Rose (2021) Movie Script

I didn't get it wrong, she did.
Dad, it's your song!
I ought to tell them
that I hate this song.
Drink, sir?
I'd like a small vodka
with a few almonds.
The same for my wife.
Heaven forbid, no.
Apricot juice for me.
And you, stop drinking.
- I can hardly refuse!
- It'll make you ill.
Poor girl is crazy about me.
Quit acting like Clark Gable!
Come on, have a drink with me.
Just one.
For once in your life.
I don't like the taste.
But you love me, so...
Stop playacting!
Happy birthday to Philippe
and a great big Mazel Tov!
Until your 120th, Dad!
Let's dance.
Et pour Philippe
Chantons tous Mazel Tov.
Pour la famille
Chantons tous Siman Tov.
Pour les amis
Chantons tous Mazel Tov.
Chantons Shalom Shalom Mazel Tov.
Where's my wife?
She's coming, Dad!
Can't catch me!
I'm it!
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, great.
What were you saying to Dad?
Nothing, why?
Did you get the MRI results?
He'll be OK, won't he?
He'll come to my unit at the hospital.
He told me not to tell Mom.
He wants a nice party.
All good?
I want a drink.
Did you leave Lon cash
for the valet parking?
Of course, don't worry.
You didn't say goodbye to anyone.
You know the difference
between leaving the English way
and leaving the Tunisian way?
The English way,
you say goodbye to no one and go.
The Tunisian way,
you say goodbye to everyone and stay.
I'm very English, you know!
Leaving already?
Shh, not a word!
So when are we having dinner?
Well, how about next week?
Then we've got rid of it.
You're such a rkik!
What about Joli Coeur on Saturday?
Do we go win or place?
Joli Coeur has its work cut out.
It's up against River Moon.
I prefer to go one in nine.
I can bet less and it still wins more
than one in three.
Can't wait for you to find
the winning combination
and leave home!
I won't be on your back for much longer.
I'll either be in jail or in Thailand.
You watch too many movies.
Stop fretting, son.
Nothing's going to happen.
Let me help, Mom.
Get that, Lon, it's your brother!
Go on in.
Mind the glass.
Will you help me?
- Need a hand, doctor?
- No, thanks.
Right, push...
Got it.
Want some?
Shall I leave it here?
Hello, Auntie.
What's happening to us?
I'll leave you. Go on in.
Pierre, it's the Rabbi.
No, I'm Dan.
Dan is Dad's cousin's son.
Thank you.
- Sorry! Hello.
- It's fine.
Yeah, well, it's hard to tell.
Hard to tell what?
A case like yours
can always be defended.
They taste excellent!
But you have to open them.
Remember that in life,
there's no pleasure
without a little work.
I use the freezer, I don't like cooking.
What do I do with this, Mom?
Do we need more coffee?
Are you OK, Mom?
Of course.
Of course.
You haven't changed,
you were always beautiful.
It's good of you to come.
Of course I came, Rose.
I'm going, but call me anytime.
All right?
Don't worry about Lon, he'll be fine.
- Sure?
- He won't go to jail,
he has no past history.
Shall I call my colleague?
If you don't mind.
It's so nice of you.
I will.
See you soon.
It's good to see you.
It's been, what, 20 years?
Tsilla, Sophie was just leaving, so...
Nice to have met you.
I'll call your mother about Lon.
Thanks very much.
You ski?
A Levy that skis?!
A Levy from Batna who skis?
I'm a man of many talents.
My husband may be boring
but at least he's here.
But how will you cope, my dear?
Do you want a fritter?
I'm on a gluten-free diet.
Hey, Jojo,
yours is more gluten fry-up, right?
What was that?
What's so funny?
Gluten fry-up, he said.
At least you have children!
Pierre... I wanted to ask you...
He died on a Friday,
shouldn't we kill an animal?
No, Mom.
That's not religion, just bullshit
and superstition.
I don't want it to bring bad luck.
No, Mom, don't worry.
Poor Philippe!
It's fine... Who's that?
Who's she?
I don't know.
Jojo, do you know her?
It's the rkika,
she just loves attending funerals.
I'm tired.
- I ought to sleep.
- Waliya.
I'll fetch Mom.
She said she didn't want to talk to him.
I'll be here with you all week.
Tsilla and I were thinking she could
come to the house, after Shiv'ah.
I live here, I could take care of her.
We can't move her out,
she's spent her life here.
Our room was small, wasn't it?
You were small!
Come in.
Shit, it's good to see you.
Same here.
- Coffee?
- No, thanks.
You got here late.
I'm here now.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, honey.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, you?
Sorry, I can't stay.
Here, I brought your bag.
Well, I'll get back to Mom.
All right.
- Is Grandma OK?
- She's good.
I'll get going.
I'll come down with you.
OK, I'll wait.
I'll take the children home.
See you tomorrow for the funeral.
Where are the soft toys?
They should be in their bags.
I'll fetch the kids.
I love you.
I love you too.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Playing at being Granddad.
My turn.
Forgive me, it's all I have.
But I beg You...
protect my son, don't harm my Lon.
Aren't you asleep?
You're sacrificing frozen meat?
Please, stop worrying.
You know it wasn't me.
I didn't kill anyone, or sell any drugs.
But you sold stolen goods.
Sophie said I won't go to jail.
I'm not a crook!
I'm not saying anything.
Now hurry up,
the traffic to the cemetery is bad.
We need to wake people up,
we mustn't be late.
Jews in mourning have a strange custom.
The rending of a garment.
The torn piece of clothing is saying
something that words cannot express.
Not in any language.
It means you need to learn
to live with rending.
Hello, you've reached Philippe
and Rose Goldberg.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Mom? Can you pick up?
You still won't?
I'm running 15 minutes late.
Can you come down?
How was it, sir?
Great, thanks.
Nice here, isn't it?
It's right downstairs
yet you've never been here.
Not even with Dad?
Why bother?
Have you chosen, ladies?
Dish of the day is salmon
with roast vegetables
or mashed potatoes.
I'll have that, with the vegetables.
Well, I like both...
I'll have the same as my daughter.
Any drinks?
Water, please.
Why won't you answer the phone?
I didn't hear it.
Didn't hear it?
I call 20 times a day.
I'm sick of that answering machine.
Well, I like it.
I can hear Dad's voice.
I almost called him yesterday
for the meatball recipe.
Your glasses need fixing.
I haven't had time.
I'll take you.
Tell me when you want help
emptying Dad's cupboards.
Can I have bread, please?
Will you come to the bank with me?
To give you power of attorney.
Oh no, for pity's sake!
What's wrong with you?
You're in good health.
That can change quickly.
Supposing you have to look after me.
Do it, for me.
Mom, I'm a choreographer,
not a notary. Ask Pierre.
And stop it, everything's fine.
Don't look at me like that.
How's Annalle?
I'm hard on you. I'm sorry.
You know that deep down
I'm a good egg.
Here we go.
I've added some potatoes.
- That's nice of you.
- Bon apptit.
See? Things are changing.
- Do you have bread?
- Just a little.
Pierre, can you tell them to stop?
They're kids, leave them to it.
You tell them!
No, thanks, I value my life.
Auntie loves it, crank it up, kids.
We can't hear!
- You're so tedious!
- Oh, come on.
Thanks, Lon.
Wait till you have kids.
Don't hold your breath.
What made you buy them one?
They cost a fortune.
It's fun to see them have fun.
You play yourself?
Fuck you!
Lon, calm down.
I'm tired.
That's enough, kids.
Time to brush your teeth.
I'll come with you.
Pierre says you're going to Israel?
School trip, with my class.
Hey, Mom's in a bad way.
I know.
She stinks.
I mean, her hair...
She hasn't washed in weeks,
I don't know what to do.
She didn't pay her electric bill,
they almost cut her off.
She says she's coping but she isn't.
She can't manage,
Dad took care of everything.
She refuses my help.
Every day, Tsilla offers to pop in.
Every day she says no.
Maybe she should see a shrink.
A shrink? No.
We'll hire a cleaner.
That's not the problem,
it's about self-care.
How about a fancy spa treatment?
Mom can't bear to be touched.
I think it's a good idea,
I'll book one.
- Go ahead.
- I will, I'll do what I like.
Sure you will.
- Jean-Marie?
- Six letters.
It's me.
You're not wearing the dress?
It's too much,
I wasn't comfortable.
You look lovely.
What am I going to do
with all those youngsters?
Put your shoes on, we're late.
But my TV show...
I'll record it.
Sure you know how?
I'm not going.
Hurry up.
I'm badly parked.
- Come on.
- Well, help me!
Here... Where are your shoes?
You're such a nuisance!
Are you OK?
- Hi!
- Hello.
I'm Stphane.
Yes, I remember!
- I know the code.
- Ah, good.
- That's it.
- Great.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.
After you.
So cool to see you.
- This is my mom.
- How do you do?
It's crazy, you look totally different.
You hate it, everyone does.
Still, you never go home alone
with a blow-dry.
I'll bet!
Tonight, I'll be with my mom.
Well, it's nice to meet you, Rose.
That's nice of you, thanks.
By the way,
I spoke to Sophie on the phone.
She's very upbeat about your brother.
Let's talk about that later.
Yes, all right.
Help yourself.
Let me help.
No, stay there.
But I'd like to.
Leave it to me.
Here, Mom, serve yourself.
Your mother's charming.
Do you like it?
Tomatoes, Mom?
I keep inviting your daughter for dinner
but she's always too busy.
Maybe she doesn't like you.
That's not polite!
Ah, I see.
- No, it's fine.
- I'm sorry.
It put me in my place!
Anyway I'm to be avoided.
Don't worry, I'm a lousy lay too.
That's not what I meant!
Well, I'm starved, I'm going to eat.
Rose, give me your plate.
How much do you want?
Are you very hungry?
So what do you do?
I write comic strips.
Comic strips?
- Great.
- Yeah, it's cool.
So you write and draw?
Pnlope does comic strips.
I know, I love her stuff.
Amazing, he stages a character
who's a bit like him
and describes how he himself
lives only by love, like Don Juan.
Casanova keeps falling in love
but Don Juan seeks pleasure.
He's not sensual, he isn't a lover,
he's fascinated by desire.
That's Babas!
He never commits, he ditched his girl.
But I'm sensual.
Delicious, aren't they?
He's a lover!
Why create a dichotomy
between love and sensuality?
All that to shoehorn "dichotomy"
into a sentence!
Why not "corroborant"?
Next it'll be "antepenultimate"!
- This pasta is amazing.
- Really good.
You could try peppermint.
Do you want a hand?
Hold your plate level, that'll help.
Give it here!
Can I eat now?
I'm a circus ringmaster
at the moment
so I'm watching one circus film a day.
I've developed a passion for
circus movies, three of them.
He's nice,
you should have dinner with him.
Stop it.
There's an old Woody Allen movie.
And Fellini.
Well, Fellini's "Clowns"...
Hi, everyone!
Hey, you're late!
Oh, I'm sorry.
Thank you very much.
See how young she is?
You all know our national treasure,
Enough of your pompous style.
Fetch me a vodka!
Iced... well iced!
My dear!
- You know Julie?
- No.
- Glad to know you.
- Likewise.
Here, Marceline.
Wait, I don't know you.
- No.
- We've never met.
- What's your name?
- Rose Goldberg.
And what do you do?
I'm a widow.
She's funny!
Vodka, vodka!
You know... I just wanted to say,
your books changed my life.
It sounds ridiculous but I'm pretty...
Enough of that, stop licking my boots.
It's like being with old people.
Look, he's twice your age.
Roll me a joint, I can't see anything.
Plus she's got all the gear.
One paper or two?
- You messed up.
- These guys are experts.
Which filter?
Moroccan or cardboard?
Say, it's no laughing matter, Marceline.
No. It's good stuff.
- You approve, Nicolas?
- Obviously an expert to my right.
I can't remember where it's from.
I have no idea.
Can you identify its origins?
I'm not used to it.
People go,
and they leave it everywhere.
On the table corner...
They just leave it behind.
That's true, you know.
Reggae and Judaism is a lot to cover
in one sentence!
Dreadlocks are like Jewish payot.
Yes, it's true.
They don't eat pork...
Wait, we haven't served you.
I'll take a little...
Burrata is Adle's favorite,
she might not give you any.
Hey, why aren't you in bed?
We just wanted a pee.
Sure you did. Get to bed!
All right then.
Let her stay.
No, it's late.
I need to get her up and off to school
in the morning.
You try it!
They're just trying it on.
Isn't it dangerous?
Not at all.
Care to try?
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Sorry, but she asked.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry, she asked!
I'm going to get the blame.
Are you OK?
I think so.
Sorry... Everyone is...
It's not my fault.
So everything's fine!
Shall we pass it round?
Good, isn't it?
Eat, son, eat.
I think you need to eat a lot.
Yes, I know.
Long hair, a beard like Santa's...
Yes, yes.
So shall we play?
Sarah, you first.
If you could wish for something,
right here, right now.
You want me?
Easy! I wanted to see my mom
do something crazy one day
and here we are!
Marceline, your dearest wish,
right now?
To fuck!
So cute.
You want to go and fuck her up?
Are you stupid or just acting stupid?
- Now.
- Off the top of my head?
Something you're desperate for.
I wouldn't mind losing five kilos!
No cake for Aline.
Now, now, now.
A kiss on the hand.
A what?
Moving on...
Things are turning soft.
Have we asked Olivier?
Mine's easy.
Dinner with you one night next week.
We'll leave them to it.
Nice try!
Well, it's pretty straightforward.
I'll have some cake.
What about your wish?
I'll have some vodka too.
- You want some vodka?
- Yes.
You talk about it
as if it were impossible.
It's complicated.
I just need to find the right person
but I dream of being a dad.
That's a dream, not a wish.
It's a dream, but it's still possible.
I'm not some old guy.
Pnlope, what's your wish?
A vacation.
I understand.
We'll all come with you!
I love providence too much
to want to change it.
You haven't said anything.
I have everything I desire.
Here, with us?
Yeah, I'm fulfilled.
I have no wishes, I'm fine.
What about me?
No one cares what I want?
So, Rose, what's your dearest wish?
My dearest wish is to be
a Yiddish singer.
Yes! I sing Yiddish.
What? What?
You're jealous.
I'm kissing her.
She's the most beautiful!
Put your arms around my neck
I'll cling to your dreams.
Joy infects even the most stupid.
We will dance until the day dawns.
Tell me the story of a happy romance.
The world is sweeter
hanging from your lips.
For life or just for tonight
let's walk together.
Kiss me again and lift my heart.
Let's tell the story of a happy romance.
Let's tell the story of a happy romance.
Let's tell the story of a happy romance.
Now that's life!
That's life.
It was a lovely dinner party.
I loved your friends.
Don't forget to give her
the makroudh recipe.
Yes, but I have to go now.
- You'll call me back?
- Yes, we'll talk later.
We could go for coffee.
I have to go now. Take care.
All right, dear.
Are you waiting for someone?
No, I'm on my own.
What can I get you?
I don't know.
Well, take your time.
No, wait, I know.
- A small vodka with almonds.
- OK.
- You have almonds?
- Sure, we'll find you some.
So, didn't you like it?
I've never liked it.
So why did you order vodka?
I don't know.
Do many people come to bars alone?
Yeah, it happens.
I don't seem weird?
Not at all!
No, don't tease me.
I'm not teasing, you're free,
you don't need a chaperone
in this day and age.
I'd better go.
- What are you doing?
- You made me jump!
- Where were you?
- Out shopping.
What's with the hair?
Are you off to a bar mitzvah?
Cut it out, it cost me a fortune!
- You look like a hoodlum.
- Let me help.
I don't need help, I can walk alone.
All right, sorry.
Stop it!
Go lie down in front of TV
and leave me alone.
Hi, Sophie, it's Pierre, Rose's son.
Pierre Goldberg? How's it going?
Fine, thanks. I'm not disturbing you?
I wanted to thank you
for calling my mother.
Oh, it was nothing.
Oh, it was, it reassured her a lot.
Well, I'm glad.
I'd better go. Take care.
We should get together sometime.
Yes, with pleasure. Good idea.
Maybe this week?
This week... perhaps one evening?
Yes, an evening if you like.
I'm on duty,
but I'll work something out.
Well, see you very soon, then.
Take care.
Switch it off!
I can't sleep!
My daughter.
Am I disturbing you?
I wanted to have coffee.
All right, some other time.
Take care.
We went to an Alsatian brasserie.
- Nice evening?
- Yes, very.
So was the dessert good?
You wanted to try it.
No, I don't like litchis.
It's funny, seeing you with the kippa.
I usually wear the tzitzit.
It's crazy.
Don't, you look like my father!
It took us ten years to have the twins.
Ten years.
You think that helped?
More than you think, yes.
So how do you bring meaning
to your life?
For me, the meaning is very muddled.
Why did you never have kids?
Those guys are stupid.
As kids, we all had a crush on you.
- Bullshit.
- It's true!
You've always been
the prettiest girl in the world.
Sorry, but you know it's the first time
I've had an intimate dinner
with a woman who isn't my wife.
I don't know why I said that.
It's the drink, I'm not used to it.
This wine isn't very good.
Kosher wine never is.
Stop taking the piss!
I'm not taking the piss!
You haven't changed.
Neither have you.
Well, seeing as I have surgery
early tomorrow
I'd better not stay late.
Should I drop you off?
Yeah, with pleasure.
Excuse me?
The check, please.
Why don't you answer the phone?
I'm here!
- What's so funny?
- I don't know!
You're weird.
Sorry, my son.
Where'd you put my suit?
Which suit?
My only suit. For the hearing.
Is it today?
Are you kidding?
Did you forget?
You've known about it for weeks.
You didn't remind me.
You're joking.
I took an appointment for
the spa treatment you bought me.
I'll cancel.
Don't worry, I'll come with you.
- Oh no.
- Why not?
Don't cancel the Crillon!
I'm a big boy, I can cope.
Are you mad at me?
No, you just forgot, it happens.
You go and enjoy yourself.
Enjoy myself how?
Apparently it's great, OK?
I'm sorry, son.
I'll join you, whatever happens.
I'll be quick!
Mrs Goldberg,
for the phyto-aromatic care?
Yes, that's me.
I'll leave you to get undressed.
I'll be right back.
Undress completely?
You'll find
some disposable underclothes.
Shall we?
Lon Goldberg, born in Suresnes,
26 January 1982,
charged by the prosecution services
with the sale of stolen goods,
is found guilty as charged.
This court sentences him to
three months in prison, suspended.
- Could I please call my son?
- Of course, ma'am.
Thank you.
Lon here, leave a message.
Lon... answer the phone, please.
I want to know where to find you.
Sarah, do you have any news of Lon?
I can't reach him.
He just called, he won't go to jail.
He got three months - suspended.
He's going to Pierre's,
he wants to be left alone tonight.
Yes, he doesn't want to see anyone.
Relax, Mom, everything's fine.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Thanks, dear. Take care.
Change of direction.
I'm going back to the 19th,
not to the courtroom.
Very well, ma'am.
Something wrong, ma'am?
- Do you remember me?
- Yes.
You look a bit down.
Come and have a drink.
It'll warm you up.
Thank you.
It's not very warm.
It's cold.
I didn't promise a great atmosphere.
Mondays are always quiet.
Now what will you have?
A small vodka, with almonds.
No, you won't drink it.
I think I will.
I know.
What's your favorite fruit juice?
What's happened?
I don't know.
I don't feel so good.
Why don't you feel good?
I'm ashamed.
Of what?
Go ahead tell me, it's just us.
You'll feel better.
What's your name?
Glad to know you.
I'm Laurent.
So which bastards have upset you?
The bastards are me.
What have you done?
I'm selfish.
What's the use at my age?
What do you mean?
What's the point of pampering myself
at my age,
just to sit on the sofa
watching Countdown?
Nothing wrong with Countdown.
I like it.
I'm stupid.
Have you seen my skin,
my arms, my hands,
my face, my breasts?
Why bother?
What's wrong?
I think you look fine,
you're... very beautiful.
I didn't mean your breasts.
How old are you?
You want to know how old I am?
No, I... sorry.
Anyway, I think you're beautiful.
I don't understand.
Are you hitting on me?
Oh, I'm sorry...
Only the last man to hit on me
was my husband.
Your husband?
He's wonderful. Not like me.
How so?
Give me another drink.
I'll tell you...
I had children late in life.
The poor things
aren't very good at romance.
One is still in love with
her halfwit ex-husband,
another has veered into orthodoxy,
the third acts like he's married to me.
How old are they?
You know what? I'm sick of it.
See? I'm bad news.
Here I am, in a bar,
on a Monday evening.
Like a loose woman!
Another for you,
and another for me.
Thank you.
And another for me.
You're depressed too?
Well, who isn't?
So tell me.
I've told you everything.
My girlfriend doesn't want kids.
I don't get it, I'm pretty cute,
I'd make a good father.
So where's your husband?
He died, in January.
You know how to brighten things up!
So you're free?
Now I'm blushing.
Frankly I don't know
what I'm doing here.
Do you want to go?
Do you want me to put music on?
A bar with no music.
Now that's weird!
- What would you like?
- Something oriental.
I'm 78.
See how I brighten things up?
To hell with age.
Getting old is the best way
to stay alive.
Ah, highfalutin words!
How old do you think I am?
To hell with age, right?
Actually, I feel embarrassed.
I should go.
No, sorry, it's me.
I didn't mean to...
Would you like to dance?
Just to make things
even more embarrassing?
Ah, fuck it.
Men who dance like that are a disaster!
I eat better than I dance.
Do you like makroudhs?
Those things stuffed with dates?
I'd kill for them.
I'll make you some.
Ah, I adore you!
- I'm going to kiss you.
- No.
Yes, that one's nice.
I want it.
Ah, lovely.
That's a keeper.
Not bad, not bad...
Hello, ma'am, can I help you?
Why are you speaking like that?
I can hear you fine.
Have you found what you want?
I'll take them all.
Thank you.
Annalle, you're a pain!
Next time, take your keys.
- All right?
- Yeah, you?
Oh, you came up?
Not even a hello?
Sure. Hello.
Can I come in?
Of course.
Yeah, with pleasure.
Smells good.
Mmm, tasty!
Staying for dinner?
Sorry, I can't.
what's up?
You OK?
Yeah, fine... You?
Too many nights out.
How's your mother?
She's doing better.
You're not wearing eye makeup.
I like it.
You smoke too much.
Have you got a guy?
None of your business.
Sure you won't stay for dinner?
- I'm going to be a dad.
- What... why?
What did you say?
I'm having a baby.
Why come here to tell me that?
I thought I should.
I wanted to do things right.
Do things right?
Well, keep you informed.
Informed, yeah, right.
Come on, you'd moan
if you were the last to hear.
I feel sick.
Don't be dramatic.
OK, you can go now.
I knew you'd react like this.
She's 37, no kids,
we've been together two years.
Why do I need to justify myself?
You want this kid?
Of course you don't, so shut up.
Enough of the insults. Calm down.
I want the baby for her.
How far gone is she?
Four months.
So you're keeping it.
Try to be more gracious.
Life goes on, Sarah.
What about me? And Annalle?
She knows and she's delighted.
You wanted to be on your own,
Family life was suffocating you!
So what's going on?
You said it, dammit!
I'm not making it up.
You said it!
Annalle, I'm leaving.
Take care.
He said not to tell you.
Sorry, Mom, I should have told you.
I love you.
Now where has he put them?
Here they are!
What's that?
All these buttons, but which...?
Your car's all wrong, Philippe!
It can't be that difficult...
Ah, got it.
So, these are the headlamps... there.
You've got a car?
Come on, get in!
Who'll look after the store?
That useless husband of yours!
She comes and goes,
she does as she pleases.
Fancy you driving!
- What's bitten you?
- Bitten me?
I do whatever I like.
Goodness, you've gone crazy.
It's inevitable, you're grieving.
When my mother...
Oh, shut up!
The way you talk!
For years I've wanted to tell you
to shut up...
So shut up!
You shut up!
So what now
that you've got yourself a car?
Take me to Galeries Lafayette.
Come on, kidnap me.
On the house.
Handsome, isn't he?
Pushy, you mean.
I'm so pleased you suggested coffee.
Look... I got you this.
You ever see me with lipstick?
A little is good.
Guess what. Today, I drove.
You didn't kill anyone?
I haven't driven in 40 years.
It all came back to me.
It's like riding a bike.
You've never ridden one.
Jojo couldn't get over it. Actually...
I think she was jealous.
She's bored.
I love this song!
Thank you.
You were saying?
Nothing, skip it.
I'm here now, tell me.
No, it's fine.
You miss Dad, right?
I miss him too.
You're beautiful, Mom.
All this affected craziness...
I don't like it, it's unnatural.
Right, I'm going to my room.
Calm down, kids!
The voice of authority.
Nice one, Pierre.
- When is Tsilla back?
- I don't know.
You don't know?
Sorry, she's back on Tuesday.
I'll go fetch the food.
You're drinking?
Why shouldn't I?
The meatballs.
Can I have a hand?
Thanks, honey.
Oh shit.
Mom... What's the matter?
- Mom.
- What's wrong?
You mixed up the harissa
and the tomato sauce.
You want to kill us?
Well, I was in a hurry.
- Why, too busy with work?
- Mom's snowed under!
Go ahead, cook your own meal.
- What's got into you?
- Nothing.
I've better things to do than feed you.
You're all grown up.
Mom's right.
Not that it changes anything.
What do you mean?
Men never walk out
on women who can't cook.
True enough.
Sorry, I don't understand.
They get taken to restaurants,
pampered, cared for...
Maybe guys fear they'll walk out,
or just want to feel manly.
How is this related to harissa?
It isn't.
Actually it is. Have you heard?
Nicolas is going to be a dad. L'Chaim!
L'Chaim, Mom.
You didn't tell me.
Well, I'm telling you now.
Did you know?
Maybe it'll help you move on.
You're making me do
all kinds of stupid things.
What a chore.
She's totally crazy.
Don't talk about
your mother that way!
She's flipped, she's hysterical.
Calm down, she's tired.
Yes, she's tired.
Understandably so.
You don't live with her.
Leave it, Mom, we'll come and help.
Look, we'd better go.
We're leaving, Mom.
We'll help you first.
Sarah, Annalle, I'll take you back.
I'm on foot.
Lon, please, go easy on Mom.
Come on, join in.
Yeah, join in...
Don't just take your own plate.
Aren't you going out?
What are you doing?
Just popping out.
Popping out?
Have you seen the time?
I need something from the store.
I'll go, it's 10.30, go back to bed.
It's fine, I'll go.
You're weird.
Let me out.
Calm down, where are you going?
It's dangerous!
All that makeup!
What's wrong with you?
I need your permission?
I live here.
Makeup to go to the grocery store?
You piss me off!
Now move.
You're cracked.
Remove that makeup, you're staying here!
You're crazy!
I'm crazy?!
You think I don't know?
Know what?
Stand aside, I'm your mother.
Mother? What mother?
You forget everyone.
Like me, at my hearing.
Don't be ridiculous, you insisted.
You're shameful!
Leave me alone!
You're in mourning...
in fucking mourning!
What happened?
I'm fed up of having him on my back.
Does he think he's the patriarch?
I swear he's been spying on me.
I'm indulging myself for once.
Wait, what's happened?
He has no right to talk to me like that.
What did I do wrong?
I bet he's been spying.
What are you talking about?
I've met someone.
Don't start.
- The idiot with the cakes?
- So?
I like him, he likes me.
Is that shameful?
He makes me laugh,
he's handsome, he looks at me...
I'm not doing any harm.
I don't want to know.
This is bullshit, Mom!
What can you do with him?
He's Pierre's age!
No, he's two years older.
It's the same thing.
You're off your rocker.
You're all off your rockers!
I don't know you anymore.
You don't mind it
when Marceline acts all free.
- You're not listening.
- No, you aren't.
What do you mean?
Why didn't you tell me about Nicolas?
What an asshole.
You'll find someone else.
Look at me.
There you go.
Hey! How's it going?
- Are you expecting someone?
- No.
Can I take this?
- Is it me you're waiting for?
- Sure, come on.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
- You were all alone.
Well, I'm not now.
- What's your name?
- Rose.
Welcome, Rose.
To your good health.
Well, it's vodka.
We're starting to get plastered too.
It's important, it's inherited,
from your parents, your family...
Where are your roots, Rose?
I'm from Tunisia.
- Which part?
- Tunis.
I love Tunisia,
I've been to Djerba many times.
You're Tunisian at heart.
Djerba is for Americans.
Do you like makroudhs?
I love them!
No way!
Magic. She's a magician!
I made them this morning.
- My mother taught me.
- You must give me the recipe.
Try them and see.
We're in Tunisia!
We got lucky, running into you.
I'll explain the words.
She says that despite his faults,
he's very handsome.
He drives me up the wall
but I don't mind.
You'd have to be mad not to choose you.
You're right, he's stupid!
A drink?
So, Alexandre,
if you could wish for anything,
right here, right now.
If I could wish for something...
You'll take the piss but I don't mind.
I want a pony.
A pony?
Or a small horse.
That's a first!
- It's true!
- How about you?
What would be your dearest wish,
right here, right now?
For this evening to never end.
I can't get it in!
Yareubi! I can't fall any lower!
Mom, are you OK?
Look at me. Mom?
I won't melt.
I had a fall, I'm not dead.
Being on my own doesn't mean it's over.
Being on my own won't kill me.
Anyway when you're alone,
you have lots of people around.
Does being so exemplary
make you any happier?
I'm not exemplary.
I do things for myself,
you should do the same.
I love you all.
Yes, you were scared.
It's true, I'm old,
but I'm not dead.
I just hurt myself a bit, that's all.
Why do you get
so worried about me, Lon?
You scared me too.
You need to let me go,
and live your life.
What have I done or not done
to make you so afraid?
You have your whole life ahead of you.
My life isn't ahead of me.
But I still have a little of it left.
When your father died,
I thought my life was over.
But I'm still here
and I'm going to live some more.
There are still things to do.
I want to enjoy it all as much as I can
before it disappears.
I do everything the wrong way round.
When I take care of myself,
you're shocked.
When I neglect myself and smell,
you're appalled.
I heard you the other day.
I've lost the man of my life.
He could talk to you, reassure you,
calm you down, but I can't.
I can't say the word "I", it scares me.
I feel like I'll just spout nonsense.
My daughter's in a bad way,
I can't even see it.
Sorry, I'm all messed up,
I don't know what's wrong with me.
It's all new to me, I feel alive.
Yes, that encounter
was a big deal for me.
Yes, I'm rediscovering
the contours of my body,
the smell of lipstick...
Isn't that allowed?
Would you rather I cried all the time?
Well, I cry all the time.
And sometimes I laugh as well.
I can see you can't stand it.
I don't know myself anymore either.
I don't know what's happening to me.
I'm both sad... and happy.
Strange, isn't it?
But I think I like it.
It scares you, doesn't it?
My loves, if it scares you,
then I'll stop everything.
But I don't want to.