Rough Play (2013) Movie Script

Hey, miss!
Don't be like that.
Come on, you're not
even that pretty.
Okay, fine, fine,
you're pretty.
Think I'm kidding?
Don't you see the truth in me?
I'm sorry, sir,
I must ask you to leave.
- I'm sorry.
- I got it.
It's not a big deal.
Sir, you're upsetting our guests.
I'm sorry.
She and I are not like that.
I'm sorry.
Don't make a big deal out of it.
She and I are really nothing.
This is nuts.
What can I do?
She's the one coming onto me.
What about you?
You haven't changed?
The world has changed.
The world has changed!
Why should we not change too?
I am sorry!
I was beside myself,
men are like that at times.
Forgive me!
I'll do anything for you!
I won't look at anyone
till the day I die.
If I look at someone else,
I'll gouge my eyes out.
Tell me, look at me straight.
What did you do with him?
I'm not done,
am I a plaything to you?
I think you went insane!
Don't do this to me!
Last night,
- What did you do?
- We just had dinner!
What are you doing?!
I don't want to do this anymore...
Please stop!
What happened to us?!
What happened?!
I want to go back.
How could we...
go back to where we were?
Every damn time!
He's doing this
because I was a singing idol!
He slapped me last time,
and now...
why pull out a knife?!
Calm down.
Son of a bitch!
Why did you bring a knife?
I... just...
I thought it'd bring out
my real feelings.
You're fucking nuts!
Will you have real sex
during a sex scene?
I can do it,
I'll do my best.
I can't do this anymore,
sir, I'm done...
You're a real piece of work!
You don't know
anything about acting!
Acting is not a solo piece,
it's an ensemble piece!
Do you even see other actors?!
I thought today's
performance was good.
Her acting,
and audience too...
Get the hell out!
Go act with a mannequin
on the streets!
Do whatever you want,
fucking idiot!
- Sound!
- Speed!
- Camera!
- Roll!
Take 2.
You fucking rat!
I'm sorry! It's all my fault!
You need a bruise first!
You call yourself a man?
Still want to live?
I'm sorry!
Shut the fuck up!
It's too late!
Please do me a favor!
My mother, please let me
see her one last time!
What the hell?
Who called "cut'?
I did, sir.
Bin, what's wrong?
It was good.
This extra's improv is too much.
His mother's not in the script.
Idiot, stick to the script,
don't break the lead's rhythm.
I'm sorry!
Your improv is
messing up my lines.
Sir, I think he can just
take the hits.
Good, good!
Yo idiot, don't say anything,
just take the hits! Got it?
Let's go again!
Kang Bin's a real
piece of work.
He has the director on a leash.
He wasn't like that before.
Your acting's quite peculiar.
I saw your play,
Mr. Suh's production.
It was a complete mess,
didn't listen to other lines,
blocking was all wrong...
But it was strangely attractive.
I can at least make you
a Kang Bin.
I don't need it,
actorjust has to act well.
In a world where
actors act well,
students study hard,
and gangsters fight well,
people like me aren't needed.
Yes, director!
We all learn
by making mistakes,
no need to avoid my calls.
You're doing films now?
Yes, as an extra.
Heard of Oh Yeon-hee?
Of course, I do.
She was in this play before.
This is for the better.
So-yun was a handful.
Because of you,
she cried her eyes out
and ran off.
Not a lot of actors nowadays.
I will act, if you need me.
There's nothing
you can learn from him.
Did you follow me?
Don't you know
about Oh Yeon-hee?
She was an A-lister,
until her scandal.
It's a pity, she could've lasted
a long time.
She was a great actress.
Only if someone managed her.
What's with the tone?
Being rude is one of your assets.
Let's work together.
Pricks like you need
people like me as trainers.
No big deal?
It feels like hell!
What did I do so wrong?
What was the point
if you were to change so easily?
Look at me straight,
what did you do with him?
We just had dinner, that's it!
Are you sure about that?
Why was your phone off?
Tell me, you bitch!
'Bitch' was not in the script.
I think you went insane!
Don't do this to me!
Did you sleep with that fuck?
You bitch,
how could you?!
I'm sick of this,
get some help.
I'll kill you,
you fucking bitch!
I'll just kill you!
Hey! Hey!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Are you nuts?!
Were you really going to kill her?!
Why are you going off the script?!
What a dumbass...
What's wrong with you?
Are you trying to fuck me?
I suddenly...
thought of an ex-girlfriend...
I'm sorry.
You asshole.
It was my first role in 5 years
and you ruined it all.
Hear me out, I was...
Is it funny that some of us
put everything on the line?
You can't play off others
because you want to be noticed!
Fucking asshole...
That's a little too much.
Did I hurt your feelings?
Please stop it.
I'm sorry I ruined
your comeback,
but let's stop.
Like your ex-girlfriend,
you wanna choke me
to death too?!
Why bring that up?
Fine, fine.
Don't need to act it out for me.
I'm sorry.
It's been a long time,
I wanted to do a good show.
You deserve to be angry.
I'm clumsy when
I do something I like.
I'm like that...
Why didn't you
acted like that before?
Lt'd have been so much better.
If we get another chance,
let's do it again.
Duck! Duck!
Duck, you idiot!
Son of a bitch!
Do it right, you bitch!
Mr. Kim, why are you here?
Kang Bin's been a pain,
hasn't he?
I'm sorry,
I trained him too poorly.
Don't even mention that.
He's an uphill battle.
He looks familiar.
I was an extra in Moebius.
Is Mr. Kim your manager?
He'll be bigger than Kang Bin.
Then you should've
said something.
- Sir.
- Yeah?
I saw the rough cut.
- Let's use him against Kang.
- What?
Use a snake to kill a snake.
He agreed to add 10 scenes.
Really? How?
3 of my actors will be in
his next project for free.
It's a major blow.
Is that possible?
Because of Kang,
he doesn't care anymore.
He's only looking after himself.
So should you.
It's a chance to increase
your screen time.
Wanna do it?
Then sign this.
From an extra to
a supporting role.
are you up for it?
- Sound!
- Speed!
- Camera!
- Roll!
Take 2.
I did not forgive you
out of pity.
Boss, I didn't know
Jae-gook was your friend.
Cut, cut, cut!
What now?
Come on, sir.
From an extra to support overnight?
My lines were cut too!
Look here, Bin.
Don'tjust read your parts,
read the whole script!
The script's gotten a lot better.
You think all actors
only look at their parts?
His acting's pretty good!
He's good!
I'll replace him if you want to.
You're the lead
who got us the funding.
It's all up to you.
Controlled by an extra...
Listen, Bin.
I'm the director,
let me call "cut' too!
You motherfucker!
You deserve to die!
Fucking traitor!
You got it all wrong,
please look into it again...
Don't lie to me, I'll kill you!
- You fucking fuck!
- Cut! Cut! Cut!
How can you cut there?!
I had a good run!
Kang Bin!
"You fucking fuck"?
The tone was all off!
acting the way I feel it, okay?
Don't cut me off.
Damn it.
Acting for 10 years
makes him a director now?
Alright, let's do it!
Let's do a take
according to how you feel!
Don't hit him for real!
Are you serious?
Let's go again!
- Sound!
- Speed!
- Camera!
- Roll!
Take 2.
You fucking deserve to die!
You fucking traitor!
You fucking fuck!
I'll fucking chew you up!
Cut! How was that?
This is nuts.
He did it his way,
why bother asking me?
I felt good there.
Check it out during editing.
hey, hey, he's bleeding!
- AD, check on him!
- Yes, sir.
Next cut!
We all know Kang Bin's a mofo.
I'm sorry.
Even if he is, have a smoke
and forget about it.
You think it's all
dandy on my end?
I've been waiting for hours.
It'll likely be in the afternoon.
So why was I
on standby since dawn?
You knew I had
another shoot yesterday.
Kang wanted to shoot
scene 28 again,
that's why.
Actresses don't get
any respect on this film?!
What's wrong with you!
Give me a light.
I haven't got all day.
You deaf?
I'm an actor too.
You're a fucking extra.
Just do what you always have.
Don't be chatty,
don't package yourself,
you have your own style.
You better be for real.
So charismatic!
Don't overreact,
just be yourself.
Is he the one
Michael talked about?
He'll be a major star.
I want to bet
everything on him.
Nothing is ever guaranteed
in this life.
Don't use those words loosely
in business.
Yes, ma'am.
He's cute.
Let's drink upstairs.
Send him up.
What are we doing?
You're the pimp
and I'm the whore?
Do you even know who that is?
I figured you out now.
Life's short.
There's no need for a detour,
don't overcomplicate things.
I don't do things I don't like,
sounds complicated?
Help me out here.
I need my comeback too.
She brought so many actors
back from the industry purgatory.
No, they wanted me to stay in.
I'm doing a film,
a play too.
Mom, mom.
I'll send you money
as soon as I get paid.
Don't worry!
I can at least do that.
I got it, okay.
I gotta go. Bye
Young! You son of a gun!
I was right about you.
Fuck that.
I'm done with you.
Yeah, keep that
prickish attitude of yours.
I thought you messed it up,
but she decided to back me.
She must've liked you.
Give her a call later.
Know why those women
are interested in you?
Life's a bore.
They want ramen
after eating so much meat.
You're like a healthy meal
unprocessed, au naturel.
I'm not interested.
Don't overthink it.
It's good for artists
to have patrons.
Shakespeare had one,
so did Mozart.
Fine, fine!
It won't happen again.
Don't meet these women.
don't actors grow
by being humiliated?
Must you always pretend to be
naive and proud?
What is an actor?
Portraying the suffering people,
that's an actor.
Will you always stay
in the safe zone?
Do desperate people
look funny to you?
Have you ever lived so fiercely?
You're not trying to be a star?
Say that again
when you're on top.
Become a star, taste the success,
then make the call.
I want to do
whatever project I feel like.
That's why you must
reach the top!
I recognize a star
when I see one.
Think I'm lying?
Where's Dong-jae,
tell me!
I knew I've made
a huge mistake.
I shouldn't have spared you.
So you should've taken
good care of your people!
I have one last favor.
Please let Dong-jae be.
No fucking way!
He deserves to die!
Where is he?
Tell me!
I pity you, you never did
learn your lesson.
Kang Bin, how did you
like the film?
Your acting's been the same
for a few years.
You expect me to answer?
I'm sorry,
interview at another time.
You were impressive in a small role,
how do you feel?
I still have much to learn,
but thank you for your kind words.
One moment please,
move aside.
Out of the way.
Only 1 question per outlet.
Reporter Park, go ahead.
Where? Who?
When did you help me out?
Don't bother calling me.
I made Oh Young, not you.
Which commercial?
Debuting directors...
might be difficult...
Who's the leading actress?
Gianna Jun? Kim Tae-hee?
Only if both star.
It's already signed,
next please.
Could you still sign it?
- Great film!
- Thank you.
I liked the supporting cast
more than the leads.
Then go get their signatures.
I already did.
I thought it was too violent.
Your acting is not what it
used to be.
Looks like you were
just showing off.
You must be
disappointed in yourself.
- Are you trying to piss me off?
- Of course not.
You're doing
violent films habitually.
Then don't watch it!
No one's forcing you!
You're similar to your character.
What a fucking bitch,
what do you know about art?
I can't tell if it was art or not.
Are you trying to hide the fact that
you can't act by screaming?
You wanna die like in the film?
Fucking bitch!
I'll fucking rip you to shreds!
Come here!
- Calm down, Bin!
- Stop it!
Kang Bin Assaults a Fan
Kang's Acting Contested
A Breath Of Fresh Air
Scene Stealer, Oh Young
Oh Young has the look!
Oh Young has the body!
Best actor Oh Young!
National actor Oh Young!
Young! Young!
Yeah, mom.
No, I'm doing really well.
I'll send home some money.
Don't worry,
I'm really famous now.
I'm on the news,
didn't you see me?
Okay, I'll call again.
It's Oh Young.
You guys go first.
It was an honor to
star in Moebius with you.
Let's do another film soon, okay?
Give me a light.
Don't overdo it.
You're not that big.
Wanna get a drink?
How do you unhook this?
What a buzzkill,
never fucked an actress?
Go home.
Fucking bitch.
I don't want to,
just go away!
Is this fun?
Like a game?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, it's my fault.
- Bitch.
- Young!
Actresses aren't a big deal.
Cut! Very good!
Greatest shitting acting ever!
I've never seen anyone
shit so convincingly,
Go with that detailed feeling,
once more!
Nice fat shit, got it?
Of course, it's possible.
That's almost over.
Schedule's doable,
why would I say otherwise?
You really have to do this.
I've heard that many times.
Let's stop now.
By doing things I don't want to,
my life is falling into despair.
Forget it!
Always same excuse!
I'm sorry, I'll do it again.
Forget it! Always some...
What's wrong?
Doesn't feel right?
No, the line's great but...
it's literary style.
Old style, you mean?
Could I take a break?
Do I have to do this?
Lines are all weird!
It's his new film in 17 years,
sojust understand.
He asked if they're old style,
what do I say?
Don't put on a sour face,
he may become huge again.
Get me a decent film,
why am I always acting assholes?!
Are you Song Kang-ho?
Or Choi Min-sik?
Wanna go to Cannes?
You can't work on half-assed
films and fade away.
Think rationally.
You can do whatever you want,
only if you last.
Which means you have to survive.
It's an important meeting.
If you're not up for it,
just shut your mouth
for an hour.
- Got it?
- Who is it?
I've brought Oh Young.
Bring him in a little later.
Who's that?
The money.
I'm sorry I couldn't
come by more often.
He's been in demand everywhere.
The lead actress on this film
is Kim Sun-ae, right?
Let's put Hong Ji-min instead.
Boss, but she's...
she has faded into obscurity.
How can we put her with Young?
You want him out too?
I'll talk to the investors.
Look after Ji-min too,
you can raise her back up.
I don't...
have that kind of power.
I know you can, idiot.
You're a rehab specialist.
But boss, she's too much,
you know that.
- We all know her history.
- Fuck that.
Are we selecting a nun?
How can I rehab a girl
who slept with half the city?
Known as a free snack...
I'm sorry,
I crossed the line.
Half the city? Free snack?
Need your quarterly beatings
for some modesty?
Buddy, you're Oh Young?
Do your best.
Let's do our best,
in many ways.
You two did Moebius together.
I'll take Kim Sun-ae out.
She needs some time
to prep her TV series.
Forget it,
I can get Ji-min something else.
A $100 million project.
A blockbuster.
- I'm bored.
- Is there anything fun?
Don't you worry!
With a 7" K-7 tablet,
we can play
10" Revolution for me!
Director, this isn't
what we discussed.
What is?
Young doesn't
stand out enough!
You've seen the storyboard.
This isn't right,
this just won't do.
Hold up!
We'll stop the shoot here!
What the hell?
We're gonna stop
because of an actor?
"Because of an actor"?
That attitude is the problem!
Young doesn't have the time
to be jerked around!
Manager Kim, let's talk outside.
I'm no manager!
I'm a CEO!
Don't make me repeat!
Young! Let's go!
What's wrong?
Everything was fine.
Nothing's wrong.
We gotta be fussy now and then
to keep them in check.
This'll take care of
minor chores.
You'll give me a bad rep.
Is that what you want?
Watch your damn mouth!
- This is all for you!
- For me?
Cut the bullshit.
Think you're a big shot now?!
How dare you?!
Young! Young!
Stop it!
Son of a bitch!
Come at me!
Let's stop it, alright?
Fine! It's over!
Not a trace of
loyalty whatsoever!
Did I sign up for that loyalty?
I'll hand over the contract,
we're through.
We're through!
Holy crap!
Look at his face!
Say it?!
Want a better look?
What a weirdo.
Let's go.
How much?
So different from his films.
Are you gonna keep boxing?
Come work with me.
Prosecutors aren't gods,
I coulda been a cop too!
It's a dog eat dog world.
We're no different.
You're all grown up now.
I made you.
Should've asked for life sentence.
I took pity on you,
but you became
an incurable cancer!
Speak the truth.
Who's the cancer?
Shall I split you open?!
I'm sorry sir!
I didn't mean to be so rude.
No, you were in character.
- Good work.
- Thank you.
- The last part.
- Yes?
How about a tad stronger?
Like fierce concentration.
That's... amazing!
- No, it was fine.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
Heard you don't have
a manager anymore.
My boss would like to meet you.
My manager's right here.
- Looks like a friend.
- He's my manager.
We'll pick you up
after the shoot.
He's looking after me,
so I don't need another.
My boss does not
move easily for anyone.
Let him stay difficult.
Mom, mom, mom!
Once more?
Ring, ring!
Fuck, another bites the dust.
Is this the police?
I just killed another mad dog.
Here? This is...
Figure it out,
I'm not leaving.
- So hard to find this place!
- What is it?
Life's good?
- Well, you know...
- What do you want?
I get calls from people
who think I still manage you.
A $100 million film wants you.
Give me the number,
I'll read the script first.
I read the script already,
it's good.
Contract's all done.
We're through!
Our deal's over!
It's a $100 million film!
You get a stake in it too!
The terms are favorable.
Let's end things cleanly with this.
Then you shouldn't be doing this.
You thought I'd just walk away
with some pocket change?
Then what?
There's still 6 months left
in our contract,
- legally.
- Don't be fucking stubborn!
Have you lost it?
Get out!
Throw him out.
- Please leave.
- Stop!
- Don't you dare!
- Toss him out!
Let go!
Fine, just watch me!
You call yourself my manager?
Can't you tell?
You shouldn't have let him in!
- I'm sorry.
- Why scream at him?
It's fine.
Sorry, I don't know
what came over me.
I'm sorry.
You see?
I'm not such a bad guy.
You're the best.
Can I tell you that I love you?
I love you.
What did you do with him?
We just had dinner.
Honey, you're being weird.
I want to go back.
Back to our beautiful memories.
Why didn't I realize
they were beautiful?
We're always walking in place.
What? You want to come back?
- What?
- Or...
just wanted to see the play?
Who's the director?
The old style director.
70/30 for the contract,
50/50 for the stake.
I want to keep my manager.
Just for this film.
Nothing more.
You think I'm doing this
for money?
You think I'm doing this
for money?
Isn't money
all you're interested in?
Don't say that,
I had a dream too.
Cut! Cut!
The lines are too old style?
No, director!
The lines are amazing!
I can feel...
years of experience.
- Hello, Ms. Hong.
- Afternoon.
I'm your 6 p.m. interview.
You're a reporter,
good to see you!
How do you act so well?
I'm still nervous
since it's my comeback.
Do you know you're in
the $100 million film 'cos of Kim?
Will you stay without a rep?
I'll introduce you to
the head of Actors' Heaven.
They do a lot of
international productions.
Get in there along with Ji-min.
Popularity never lasts.
It's all the same
when time passes.
Nothing lasts,
you think you're different?
It's because you don't
have a heart.
You don't even trust the world.
I don't have a heart?
What's this then?
And who made me this way?
I'm the one, I did it!
How long will you blame others?
Is it your hobby
to make people go nuts?!
This is hell.
What's wrong, Young?
Shouldn't she be crying
in this scene?
can you do that?
Sir, I was planning to cry
in the next scene.
And cry on the inside
in this one...
Can the camera capture that?
Are you giving me
an acting lesson?
Even top veteran actress
didn't do that.
I'm breaking character
because of you!
give me some tears.
Will that be enough?
Must you use that?
An actress can't even cry?
I can't tear up at all!
Scene 74, 2 and 5.
I'm the one, I did it!
How long will you blame others?
Is it your hobby
to make people go nuts?!
This is hell.
It was good, what now?
Crying alone won't do,
the delivery was too cold.
You said crying
would be enough.
Be quiet.
It doesn't feel real.
But what gives you
the right to make that call?
Oh Young!
Let me call the shot.
Calling action, and cut are
my only lines on the set.
Oh yeah!
I have an important
meeting tonight,
why don't we wrap up today,
and continue tomorrow?
But... I can't tomorrow,
I'm sorry, director.
We rented the cameras
until today.
Then I'll cover the rental fees.
Great work, everyone!
Why are you up her case
risking bad rep?
She needs a lesson.
And not because
you're interested in her?
You saw her,
she's got an attitude.
Why didn't you
cry like that before?
What exactly do you want?
Do you hate me that much?
Why do you bully me
every single day?
What are you saying?
Do you want to sleep with me?
Will you stop bothering me then?
Fine, I won't bother you,
Why can't you be a man?
You're too corny.
Honestly, I don't have to do that film,
it's much too corny for me.
Just come out and say
you want to sleep with me!
This is so fucked up.
Enough of this shit!
What did you have to do
to get this role?
What do you want to hear?
I just feel bad, that's all.
The least you can do is act well.
So let's say
I'm who you think I am,
shit, can't we just get along?
You're a real fox.
Why don't we just fuck then?
Lt'll bring us close the fastest.
If the director knew
the real you, he'd flip out.
You're the only one
who doesn't know.
Just how slutty are you?
Stop haggling me!
And let's just fuck!
A slut's making you horny.
Is this,
how you got to
where you are?
Like looking into a mirror?
Cut! Cut! Very good!
She's a real veteran.
Amazing, isn't she?
Why aren't we shooting?
One of the actors just got up,
I heard he's new.
He must be a piece of work.
Buddy, come here.
Everyone's waiting,
see you later.
Why'd a considerate prick
come so late?
Then should your senior
call you sir?
A real veteran, right here.
Look who's talking!
What the fuck?!
Pretending to be a big shot
to fuck a rookie,
even bowing down to AD.
You son of a bitch!
Wanna end your career
right here?
It's my fucking honor
to work with you.
You fucking bitch!
Calm down!
Let go of me!
Let go, goddammit!
Fucking asshole!
We're still shooting
don't wait up.
We're on the set.
Where you going?
Let me buy you a drink,
somewhere quiet.
I can't be late.
Then I'll let you go early,
in the morning.
Come on!
Is this the real you?
So much better in films.
I'll show you something
never seen in the film.
I gotta go,
Jean wants me home.
How could you leave your actor?
Is this work too?
Shit, just a second.
Get me a room before you go.
Just get me a room.
Are you kidding?
I'm just lonely, okay?
You can fuck Jean everyday.
Screw this.
Manager has you by the balls!
- I'm gonna go.
- Where you going?
You said you're my fan.
I gotta be home in an hour!
Then I'll let you go
within the hour.
I can't do this,
I have to go home!
Don't you know who I am?!
Oh Young!
- What's he doing?
- I dunno.
We're off!
Oh Young!
I wanna be an actress too,
I can't do this, okay?
You wanted to get home fast.
Come on man!
Everyone left!
Oh Young!
What are you doing?!
What are you doing?!
Come out, we need to go.
Oh Young!
We're not done.
I have to go home!
You're a scumbag!
- Sir, control yourself.
- Okay.
I got it, so grab her.
- I will, sir.
- Grab her!
Asshole, get her!
What did you call me?
Let go!
Mind your fucking manners!
Why make a scene
at our business?
Thought you'd be well-treated
because you're famous?
We're sorry, stop it.
Stop what, goddammit!
- Motherfucker!
- Hey! Hey!
What's going on?
We were drinking...
This is actor Oh Young,
he's a rising star.
Oh Young, I see.
I know you,
I'm a big fan.
Nice to meet you.
Treat them well, fuckers!
We existjust so they can get drunk
and make a scene.
We existjust so they can get drunk
and make a scene.
Say hello, asshole!
You're a sumo wrestler?
Young, let's get together soon.
- Take care.
- Thank you.
Why's everyone standing
like gangsters?
- Good evening, boss.
- Welcome, boss.
- This is Oh Young, know him?
- Yes, boss.
We're like brothers from today,
treat him well.
- Nice to meet you, sir.
- Please, sit down.
- Be casual with him.
- Ah, okay.
- Pour him a drink.
- Of course.
Thank you.
No formalities, again!
- Thanks, bud.
- Good.
We need to talk.
Boys, leave us.
I know a friend who runs
a management company...
I see.
But I am not...
Fucker, don't interrupt me!
He's a real good friend,
I trust him.
I'll secure a place for you
and your friend.
I really... don't think...
Do you think you can
live this world alone?
We all need to
help each other out, got it?
The work's not over yet.
We shoot tomorrow too.
I'm no sugar daddy.
Wait, wait.
I've seen you somewhere.
Weren't you an extra on that
TV drama last year?
Don't try to remember,
and drink!
- Right?
- Drink!
So you're a big shot now?
He's a major star.
Do you like your partner?
Wanna swap?
She's great, we worked on
a drama together.
Really? Together?
You're acquainted?
Then fuck her today.
- Come on.
- It's okay, do him.
No need to spell it out,
so embarrassing.
Don't be cute, bitch.
She's a kinky one.
She likes pulling hair,
getting spitted on and shit.
Spit on her.
We all fuck around in this biz.
Does that bother you?
Of course not.
That's too much!
Fucking bitch!
Mind your fucking manners!
Asshole, watch it!
Don't you dare raise
your voice on my baby!
Sorry, little bro.
I'm sorry, sir.
It's alright.
That's no way to apologize.
Come and kneel.
- Hit him, go on.
- What?
He deserves a beating,
come on, hit him.
It's okay, really.
Are you ignoring me?
Hit him,
right in the face.
Are you kidding?
Like that, got it?
Hit him!
That's it.
Harder, harder!
Good, enough.
No one'll hold a grudge
by venting your emotions.
I'm teaching you a lesson.
What's going on here?
Who the fuck?
Let's go.
- I'm fine.
- Buddy, come here!
Come here!
Sir, please let him be.
- Yeah?
- Please sir.
hit your boy as hard as
you hit my boy.
Don't want to?
- Then take him away.
- I'll do it, I'll hit him.
Okay, don't fuck around.
What are you doing?
He'll kill you if I don't do this,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Bring it.
Since you're here,
stamp your seal here.
I don't have my seal on me.
Use your finger then.
Put your thumbprint.
Shall I cut it off?
Do it.
And you put on a smile
and go over there.
Thank you for everything...
Then make it official.
You think I'm jerking you around?
This is for everyone's good.
Is that a threat?
- Let's go.
- Asshole!
Do you really wanna die?
I throw punches instinctively
because I box.
You boxed?
He boxed, hear that?
See my legs shaking?
He's a scary one, totally.
How do you box?
Teach me.
Like this?
Boy, stand down, stand down,
stand down, I said.
Look at this fuck!
I'll fucking kill you.
Okay, okay.
It's fine, alright.
Just go.
Let them go.
You might think this is fucked up,
but I'm not a lowlife.
I was sincerely
trying to help you,
but I apologize
if it seemed too much.
Everyone out!
You got a good manager.
Young, say hello.
Gong Myung will play Jae-min.
Been a while, missed me?
You shouldn't be here,
I didn't want to see you, sir!
Think I want to be here?
Ltjust worked out that way!
Just accept it.
What is it?
It's offending to call
a younger guy sir.
Don't blame me,
that's the line.
No personal feelings
into it at all?
Personal feeling?
I'm only acting.
Director, I don't think...
Can't you just follow the script?
I'll go talk to the writer.
Oh Young! This is,
a film!
Don't be so dramatic!
Just as I heard.
An actor has to act
according to the situation.
You're playing a character!
So what?
Let's just shoot.
No point of calling the writer.
Yeah, let's shoot.
Then replace him.
I don't like his sarcastic tone.
You're crossing the line.
Are you the actor here?
Who's who here?
Do you know how I feel?
Are you holding a grudge
because I hit you?
Go home,
I'll call when you're needed.
Not right now.
No, not a shoot.
No, I'll come to you.
Okay. Yes.
Chill out here,
I gotta go.
Are you meeting Mr. Kang?
Which Mr. Kang?
I know too many Kangs.
Okay, I'll drive you.
- What the hell?
- What is it?
- They're blocking.
- Back up.
What now?
Get the hell out!
Oh Young,
this is why I told you
you don't live this life alone.
Is this a habit or instinct?
Whoring yourself to everyone
makes you happy?
Do you...
like Oh Young?
Answer me!
Why stay with these scums?
Tell me, why!
Why? Why!
Why them?!
Tell me.
Think you're somebody?
Think you own this world?
Don't wanna be
a nobody again, right?
Want an early retirement?
She's in grade 11.
She's a minor!
Actors' Heaven's Park is
caring for her.
I wanna be an actress too,
I can't do this, okay?
I... I don't think...
it's her...
Was it you?
You didn't let me go home.
Scumbags stay together.
It's all my fault,
for entrusting a blockbuster
to these fuckers.
Shall bury you all?
Shall I?
Because of the release,
I'm letting you off the hook.
Consider this film your retirement.
Yeah, mom.
No, all big stars get bad rumors.
No, all big stars get bad rumors.
I'm getting a lot of work.
Don't worry,
I'll send money next week.
I got it.
Oh Young is now facing
a disgraceful scandal.
Oh Young is now facing
a disgraceful scandal.
Oh Young is now facing
a disgraceful scandal.
An underage actress accused him
of sexual attack through her SNS.
An underage actress accused him
of sexual attack through her SNS.
Fading Away As Quickly As His Rise
No comment from her agent,
Oh Young Shunned by Film Industry
No comment from her agent,
but advertisers are considering
damage suits.
Is this his downfall?
Hello, assistant director,
it's actor Oh Young.
If the casting is...
Yes, sir!
Sure, I don't care about the fee,
I just love the script.
Yes, hello?
The investor?
Hey, what's up?
Was wondering if you were
managing someone.
Shall we work together?
We had a good run.
Oh Young!
I don't work anymore.
You should too,
you won't get a comeback.
Or go get some acting lessons.
You coulda just said no,
no need to insult me, asshole!
Hey, Young!
Go live quietly somewhere.
You won't get a gig
until Mr. Kang dies.
Oh Young! Young!
Hello, I'm here to
meet the producer.
He's not in at the moment.
But I have an appointment.
Then you can wait.
Okay, I will.
How's your schedule nowadays?
It's you again.
Oh Young, what's up?
Hello, we have a lunch meeting.
That's right, it's today?
Crap, I just had lunch.
Let's do it next time.
We eat lunch everyday,
another time?
And don't come by unannounced.
Let's go!
- How much?
- $20 please.
Yo! Young!
Hey man.
Good to see you,
how have you been?
Come here,
they're my kids.
- Say hello, kids.
- Hello.
Actor Oh Young, recognize him?
No? Let's take a picture,
just one.
Put your arms around them.
One, two, three!
Very good!
Been a while,
are you eating alone?
I don't see you on TV,
I wish you the best, bud.
Call me sometime.
By the way,
your number's changed,
you don't even stay in touch?
Give me your phone.
We have a history, bud,
we're no strangers.
Keep in touch.
- Let's grab a drink later.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
Hey, miss!
Totally my type,
got some time?
Let's get coffee.
Stop it.
- I'm busy!
- Come on!
Make some time then!
Come on, miss!
Don't be like that.
What's wrong with you?
I'm not a bad guy!
You think I'm free
all day long?
Fine, let go of me first.
think it over one more time.
Don't you see the truth in me?
You see?
I'm not such a bad guy.
You're the best.
Can I tell you that I love you?
I love you too.
I want to be with you forever.
Until death.
Profound happiness,
until death.
Fine, I got it.
Don't make a big deal out of it.
No big deal?
No big deal?
It feels like hell!
What did I do so wrong?
What was the point,
if you were to change so easily?
Said you'll love me till death!
Just stop it!
I'm so sick of it.
Let's stop this.
I'm sorry.
Go back!
I was mistaken.
It was desire, not love!
It's too late,
I can't forgive you.
Take me back!
I realized there's no one like you,
in this world...
Tell me, look at me straight.
Look at me straight.
What did you do with him?
We just had dinner, that's it.
That's a lie.
Are you sure about that?
Why was your phone off?
Tell me, you bitch!
I think you went insane!
Don't do this to me!
Did you sleep with that fuck?
You bitch,
how could you?!
I'm sick of this,
every damn time!
Go get some help.
I'll kill you!
I'll just kill you!
What happened?!
I want to go back.
How could we...
go back to where we were?
Oh Young has the look!
Oh Young has the body!
Best actor Oh Young!
National actor Oh Young!
We're always walking in place.
How about a drink afterwards?
Sounds good if the shoot
doesn't drag on.
Why is that idiot here?
Am I acting with him today?
Good to see you!
Will it be okay?
You'll get beaten to a pulp.
Of course!
I can die happily now.
Is that so?
Then I'll beat you to death.
- Let's shoot!
- Yes, sir!
- Sound!
- Speed!
- Camera!
- Roll!
Cut 4, take 1.
You son of a bitch!
Arrogant prick!
Were you hiding here?
Cut 4, take 1.
I'm so sorry!
It's all my fault!
I'm so sorry!
It's all my fault!
We'll see about that.
But you need a bruise first!