Rosewater (2014) Movie Script

When I was nine,
my sister took me
to the Shrine of Masumeh.
It was beautiful.
But I'll never forget
the smell.
A mix of sweat,
and the rosewater
they showered down
on the faithful.
I used to think
only the most pious
carried that seem.
Mazi jaan...
Mazi jaan...
Wake up.
These men want
to talk with you.
Get up, sir.
And get dressed.
We are here now.
Hi. Hi.
Would you like
to come back tomorrow?
It is a bit of a mess.
It is my childhood room so...
Take some.
We don't want to impose.
You come with the sunrise,
you go through
my son's belongings,
and you say you
don't want to impose?
Put on your scarf, madam.
Do I provoke you?
Mother, mother...
Why do you have so many films?
Because I've always
liked watching them.
I've been watching them
since I was a kid.
What is this?
This is porno?
No. No, no.
It is an Italian film.
Uh, an art film.
This is porno.
Do you know about this?
she doesn't know.
It is an art film from Italy.
What is this?
Next time you see my face,
show some respect.
I will.
You motherfucker!
You shot my foot!
The Sopranos.
Leonard Cohen?
It's beautiful, but ominous.
Keep it.
I got it for you.
It's just some music.
Jewish? Porno? Porno?
Yes. Could be. Yes.
What does this say?
I don't know.
You don't know?
No, it's in German.
I don't know.
But it's from your room
and you don't know?
Yeah, but it's
my late father's.
God bless him.
Confiscate this.
You know if you can't
reach me at the office,
you can always call my sister.
And you have
her work number?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
And if I can't
reach you?
I'm going to miss you.
We have to make
the extra cash, no?
I know.
With this guy coming in here.
It's crazy how, like,
you're one month pregnant
and you're already like this.
Go away.
Hey. Ah, I felt it.
I think so. Yes.
What do you want from us?
Do you come in peace?
It's just one week.
There is great anticipation
in the run-up to
Iran's presidential election
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
the hardline incumbent,
is no longer
the guaranteed victor.
His opponent, the more moderate
Mir-Hussein Mousavi,
has been gaining quickly
and could be poised
for an historic upset.
But Ahmadinejad's student
organizer Alireza Abkar
still believes.
So-called Western
democracy is corrupt
because it reflects
only the will of the people.
Why the Iranian state
is superior?
Well, where do I begin?
We have a big, huge backing
of Ali Khamenei,
and he supports
Ahmadinejad's motives.
He understands
it's an Islamic state,
not a corrupt,
Westernized environment
which Mousavi would like.
Kids today.
I'd love for you
to reconnect with him
now that the elections
are upon us.
You think he'll still
want to talk?
Yes, I mean, if I bring
him some Maltesers,
he will talk.
Allah is no match
for London chocolates.
It's not funny.
I'm sorry?
It's pathetic.
Ahmadinejad or whoever,
they take these
poor street kids,
who've got nothing,
give them food
or sweets or whatever.
Indoctrinate them
to spout this gibberish.
It's pathetic,
and that's the real story
we should be doing.
He's from here.
Alireza, he's from here.
He's an Iranian Brit.
He was born and raised here.
He's educated.
He doesn't need the chocolates.
He just misses them.
Well, off we go.
Let's go.
Thanks, Bobby.
Remember Lindsey Hilsum's
out there
if you need anything
from Channel 4.
All right.
I was last in Iran
three months ago
for my sister's funeral.
Her name was Maryam.
She was my heart.
I followed her
to every film, museum
and concert
she would take me to.
In 1980,
she was arrested
by the Ayatollah Khomeini.
Six years in prison
for being a communist.
Six years!
MARY AM'. Mali...
Maryam was following
the footsteps of my father.
My father Baba Akbar
had been jailed by the Shah
for the same offense.
Of course,
he gave them nothing;.
I gave them nothing.
He never broke.
I never broke.
I miss them both.
Please turn off the computers.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you very much.
See you later.
See you later.
Ah! Ah! Welcome, sir.
Hey, hey.
Come, come. Let me take this from you.
Come. Come.
Thanks to God I came along,
you could have been stuck
here for hours, huh'?
Hey, hey.
No, no, no.
He's a personal friend of mine.
I've come to get him.
Don't listen to him.
A brand new car for you.
Freshly painted, huh!
You can relax.
I'm from here.
It's fine.
Welcome home.
I see you have
a Mousavi poster.
Yes, it helps.
It doesn't let in the sunlight.
What do you like about him?
Uh, he isn't Ahmadinejad.
He's getting a lot
of attention now.
Do you think it's only
because of who he isn't?
Uh, may I ask,
are you here for, uh,
business or pleasure?
Or perhaps pleasure's
bitter rival, family?
No, I'm a journalist
I'm covering the elections
for Newsweek magazine.
Oh, yeah?
And I'm also
visiting my mother.
Uh, I meant no disrespect.
No problem.
I think
Mousavi is honest.
maybe he's not.
Tell Newsweek,
tell the whole world,
if Mousavi fails us,
it's okay, we will find
someone who won't.
I see you're in
the satellite business.
Sir, satellite dishes
are illegal
and I shouldn't have
to remind you
we live in a lawful
and devout society.
Do you need one?
Information access here
is very fragile.
No' I'm very happy
with my satellite service.
But I am in the market
for a responsible driver.
What kind of, uh,
vacation benefits package
are you offering
with this position?
Absolutely none.
Yeah, I'll do it.
You sold it to me.
How are you, Moloojoon?
Good, good.
Did you sleep on the plane?
Well, relatively.
I'll make you baghali
ghatogh for your lunch.
You'll need to eat
as much as you can
before reporting
on all this ashghal.
Moloojoon, come on.
You can't be this cynical.
Mom, tomorrow is the election.
Surely you'll be standing
with the people.
Don't tease me.
I had a very persuasive cabbie.
He is very excited about this
"not Ahmadinejad."
Who knows, maybe this time
it will be different, right?
Garbage doesn't pick itself up.
If the people don't,
then who will?
You sound like Maryam.
And you sound like Babe.
It's good to see you.
Have you washed your hands?
In the plane.
Go wash it.
Go wash your hands.
Go, go, go. Go.
You slept well, huh?
Come. Would the
kind gentleman
like the window
or the aisle seat?
Oh, no. No. No. What is this'?
Where is your cab?
I don't have a cab.
What did we ride
in this morning?
Oh, yeah, that. Oh, that
was my friend's cab.
He was sick.
He said I could use it.
I never said I had a cab.
Okay. Are you sure?
Yeah. This...
Even if I had a cab,
it's not the way to get around this city.
Trust me, man.
You can't get anywhere.
Okay. Okay.
With this... You
get where you want to go,
quick, you know.
Yeah, yeah.
All right.
Okay. You take it?
Yeah, yeah.
Hold this? I'm fine.
Sure? Okay.
And you're gonna
look good on this, huh.
Oh, by the way, I brought you
these good friends
of yours from London.
You're very kind.
No problem.
No problem.
Uh, Davood,
turn that off, please.
So tell me,
there's recently been
a lot of talk about
Mousavi's strength.
Is it something
that surprises you?
Is it something you expected?
Mousavi is, uh, corrupt
Like many of the founders,
he has forgotten the
lessons of the revolution.
It is easy
to fall off the path.
But he has
his supporters, right?
Some academics,
some dead-enders.
Well, Mousavi
says that Ahmadinejad
is not his main concern
in the election
but the election itself.
They think that the vote
might be rigged.
That there might be
some manipulation...
Who says this?
Oh, people in the street.
Journalists, clerics...
Please, stop.
This is all nonsense.
Rumors and lies
that enemies of Iran
would like us to believe.
To weaken us.
I'm surprised, Mr. Bahari,
that a sophisticated person
would fall for this.
What about an
unsophisticated person?
Ahmadinejad is devoted
to the Supreme Leader.
You see, we are not
a nation, Mr. Bahari,
we are the Ummah,
the Islamic nation.
We obey the commands
of the Supreme Leader,
and the Supreme Leader
determines all.
Ahmadinejad understands this,
Mousavi does not.
Ahmadinejad is what must be.
And are you going
to watch the debate tonight?
We'll have it on,
but, uh, as I said,
there is still much to be done.
"This is what
must be, Maziar.
"This is what must be."
Oh, man, that guy!
Who talks like that?
I can't believe
he let you film it.
Why not? He's a poster boy
for the Supreme Leader.
What's he got to be afraid of?
Looking like
an ignorant asshole.
He's not alone, you know.
Yeah. Neither am I.
Just because you can't
see the cockroaches
doesn't mean
they are not there.
Come on, Davood, let's go...
Uh, uh...
Patience, brother.
Listen, you're a
reporter' right?
Don't you want to
report the other side?
I'll take you to it.
Where are we going?
Where are we going?
To a dead end.
Maziar. Hey.
So you are a reporter?
You've come to the margins
to find out what
the animals think?
We don't have lo use the
camera if you don't want.
No, no, no.
You can film.
Yes? Sure?
You don't have to
tell me your names, okay?
Hamid Javilli.
And, uh, who are
you guys gonna vote for?
Because we are a great people,
a great civilization,
and we deserve a president
that's equal to our past.
They say that Mousavi is
gonna cut the relief funds.
Do you think
that's gonna happen?
I don't care.
You wanna talk to my brother?
Ahmadinejad gives them money
every month to smoke opium.
We don't want their money.
We want a life.
We are {he educated.
Only the uneducated
are the ones
who vote for the dictator.
So you are students?
We are the educated. Huh.
Come. Come.
Okay. Come
on, we'll show you.
You're in frame
every single time.
My apologies for the
conditions, Mr. Bahari.
It's okay.
Yes, Hamid.
When is this shithole
due for renovation, huh?
Uh, when you get laid maybe.
When I get laid?
Ask your sister.
Oh, you wish!
Mr. Bahari, welcome
to Dish University!
The economy in Iran
is on the verge of collapse!
Novels are now censored
by the Ministry
of Islamic Guidance.
.. nuclear weapon
could unbalance
the whole region.
Mr. Bahari,
you can film.
You can film.
No, I ran out of battery.
I'm sorry.
Oh, too bad.
We are high up and
the satellites are low
so no one can
see them from below.
I see.
This is all Cyrus!
Cyrus the Great!
VPNs, filter busters...
Anything you want.
Gail of Duly.
Uh, Grand Theft Auto.
That's impressive.
My sister doesn't even know
what your name is, Davood.
Maziar, you're famous.
All right,
let's go, Davood. Bye-bye!
Come on, Davood.
We are running late.
Okay, guys.
Come on.
- Maziar. Maziar.
Why don't you
stick around, huh?
We're gonna fix some dinner.
We're gonna watch the debates.
We can't, we have to...
We have stuff...
We'll come back.
No, we have stuff to do.
I have an interview.
We'll be back.
Hey, hey, hey-
Next time.
All right, let's work.
Let's work. Let's go.
Great. Yeah,
I'm good. Okay.
Um, all right. You set?
Let's go.
So, as a spy, I'm just
trying to figure out
why your country
is so terrifying;.
You know, the first thing
to know about Iran
is that it is not evil.
Actually, Americans
and Iranians
have a lot of things in common,
more than they
have differences.
What do I have
in common with you?
What is the number one enemy
of the United States?
AI-Qaeda is also the
number one enemy of Iran.
The Al-Qaeda members
say that
I! you kit! an Iranian
or if you kill a Shiite,
you go to Heaven
and you get 72 virgins.
Well, they won't be virgins
for too long, huh?
Right? You know
what I'm saying?
I'm sorry.
No, that was great.
That was really great.
Sorry, sorry.
No, no, no' that was great!
I know it's stupid.
I'm an idiot.
Do you want to ask him
the "I'm a Jew" bit?
You did
great though. Uh...
Or "Are you
a terrorist?"
Uh... Yeah. Yeah.
Let's save the Jew bit
for outside.
We'll do the terrorist thing.
That's, um...
But no, that's great.
- Just try to keep it straight.
- Okay, okay.
And, uh,
I'm the asshole.
All right.
So, yeah. So, one
more quick question.
Are you a terrorist?
That sounds like something
a terrorist would say.
That was good?
Okay. Yeah, that was great.
What the hell was that?
It's a TV show.
It's supposed to be funny.
Ah, I thought he was,
uh, crazy, you know.
Vodka refreshment?
No. Thank you.
You are
a pious man?
I am a whiskey man.
To the Greens!
You know,
Hamid is a good Muslim.
He doesn't drink, he
doesn't have a girlfriend
but he doesn't stop us
from going to hell either.
Shut up, for God's sake!
A fraud?
The wife?
Why would he
go so low?
No. This is as high
as he can reach.
I think he's afraid.
I think he's scared.
Yeah. Yes.
He did well. He did well.
Yes. Yes.
Our man.
Our man did good.
Mr. Bahari?
Why did you put away
your camera
when you saw the satellites?
Look, I've been doing
this for many years.
And there are
certain situations,
that if you film them,
it won't do your friends
or the movement any good.
I know this regime very well.
I know where the lines stand.
Yeah, but if they are not
afraid, why are you?
Hey, guys, come.
It's the revolution, Maziar.
We're going to win tomorrow!
Hey, listen to this.
Listen to this. Listen.
It's a
huge demonstration.
They're incredible. Yeah?
They just want to be heard.
They just want to be heard.
They just want...
They just want to be heard!
Down, dictator!
Maryam would be
so proud to see this.
- To the Greens!
- To the Greens!
Hey, Davood, I'm going inside.
Okay. I'm going inside.
Hi. Hello. My credentials.
- Can you hold this? Thank you.
- Yeah.
Okay, you can go inside.
Thank you.
Not you.
You stay here.
I'll be back.
I've been
talking to a source
who says the Supreme Leader
has had his own
private polling done.
This suggests that
the main opposition candidate
Mir-Hossein Mousavi
is in the lead
in all but one province.
It's Alireza.
Ahmadinejad has triumphed!
A landslide!
How would you know?
The polls haven't closed yet.
Praise Allah!
A great victory,
Mr. Bahari.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I am a journalist.
This is my accreditations.
Who are you?
I'm supposed to be inside.
What is this?
What are you doing?
I'm a journalist.
This is my accreditation.
It says that I'm
supposed to be inside.
Your time is done.
No, no. We are journalists.
We are allowed...
Huh? He has the papers
in his hands.
Now go. Leave!
You're done.
Okay, okay.
We're leaving.
Fine. Fine.
Go, before I fuck both
your mothers in front of you.
Hey, hey... No, no,
forget about it.
Don't listen to him. Don't
listen to him. Come on.
Okay. Let's go.
The government has announced
that President Ahmadinejad
has been re-elected
with 62.6% of the vote.
The challenger,
Mir-Hossein Mousavi got...
Did he really win?
Two other candidates
got less than 1%,
They say.
They've reported that Mousavi
did not even carry
his place of birth.
His home.
How unpopular he must be.
You'd think they would
have allowed him that.
That he saw himself
as having strong momentum
going for him...
Iran's Presidential election
is ending in controversy.
The opposition
has called it fraud.
For the fourth day in a row,
a river of protesters
stream through
the streets of Tehran.
These people
feel that their election
has been stolen from them.
This government won't allow
us to say what we want.
We want freedom!
We want freedom!
You said you'd stay
until the election.
I know.
But the election is over.
I know. I know.
This isn't like you.
Lt's getting too dangerous.
I have to stay here, Paola.
Khamenei is doing
the Friday prayers.
You know, he never
does them himself.
Or he rarely does them himself.
And I think he's gonna
use this opportunity
to bring some sense
into this and maybe,
uh, validate people's concerns
or, uh, talk about
a recount of the election.
Because something special
is happening here...
Mazi, what are you
talking about?
And stop moving around,
you're making me nauseous.
Okay. Okay, okay.
I'm sorry.
I will look into the
flights tomorrow, okay?
All right?
And in the meantime,
you and your round
friend down there below,
okay, you go to sleep,
because it's getting late.
You're lying.
And you're beautiful.
Good night.
What's he saying, Maziar?
He's saying that from now on,
anyone that takes
to the streets
is gonna be held accountable
for all the violence,
all the blood
and all the rioting
that occurs.
Do you think
these demonstrations
will continue?
Yeah. I think so.
I think it's my responsibility.
When I stay home,
I'm worried about other women,
other boys that are here.
And I think I should go,
maybe I can help them.
I think Pm a little braver new.
History has taught me
that all the, uh,
revolutions start like this.
Nothing stays
like this forever.
Hey, Davood!
Wait, you're gonna get hurt!
We have to fight back!
What are you doing?
Fighting back!
You're gonna
get killed! Come on.
What do you want me to do, huh?
They took my vote. I'm dirt to them.
I'm dust.
It's not right.
It's not right, Davood.
Ah, well, who are you to say?
You have a real weapon and
you choose not to use it.
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Sorry, no offense.
None taken.
God, Maziar,
have you shown this
to anyone else?
Can we get this out tonight?
Have you got time?
Hmm? Yeah,
no worries. Yep.
It'll be in London
before 7:00.
How do you want this credited?
They probably already
know that you shot ii,
because there's
cameras everywhere
especially around
the Basij headquarters.
I know. I know.
Are you sure you
want to go ahead with this?
This has to be seen.
Mazi jaan...
Mazi jaan...
Wake up.
These men want
to talk with you.
Get up, sir.
And get dressed.
We are here now.
Turn to the left.
Welcome to Abu Ghraib,
or whatever you Americans
like to call it.
Put your
blindfold back on.
Your specialist will come
to claim you soon.
Stand up.
Stand up!
Give me the names!
Stand up.
I don't know!
I swear, I don't know!
All these lies, huh?
All these lies!
Fucking lies!
I swear.
I swear. I don't know.
I can see the fucking time,
but they're giving me
all the rough cases.
I know.
But after this case,
everything will be different.
Of course.
Next time,
my love. Yes.
I promise you. I promise you.
I promise you, yes.
Of course I understand.
I have to go now.
See you, my love. Bye.
Sorry, sir.
Is everything okay?
I very much want
this opportunity
to work out for you, Javadi.
Bahari is not some street thug.
He will be well-prepared
Of course.
I've given you the
questions he must answer.
But, Javadi, we must
have his confession!
Do you understand?
Of course, sir.
The people in
the streets must know
how they have been
fooled by these traitors.
We can end this,
but we must show them how
their leaders have been
receiving orders
from foreigners,
Zionists and Jews in the West.
They will listen
to him, Javadi.
Yes, sir.
And remember,
we need his face
for the cameras.
This will take much more
than just a fist, Javadi.
Yes, sir.
Salted cucumbers.
You must be hungry.
Thank you, sir.
I'm... I'm fine.
It's salted cucumbers.
You must be hungry.
Yes, yes.
Yes. I'm gonna
have one.
Mmm Mmm.
Can you tell me why I am here?
Because if this is about
filming the demonstrations,
I can assure you I am...
You can film.
I'm fully accredited by
the Ministry of Culture...
You can film.
You know, it was just
so sudden. It was...
The camera was there
and the violence erupted.
But we have nothing to hide.
So why then? Why?
You are here because
that's what happens
to foreign spies
caught on Iranian soil.
Yes, we know you are a spy.
A spy?
The game is over,
Mr. Bahari.
And for who am la spy?
For CIA, MIG, Mossad,
Newsweek-You tell me.
Newsweek me magazine'?
No, Newsweek the carpenter.
The media arm for CIA.
No, no, sir. No, no.
I can only go by the evidence.
Sir, you are making
a big mistake.
I am a journalist
That's it, nothing more.
Just a journalist?
As a spy, I'm just trying
to figure out why your
country is so terrifying.
The first thing
to know about Iran
is that it is not evil.
Americans and Iranians have
a lot of things in common,
more than they
have differences.
What do I have
in common with you?
So can you tell me why...
just a journalist will meet
up with this American spy
on the eve of the unrest?
He's not a spy.
He's not a spy?
He's... No, it's a show.
It's a show?
A comedy show.
It's stupid...
It's very stupid, yes.
He's a comedian
pretending to be a spy.
So, can you tell me
why an American
pretending to be a spy had
chosen to interview you?
And why would a real spy
have a TV show'?
Why did you tell this man
that America and Iran has
something in common?
Was that funny, too?
You know, Khamenei said that
America is the Great Satan.
But maybe you don't
think that's right.
Maybe we have been hasty.
We kicked America
out of the door
and you will bring them
back through the windows.
No, sir.
Speaking to a person from the
United States is not treason.
Revolutions, just like people,
they have to grow up.
Do they?
You little spy.
It's all a show, Mazi.
The blindfold.
The shit food.
"Your specialist
is here."
They are all putting on
a play for you, Mazi.
They say I am a spy.
A spy!
You're? A spy ?
Yes, I know. I know,
it sounds absurd.
Well, it doesn't matter
what they think.
You will tell them nothing.
There's nothing to tell.
So you'll say nothing.
I can't just say nothing.
You must. You will.
Well, this has been
very helpful.
Thank you for your counsel.
I have nothing to tell them.
Because I am not a spy.
You underestimate
them at your peril.
They have learned much
since the days of the Shah.
Oh, my God.
They thought they could
break us with fists and feet.
Belts and batons.
They didn't know our strength.
If they use sticks,
you must be stone.
If they use stone,
you must be steel.
And if they use steel,
I... I must
be titanium?
Yes, Fm sorry.
I forgot all those years
you spent in prison.
All that you've learned there.
You were always
smarter than everyone.
No one knows but you.
I am not being smart.
I don't know if I can do this.
You have to.
I am not you nor Maryam.
No, no, no. Fuck 'em!
Fuck 'em in the eye!
This is nothing, Maziar.
They're a paper tiger, Maziar.
Mazi, look at me.
Look a! me.
Tell them nothing.
Why did you ask
the traitor Khatami
if the election
could be rigged?
Who pays you
in America? The CIA?
How many Jews
work for Newsweek?
Who is Anton Chekhov?
Anton Chekov?
The playwright?
Hey, you tell me.
It is you who has listed an
interest of him on Facebook.
Who else are you working for?
Why do you write
so much to Bashiff?
Three times you have visited
New Jersey, America,
in the time before the unrest.
I have a very good
friend who lives there.
You have friends in New Jersey?
Yeah. My friend lives
there, what can I do?
He likes it there.
You want apricot?
Thank you, sir.
Are we not friends?
Mmm-hmm. Yes.
So why do you insult me?
Insult you?
No, no, I would never...
Newsweek is an
internationally distributed
"weekly magazine headquartered
in New York City.
"It is privately owned and has
operated for over 70 years."
This is a schoolboy report.
Sir, that is the truth.
The truth is not an insult.
The truth is you are a spy,
working with the Americans
and the Zionists
to destroy our holy system.
I'm not a spy.
You are a spy.
No, no, no.
The American
government doesn't
control Newsweek magazine.
To be honest, it's not even
worth controlling anymore.
Is it?
Yes, it is. This weekly
model of magazines
is completely outdated.
There are better ways
of doing propaganda.
Through the Internet.
In the blogs.
Twitter. Uh...
There's many things. The
game has changed completely.
So this is just a crazy theory?
It is a little bit misinformed.
Are we paranoid?
You're not...
I didn't say that.
Are we paranoid?
Are we paranoid?
How are you feeling?
Like shit.
I apologize for my colleague.
He is enthusiastic,
but perhaps not
as understanding of
the intellectual nuances.
Your father was imprisoned
at one time, was he not'?
When was this?
In 1953.
He was accused
of being a communist.
Was he?
He was a communist back then.
On whose authority
was he detained?
Under the Shah.
The Shah of Iran.
I'm sorry.
Thai must have been
difficult for your family.
Thank you, sir.
But I thought at that time,
Iran had a democratic leader.
Mohammad Mossadegh.
So there was a coup?
Organized by?
The CIA. The
Americans, British...
Operation Ajax
I believe it was called.
The West wanted
the Iranian people's oil.
And the journalists
and gangsters
that were paid by the CIA to
spread lies and violence,
and turn the Iranian people
against its government
so the Americans
and Zionists could deploy
their puppet the traitor,
Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi...
Yes, but that was
in those days, sir. I...
But I am not a spy!
Yes, Mr. Bahari,
this is history!
We are not crazy.
This is not paranoia!
Why did you meet
with these saboteurs
in the months
leading to the unrest?
They... They are
normal people. They are not...
They are friends of mine.
They are not saboteurs.
You will tell me.
Or they will tell me.
- Oh, no.
- Seyyed!
You have
the wrong people, sir.
These are not...
You must not just take
his blood, Javadi,
you must take his hope.
Yes, sir.
Good morning, sir.
I've been thinking,
and I wanted to know
your opinion about, uh,
how the Americans
do espionage these days.
Is it very different from how
it used to be in the '50s?
Is n?
Because I might have been
tricked as well. I...
I might have fallen into a trap.
I don't...
How is your beloved
mother Moloojoon?
She must be very worried.
I... I don't know.
I think she's fine...
I'm surprised.
She did not contact us.
Normally a prisoner's family
can be very persistent.
Visitors, lawyers...
But for you,
there has been none.
Is media espionage
a new field? Is it?
You should call her soon.
Poor woman.
To lose her husband,
God rest his soul
and to lose her daughter,
And now this.
Let's call her.
You want to call her?
Do you want to call her?
Call her.
No answer?
From now on, lam your mother.
And father.
It is time to do this
right, Mazi jaan.
You must sign your confession.
You know,
everything can be forgiven.
I had forgotten just how
fucking boring this place was.
I used lo collect
small pieces of limestone
from the prison yard
and shape them
against the metal bars
and play chess with them
for hours and hours.
Whatever it took
to keep strong,
I'm thinking
of signing the paper.
Because I would very much
like to get out of here.
You know, it's not
just signing a piece of paper.
They will make
an example of you.
So what?
You will be on television.
So what?
You must leave here,
but you must leave here a man.
Maryam would understand.
Maryam is not here.
You are here
for Maryam Bahari, right?
You may see her.
One half hour.
Only the parents can go in.
Why? Why?
Don't touch him!
You're going to kill me, boy'?
You going to kill me'?
Stay there!
This is the boy.
He said he would "get me. "
I just wan!
To see my sister.
Mazi jaan!
Shame on you!
You blindfold a 10-year-old?
Shame on you!
I will kill them
and they can throw me
in this shithouse.
I want to kill you!
No, Mazi!
No! No!
No, you can't.
I need you out there.
I need you out there.
You must see all the
films you can see,
you must listen to the most
beautiful music you can find.
I will live that through you.
Be that for me,
okay? Promise?
It's okay.
It's okay.
No, Mazi. No.
I'm concentrating.
You should see,
I mean, you look really...
You look really good from here.
Stop it.
Turn it off.
Don't move.
Don't... Don't move.
I'm embarrassed.
Put it away.
No, it's okay.
My bosses are
not happy with you.
But I don't understand.
I'm trying to do
everything you want me...
I am trying to figure out
the media conspiracy,
but I cannot lie to you.
I know.
I know this.
But they have
decided to kill you.
I brought you a Nescaf.
Why do they want to kill me?
There is milk and sugar.
You don't like my Nescaf?
I don't understand what they
can achieve by killing me.
You don't like my Nescaf.
Now is the time.
No, don't!
No, no! No...
What a terrible thing
for a wife to lose her husband.
A mother, her son.
For a child to grow up
and never know their father,
that's a terrible thing.
- What are you doing?
- You should see.
I mean, you look really...
You look really good from here.
No, Mazi. No.
But the choice is yours.
You will go on television
and tell how you lied
to our great people,
how you put
anti-revolutionary elements
in touch with
the foreign agents.
And you will apologize
to our great Master
for breaking his heart.
You will do all this,
or your beautiful wife
will be a widow.
I apologize...
I apologize...
I apologize to all
the Iranian people
for what they saw.
I am not a person...
Baba, please, please.
I'm trying to learn this.
You never had to do this.
You never had to
speak on television.
You always kept
your integrity intact.
You never faced this.
They barely touched you.
Others have suffered more.
No, Baba. No, no.
You don't understand.
You were what
they said you were.
You can
choose who you are.
I am not a spy.
Lam not a spy...
They locked you
up, but you are still free.
You don't understand, Baba!
You were who
they said you were.
You filmed the truth
about these sisterfuckers.
What is more dangerous to them
than the truth. huh? Tel! me.
It didn't change anything.
Look where it got me.
God damn it,
believe in something;.
It is your only hope.
Like communism?
Did it ever occur to you
that the dream that kept
you during your torment,
it was corrupt?
Your great Russian heroes,
they also torture.
Your torture was
conceived in the Gulags.
Where do you think the Shah's
secret police got it from?
From the Soviets.
From the CIA, from the Mossad.
From all the fucked up
secret services of the world.
Was it worth it?
Was it worth
leaving a mother
and a child on their own?
I'm going to learn this.
I'm going to say it on camera.
And then I'm going to go home.
What is your name?
And tell us about your role
in the colored coup d'tat.
My name is Maziar Bahari.
And I am a member
of the western media.
I am a journalist, and as such,
I am a member of the
Western capitalist machine.
Western media saw its
candidate lose the elections,
on June the 12th of 2009.
Western media
claimed it was a fraud
to undermine and to hurt
the legitimacy
of the elections.
Western media afterwards
claimed that there was a coup.
What followed was a series
of preplanned actions
designed to foment
a failed color revolution.
My colleagues and I started
to ignore accurate reporting
and we produced reports
that were very inaccurate
and illegal.
I apologize to
the Iranian people.
...and to my family.
And to our Supreme Leader
for my actions
and my wrongdoings.
That's it'!?
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What happened?
No, no, no,
it's nothing. Come on.
I am sorry. I am very sorry
to put you through this mess.
Hey, if it makes you
feel any better,
I told them everything I knew
about you and your activities.
Why didn't you tell me
you were the mastermind
of the green revolution, hmm'?
I could have doubled
my driver fees.
I'm very sorry, Davood.
I'm going to get
you out of here.
As soon as I come out, I'm
going to do everything I can.
Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
Specialist time.
Yes, sir?
Four thugs beat up a Basij.
I want them to feel 10 punches
for every punch they gave.
Bahari confessed.
Yes, yes, yes.
The thugs.
Yes, sir.
What's wrong?
Sir, what's happening?
I confessed!
You did nothing.
I confessed!
You did nothing!
Sir, I said exactly what
you wanted me to say.
You confessed, but
nothing has changed!
I did what you told me to do!
I will see to it that you
rot here, dirty spy.
I'm no spy. sir.
Your wife will
never see you again.
Oh, sir...
Your child...
Your child will never know you!
And your mother will
die brokenhearted.
And you did this!
Sir, please.
No... Please...
Get down.
Get down!
Get down! Motherfucker!
Please stop.
You spread these lies!
Answer the question!
Answer the questions!
I'm forgotten.
I'm afraid.
You're afraid?
They are afraid.
They've tortured you for
the crime of bearing witness.
This is fear.
They are scared of you.
They are weak,
Mazi jaan. Not you.
Use your freedom.
Use their weakness.
Use their weakness.
Fight, Mazi.
You have a lot
of women's phone numbers.
Does your wife know
about your cheating?
Shirin Ebadi. You have
four numbers for her.
When and where did
you have sex with her?
She is a very respectable
and married woman.
I interviewed her
a couple of times.
If you never fucked her,
why do you have
four numbers for her?
I also have 10 numbers
for Ahmadinejad.
Why all this traveling?
All these numbers. Why?
What is this?
This is porno? Porno?
How many girlfriends
do you have?
Why all these numbers? Why?
How many times do you
have sex with them?
Why? Why?
Are they whores?
Why all this traveling? Why?
ashamed to say, sir.
What's that, spy?
What do you mean?
No, I shouldn't tell you.
Please don't...
Don't make me do this.
You can tell me anything.
That's why you are here.
I travel to all these places...
Because I enjoy massage.
What do you mean?
Massage. Massage...
Yeah, massage.
Of a sexual nature.
I can't believe
I'm telling you this. I...
I shouldn't...
I shouldn't.4.
No, no, no.
It's good. Go on.
I travel regularly
to get these massages
because I find myself
addicted to them.
It helps satisfy my need.
These massage,
are they expensive?
No. No, they're actually
quite reasonably priced.
You walk into an establishment,
and they are there, lined up.
All of them.
Very beautiful.
Very... Very young.
And you choose
the girl that you like,
and they take you by the hand
and they lead you to a room
that has a waterbed.
Then she starts to undress you.
And she undresses
herself as well.
But I probably
shouldn't tell you this.
I probably shouldn't
No, no, no, please continue.
No, I don't want to continue.
Please. This could...
This could be very
important information.
There is one massage
that is called...
You wouldn't believe this, sir.
It's called
the Persian massage.
It comes from the time
of Cyrus The Great.
And what it consists of
is three girls
at the same time.
The girls are very professional
and they know exactly
what they are doing.
And they immediately
start squeezing you.
They squeeze you
and they release you,
and they squeeze you
and they release you.
And it is
the best feeling, sir.
Four trips to America.
So why all these trips?
I was desperate.
The reason
I went to New Jersey...
You know what happens
in New Jersey.
Yeah, of course.
Everybody knows
what happens in New Jersey.
Oh. I...
I... I had to see it
with my own eyes.
What did you see?
Well, there is this place
that's called Fort Lee.
It's a military town?
It used to be, sir.
Now it is a massage playground.
And it is massages
from allover the world.
So I went there
because I had heard
crazy stories.
Crazy stories
about people dying.
What do you mean?
Of pleasure.
Of pleasure?
Not for New Jersey.
Newsweek reporter
Maziar Bahari
has been arrested.
What is your reaction to that?
Well, I am just appalled
at the treatment
that Mr. Bahari
and others are receiving.
It is a show trial.
Thai explains this very
silly move you did there.
Yeah, which one?
Specialist time,
Mr. Hillary Clinton.
What did you say?
Mr. Hillary Clinton.
She's been talking
a lot about you.
Naughty boy.
Salaam. They've taken Mazi!
The government.
We need a lawyer.
There must be
something we can do!
How long has he been in there?
How long? Too long!
Even one day is too long.
I've sent letters
to the Italian
and the Canadian embassy.
And we've also got some
petitions up on the website.
I'm six and a half
months pregnant.
And it's important
to remain positive.
Maziar Bahari is the
correspondent for Newsweek...
He's not
been seen by his family
since his detention
six months ago.
Maziar Bahari is being
held now according to...
We're trying
very hard to get
as much publicity as possible.
We've expressed our concern
about Mr. Bahari's
It is a sign of weakness.
Your wife talks too much.
She is talking badly
about Iran.
Doing interviews.
Writing letters.
Stand up.
No, sir. No...
Stand up.
Stand up.
Blindfold Off.
Call her.
My wife?
Call her.
Yes, sir. Yes.
Call her
and tell her
to stop talking shit.
And you have to
dial nine to get out.
Mazi, hi. Hi!
Are you okay?
Mazi, everyone's supporting you.
We'll get you out, Mazi.
The baby?
The baby is fine.
The baby is great, actually.
We're having a girl, my love.
Be a man.
Be a man.
Marianna Maryam Bahari.
I love you.
I love you, Mazi.
Be a man.
Control this woman!
She cannot talk badly about us!
You have to stop her
and control her!
She cannot talk badly about us!
She cannot speak
to anybody about you!
You have to control her!
Shall I call her again?
What are you doing?
Stop, please.
No, stop.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Please stop.
To Marianna!
Maryam Bahari!
Maryam Bahari!
Did I torture you?
Did I?
I tell you, my father
was tortured by the SAVAK.
They beat him up so badly
that he couldn't walk.
Even now, 30 years later.
I did not do that to you.
If this is not torture
then what is it?
Many people seek to destroy us.
And many people
don't admit that easily.
I was not seeking this.
A pleasure to see you
again, Mr. Bahari.
And it's a pleasure, sir.
I hope your time here
has not been too unpleasant.
Well, the nature
of prison is...
It's prison, right?
As you know,
the discipline
of media espionage
is a new one.
Oh, yes, it is everywhere.
It's a new trend.
The West has been quite
effective in blurring the line
between a spy and journalists.
We must catch up if we are
to battle effectively.
Do you understand?
Do you want me to become a spy?
We want you to help our holy
system with information.
Now' this is a letter
of commitment...
...Mr. Bahari.
Read it thoroughly,
sign it, stamp it.
The letter basically is for you
to provide us with
reports, information,
any anti-Iran activity.
And the letter...
Yes. Yes.
Because of your
diligence and good work
on behalf of Islamic Republic,
this man is back on the
path of righteousness.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Bahari.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
So the man they accused
of being a spy
is not a spy.
But if you would like
to become a spy,
you know, for us, that
would be appreciated.
morning, ladies and gentlemen.
On behalf of Captain Dazmond
and the entire crew,
welcome aboard
ight number 3826.
Nonstop service
from Tehran to London.
Our ight time will be
six hours and 15 minutes.
Si! back, relax,
and enjoy the flight.
Would you
like some coffee, sir?
And here's your tea.
Thanks very much.
Coffee or tea?
Finally, I was free.
But my joy is tempered
by those I left behind.
People that did not
have the advantage
of international attention.
Countrymen and women,
whose only crime
against the state
is not believing
in its perfection.
And the acolytes.
Those without imagination.
"(hose who,
even in my confinement,
were more alone
and afraid than I.
Because in their hearts,
they know they cannot win.