Rough Night in Jericho (1967) Movie Script

Sorry about that bump.
Bump? What bump?
Well, now that you're awake,
you gonna come up here and spell me or not?
I'm a passenger, not a driver.
Listen, Dolan...
Now, took you long enough to get him.
Moved like an Apache.
Yeah, you must be gettin' old.
Must be.
Let's see the damage.
I've had worse.
Shut up and lean back.
Tie this thing, will ya?
How do you figure it, Ben?
Why the bushwhack?
That's right, ask a lot of fool
questions while I bleed to death.
Well, he didn't try to kill us.
Mean anything to you? Yeah.
Means you figured
on burying me here.
Now, get that coach up
on its four legs,
and get me...
I hope you fainted,
but I doubt it.
Who is it?
It's Claire, Mr. Flood.
I told you to be here
when I got back, didn't I?
Don't be mad.
Wait'll you see what I brought.
It's the latest thing from the east.
I'm sorry, Mr. Flood.
I only wanted to surprise you...
When I tell you to do something,
you damn well do it.
I know, but I thought
I'd be back...
I'll tell you
when to think and what.
I just wanted to look
especially nice for you.
That's all it was, Mr. Flood.
I swear.
All right, Claire, honey.
How you gonna look
especially nice if you cry, huh?
I wouldn't ever do anything
against you, Mr. Flood.
That's the honest truth.
What did you buy, honey?
Can I show you?
If it's something to put on, put it on.
Mr. Flood?
Yarbrough. Glad you're back.
We run into a little trouble.
Go on. Get on with it.
Well, this morning, uh,
one of the new men,
Toby Wheelock...
He started roughin' up
that storekeeper, McGivern.
That's your job.
I know, but sometimes them young fellers
is always tryin' to make a name
for themselves.
How bad is McGivern?
It ain't McGivern. It's Wheelock.
That storekeeper went
and killed him with a pitch fork.
Well, McGivern knew Wheelock
was one of my men.
Now that puppy dog deputy's tryin'
to take hisself serious.
Says he's gonna hold McGivern for trial.
That's good enough.
He's entitled to a fair trial.
Whatever you say, Mr. Flood.
Well, that's the law.
Well, Gus,
how long will it take you
to round up a jury?
Oh, uh, 10, 15 minutes.
Make that a half hour.
Right, Mr. Flood.
Jace, you see anything?
I swear, I just don't know
what got into me.
That's what I am, just plain stupid.
No argument from me.
I was just minding my own business
when he comes in,
and he starts shoving me around.
Like a fool, I...
I lose my temper and...
Here they come.
I should've quit this town right
after the sheriff got bushwhacked.
But you didn't, Jace.
Remember that. You didn't.
Just wishin', Charlie, that's all.
Open up, Jace.
I want McGivern.
He's my prisoner, Mr. Flood.
Nobody gets him.
You're protecting a murderer, Jace.
That's my job. He gets a fair trial.
Good enough, but the town's
gonna try him right now.
Uh, no, sir.
The first of the month,
when the circuit judge comes by.
That's fair enough.
I mean...
Well, a week or so won't
make too much difference.
Will it, Mr. Flood?
Hear that, Jace?
McGivern's got friends out here.
Sure, but I gotta wait for the judge.
You got exactly one minute
to open that door, Deputy,
or Nat here is gonna drop this package
right down that chimney and
open it for ya.
Fifty seconds.
Forty seconds.
Thirty seconds.
Jace! Give me a gun and let me out.
Twenty seconds.
Can't, Charlie.
I'll do my best, I promise you that.
Ten seconds.
You pointing that Winchester
at me, sonny?
I'm ordering you and your men
to leave, Mr. Flood.
You drop that gun and
get out of my way right now.
Even if your men kill me, I'll still
take you with me when I go down.
Then we'll both be dead.
Your choice, sonny.
You make it.
Looks like this tin is a little
too heavy for you, sonny.
All right. That's enough.
Folks, a town without a duly elected
sheriff becomes a lawless town.
I propose we elect
a sheriff right now.
I nominate Gus Torrey.
Hey, Simms, you wanna second it?
Yeah, I second it.
Good, any other nominations?
You wanna nominate anybody?
Well, you're a man that
usually has something to say.
Got any suggestions?
Well, it looks like it's
unanimous there, Jess.
Do a good job for us, huh?
Well, I aim to, Mr. Flood,
starting now.
Yarbrough, Simms...
I'm deputizing you.
Murderer in there wants a trial.
All right, let's pick a jury.
Johnson, Ramirez...
Uh, no.
The law says you gotta give me a trial!
Jace, for God's sake, stop them!
Stop them.
All right.
This man killed Toby Wheelock.
In self-defense.
A man's got a right to defend
himself and his property.
Sheriff. Jury?
Guilty! Guilty! No, Jace!
I told you!
I told you I was just trying to
defend myself!
No... No, Jace!
Stop them! Stop them!
Somebody help me!
Give me a fair trial! Help!
Turn him loose!
Now, Molly, honey,
a hanging's no place for you.
There won't be a hanging.
Jury says there will.
It's all legal.
Tell your men to turn McGivern loose.
You're interrupting justice,
Not one more step.
Now, turn him loose.
Feels just like old times,
doesn't it, honey?
Let me go!
Let go!
Get on with it.
Right, Mr. Flood.
Hey, friend.
Where's the Lang and Hickman stage office?
Do you know where the
Lang stage office is?
It's down the far end of that street,
going south.
Much obliged.
I'm sure glad to see you, Mr. Hickman.
My name's Dolan.
Hickman's been shot. Get a doctor.
Well, how bad is he?
Get a doctor.
Oh, yeah.
At the top of the stairs,
the room to your right.
He'll need some tendin', Molly.
I'll take care of him.
Lots of strong beef broth with barley.
Yeah. That'll be $1, Mr. Dolan.
She'll pay it.
I have some money downstairs.
Tell me, Doc,
do you have many hangings in this town?
Can't say.
That fella strung up in the plaza...
What did he do?
I wouldn't know.
He oughta be up and around
inside a week or so.
Hope so.
You always leave them dangling overnight?
Never noticed.
Any particular reason
you never noticed?
Yes, Mr. Dolan.
My wife and children.
Oh, Ben.
You've been had.
Thank you for coming over, Dan.
Not at all, Molly.
Now, don't you worry.
He'll be all right.
I helped myself to a cup of coffee.
Hope you don't mind.
How long since you ate?
This morning, King City.
I've got some cold ham.
Thank you. That would be fine.
I'm sorry about Mr. Hickman.
Well, those things happen.
I know who did it.
Looks good.
Don't you want to know?
Not particularly.
Ma'am, do you know what you do
when you walk into a bad bar,
and the hairs at the back of
your neck stick up?
You get your drink, you pay for it,
you turn around, and you walk out.
And this is a bad bar?
Yes, ma'am.
Jericho is a bad bar.
As soon as Ben's up to it,
why, him and me will be leaving.
But he shot Mr. Hickman.
He'd been shot before.
All right,
if it'll make you feel better, who?
Flood, Alex Flood.
Is he in Jericho?
Do you know him?
Yeah, I heard of him.
Why did you have to write Ben
that letter?
I knew his reputation as a marshal
before he decided to retire.
Ben's past 60.
He didn't decide to retire.
They retired him.
I didn't know that. True.
But I never lied to him.
I told him the line was in trouble,
the help scared off.
He didn't tell you.
Not a word.
Sure knew your man, though.
Tell Ben there's trouble,
and he'd think he's 20 years younger.
He couldn't wait to get here.
Did he mention he had
an ex-deputy with him?
And you figured I'd come along,
you'd get two professionals
for the price of one.
Yes, I thought of that.
Thank you, ma'am.
Mr. Dolan,
when we pick up the passengers
at the Globe Relay Station on Monday,
we'll be back in business.
How? Piggyback?
We'll patch up the coach
and start rolling on Monday.
We can do it, Mr. Dolan.
I've got $400 invested
in that coach,
and that's as far as I go.
No sense throwing good money
after bad.
I'm a gambler.
I play the percentages,
and I don't like the odds.
Then there's nothing more I can say?
No, ma'am.
What happened to your husband?
Husbands. I've been widowed twice.
They die in bed?
My first husband got hit by a stray
bullet in a drunken gunfight,
and Frank got his head kicked in
by a mean colt...
out here in the corral.
Your husbands don't seem to have
much luck.
They thought different.
They say so?
I know so.
Been a widow very long?
Not long enough for it
to bother me,
so don't let it bother you.
I wasn't going to.
Any more questions?
Where do I sleep?
The spare room's to the left.
The bed's made.
Thank you. Good night.
Mr. Dolan.
Good night, Ms. Lang.
How you feeling?
Lousy barley.
Man can't live on this slop unless'n
he has something to wash it down with.
I'll see what I can do.
Well, howdy. False rumor, Jess.
We heard Molly's new partner
was shot.
You heard right. Ben Hickman.
He's upstairs.
The old marshal?
One of the greats in his time,
Still better than most.
Good friend of yours?
Sort of partners. My name's Dolan.
Oh, I'm Flood.
This is Sheriff Torrey.
Molly's in town,
looking for a wheel for
that busted coach.
Back watchers?
No, deputies.
Jess always keeps them handy.
How many you got, Jess?
Fourteen, Mr. Flood.
We need them to keep the peace.
No guns allowed in town.
You looking for something?
Whiskey. Oh, not there.
Try the cupboard.
No, on the right, second shelf.
Want me to question the old man now,
Mr. Flood?
I don't know. Uh, Dolan?
How's the marshal feeling?
Good enough.
Well, ask him if he's up to
answering some questions, huh?
Sheriff's downstairs.
Wanna see him?
Why, sure. Why not?
What the hell you call that?
That's no drink.
Give me my regular three fingers.
You want it or not?
You're rattlesnake mean, Dolan.
Sheriff's with a friend
of Ms. Lang's,
name "Flood".
You owe me two and half fingers.
She ever mention that name to you?
I never talked to Ms. Lang before
this morning,
when she was bandaging me.
You didn't answer my question.
And you didn't give me my drink.
Must be her coming home.
Did you give her the money
to buy a new wheel?
You mean she got us a new wheel?
Get out of my house, Flood.
That's no way to talk, Molly.
I said get out of my house!
And take your hangman with you.
I think this batch of cookies
has too much vanilla in it, honey.
Mr. Dolan, kick him out.
Never step in between close friends
or argue with the law.
You can't blame her
for being excited, Dolan.
Longest run of tough luck
I ever did see.
And, Molly, honey,
you just say the word
and I'll have a new coach out there
for you in time to make that run.
That's a nice offer, Ms. Lang.
For 51% of the line?
You can go to hell, Flood.
I'll be rolling on schedule
without you.
I hope so, Molly.
I really do, but the way
your luck's been runnin'...
My only bad luck is
you're not dead yet.
Ms. Lang,
you have a sick man upstairs.
Least you can do is
take care of him.
Do I go along, Mr. Flood?
He's fit.
"Do I go along, Mr. Flood?
"Do I go on breathing, Mr. Flood?
"Do I go on living, Mr. Flood?"
Feisty, but lovable.
Sit down, Dolan.
Thanks, but...
I like the view better
over here.
Of course. Have one.
All right.
You swing a lot of weight
around here.
Only 51% of everything I touch,
except the Lang stage line.
Lang and Hickman.
Oh, the pain will wear off.
Hickman's deputy in Santa Fe,
weren't you?
Used to be.
Forty a month,
every month you were alive
to collect it.
That why you quit Abilene
four years back?
Oh, I got $50 a month.
Now I got a town, Dolan,
a town, cattle,
part of a mine territory.
They brought me in to tame it,
and I stayed to take my profits.
Is this tamed?
I don't think you'll hear
any complaints.
Well, one exception.
Don't you think she can be tamed?
Haven't thought about it
one way or another.
No? After sleeping
under the same roof?
It's a big roof.
Small town, Dolan.
I'll tell you what I'll do.
The hotel is usually all full up.
Your hotel. Only 51%.
I'll tell 'em you're coming over,
and they'll fix up something
real special for you.
Real thoughtful.
Ex-lawman to ex-lawman,
it's my pleasure.
Mr. Flood?
Seems the old man didn't see
the bushwhacker,
but he said maybe he did.
Ex-lawman to ex-lawman, I wouldn't
recognize him if I was sitting right here
in the same room with him.
But you know something, Flood?
You're right.
Little too much vanilla
in those cookies.
Dolan, when you get in town,
you look me up, huh?
Ace-Deuce Palace.
Try your luck?
Maybe later.
I'll take three.
Just looked over your 51%.
Very nice.
Hotel says you didn't show.
Couldn't. Ben worries about
his health.
Oh, when Hickman worries,
you worry?
Used to be the other way around.
Like to sit in?
Buy you a drink instead.
No, my place. I'll do the buying.
I was hoping you'd say that.
What's that "uh-uh" mean?
I don't like the odds put
on any of those deal sliders.
It's my business to be sure.
Yes, Mr. Flood.
Table five, Joe Ross...
He's all thumbs.
Fire him.
Fire him?
Yeah, fire him.
Yes, sir.
Found out yet who ambushed you?
Injuns? Hold-up crew?
I figure Indians
or somebody with just about
as much know-how.
Ever do any injun fightin'?
You know, I was thinking.
You walk like an Indian.
Lived with 'em a long time back.
May I?
Certainly, Claire.
Sit and have a drink.
Thank you, Mr. Flood.
This is Dolan.
Pleased to meet you, I'm sure,
Mr. Dolan.
Likewise, Miss Claire.
You like my friend, honey?
Do you want me to like him,
Mr. Flood?
Dolan knows I share nothing
with nobody.
Except whiskey and cookies.
Would you like to meet a girl,
Mr. Dolan?
Thank you, ma'am.
I'll let you know if I do.
Here's to fun and...
You hear what he's tellin' us
to do, cousin Purley?
Hand it over.
And just who in the hell's gonna
make me?
Just obeying orders, mister.
You gotta check it.
This gun goes where I go.
Hey, big man.
Law says no guns.
You the law?
No, I am.
Yeah? Yeah.
Well, I don't see no badge.
I don't need no badge, big mouth.
It's up there on the ledge.
He levelin', Purley?
He's levelin'.
Okay, friend. You win.
All of it, mister.
Under the coat.
Sure, why in the hell not?
The knife inside your boot.
Arrest him.
Boys, get him out of here.
Let's get back to the tables, boys.
The louse cut you.
Go on over and get me another jacket,
will you, honey?
Are you all right, Mr. Flood?
I'm fine... The gray jacket.
Thanks for the yell, Dolan.
Old habit.
A man's back's a tender spot.
You did all right.
Is that why you didn't step in?
Stepping in's a habit I outgrew.
That's smart.
Helps a man stay alive a long time.
Lock him up.
We'll hang him after the trial.
Jericho's a law-abiding town, Dolan.
Here's to law and order.
Good morning.
Good morning. Good morning, sir.
What would you like for breakfast?
Same thing as Ben had.
His plate's so clean
I can't tell what it was.
Just ham and eggs.
Ben, he goes for home-cookin'.
You don't?
No, ma'am.
Oh, that's Frank Ryan and his boy.
They have the general store here.
They're good friends of mine.
They'd like to meet you.
I won't be around long enough
to make friends.
We can beat him, Mr. Dolan.
- Believe me, we can.
- You can't.
I saw the town last night.
Monday, Ben and me will be gone.
Oh, Ben say so?
He will when he hears the count.
And I can go to the devil.
Or to Flood.
All you have to do is
say the word.
I have. The word is "never."
It wasn't always.
No, not when he first came here
to do a job that needed doing.
He stopped all the killings
and stealing.
Everybody in this town
looked up to him.
We were mistaken.
Me, most of all.
49% of something is better
than 100% of nothing.
Your choice.
If I could get help,
six men or more,
good men, then will you
and Ben stay on?
We're going to have a meeting
at Ryan's place.
Sheep against wolves.
Talk sense, Ms. Lang.
You have two choices,
give Flood what he wants
or pack up and move along.
Everything inside your head
are odds, percentages.
You know Flood shot Ben,
but that doesn't matter.
You don't like the odds
so you cut and run.
You aren't very much of a man,
are you, Mr. Dolan?
Ms. Lang, you're burning breakfast.
Oh, damn!
Just as well.
Man who gets too attached
to home-cookin' can't think straight.
I'll eat breakfast in town.
Mr. Dolan,
hold off telling Ben
till after the meeting?
Give me a chance to change the odds.
I'm sorry, Ms. Lang.
Why won't Pa let me stay up tonight?
Your pa has his reasons.
Now, don't you ask again, ya hear?
Come back to try your luck?
Yes, ma'am.
Pot's open for five.
Without me.
Your five and 10. Fold.
Dealer takes one.
Better odds tonight?
Bet 10.
Kings and treys.
Beats jacks and nines.
Looks like you know your business,
It's a living.
Yes, Mr. Flood.
How much you got in your bank, Dolan?
Bring me $462 out of petty cash.
Yes, sir.
Open for five.
My five.
Buy you a drink?
No, thanks. Never drink when I'm working.
Your deal, Mr. Flood.
Didn't expect to see you
here tonight, Dolan.
Why not?
Figured you'd be tied up in a meeting.
Bet five.
What meeting?
Raise 10.
Secret meeting, Ryan's house, 10:00.
Call the raise.
Don't know any Ryans.
How much longer do you intend
to wait, Molly?
Miller's usually ahead of time.
It's nothing.
I'm sure Miller will be here soon.
Maybe he ain't comin'.
Likely he ain't.
His wife's dead set against it.
I don't want this to take
anymore time than it has to,
so let's get started.
You talk, Dolan.
Right, but softly.
I'm feeling charitable
in a small way.
Raise you 20.
- What was that?
- I don't know.
Let's take a look. Come on.
Down the street, Ryan's store...
It's been raised.
You callin' or foldin'?
And 40 more.
Forty... And 60.
That's a nice-lookin' watch.
Runs a few minutes fast.
How much you got there, Dolan?
That's the bet.
Hey, you hear that?
- What was it?
- One hell of an explosion!
Come on!
Sounds to me like
the meeting's adjourned.
The bet's 646 to you, Dolan.
She's all right.
Things that belong to me
never get damaged.
You callin' my hand?
I'd never face myself if I didn't.
You're called.
Three of a kind.
Can't win them all.
Your turn to buy.
Glad you won, Dolan.
That'll give you and
the old marshal traveling money.
And the sooner, the better.
Or the first thing I know, you and me
are liable to wind up being friends.
Ms. Lang?
Are you all right?
Go ahead and cry.
You got a right.
Last thing I need is your advice.
Easy, that'll knock you on your ear.
It's my ear.
Yarbrough and Simms really had
a great time.
They dragged us out of the house.
Aggie Ryan fought like a tiger.
They planted dynamite
and blew her home to bits.
Years of scrimping and saving...
Everything they owned!
Do you know that...
Eh, you wouldn't.
Maybe I would.
The hell you would.
They made us stand there
while they took Ryan.
And in front of his wife and son,
beat him and beat him and...
Beat him.
First one, then the other!
Laughing all the time they did it.
I'm sorry it happened.
Hurray for being sorry.
Mr. Dolan, you stink.
Go ahead, get it off your chest.
You're damn right.
I've got some things I wanna
say to you, Mr. Dolan.
Just a few.
I'm not in any hurry.
You can't wait to high-tail it
out of Flood's sight.
You got a yellow streak
down your back this wide.
This wide? Right.
That's what I said.
I just don't understand you,
Mr. Dolan.
Ben, I understand.
Fred and Aggie Ryan,
people all over the world.
Even a louse like Alex Flood
I understand.
You really are a stinker, Mr. Dolan.
I know what you're thinking.
"I told you so."
That's what you're thinking.
Wolves against sheep.
Go on, all right.
Why don't you tell me
how right you were?
I just don't understand you,
Mr. Dolan.
Ben, Aggie, Frank Ryan,
I understand.
People all over the world,
I understand.
Even Alex Flood...
Mr. Dolan, you are a bastard.
I'm going to bed.
I'm gonna kiss you.
You didn't have to do that.
Just can't figure you, Dolan.
Just can't figure you.
Mr. Dolan?
Somebody ought to put dynamite
down your chimney.
Good morning.
I'm sorry I'm late getting started.
You and Ben must be starved.
Ham steaks and fried potatoes
all right?
Give me a chunk
of that bacon grease, will you?
I could do with some more firewood
if you're up to chopping it.
Mr. Dolan, if you can't handle whisky,
you shouldn't drink.
Who put who to bed last night?
I'll have your breakfast
going soon.
No hurry.
Rough night?
Dolan told me about
your pulling out
as soon as you're strong enough.
I want to thank you
for your offer
of leaving the coach.
Well, don't thank me.
That was Dolan's idea.
Kind of a hard fella
to figure out, ain't he?
Yes, he is.
Whaddya think you'd do
if you were him?
That's even harder to figure.
Mrs. Lang?
You know something?
I wish I was 10 years younger.
So do I, Mr. Hickman.
I'll have breakfast
ready in no time.
No, thanks.
Think I'll go into town
and get some whisky.
Ben will be wanting
his three fingers,
and we're fresh out.
Comes from having
a drunk in the house.
Hired killers.
Badge gives them a license.
Mrs. Lang.
About this coach,
got some things I wanna tell ya.
You mean ordered to tell me.
Yeah, that's right.
I've been lookin' forward to it.
This paper here says
you ain't paid your bills
or the bank.
They'll be paid.
Hey, get away from that coach.
Some coach.
Sure is tore up inside.
Don't touch it!
Sure is flimsy, ain't it?
Leave it alone!
You wanna bet I can't
tear this off with one hand?
You wanna bet you don't?
You interferin' with the law,
I wouldn't think of it.
Just protecting private property.
That coach is mine.
That's not what this paper says.
Read it yourself.
Drop your gun belts.
I never hurry a man wants to die.
You won't get out of town alive,
My problem.
Yours is getting out of here.
Now, drop it.
You too, Yarbrough.
Come on.
Throw them in the horse trough.
You must be crazy, Dolan.
You know who we work for.
It's your turn, Dolan.
Throw that Winchester in
the horse trough.
Just a little more tightening's
all she'll need.
Hook 'im, Mr. Flood!
Ride him, Mr. Flood!
Right in there!
Way to ride.
Nice ridin', Mr. Flood.
Sure likes to jump.
Nasty enough to be mine.
Don't look like she's gonna
stay busted, Mr. Flood.
Well, then, we'll just go
around and around again.
I hope he likes it same as me.
You said last night
nothing belongs to you
ever gets damaged.
That's right.
You forgot to tell your men.
What did you use on 'em?
Single tree.
Oh. Where's Simms?
I don't know.
Probably at the doctor's.
That man was a deputy.
Way I look at it,
a man starts choking a woman
is looking to go to hell
in a hurry.
All I did was oblige him.
Same as you do, Mr. Flood.
Well, the problem is
you're you and I'm me.
Different privileges.
Majority rules.
Why don't you take your
traveling money and clear out?
Can't wait to do it soon as
Ben's fit.
He's fit enough.
Why don't you just leave
town the way you came in,
in this coach?
Tomorrow, 'bout 9:00 or 10:00.
Whatever's best.
9:00. It's earlier.
You want me to take him with me?
You killed him, you bury him.
Oh, and Dolan...
One minute after 9:00,
and I'll hang you.
No question about it, Dolan.
You gotta pull out like he said,
or he'll hang you for sure.
Sick man like me...
Even Flood would give me
a day or two.
No, Dolan. Too much light.
Hurts my eyes.
I figured you'd be fit enough
to ride out with me now.
I wish to God I could,
but I'll meet up with you
wherever you say.
All right.
I could sure use three fingers
to kill this pain.
Hurts that bad, huh?
Yeah, it comes and goes.
No, don't touch... You can't...
I ain't leavin',
and I ain't meetin' up with ya.
You gave me your word.
I know I did.
But I gotta break it.
You never took...
And nothing you can say's
gonna change my mind.
Come Monday, hell or high water,
that coach is gonna do
what it's supposed to do.
It's gonna pull out on schedule.
Oh, stop talking like a damn fool.
If you want to commit suicide,
get back into bed and
blow your head off.
At least you'll die comfortable.
I came here because
you asked me to.
Now I'm asking you to leave.
You owe me that much, Ben.
Much more,
but I owe myself, too.
Any man there is, Dolan,
has to have some reason
to get up in the morning.
Oh, that's very touching.
We'll put that on your tombstone.
"Here lies Ben Hickman,
"who had to have a reason
to get up in the morning."
What the hell's the matter
with you?
Can't you admit you're too old?
This isn't Tucson 15 years ago.
This is Jericho.
You're 63,
and there's a town full of guns
out there.
Those are the facts.
You're thinking with
this instead of this.
And in our business,
that's when they bury you!
And you know it!
Now, get your gear together,
and let's get out of here.
So long, Dolan.
Nothing but the best to you.
We're obliged to you, Mr. Dolan.
Never thought I'd see you again.
What are the odds?
You got a glass?
Got three of them.
I told Molly we'd be needing
them when you got back.
I told you, never argue
with the best friend of
a best friend.
You know he'll hang you, Dolan.
Over my dead body.
Most likely.
Your friend Ryan... Will he fight?
Oh, he'd die trying.
That brings the odds way down.
Only 10 to one.
He was acting sheriff
until he tried to stop a lynching.
Anybody else?
Nobody that I can think of.
Four guns makes it nine to one.
Eight to one. You forgot me.
Yes, sir.
Just 10 years younger.
Well, I see you're eight minutes
ahead of a rope, huh?
Too bad we never got a chance
to get together, Marshal.
From what I've been hearing,
it's my pleasure.
Got yourself
a pretty salty partner, Dolan.
Still time to buy you
a last drink.
Only minutes ahead of a rope
makes swallowing too tough.
But maybe we'll run
into each other again someday.
You ever run into me again,
you still won't like the odds.
Certain plans I've made
don't include having you around.
Do we understand each other?
Majority rules.
Why did you have to say I was 63
in front of Mrs. Lang?
Sixty-four come August.
Cheer up.
We'll be at Flood's herd
pretty soon,
and you're still not too old
to rustle.
Molly, why don't you simmer down?
And why don't you just get out?
Now, wait a minute,
I came her real nice
with my hat in my hand
and thought maybe...
I'm not interested.
Molly, I have to treat
everybody the same
in this town.
Now, you don't really think
I give a damn
about cuttin' in on this place.
The only thing I wanna do
is take over you, dear,
for better or worse.
That's all over, Flood.
It used to be "Alex," honey.
And you used to be different.
A hired gunslinger?
No, a law man,
proud of his job.
How can you be proud
on 50 a month?
- Is that the kind of a man you want?
- I did.
But not now.
That's right.
Well, let's find out.
Well, you didn't help much.
You turn my stomach.
Is that what you think?
I'm asking you.
That's why you ran him
out of town.
I didn't like him living
under the same roof with you.
Not just under the same roof,
And I loved every minute of it.
That's for lying.
Am I lying?
Did he or didn't he?
You'll never know.
You lousy tramp.
Yes or no?
If you want that stage to roll,
come see me.
Only don't walk. Crawl.
You like for me to shave you,
don't you, Mr. Flood?
Among other things, I like
for you to shave me, yes.
Can I ask you something else,
Mr. Flood?
Barber's privilege.
Did she ever shave you?
I changed my mind.
I don't like for you to shave me.
I know I said the wrong thing.
- I'm sorry, Mr. Flood.
- Who is it?
Gus Torrey, Mr. Flood.
Come in.
- Please, Mr. Flood, don't be mad...
- Shut up.
What's the trouble?
I just heard that 50 head are missing
from your south range, Mr. Flood.
Oh, it was an hour or so ago.
I just sent six men out
to track them.
You know, it sure don't figure.
Who'd be crazy enough to run off
any of your cattle?
Sure makes a man wonder, don't it?
I count six.
That's a start.
You make a fine cup of coffee,
Mrs. Lang.
Oh, thanks. Oh, that reminds me.
I've got some hardtack, too.
- Like some?
- Yeah.
- Molly.
- Dolan.
Torrey sent out six men
to track the cattle.
We saw them.
Who did that?
It's not important.
It is to me.
Howdy, Ben. Ryan, how are ya?
Howdy. You must be Marshal Hickman.
I heard about you from my...
Yeah, well, don't say it.
Even if you heard about me
from your daddy, don't say it.
No, sir. I won't.
Glad to have you with us, Deputy.
Talk like that upsets me, son.
Man puts himself down
sounds to me
like an amateur.
Probably fights like one.
Difference between an amateur
and a professional...
Professional figures out a way
to cut down the odds
before he makes his move.
Now, me and Dolan...
We're professionals.
That's why you and
Ryan here are lucky.
You're about to become
the beneficiaries
of our experience.
Right, Dolan?
One of Marshal Hickman's
shorter lectures.
I'll fight, Mr. Hickman.
How much dynamite you got,
you and Ben hit
the main ranch house.
Ryan, you...
Flood owes me a house.
All right, Ryan.
That leaves you the big granary.
I'll take care of the mine.
All right, let's move.
Hey, Dolan.
What about me?
You go home.
Damned if I will.
But first, douse the fire.
I can smell that coffee
for a mile.
Can I get ya somethin' to eat,
Mr. Flood?
Can I get you something to eat?
No, no, no, I'm all right.
There oughta be some word
on my cattle by now.
Well, look, I'll go check.
Any word?
No, not yet, Mr. Flood.
But I told them they better
not come back
without your cattle,
so I'm sure...
What was that?
- Sounded like dynamite!
- Not far from town.
That's not far off.
Exactly one mile.
Your granary.
That first one was
my ranch house.
What the hell's going on here?
They're working me over
in a circle.
Start north with the cattle.
Ranch is east.
Granary's south.
The next is west.
The mine.
I want a dozen men
in five minutes.
Come on.
Come on.
Someone's back.
I told you there's nothing
to worry about.
He'll probably want a drink.
It's Jace.
You all right, Jace?
Scared, but I'm used to that.
No Dolan?
Well, this is gettin'
to look like a wake.
I think I'll stretch out upstairs.
Doesn't look too good,
does it?
He's not worried,
why should we be?
- I got his horse.
- He's down there.
There he is.
It's hangin' time.
He's trapped.
We'll go down after him.
Suppose Dolan doesn't make it.
He will.
- Relax.
- Yeah, like you.
How come you didn't sleep?
I wasn't tired.
It's Dolan.
We haven't got much time.
It'll be daylight soon.
Drink up.
Took you long enough
for a simple job.
Worried about me?
Me? Not a fraction.
Mr. Hickman.
Do you always put black queens
on black kings?
Sure. I cheat.
And win.
All right, Jace,
give me the rundown.
Eleven men left in town,
counting Simms.
Three patrolling,
two on duty at the jail.
This where I check my gun,
Joe'll take it, Pop.
Are you jokin'?
Do I look like it?
All right, peel 'em off, boys.
Hurry up.
There I am, sitting quietly
at the bar...
It's very late. Please go away.
- I look over my shoulder...
- Lady, I just want a little drink.
Some other time, mister.
I don't want some other time.
Mister, we got laws in this town.
All right, what's going on here?
Now turn around easy.
Very good.
Well, no sign of him.
He couldn't have gotten far.
Where's Phillips?
He's right back...
We're short one man, one horse.
Let's get back to town.
Wait here. If we don't come out,
you're on your own.
He said to wait here.
Try it again.
The setup's like you said.
Good. Remember,
don't move until you get to 40.
Look who's teachin' me
how to suck egg.
Difference between a professional
and an amateur.
1, 2...
3, 5, 5...
Checkin' it... 7...
8, 9, 10, 11...
12, 13, 14...
15, 16, 17, 18...
21, 22, 23, 24,
25, 26, 27...
32, 33...
34, 35, 36, 37...
39, 40.
Hey, Grandpa!
Turn in that gun.
This belongs to you.
Go ahead, Sheriff.
Give 'em hell.
Just stay where you are,
all of you!
I got things to say,
and you best listen.
You just got up off the floor,
and you're stayin' up.
We've been livin' on our knees
long enough.
Damn you!
Look at me!
We've been given a chance
to take back our town.
Now, who's gonna stand up
and take that chance?
You figure to start us off,
Count me in.
Me, too.
I'll go along.
So will I.
You go to the Ace-Deuce
and wait till this is over.
All right.
Ryan, can you get a team
and hitch this buckboard?
Sure, right away.
We're all set.
These men are willing to fight.
Better than I expected.
Sir, I kind of changed my mind.
I got to think of my family.
You wanna go home?
Sure do.
All right, you two boys
come with me.
You, you, get in the wagon.
Jace, get this rig ready
to block
the north street.
Get up on that roof.
Take the middle window
in the hardware store.
You all set?
I'll tell you when.
Evening, Mr. Flood.
Quiet enough.
Yeah, let's split up.
Meet you in front of the hotel.
All right, Mr. Flood.
Mr. Flood!
Go back. It's a trap!
Go back!
Ben! Get back!
I... I... I fought for you.
- Hold 'em high!
- Don't shoot, don't shoot.
- Off your horse!
- All right, step down,
- Hold 'em high!
- ...and do it quick.
Come on!
Now, give me that real easy.
Dolan, it's all over!
We've been...
Don't take less than...
Fifty-one percent.