Rose Marie (1954) Movie Script

Hey, there.
Hey, boy.
Hey... there.
Come here, boy.
Hey, I'm looking for the
cabin of trapper Lemaitre.
Do you know it?
I said, I'm looking for..
Look, I can't shout
my head off, come closer.
What's the matter,
boy? Scared?
I won't bite you.
Come here.
That's better.
I'm looking for
the cabin of tra..
Hey, boy. You're a girl.
Well, it's a,
it's a girl I'm after.
The daughter
of trapper Lemaitre.
They call her..
So, you're Rose Marie.
'Rose Marie Lemaitre.'
Mine's Mike. Mike Malone.
Maybe you've heard
tell of me from your father.
'Well, last fall,
when-when he was sick'
he-he knew he won't pull
through the winter so
he asked me to come up here
and look after his little girl
when-when he was gone.
'You've been all alone
up here and that's bad.'
But you don't have to worry
about being alone anymore.
Come back, here.
Rose Marie.
Rose Marie.
Rose Marie.
Rose Marie!
Rose Marie.
Rose Marie.
Rose Marie!
Now, listen first
and stab me afterwards, huh?
You really don't think you can
get away from a Mountie, do you?
Mounties always get their man.
Even when it's a girl.
Now, look, let's get-together
on this whole thing.
I don't want you,
you don't want me
but we're stuck
with each other.
I'm taking you to Fort McCroy,
those are my orders
you might as well make up your
mind and don't start anything.
It won't do you
bit of good.
Let me go. I beg you.
Look, you really
are scared, aren't you?
Well, you don't have to be.
I'm your friend.
The inspector told your father
he'd take care of you and--
- I take care of myself.
- We'll argue about that later.
Without knives.
But right now,
you're going with me.
You know you can't
stay here all alone.
Your father knew that. A man
might get by, but not a girl.
I live here all my life.
I love it. I'm not afraid.
I love it too.
But it's no place for a girl.
Everybody knows that.
Stories about it, even songs.
It's no place for a girl.
(Howard Keel singing
"The Right Place For A Girl")
Where the cataracts roar
And the north winds blow
And the snow flakes
eddy and whirl
For a man it's
a wonderful shore
But it's no place for a girl
When the water birds soar
from the frozen stream
And the land turns
to mother of pearl
'Tis a place for a man
and his dream
But it's no place
For a girl
A girl must have
the best of things
A chance to bud
a chance to blossom
Ladies fingers
are made for rings
Not for skinning
the hide of a possum
The more that you live
The more you will learn
As the years of
your life unfold
In the arms of a man
The right kind of man
Is the right place
For a girl
Alright, let's go.
You wanna ride
to Fort like this
or you want to sit in
the saddle like a lady?
I sit.
Fort McCroy detachment, all
present and correct, Sergeant.
Carry on, Corporal.
'Eyes front!'
Eyes front!
Sit down.
- Johnson.
- 'Yes, Sergeant.'
Go ahead.
Men, uh, we have ourselves
a new recruit.
This is Rose Marie Lemaitre.
Would you care to say,
hello, dear?
She wants to be friendly,
but she's just a child.
And you know
how it is with kids
action speak
louder than words.
Eyes front!
Right here, Sarge.
Sergeant. Sergeant.
You mean,
I've been promoted?
Promoted? Of course not.
Promises. That's all
I get. Promises.
I've been here long enough
to be a Field Marshal.
I-I got a good notion
to hand in my two weeks notice.
In the meantime you got
yourself a new prisoner.
- A tough one.
- Tough?
Well, they come no tougher
than Barney McCorkle.
I'm a tower of strength.
A monument of muscle.
A bundle of biceps.
Just watch out
for your fingers.
I've been neglecting my cuticle.
Alright, Mac.
Whatcha in for, murder?
A girl.
A small, diminutive girl.
Well, anyway, a girl.
Please, nice gun man.
You have face so nice,
kind. Please.
You let go me, yes?
Look, girlie. If I let go
you, they let go me.
And on a clear day,
I can see my pension.
What's your name, girlie?
Uh, Minnie? Fiffy?
Fleur Jacque?
I think, I better speak
to you in your native tongue.
Moi, Barney.
Et vous?
Moi, Rose Marie.
A fine Irish name.
Me and you is gonna
get along great together.
I'm-I'm pleased to meet
your acquaintance.
Let go off those keys.
(Howard Keel singing
On thru' the hail
Like a pack of
angry wolves on the trail
We are after you
dead or alive
We are out to get you
dead or alive
And we'll get you too
In peace or war
We're the story of Canada
Cheer for the Corps
for the glory of Canada
Here come the Mounties
The Maple Leaf Forever more
Through thunder and hail
Following trouble
Following trouble
Oh travel the trail
ride on the double
Ride on the double
A cheer for the Mounties
For here come the Mounties
We ride winter or spring
And as we ride we sing
In war or peace
There is no one
like the Royal Police
Men who'll always
be loyal and true
To the uniform
of scarlet and blue
Ever unafraid
In peace or war
We're the story of Canada
Cheer for the Corps
for the glory of Canada
Here come the Mounties
The Maple Leaf
Forever more
Fort McCroy, all present
and correct, sir.
Well, well.
Looks like, I've
been away too long.
Bad shave.
Button needs polishing.
Bad shave.
Stirrup too low.
Bad shave. Bad shave.
Don't any of you men
know how to use a razor?
Now, that's what
I call a shave.
Yes, sir.
'Are you by any chance,
stark raving mad, my friend?'
I said, are you
out of your mind?
Good grief! I don't know which
to have you discharged for.
or congenital idiocy.
I don't quite
follow the Inspector.
Sergeant, has the thought ever
entered your child-like brain
that this wild gal of the woods
who lives the life of a Mountie
like any other man,
is not a man at all?
But a woman, sir.
A fully developed woman.
Well? I'm waiting.
A fully developed..
Rose Marie?
- Why, sh-she's just a kid, sir.
- She's a woman!
With all that
that fact implies.
You mean tha--
I mean what I say,
confound it! She's a woman.
An adult female person,
you've heard the word.
A woman.
Well, I'd-I'd never thought
of her that way, sir--
You better start right now.
You better start right now.
And soon as you
start it, stop.
Uh, miss, come in here.
Come in here.
Oh,bonjour monsieur.
Oh, Mike, Mike, you know
what Harold does just now
when I give him his dinner?
Eat with good appetite,
the food.
Then turn and kiss me here.
Ho, behold,monsieur.Still red.
What did I tell you?
Who's Harold?
- Her horse, sir.
- Oh, a fine horse,monsieur.
Old, but still alive.
Like you,monsieur.
Uh, now, see here, miss,
uh, the Sergeant and I
have been having
some words about you.
Oh, you speak
of me with Mike?
- Yes. Now, here's what, uh--
- You like Mike?
Like him?
Oh, sure.
I'm crazy about him.
I too am crazy.
First I hate this man
and think to kill him.
But then, he teach me
to ride Harold
so I do not kill
this man, I love him.
Is life, no?
Is the way it goes.
Um, speaking of going,
there's a trading post
called Maple Rock
about 20 miles up river.
There's some houses
there and people
and among them,
a cousin of mine.
How would you like
to go live with her
and learn to be a woman?
I do not like.
Like it or not that's where
you're going in the morning.
'You'll like it fine
at Maple Rock.'
Grow your hair long,
give you pretty clothes to wear.
Make you over into a
regular little lady.
No! I will not be lady.
I want to be just as free
as the wind and
the evergreen tree.
Free like the rabbit
that runs through the down.
Not like a..
Turtle who live in a shell
I hear you say
You would want me to grow up
in lady like way
Maybe that's good for some
girl that you see
But not Rose Marie
How would I look
in a polka dot bonnet
All prettied up like
the ladies on stage
Rather I sing
as a bird on the wing
And be showing fine
feathers in cage
No no no
This life I love
Where each mountain and stream
are as peaceful as dove
No one but me
and the blue sky above
I'm free to be free
Ask the little whippoorwill
sitting on the windowsill
What he say if you
not let him fly
Ask the little bobolink
Can I tell you what I think?
He will tell to you
same thing as I
Ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ah ah ah ah ah ah
He will tell to you
same thing as I
He'll say that
I want to be
Just as free as the cloud
floating over the sea
Free as the ocean
that rise up and swell
Not so like bucket
you chain to the well
Free as the air
with the rain in my face
And with wind in my hair
Riding along
in the land that I love
I'm free to
Be free
I stay here, yes?
No no. You leave for Maple Rock
at nine in the morning.
The Sergeant will go with you
and see that you
reach my cousin's.
Too bad. She'd have
made a great Mountie.
Go get her.
Yes, sir.
We skip the bracelets
this time.
Oh, Mike! Mike,
I have the great wish
not to go to Maple Rock.
Please, Mike.
It's not my idea.
No. No. It's the man
with the face.
Oh, Mike. I-I hate
this man most happily.
Well, what do you
need to do about it?
- Kill him.
- Kill him?
Sure. Is easy.
I show him how I shoot
the head at 50 paces
but I do not shoot the head.
I shoot the face.Voila.
That's no way
to talk about a man
that just made you
a present of a horse.
You mean, Harold?
He... give me Harold?
Oh, then I do not kill
this man. I only wound.
M-Mike, y-you know, this man
he think of me as woman?
You do not think
of me as woman, Mike.
- Well, I, uh..
- Mike.
Always you say,
like father like son
you and me, Mike, yes?
Sure, but it's-it's not
what I think, Rose Marie
it's-it's what
others think.
Well, look, it-it's this way.
You're, you're growing up.
You have grown up
and I guess I-I hadn't noticed.
Noticed what?
Well, uh, look, there
there comes a time
when-when all of a sudden
the woman becomes, uh,
interesting, see what I mean?
No, I don't see nothing.
Well, interesting
to a... to a man.
What man?
Oh, no man in particular.
Just-just any man.
And all of a sudden
I'm interesting to a man?
Oh, yes.
Yes you are.
You are right.
I am interesting.
Sure you are.
And, now
that you're interesting
you'll want to find that a man
can be interesting too.
Maybe, maybe some nights
you'll be some place quite
and peaceful
up in the hills and--
What place, Mike?
I don't know what place.
Just any place.
- Like, like this place?
- Could be like this place.
And you'll be there,
the man will..
And all of a sudden,
he'll realize how he feels
about you and start
to tell you about it.
What will he tell,
this man?
There's lots of things a man
can say about a girl like you.
- If he felt that way about you.
- Like how, Mike?
Well, like for instance,
he might say..
Oh sweet Rose Marie
It's easy to see
Why all who learn
to know you love you
You're gentle and kind
Divinely designed
Divinely designed?
What is divinely designed, Mike?
Well, it... it means
that you got a good shape.
But I do not have
the shape at all.
Maybe not in that drape.
Dressed up the way
you ought to be.
You would be graceful
as the pines above you
There's an angel's breath
beneath your soul
There's a little devil
in your eyes
You're silly,
but nice. More.
Oh Rose Marie
I love you
I'm always dreaming of you
No matter what I do
I can't forget you
Sometimes I wish
that I had never met you
And yet if I should lose you
Would mean my
very life to me
Of all the queens
that ever lived I choose you
To rule me
My Rose Marie
Well, you see what I mean,
that's what a man might say.
When he does this, Mike?
If he loves you.
- Mike.
- Hm.
I think I go learn
be woman after all.
- Mike.
- Hm.
These thing
you tell me about.
- You ever say them to a woman?
- No.
Why you didn't, Mike?
I've never been in love,
that's why.
Why you wasn't in love?
Well, it's mighty
complicated for a Mountie
if he falls in love.
First, you have to apply
in writing to the inspector.
Then you have to get
an okay from Edmonton.
Then they have to check
with headquarters at Ottawa.
- Marie, are you listening?
- Oh, sure, Mike, I listen.
What was I saying?
You say, you going to write
letter to someone named
Edmonton Otto
and then they're going to..
I don't know, Mike.
I was telling you what a Mountie
has to do to get married.
- Yes, Mike.
- First, he has to apply--
Oh, Mike.
Mike, I have
the great pain twice.
- What pain?
- Oh, here is hungry.
Oh, and here... is sore.
Well, with here...
I can help you out.
Where it's sore...
you're on your own.
Come on, bear up. We'll be in
Maple Rock in time for supper.
Wait here.
Nice evening.
How are things with the law?
- Let's have the gun, Duval.
- Wait a minute, it's my gun.
It was your gun. It's
evidence now. Let's have it.
Shooting a deer out of season
and a hind at that
it's thinking pretty low
even for you, Duval.
You know, the trouble
with people like you
is you always think
the worst of people like me.
- Tell it to the judge.
- I think I did say that.
Funny thing about people
with honest faces
you can always tell
what they're gonna say
before they say it.
Now with me..
You don't want
to hear what happened?
I've got eyes.
They only tell you
the half of it.
I'm listening.
I shot the hind, I had to.
It's neck was broken.
- Who broke it?
- A puma.
Sprang down at it, out of
the tree right there behind you.
I fired at the puma
and hit him.
Anyway, he took off
through the woods.
The hind was done for.
So I-I put it to sleep.
It was a kind thing
to do, wasn't it?
There's no claw marks,
no sign of mauling.
I told you, the puma
took off as soon as I fired.
You're slipping, Duval.
You tell them better
than that as a rule.
Yeah, I have a very
rich imagination.
- You see, the trouble with--
- Get up on the horse.
Hold on.
Harold, stop.
Hold on.
Stop, Harold.
Oh,mille merci, monsieur.
mille merci.
That's alright.
What sacred you?
Mm, puma. How you say, a lion
spring at him from the bushes.
I got him, Mike. I killed
the lion with the knife.
- That's good. You alright?
- Uh-huh.
I told you, a puma.
A deer-killing puma.
I only wounded him,
but you'll find my bullet.
Two bullets in him now.
Then I do not kill him?
Well, you didn't
do him any good.
Alright, Duval.
And thanks.
Anytime, Malone.
- Au revoir, monsieur.
- Au revoir, mademoiselle.
Let's party, folks.
Come on, follow me.
Tonight the drinks
are on the house.
Tonight the drinks are
on the house, everybody.
- You know why?
- Why?
- You guess who's back in town?
- Who?
Barney McCorkle.
Hold on there, hold on.
He'll be over here in a minute.
And let's give him
a rousing welcome
when he comes
through those doors.
Come on.
For he's
a jolly good fellow..
Put down now.
Put down the law.
For he's
a jolly good fellow
- Barney, you son of a gun.
- No, no, don't speak.
Don't say nothing.
Let me remember you
just this way always.
- What, why?
- Standing there so regal like.
Your eyes like stagnant pools.
Your dress sparkling like
a mother lode in the moonlight.
I do glitter
kinda pretty, don't I?
They get these here sickles from
the salmon up in Bristol Bay.
Look better on me
than the darned face.
I missed you, Girly.
The thought of you
depressing me during the day
nagging me at night... and
frustrating me at twilight.
Barney, you romantic
old cartoon.
Now, please, please.
The inspector sent me down
here to restore law and order.
Not for nol'amour toujours.
I know that, you dope.
I asked him to send you.
- You?
- Sure.
Me and him's kiss and kin.
But he said there was
a desperate character down here.
There is... me.
After all it's spring.
Well, what do you think
about in spring?
Getting out of
my long underwear.
That's what I like.
Oh, God, come on.
What'll you have?
Make mine sulphur molasses,
over the rocks.
Here's a toast
to the finest Mountie
who ever
mounted our mount.
That blundering bloodhound,
Barney McCorkle!
Not so fast.
Not so fast.
Oh I'm on the trail
I'm over hill and dale
And I ride ride
ride as only I can
But oh the shame
everybody knows my name
I'm the Mountie
who never got his man
There's a killer at large
The bugle sounds the charge
To the saddles men
and give a brave account
But what remorse
For I can't get on my horse
I'm a Mountie
who cannot even mount
As I ride through
every town and county
Little boys yell
look ma that's a Mountie
My buddies mock me
as I sally forth
To you I'm a cockle
of the Mounties
To them I'm Chinook
of the North
I've been on the force
even longer than my horse
If you wonder why
they've kept me here so long
Though I can't track them
through the snows
I'm the only Mountie
who knows
That's right.
Every word of the
Mounties Marching Song
For we march march march
And we ride ride ride
And we march
and we ride against the foe
It's a long long way
to icy Hudson Bay
So I don't think
that I will go
Well, you can laugh.
Once I almost got the man.
- Tell us about it, Barney.
- Well..
It was the year
of the Caribou famine.
Saskatoon Dan was his name.
He came from one of the Finger
Lakes, so we called him Pinky.
He was a mean
Always saying things
behind your back.
Like stick 'em up.
Now, Dan was stuck on a little
Eskimo girl called Ungunga.
One day, Dan had a little
too much whale meat
and went blubber happy.
So, that night he snuck
into Ungunga's igloo.
But she repulsed him.
Dan didn't care 'cause
he was mighty repulsive too.
Well, so, it seems
Ungunga was sweet
on another Eskimo
called Fangalanga.
So, in a fit of jealousy,
Dan cut off her nose.
You see, he didn't want her
kissing anyone else.
Yes, he cut off her nose
and away he ran.
So, they set me out
to get Saskatoon Dan.
So I march march march
and I ride ride ride
Looking for Saskatoon Dan
I ain't looking for Chloe
or Shanghai Lille
I ain't looking for
that little blue bird
That lives on the hill
Like a beguine
that was never again
I'm the Mountie
who never got his man
Or woman
I'm the Mountie
who never got his man
Sergeant, Sergeant.
This is getting
to be monotonous.
- Barney.
- Rosie.
Ha ha.
What are you doing here?
Sir, doing a desperate
character, Sarge, uh, sergeant.
Ah, Inspector Appleby's
compliments, Lady Jane.
- Rose Marie.
- Ah!
This must be the young chick
who wants to become a woman.
That's right. But
watch out for your fingers.
Mike, it's not nice. I have
not bite anyone for months.
How's that?
'Bye, Mike.'
Hey Sergeant, have a heart.
We're getting all wore up
picking up papers.
That's going on every
night now for two weeks.
If you're having trouble,
we'll be glad to help you.
Very easy to write a letter.
Think of what you wanna say.
Get it into words,
you know how to spell
'put it on paper
and there's your letter.'
Very helpful.
But I have to know what I
wanna say and how to spell it.
It's just... getting started,
it's tough.
Well, that's easy, how about,
"Dear sir."
A sergeant writes a letter
To make her love him better
A lion when he's tracking
down a killer
He turns to jelly
seeking words to thrill her
Poor Mike our Mike a poet
He's not well-versed
in poetry
'Tis clear to see his manly
heart is breaking
Yes hemorrhaging
Poor lover..
'O-ow! What?'
Oh, no.
It ain't decent
to go without a corset.
Oh, Jane, I do
everything like you say.
I try like anything
to be lady.
- Is right?
- Is right.
Oh, then please, do not ask
me to do this bad thing.
Okay, chicken.
You got all the right things
in right places anyhow.
How's it feel to be
a real live feminine female?
Kind of sassy, ain't it?
I look like so
at the dance tonight.
You look like so
at the dance.
Kind a like the way I'd
want my daughter to look..
...if I had one.
Well, guess now I do.
- Oh, Jane.
- Alright, alright now.
Let's get organized.
- You do the Quadrille with?
- Arthur.
- You do the Mazurka with?
- Tom.
- You poker the polka with?
- Jonny Lan.
And if you wanna get
closer acquainted with a fella?
I go like so
with the handkerchief.
And then... like so
with the fan.
You got it, chicken.
Be the way I tell you.
Look the way I fix you.
May the tough and tall
bust a gut going crazy for you.
'You'd best get some rest
before the dance.'
Jim, Jim Duval.
- Bonjour,Jim.
- Bonjour, mademoiselle.
You come to the dance..
What are you trying to do?
Start a forest fire?
Still the same Wanda.
Tell me, did you get yourself
a husband since last spring?
It was a cold winter, eh?
Which one of the braves
do you want?
Maybe I can..
Oh, no,cherie,no.
I'm not the marrying kind.
But thank you.
Thank you for the offer.
Oh, by the way,
I brought you a present.
- Fox. You like fox?
- Mm.
The best
I trapped all year.
Ha! soft eh?
Now, there is a little
business I'd like to talk
over with the Chief. Suppose
you show me to his tent, uh?
Tell him Jim Duval is here.
- You give?
- That's right.
Take back. You will
not give to Indian. No.
Sorry, Wanda.
A man of your people
and woman of mine
to become good
friends... not good.
Easy, Chief. Easy.
I'm here
to see you not Wanda.
That land of yours
up this river
the land we talked about
last year, remember?
You asked 400.
- There she is.
- This year 800.
- Now, wait a minute.
- 800.
Look, I don't have 800.
It took me
a whole year to get this.
Bring 800,
land is yours.
You'll get it.
Thank you, Rose Marie.
Thank you, Lady Jane.
Well, chicken, if they're
handing out the plumbers
you would be
graduating tonight.
- I am woman now?
- And a lot of cute one, too.
You've done me proud.
Oh, but, Jane,
I do not feel like woman.
I do not feel it here.
How's that?
I do quadrille with Arthur.
I make mazurka with Tom.
My polka with Johnny Lang.
Poor Johnny.
He look at me as if
to die and I feel nothing.
Oh, look.
I can fix you up
all grand and glory outside
but inside, honey,
that's up to you.
I know.
Jane, I am not woman.
I do not have the love.
Aw, you got
the love, alright.
You got a barrelful
all stocked up
and looking
for some lucky Joe.
- You think?
- You betcha.
You just haven't met him yet.
The one who likes the few.
Are you spoken for, ma'am?
One, two.
It's a very
nice contribution.
Yeah. Ought to bring $50.
Rose Marie?
- You think 50?
- Yeah.
Like they say
we're mighty obligated
for the use of the hall.
It's a very nice night
for me and I know
it makes Jane very happy.
Well, $400 in this kitty.
Thank you.
Just about what I need.
But please, no talk.
Turn around.
Hands against the wall gently.
Come on.
Thank you.
Now that you have what you want,
why don't you leave?
In a minute.
First I... I want
to hold you in my arms.
And dance.
This-this is
a big joke you make.
You know what,
I'm afraid it is no joke.
But it must be.
You wouldn't take the money that
the people paid for charity.
- Charity?
- It's true.
It's for charity.
No, not for charity.
Your dance was worth the money.
Hold up!
Hold up!
- Wah!
- Hah! Ah!
Oh, it is you, huh?
At first, I thought
it was Malone.
You don't feel
like the Sergeant.
And I like it.
I like it better
if you put me down.
I'm afraid to do
Maybe you work
for the Mounties now.
So if I put you down,
you will capture me.
- I would not do that.
- Oh, you wouldn't?
Well, in that case,
I'm very, very much relieved.
Now, uh, tell me
if you didn't come to capture
me, why did you follow me?
- I do not follow you.
- Oh, I see.
You just took a walk
through the woods, huh?
Why not?
Why not?
Specially, in the middle
of the night.
You take the money
from the people, why?
It was for a something
I wanted very much.
I gave it back.
The way you looked at me.
What else could I do?
You make the kiss with me.
You made it back.
I did not.
You know
a man knows
when he's on his own
and when he has company.
It was very nice company.
You like to kiss
the boys, huh?
Was the first kiss
I make in all my life.
Well, then,cherie
you... you shouldn't be walking
alone in the moonlight.
What have, what have you
done all your life?
Driving, fishing.
But now, Lady Jane
teaches me to be a lady.
To wear dresses and.. behave with manners.
You would not believe this,
but I used to bite people.
Oh, you laugh.
To learn the right things
is very important.
How they teach you
what it means to be in love?
When it happens to me
I will know.
Will you,cherie?
What's that?
Jim, you heard it too?
There's someone
up there, calling.
No, Jim, no one.
Rose Marie,
I'm a very practical man.
When you hear a voice
in the forest
there is always
someone there.
Not always.
If you hear a voice
and no one is there
then something
is wrong here.
Or here.
You-you were not born
in these mountains, Jim?
No. Way up
in the Yukon.
Well, here
it is different.
Once there was
an Indian girl
who love Indian boy
of different tribe.
One day, his tribe
go very far away
across the mountains
and she never
see him again.
But she love him
for always.
And so at night
she call to him
and the mountains
carry the call.
Was long,
long time ago, but..
...Indian say their
spirits still live
in the mountains.
And if someone love someone,
and call to him from far away
the one she love
will hear the call.
Even today.
I heard that story once.
(Ann Blyth and Fernando Lamas
singing "Indian Love Call")
So echoes
of sweet love notes
Gently fall
Through the forest stillness
As found waiting
Indian lover's
When the lone lagoon
Stirs in the spring
Welcoming home some
Swannee white wing
When the maiden moon
Riding the sky
Gathers her star eyed dream
Children nigh
That is the time
Of the moon and the year
When love dreams
To Indian maidens appear
And this is the song
That they hear
When I'm calling you
I will answer you
That means
I offer my love to you
To be your own
If you refuse me
I will be blue
And waiting all alone
But if when you hear
My love call ringing clear
And I hear
your answering echo
So dear
Then I will know
Our love
Will come true
You'll belong to me
I'll belong
Now look, I'm certain
there is gold
on that land of yours
up at Peace River.
I wanna dig for it.
Here's my idea.
You give me the land free.
I'll work it
and give you one half
of what comes out of it.
No. Buy for 800.
I don't even have 400 now.
No money. No land.
That's not a heart
you've got.
That's granite.
I like to open up
that tough red skin of yours
and prove it.
Nice day.
How are things with the law?
Well, they tell me that, uh
Robin Hood
was in town on Saturday.
Robin Hood?
Stole the people's money
and then gave it back.
How come he
got so squeamish?
Why ask me?
Because it was you, Duval.
I know it
and you know it.
There'll be no charge
this time.
Thank you for
the warning, Sergeant.
I'll-I'll bear it in mind.
I'm not through yet, Duval.
What I just said
is official.
But unofficially,
just between you and me
the next time you force
yourself on a girl
at the point of a gun--
Why, Sergeant.
Why, you surprise me.
Beneath the Mountie
scarlet breast
the bitter passion strong.
To think they are
the slips at breast
the place where his belong.
Right, Sergeant?
Stay away from Rose Marie,
Duval, stay clear away or..
You're a troublemaker, Duval.
But even you don't want
this much trouble.
Good evening, Lady Jane.
Socks and shoes,
it's the law!
- Is, uh, Marie in?
- Sure is.
Let me take a look at you.
Marie, you're..'re beautiful.
That's what I think too.
Hah, kinda cute, eh?
'Ma'am, you did a great job.'
Oh, Mike.
You here is so wonderful.
You miss me?
Always I miss you, Mike.
- How long you stay?
- Well, uh, I don't.
I'm on my way back
right now.
- Tonight?
- Hmm.
I've, uh... I've only
got a minute.
So listen real hard
and don't interrupt.
Remember, me telling you
what a Mountie has to go through
if he wants to get married?
All the letters he has to write
applying to the inspector
getting the okay from Edmonton
and checking with Ottawa.
- Remember?
- Yes, sure, Mike.
Well, I hate
writing letters.
But I'm gonna do it.
You wish for to make the
marriage with somebody, Mike?
- Yeah.
- Who do you wish to marry?
But, Mike
like son, like father,
you and me, Mike, yes?
Like daughter?
I am like daughter?
Try again.
You mean, you..
I mean... I wish to make
the marriage with you.
That's what I wish for,
Marie, with... with all my heart.
(Howard Keel singing
"Rose Marie")
Oh, Rose Marie, I love you
I'm always dreaming of you
No other love can ever
be my true love
No other love can fill
my heart like your love
Of all the dreams I long for
No dearer dreams
can come to me
Than holding in my arms
the one I long for
I love you
My Rose Marie
But, Mike, I... I never
think of you that way.
I know.
But try.
Try real hard.
Starting right now.
I'll be back.
Who died?
He kissed me.
Him too?
Don't move.
Jim, you crazy man.
What you want?
You. Come down.
No. I busy.
Busy with what?
Uh... a letter.
This is no night for letters.
This is a night for..
Well, look at it.
'Come down.'
Alright, then I'll come up.
No, Jim, please.
'I busy.'
Go back.
You hear those drums?
You know what that is?
Jim, please, you go now--
It's the Indian totem
festival of summer.
Oh, it's quite a sight.
You're gonna like it.
Now, let's see.
You'll need a coat
or something. That's it.
Jim, I think you're
absolutely the craziest man.
It's a fine night but there'll
be a breeze from the lake.
- Are you ready?
- No.
No? Alright.
Jim, put me down!
I don't go nowhere!
'You hear me, Jim?
Put me down.'
Oh, pole that holds up the sky.
Less than a shadow
of an acorn am I.
Oh, pole that holds up the sky.
Smile down on your children
with your painted eye.
Jim, you crazy.
Jim, oh, Jim,
I'll lose the--
- Forget it.
- Oh, Jim.
- We had fun tonight, eh?
- Oh, great fun, Jim.
I always have fun with you.
Then maybe you won't
forget me when I'm gone.
You go away?
You know how it is
with a trapper.
The beaver and the fox
don't come to visit me.
I'll miss you,cherie.
I'll miss you very much.
Well, then... why go away?
There are many things
a man could do here.
No, no.
Not a man like me.
I-I just can't live in towns
with people around
and houses that shut me in.
I-I can't.
I can't travel the same road,
day after day after day.
I... I need new places.
Places, uh... where I... maybe I'm
the first man who ever
drank from the stream
or walked down the trail.
That I like too.
Very much I like.
Do you like it enough
to camp with me?
You know how I feel
about you.
I love you.
Jim, I-I... I must think.
Rose Marie... do you love me?
Then what, what is there
to think about?
I must think if
I love you enough.
Well, we... we had
a good time tonight anyway.
Goodnight, Jim.
When you come back?
Next year
or the year after or..
Or maybe never.
You know how it is
in the wild country.
Take care of yourself, Jim.
Come back.
Who can promise these things?
Au revoir, cherie.
(Ann Blyth and Fernando Lamas
singing "I Have The Love")
Why do I feel so strangely?
Never the same way twice
Now I'm hot like furnace
Now I'm cold like ice
Suddenly it hit me
Suddenly I know
I've been kissed by sunshine
And almost like April snow
I have the love
I have the feeling
Inside of me
It's warm like
the summer time
I realize
I'm not wise, I'm not smart
I only know
What I know in my heart
I have the dream
I have the miracle
So bright, all
the stars grow dim
She is wonderful
She is beautiful
I have the love
For him
I have the love
I have the feeling
Inside of me
It's warm like
the summer time
I hear your name
And the flame seems to start
And when I bow
There's a glow in my heart
I have the dream
I have the miracle
A miracle now come true
She's wonderful
She's beautiful
I have the love
For you
'Jim, Jim.'
What is it?
What's the matter?
Where do you make your
first camp tomorrow?
Golden Rock.
I know where that is.
Wait there until sundown.
Oh, sure, yeah.
I'll wait forever.
But this is a very big
decision for you to make.
If you come with me, it will
be for the rest of your life.
If you don't, if you want
me to go on alone.. least send me away
with the sound of your voice.
Sing me the song
the Indian girl sang
to her brave across
the mountains.
I'll understand
and I'll go off alone.
I warn you stay away
from white man.
Stop it! Stop it!
I gotta make my report.
Leave everything the way it is.
Don't touch anything.
Whoever did it,
we'll get 'em.
'The Indians are coming!
'The Indians!
Clear the streets.'
'The Indians are coming.'
'Get the children
off the streets.'
Shirts and skirts, it's the law.
Well, it's about time too.
Them Injun's crazy
as a cockroach
marching to town,
scaring folks to death.
Marie, uh, have you
seen this before?
Sure, Mike,
when I killed a puma.
It's Jim's knife, no?
Mike, what happened?
Red Indian Chief's
been killed.
- Killed?
- Hmm. Have you seen Duval?
Jim Duval maybe angry,
but he's no killer.
He and the Chief
quarreled over some land
and Jim threatened him.
I heard that myself.
And it's Jim's knife
in the body.
Mike, what... what happen
to Jim if you find him?
He'll hang.
Mike, don't go.
Please, listen to me.
- I'll come with you.
- It's no place for a woman.
But he'll kill you.
Now, don't you worry.
I take a lot of killing.
Where you goin'?
Ooooooo ooooooo ooooooo
Ooooooo ooooooo ooooooo
That means I offer
my love to you
To be your own
If you refuse me
I will be blue
And waiting all alone
But if when you hear
My love call ringing clear
And I hear your
answering echo
So dear
Then I will know
Our love
Will come true
You'll belong to me
I'll belong
To you
'Stop there!'
Come on, Malone,
do something fast.
Somebody killed their
Chief last night.
- They think I did it.
- Did you?
No, I didn't.
Better talk fast.
Promise them
something, anything.
Only get me out of this.
Nice work, Malone.
What did you promise them?
The Crown versus James Duval.
And I heard Duval
say to the Chief
"That's not a heart
you've got, it's granite.
I'd like to open up that tough
red skin of yours and prove it."
Have you ever seen
this knife before?
The day Jim Duval
saved my life.
And having been found
guilty as charged.
'It is the sentence
of this court'
'that you be hanged
by the neck until dead.'
'And may the Lord
have mercy on your soul.'
Oh, I thought
it was somebody.
Guess I can't be too choosy now
about my company.
I didn't come here
to bargain.
- Just to see if--
- Sure, sure.
Some more routine, eh?
What do they want
from me now?
Just to see if there's
anything I can do for you.
You can get me
out of here.
I have nothing
to do with that.
Then we have nothing else
to talk about.
Any messages you'd
like to send?
Any letters you
want to write?
- Who to?
- Family?
- Got none.
- Friends?
- Them neither.
- No girl?
No girl.
Had one, once.
Even thought
of getting married.
She changed her mind.
- No last request, then?
- Yeah.
Pass the salt.
If, uh... you should
think of anything..
I'll let you know.
What you want done
with your things?
What things?
You got my gun.
You got my knife.
My traps and clothes.
Whoever picks 'em up
can have 'em.
Nothing to give
and... no one to give 'em to.
Ain't worth much, but
somebody gave it to me.
I thought it was pretty.
- Whom should I give it to?
- Who cares?
Keep it to yourself.
Leave me alone, will you?
Put this with Duval's
personal effects.
I'll be at the hotel,
if you want me.
Well, this letter from Ottawa
just came in for you.
Congratulate me, Corporal.
I can get married.
Don't tell me. Tell her.
I'm on my way.
- Marie, what's the matter?
- Don't touch me.
Don't you hear
the bell gallows?
Tomorrow you kill a man.
Marie, it's not me.
I have nothing to do with it.
I am not the judge,
I am not the jury.
- I don't make the laws.
- He had a fair trial.
Fair? Jim not kill Chief,
but you hang him.
I ask you, I beg you
not to go after him.
It's my job.
I do not care about anything.
About judge, about jury.
When you love someone,
you know about them.
In my heart I know
Jim did not do this.
I smell orange blossoms.
And do I hear the faint tingle
of wedding bells, Sarge?
When is the big day
for you and Rosie?
I didn't ask her?
What's the matter?
Losing your nerve?
Now, if you need advice
aboutl'amour toujours.
- Let's skip it, Barney.
- Alright, Sergeant.
I'll check
Duval's stuff for you.
I'm not checking it.
Trying to see if I can find
something, anything.. give Duval a stay
of execution.
Don't you agree
with the verdict?
I do. Rose Marie doesn't.
What difference does
it make to her if..
Oh! It's Duval and Rosie.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mike.
A knife, a gun, mummy bag
and an Indian love ring.
Funny how things turned out.
Those rings are supposed to
bring good luck and long life.
Certainly didn't work
in Duval's case.
Maybe the girl that gave it
to him just stopped loving him.
What did you say, Barney?
She stopped loving him
and his luck ran out.
Maybe he fell in love
with somebody else.
She found out.
Hey, you can't take
Duval's ring.
- Took it out for this.
- Where are you going?
You remember Jim Duval?
He had a quarrel with
the Chief, remember?
An hour ago, I was with Jim
when they put the rope
around his neck.
And then they asked him
if he had anything to say
before he died.
And he looked at me
and he said
"Soldier go to Wanda.
"And give her this for me.
"Tell her that Jim Duval said
for her to wear it... always.
And that he loved her."
He didn't want
to die, Wanda.
'Cause like he said at
the trial, he never did it.
McCorkle, step forward.
Constable McCorkle.
In appreciation for your
outstanding devotion to duty
it gives me great pleasure
to present you with this.
- Another star?
- Attention!
And for your
outstanding work
in helping to solve
a serious crime
I have been authorized
to promote you to... Sergeant.
Hey, congratulations.
What are you doing here?
I wait.
Didn't you know that Jim
was released this morning?
I know.
And that he left town.
I know that too.
- I wait for you.
- For me?
- But last night you said--
- You saved Jim.
You give him
back his life.
For this, I stay with you,
if you wish me to.
For this, I do whatever
you tell me from now on.
I see.
It's all up to me then?
Whatever you tell me,
Mike, I will do.
Well, then, let's
get out of here.
I wanna talk to you in private.
I will get the horses.
Uh, go upstairs
and change your dress.
You do not like me
in this one?
Sure, it's pretty.
First time I ever saw
you... in the canoe
you were wearing buckskin.
Do you remember?
I got a letter from Ottawa.
They said I can get married.
Just like you say, Mike.
But I've changed my mind.
You... don't wish to make
the marriage with me?
I love you very much.
But you weren't meant for town,
house, discipline.
Me, I don't mind standing at
attention or taking orders.
But you are happiest
when you go with the wind.
Some women need fancy hairdos
and frilly dresses
but you are not like that.
But I told you, Mike,
whatever you say I will do.
I will live in a town.
I will wear ladies clothes.
I know, I know.
When I'm calling you
Go ahead, answer.
He'll wait for you.
I will answer you