Rosewood Lane (2011) Movie Script

Ms. Blake?
I'm Detective Sabatino.
This is my partner,
Detective Briggs.
Ms. Blake,
he's been down
there a couple of days.
His blood alcohol,
Ms. Blake,
it was very high.
would you step out
for a minute, please?
you son of a bitch,
you finally did it.
Damn you, Dad.
He kept beating me
with it on my back,
and then on my
head until it broke.
He doesn't like
himself when it happens.
I don't even want
to hear about him.
This is not about him.
This is about you.
Sonny Blake Show.
Yes, Gail. That is
his problem, not yours.
He didn't call me.
You did.
I'm not sure it's
even within his control.
Gail, what is my motto
when I hear someone tell me
their life is out of control?
There are no accidents.
I wanna hear you
say it, Gail.
But more importantly,
I want you...
No, I need you to believe it.
Okay, stay on the line,
and we'll get
that number to you.
To all of you that we did not get
a chance to speak with tonight,
that's all the time we have as
we approach The News at Midnight.
I am Dr. Sonny Blake,
my producer is the lovely
Ms. Paula Crenshaw.
Our own silverback male,
Glenn Forrester,
is up next with the news
I will see you Monday night,
and have a great,
great weekend.
Dr. Sonny Blake,
noted psychologist and author,
can be heard every
Monday through Friday
from 8:00 p.m.
to midnight here on Talk Line.
Nice job.
Thank you.
So, you gonna let me take you out
for one last fling?
I can't.
I have to get up early,
and meet Barrett
and the moving van.
Did you say "Barrett"?
He called me
yesterday, okay?
Just said he missed me
and wanted to see me.
And you talked to him?
He's just helping
me with the move.
This is the guy
who you said should have his
breeder's license revoked?
Just stop.
But you were hating Barrett,
not the city.
And now you're moving out of the city
and bringing Barrett with you?
Sonny, stop.
What are you doing?
I wish I knew.
Okay, you sure I can't convince you
to go grab a late one?
Come on.
We can talk all about it.
I don't want to
talk about it.
What kind of late one?
I thought you were getting serious
about those meetings.
Did you just try and throw
a 12-step guilt trip at me
so I'd stop
talking about Barrett?
Pretty soon you're gonna be
knocking on my door,
begging to come hang out in the burbs
and have a barbecue.
And you're gonna be
pining for life in the city
without the boyfriend
that hit on your best friend.
Your lesbian best friend.
That's how dumb he is.
Hey, I passed the moving van
on the highway.
So, we got to get
that hallway cleared.
Give me that one.
Nugget! Nugget, you stop that
and get back here.
Come here.
What are you doing?
Hello. Hi.
I'm your new neighbor.
Sonny Blake.
You related to Jack?
He was my dad.
It's been empty
for over a year.
Yeah, well,
I had it on the market,
but I think it might be easier to sell
an elephant these days.
He never mentioned
a daughter.
Oh, Jesus.
Did I just say that?
We had our problems.
Wasn't a very
happy man, your dad.
No, I can't remember
a time when he was.
Oh, I guess you know I'm
having a pool installed.
I've stopped
work though, so it
should give you some peace.
What's the matter?
I wouldn't subscribe to the paper
if I were you.
You don't want to have anything to do
with that one.
You kept it.
I'm glad.
How about we go to
a ball game this Saturday?
Got some great tickets.
From a client?
Isn't that a bribe or something?
Where do you
want these empties?
Um... Just down in the cellar.
Wait a minute.
Let me take it.
There's no reason to
go down there today.
When I was a little girl,
I'd hide down here in the basement
when things got scary.
I'd sit next
to this furnace,
I could hear everything that went on
in my parents' room.
I got all kinds of questions
about this, Sonny.
You're gonna find
a ghost in every corner.
Got an arraignment
at 7:00 a.m.
Thank you for coming
and helping me today.
It was very sweet of you.
Just tell me,
are all shrinks this crazy?
Would you be interested
in our special introductory offer
of one free
month of The Bugle?
Excuse me?
I'm Cam.
I'm your paperboy.
Thank you,
but no thanks.
Did you know that less than half
the people in this country
read the newspaper
Or that even less than half of that
read books?
Get your foot
out of my door.
I know, trust me.
Everybody looks at me
the same way. It's okay.
I am not looking
at you.
Come on, they're about as dark
as eyes could get.
You see that?
You can see
yourself in them.
They're kind of like
tiny, little mirrors.
If you don't get
your foot out of my door right now,
I'm gonna
call the cops.
Uh, well, I could roll them in the
back of my head,
but I really don't think
that's going to be any better.
Did you hear
what I said?
Uh, hi, my name is Cam.
Would you like to subscribe
to the newspaper?
Your foot.
Move it now.
This offer is only
good if you order now.
The free month
expires in the next 10...
Okay, time to go in.
Good luck.
There's a new
group starting up.
Adult children of alcoholics,
Wednesday afternoons.
Be a break from
your DBRs, and it pays.
I'm in the city
on Wednesday.
We could schedule it
on a day you're free.
Wait a minute, my what?
Damaged Beyond Repair.
I can't believe
you said that.
Yeah, well, I'm getting cynical,
I know. Just a minute.
I know you could
do with the money.
Weren't you planning on selling
that house instead of moving into it?
Thank you,
but I'm gonna stick with
my Damaged Beyond Repair.
Well, as you know,
I was once one of them myself.
why do you think
she's always down there?
Get up here!
You are drunk, Jack.
I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to
my goddamn daughter!
Can't you see she's afraid?
So help me, I will nail
this basement shut!
Stop it!
Sonny, you look at me,
little girl, right now.
You get the hell up these stairs
or I'm gonna drag you.
It's talk time on Talk Line.
And with only a few
minutes left tonight,
we have a young man on the line
from Stillwater,
my old hometown
just across the bridge.
Hello, Stillwater, you are on the air
with Dr. Sonny Blake.
are you there?
Hickory dickory dock
the mouse ran up the clock
The clock struck one,
the mouse was done
hickory dickory dock
Well, a little poetry
to end our night.
That is all the time
we have
as we approach The News at Midnight
with Glenn Forrester.
Back tomorrow
at 8:00 p.m.
Dr. Sonny Blake.
Barrett, wake up.
Barrett, I need you
to get to my house now.
Who is this?
Wake up.
I think someone
has been in my house.
Wait, what?
I just need you to
get over here now.
Get out of the house and call the police.
I'm on my way.
Look, talk to me
like someone who just drove
all the way from
the city in his pajamas
and is still
half-asleep, okay?
The ballerina
is always first.
Ballerina, then the elephant
my brother gave me,
then the swan, then the cat,
then the mouse, then your bear.
Barrett's bear.
It is always on the end.
Ballerina first, bear last.
Someone switched them.
Hickory dickory dock?
That's what he said on the radio.
The clock struck one...
Yeah. Like it does every
night when you get home.
And when it did, I saw the mouse.
The mouse ran up the clock.
And that's when
I noticed the bear
and the ballerina
have switched places.
Some guy found out
where you live,
broke in before
you got home tonight,
rearranged your knickknacks,
then called to tell you about it?
You don't believe me.
I didn't say that.
So then you think I'm crazy.
Those things got moved.
You're absolutely sure?
100% sure?
Look, you wanna call the cops,
call them,
but I can
tell you right now,
you don't have a burglary,
a forced entry
or proof anyone was
in this house at all.
I get it.
All right,
let's get some sleep, huh?
What? You mean on top of all this,
I have to drive back?
I told you I wanted to
take things slowly this time.
Ballerina first,
bear last.
You sure you
really wanna do this?
Sit out here in this big, old house?
Stay out here all by yourself?
What are you
looking for exactly?
Something that won't stand me up
on Saturday night.
What species?
My house already
has some cat doors.
This way.
All right, Monster.
Let's see if anybody
has taught you how
to use a cat door.
Come on, Monster.
It's your food.
And now we go through the cat door.
Okay, come here. Come here.
I'll go find you a cat bed.
I think I saw one in a box.
Hickory dickory dock.
Please don't freak out.
What the hell
are you doing here?
What are you
doing in my house?
I had to tell you that your 10 days
are almost up.
I want you the hell out of my house.
I want you out now!
The free introductory
offer is about to expire.
Calm down,
calm down, it's okay.
Don't tell me to calm down!
Move it!
You really should
learn to recognize
a good thing when
you see one, Doc.
You know, you really should lock
your doors and windows around here.
You never know
what might crawl in.
You're absolutely
sure this is the kid
who called your
show last week?
Did he take anything?
How about your
underwear drawer?
My what?
Forget he's a kid.
I've seen cases like this.
These guys get real creepy.
Maybe he's a sniffer or something.
Barrett, stop.
I told you he was in my house last week,
and I was absolutely right.
I just wanna
hear you say it.
Let me see that cell phone.
He's not on here...
Just say it.
Could this be some kid you met
at the outreach center?
Some junior pervert
you counsel there?
How many kids have you worked with
there over the years?
More than you can remember.
I would've remembered him.
Ms. Blake?
Sorry, but we heard the call
and recognized the address.
Come in.
Look, she got home tonight,
and this kid was in the cellar.
I'm sorry,
and you are?
Barrett Tanner, I'm with the District
Attorney's office in the city.
You called the D.A.'s office?
No, I'm a friend.
She thinks he's been here before
at night while she's at work.
And who is it we're
talking about exactly?
He was here last week
trying to sell me newspapers.
The paperboy.
Look, guys,
she wants to press charges.
I didn't say that.
So, you think that
he's a big fan of yours?
You think he's stalking you?
I don't know.
Did he ever
threaten you in any way?
Did he touch you?
Your things.
Did he go through
some of your things?
He was in my house and in the cellar.
Isn't that enough?
I'm just trying to get
the facts straight, Ms. Blake.
It's Dr. Blake,
And the facts are,
I did a show
on nursery rhymes
a couple months ago,
about the violence
and abuse in a lot of them.
Now, I think this kid must've heard
that show.
She also counsels problem kids
at a community center.
It wasn't one of them.
So, let's get a statement,
and let's get a description.
That's the first step.
I am guessing that
you don't remember
the last time we
met each other.
A year ago
in the same cellar.
Wait a minute.
You think this has something to do
with your dad?
Look, she just moved in,
she's a little jumpy
and this freakin' kid
is downstairs
when she gets home.
We're on top of it,
Mr. Tanner.
Let's take care
of this fast.
Do you want
his fingerprints?
He switched them again.
The bear and the ballerina.
I wasn't exactly snooping.
I was cleaning and I saw it.
But there are no accidents,
are there, Mary?
And your son put
something in that letter
about himself that he was not ready
for you to know.
But I feel I have a right to make sure
he stays safe,
that he stays happy.
And that he makes
the kind of choices
that are the right
choices for him to do that.
Am I a bad mother for thinking
we should be able to talk about
anything and everything?
The paperboy for your area
is a boy named Derek.
No, he said
his name was Cam.
Well, it's Derek.
And he fit your description.
This is the kid, trust me.
He's got the eyes
you were talking about.
His parents said he has something
called aniridia.
It's when the iris
doesn't develop,
so it stays
black like the pupil.
Well, did you go to his house
and question him?
Yeah, and the kid was more than
a little surprised
to see us
at 2:00 in the morning,
that includes his parents
who gave sworn statements
that Derek was home
all night, did homework,
watched some TV
and was in bed by 11 :30.
Yeah, well, parents lie for their kids
all the time.
I said he had an alibi,
I didn't say we believed it.
I just want to know what the hell
he was doing in my house.
Doesn't it make
you stop and think?
It made all of
us stop and think,
but we have nothing to tie him
to your dad whatsoever.
What about fingerprints?
We didn't find any.
As a matter of fact, we couldn't find
anyone in that cul-de-sac
who had anything to say
about this kid at all.
They didn't see me chasing him up a hill
at 1:00 in the morning
with a bunch of their dogs?
Your neighbors don't
exactly corroborate
your story about what happened
the other night.
Even Fred?
The old guy next door?
Especially Fred.
Mr. Crumb? It's Sonny.
I need to talk to you.
Mr. Crumb,
I know you're in there.
I don't answer
this door after dark.
Well, I am not leaving
until you speak to me.
You don't
talk about him.
You don't go to
the police about him.
You don't do anything that might
attract his attention.
Your father had a dog.
It barked and chased the boy every time
he came to deliver the paper.
One night,
your father found that dog
nailed to that
fence in your backyard.
He'd done it,
and your father knew it
and he really
went after him.
Did he go to the police?
They'd been called out to the house
themselves a few times...
And they always found him drunk,
so no one believed him.
They were at war
with each other.
Only you don't want to be at war
with that thing.
He's a trick of the light,
something dark that doesn't
always look like one
until you look
into those eyes,
those reptile eyes
that look like two big holes
where the person ought to be.
They know.
The dogs, they know when he's
in the cul-de-sac.
You're seriously telling me
he's up on the roof?
I've seen him
on your roof too.
And in that
big tree of yours.
What would you say if
I told you I'd seen him
do things that
I can't explain?
Things that
a normal boy
shouldn't be able to do?
You're not afraid
of him like we are,
but you should be,
after what he
did to your father.
Are you telling me
my father didn't die
just by falling down
a flight of stairs?
Mr. Crumb?
Okay, sugar.
They're each on their own track,
so press track two now.
And now, if you're talking,
she's listening.
Back to Dr. Sonny Blake.
And now, back to our own
Dr. Sonny Blake.
If you're talking,
she's listening.
Paula, you're never gonna believe this.
I just saw him.
Saw who?
Just now on
the side of the road.
Psycho paperboy?
At half past midnight?
Are you sure?
Out here
in the middle of nowhere.
He knows this is the only road
into Stillwater from the city.
And you're sure
it was him?
Yes, he was holding a sign.
He was holding a what?
Sonny, I'm talking to...
Hold on a second.
Sonny, I'm talking to you.
You're saying I hallucinated,
but I'm not crazy.
This man puts
the idea in your head
that this boy may
have killed your father.
This man calls
the boy a thing.
He says this boy
does things no normal boy
should be able to do.
And I saw him do
the impossible.
It's probably that house
and your history with it.
Either that or you
got yourself a paperboy
who's figured out how to be in more
than one place at a time.
I'm also saying that I think it's very
important that you go back to therapy.
You don't have to see me,
but you do need to see someone.
Look at me.
You're one of the bravest,
brightest women
I've ever seen
walk out of the dark.
Don't lose your way again.
I am deadly with this thing!
So, after you save the shire,
Mr. Frodo,
what do you do with one of those
in the modern world?
Hunt, my good man.
And by the way,
it takes a lot
more skill to fire
one of these babies
than it does a rifle.
And about as much brains.
And did he say
this bastard kid
pushed your father
down the stairs or not?
He said a lot of things.
You've gotta stick
with the facts, Sonny.
Look, do you know what he's talking about
or is he a crazy, old man?
Hey, Barrett,
this is some spot. Huh?
You can't find space like this
to do target practice in the city.
It's called civilization.
I don't get this.
I mean, your dad, now, all of a sudden,
Why? He doesn't even know you.
If he's a sociopath, their minds
don't work like ordinary people.
They fixate on things.
There's no rhyme or reason to it.
You know,
you're on the air,
you're giving all kinds of advice
to people you don't even know,
you reach out into the shadows.
I mean, Jesus Christ, Sonny,
I know you're trying
to help people, but
do you ever stop and think about
what else might be out there?
Out there
listening to you?
So this is my fault now?
No, I'm saying
you're all over the place out there.
A bus can't go by in the city
without your face plastered on it.
Keep it down.
Look, Sonny,
he wages a war against your dad.
He listens to your show.
He reads in the same paper
he delivers
every morning that
you're moving right here.
You know, sometimes
after they dig the big hole,
they put in lights,
tiles and water in it.
Sounds to me like this kid needs
a good kick in the ass.
You know,
your paperboy from hell.
Hey, you remember
that guy you were seeing,
the first year
we were dormies?
The Delta guy who
lived across campus
with the dimples, and the smile
and the bubble butt?
The guy you were
so wrapped up in
till he stomped
all over your heart?
Yeah, what about him?
Wasn't he a frat boy
with a law degree too?
I'm just saying...
I'm just saying that
you should have someone
who really loves you
wants to take care of you.
How many of
those have you had?
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
I didn't mean it
like that.
You know, if you want me to shut up,
I'll shut up...
Help me!
Help me! Oh, my God!
Help me!
My head's killing me.
It's not funny.
It was just a joke.
What, I thought this was a party!
Don't tell me.
Do you see him, Barrett?
Where'd he go?
Son of a...
You peeping on us,
you sick, little animal?
Huh? Where is he?
Sick, little bastard!
Stay calm.
Here he is.
He's a kid.
I got him.
Now, you're the one
who's peeping.
I don't believe this.
Look at this!
Give him
a thumping, Bar!
He's right there. He's right there.
- Stay calm!
He's right here!
He's right in front of me.
He's standing right,
goddamn, there.
Bar! Bar! Holy...
Come here, Bar!
Give me your hand!
Attaboy, attaboy! Give me your hand.
Attaboy, attaboy.
Grab on, grab on. Help him out, guys.
All right, got it?
You okay?
You okay, bro?
You all right?
Just breathe,
just breathe.
Son of a bitch.
It's piss!
This kid's not sick,
he's dead!
Maybe he is an animal.
Isn't that how they
mark their territory?
No one laughed, Barrett.
I distinctly heard
lesbians giggling.
You wanna fight fire with fire,
just let me slap
a civil suit on
that punk's family.
I'll end his little reign of terror
the old-fashioned way.
If that kid is half of
what you think he is,
you got a hell of
a lawsuit working here.
What's the crossbow
doing in the garage?
I can't keep it out here?
No, I don't want it here.
Take it with you when you go.
You sure you don't
want it for protection?
Thanks. I'll stick to
my dad's baseball bat.
Tell me something,
what happened today
when you fell
into the pool pit?
Was I imagining?
You don't want
to get into this.
No, you don't want
to get into this.
I had a hell of a trick played on me
when I was a kid.
My cousin and his buddies.
When I was little.
One day, they dug a grave,
and they put me in it
in a cardboard box.
It had a hole
with a long snorkel
so I could breathe
while I was being buried.
The idea was, I'd be buried alive
for an hour,
then they pull
out the snorkel.
And the test was
to see if I could
hold my breath
while they dug me out.
That's awful.
No, no.
No, let me tell you
what's awful.
What's awful is chanting.
"Little Barrett Tanner,
they put him in the ground.
"And when they did, he didn't know
he never would be found.
"They buried him
living and screaming and then
"they never dug him up
They chanted that,
throwing dirt
over me in the hole.
So, I lay there
for an hour, crying.
The box caved in all
around me from the dirt.
I'm sucking on the snorkel,
afraid it would be
ripped away at any second
and I'd have to hold
my breath or suffocate.
What happened?
A neighbor found me,
dug me out.
I don't like small places,
and I especially
don't like them
when they're
holes in the ground.
Hey, come on. I was, like, 10 years old
when that happened. Relax.
Yeah, well, it seemed
pretty recent today.
Don't tell me.
If that sick bastard
is down in the basement listening to us,
I will personally
wring his neck.
No, it's the cat.
Son of a bitch!
Go back in the bedroom.
What are you gonna do?
I'll be goddamned!
Just call the cops!
I am the goddamn cops!
I am gonna
rip his head off.
If he's down there,
I'm gonna break him in half!
I'm gonna call the cops.
Jack and Jill
went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down
and broke his crown
and Jill came
tumbling after
Open this door!
Open this goddamn door!
Police emergency.
333 Rosewood Lane.
Have you arrested him?
This is frustrating
for us, too.
Have you taken
him into custody?
No, we did not.
Let me guess, his parents said
he was home with them all night.
Detectives, when you were a kid,
did you ever sneak out?
Yes, as a matter of fact,
I did. A few times.
Even Barrett said
someone he didn't see
came out of
the dark and pushed him.
No, I saw him.
I talked to him.
No, you talked to
a shadow at the top
of the stairs.
You said so yourself.
No, I said
he was in shadow.
All right, fine.
You take that to court,
and his parents
get on the stand,
and they say that he's been home
all night. That's reasonable doubt.
You ask your boyfriend
how that works.
I'm sorry my case is not strong enough
for you, Detectives.
I will have him
autograph something
the next time he
breaks into my house
and pushes someone down
the goddamn staircase.
Is this the report?
Is his address in here?
Now, he's a minor.
I wanna talk to his parents.
He is a minor,
Ms. Blake,
protected by all the laws and provisions,
I'm sure you must be aware of,
having worked with
children yourself.
Look, these people
aren't his birth parents.
They adopted him
when he was five years old.
His real mom,
whoever she is,
had all her kids taken away
and dumped into the system.
Your copy of the report
has Derek's address redacted.
Ms. Blake?
Mr. Tanner is asking for you.
Please be patient.
We are working on it.
I found this
at Annie's place.
My girlfriend,
big Sonny Blake fan.
It's not as bad as it looks.
They said I'm good.
They want me overnight,
but it's just a mild concussion.
What's wrong?
I have come so far
from being that little
girl who used to hide
from her dad
down in the cellar.
You're damn right you have.
When I saw
that boy tonight,
I felt like I was right back there
in that basement,
hiding from my dad and telling myself
that he wasn't something evil.
technically you were
back in the basement.
I can't go through my life
believing in the boogeyman.
It's not about that.
It's not about
what's good or evil.
It's about what will
hurt you and what won't.
Everything else
is just opinion.
When I saw you at the bottom
of the stairs tonight,
I knew he killed my dad.
He drank.
He drank and fell
down the basement steps.
The autopsy confirmed
his alcohol level.
I heard what he said
after he pushed you.
He's got some twisted
nursery rhyme thing going,
probably got it
from that show you did.
Jack fell down
and broke his crown.
my dad's name was Jack.
You know who I am.
Of course.
Would it be okay
with you if I came in?
Is Hank your husband?
I apologize.
I know I shouldn't be here.
Honey, this is Sonny Blake,
the woman from the radio.
Would it be okay if I come in
and speak with you?
About what?
About your son.
I listen to you on
the radio all the time.
I work the swing shift,
and we have you
on every night,
Monday through Friday
till midnight.
You dressed?
Look, I really just want to speak
to the two of...
Must be in the basement.
Go get him.
It's all right.
Do it.
What the hell
are you doing here?
If you came here to
accuse him of something,
I wanna know exactly what it is
you think he did.
I know you think
you're protecting him.
He's my son.
Of course, I'm going to protect him.
Look around.
I mean,
a house of this size,
he could sneak out at night
and you wouldn't even hear anything.
That hasn't happened
in a long time, Ms. Blake.
Come on.
What's going on?
What the hell are
you doing in my room?
What did you do
and when did you do it?
Mr. Barber,
this is not your son.
This is not the kid I saw carrying
his bike into the backyard.
My name is Hawthorne.
You saw do what?
I told you! Some kid just walked
his bike right through our backyard.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Do you even know
Derek Barber?
Your group is getting loud.
I know.
I'm running late.
What are you up to?
Detective work,
I think.
Your demon paperboy?
There are 112 listings
in the tri-county area for Barber.
I went to all seven high schools
in the county.
And if his address is online anywhere,
I can't find it because...
He's a minor.
That scares me.
Did you hear what you just said?
You're not his therapist.
You shouldn't be
contacting him,
and now you know he's
violent and dangerous.
Yeah, well, nobody's doing
a damn thing about it.
You didn't go and see someone,
did you?
I asked you to go
and see a therapist.
Are you saying
I can't do my job?
I'm saying that I'm responsible for you.
I am responsible for them.
This boy,
he could be
the devil himself,
and it wouldn't matter because look what
he's already doing to you.
He's got you
breaking the law,
and it sounds to me like he's about
to have you violating your ethics.
What if this isn't as simple
as you'd like it to be?
You think this boy
killed your father, Sonny?
That means somewhere in the
back of your mind,
you're thinking he did exactly
what you wanted to do,
what you dreamed
about doing.
Ask yourself,
what is it that
you're really trying to do?
There are no accidents, right?
I talked to the cops.
Well, why do you sound so chipper?
'Cause I'm doing
what I should have done from day one.
Which is what, Barrett?
Tell me. I'm panicking.
I'm at your place.
Me and Monster.
We're on Derek Barber patrol.
He shows up tonight,
he's gonna have
a nice, little surprise
waiting for him.
Are you kidding me?
What? You think
I'm afraid of some little, punk kid
sneaking around out there?
He's sneaking around,
and you are hopping on one foot.
What? You think he's gonna get
another sucker punch in?
you wanna do me a favor? Feed the cat
and get the hell out of there.
Oh, no, no, no. No.
This time, it's my turn and his ass.
You don't have
anything to prove.
You just do a good show tonight.
I'll see you after midnight.
Well, he was your father.
Of course, he was a big
part of your life.
But it's time to reclaim your life
and move on from there.
I think that's
what he would want.
I still feel my dad watching me,
you know,
judging me in just about
every aspect of my life.
He's been dead
for almost 20 years,
and you're still
making sacrifices.
You're still doing
what he wanted you to do
with no agenda
for your own happiness.
Maybe some people just...
...not in the way
we think they do.
What is my motto
when I hear someone
tell me their life
is out of control?
It ain't happening
tonight, pal!
You get your ass out of here
before you get it beat!
Son of a bitch.
Not this time,
you little shit!
You got yourself into it this time,
little buddy!
This time, it's just...
You dirty, little bastard!
You like spying on people? Huh?
You like pissing on them, huh?
I don't care who you are or
what you think you can get away with,
you are gonna stay
away from this house,
and you are gonna
stay away from Sonny!
When I get through
with you and your family,
they're gonna wish
they used two rubbers
and a diaphragm
before they had...
Rock a bye
On the tree
Oh, God!
When the wind blows
the cradle will
When the bow
The cradle will
down will come
cradle and all
Sonny Blake Show.
What's the rule?
Yes! I know Sonny.
There are no accidents.
See, you keep
trying to become whole
by bringing these guys
into your life, Sarah.
Do I?
Because I look at myself in the mirror,
Sonny, and I have to ask myself...
I mean, is there
anyone willing to stop
and have a real
interaction with me?
Because at this point,
I'm starting to get really scared
I'm never gonna find someone
who's gonna take the time...
I am so sorry to do this to you
right now, Sarah.
The time to start changing is now.
I wish you the best of luck.
And that is all
the time I have.
But didn't you just say...
Hello, this is Dr. Sonny Blake.
You are on Talk Line.
We have only about
a minute and a half.
I said we have only...
Little Barrett Tanner.
They put him in the ground.
And when they did, he did not know
he never would be found.
Buried him
living and screaming
and then they
never dug him up again.
Uh... Dr. Sonny Blake...
Get him off the air.
He's off the air.
This is on you.
Derek, just talk to me.
Hickory dickory dock.
Call the police.
Detective Briggs!
Okay, we'll have
the switchboard call them.
Go, go, go!
Go, go!
Mr. Tanner!
Stillwater P. D. Mr. Tanner?
Barrett Tanner?
Detective Sabatino!
where the hell are they?
No one upstairs.
Is he there?
I don't know where!
Is that her?
Let me have it.
You got a lot of nerve
having an answering service
relay a distress call to me.
Listen... I got $50,000
worth of man power and machinery
out here, because you told me
the city D.A.'s
about to be killed!
He called
the show just now.
Derek Barber!
Look, you got
something else for me to go on here?
What am I looking for...
I know how this sounds, but Derek said
something to me on the show
about burying him.
Burying who?
What are you telling me?
The kid came over here tonight
and put a big guy like
that into the ground?
What are you
saying to me?
Ask her what she
knows about a snorkel.
What do you know
about a snorkel?
A what?
A snorkel.
Move it, now! Make way! Make way!
Out of the way!
Move it! Dig!
Come on! Dig!
Everybody, dig!
Come on! Dig!
Come on!
What the hell is happening?
What? What? What?
Somebody down here needs to breathe!
Look out! Come on! Let's go!
Get some shovels, God damn it!
We got a man under here!
Get an EMT here right away!
Where are those shovels?
Bring any goddamn thing! Come on!
Oh, my God. Just go!
What? What?
We've got to make
this hole wider.
That's it. Give me it!
Look out!
No, no, no.
We're hitting hard earth.
There's nothing here.
Hard as a goddamn rock.
There isn't
a goddamn thing buried here.
You've got to be
kidding me.
The D.A.'s office doesn't know
where he is, neither do his friends.
His buddy Darren said he dropped him
here at about 5:00,
but he did not
pick him up.
And he had a cast on his leg,
so he couldn't drive himself.
Something must've
happened to him.
Or he took a cab.
Didn't there used to be a bear there?
On that end?
You're not starting to
buy into all this now, are you?
'Cause I wanna
show her the book.
Well, did you
check out Derek Barber?
I'm getting tapes of the shows
where she says the kid called in.
What? I got to go
back to that house
and wake everyone up again?
Christ, they're gonna think
that I have a thing for their kid.
This door is just set
in place, Detective.
Could you leave
through the garage?
Hey, hey.
Give it to me.
Sonny, listen to me.
Shut up, Paula.
Please stop digging. Stop.
You don't wanna dig?
This is over.
Don't dig.
This is over!
You don't get
to tell me that!
You know,
it's been three hours
since you got that phone call
at the radio station.
Oh, for Christ's sake,
if he was buried anywhere,
he wouldn't be
breathing anymore.
You grew up in this house?
I told you that.
A house where your
father was a brutal alcoholic?
And your mother liked
to look the other way?
So, the house made me crazy,
and this is all
just in my imagination?
I'm just asking.
What part of this is real?
And what part of this
is just a little girl
who moved back to
the hell she grew up in,
because this time,
she thought she could kick its ass?
Oh, is that your theory?
No! Thank you!
Thank you for getting me busted
down to meter maid
when I tell them
that I was stupid enough
to believe your dark
fantasy 911 call!
Thank you! Thank you!
Can we get out of here?
You wanna take a shower
or just put some things together?
I wanna feed Monster.
I'll feed the cat.
You just go,
get yourself cleaned up.
You have to pull him
through the cat door,
'cause he doesn't
know how to use it.
What's that about?
Come and get it.
There you go. Come on.
You're gonna make me drag you in,
aren't you?
Hey, I am not
unlocking this door.
Not with psycho paperboy
out there somewhere, okay?
Come on, let's see it.
Come on.
Not unlocking.
Come here.
Oh, my God,
you little monster.
Gonna wring your neck.
Oh, there you are.
Are you just one fat cat
or somebody packed their pudding on you?
Where's the fuse box?
Down in the cellar.
All right.
We're gonna walk
straight to my car.
Is there a back
way out of here?
Through the kitchen.
Paula's in there.
Well, Doc, looks like there are
a few accidents in life.
All right,
in a few minutes,
the cops are gonna be crawling
all over this place.
You hear me, son?
Oh, bring 'em on,
Danny boy,
'cause it is over between me
and the little ballerina.
I shot an arrow
into the air.
Come on! Out now with your hands
behind your head!
And where it lands,
I do not care.
Derek, stay down.
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
For man, you are dust
and to dust you shall return.
These are the words
I am required to say today.
But what can I say to bring comfort
to his mother and father?
We pretend there are words to console us,
to help us get past our grief.
Can I say to this mother and father,
these loved ones
who took this
young boy years ago
and gave him
a home in their hearts,
can I say this is
just God's plan?
Is it in God's plan that they suffer?
Where's the blessing...
Jack and Jill
went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water
Jack fell down
and broke his crown
and Jill came
tumbling after