Room for Rent (2019) Movie Script

Mrs. Smith?
Mrs. Smith?
Do you have any family close by?
Mrs. Smith?
I'm afraid we
need to start now.
There's another service
scheduled for 11.
Are you expecting any
other relatives or?
Gladys really
wanted to be here.
It's her hip.
She really thought
the world of Fred.
He was so good to her.
SHOPPER: Happy to
sign here, (mumbles).
please, have a seat.
JOYCE: I'm fine.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
I, uh, I came for some money.
I see your husband took out
a loan for some repairs?
Oh, I don't know
anything about that.
three months past due.
I'm afraid you
remain liable for the
outstanding balance,
which is about $6,000.
Well, pay for it from the money.
Yes, there's the
checking account
with a balance $2200,
and the money market
savings account is empty.
That's it, there
are no other accounts.
Well, what am
I supposed to do?
Good morning, Joyce.
(MUMBLES) from the cube
like I'm Optimus Prime
Can we help you?
Oh, no thank you,
I'm just watching.
She's just watching.
Enjoying the view?
Yeah, I bet.
I'm watching that ass, girl.
DUANE: You come here
to get some action?
Yo, isn't that Mrs. Smith?
Oh, it is Mrs. Smith.
Damn girl, you lookin' sexy.
Duane, go get you a
slice of Mrs. Smith.
DUANE: Oh, I'll
get all of that.
How many slice do I get?
Hey, how old do you think
that pussy is?
Any pussy sounds
good right now.
ALL: Oh!
her pussy alone, bro.
BOY: Yo, she got
your board, bro!
Hey, that's mine!
Keep walking, bitch!
Keep walking.
That's due back in two weeks.
You've checked this
one out before.
It's one of my favorites.
It has a happy ending.
Make easy money
with your buh-neeb?
What is a buh-nib?
Silly me, it's not buh-nib.
Boodle, what do you think?
Joyce and Boodle's
Bed and Breakfast.
SARA: It's right here.
EDWARD: I see it.
SARA: Looks nice.
EDWARD: Wish it was a hotel.
Hi, you must be Joyce.
I am Joyce.
I'm Sarah, this is Edward.
Hello, welcome to Joyce and
Boodle's Bed and Breakfast.
Right this way.
Come in.
Do you have any luggage?
EDWARD: Uh, it's in the car.
Oh, well, as soon as you're
settled, I'll help you.
Okay, go right up the stairs
and right to the right.
Right, right, right, right.
Go straight, straight, straight.
I hope you like it.
It's lovely, thank you.
EDWARD: It's kinda small.
- SARAH: Come on, it's fine.
- Where's the fucking TV?
Can you just
humor me for once?
I'm here, aren't I?
Do you mind?
This is our room.
And this is my house.
And these are my cookies.
I thought you might like
something to nibble on.
I know it's been a long day.
No, take them all.
Thank you, that's
very kind of you.
Only one for you,
you're a little fat.
Oh, can I get
you something else?
No, thank you.
Edward left.
He went into town.
Is there something
wrong with the food?
No, no, it's delicious.
We're just not very
hungry this morning.
Well, then, never mind.
No big deal.
You mentioned
you have a husband?
I did, he, uh,
he died last month.
SARAH: Oh, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
It's still so soon.
Must be hard for you.
It's different.
You know, it's such
a lovely day outside.
Do you wanna go for a walk?
A walk?
He was up on the roof
fixing something.
I think he had a heart
attack or he slipped.
I guess we'll never know.
Do you have any kids?
Um, no.
So, what brings you here?
I am trying to write a book.
Huh, oh, that
sounds interesting.
What's it about?
Well, I don't
actually know yet.
But it's set
somewhere like this,
so I thought that
this trip might help.
But men can be
difficult, right?
He can be rough.
Do you mean physical?
Oh, God, no,
nothing like that.
It's just, he's
strong-willed, I guess.
I don't like him.
Forgive me if I seem blunt.
No, it's okay.
It's the kind of thing
my mother would say.
Do you see her
often, your mother?
She passed a few years ago.
Right after my father.
Broken heart, I think.
It's been hard the
last few years.
She and I used to talk a lot.
Thank you, for
listening, I mean.
It's mint.
Thank you.
You asked about children.
Oh, I didn't mean
to pry like that.
I'm sorry, I was just curious.
You know, it's the writer in me.
The truth is, I would have
done anything for a baby.
It just never worked out.
- Edward.
- We're leaving.
- What?
- I found a new place.
I'll pack up.
I like it here.
EDWARD: I don't.
SARAH: But this
is all paid for.
EDWARD: You said
it was guaranteed.
Don't worry, just go with him.
I know how it is,
relationships aren't easy.
Go, go.
This is so embarrassing.
I'm so sorry about all this.
There we go.
EDWARD: Sarah!
- Let's keep in touch.
- Good luck.
Thank you.
was nothing left for her.
He was gone, but the hope
that the love she once felt
could find her again
still lived in her heart.
Two, three.
It's not going through,
do you have another one?
No, could you
please try again?
You must be doing it wrong.
Five, six.
two, three, four.
20, is that it?
Oh dear.
Make me nervous.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Yeah!
You're right, (MUMBLES).
BOY: You took
their money again.
BOY: You put in less money.
BOY: (mumbles) knew about it.
BOY: You put money in,
bro you're buying, right?
BOY: 1.50, you get
it here, (mumbles).
Look who it is, bro.
CAP: Ah, Mrs. Smith.
Please let me go by.
Do you like to
watch the young boys?
- You know she does.
- Yeah?
Makes me wonder what
you're looking for.
You have something for us?
Nothing in there.
Come on.
- Anything?
- No.
Anything for me?
Oh, you seem afraid Mrs. Smith.
BOY: Get in there, bro.
- No.
- What else can you offer?
I can't hear you!
What, what?
You want me to do what?
You slut!
No wonder you come
around here so often!
- Whoa.
- Whoa, man!
Bet you'd like a good
fuck, wouldn't you?
Yo Wade, probably hasn't
had one of those in years.
Any takers?
- Oh!
- Get her, bro!
You fucking bitch!
- Damn!
- Get her, bro.
Leave me alone!
Get your fucking
hands off of me!
What the hell's going on here?
Get away from me!
- You okay?
- Get away from me!
anything hurt?
No, don't touch
me, don't touch me!
Don't touch me...
I just...
Please go home, I wanna
go, don't touch me,
don't touch me!
- Dear Joyce.
- Dear Joyce.
things are going well for you.
I enjoyed getting to know
you during our brief visit.
I finally came to my
senses with Edward.
Thanks again for your honesty.
You actually gave me the
wakeup call that I needed.
I'll be forever grateful.
The book is coming along,
slowly, but with Edward gone,
there's one less distraction.
Dear Sarah, it was so
lovely to receive your letter.
Life has been very full
since I saw you last.
I am becoming an
With the off season coming up,
I have decided to turn this
place into a nice,
longer stay hotel.
I can't charge as much, but
the room stays occupied.
- Thank you.
My last tenant just found
a cheaper room to move to
so she left me a couple of
days ago, but I am becoming
more proactive.
You're looking for a room?
Yeah, just got to
town, looking for a place
to stay for a while.
I know that place.
It's already been rented, by
someone long term, in fact.
They probably just
forgot to take this down.
But guess what?
Today's your lucky today.
Because I have a room that
has just become available.
Do you?
Mhm, would you like to see it?
Sure, why not?
I'm Joyce.
That is a very nice name.
I found a new tenant today.
Here is your living room.
A mysterious sort of man.
A new television with
a remote control.
I just happened to run
into him at the library.
He's your kitchen.
It was such a
fortuitous encounter.
I think it's meant to be.
What do you think, Boodle?
I think our guest is going
to be a very nice addition
to our home.
Whoopsie daisy.
Here we go.
Wow, thank you so much,
this looks incredible.
You're very welcome.
Oh, can I get you
another cup of coffee?
Yeah, sure.
Here you go,
fresh, hot coffee.
BOB: Thanks.
I'm gonna go clean up.
- Okay.
- Enjoy.
What are you doing?
Can I help you with something?
Scared me, I'm just
changing your sheets.
Do you do that every day?
Well, of course.
You don't have to do that.
It's nothing.
Did you forget something?
Oh, I see you like sports!
BOB: Uh-uh, football, mostly.
Oh, me too!
Well, this place
is great, by the way.
Thank you very much.
And thanks for the sheets.
You're welcome.
Well, I'm guessing you're
quite the sports fan.
Oh, my son, he's coming
to stay for a while.
He loves football.
Well, he's got it all here,
he's got every football game
and sports that
you could think of.
He and his new bride
are expecting a baby.
I can't wait to have a
youngster running around
the house again.
Well, congratulations!
Is this your first grandchild?
You know, I tell you,
there's nothing like 'em.
Kids, you just kinda learn
to survive, but grandkids,
they're a real gift.
JOYCE: Welcome home!
Oh, thank you.
I got satellite, it has a
channel that shows nothing
- but football.
- No kidding?
I thought you might
like it, you can watch
whenever you want.
That's great, but you
really didn't have to do that.
- I know!
- It's very generous
of you, Joyce.
I appreciate it.
Wanna watch?
Yeah, in just a minute, okay?
Excuse me, thank you.
Just a minute, 1001,
1002, 1003, 1004.
Mind if I join you, sir?
Of course not, please.
I love football.
Oh my god, it's
an amazing play.
I mean, this guy,
this guy's a beast.
He's handsome, and a beast.
Come on, ref.
Come on ref, come on ref!
Would you like another?
JOYCE: Another beer?
Um, yeah, I would love one.
But Joyce, you gotta let
me pay for these, okay?
Oh, nonsense, it's nothing.
BOB: What was that?
I don't know.
- There you are!
- The hell?
Wanna come get it?
Didn't think so!
Let's dib, bro.
TOM: Hey!
Why you guys throwing
stuff at the house for?
What does it matter to you?
Well, she's just a sweet
old man, I was thinking
maybe you guys could
leave her alone
and never come back, you know?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Fuck you.
What'd you say?
If I so much as see you
look at that woman again,
I'll rip your fucking eyes
out, do you understand?
BOY: Give me a hand, bro!
Bob, are you all right?
I'm fine.
Trust me, I've dealt with
far worse than those punks.
Come sit, let me
get you that beer.
No no, it's okay, I gotta
head out for a little bit.
He was her hero and her
protector, keeping her safe
from her own demons
and from all the danger
that lurked around her.
Now, I know this is your room,
but I think I might clear out
your things and offer it to Bob.
Did you hear that?
There's a new man
in the house now.
A real man.
You are not gonna
ruin my life anymore!
Get in there!
The end, Fred.
Hey, just got
your missed call.
I just left, I'm sorry.
No, I'm already home.
I don't think so.
Yeah, you can't come over.
Another time, bye bye.
Sundowner Bar.
She learned to
long for his touch.
The gentle strength
of a man in love.
The warmth of his body
against her filled her with
comfort and kindness.
The caresses from his
strong hands made her feel
like a beautiful queen.
Dear Sarah.
I was so happy to
read your last letter.
It warms my heart to know
someone as wonderful as you
is out there thinking about me.
I wish you could meet Bob.
He is so helpful.
I don't know what I
would do about him.
Oh Bobby, I need your help!
I'm pretty self reliant, but
it's nice to be pampered,
if you know what I mean.
Are you okay...
What is it?
Silly me, I can't
quite reach my towel.
Do you mind?
Yeah, sure.
Here you go, you got it?
- Yeah, got it.
- Great.
How exciting to have
someone new in your life.
I'm actually loving
the single life.
JOYCE: Dear Sarah,
Bob and I are spending
even more time together.
Oh Bob!
Can you, can you give
me a ride to the library
on your motorcycle?
Unfortunately, I only
have the one helmet.
Oh, I don't need a
helmet, I know you're
a good motorcycle driver.
Well, um, I wouldn't
wanna hurt that gorgeous
head of yours.
Oh, thank you, okay!
I guess I can walk.
It's good for my muscles.
He took me out on
his motorcycle today.
I had never been on one
before, can you believe it?
We had so much fun.
To tell you the truth,
it was sort of romantic.
He's got quite a big appetite.
It's nice having someone
to cook for who is so
appreciative for a change.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Joyce and Boodle's B&B,
extended stays welcome.
SARAH: Joyce, hi, it's Sarah.
Hi, Sarah!
SARAH: I'm taking a spur
of the moment road trip
and I thought that I
would stay in your area
a couple days.
Maybe get some writing done.
Oh, that sounds lovely.
SARAH: Yeah, I was
thinking that I could stop by
for a visit, if you're around?
Maybe meet Bob?
Oh, okay, of course!
I said you're welcome
any time, didn't I?
SARAH: It'll only
be for an hour or two.
I'll be in a hotel.
Oh, that's nonsense, why
don't you stay with us?
We have another guest room now.
The overwhelming smell
of her expensive perfume
wafted through the front door.
And as she brushed past,
there was the distinct smell
of trouble brewing.
Bootie, I think she's here!
- Sarah!
- Joyce!
- You look wonderful!
- Thank you.
I'm so pleased that
you came to see us.
- This is beautiful.
- Thank you.
It was Fred's study,
but I thought it best
to make new memories
and move on.
That's a big step,
very brave of you.
I think you'll like Bob.
He's such a sweet man.
What does he do?
Oh, he is good
at so many things.
I like that.
SARAH: Does he work?
I'm sure he does, he's
very busy, but we just stay
out of each other's business.
Not like my husband Fred,
who was much more demanding.
He was very difficult
to live with.
He could be quite
abusive, in fact.
Did he hit you?
That was just the
tip of the iceberg.
I had no idea, you
never mentioned...
I didn't wanna say anything
at the time, he had just died.
It's not the kind of thing
you can just tell anybody.
No, of course not,
anything you say stays
between the two of us.
Thank you.
I'm a friend of Joyce's,
just here for a few days.
Sarah, right?
Yeah, she mentioned me?
Just you that you were coming.
I'm Bob.
SARAH: Joyce talks
a lot about you.
She does?
I want to show you.
I see you've met Bob.
- Yeah.
- I was planning
to introduce you.
But oh well!
You must be hungry, I'm gonna
cook you something to eat.
No, don't do that.
Do you wanna go
out, just us girls?
My treat.
Bob and I normally
spend the evenings in.
BOB: Hell yeah, that's what
I'm talking about, baby, go!
He loves his football!
Well, then a night out
will be something special.
All right.
I know a place not too far.
SARAH: You've
been here before?
JOYCE: Oh yes, Bob loves it.
We come here often.
- What can I get you?
- Hey.
Can I get you something, hon?
Oh, no thank you, but I
do have a question, yes.
You know my friend Bob who
comes in here all the time?
Bob, I...
He's tall, dark, and handsome
and he drives a motorcycle.
Oh, Bob, right!
He comes in here all the time.
Quite a ladies man.
Here you go.
Do you wanna order some food?
There's not much on the menu.
Do you wanna just
have a drink here
and eat somewhere else?
No thank you.
Oh, Bob is still up!
Are you sure
you're okay, Joyce?
You look tired,
you should go to bed.
That's probably a good idea.
Sweet dreams, Sarah.
Oh Bob, I'm home!
Boodle, I think she's
writing about us!
- Oh, hi!
- Hi.
I was, I was just fluffing.
I'm getting a lot done.
I think I'm on a roll.
Thank you.
Oh, if you need
anything, let me know.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Can I help you?
I just heard you talking.
Sorry, was I too loud?
I just hope everything's okay.
Oh that?
Oh, no need to worry about me.
I may bark sometimes,
but really, all I want
is a belly rub.
Christ, I didn't
know you were there.
I heard a noise.
Sorry, I was
trying to be quiet.
Are you hurt?
Uh, this?
Nah, just got into
a little fight.
Let me see.
What were you fighting about?
Who knows?
Does it have to be
about something?
I think you'll be fine.
Sorry for waking you up.
Well, good night.
But you just got here.
Good morning.
Morning, Joyce, do
you need a hand?
What a beautiful day.
Oh, I'm sorry,
I'll get a towel!
- It's all right.
- We got it, we got it.
Can I help you with anything?
Why do you keep asking
if you can help me?
Do I look helpless to you?
Joyce, I wanna talk
to you about Bob.
I just wonder how well
you actually know him.
Well, I like to think
that I know him quite well.
But after last night,
perhaps you know him
a good deal better.
- I didn't mean...
- Is that what happens
in your book?
The guests fornicate while
the lady of the house
is trying to sleep?
Look, I was just trying
to learn more about him
for your sake.
Oh, look at you, little
orphan Annie, sacrificing
herself for the old lady who
throws herself at every man
she sees because she can't
face the fact she has no one.
I have some disinfecting to do.
Are you alright, dear?
Yeah, I'm fine,
just allergies.
You know Joyce?
SARAH: Yeah, I'm a friend.
That's nice, she never
did have very many friends,
at least that I knew about.
- Did you know Fred?
- No.
I met her after he died.
- That's a shame.
- Have you known them
a long time?
30 years, I guess.
She and I used to be
pretty close at one time.
What happened?
She was never quite
the same after the baby.
She was pregnant, you know,
until Fred found out about it.
What do you mean?
She tried to hide
it until she couldn't.
She knew that Fred
didn't want kids.
He got so mad.
He told her to get rid of it.
- It was lovely to meet you.
- Come by any time, dear!
Sheila comes twice a
day, she's my nurse,
otherwise it's just me.
I see you met my neighbor.
What did you two talk about?
Not much.
Just getting to know
her, she seems nice.
I'll bet she
talked about Fred.
Not really, only
that he loved you.
And you believed her?
- Shouldn't I?
- No, she lies.
Did she tell you she tried
to steal Fred from me?
Well, she did.
SARAH: She doesn't
seem little type.
Well, you didn't know
her when she was a snotty
pretty girl with big breasts,
and he would spend the day
over there while I was
home cooking his dinner
and washing his laundry.
What, you think I'm lying?
Of course not, she's
a lonely old lady.
I was just trying to be polite.
You're leaving?
Obviously, things are a
little bit tense between us
and I think it's
best that I move on.
Yes, it's probably right.
I'm sorry for how things
turned out between us, Joyce.
Thank you for everything
that you have done for me.
She's senile, you know!
TV: Look, to begin with,
Mr. Goodwin made me
say it (MUMBLES)...
Who is it?
JOYCE: It's Joyce.
What a surprise, come in, dear!
It's been a long time and
I saw you outside earlier
and I thought, you know what?
It is time to finally bury
that hatchet, so I wanna see
if I can be of help to you.
JOYCE: Oh, it's been a
long time since I hugged you!
GLADYS: Come sit down.
Look how beautiful you look.
Oh know, you do.
You know, I met your friend
today, very pretty girl.
Oh, she's not exactly a friend.
I was just trying
to be nice to her.
Her boyfriend kicked her out.
He beat her.
She just left.
She went back to him.
- It's pitiful.
- It's a shame!
It's a shame.
So, what did you
talk to her about?
Nothing, it's just
so good to see you.
You know you're
always welcome here.
Thank you.
Where's Sheila?
She'll be back
in another hour.
Oh, good.
Just stay for a while,
it's about this time of day
I get very tired.
(MUMBLES) just lay
back a little bit.
Well, let me, lemme
help you here, lie down,
lemme get you
back, there you go.
Let me take your shoes
off, how 'bout that?
This one off.
Put this one over here.
GLADYS: That's so sweet.
Let's put your
feet up on the couch.
Do you need a hand
with the pillows?
Oh, I'm fine.
Oh no, well here, come
on, let me see if I can
make you really comfortable.
Oh my goodness,
Joyce, are you okay?
My neighbor passed away and
she was old, it's no surprise.
But I'm just so sad.
Oh, oh...
It's okay, it's
all right, Joyce.
It's okay, here, why
don't you sit down?
- Please.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
Here, this'll help.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
By the way, where's Sarah?
Her room is empty.
Yes, she had to leave.
It was just a short visit.
Oh, that's...
Did she, did she say
anything or mention me?
Oh, no.
Well, if you don't mind,
I'd like to get her number.
I'd love to contact her.
Oh, I'm not sure you would.
She went back to patch up
things with her husband.
I heard her crying
on the phone earlier,
that's why she left so
quickly, poor thing.
I see.
Excuse me.
Hello there!
Something for me?
Actually no, it's for
a Roberts Valenzuela.
- Oh.
- If you could sign.
What do I do?
With your finger.
- My finger?
- Yes, your finger.
And then hit the accept button.
Right, thank you.
- Handsome man.
- Thank you!
Have a wonderful day, ma'am.
Thank you.
This is our house, we
should be able to open it.
Maybe there's something
under the bed.
Let's see what we got.
What are you doing in here?
Oh, I'm sorry, you scared me.
I was just, I was
looking for fur balls.
He just decides to park
himself on your bed.
You had a delivery.
Oh yeah, and
were you gonna hide
under there, too?
What else have you
been doing in here?
I was just checking
to make sure everything
is in working order.
Well, I think the room
is just fine, which is more
than I can say about
your head, Joyce.
- If you're going to be rude...
- Is this why Sarah left?
Because you were
snooping around?
She felt used,
if you must know.
You made her feel cheap.
You need help, Joyce.
I have the right to know
what goes on in my house.
Come on, little one, let's go.
You're gonna get chicken
and we're gonna get tuna
and we're gonna get good
things, get out of my way.
Well, I think from now
on, I'm gonna be doing
my own sheets, okay?
- Fine.
- Fine!
Mrs. Smith, Dr.
Singh can see you now.
DOCTOR: You're
having trouble sleeping.
Ever since my husband died.
I am just exhausted.
Do you notice
any other changes
beside your sleep pattern?
Not really.
DOCTOR: Any depression,
suicidal thoughts?
We can prescribe you
something, I think it'll help.
How strong is it?
It's not too strong,
I wanna start you
on a low dosage.
Is it like one of those
over the counter ones,
'cause I've tried them
and they don't work.
Please, doctor?
I am so tired of
lying awake all night.
Start you with one.
If you feel the need, you
can increase your dose
to two, but no more than two
in a 12 hour period, okay?
Okay, one, two in a 12
hour period, I've got it.
Thank you so much.
Oh god, you scared me.
Look, we have nothing
to discuss, all right?
No no, please, I
want to apologize
for my bad behavior.
I never like bearing my
soul but I feel I owe you
- an explanation.
- Look, your apology's
- enough, thank you.
- No, no, no, wait!
I had a son once.
Tommy, and he died.
I'm sorry, why didn't
you say anything, Joyce?
It's too upsetting
for me to talk about.
And you remind me of him.
Makes me wonder what
things would have been like
if he hadn't gotten sick.-
- What happened to him?
He had kidney failure.
He needed a transplant, but
we couldn't find a donor.
He was only 16.
I just want you to know
so you would understand
my silliness.
Well, it's all right, okay?
Your room was his bedroom
and I know it's nuts
that I act like your mother
but it makes the house
feel more like a home again.
Well, I'm flattered,
Joyce, thank you.
I'm going to cook Indian
food for dinner tonight.
Would you like to join me?
It was Tommy's favorite.
You haven't say
anything about yourself.
Do you have family?
Yeah, I have three brothers
that I never talk to.
Oh my goodness,
house full of men.
Yeah, well, a house
full of fighting.
What about your parents?
Well, they divorced a long
time ago and then my mom died
and my dad, he might
as well be dead.
No one has any fucking
clue where the hell he is.
I'm sorry.
You poor boy.
Oh no, it's nothing compared
to what you've been through.
Here's to Tommy.
May he rest in peace.
You know a special
toast deserves
something really special.
Finish up your food.
Has anybody ever told you
you're a dangerous woman?
I hope that's a good thing.
You're a dangerous woman.
Here you go.
To Tommy.
To Tommy.
Oh, Joyce...
I see what you're doing to me.
You sure know how to throw
a party though, I must say.
JOYCE: Thank you.
Well, I think we've
had enough food.
I'm going to clear.
BOB: Oh no, here,
let me help you.
- Oh no, no, no...
- Clean this stuff...
- No, no!
- Oh my!
Hold on, I, uh...
Gimme a...
Gimme a second, okay?
Nose candy.
He was tall, dark, and
handsome, and oh so strong.
He embraced her first
with his eyes from afar
until they finally met.
You look like a sleeping angel.
Let me make you more comfy.
Oh my goodness.
You're not a boy, you are
my tall, dark, handsome man.
You will wrap your
arms around me.
And never let me go.
I deserve a man like you.
There she was, alone in the
park when he crossed her path.
He rushed to her, lifting
her up and wrapped
his muscular arms
all around her body,
hoping for forever.
Kissing her deeply
with the promise
of I love you, I
love you, I love you.
Never let me go,
never let me go.
Never, never, never.
I'm yours forever
and ever and ever.
Good morning!
It's about time.
Is it just me or did we
have a heavy night last night?
JOYCE: Oh, you
drank quite a lot.
- I did?
- Mmhm.
I don't remember.
JOYCE: I'm not surprised.
I don't feel hungover.
How do you feel?
I feel fine.
But I have more self control.
Is everything all right?
I don't know.
I was thinking about life.
The unfairness of it
all, the things we want,
the things we can't have.
Why would you wanna be
thinking about stuff like that
this early in the
morning, Joyce?
That's the thing
with people like you.
You think you're invincible,
that you're never
gonna grow old, and that you
can have anything you want.
I don't feel very invincible
right now, trust me.
Go take a shower.
There's no breakfast,
you woke too late.
- Good morning!
- Morning!
Got a certified letter
for Mr. Bob Valenzuela.
Oh, I'll take it.
It needs to be signed
by the recipient.
Well, he's not
here, he lives here
and I sign his stuff for him.
I'll have to
leave him a notice.
He can come by the post
office any time to pick it up.
Did I hear my name?
Hi, Bob, when
did you get back?
Here's the rest of your mail.
JOYCE: Thank you.
Sign this for me.
BOB: Thank you very much.
Is that something important?
I guess I'll know
when I open it.
Well, is it good news?
I'm leaving, Joyce.
You're what?
I'm leaving. So.
Jesus, Joyce, if you even
have to ask that question...
JOYCE: You paid
rent for a full month.
Just keep it.
Well, you're not leaving
right away, are you?
Can't you stay a little longer?
I'm making beef stew for dinner.
That was Tommy's favorite.
Tommy, huh?
You know, it's a little
odd that there's no photos
of Tommy anywhere.
Don't you think that's
a little strange, Joyce?
I told you it was too
painful after he died.
Yeah, I'm sure it was.
You wouldn't understand!
By the way, this letter?
It's from Sarah.
Thanks for your help
with that, Joyce.
You forgot something.
I don't appreciate
being called a liar,
you selfish little prick!
All I wanted was a decent
man, is that too much to ask?
Someone who treated
me like a real person.
She typed it.
How impersonal is that?
She's not saying anything
mean about me, yet.
She's pregnant.
It's gonna be a beautiful baby.
Isn't this so sad?
Poor baby coming into
the world with no father.
Just imagine.
And Sarah, she's all alone.
So what if something
happens to her?
It would just be terrible.
Dear Sarah.
I am so sorry for my
angry, hurtful words.
I was in such a dark
place after Fred's death
and my own longing for a child.
A daughter, in fact, just
like you, it was all too much
for me to bear.
I have recently come
into a small inheritance
from a distant relative.
Not much, but enough to
take a break and do a little
traveling like I always wanted.
I thought I might visit
Australia, in fact.
If you can find it in
your heart to forgive me,
I have an interesting
proposition for you.
Why don't you come and
stay while I'm gone?
I would feel much
better knowing the house
is being watched and you
would have all the peace
and quiet you need to
finish that book of yours.
Should have dug a
whole lot closer.
All right.
Bob is still with me, but
he's in and out so much,
I would feel better
with you here.
He would be very happy
to see you, I'm sure.
I expect to be
leaving pretty soon.
Thank you, and
there's that for you.
Let me know.
All my love, Joyce.
It's sad he couldn't
have stayed longer.
There was a chance we
could have been happy.
You're gonna be getting
a new mommy for a while,
but don't worry about it,
'cause it won't be for long.
You keep an eye on her.
She's nice and all, but
she's not a happy person.
It's good to see you.
This was such a kind offer.
All good writers deserve
some peace and quiet, right?
Woman next door
selling her house?
Oh, uh, she died.
SARAH: How sad.
Well, when it's your
time, it's your time.
And I was told that she died
in her sleep very peacefully.
Oh, let me help you
with those bags.
Oh, you don't have to do that.
JOYCE: Oh, no, no, let me
help you, let me help you.
Is Bob here?
No he's gone, I'm afraid.
Where'd he go?
I have no idea.
But you know, it's
the strangest thing.
The day you called, right
after we talked, in fact?
He received a letter, it was
certified, must have been
terrible news because
he just packed up
and he just left it
and he didn't say
where he was going.
But I wouldn't worry,
I'm sure he will be back
at any moment.
I told him that you were coming.
You should have seen
the look on his face.
Let's get some coffee.
TV ANNOUNCER: (mumbles)
the five yard line!
See you planted a new tree.
Mm hm, it's a baby apple tree.
It's nice to hear things
have turned around for you.
Thank you.
Yeah, I feel like I'm
starting all over again,
getting a second chance at life.
I'm gonna make up for all the
things I was never able to do.
SARAH: Oh here, let
me help you with that.
Oh no, no, no, I got
it, I got it, I got it.
Thank you, thank you.
Can I take your bag, ma'am?
Thank you, yes.
SARAH: Have an amazing trip.
Oh thank you, I'm nervous.
You're gonna have so much fun.
Thank you.
Well, take good
care of yourself.
You too.
And take good care of
Boodle, he likes the little
carrots, he plays with
them and then he eats 'em.
- Thank you!
- Okay!
- Ooh, here I go!
- Have fun!
JOYCE: Thank you!
Thank you, sir!
SARAH: Travel safe!
JOYCE: Okay!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- See you soon!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Bye!
- Have a good one!
Hi there.
I know, I know.
It's just us now.
Just the three of us.