Rottweiler (2004) Movie Script

Open it up!
Everybody off!
- Come on! Everybody out!
- Get out! Come on!
Everybody! Get out! Move it!
Get out! Move there!
Get out! Come on!
Come on! Move!
I'm afraid we can't help you.
There's no Ula here, boy.
What have you done to her?
How's she like it? In the ass?
Or don't you remember?
Move it!
Come on, get up!
Why the hell is he always
looking at me?
Because he knows
white meat tastes better.
Those shiny teeth,
they scare you?
Leave him alone, old man.
It is your backer. You can't
hide from the breath of evil.
Let 's go!
Everyone back in the truck!
He's coming for you.
It will eat your soul,
your life will be a burning hell.
It bit me! It bit me!
- I'm dying! I'm dying!
- Old man!
Old man? Old man? Aranda!
Don't do this to me! Aranda!
- Don't touch him!
- He's hurt!
Can't you see he's hurt?
Come on! Come on!
Get out! Move it!
Not that way.
This way, to the river!
Our destiny is one now, brother.
Trust in Allah.
- I don't believe in destiny.
- Come on!
Get up!
Give me your hand.
To hell with you!
Bad to go in there.
- Relax, old man. It 's just fog.
- Not ordinary fog.
The breath of evil.
It takes your soul.
I don't need to hear
your shit tonight, old man.
Tell him, Dante.
Tell him it 's just fog.
- It 's the breath of evil.
- Do not joke. It 's your destiny.
It will destroy and corrupt
what is most pure.
Hey Grandpa,
I'm not worried about my destiny.
You worried about yours?
Who you running from?
Do you think
the evil cannot touch you?
You are the fool, Aranda.
A superstitious old fool!
What 's going on over there?
Well, the old witch doctor
thinks the fog is evil.
I think he's been eating
too many mushrooms.
What 's that for?
Look at us!
What we're doing here, you know...
coming on this boat.
Taking chances.
I don't want it to end.
I love you, Ula.
No. No, don't say that.
- Not if you're not serious, okay?
- Hey, I am serious.
I wouldn't lie to you.
Not ever.
Ula, you mean everything to me.
I'd die for you.
You would die for me?
I swear.
I love you.
That 's my destiny.
What 's that?
Must be a patrol.
Switch off your engines!
I repeat:
Switch off your engines!
Identify yourselves!
Identify yourselves!
Prepare to be boarded!
I repeat:
Prepare to be boarded!
There will be no escape!
- Ula, come on!
- What?
We gotta jump!
Make one move
and I will blow your head off.
You didn't really think
you could get away, did you?
Your girlfriend?
A little weasel like you
has a woman like that?
- Give it back!
- You're crazy!
You're never going
to see her again.
Havert fed the Rott for two days.
Those teeth could snap your neck
like a toothpick.
I'd just as soon let him kill you.
Like you friend here.
Dead or alive, I still get paid.
But Mr. Kufard wants you alive.
But the Rott doesn't care.
don't press your luck.
Go ahead, a little siesta.
You hungry, boy?
You smell that?
Yeah, you're hungry boy, huh?
Do you want that rabbit?
Go fetch it.
Yeah, you want that rabbit.
You smell it?
Go for it.
Yeah, you want that, huh?
You want that, boy?
You hungry?
Go fetch it.
Come on, just take a look.
Come on.
Please, no.
You'll never find...
that bitch.
Sometimes you win,
sometimes you lose.
I guess today just
wasrt your lucky day.
He had the gun.
You live by the gun,
you die by the fucking gun.
That 's the way it goes.
There's enough evil in this world
without your breath of evil.
Money, money, money!
- This time I'll win.
- Show it to me!
Money, money, money...
Money, money...
Now I got you!
What 's that?
You won?
- Of course I did.
- How come?
You saw it,
I don't have to explain it to you...
Good evening. We were on our way
to Puerto Angel and we got lost.
You have food?
You're not Spanish.
Are you American?
Yeah, can you spare some food?
You're alone?
Give it to him.
- You come a long way.
- I haven't eaten for days.
Some men are following you?
Not any more.
Where do you go?
Puerto Angel.
Puerto Angel is suicide, my friend!
Go north. Yeah, you can get
across the border. Puerto Angel!
That 's where Kufard is.
What you wanna go there for?
His woman.
All Puerto Angel woman is a whore.
Not a whore.
You have a real woman, yes?
Yeah. Yeah, I have a real woman.
In Puerto Angel?
Not any more.
She is dead or whore.
- Sweet. You grow it?
- No. Some friends grow it.
Can you get this off?
You come here, with gun.
Okay, no problem.
Want food, we give you to eat.
Smoke, whisky, everything.
Now this?
How you gonna pay, brother?
- Nice boots.
- Yeah, nice boots.
And they don't look like
they fit you so good anyway.
Too big for you.
Look like my size.
Here, let me put them on.
I don't think so.
Where did you get those boots?
A guard at camp.
A guard? Kufard guard?
Gives to you boots?
Not exactly.
No problem.
Sit down, friend.
Sit down.
Sit down, my friend.
Sit down.
Find him.
Kill him.
What is it?
There's something out there.
Nothing out there, my friend.
Relax, my friend.
Thinking about your woman, right?
That can drive a man crazy.
Yeah, I guess they can.
And when you find her,
then you can get really crazy.
Surrender yourselves right now!
Or we'll be forced to shoot!
Surrender or you'll be shot!
This is the lmmigration Police!
Freeze or we'll shoot!
This is the lmmigration Police!
Grab the woman!
Let 's get outta here.
Freeze or we'll shoot!
I repeat: Surrender or we'll shoot!
I'll look over here!
Over here!
Come here.
I said don't move!
Hold it!
- I said don't move!
- Go back!
Well, well, well!
What do we have here?
Not your usual immigrants.
- Not like...
- No, we're not like them.
You have passports?
Visa? Zone permits?
No papers? This gives me
the right to imprison you...
or shoot you
if you try to escape.
Like he did.
Hey, listen.
We were just playing a game, okay?
- Infiltration.
- A game?
Infiltration. You play it in
real places, with real people.
Like role-playing
in the real world.
What are the rules?
- Anything you can get away with.
- There aren't any.
I see. Privileged children
playing dangerous games.
I like games.
You infiltrate my world...
I infiltrate yours.
Let us make the game a little more
interesting, shall we?
- What 's your name?
- Dante.
Ula Lume.
Come here, Ula.
You're dead.
I killed you!
What are you doing back?
Well, you want me?
Well, come and get me!
Come on!
Come on!
You want me?
Yeah! Come on!
You're never gonna get me!
You're just a fucking dog!
You don't even understand
a word I'm saying, do you?
Yeah, your teeth are strong
but your brairs a joke.
I can outsmart you
any day of the week!
You fucking dog!
You got a light?
So... alone?
- No, I'm not alone.
What 's the matter?
You can't keep up?
Ghost dog!
Come and get me!
Come on! Go!
- I'm scared.
- Of what?
- The monster.
- There's no monsters.
Remember that God is good
and doesn't make monsters.
But the devil does.
Look, I'll show you.
No monster.
What if he comes back?
He won't.
Oh hell!
Esperanza, bring me a washcloth.
Where are you?
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot, please!
Put them on!
- Please, I'm not gonna hurt you.
- Don't look at me!
Esperanza, go feed the dogs.
Right now!
But the monster...
Don't cry, love.
The monster won't come.
Look what a pretty flower.
Do you know the name?
- It 's called "no-me-olvides".
- "No-me-olvides".
Go. Feed the dogs, okay?
Nino! Perla!
What 's your name?
My name is Dante.
Put your hands on your head.
Go, Dante. Go.
- You came from the prison, yes?
- Yes.
Why are you, American,
in Kufard prison?
I came on a boat from Rabat.
I had no papers.
Don't look at me.
Listen, I'm not gonna hurt you.
I never hurt anybody. Okay?
I just need help.
I came over also...
to meet my brother.
But he wasrt there.
Nobody helped me.
Turn around.
Please. I just need
to get to Puerto Angel.
I need to find someone.
When my husband comes home
it will be bad for you.
I can help you.
I know someone
who can take care of you.
When you are here
without papers...
there are few choices.
If you are pretty,
they don't hire you for regular work.
You belong to everyone who can pay.
It changes you.
You even can like it.
Not always. But sometimes.
Nino! Perla!
Nino! Perla!
- Can you help me?
- Don't touch me! I don't like men.
I could kill you.
No problem.
In Puerto Angel I was a whore.
One of Kufard's girls.
Most of the time I was stoned.
Then she came...
Esperanza, my hope.
Mama, Mama,
Nino and Perla won't come.
Out! Get out, Esperanza!
- But Mama...
- Get out!
Santiago was one of my regulars.
He was a priest.
But he has a weakness.
I'd sleep in his bed.
But we don't touch.
We pray.
We never touch.
Do you understand?
Mama! Mama!
The monster!
Out, Esperanza!
Get out! Out!
I only stay here for Esperanza.
So she will have a place.
So she won't be like me.
Gimme the gun!
Trust me.
- What is it?
- It 's a Rottweiler.
Get to the bedroom!
It 's not gonna hold.
Through the window!
Come on!
You go first, I'll pass her on.
God damn it!
Is there somewhere safe
where you can take the girl?
- The root cellar.
- Go!
- What about you?
- Just go!
Come on!
Come and get me!
Get down! Down!
Come on!
Come here. Come here.
Come on.
Stay back.
Come on, you son of a bitch!
Come on, let 's get out of here.
Just a second, okay?
Don't bother yourself.
I'll do it.
Will you leave that
before you break it?
You see? What did I tell you?
I knew you were gonna break it!
Curiosity killed the cat.
Did you hear that, Nacho?
You okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It 's beautiful. It 's pretty.
Where'd you pick it?
I can't hear you.
That 's "forget", isn't it?
You want to forget?
I lost someone too.
I'm gonna find her, though.
I can't remember where she is.
Where I last saw her.
It was...
somewhere in...
Puerto Angel.
No-me... forget?
You're talking about the flower!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Come on, let 's go
before he changes his mind.
- Hey, you okay?
- I'm fine.
Well, I mean...
What happened there?
What do you think?
You saw him.
What you...?
You let him?
You don't think
I wanted to, do you?
No, no.
Of course not.
You sounded like...
you enjoyed it.
How can you say that?
There's a pack of cigarettes
in my shirt back there.
Will you get them for me?
Yeah, okay.
And don't touch
anything else back there!
What the hell
is going on back there?
Stay back!
Get back!
I'm stuck!
The monster, I killed him.
I'm gonna die of rabies.
That 's better.
You're dead.
It 's what we all aspire to.
You're not real.
What 's real?
Where are you going?
What do you want from me?
The question is,
what do you want?
What do I want?
I came to help you out, man.
Don't you know what night this is?
Exactly one year ago...
in October,
of your most immemorial year.
I lost her.
Could be you found her.
She rolls through
an ether of sighs...
Was it love?
Did you truly love her?
Or was it the idea of her
that you loved?
The soft flesh and warm embrace?
- She's not dead.
- A promise is a promise...
is a promise.
When are you going
to stop running away?
No! She's not dead!
She can't be dead!
Looking for something, man?
I know everybody.
Anybody, anything.
I'm your Sugarman.
- I'm looking for a girl.
- Yep, I know her, man.
I know everyone upstreet,
downstreet and in between.
You name 'em, I know 'em.
What 's she look like?
That 's her.
Her name is Ula.
Yeah, man. I know her, man.
Strung-out bitch.
I hate to tell you, man,
she's my old lady now.
Hey, hold it, man!
Hold it! Hold it! Okay, okay.
Maybe I got that wrong.
Let me see that again.
How long she been out here, man?
One year...
I left her here.
She don't call herself
Ula now, man.
Fuck you.
She started upstreet but
now she's downstreet, man.
I can take you.
- You can take me?
- Yeah, man, yeah.
Okay, you take me.
You get the other half
when I see her.
Do you love her, man?
- Yeah, I love her.
- No matter what?
- No matter what.
- Then why'd you leave her, man?
I didn't leave her, okay?
We just... We just got separated.
Yeah, bummer, man.
How'd that happen?
I can't remember.
Yeah, man. Yeah, I've had
days like that too, man.
Let them in.
She's in here.
After you, man.
Are you alone?
You said you'd take me to Ula!
That wasrt Ula!
At this point, man...
At this point they're all the same.
They're all whores! Not a cunt 's
hair of difference between them.
How the fuck do you know
that 's not her?
It 's not her.
I got something here, man...
that will make you think
that really is her, all night long.
And in the morning, you just
gotta put her out on the street.
And I'll collect her.
You stay away from me.
Fuck you!
What the hell have we got here?
What the...?
Fucking asshole!
Hey, baby! Daddy's home
and he's bearing gifts.
- You got some sugar for me?
- Oh, yeah.
You wanna try this?
You like that?
And the best part 's
coming later, baby.
Holy shit! Somebody's having
a good time back there!
I'm gonna make you bark
like a dog, baby.
I didn't think you were
going to make it this far.
I didn't think you had it in you.
You knew?
I've been tracking you.
Why are you doing this?
She pissed me off.
So I had to... you know...
But you, that 's a different story.
You hurt my dog.
- No games.
- No games?
This whole thing is a game.
Isn't that what you said?
You want to know where Ula is?
She's there, where you left her.
Surely you haven't forgotten.
The sands of time.
And now let me say "game over".
She wasrt even a good fuck.
What 's going on back there?
We're losing pressure!
Kill, Rott! Kill!
I'm losing control!
We're going down!
Rot in hell!
You sounded like you enjoyed it.
How can you say that?
Boy trouble?
Kill, Rott! Kill!
The game is just beginning.
You said you would die for me.
I remember.