.
I got something for you.
And I'm not gonna
let you down this time, okay?
So, are you listenin'?
I got $20,000 right here.
$20,000 that I made
in Japan and Germany.
I'm gonna pay
for your mortgage.
I'm gonna send you money in
the next couple of days, okay?
Sylvain's gonna call me
in a couple of minutes.
And uh, I can't make calls
from here, so, I think
I need to hang up soon, just
to make sure I get his call.
Okay, and listen,
you better call me. Okay?
If, if, if you get a...
If you get a call from her,
then just get back to me, all right?
I wanna know where they are.
And I wanna see...
I really wanna
see 'em again and...
And I'm getting myself
back together. I'm healthier
than I've ever...
Than I've ever been.
I'm staying here.
I'm gonna get clean.
And then when I get clean,
we'll have a dinner together, okay?
But in the meantime,
tell Ma to save
some spaghetti for me, okay?
[SIGHS] All right.
Last time we tried this,
Jerry and I were the only
ones who showed up, Johnny.
- Where were you?
- Listen, if David's involved,
I'm not gonna do it. That's it.
Fine and simple. All right?
I'm not going on stage
with that clown
after he did all that Buster
Poindexter shit. He sold out.
SYLVAIN: We're all in a different
place in our lives, also.
JOHNNY: Hey, there's not enough room
on stage for the two of us, okay?
He takes up all the room.
SYLVAIN: Why don't you
talk to him, Johnny?
I suggest you get yourself
a new guitar player
who's gonna stand in a spot
while David struts around
and sings all the songs.
Or, or if you don't want
David to be involved,
I'll play with you.
I'll play with you. I'll play with Jerry.
I'll play with Arthur.
SYLVAIN: Just give it some time
and think about it, Johnny.
All right, man.
Have a good one.
Yeah, you take care
of yourself, too.
We all miss you, man.
- Talk to you later.
- Just think about it.
Bon voyage, baby.
First time's confession
Second time's confusion
Every time
Vulture culture
Vulture culture
Oh, oh
Vulture culture
Circling back
Circling back to you
Johnny Thunders,
is that you?
- God damn it, for a second I thought you were a fan.
Thought I'd run
into you eventually.
Yeah. I've been here,
uh, 10 years come June.
- How do you like it?
- Mm.
I love it. I love it.
It's been about three years
since I saw you.
Look about 10 years older,
man. You all right?
Do I look all right?
So, uh, you making
a record down here?
Man, you should hear what the
new kids are doing these days,
new bands.
I don't listen to new music.
Oh, you don't listen
to new music. Nothing?
No. Next question.
Guy bought you a drink.
Said he's your biggest fan.
Great. Tell him I said thanks.
You got fans in all kinds
of places, baby.
You'd have to hide in the sun and run
in the shadows to get out of here,
getting rid of these people.
Yeah. Those bastards.
- Hey, at least I got a free drink.
At least I won't die alone.
So, how's everything back home?
Home, home, home.
Home is where the heart is.
How's the family?
How's the kid, Jamie?
She just, uh,
had her fourth birthday.
I haven't seen her in forever.
How's the old lady?
Ran off with the kids.
Well, hey. What are you
doing in New Orleans?
trying to start over.
Well, you came
into the right place.
Actually, I need
to buy some new material.
Why don't you get in the
studio, record some stuff for me
and I'll pay you
for your time?
We'll see if I have time.
All right. [CHUCKLES]
Where are you staying?
St. Peter's hotel,
down the block.
That's nice.
So, um...
You still living
on Chinese rock?
I'm, uh,
going straight.
I'm on methadone maintenance.
I'm clean.
Trying to start a new chapter,
you know.
Times are changing.
Well, I will drink to that.
Here's to the second coming
of the almighty Johnny Thunders.
Don't tell everyone
at once. Jesus.
Thank you. Thank you!
I've just been informed we have
a celebrity in the house tonight.
How many of you remember
the New York Dolls?
Speak of the fucking devil,
man. You can't escape it.
And Johnny Thunders
is in the house.
- MAN: Yeah!
Did you do this?
No, no, no, man.
Don't look at me.
This is your comeback, baby.
Now, I would be honored if you'd come
up on stage and do a song with us.
- No, I can't...
- MAN 1: Come on.
- I'm sorry. No thanks though, okay?
MAN 2: Come on, man.
All right, all right, just one song.
One song, all right?
Then you better
drink my drink. Yeah?
Say, what...
What do you kids
wanna hear anyways, huh?
You wanna dance, or you just
wanna stand around being assholes?
- MAN: I wanna dance...
All right, I'll play you your
favorite song, Born To Lose.
That's the way it goes
This city is so cold
And I'm, I'm so sold
That's why I know
I said hit it
- Born to lose
- Born to lose
- Born to lose
- Born to lose
- Born to lose
- Born to lose, oh
- Baby, I'm born to lose
- Baby, I'm born to lose, oh
Nothing to do
Oh, nothing to say
Only one thing that I want
It's the only way
I said hit it
Born to lose
I said hit it
Born to lose
I said hit it
- Born to lose
- Born to lose, oh
- Baby, I'm born to lose
- Baby, I'm born to lose
- Baby, I'm born to lose
Baby, I'm born to lose, oh
Hey! Hey, man.
Johnny. Come on, Johnny.
- WOMAN: Shit!
- TONY: Back up. Hey, hey, hey.
Back up. Back up!
Give him some space.
[INDISTINCT] You okay?
- You all right?
- Yeah. I'm fine.
Back up! Back up, all right?
Give him some fucking air.
- Come on. All right. Stand up.
Stand up. Come on.
[GRUNTS] Here we go.
I'm fine, all right?
I'm all right.
- You are not fine.
- Yeah.
No, you're not.
Sit the fuck down.
Listen, I'll sleep it off.
Walk it off.
- I'm worried about you.
- Fuck.
This is not okay, man.
You can't live like this.
I'm good.
You're not good.
This is bad.
Man, I mean, like,
you look like shit.
You just took a swan dive
off of a stage 20 minutes ago.
That? It happens
all the time, man.
All right, all right?
They love that shit.
The audience
loves that shit, man.
Fucking love it...
- Here. Here.
- Where's the lighter? Oh.
Man, I'm worried about you,
I don't like this.
I don't like this.
You don't look good.
What, do I look that bad?
Stop worrying, all right?
I got things going for me, okay?
I got a recording session
tomorrow, just down the street.
Okay. Where?
Where you recording?
I'm recording with Cliff.
You wanna come by?
You need to take it easy.
Like a breather.
Yeah, I am. I'm taking it easy,
man. Look at me.
- I am looking at you. You're not taking it easy.
- Okay? I am easy, huh?
- You're not taking it easy.
- Huh? I'm easy.
- What? What do you want me to do?
- All right.
Kiss you goodnight?
No, man, I'm... Come on.
You look like shit.
I'm just worried
about you, man. You took...
The audience loves
that shit, okay?
You know, your friends don't. All right?
And we're worried about you, okay?
This isn't good.
I'm worried, man.
All right. Look, I'm gonna
get out of here, all right?
You sure you don't want me to stick
around just for like an hour or so?
No, man. Calm down.
Get some sleep.
Do some meditation.
Do whatever
you guys do to, like,
get your shit together. All right?
It's all right. I'm fine.
- All right, my friend. Come on.
Come on. -Okay? Get some sleep.
All right?
All right. And you're
going to sleep?
I'm taking care of myself.
I'm fine.
[SIGHS] All right.
Good night.
All right, man.
Well, that should
take care of the clog.
These old pipes,
they get full of God knows what
every time a heavy rain
washes through.
Delroy, let me have the...
JOHNNY: Hey, guys,
can you check mine out, too?
Earlier it was
making some noise.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no...
No! Fuck! Fuck!
What the fuck!
JIMBO: Look, I'm just having
a hard time understanding.
Can you explain it one more time?
Mrs. Alexander did...
I don't know what else to say.
I don't know how else I can
make myself any more clear.
She was in here
and now my shit's gone.
My passport, my ID.
- My money, my medicine, it's all gone.
- Calm down.
Hey, don't tell me
to calm down. I am calm.
You are not listening to me.
She was right here.
Right fucking here.
All right. This is
beyond ridiculous.
You think
I'm making this up?
Earlier, you said
she was not in her room.
You can try to get a hold
of one of her grandsons
and see if
they can find her.
I can assure you that
Mrs. Alexander is too old.
She's not even capable of breaking
into other people's rooms.
She hasn't really been able to
talk or walk in years, Johnny.
Then where is she?
How far could she have gone?
How hard could this be?
Where is she?
Look, I am sorry that
your stuff is missing,
or it was stolen, or whatever.
But it's really up to our guests
to make sure that the door is...
Wait, wait, wait.
What are you trying to tell me right now?
Are you trying to tell me
it's my fault that I got robbed?
Is that what you're
trying to say right now?
This is your hotel.
You run this hotel.
It's your responsibility, okay?
My room was broken into,
and I got robbed.
You understand?
I can't come in and lock
the door behind the guest
after they come in
or when you leave.
Look, I will call you if I
hear anything or see anything.
You didn't hear this from me,
but you can always
go to the hospital
to, you know,
feel better.
Sorry, but I cannot
help you. Next?
No, look, seriously.
No. My ID was stolen, okay?
I'm on vacation. I swear I have
a prescription and the paperwork.
Sir, methadone is
not a recreational drug.
And you can only get the recommended
dosage with a valid prescription.
- But I do have a prescription.
- Sir, I gotta get through this line.
What would you rather have me do, huh?
Get loaded in the street?
You're denying me treatment?
If you have a prescription,
we can call your doctor's
office and have them verify.
I need my medication now.
Look, listen.
Okay, what can I do? Look, look.
Listen. Look, please.
- Can I just buy those from you?
- Sir, we don't just hand out drugs.
Can you just tell me
where I can get a dose?
I would suggest that you
talk to your doctor. Next?
They keep making it
harder and harder.
Every year, same bullshit.
Do you have an appointment?
You have a doctor?
Do you have a prescription?
Here's your
fucking prescription.
Give a man a mask,
he'll show you his true face.
Ain't that right, homeboy?
What do you need, man?
Weed? Uppers? Downers?
I got all kind of merchandise
to make you feel real happy.
Like royalty.
- Look, I'm not looking for a fix, all right?
- You're not?
Everybody's looking
for a fix, man.
Where you from?
- Not around here.
- No.
What do you... What are you?
I'm a musician.
Musician. Goddamn!
I'm a musician.
Well, was a musician.
Yeah. Do you know any
methadone clinics around here?
It's tricky to find some
of that shit around this joint.
I do know of a place though.
Deep down in the woods.
Say they got crates
of the shit out there,
like motherfucking
Mayflower crates, yo.
The story goes,
couple of fellas I know
busted into a hospital
and stole a crate of that shit.
Guess who's got that crate?
You do?
But I know who does.
See, my brother, Jimmy,
he was on that shit.
You seem like an all right guy.
So I'll let you in
on a little story.
Jimmy came in here once.
jonesing, looking for a fix.
Wasn't able to shoot up.
Didn't have any methadone. Hmm.
He was real sick,
little funny in the head.
See that spot right there?
That's Jimmy's blood.
He threw it up
when he got denied.
Guess he needed that real bad.
Said he was seeing shit.
Like, some real crazy shit.
Did he tell you what he saw?
But I really
wouldn't wanna know.
Would you?
Where is this place?
Tell him Skaggs sent you.
What the fuck you think
you're doing in my house, huh?
Oh, hey, man. Uh...
I, uh...
I got a piece of paper.
- You got a piece of paper.
- Yeah.
Huh? Well,
pull it out. Show me.
Show me your piece of paper.
- Ah. Hold on. Yeah.
- Huh.
- JOHNNY: It's...
I had it right fucking...
I had it right fucking...
See, uh,
your name's Eagle, right?
Skaggs sent me over here.
I met him at the hospital.
He told me about
his brother Jimmy.
He said I could buy
some methadone off of you.
That piece of shit.
Jimmy [LAUGHS]
has entirely too much
going on up here.
Huh? A little too much
junkie business.
You wouldn't want that to
happen to you now, would you?
- No, no, no.
- No. No.
- No. I didn't think so.
You know,
people swear that Jimmy
could see himself descending
into the lower levels of hell.
But you? Goddamn, boy.
You look like
you've been there.
You know,
as a matter of fact,
you look like
you're still there.
Let me tell you something.
I have no need for you
or your business.
So, you get the fuck out of here
before you burn a hole in this spot,
- you got me?
- No, listen, man.
I'll buy some methadone
off of you. 100 bucks, man.
All right? And
I'll give you $100.
I don't have
that kind of cash on me.
Sure you do. So reach
into your little pocket,
pull it out,
and put it in my hand.
You place that right here,
and we got a deal.
I will hook you the fuck up.
But if you don't,
I'ma castrate you
and feed you your own bits...
All right, man. Calm down.
Calm down. I got the money.
It's right here.
Here. Look here.
See that? That's all I got.
That's all...
That's all, all here.
All right. I'll hook you up.
Go on. After you.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah.
- Is this it?
- Yeah.
Thanks a lot, man.
- [GAGS]
What do you think Jamie saw?
Must've been something
really fucked up.
Oh, yes, because...
Oh, you're about
to find out first-hand.
Morning, Johnny.
Do you want me
to change your sheets?
You came in
pretty late last night.
Rough night?
I ain't gonna lie,
but I have to let you know.
I know this is dumb.
You probably get this
all the time, but...
You're Johnny Thunders.
The New York Dolls.
I recognized you
the second I saw you.
It's a shame that band
had to end so quickly, but...
I know that hasn't stopped you.
I'm glad you like the band.
That's good.
That's good.
I saw my drummer.
His name was Billy.
He died of an overdose
back in '72.
You don't understand.
This ride,
it comes at a price.
And Billy bought himself a one-way
ticket, and he never came back.
When he overdosed,
the guys he was getting loaded with,
they put him in a bathtub
and they force-fed him coffee.
They tried to wake him up,
but he choked to death.
You get no respect
until you're dead.
Oh, well...
[SIGHS] He kind of
tasted the life, Billy.
But this kind of
lifestyle killed him.
I saw his ghost in there.
And I think he's trying
to tell me something.
Fuck! [SOBS]
All my shit's gone.
How am I gonna get back?
How am I supposed
to get better if my medicine...
IRIS: I'm sure
you're going to be just fine.
My wife left me, Iris.
She took the kids
away from me.
And it was all my fault.
(SOFTLY) Hey, look...
Why don't you
just go see them?
I can't.
I can't. They won't let me.
Not until I get clean.
Not until I get better.
I gotta get better.
That's why I came here.
I gotta get better.
I need to heal.
Music heals.
This thing looks like
it could use some love.
It's always helped you
before, hasn't it?
Ms. Alexander...
Did they tell you
what happened to her?
Ms. Alexander died last night.
Her folks are coming
to collect her belongings.
Did I get any calls?
Send the bell cart
up to my room.
- It's time for me to check out.
So soon.
That's unfortunate.
It's cool, man.
$60 even.
All right.
You know what?
I was thinking, uh...
I was thinking maybe I should
stay one more night, you know.
Thanks, thanks a lot.
Yeah. Just one more night.
Sir? Sir?
That sounds great, Johnny.
That is what I'm talking about.
It's magic, brother.
I get to listen to it
every day.
I can't believe
I get paid to do it.
Hey, man, I'm gonna play back
your mix right in your headphones.
So you can
get fresh with it.
And we'll record
once you're feeling it.
So, go ahead
and take a listen.
JOHNNY: Can you turn it up, man?
I'm not getting anything
on my end at all.
Is this thing on?
I said turn it up.
I can't hear it.
I got you solid, man.
CLIFF: Sorry, man.
Was that too loud?
JOHNNY: Ah, something's wrong.
Can you try it out
on your end?
I got nothing on my end,
man. I mean...
Give me a second, okay?
You're okay. You're okay.
Cliff, my man.
- Oh, Tony, how's it going?
- Good. And you?
Pretty good, pretty good.
Thank you so much.
I just wanted to thank you
for bringing him in.
- You know, he's a great dude, I gotta say.
- Yeah.
But I mean, you know,
before all the New York Dolls stuff,
I mean, he's... Aside from all
that New York Dolls stuff, man,
he was doing all these
different side projects.
He's been
working his ass off.
I mean, this guy's gonna be
the next Keith Richards.
CLIFF: Hey, man,
while you're in there,
can you give me a guitar check?
Just a couple of chords.
Can you give me that again?
Just one more chord.
You know what?
I'm gonna bring you
another guitar.
It sounds like there's
something in the body.
- MAN: Hey!
What are you doing?
You're not supposed to be in here.
Uh... sorry.
I'll just leave.
How did you
get in this room?
Calm down, man. Okay? Calm down.
I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go.
No, no. Hold on.
Weren't you here earlier?
Your name is Frank, right?
Uh... Yeah, yeah. Uh...
Yeah, I was...
I guess I made a wrong turn
a couple of doors down
and ended up here.
So, I thought I'd just, uh,
grab my medicine and check
in with you guys later.
Follow me. I'll take
a look at your file,
get your medicine,
send you on your way.
Listen, I need
my medicine now.
Yes, understood.
But I'm going to look at you first.
You'll be out
of here in no time.
Follow me...
All righty. You just
sit tight right there, buddy.
A little while longer and
we'll get you your medicine.
Thanks, thanks a lot.
Thank you.
This looks like leukemia.
Have you been checked?
Uh, I just had
a rough night last night.
Hmm. Certain illnesses
follow certain patterns.
Body tends to bruise,
and has trouble healing.
About this methadone,
when did you have your last dose?
Too long.
Way too long.
I'm seeing things.
- Hallucinations?
- Yeah.
Methadone withdrawal
doesn't cause hallucinations.
That would be
a hallucinogenic drug.
Have you been
taking hallucinogens?
No, I swear. I swear.
I haven't been taking them.
I hate hallucinogens.
I want you to feel better.
This will help.
No, you need to sign this.
You know, some people
just don't listen.
Take that piece
of shit right there.
Now, I know for a fact
I told him
that if he fucked me,
I was gonna turn
his head into a canoe.
And I'll be goddamned, ain't
that exactly what happened?
You know what?
You are one lucky son of a bitch.
You know that?
'Cause if I hadn't
killed that piece of shit,
you might've done
some business with him.
Get up...
Does this bother you?
Here. I'ma put this
over here. See?
All gentle-like. Chill out.
We had a real
good time last time, right?
- [WHIMPERS] Yeah, we did.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Didn't we?
Yeah. Yeah, we had...
We had a really good time.
- We had a great time.
- We had a great time.
- That's right.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah, yeah.
We had a great time.
Hey, uh...
Yeah. I think
I'm gonna bounce.
Whoa! Slow your roll there,
- Oh, no...
- Give me the fucking thing!
I just wanna see it. Right?
Let me see
what you got here.
You want some of this?
It would be a crying shame
if you leave all empty-handed.
Man, you were so close.
I bet you can taste it.
You can smell it,
can't you? Want it? Ah!
Tell you what?
All you have to do is pay the price.
How much do you want?
Now, that's cute, rock star.
I'm gonna say the second verse
as the same as the first.
And that is $500.
I don't have
any money on me, man.
- Are you lying to me, man?
- No. No.
You got it on you?
Hold on. I think, uh...
I think I got $100
down here somewhere.
Uh... One sec.
Uh, let me
just see if I, uh...
Are you doing me dirty?
You know, I like you.
So I'ma tell you this
just one time.
Go fuck yourself, rock star.
Huh? 'Cause you know
what I'm gonna do?
I'ma take that pistol from you,
and I'm gonna
fuck you in the ass.
Fuck you in the ass,
hard and deep.
Go fuck yourself! Fuck you!
You goddamn piece of shit!
Come back here,
you fucking pussy!
Where the fuck are you,
you fucking piece of shit?
Where you hiding, faggot?
I'ma fuck you
in your ass, boy.
You hear me?
Goddamn piece of shit!
Oh. You know, you're just
making it harder on yourself,
you fucking parasite.
You hear that?
Fuck. Fuck.
Fuck! Come out, John!
Where are you, goddamn pussy?
Don't make me find you.
Don't make me!
Where's the money, John?
Where is it?
Where the fuck are you?
EAGLE: I'm gonna get you,
you fucking piece of shit!
Fuck! Johnny!
[FADING OUT] Johnny!
I feel like death
is trying to take me.
My mind's fading away.
IRIS: You're not.
You're not losing your mind.
Do you ever have a dream
where it feels so real,
and you just keep
trying to wake up.
But the harder how you try,
the deeper and deeper you fall
into sleep until you just...
Our whole lives are a dream.
Then we die.
But you're gonna be just fine.
Have you seen anything
strange around here?
Just anything out of,
out of the ordinary?
This whole town is evil.
Aside from all the colorful
Mardi Gras and stuff.
It has a dark past.
Some say the spirits of the
dead still live on in the city.
Never did
move on, so...
Yes, Johnny.
I have seen my fair share of
things that can't be explained.
I saw a spirit
in here last night.
What'd you see?
I watch the front desk,
so I was in the lobby
all by myself.
But last night,
this figure came
from the end of the hall.
But it just
stood there.
It was like it was looking at
me through the frosted glass.
How did you know
it was a spirit?
My friend, Namira.
She's a palm reader.
She's into
all that voodoo stuff.
She gave me her palm deck.
This is what I saw.
Hey, it was probably just there because Ms.
Alexander passed away last night.
You're gonna be okay.
Ms. Alexander...
how did she die?
They found her in her bathtub.
She must've
fallen asleep and died.
But you are gonna be just fine.
Yeah. I'm gonna be fine.
NAMIRA: Who is it?
The name's Johnny.
What do you want?
I don't have any
further appointments today.
And I don't accept walk-ins.
I'm sorry,
but you're gonna have
to come back another day.
Listen, I got nowhere else
to go, all right?
Iris sent me here.
Uh... Who?
My friend, Iris.
I've been close to death
many a time, Johnny.
In some cases,
I stare right into the eyes
of demons themselves.
I can sense death
as clear as you
coming into this room.
It is best, Johnny,
if we seek your future,
not your past.
The hanged man.
The old must die
to replace the new, Johnny.
And there will be
a change in your future,
for the best,
or for the worst.
You collapse.
This will be painful, Johnny.
What is this?
The end of something.
But what?
I think he is already here.
At the end of the road.
Waiting for me.
You will continue
down a deep path
that will twist and turn
at every corner,
which will ultimately
lead to no escape.
To a bear trap, Johnny.
Fueled by
your addictive desires.
The cup of five.
What are you trying to say here?
I have a drinking problem or something?
Is that what this is about?
Dealing with loss, Johnny.
Oh, so what? You're saying
I have a drinking problem?
You're saying I'm gonna
drink myself to death, huh?
That's what you're saying. to me?
That's what this is all about, huh?
You misunderstand, Johnny.
I barely had anything to drink
since I flew into this joint
to begin with, all right?
The drink.
Guy bought you a drink.
Says he's your biggest fan.
"Give a man a mask,
"and he will
show you his true face."
SKAGGS: Thanks for a hell
of an escape too.
I just step out on that street
and ride in with
all the other carnival freaks.
Hallucinate much?
Lysergic acid
Guy bought you a drink.
Says he's your biggest fan.
Why did you do this to me?
Can't believe I saw you
out back in that hospital.
You got Eagle killed.
And you killed Ms. Alexander.
Hmm. Grandma?
We just left her alone
for a little while. She just
simply slipped away.
Where's the money?
What are you talking about?
I know who you are.
Grandma said you had
a shit ton of money.
You fuck up, where is it?
I know who you are.
You're Johnny Thunders,
the rock 'n roller.
The lifestyle, the drugs,
the fame.
You don't know me...
What happened to that Johnny Thunder fame?
You throw it away?
What happened to that
Johnny Thunder money?
She took it.
- Your grandma.
- Motherfucker!
Where is it?
Where the fuck is it?
I don't know.
I live in a fucking shack!
Where the fuck is the money?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are you?
Where are...
Where are you?
I'm not afraid anymore.
Making it hard on yourself.
I'll see you soon, Jamie.
...something to do
I'm so bored, what can I do?
The radio is playing
the same old song
JOHNNY: The money was in the
bottom of the bag all along.
And your grandma took it.
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Jimmy, did you check the bag?
Jimmy, did you check the bag?
The fucking bag.
The money's in the bag.
[STAMMERS] What bag?
You stupid motherfucker.
The money's in the bag.
Did you check the bag, you stupid ass?
The bag? What bag? The bag...
I just... I took out the stuff.
You stupid ass,
just check the bag.
Just check it again.
There's nothing in the bag.
I threw the bag in the fucking river.
There's nothing in the bag.
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy,
you dumb motherfucker.
What? Wha...
You don't know
what you're doing.
It doesn't matter if I shoot
you, or if you take the money.
You're gonna end up
in the same place anyways.
I've been there.
I've been where you are.
Look where I am.
Too much junkie business,
it gets us all in the end.
It's a sad vacation.
What can I say?
Just leave.
It doesn't pay to try
All the smart boys know why
It doesn't mean I didn't try
I just never know why
Feel so cold and all alone
'Cause baby,
you're not home
And when I'm home
Big deal, I'm still alone
Feel so restless, I am
Beat my head against a pole
Try to knock some sense
Down in my bones
And even though
they don't show
The scars aren't so old
And when they go
They let you know
You can't put your arms
around a memory
You can't put your arms
around a memory
You can't put your arms
around a memory
Don't try
Don't try
You're just a bastard kid
And you got no name
'Cause you're living with me
We're one and the same
And even though
they don't show
The scars aren't so old
And when they go
They let you know
Okay, you can't put your arms
around a memory
You can't put your arms
around a memory
You can't put your arms
around a memory
Don't try