Rootwood (2018) Movie Script

Will, help me!
Help me!
Hello and welcome
to the Spooky Hour.
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weird stories,
paranormal phenomena, and
spooky legends worldwide.
I'm your host, Jessie, and
this is my co-host, Will.
Hello, hello, hello.
So, what'd we talk
about last week, Will?
Last week we talked about
this interesting German legend
about a vicious witch
and her cursed son,
that's recently been made
into a popular movie series.
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So, today Will has something
he wants to tell our audience,
that he hasn't even
talked to me about yet.
That's because you can't
keep secrets, my dear.
That is not true.
So, two weeks ago, I
received this exciting email,
from a Hollywood producer
who stumbled upon our small
but nice podcast.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
So here's what she wrote, she
said she's gonna be producing
this documentary on this legend
that's circulating Hollywood
that's been pretty
popular lately.
She didn't get into
exactly what the legend is,
but she actually asked us
if we wanted to take part
in the physical production
of the documentary.
So I had a call
with her yesterday,
and I told her that you would
be just as excited as I am,
so we would love to be involved.
That is exciting!
And I've got something
more exciting for you, Jess.
What's that, Will?
We're gonna be meeting with
her in just a couple of hours.
And she's gonna be going over
the production, the process,
the whole deal, so
what do you think?
I think it's a
great idea, I mean,
we're completely prepared
for that right now.
Yeah, I agree,
and our viewers,
and listeners are so excited.
I'm sure you are.
Now for a brief break and
a word from our sponsor.
So, she's a legit
horror movie producer?
Yeah, she did that movie
we saw about a month ago.
- The one with the bugs?
- No.
The one with our favorite
transvestite killer kid.
- Oh, my god, are you serious?
- Yeah.
It's kind of weird that she
wants to do a documentary,
but she said it's all about
real-life legends right now.
So, she wants to do
a documentary now.
I mean, it's super cool.
I just hope she
takes us seriously.
Well, I mean, we won't
know until we meet her, but,
she sounded really
cool on the phone.
- All right then, let's go.
- Let's do this.
What the fuck are
you doing, dude?
She said she wants
everything filmed, okay?
We haven't
even met with her yet.
Yeah, but I want
the whole process recorded.
I mean, the more we have,
the better, don't you think?
Not when you're driving.
Okay, whatever.
So, Brenda, you'll make
a start with the furniture?
Come on, you know
what she likes.
First of all, look, just
fix the light first.
No, no, no, no.
Absolutely no filming in here.
You two even have
an appointment?
Yeah, we've a two
o'clock appointment,
with Mrs. Laura Benott,
documentary film makers?
I'm so sorry, come this way.
Can you put the
camera away now?
It's all right, just relax.
Mr. Winston?
Mr. Winston?
What is it?
We have the two o'clock
appointment here for Mrs. Benott.
Of course.
Hi, I'm Mr. Roger Winston.
Hi, I'm Jessica.
- I'm Will.
- Nice to meet you.
Laura is in a meeting right now,
but she'll be down very shortly.
You can wait in my office.
How's that sound?
- Sounds good.
- Good?
You've already started filming.
That's the spirit.
Told you.
Right this way.
I understand.
Mrs. Benott,
your two o'clock is here.
Oh, of course!
Please, let them in.
Good luck.
- You are William, I see?
- Yes, and this is Jess.
- Hi.
- Of course.
What are you filming for?
I figured filming more
that just the investigation
would make the documentary
more interesting.
Plus, it'll give the
viewers a little look
into the actual
production itself.
This is Dominik Braun, he is
my partner and he is putting
some of the money into
this particular production,
but I believe he was actually
just leaving, weren't you?
Well, I guess.
I got other
stuff to do anyway.
It's not that your
little documentary
is the only thing
we're producing here.
- Laura.
- Mm-hm.
I'm so sorry, he is a
dick, but he has the money
and he's willing to spend it,
so we endure the best of men.
Don't we?
I guess.
Well, do you mind if
I film the briefing?
I think it'll make a really nice
introduction to the documentary.
And right now, the viewer
knows just as much as we do.
Of course, then I
think it's a great idea.
Actually, there was a
particular situation
that I did not tell you
about over the phone,
and it's something that's
happening in Hollywood right now,
where everybody wants
to make this movie.
They're thinking about it.
I don't think.
We do it.
- So, what's it about?
- Mm, not so fast.
First of all, I want to
produce a documentary,
not make a feature
film, not found-footage.
Nothing like that.
Not something hot
that's on the market
right now in Hollywood.
I want to produce a documentary,
about the curse of
the Wooden Devil.
Have you heard of it?
I didn't think so.
It takes place in a forest
that's, um,
not too far outside of the city.
It's actually very local here.
These are from the police.
They're the people who
disappeared in that forest.
And no one cared.
But we care.
Well, what exactly
is the Wooden Devil?
Oh, it's, it's a myth.
It's a legend.
Actually, I like "curse."
I think that would look
really nice on the cover.
The main story is
about a forest ranger,
and he has this territory.
And one day, he just goes nuts.
He makes a contract
with the Devil,
and people start disappearing.
So the town next door, they
come in and they hang him.
And then, they burn his corpse.
And they say that he possessed
all of the powers
from the Devil,
and he just started killing
everyone who enters
the territory.
And the story's been proven?
No, I don't know,
that's for you to find out.
But how?
Well, my assistant and I, we
did, we went to the location
and we looked around and
we saw the actual place,
the actual forest, and there
were some volunteers there
and they helped us, they showed
us, you know, little spots,
little areas, and we took time.
So now, you can go there,
and maybe we'll have a
documentary about this.
Well, like I told you
on the phone, I'm in.
- What do you think, Jess?
- Yeah, it sounds interesting.
We'd have to take some days
off at the university, but...
Well, we'll provide
everything for you.
The trailer, the
camera, the equipment.
More information on the
location, everything you need,
we provide it, we
have it here for you.
So, everything is ready.
The question is...
Are you?
Laura Benott
really followed through
on her promise, look at
all this camera gear.
This is unreal.
Take a look at these.
These mini-cams for our heads.
That's gonna be
awesome to film with.
A frickin' drone!
Dude, who
are you talking to?
Our viewers?
I thought we hadn't
started yet.
Work it.
Come in!
- Hey!
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Good!
All right, now,
let's get one on the lips.
Don't be a dick.
Hi, Will.
Hey, sexy.
Hey, can I use your
bathroom real quick?
- Oh, yeah, sure, go ahead.
- Great.
Hey, Jess?
What's she doing here?
Oh, Laura said we
needed a third person,
so we could both be on camera.
Okay, but why her?
I don't know,
she took all those
photography classes, remember?
Why? Do you know somebody
else who'll work for free?
Well, I mean, I guess
she is really good
at taking photos of her food.
Be nice!
She likes you and you know that.
Who wants to be the
non-believer of the group?
Wait, why does she have
to be the non-believer?
Well, somebody's
gotta be the non-believer.
Yeah, but why can't we
all just be like skeptical,
but open-minded?
Of course I can be
the non-believer.
I expect to see at least
one ghost and one corpse.
If I don't get to see that,
then I've wasted my time!
I wanna see two corpses and
I wanna speak to that ghost.
You are so dumb!
I just got an idea.
Let's go to Marcel's!
Oh, my god, I love Marcel's.
They have the best food
and drinks in town.
Yeah, but the owner
is kind of an asshole.
This is my jam,
come on, let's dance.
Come on, handsome.
It's cool, I'll just
be here by myself.
At least I have you.
You're always there for me.
What is taking her so long?
Think I got everything.
This should cover me
for the next few days.
Hey, if I'm gonna be on camera,
I need to make sure I look good.
We're riding in that thing?
Will, can you help
me with my luggage?
I just got my nails done.
Be careful with that!
It's expensive.
So, this is our trailer.
I guess it's not as bad as
I thought it was gonna be.
Jesus, Jess, where'd
you learn to drive?
This is
my favorite part.
No, filming
while you're working!
Oh, yeah.
Hello, viewers of
this documentary!
We're lost, and it's
all Will's fault.
We haven't even made
it to the forest yet.
We're not lost, Jess,
it's right here on the map.
Then why are we still driving?
Because she wants us
to go to this exact location.
That's why.
If the forest is really haunted,
it's haunted everywhere.
Of course,
that's how it works, Erin.
You're not doing anything,
here, take the map, then.
I don't know how
to read these things.
I don't even know what
direction we're in.
- Are you serious?
- She's blonde.
We finally reached
our destination.
After four hours of driving.
At least, I think this
is the destination,
'cause everything here
looks exactly the same.
And post.
Clumsy me.
- Jess?
- Yeah?
Can you help Erin unload?
I'm gonna go check out this
place before it gets dark.
I guess.
Finally we have
time for girl talk.
Hey, don't get
too comfortable!
You're stuck with me
for the next few days.
I'm okay with that!
I'm not.
This is me helping.
- Really?
- No, I'll help.
All right.
This is the first official entry
into the documentary
of The Wooden Devil.
I'm here in Rootwood Forest,
with Erin, Jess and myself.
We just parked our
camper up here.
This is where we're
gonna be camping.
We're just checking out the
area, making sure there's
nothing dangerous,
suspicious or frightening.
Hey, Will!
Did you find a ghost yet?
Fuck you guys!
My god, he's gonna kill us.
- Okay, that one looks good?
- Oh, that one's hot.
- Okay, I'll post that one?
- Yeah, post that one.
Oh, post that other one.
Ha-ha-ha, very funny.
It actually was,
Do you guys take
this serious at all?
Yeah, we take it serious,
it's just, you know...
We've had a long day and
we're both kind of tired,
so how about we just
take it easy for now
and worry about the
investigation stuff tomorrow?
Okay, whatever.
Yeah, we can start
tomorrow, but,
we have to find the
first mark, okay?
- Okie doke.
- Aye, aye.
So, you and I are in the
trailer and Will's in the tent.
Aw, are you sure?
Oh, yeah, I'm sure, I don't
wanna see any morning wood.
I do.
I know you do!
So, do we have to wear
these head-cams all night?
Well, not while we're
sleeping, obviously.
Thank god, they're
kind of uncomfortable.
Well, suffering is
the essence of success.
Oh, shut up!
So, this space here,
is the Lady Lounge.
We can talk about
anything we want,
because there's no boys allowed.
I like the sound of that.
Oh, my god, Jess, look.
Our fearless ghost hunter,
finding his own demons tonight.
Poor Will.
Oh, he's so cute.
So, what's the deal
with you and him, anyway?
Remember that party I went
to where I ran into Will?
Well, we kinda hooked up.
No way.
But it didn't go
any further than that.
But, I don't know.
I kinda like him.
It's two AM, and I'm hearing
some really strange sounds
coming from the trailer.
I don't know where they're
coming from, but I promised Will
I'd record, if anything like
this happened, so, here I am.
Oh, my god.
Wake up.
She is completely useless.
Let's check.
There doesn't appear
to be anything in here.
Oh, gosh.
Check the bathroom.
Jesus Christ, Will!
- What're you doing, Jess?
- What are you doing in here?
I'm taking a shit!
God, there's bears out there.
I'm not gonna shit
out in the woods.
Okay, so, um...
My mistake.
Turns out it was just
Will taking a dump.
So this is the path that
we're gonna take today.
I'm not sure exactly what we're
gonna see, but it should be
something related to the
curse of the Wooden Devil.
Ladies, ready for a hike?
Ugh, no rushing, please!
I need coffee first.
Ugh, I'd totally suck a dick
for a quadruple fudge coconut
macchiato with a half a pump
of pumpkin spice and
extra drizzle on top.
I gotta ask, though, ladies,
why didn't I get the
memo about the glamping?
What's glamping?
You don't know
what glamping is?
It's glamour camping,
we gotta look beautiful
while we're enjoying
nature, you know?
What do we have
to look beautiful for?
It's not like there's
any hot guys here.
Oh, god, I don't know.
Come on, you
and your pearls can make it.
I got this.
Oh, my god.
Oh, yeah.
This is gorgeous.
Worth it, worth the hike.
Yeah, I'd say.
Did you see where Will went?
I don't know, who cares?
I'm gonna go look for him.
Oh, what is that?
I don't know.
Who or what do you
think lives in there?
I don't wanna stay to find out.
Yeah, I'm not
sure I do, either.
Come on, let's go.
You thirsty?
- Yes.
- Yeah, grab some water.
Oh, Yes.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thanks.
Oh, perfect.
Have a seat right here.
So, tell us, William.
What's wrong with you?
Why so serious?
I just, I wanna do this right.
This is a really big
deal for Jess and I.
I just, I don't
wanna fuck this up.
Doesn't mean we all
can't have fun together.
Yeah, but it's
already the second day,
and we haven't even
found the first mark yet.
Look, this
producer woman said
she doesn't expect you to
find anything anyway, right?
So don't put yourself
under so much pressure.
You guys, come here!
I found something.
Well, let's get moving.
Whoa, what is that?
I don't know, but it's creepy.
I want you to film
every angle of that.
Mr. Hollywood.
What's with all the names?
Maybe it's some
kind of memorial.
I don't know.
Like a memorial
for dead people?
Yeah, "like a
memorial for dead people."
Why would they have a
memorial all the way out here?
It's not like anyone's
gonna see this thing.
Hold on.
Do any of these names
look familiar to you guys?
Not really.
Here, why don't you
take out that folder?
The one that Laura gave us,
with all the missing
people's names in it?
Read me a few names from there.
Okay, we got Tyler.
Wait, wait, wait.
Celine, Brandon?
We got a match.
- Holy shit.
- Come here.
Does that look like
blood to you guys?
'Cause it sure looks
like blood to me.
Oh, my god.
Dude, don't touch it.
What're you doing?
Oh, my god.
That's blood.
Oh, my god.
That's disgusting.
Okay, I don't like this.
So, we found a
weird memorial tree
right in the middle
of the haunted forest.
Just what you've been
looking for, Will.
What the hell is that?
Oh, my god.
Jessie, are
you filming this?
Yeah, yeah.
So, our camera girl,
Erin, just found this noose
stuffed in a tree.
Right by where we found names
from the missing names book,
that the producer of
the documentary gave us.
Written in blood.
This doesn't make any sense.
Can we go now?
- Yeah, come on, guys.
- Please.
Let's go, this
isn't right, come on.
- Come on.
- Oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
That was creepy.
Yeah, you guys okay?
- Yeah, we're all right.
- Is she all right?
Mm-hm, she's just freaked out.
You're good, right, Erin?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Erin, I
got an idea for ya.
How about for the future,
you don't stick your hand
in every hole you come across?
- What?
- Too soon.
So, I wanna
tell you guys a story.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
It's a story that Laura told
me when we were in the meeting.
Well, when Jess was in the
bathroom for 30 minutes.
Hold on!
I was not pooping!
It was a really big building.
I'm just giving
you shit about taking a shit.
Anyway, she told me why
all these villagers thought
that their friends and
family went missing,
here in Rootwood Forest.
Because of the
Wooden Devil, right?
So, seeing that bloody
face we saw earlier,
made me think of
the story again.
I didn't think I was originally
gonna have to tell you guys,
but I do now.
Don't remind me, please?
So, the first person that was
rumored to have gone missing
in this forest, was a
little girl and her dog.
The little girl wasn't allowed
to go in the forest alone.
So she'd play with her dog
on the outside of the forest.
One day, her dog
ran into the forest.
She was calling
and looking for it.
She couldn't find it and
the sun started to go down,
so she panicked.
She ran into the forest.
And then?
Well, she
didn't find her dog,
but she found these
faces painted on trees.
Just like the one
we saw earlier.
So, what?
So, she's a little girl.
She followed the faces
deep into the forest.
It took her to this big tree,
and on this big tree
was hanging a noose.
Will, that's sick.
Well, that's
what the story is.
So, Laura told you all this?
I mean, everything
here is a story, but,
that's why we're here.
Hey, I didn't sign up
for any of this real shit.
So, the story goes,
the villagers walked
in the forest,
looking for the little girl.
And they found her,
hanging from the noose.
They said it was the Wooden
Devil that convinced her
to hang herself.
right, that's it, guys.
I'm going to bed.
Wait, hold on, Erin,
it's just a story.
Sorry, Jess, but I've had
enough for one day, all right?
You're an asshole.
It's just a story,
that's why we're here!
You guys are so...
So sensitive.
- What?
- What're you doing in here?
Oh, I was looking at footage.
- I must've fallen asleep.
- Shh, listen.
What is that?
I don't know what that is.
It's like a howling.
How long has that
being going on?
I don't know, I just woke up.
Think it's some kind
of animal or something?
I don't know what that is.
Let's go see if we
can get it on camera.
Did you hear that?
That was actually really creepy.
That didn't sound
like a wolf, though.
No, it doesn't sound
like a coyote, either.
Are you in here?
Jess is gone and the
goddamn lights don't work.
Are fucking kidding me?
Is this is a
campfire or something?
I don't know.
Is this a symbol of some kind,
what you think that means?
I dunno.
It doesn't look like
anything's been burned.
And she left her phone here.
Of course she did,
why wouldn't she?
Where are you guys?
What the?
What the hell was that?
- Was that Erin?
- Oh, my god, that's Erin.
- Erin!
- Erin?
Are you okay?
There was something out there.
I saw it.
Erin, it was just
us, we were out there.
Not you, I saw it.
Like some sort of
bat creature thing.
I don't know, something.
Jess and I were just out there,
there's nothing out there.
Do you think I'm stupid?
No one is saying
you're stupid, okay?
What're you doing?
I'm done with this shit.
This is crazy.
I am done.
I'm going.
If you think this
is a fucking joke,
then you two can
enjoy it on your own.
It's the middle of the night.
Just go away!
It's dark out there,
don't be stupid.
Just shut up, William.
I'll order a ride-share.
Okay, you two can
enjoy your spooky-wooky
ghost-hunting shit on your own.
Okay, I'm done.
I'm splitting.
What is that?
If there is clown in
here, I am so outta here.
Well, it's kind of
the cleanest spot
to sit at and relax
for a bit, I guess?
I blame you guys for this.
Well, I guess I'd
better touch up my lips
if I'm gonna still be on camera.
I can't believe you
guys just left me.
You didn't even stop me, okay?
Like, really?
I mean, I'm leaving, and
you didn't even stop me.
You didn't even try!
You should've known
there was no ride-shares
anywhere around here.
There's no sign of civilization.
I mean, look, nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
And you just let me leave.
It's beautiful.
- Beautiful, huh?
- Should we rest here?
- I'll try calling Erin again.
- All right.
She keeps declining my calls.
Well, that's a
good thing, isn't it?
I don't know, I mean,
I hope she's okay.
At this point, I
don't really care, like,
we're falling behind schedule,
we gotta find something.
Like, this is our
big break, okay?
And I'm not gonna
let some spoiled girl
ruin this experience for us.
Sorry, Jess.
Okay? I'm just, I'm frustrated.
Like, this is the third day,
and we still haven't
found our first mark yet.
Well, have you
watched the footage?
No, I haven't.
We haven't filmed enough yet.
I'm hoping, you
know, maybe tomorrow,
but we gotta find
something, like, big today.
Okay, I mean, we've
found some things.
It's just nothing major
yet, but I'm optimistic.
I mean I'm hoping that all this
is building up to something.
I just hope Erin's
okay, this isn't like her.
I mean, you know her
better than I do, but...
Yeah, I hope she's all right.
You know, with her
declining your calls,
I'm sure she's she's home.
You know, I mean, she left, she
was pissed at us last night.
That's true.
Why are all the marked places
so far from where we camped?
It's so much walking.
I think she wanted us
to staying close to the road.
Hm, maybe, I don't know.
I mean, I don't know, if
something happened, like,
if there was an accident or
health issues, god forbid, like,
we're right by the road.
We can just hop on
and we're outta here.
Makes sense to me.
Yeah, you're
probably right.
Speaking of accidents.
If I don't find a bathroom soon,
I'm gonna have an
accident myself.
Hold on, you need a
tree to take a piss?
What are you, a dog?
That's what they call me!
Oh, my god.
What a douche.
Hey, Jess, come here!
You better put your
wiener away first!
It's another noose.
Is that blood?
Looks like it.
Who do you think
it's doing this?
I don't know.
Maybe like a cult or something.
Definitely fits
that story you told.
So, what's on the
agenda for tomorrow?
Tomorrow I think we should
find the last mark on the map.
It's just weird, because
none of the marks
are all that interesting.
You find all the good stuff
on the way to the marks.
It's true.
I mean, she must really have
a bad location
scout or something.
Well, that's for sure, man.
You know, I think
I'm gonna go to bed.
I barely slept last night.
All right.
All right, goodnight.
It's me again.
I wish you would accept my call.
I, um...
I want you to know that
nobody blames you for leaving.
I completely understand,
it's creepy here.
I'm pretty freaked
out too, so...
If you could just,
like, shoot me a text,
or give me a call back,
so that I don't worry.
That'd be awesome, I'm
having trouble sleeping.
We'll be back in a couple
days, so we can talk more then.
All right, bye.
What's going on, Jess?
This was in
our bathroom cabinet.
This was in there?
Who would've done that?
Who would do that?
I don't know, Jess.
I mean, you're sleeping
here, I'm out there, like...
Maybe it was Erin, maybe
she's fucking with us?
She was really pissed off.
You think she
would've done this?
I don't know what would
motivate her to do this.
She's my friend.
I don't know.
How did they get in here?
I don't know.
Wait a minute.
It was you, wasn't it?
For your stupid fucking
documentary, right?
Hold up a second,
I did not do this!
Then who else
would've done it?
I don't know, I...
It had to be you!
- It wasn't me!
- I didn't do it!
It wasn't me!
I need to go have a cigarette.
It's dangerous out there, we
don't know who's doing this!
Come here.
What is it?
Sit down.
What the fuck is that?
I don't know.
Are those teeth?
Holy shit.
You left this camera on.
That thing was in our trailer?
This is what Erin saw.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, she was right.
She wasn't fucking with us.
Oh, god, I hope she's okay.
- We gotta get outta here.
- Jess?
I'm not fucking
staying here anymore.
- Jess, Jess, calm down.
- No!
- Calm down.
- We need to call the police.
Jess, calm down, okay?
This is what we came here for.
We didn't come here to find
footprints in the woods.
We have proof now that something
weird is going on here.
This is awesome!
You're out of
your fucking mind.
That thing is gonna kill us,
if we don't get the
fuck out of here.
Jess, just one more night.
You know, we'll leave
first thing in the morning.
I'll rest now, I'll
stay up all night.
You lock yourself in here,
I'll watch the trailer.
We'll catch this
thing on camera.
I can't even believe you're
asking me this right now.
You have lost your fucking mind.
- Jess!
- No fucking way.
- Jess?
- No!
Jess, please!
Do this one thing
for me, all right?
One thing.
We are so close here.
I mean, look at this,
we are so close.
This documentary could be huge.
Like, this could make us famous!
Who gives a fuck?
Think of the money.
You and I both
know we need this.
If we get this thing on
tape and we can prove it...
Jess, it's our ticket.
I'm so fucking tired.
I know, Jess, we both are.
But we can't quit, we're
this close, please.
Come on.
Who is that?
I don't know.
It's on the roof.
Oh, god.
Okay, we gotta do something.
Okay, okay, um...
I'm gonna go outside, I'm
gonna go find out what this is.
- No.
- It's gonna be okay.
- No.
- Jess.
Trust me, it's gonna be okay.
It's not safe out there.
Just, just stay here, okay?
I'm gonna be right back.
It's gonna be okay,
it's gonna be okay.
Who's out there?
Oh, my god.
Oh, my...
Will, help me!
Help me!
You gotta be kidding me!
Are you kidding me?
It's not real.
No, no.
It's just a prank.
It was just a prank.
It's just a prank.
Just a prank.
It wasn't real, it wasn't real,
it wasn't real, it wasn't real.
Enough, enough!
That was so perfect.
Great show!
Hollywood could not
have done it better.
Not even Netflix.
And you know,
I didn't actually think
you were going to be
that difficult to get.
She really was
quite a fighter.
Don't worry, this is going
to be your final fucking scene!
I promise you that, okay?
Because we love all of the
footage that we got of you!
The investment was
really well worth it,
and unlike your little fucking,
stupid, ridiculous podcast,
People are actually gonna
watch this and enjoy it.
And on with the final shot!
Oh, and if you fuck this up,
I swear to fucking Christ,
I will fucking make him
kill you so fucking slowly,
that I'm gonna make a
fucking DVD series out of it!
You fucking bitch!
Roger, where the fuck are you?
Get the fuck in here!
Like always?
- How was that?
- Amazing.
That's it?
All the hype for this scene?
What did you expect?
He's German, they
don't know when to stop.
Listen, I paid good
money for that movie.
If it doesn't sell, I...
Of course it will sell!
I have never had one
dissatisfied customer yet.
- What?
- What's going on?
Who did you invite here?
No one!
Roger, go get it!
What the hell is going on?
- Go!
- Me?
An amateurish production.
Fuck you, Dom!
At least there is a production,
with the few cents
that you put in.
Who the fuck is that?
What the fuck is going on?
You can't be real!
Well, that's a wrap.
Everyone's dead.
Laura is gonna be very
pleased with what I did.
They didn't have a clue.
She was easy.
As easy as I thought.
Jess put up a fight.
She was a fighter.
All the way until the end.
Made it a little bit more fun.