Round and Round (2023) Movie Script

My parents' love story
began on
the seventh night of Hanukkah,
in 1986,
at a Jewish singles' mixer.
Moving forwards...
My mom was the DJ
and an absolute smoke-show.
That's my dad
in the Clark Kent glasses.
Luckily, she had a thing
for guys with glasses
and strong math skills.
...I saw the world
all around your face...
I brought you some latkes!
You look hungry!
No applesauce?
...I'll stop the world
and melt with you
You've seen
the difference...
Dad spent
the rest of the night
in the DJ booth,
holding his own.
Legend has it
they stayed up all night,
and walked across
the Brooklyn Bridge,
and just as the sun
was coming up,
they found themselves
at Goldberg's Bakery,
sharing a jelly donut.
The economist and the DJ?
And a lot to live up to,
if you're their kid.
So much has changed
since the night my parents met.
Thank God for Goldberg's--
and more popular than ever.
Every year, on the seventh night
of Hanukkah,
my parents throw a party
to commemorate their meet-cute,
complete with Goldberg's
That's where I come in.
See, I live in Brooklyn,
which makes it my job to bring
jelly donuts to New Jersey,
and it's a responsibility
that I take very seriously...
-...when I'm not oversleeping.
Rachel? Honey?
Are you still asleep?
It's nearly 10 a.m.!
Oh, no. No!
I fell asleep
while I was editing.
I must've
slept through my alarm.
Well, then,
it's a good thing
I called
to wish my special girl
a happy seventh night
of Hanukkah.
Yes. Thank you, Mom.
Oh! And to remind you,
for the party tonight,
that Goldberg's
is cash-only
and they close at--
...Closes at 2:00.
Yes, it is on my list.
Well, the order
is under "Landau".
Two dozen strawberry,
-one lemon. Oh, and, honey--
...Don't forget
to bring yourself.
Please don't start the latkes
without us.
Would not dare!
Happy Hanukkah.
Chag Sameach.
Looks like somebody
is going to a Hanukkah party.
Wrapping paper's
a dead giveaway.
Okay, yeah.
Heading home to New Jersey.
-Oh, how nice!
-Yeah, yeah.
Somebody's running late.
Boyfriend? Girlfriend?
I'm hip to that!
Oh, yeah. Boyfriend.
He should be here any second.
It's a big step,
taking someone home
for Hanukkah.
I can see
why you'd be nervous.
I'm not nervous.
No, my family's
gonna love Adam.
He's a professor
at Columbia, so.
-Big school.
-Yeah, well.
Does he own a watch?
Okay. And...
Ha, ha, ha. So.
Uh... hi!
I'm at Goldberg's.
Where are you?
Bad news.
I'm not gonna make it.
What? Why?
I caught an airport cold
in San Diego.
I, uh... I don't think
you want anything
to do with this.
It's the seventh night.
I need you there.
"Need me there"?
Four calling birds
Three French hens...
You know,
so you can be the frontman--
tackle the tough questions
while I sit in the corner
and eat kugel.
- ...In a pear tree
He's gotta be there.
No, honestly. Um...
It's just the last one
at the house.
I was hoping
to share it with you.
I get it,
but I don't want
to pass along this virus like
some Hanukkah superspreader.
- ...Eighth day of Christmas
-Right. Right, yeah.
I mean, if you're sick.
Okay, yeah, just--
Five shiny rings...
-Okay, well, I've got to go.
- That rhymes with bling
-I'll talk to you later.
-Okay. Okay.
It's off.
Order for Landau, please?
Something came up?
My neighbor's nephew
might be free.
Thank you.
is my favorite time of year
Just because I'm Jewish
Don't mean I can't
spread some holiday cheer
Light up that menorah
And serve me up
Some more-a
That latke
And watch it disappear
-Happy Hanukkah!
- Hanukkah
Is my favorite holiday
Oh! That was close.
I'll break out
the dreidel game
And we can spin
the day away--
No, no, no, no, no!
Oh, man! I am really sorry.
No! No, no!
-It's okay!
I got it. Look, here.
No! No, no, no!
This one's still good.
It is covered in dirt.
No, it's just--
It's just a little--
It's caked in dirt!
It's a little trail spice,
that's all.
-What is "trail spice"?
-Yeah, trail spice--
you know, it's like when
you're hiking and you--
you drop your apple,
and then--
No. No, I don't know.
...You just pick it up
and you dust 'em off--
-Don't do that. No.
-Mm, mm. Mm.
Okay. Okay, well, I'm not
feeding my mother dust, so.
-You know what?
-No! Ah!
I'm so sorry.
There's a Donut Universe
on the upper level.
A "Donut Universe"?
I've got a train to catch.
I'm so sorry.
Sir. No.
No. Uh...
You dropped your...
What is this here?
Where is she...
Where is she?
There she is!
My fancy
publishing/editor baby!
Yeah. "Assistant publisher,"
Dad, but thank you.
Okay. Let me see.
"I love you... a latke."
Hilarious, right?
-I have some notes.
Auntie Rachel!
-We're making latkes.
-Okay, that's amazing,
but you know what I like
more than latkes?
My cute little...
Hi, honey.
Hey, you guys
started without me?
I always drop the first latke
in the pan,
and then you grate,
a-and Dad burns himself,
-and that's how we always do it.
-I'm sorry, kiddo.
The honor goes to the youngest,
and Noah is now old enough
to help me with the fryer.
you're gonna have to find
another way to leave here
smelling like
some oil and onions.
Yeah, what was the deal anyway?
Train delayed?
Oh, worse.
Some... jerk
bumped into me
at the train station.
The sufganiyotwent everywhere.
-Completely destroyed.
Yeah. I feel awful.
It's terrible.
You know what?
We're here together,
and that's what's important.
Except, um,
where is this, uh... Adam?
Oh, uh, he is not coming.
He has an airport cold.
What's an airport cold?
It's when you're afraid to meet
your girlfriend's
extended family.
Again with the light?
I'll get my toolbox.
It's probably just a loose wire.
I mean, do you know how many
so-called professionals
that we have paid
to fix that light,
only to have it break
the next day?
I think it adds to its charm.
This house is perfect.
Oh, well, wait until
you see the new condo.
It's got a pickleball court,
-and an indoor pool--
-But most importantly,
it's got a steamroom,
so your mom and I
can have a shvitz.
-Stan, I do not shvitz.
I glow.
-You do glow.
-I do.
She's right.
Shut the door!
What are you doing in here?
I have ten minutes left
in my podcast,
and so help me,
I'm gonna find out
who killed the prom queen.
Mm. Okay.
What's all that?
Uh, it's an unwelcome
Hanukkah gift
from the boss lady.
Yeah. She put
five manuscripts on my desk
before she went to Vail.
I know. I don't know.
Somehow, I thought I'd be
writing the novels,
not marking them in red ink.
Oh, speaking of
marking in red ink--
where's the Professor?
Uh, he has a name.
Oh, oh. I know. Pfft.
I got the email.
"Adam Singerman, 34--"
No! No!
"...Assistant biology professor
at Columbia University--"
"...Research topics
include pheromones--"
-"...The chemicals
that regulate attraction
in species."
She sent this to everybody?
What is Mom thinking?
Why are there
so many Minion GIFs?
Leave her alone.
And of course!
You invited him home
for the seventh night
of Hanukkah--
...The night our parents met,
the night
I proposed to Bex?
Okay, well, we're nowhere
near that yet.
And he's not coming.
He's sick.
Oh, well, I'm sorry
to hear that.
Are you?
Are you sorry to hear that?
Mm. He just...
takes up a lot of space.
Yeah. That's part of
why I wanted him here.
You know,
he's so captivating.
Um, I wish I was
more like that.
Are you kidding?
This is the room
where you had us all
on the edge of our seats,
story after story.
I don't really recognize
that person anymore.
No wonder you're having
such a hard time
with them
selling the house.
What do you mean?
- Uh...
- Shoshana!
I'd better go see
what Noah's gotten himself into.
You got this.
You're nailing it.
Look at you.
- Mm-hmm.
- You are woman!
-Yeah, this feels really good.
-Hear you roar!
Maybe shorter shoes
next time.
Beanbags should be illegal!
- Yeah.
- Shoshana!
- Love you.
- Yeah. Love you.
Down. We want a central swoop.
Down. Perfect.
Rach, um, the boxes
from your room,
they're going home
with you tomorrow,
because you need to start
storing your own garbagio.
Oh, yikes!
Those dreidel lights
have seen better days.
No, they gotta be, what...
30 years old by now?
Well, that makes both of us,
but we're spry.
Spry-ish. Ow.
These beauties
won't be making the transition
to our place next year, huh?
You're hosting Hanukkah
next year?
uh, so, Mom and I talked,
and, pfft, I mean,
it just--
you know, it makes sense!
'Cause, you know,
we have a lot more space,
and, um, their condo
is kind of teeny-tiny, so...
Why didn't anybody tell me?
-I-- We were going to.
-Why didn't they tell me?
I found it!
Ha, ha!
The Hanukkah mix tape.
Noah, baby. Come here.
-Do you see this?
It's a... cassette,
and all the songs
are recorded right here,
on this tape.
Hey, hey, hey...
Come on now!
Let's get this party started!
And... Noah...
come here. Ready?
Want to press that one?
Great! You did it!
Good job, buddy.
Excuse me.
May I have this dance?
Of course.
Okay, my angel delight
Close your eyes
Put on the light
I want to look at you
Yeah, yeah...
Baby, baby
It's all too much...
Uncle Harvey!
-If it isn't Rachel Landau!
So where is
this new boyfriend of yours?
I hear
he's the "Boss of Biology",
the "Pharaoh of Pheromones".
-Well, he, uh--
Dad, he's not coming, remember?
He didn't even read
the group chat.
-He was driving.
-The "group chat"?
-Wh-- about Adam?
Let's get this party started!
Tally-ho, everyone!
So sorry I'm late--
I saw the group chat,
so I stopped for doughnuts.
Spelled with a d-o-u-g-h,
I should add--
King's English,
from across the pond.
There's this adorable bakery
just around the corner
from my friend's loft in Dumbo,
and I snapped up
the last of their jellies,
so, crisis averted.
You're a... life-saver.
Oh, it's the least I could do
especially since
Adam's a no-show.
I was so looking forward
to having a chin-wag with him.
A what?
But you and I should
absolutely talk shop.
Weren't you working
for your friend, uh,
who runs a-a blog, or--
Well, it's a, like,
a massive publishing house,
and I'm the assistant editor.
At our lit agency,
we avoid familiarizing ourselves
with pub houses
in the New World--
don't want the crudeness
to rub off.
Right. 'Cause you moved
to London three years ago?
Oh. Would you hang it up,
won't you?
It's alpaca.
Is it?
-Rachel, sweetheart.
I have someone
I want you to meet.
Grandma Rosie, I--
Hear me out!
His name is Zach.
-And he's a painter,
and he is very creative.
He has the most beautiful hands.
He's like a young Caravaggio.
Okay, well, hey, I believe
that all of that is true,
but I'm dating somebody.
Since when
is comparison-shopping
against the law?
Grandma Rosie!
The young man
who is about to walk
through that door...
could very well be
your soul mate.
Soul mate? Okay.
If not...
six months of an adventure.
I take it
you've met before?
Yeah. He's the reason
we don't have
Goldberg's sufganiyot.
You really should
watch where you're going.
It was a zoo down there!
I was busting my a--
my tuchus--
to get the train
to Montclair.
you dropped your little...
Wow! These are
my Dungeons and Dragons dice.
Oh. Cool.
They're limited-edition
dodecahedron dice,
gifted to me by
an OG level-20 arch-Druid.
He also gave me
this vintage case.
Anyway, um...
I'm going to go for a lap.
Thanks for the ride, Zach.
He drove you?
Why did he drive you?
Donut Universe, huh?
They really upped their game.
-Is that raspberry?
Yeah. They're for later, so.
A-Are you from--
-She didn't--
-No. You.
-I'm sorry.
Okay, no. I was just--
how do you know my grandma?
Oh, I teach art
at Cedar Hill Terrace.
...When I'm not bumping
into total strangers.
You're gonna hold that
over me forever, aren't you?
I don't think there's gonna
be a "forever" for us, so.
And, well...
-my boyfriend's--
...So, I gotta take this.
Hey, hey.
Are you feeling better?
Adam, can you--
Hey, check it out.
Cynthia's humble-bragging again.
You can tell by the way
she flicks her nails.
Hey, hey. I gotta
give her credit for that.
She is not afraid
to show the world who she is.
All right.
Can I have everybody's
attention, please?
Yeah, well, yeah,
thank you for that.
Um, I just want to thank
everybody for being here
to help Joanna and me
celebrate our 36th anniversary
of the first night we met.
The night
the DJ saved your life!
That's nice. Thank you
very much for that, Harvey.
18 is a lucky number in Judaism.
It means "chai", or "life".
I'm mansplaining. I--
On this,
our double chaianniversary...
I cannot express
how lucky I am
to be married
to my soul mate.
True love
is so difficult to come by.
we're so happy you found it
with Bex.
And who knows?
Maybe this is the year
that Rachel finds her soul mate.
Dad, can we light
the candles?
Yep, and that's my cue
to wrap things up.
Okay, so, everybody,
thank you for coming!
Let's now
all gather around the candles
and do the thing
that's most important.
Yes! Thank you!
V-tzivanu l'hadlik
ner shel Hanukkah.
What's that?
Look! Slime!
I love slime!
How do you compete with slime?
Happy Hanukkah.
Go on. Open it.
I've been waiting
for the right moment
to give it to you.
It's been in our family
for generations.
Grandma, it's beautiful.
It's an antique...
like yours truly!
My Tanta Sophie used to say,
"It brings light into the lives
of those who spin it."
She'd also say--
"Don't eat
the day-old gefilte."
Oh, there's wisdom in both.
Well, I love it.
Thank you.
Easy on the merchandise.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Looks great, sweetie.
Hey. Can I sub in?
Oh, no. I'm on a roll.
Oh, by the way--
I like that Zach.
He's good with kids, too.
-Dad, please.
-You be quiet.
So, Cuz.
Where's Adam, really?
I'm not buying
the "home sick" excuse.
Yeah, well, if I was you,
I'd worry a little bit less
about my life
and a little bit more
about your dreidel game.
Oh, I see. Trying to get
inside my head, huh?
Not gonna work.
-Oh, Zach.
Big dreidel game.
You want in?
Yeah, that sounds fun. Sure.
-Let's do it.
-Hey. Psst. Hey.
-Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
-What is happening?
Uh, you don't want to play
the cousin game.
You're gonna lose your shirt.
I'm a level-14
Wood Elf Ranger, so.
Of course you are.
I think I can handle
a little game of dreidel.
With your little... s-sword?
Shin! Shin! Shin! Shin!
Shin! Shin! Shin!
Pay up, Jasper Johns!
And I'm out.
Hey! Rachel!
We need another player.
Uh, yeah.
I'm more of a bench-warmer.
-Afraid you're gonna lose?
-Oh, Josh, leave her alone.
Yeah, Josh. She's had
a hard enough night as it is,
with her boyfriend
bailing on her
-at the last minute.
-He didn't bail on me!
He's sick, so. He's sick.
You realize
there's no such thing
as an "airport cold," right?
You got this, kid.
It's your moment to shine.
Destroy him!
All right.
We're waiting.
Shin! Shin! Shin! Shin!
Shin! Shin! Shin!
Yeah, you're on fire.
We get it.
No, no, no!
The curtains are on fire!
Oh, thank you, boys.
Do you know what started it?
From what we can tell,
there was a frayed cord
-on your twinkle lights.
-Oh, the dreidel lights?
Yeah. It's a good thing
nobody got hurt.
Thank you.
The closing on Tuesday...
We'll have to postpone.
Or you could reconsider.
I'll text the realtor.
I'm kidding!
Let's get some sleep. Mm?
One more night--
Don't say that.
...In your old room.
Rachel, honey. You're asleep?
I'll be right downstairs.
What? Oh! No.
No, no, no, no.
I was just calling
to wish my special girl
a happy seventh night
of Hanukkah.
And to remind you,
for the party tonight,
that Goldberg's
closes at 2:00 p.m. sharp.
I'm sorry.
What day is it?
December 13th.
What are you doing
still in bed?
It's nearly 10:00.
I'm sorry. I overslept.
I am having the craziest dream.
I'm sorry.
Tonight is the seventh night
of Hanukkah?
The order is under "Landau".
Two dozen strawberry,
one lemon.
Chag Sameach!
Looks like somebody
is going to a Hanukkah party.
Have we met before?
I feel like we've met.
Probably just my face.
I've been told I look like
a young Barbra Streisand.
Yeah, maybe.
Sorry, just have to pick up.
My boyfriend.
Hi. I am having
the strangest day.
You and me both! Ugh!
I ordered an oat milk cortado
this morning,
and the barista made it with--
get this--
soy milk!
What is this, 1995?
'95, yeah.
Uh, are you almost here?
Uh, you know, uh,
I'm afraid I've come down
with an airport cold.
It might even be the flu.
I think
I'm gonna just head home.
Four calling birds
Three French hens
-Okay, um...
- Two turtle doves...
You're not just saying that
to, I don't know,
get out of
coming home with me?
If anything,
I just don't want to give
your family a virus,
like some Hanukkah
Okay. I swear we've had
this conversation before.
Sorry, man, no change.
Um, I'll call you later.
-Okay, b--
Order for Landau, please?
can you throw some extra tape
on those boxes, please?
Thank you.
Hanukkah is my favorite
time of year
Just because I'm Jewish
Don't mean I can't spread
some holiday cheer
Light up that menorah
Serve me up some more-a
That latke
and watch it disappear
Excuse me, sir. I'm sorry.
Uh, big fan.
Uh, just a quick question.
Do you know any other songs,
or is it just this one?
Sorry, ma'am.
No requests.
- Spend the day away
You called me "ma'am"?
We don't need
no Christmas lights
We all got
All them crazy nights
Yeah, Hanukkah is what--
We cel-e-brate
-I'm so sorry.
-Oh, my gosh.
It's... It's you.
This one's still edible!
No, it's not.
There's a...
Donut Universe--
-Yeah, I know.
-...On the upper level.
I got a train to catch.
Okay. Hey.
Are you seriously going
to leave me here alone again
with your...
...nerd box?
What is happening?
There she is!
My fancy
publishing/editor baby.
We were starting to think
you missed your train!
But you know what?
It's okay, because...
"I love you a latke."
Dad, it's bad.
-It's so bad--
Listen, I love you, Rach,
like Snoop Dogg loves
"Dr. Dreidel".
He is still
workshopping that one.
No, I know. I--
What's wrong with me?
-I'm so sorry.
-Yeah, that's all right.
Where's Adam?
Uh, he is not coming.
He's sick.
Something viral.
Probably contagious.
You can go ahead
and put that in group chat.
Okay. Uh, hey, Ma...?
Where do we keep
the fire extinguisher?
Under the sink.
Oh, the sink!
I read something somewhere
that you should probably
keep the fire extinguisher
in the living room,
so this is gonna be
under the bluecouch.
Okay? Just so we're all clear.
Wait, wait, wait!
Are-- Aren't you
forgetting something?
The sufganiyot?
Right. Um, bad news.
Some jerk ran into me
at the train station.
Jelly donuts
completely destroyed.
Probably should've
led with that.
I know you're in here.
Can we talk?
I got 10 minutes left
in my podcast.
Can it wait?
I could really use your help.
Okay, yeah, sure.
Of course.
Okay. So this is gonna sound...
a little out there,
but, um...
I am living the exact same day
as yesterday--
like, same order of events.
Oh! You and me both.
I mean, ever since
Noah was born,
my life has been
a never-ending cycle
of snot noses
and neediness.
Nope. It's not quite like that.
I am never gonna find out
who killed the prom queen.
You said that yesterday
about the podcast.
-Exact same thing.
Oh, uh...
- That!
- Shoshana!
I'd better go find out
what Noah--
It happened yesterday
and you said that!
-You said that exact same thing.
And then you walk away,
and you waddle with your heels,
and you say something snarky--
- Shoshana!
- Stop. No. Okay.
Let's get this party started!
Okay, okay, okay.
You hanging in there?
I hear you're having a day.
Uh, I'm either psychic,
or I'm having
the longest dj vu ever.
Cynthia's about to walk
through that door--
Madonna accent and all--
with a box from a bakery
called "Tarte and Soul".
Tally-ho, everybody!
You're like
Nicolas Cage from Next.
You could have
your own 1-900 number.
Bex, I am serious.
I'm living the same day
over again.
Hi, lady!
Get over here!
The two of us must
just have a chin-wag!
This can't be happening.
Do you know
what time it is?
Dance to the music
Round and round
and round we go
Dance to the music
Rachel, honey...
...put down the donut.
Let me guess. There's someone
you want me to meet?
What's with the attitude?
Sorry. Um, you were saying?
Well, uh, his name is Zach,
and he's a painter,
and he is very creative.
He has
the most beautiful hands.
He's like a young Caravaggio.
So you two have met before?
Mm-hmm. Funny story.
We bumped into each other
at the train station.
Yeah, actually,
she's being polite.
It's my fault.
I was rushing
to catch the train,
and then we slammed
into each other,
and powdered donuts
flew everywhere.
Yep, and he ran off
and forgot this.
-My dice protector.
So you left her there,
all alone?
Yeah. He had to come
pick you up.
How did you know that?
the, uh... train.
Train to Montclair,
you two arrive together?
Uh, so that's how we met.
It sounds like
a nice meet-cute.
I'm seeing someone.
Oh, it's funny...
I, uh, just don't seem
to see anyone.
I'll, uh, just leave you two
to get better acquainted.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Looks like Donut Universe
really upped their game, huh?
Yeah. So, you play
Dungeons and Dragons, right?
Uh, yeah...
So you like science-fiction?
I'd say fantasy's
more my genre,
but I've been known
to dabble.
So what
I'm about to say
is gonna sound insane--
But, um, I'm fairly certain
I'm stuck in a time loop,
and we've met before.
You know, you could just ask me
if I'm single.
No, I'm not--
I'm not hitting on you.
It's like, um--
it's like
I'm in Palm Springs.
On vacation?
No. The Tom Cruise movie?
Where I'm living and dying
and repeating.
My day is repeating.
Groundhog Day!
It's like Groundhog Day.
I'm in Groundhog Day.
I think I can work with this.
One question--
am I supposed
to play Andie MacDowell
or Bill Murray?
No, no.
We are not role-playing.
This is real.
I keep organizing the donuts
the same way every day,
and my grandma keeps
trying to set us up.
Yeah, and in this time loop,
do we ever, like...
Oh! No.
It's a Hanukkah party.
-No, of course.
-At a Hanukkah party,
we light candles
and eat lots of latkes.
I was going to say
"light candles".
My cousin's trying to loop you
into a game of dreidel.
Don't. You lose your dignity
and your shirt.
I don't think
I'm gonna lose my shirt.
No, you will.
that's before
the living room sets on fire.
But it's not gonna
to happen this time!
Mm-mm! I fixed the problem.
Look. The big, faulty wiring.
Okay? I fixed it.
Mark my words.
Tonight is gonna be smoke-free!
Well, the good news is,
we were able to contain
the fire to the kitchen.
Do you know what caused it?
One of the overhead fixtures
had some faulty wiring.
Thank you!
Stan? Uh...
Can I talk to you?
-Thank you.
Okay, I can see now
that you weren't
just hitting on me.
No. I'm not--
I'm not ever hitting on you.
There's no hitting on you.
This-- This is
an actual time loop, right?
-Yes! Yes.
-Yes. Right.
And how many times
have we met?
I don't know.
Like-- like, three?
-I keep losing track.
I need you to help me.
I have an idea.
Give me your phone.
All right.
This is great.
I'm gonna give you my number.
If you wake up tomorrow morning
in a time loop,
you just call me.
-Right. Um...
And you do realize,
when I wake up,
your number
won't be in my phone?
I'm realizing that now, yeah.
Exchanging phone numbers,
I see?
Oh, no. It's--
It's not like that.
Whatever you like, dear.
I don't like it,
'cause that's not
what's happening.
So what is happening?
What is happening next, exactly?
-Get in the house!
-What, what, what? Then what?
is my favorite holiday
I'll break out
the dreidel game
And we can spin the day away
We don't need
no Christmas lights
If we got
all them crazy nights
Yeah, Hanukkah
is what we celeb--
Okay. Look, lady.
I'm trying to work here.
Look, that's your dance space!
This is my dance space.
Shh! Okay?
Oh! Oh, Zach!
Hey. Hey.
We got all them
crazy nights, yeah
is what we celebrate
Oh, this nerd
is trying to kill me.
-Hi? Hi, hi, hi.
Hi. Rachel.
-Okay. Hi. Do we--
I'm sorry.
Do we know each other?
Yeah. Um, this is gonna
sound strange, but...
I'm stuck in a time loop,
and you said
you could help me get out.
-That's cool!
No, no, I "LARP"--
-...So I get it--
No. What is it
with you and role-playing?
I have proof.
Missing something?
-My Zayde gave me these.
Your Zayde
is an "OG level-20 arch-druid"?
Learn something new every day.
How did you know that?
Oh, another thing.
You are wearing
black boxer briefs,
purple waistband,
and a label that itches
a little bit too much.
But you told me to tell you
that as proof, right?
-We going?
-Come on!
-I'm going.
But the thing is,
for the fire, this time,
it was caused by faulty wiring.
That's intriguing.
But, you know,
here's the thing
about those time-loop movies.
The main character
always has a big change
they need to make
in their lives.
Okay, but the thing is,
my life
is actually going perfect,
and there's no notes,
and I can't think of anything.
-Oh, Grandma!
-What a lovely surprise.
Hi, Grandma.
Uh, I was gonna come
and pick you up,
and then I ran into Zach
at the train station.
Oh. What a happy coincidence.
Something like that.
Now, if I could only
find my keys.
Oh, where could they be?
You know, you two
have so much in common.
Both creative types.
Oh, no. I'm in publishing.
I'm an editor.
She happens
to be a fabulous writer.
I still have her writings
from college.
Maybe, uh...
you'll see them tomorrow,
after the unveiling of
the holiday art installation.
Hard candy?
No. Sorry--
"holiday art installation"?
It's at the luncheon tomorrow.
We do it every year.
It's part of my art class
for the residents.
He used to organize
the event with his Zayde.
Maybe you'll show up this time.
So... do you still write?
Oh, uh, no. No.
I'm more in the business
of making other people's dreams
come true.
Wow. You're a little young
to give up on your dreams.
I mean, Zach here?
He's shootin' for the stars.
Ah, thank you, Rosie.
Well, he may be penniless,
but, uh--
I'm not penniless.
Right. Right.
He's willing to take his shot.
Look, no one says
that you have to make the world
revolve around you.
Just don't let anyone
get in the way of your shining.
Okay. Thank you.
-There they are.
-Found 'em!
The Cutlass Supreme.
Stay off the toll ways.
I have unresolved tickets.
There's this super-cute
artisanal bakery
right down the street
from my friend's loft in Dumbo.
It's called
"Tarte and Soul".
I picked up
the last of their jellies,
-and let me tell you--
...Their truffle oil drizzle
is sublime.
Welcome. Welcome.
Oh, Mom, uh,
this is Grandma's friend, Zach.
Pleasure to meet you,
Mrs. Landau.
Thank you for having me.
Oh, well!
The more, the merrier.
-Oh, good. Thank you.
-Right. Okay.
Come this way.
Hey, lady.
I'm sorry to hear about Adam.
Oh, I was so looking forward
to a--
- Huh.
- Rachel?
Honey, these boxes
in your bedroom
are going home
with you tomorrow.
For sure, Dad.
It is time for you to start
storing your own garbagio.
Every single time!
He's obsessed with those boxes.
maybe there's a reason
he keeps bringing it up.
Could be a clue inside.
It's like old yearbooks
and stuff.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
Can I be the judge of that?
Oh, look.
Another NSYNC ticket.
You need to practice
some detachment.
Well, you're telling me
you don't have a single box
of mementos
at your folks' place?
They're divorced,
and no, I don't.
What do you got here? Poems?
-Short stories?
-No. They're like a decade old.
Just-- They're stupid.
Well, this one's marked
two years ago.
-No. That's mine.
-Whoa. Hold on!
-Whoa, hey, hey--
-That's not for you.
Hold on. What is-- Wait.
What is this?
Okay, well, it's--
That is
my young-adult novel.
It's about a...
band of misfits on a quest
to find the elixir of youth,
-if you must know.
-Well, you had me at "elixir."
-Can I read this?
No. Absolutely not!
It's a work in progress.
Well, if it's a work
in progress,
what's it doing
in a box in New Jersey?
Not haunting me.
Apparently, it's a lot easier
to give notes
than it is to get 'em.
Okay. Now that we're done
our awkward jaunt
down memory lane,
can we get back
to the cosmic time-loop?
-Oh, right. That thing.
-"That thing."
We need an expert-- someone
even more nerdy than you,
if that's possible-- probably
not, but we should try.
Careful what you wish for.
So the fire breaks out
in a different way each time?
Look, if I'm not back in time
for the candle lighting,
I'm never gonna hear
the end of this.
Trust me, this guy
is a walking encyclopedia.
he's one of my best friends,
so let's just keep it
a little more dork-positive,
This one... is set
on an enchanted island,
where everyone
is stuck in a time loop.
It's kind of like
an exploration
of immortality, you know.
"Time as a construct,"
you know?
Illusion versus reality.
How does it end?
Oh, everyone dies.
Uh, you know what? Let's, uh,
maybe not start with that one.
Oh, this one
is more of a time-travel story,
but it has a twist at the end
that might come in handy,
and, oh, yeah,
this one is set in the 1960s,
but I promise you,
it's a real page-turner.
I'm not gonna have time
to read all of these.
How many times did Bill Murray
repeat the same day
in Groundhog Day?
Oh, uh...
most scholars agree,
it's 12,395 times, give or take.
And what's that in years?
Human years?
He follows
the Vulcan calendar.
34 years...
nine months,
and five days.
-See? Plenty of time.
No, no, no, no, no!
I-I have a job to get back to,
bills to pay.
-I have a boyfriend!
-Oh, yeah.
The professor
with commitment issues?
He does not have
commitment issues!
Why do you think
he keeps bailing on you?
I forgot,
you're Esther Perel!
That's you.
Hey, can you guys
just keep it down a notch?
You're scaring
the customers.
Okay. Do you want
to figure this out or not?
Then you have
to trust the process.
So I think we can all agree
that the best course of action
is to figure out
the inciting incident--
that's the event
that sets the story in motion.
-Okay, yeah.
-She's a writer.
-She knows
what an "inciting incident" is.
You know, I've actually been
working on this fantasy series
about these shapeshifting elves.
It's really heady stuff.
-We should trade pages--
-Can we stay on topic?
-Don't pitch her.
The better we know each other,
the better we'll work together.
Okay. So, guys.
Seventh night. All right?
Maybe it's something
I mean--
We're closed!
Okay. Yeah, yeah.
Okay, could be.
Hanukkah. Um...
Lightness over dark.
Uh, getting the foil
off the chocolate gelt.
Can we please stay on topic?
I'm begging.
What? It's really hard to do,
and it's really important
to Hanukkah.
-Ridiculously hard.
-Is it? Ridiculously hard?
This is brainstorming!
There's no bad ideas
in brainstorming.
Yeah, he's right.
Okay. Speed round.
Favorite Hanukkah traditions.
-Lighting the candles.
-I said lighting.
Spinning the dreidel--
not to be confused
with spinning the bottle,
which is also a good time.
-Nobody's gonna confuse that.
The dr-- okay.
The first night,
when it was my turn to spin,
I used an antique dreidel
my grandmother gave me,
and then the curtains
caught on fire.
Like, immediately?
-Inciting incident.
Do you think it's related?
I think we need to get
our hands on that dreidel.
l'hadlik ner shel Hanukkah.
I love slime!
Dreidel incoming.
Happy Hanukkah!
Oh. What could this be?
It's just completely opposite
to what I'm telling you.
But that's it, WandaVision
is a meditation on grief!
She's an Avenger, arguably
the most powerful Avenger.
Just because she's a woman--
I was just waiting
for the right moment
to give it to you.
Thank you.
It brings light into the lives
of people who spin it.
How does it do that, exactly?
You know, Hanukkah--
uh, festival of lights...
oil for days--
all that jazz.
Just because she's a woman,
it has to be a meditation?
Hey, Dungeon Master.
Excuse me. Uh, can I talk
to you for a second?
This is a pretty important
conversation we're having.
Oh! Right! Uh...
to be continued.
Dude. She has seen every
single Marvel movie ever made,
including the TV spinoffs.
I think I might
be in love with her.
I think we're annoyed
by her, right?
-Stop. Okay.
-Yeah. Get on board.
Impressive craftsmanship.
-Good heft to it, too.
Not like the plastic ones
you get at Hebrew school.
Yeah, okay.
It's cold out here. Spin it.
Let's see what happens.
What if it's like
Richard Donner's Superman?
You know,
when the earthquake hits
and Lois gets stuck
in the San Andreas Fault?
You think
that's gonna work?
-It's worth a try!
-Is it?
You know, right?
Superman: The Movie?
With Christopher Reeve?
-You like the Henry Cavill one?
You do.
Seriously? I have no idea
what you see in this woman.
-I just met her!
-It's not like that.
Okay. So there's a sequence
in the film
where Lois--
...Superman's lady friend,
gets killed.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Spoiler alerts!
It's a 45-year-old movie.
Relax, okay?
Superman can fly
really, really fast, right?
So he starts flying
around the planet
until it starts
spinning backwards.
He turns back time?
In the movie,
'cause it's not real.
Did it work?
-In the movie, it did.
-Yeah. Let's go.
Yeah. Let's do it.
What's the worst
that could happen?
I don't know.
The house burns down?
Who cares?
It just resets anyway.
So, I guess we just wait here,
see what happens?
Where there's a will,
there's a way.
Oh. Speaking of which.
Five bucks
he tries to get her number.
Ten bucks says
she gives it to him.
-All right.
I take cash,
no crypto.
I'm giving it
to you in quarters.
Ah! What an epic night,
huh, guys?
You do realize her number's
not gonna be in your phone
in the morning, right?
-Oh, yeah. That's a good point.
-What is it with you guys?
In an infinite multiverse,
every outcome
happens eventually,
including me
and the hot cousin
making beautiful music
-That's disgusting.
You gonna pick that up?
No. It's just Adam
pocket-dialing me,
like he does every night.
Hold on!
Wait. What?
Can you make out
what he's saying?
Is there noise
in the background?
Sometimes, you can tell a lot.
Guys, guys. I'm sure there is
a perfectly reasonable
for why he's not home.
Uh, yeah.
He's, uh, not sick.
You sent it to voicemail.
Let's listen to it.
What, we're gonna listen
to a pocket-dial for clues?
That's exactly
what we're gonna do. Come on.
It's like the worst version
of Sherlock Holmes.
He's at a...
Like an art gallery o--
Is that saxophone?
Hold on.
I know what this is.
It's the Rad Reagans.
It's an all-female
1980s cover group.
They only play
one-hit wonders.
You got that
from listening to pocket dial?
My man here
is an '80s-music fanatic.
He puts the R-E-O
in Speedwagon,
if you know what I mean.
-I don't.
-Don't say words like that.
They're playing at a bar
in Tribeca tonight.
We're going there.
You're gonna confront him.
I am not goin' to that bar.
Have a moment!
Excuse me.
Excuse me...
Yeah, just, okay.
Shall we dance?
We're not here to have fun.
We're here on a mission.
Okay. Mission: No Fun.
Yes, Ma'am.
All right.
-You see him?
The one over there,
doing "The Sprinkler".
Oh, nice!
That's my move.
Yeah. Okay. Let's go.
Oh! Wait.
Whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no.
We're not leaving
until you talk to him.
Don't you want to find out
what's going on?
I do.
Yeah. Okay.
-You got this!
I got this.
...You got me to your--
You me to your...
You got me to yourself
Yeah, it's you!
-Hey. Oh.
Oh, oh, oh.
What are you doing here?
Oh, you know,
getting my groove on.
Oh! Bring it back.
-That's great.
Um, how about you?
I thought you were, uh...
I thought you were sick?
I, uh,
I got a second wind,
and some friends
were meeting up, so...
-Yeah. Of course.
-Hey, yeah.
You don't have
to explain yourself to me.
I know.
You know...
if you didn't want
to meet my parents,
you could've just said so.
Oh. Yeah. Um...
look, can we talk
about that tomorrow?
not really an option.
All right.
We're gonna do this now.
I think you're
a really lovely person--
Shot! Shot! Shot!
Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!
Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!
...And I've really
enjoyed our time together--
I can't hear you!
I don't think
we should--
...See each other anymore!
You're breaking up with me?
Well, I wanted to wait
until after New Year's.
Nobody likes to be alone
over the holidays.
You literally left me alone...
on a holiday!
Look, Rachel,
we are like a pair
of mismatched lab mice
repelled by
each other's pheromones.
That's what
I've been saying.
Can I call you tomorrow? yourself
You know
there's no alcohol in that.
You all right?
You want to know
the worst part about all this?
I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and
Adam and I will still be dating.
I'm gonna get dumped
every day
for the rest of eternity.
Actually, I think
the worst part
is, uh, when
he called you a mouse.
And I did nothing about it!
You just stood there.
Can I have the Roy Rogers.
Yeah. You can take that.
You ordered it.
Want to know how we met?
It was the Friday night mixer
at the 92nd Street Y,
and I saw Adam,
and I thought...
"Well, this must be kismet."
I mean, my parents met
at a Jewish singles' event,
and for them,
it was love at first sight.
Another thing?
I do everything for him.
He has this big fancy job
and these big credentials,
but I'm the one
making sure his quinoa milk
is actually gluten-free!
Well, you work
behind the scenes,
-out of the spotlight.
I do everything for everyone.
What about me? Hmm?
If I say something,
I don't want you to take it
the wrong way.
All right?
we fill our days
helping others,
but the truth is,
we're avoiding our lives.
No, I'm not avoiding anything.
No. No, not you.
'Course not you.
You're busy helping
your mom with errands.
-Watering your neighbor's lawn?
Fixing typos for your boss?
Yeah, that's my job.
No, it's the perfect plan.
'Cause, that way,
you can lie to yourself
that you're fulfilled
in your helpfulness,
and you never actually
have to put yourself out there,
so, bravo!
Okay. You would be
the expert on that, right?
You're speaking
to the art teacher
who never has time for anything
except helping the elderly.
Yeah. Pfft.
Yeah, very impressive.
Adding "the elderly"
to your list of good deeds.
Yeah, it is, because, that way,
I never have to admit
that all I ever really wanted
to do in my life
was be an illustrator
for comics and books.
Yeah, I know.
It's stupid.
Oh, no. Really?
-Yeah, really.
I get it.
Well, aren't we a pair
of avoidant alter kakers?
All right, guys!
Let's go to the next bar!
All right, let's do it. Okay.
Speaking of avoiding things--
-what are you doing?
-Sit up.
You're shrinking
from the spotlight again.
This is your chance.
You can tell him how you feel.
Look, maybe this will
stop the loop.
You think I should?
You're a writer.
Go give him some words
to remember you by.
"Pharaoh of Pheromones"!
Hi, Rachel.
-Mm-mm. Nope. I can't do it.
I think we can do better.
Um, maybe, uh...
-you just need to be meaner.
-Can you do, like, a mean face?
I don't know what that is,
but I like it.
-Vampire? A bat, maybe?
-Do it.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Are you okay?
No. No, I'm not okay.
I'm more than okay.
I'm a catch, Adam.
A catch, okay?
And if you can't handle...
all of this...
maybe you're not all right.
Because-- Because "this"?
This is done hiding.
Okay, "this"?
This is stepping into the light,
all right?
And frankly, I am downright glad
it's not with you.
Did you get into
the all-you-can-drink
Shirley Temples agai--
Okay, word to the wise,
and I'm telling you this
to be nice.
For somebody that knows
so much about attraction,
you know what's not attractive?
Your feet.
Invest in a pedicure.
That was so good.
-Okay, okay?
I was a little worried
at first, but--
Me too!
-You totally stuck the landing!
-Do you think?
-I blacked out.
That low-blow--
-What'd I say?
-...With the feet? Yeah.
-Feet? Okay.
Don't worry about that guy.
If he can't see how great
you are, forget him.
Yeah, okay.
I mean, seriously!
You're so smart.
You're funny.
You're beautiful.
You've got this amazing family
who would do anything for you.
Do you know how many guys
would kill for that?
Okay. Uh, be careful,
because first rule
of time-loop movies is,
don't fall in love
with the girl in the loop.
You don't sound confident
about that.
I feel confident about it.
See, I thought
I was Andie MacDowell.
You're not Andie MacDowell.
So I'm Bill Murray?
I-- No! I'm Andie MacDowell
and Bill Murray,
and you're the alarm clock.
Can I at least
be the groundhog?
No. I'm the groundhog.
Why would you
get to be the groundhog?
That's thecharacter.
It's five past 12:00.
You made it past midnight.
Do you think that means that--
I-I think that means
this "time loop" theory
was just an excuse
to hang out with me.
No. It--
Listen. I'll tell you what.
Why don't we go
our separate ways,
get some sleep,
and if your "magic dreidel"--
-Don't do this.
-...Permits us--
Don't do this!
It's not a "magic--"
well, it is a magic--
Let's get some bagels
and coffee tomorrow.
I love bagels and coffee.
I mean, who doesn't?
That's kind of
why I offered it.
Yeah, that sounds amazing.
Is that your angry face?
-No, it's not my angry face.
I really hope you wake up
and remember me.
Well, I'll tell you what.
If we have to do this
a hundred more times--
Don't say that.
I'm here for it.
See you tomorrow.
Good night, Alarm Clock.
Good night, Groundhog.
Seriously? Come on! Argh!
You still don't have
volume six of Paper Girls,
where KJ jumps
to an alt-Y2K?
Uh... Andy?
Oh, it's coming
in the shipment tomorrow.
Okay, well,
I don't need it tomorrow.
I need it today.
I'm done being
in this time loop!
Uh, there is, uh...
something that...
could work.
Okay. Have you--
have you tried, uh...
taking a jump to the left?
Uh, no. You might want to take
a step to the right.
To the right? Okay.
And then-- and then you put
your hands on your hips--
...You bring your knees
in tight.
"Time Warp"?
Is this the Time Warp?
-This a joke?
It is.
Okay, well,
what about Dr. Strange?
Does he deal in time-loop stuff?
Professor X? Anyone?
This woman is unbelievable.
You just met her
at a train station,
and she started talking to you?
Apparently, we've done
all these things together,
like, up in her parents' house--
eaten latkes,
played dreidel.
she knows things about me.
things that you don't even know.
It's freaking me out.
uh, Rachel, this, uh--
this boyfriend of yours,
is it-- is it serious?
Mm. Well, he's got
serious commitment issues.
Yeah. We're on track
to break up later this evening,
and then you and I
knock back Shirley Temples.
And then what?
No! it's like we...
go our separate ways.
We go our separate ways.
What were you thinking?
Then I wake up,
and we are at square one.
There must be some angle
we haven't covered yet.
Hey. Uh...
permission to speak?
Hey, uh...
you seem like
a really nice person,
so forgive me
for saying this
on Hanukkah of all times,
but if you're stuck
in a time loop,
that means there's something
seriously wrong
with your personality.
-Tact, man!
Stop. Stop. Please.
Well, I think we can all agree
it's not the boyfriend.
Uh, what do you do for work?
I am an assistant editor
at a publishing house
in the city.
And how's that
working out for you?
Amazing. Yeah.
I love it.
I make other people's dreams
come true all day
and then I get
to restock coffee pods.
Well, your sarcasm suggests
there's something
you'd rather be doing,
something you...
lack the courage to pursue?
All right, buddy.
That's enough.
No, no, no. He's right.
There's a young adult novel
I've been working on forever.
It's about
a group of elixir hunters.
It's always been a dream of mine
to get it published.
What's stopping you?
The usual-- uh,
fear of rejection,
fear of failure,
fear of feedback.
Kind of basic.
Well, it's crystal clear.
You just need to learn
to take feedback.
Oh! That's great.
I have some feedback for you--
terrible idea.
Well, now you're being
a little harsh.
I think that Andy
has a good idea.
You need some feedback.
Who better to give it to you
than the three of us?
Check us out.
Okay, so you're suggesting
that I give you my manuscript,
and you guys give me notes?
-Uh, yeah, pretty much.
Yep. We'll tell you
if it's Chewbacca or Jar-Jar.
I don't know what that means.
Oh, um,
work of absolute genius,
or horrible abomination
that has stained hearts, minds,
-and souls.
-Why didn't you say that?
Oh, we are--
-So sorry.
Do you guys make any money?
Oh. right.
Well, is it even a twist
at that point?
Well, nobody knows!
You just kind of go for it.
And this. Okay. Okay.
Wait. Where are they?
We're caught in a dream
that keeps me awake
All through the night...
It's done.
What's that?
Got to look over it.
All right, guys.
...Out on our own
We're lost in this place
What do you think?
Dry, cheesy...
arguably a little stale.
The novel?
The novel's great.
Honestly, I didn't--
probably a little more nuance
to be mined
from the mentor character,
but... a bit 2-D at times.
But honestly, everything else
is great, killer.
Thank you. Uh, Andy?
Oh, it's good.
Solid read.
Could use a little bit of pacing
in act one, but...
Besides that,
you learned well, young Padawan.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
Is this boring?
No witty comments?
No remark? Nothing?
I love it.
It's inspiring.
That's it?
-Nothin' else?
Too busy doodling?
What are you drawing?
-No, it's just--
-Let me see.
-Ooh, wow!
She's a looker!
I'm not attracted to cartoons,
though, for the record.
She's beautiful.
It's just the heroine
to your story.
Oh, it's Rachel!
This is how you see me?
Oh, would you look at that?
It is time to light
some Hanukkah candles.
-Hanukkah. Almost forgot.
-Hey, man--
That's my bad.
I'm-- I'm very sorry.
Oh. That one's heart-shaped.
Oh. I guess so.
I could be wrong,
but is someone a touch smitten?
Mom? Mom, it's the latkes,
Hey, girl!
We have to talk.
I am 20 pages
into this novel you're writing,
and I'm hooked!
Are you writing again?
-That is terrific!
-Where did you get these?
Oh, Grandma's friend, Zach.
Have you met Zach?
Oh, he's a peach.
But, of course,
I cannot represent you myself--
Um, no.
You hungry?
This spread is legit.
Your family's-- wow!
Why did you give Cynthia
my pages?
Who cares? You're one step
closer to getting published.
My God, don't you get it?
This is never
gonna get published,
because this day is gonna
keep repeating forever!
Well, it wouldn't be
the Festival of Lights
without a few fireworks, right?
Hi. You, uh...
seem quite upset.
Do you feel like talking?
Come on, out with it.
I feel like I'm stuck
in this massive...
a rut I didn't even know
I was in,
and no matter how hard I try,
I can't seem to move forward.
You ever felt like that?
Tch. The night I met your mom...
...I wasn't supposed
to be at that dance.
Your Uncle Harvey,
he dragged me there.
Why don't I...
why don't I know
this part of the story?
Because it involved
another woman.
What? No!
Yeah, I was involved
in a long-term relationship,
and I was not
the one who wanted out.
So you got dumped?
Right before Halloween,
and by the time
Hanukkah rolled around...
I mean, I-- I'd just
sworn off love completely.
I mean, there was just no way
that I was gonna let
my feelings get hurt
like that again,
so I guess... know, I guess
you could say
that I was stuck in a rut.
And had it not been
for Uncle Harvey
pushing me out
of my comfort zone--
You never would have met Mom.
Maybe it's time for you
to step outside
your comfort zone.
I get it. Yeah.
You okay?
It's just
a small case of jetlag.
I flew in from London
this morning,
so my body's still
running on GMT--
that's "Greenwich Mean Time..."
ahem, because I live in London.
I know where you live.
I can't seem to turn it off.
Every time
I come home for Hanukkah,
I feel like I have
to put on this act.
You know, like...
like I need to, um, to prove
to everyone
that my life is so fabulous,
when the truth is...'s not.
-It's not?
-It's not.
This may shock you...
but this accent
isn't even real.
You're kidding.
This is how
I actually talk.
-You don't remember?
-Right. Because, um--
and I didn't and then you talked
and I'm, like, "Right."
My colleagues don't trust me,
and I haven't made a single
new friend since I moved there.
It's godawful!
And this donut
tastes like trash.
I had no idea.
I mean,
you're always so confident.
I mean, you walk into a room
and people notice.
I always admired that.
Sure. I showboat
while you shrink back,
but we're doing the same thing--
trying to avoid rejection,
trying to people-please.
It's exhausting!
You have no idea.
I actually
really miss
the real you.
I miss you, too.
-Get over here!
-Okay. Enough about this broad.
What is going on with you?
Uh, well, I'm single. Yeah.
Adam and I broke up.
He is a textbook narcissist.
-Ew. The worst.
-I know.
But there's somebody new.
Yeah, there's this guy
I really like,
but I can't seem
to make any progress.
All right, all right. Fine.
Spill it, sistah.
Gonna help?
Oh, yeah. Put a donut there.
Oh, that's what I meant.
Thank you so much.
And put a donut right there.
Rachel, do you think
I got a chance
with your cousin?
Uh, well, you're like magnets--
you end up together
in every loop, so.
She really likes you.
Cool, cool, cool.
I'm gonna go circulate!
It's not Goldberg's anyways.
Yeah, well, maybe if you quit
running into me
at the train station...
Do you think the donuts
have something to do
with the time loop?
Maybe. I mean, we're in
magic-dreidel territory now,
so, could be.
They're a symbol
of my parents' undying love.
I have an idea.
Trust the process.
We gotta get those donuts
to that party unscathed.
No flattened donuts,
no flattened time.
Obviously, that's the way
out of the time loop.
Oh, obviously.
We're closed!
Well, that could work.
Either that,
or our girl has gotten a little
loopy from all these time loops.
We got to get those donuts out
of the train station unscathed.
Well, we could just
buy more donuts.
"Buy more donuts"?
Why didn't I think of that?
Oh, wait.
I did, and it didn't work, so.
Did you ever get to level 17
of that Vampire Legion game
I loaned you?
The one with
the blood-sucking unicorns and--
-Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-...The flame-throwing ferrets?
The one where you think
you're supposed to go
through the brick fireplace
to level up,
but you really need to--
...Bypass the hell-mouth
completely, yes!
You know this game?
Yeah. We beat it a loop ago.
We beat it?
No? Okay.
You're right.
We gotta bypass
the train station,
but how do we get
on the train?
Oh, no-no-no-no. We are
never getting those donuts
to New Jersey on the train.
Well, how do we get
to the party, then?
She's a... a beauty.
Thank you.
I painted the, uh, dragon wings
on the hood myself.
Ah. Okay.
Okay. Here's what we'll do.
When I wake up,
I'll drive over to Hero Worship,
kidnap Seth,
throw him in the van,
and then we'll drive
over to your apartment
and pick you up.
What makes you think
I'm gonna believe you
if you just show up at my house
with a kidnapped Seth?
Oh...'ll believe me.
You always believe me.
Don't believe you.
Answer's no.
If you let me explain,
I'll tell you.
Is this what you do?
You just knock
on strangers' doors,
tell them you're
a time traveler?
You don't believe me?
Why aren't you hitting on me?
I gotta catch my train.
Hold on.
You like LARPing,
but your passion is...
illustrating for comic books.
How could you possibly
know that?
I also know that you teach
at Cedar Hill Terrace,
which makes you, like,
the most selfless person I know.
You're smart.
You're funny.
You are very optimistic,
no matter how hopeless
the situation gets.
And my grandmother is right--
you have
the most beautiful hands.
Are you hitting on me?
I know
that this sounds strange.
Little bit.
But we are stuck
in a time loop together.
-Oh, we're stuck?
-You and me.
And you said you'd help me
get out of it.
I'm sorry.
I, uh...
Look. It's the, um...
The dice!
You have
a vintage dice protector
in your left pocket.
It's two dodecahedron
D&D dice,
a gift from your Zayde Sam--
unbelievably nerdy, but...
they mean
the world to you.
Hi, Seth.
You know Seth?
Yeah. He was super into it.
It's a long story,
but a fun one,
and I will tell it to you,
if you get in the van.
Get in the van, man!
Yeah. Okay. That was easy.
How did she rope you
into this?
Look, man,
she's a time traveler
with a singular mission.
I've seen Terminator.
You think I wanna
mess with Skynet?
I don't think
she's a cyborg.
I'm not taking any chances.
There's Goldberg's.
Popular place.
Oh, God. I forgot.
Don't look.
-What's that?
-Don't look behind.
There's a very nosy lady
in line.
Do not engage with her.
-What are you doing? Stop!
-Oh. Made eye contact.
Okay, but leave me
out of it.
-Chag Sameach.
Looks like somebody
is going to a Hanukkah party!
-This is Rachel. I'm Zach.
-Mildred? Nice to meet you!
We're actually going
to Rachel's parents' house
for a Hanukkah party
tonight. Yeah.
You're meeting them?
For the first time, tonight?
Her parents?
-First time. Yeah.
-He is.
Her Bubbe set us up.
and that is my phone.
-So convenient!
-Gotta take that. Bye!
Hey, babe.
Bad news.
I'm not gonna make it tonight.
I'm, uh--
...I'm feeling sick.
Adam, hey.
I'm glad you called.
We need to talk.
Oh, that sounds ominous.
Listen, I know you don't
want to meet my parents.
I get it.
It was way too soon!
I never said that!
Yeah, you don't have
to pretend to be sick
or anything.
Five shiny things...
Deep down, we know we are
not right for each other.
Are you breaking up with me?
I am.
And I gotta run.
Trust me, there are
no hard feelings.
-...Bette Midler.
-What'd I miss?
-Oh, so much!
I was just telling your beau
I'm often mistaken
for a young Bette Midler.
-Striking, honestly. Yeah.
That's what I thought too.
And also...
Mildred was telling me
that she's gonna be
lighting the Hanukkah candles
alone tonight.
-With the boyfriend?
Or girlfriend?
I'm hip to that.
No, I'm sorry,
I only have my kids in Seattle.
Oh! Hop, skip,
and a jump, though.
-Not that close, though.
-Could be, though!
-Ah. We Zoomed the first night,
but, you know,
they have busy lives
and parties of their own to--
But if only there was
a Hanukkah party
we could invite her to,
you know?
-Oh, no. If only!
-What is that?
Is that a hint
that I just dropped?
-There it is!
-Okay, stop. Thank you.
Is that Rose Landau?
Mildred Tannenbaum?
Talk about kismet!
How do you guys
know each other?
We met Mildred in line
at Goldberg's.
Oh, Mildy and I went to school
together in Newark.
What a mitzvah--
your Rachel inviting me
to the party tonight!
Ah, she's a good one.
Let's all keep that in mind.
-Oh. Sorry.
-No. No.
-My bad.
The donuts are okay.
That's what matters.
That's the important thing.
Yeah. Yes.
Seems to be going pretty well.
-I think so.
I think we make a good team.
Yeah. A really good team.
I don't know how
to thank you.
Well, I could--
-Was that the first time--
Can you save it
for a bigger van?
All right.
You, uh--
You go.
Make sure these donuts
arrive in one piece.
We'll meet you inside.
-All right.
Got your stuff here.
Seth Rubenstein
cannot play tennis!
-Yes, he can, Stan.
-He has one--
There she is!
My publishing/editor baby.
Look who showed up
to surprise you.
Happy Hanukkah.
Adam, what are you doing here?
After this morning,
it occurred to me
that I have been
so focused on work
that I haven't been
paying attention
to what's really important.
I never go to--
-...The archery range anymore.
And don't get even
get me started on the sub-par--
-Okay. Adam--
-...Espresso machine
-at the faculty club.
I have been taking you
for granted, too.
Hearing you this morning--
you're so decisive,
so assured.
It's like
you're a brand-new woman.
Okay. Adam. Adam! I meant
what I said this morning.
All right. Just let me stay
for the candle-lighting.
I came all this way.
Okay. Just...
we're still broken up!
Ah! Happy Hanukkah, everyone!
I can take your coats.
Everything work out okay
with the sufganiyot?
Yeah. Can we talk for a second?
-Yeah. Just...
Hi! You must be Rose.
It's such a pleasure
to meet you.
I'm Adam,
Rachel's boyfriend.
And you are?
I'm Zach... Rubin.
Rosie's driver.
Oh, that's wonderful.
I'm always looking for
a reliable car service
to the airport.
Do you have a card?
Not on me.
You know,
I left my nebulizer
in the van!
Would you be a dear,
and go get it for me?
-Would love to.
-Thank you, darling.
Oh. Uh...
is Mildred Tannenbaum.
And I'm sure
she would love it
if you would share
your groundbreaking research
on hamster lice.
I would?
I would!
A Manischewitz
for the lady?
What do I do?
Go after him!
-This is it!
This is it! Yes, yes!
Zach! Zach, can we talk?
You're in a relationship.
I get it.
No, no. We broke up.
That was the phone call
I took at Goldberg's.
Okay, so what does
that make me?
Your time-loop rebound?
No! We've broken up,
like-like, four times.
We even did it together
on the third loop.
I'm very ready to move on.
-Wish you could remember it.
Yeah, well, I don't,
and from where I'm standing,
it kind of feels like
you're using me
to make your boyfriend jealous.
No. I would never do that.
I mean,
he's never done that before.
Well, maybe that's a sign.
Maybe you two
are meant to be together.
How could you say that?
After everything
we've been through?
Look, that's just it--
in your mind,
we've been on
this epic journey together,
but for me,
I'm on day one here.
And I can't seem to catch up.
Let me explain.
No. It's--
it's been a really long day,
I'm gonna go inside.
Oh... my... gosh!
Uh... gosh.
-"Gosh" is what I said.
I just finished the first
20 pages of your book,
and it is incredible!
-It is?
And I'm-I'm so honored
that you asked me to read it.
Okay. Uh...
Are you writing a novel?
Yeah. It's a new thing
I'm trying--
No. Oh, please.
No! The stories that this lady
would tell us as children
are what inspired me
to get into publishing.
I didn't know that.
You're full of surprises today.
Okay, so I can't
represent you myself,
and the UK's a completely
different market,
but I am meeting
with some publishers
while I'm in town,
for some drinks,
and I would just love
to chat you up--
if that's all right with you.
Yes. Yes!
That'd be wicked awesome.
Excuse me.
Emergency. Josh!
Oy. She's a handful.
I can see why she gets
under your skin.
You know what?
I'm gonna step into my light.
It's time for you to go.
Uh, can I have
everybody's attention, please?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Well, thank you for that.
I just want to thank
for being here
to help Joanna and me celebrate
our 36th anniversary--
...Of the first night we met.
That Adam
is so full of himself.
Now get in there
and fight for her!
It's out of my hands.
You think I brought you in here
so you could stuff yourself
full of latkes?
18 is a lucky number...
My granddaughter needs saving.
She's a damsel in distress!
I think that's a bit of
an outdated paradigm.
Oh, for heaven's sake!
You need to start
living your life.
It's what your grandfather
would have wanted.
Not pullin' any punches
tonight, are we?
True love
is so difficult to come by.
we're so happy
you found it with Bex.
And who knows?
Maybe this is the year
that Rachel finds her soul mate.
Seems like
she already found him.
...Shel Hanukkah.
And this is for you, Bex.
Oh? Oh, thank you.
Yeah, uh, it's for
your seventh night party
next year.
Mom and Dad's
are getting a little old.
Oh. So I guess
they told you, then?
not in so many words.
Your house is so much bigger
than their condo,
so, no-brainer.
This is gonna be
a tough act to follow.
No. Are you kidding?
It's gonna be amazing.
I'm gonna help you--
start with the donuts.
Oh. Thanks, Rach.
So can I keep
a box at your house?
-Like a shoe box?
Guess again.
Come with me.
I want to give you something.
Go on. Open it.
That dreidel has been
in our family
for generations,
and from watching you tonight,
I can tell that you've been
making good use of it.
Are you saying what
I think you're saying?
That you shouldn't eat
day-old gefilte--
No, Grandma.
The-- The dreidel.
It brings light into the lives
of those who spin it.
There's no more to say
than that?
I think there might be
something else to say.
It's not for me to say.
Okay, but the fact
that you're even
sort of saying anything
is a good sign, right?
Listen, I...
I don't want to be ungrateful,
but the time loop stops, right?
Spin... the dreidel, dear.
Find out.
Time to ante up!
-I got it.
Shin! Shin! Shin! Shin!
Shin! Shin! Shin! Shin! Shin!
Ah! You landed on gimmel!
Wow! Winner.
Talk about beginner's luck.
You won it all!
Okay, come on.
Don't be...
Hey, buddy.
Hey. Yeah.
Just grabbing my jacket.
Find me later?
You better believe I will.
What an amazing day, huh?
Yeah. I'm gonna
call you tomorrow, okay?
What? Hey!
You can't leave, man.
Rachel made it
past the dreidel game
without the house
burning down.
She leveled up, man!
Maybe because her boyfriend
finally made it to the party.
We don't know that!
It could've been the donuts.
Look, some things
aren't meant to be, all right?
I think this one
might be doomed to fail.
You know who else
was doomed to fail?
The Maccabees.
I know. I went to Hebrew
school. What's your point?
Miracles do happen.
And when you find
someone that you connect with
like that, right away?
That's nothing short
of miraculous.
Come on, man.
Don't leave before the miracle!
Make good choices.
You know that I won't!
Yes! Yes!
Okay! Yahoo!
Okay. Yes.
Well, glad to see
you're finally up.
I am so happy to be here!
Oh. Me too!
But your mom is intent on
boxing up the kitchen
before I drop you off
at Cedar Hill Terrace, so,
maybe you want to get dressed?
There's a holiday art exhibit
luncheon today--
it's today!
Yeah. Your grandma's
excited to see you,
but not in your pajamas,
so come on, get dressed.
Okay. Dad, don't! Stop!
Don't spin that.
No, no, no, no, no.
It only trips a time loop
if you spin it
on the seventh night
in the presence of soul mates.
You know about the dreidel?
Of course I do.
Didn't you hear
what Grandma Rosie said?
It's been in our family
for generations.
It's like our own personal
rite of passage, Rach.
You loop for seven nights
and, after that,
true soul mates connect.
spun the dreidel?
Tanta Sophie gave me it to me
the night I met your mother.
Rachel, lookit.
I mean, "Dr. Dreidel"?
-I needed the help.
-No, no, no, no.
You met
and it was love at first sight.
Absolutely not!
Are you kidding?
I mean, it was so far from--
I, yeah, I needed
a full seven loops,
and, I mean, you should've
seen the journey
that Shoshana and Bex went on
when Shosh spun it.
I mean--
Wait. Shoshana
spun the dreidel?
So everyone in the family
has spun the dreidel?
Yeah. True love was f--
Okay. I know, I know.
I understand
that this is a lot.
This is--
Are you--
you gonna throw up?
No. I...
if it takes seven loops
to find your soul mate,
that means Zach and I
weren't meant to be.
He left, Dad.
Rachel, how many days
are there in Hanukkah?
This only
takes you so far.
It can give you a few pitches,
but you've got to give it a hit.
Create your own miracle.
Is that a baseball reference?
That's a-- yeah, it's a base--
All right.
He's really mad.
So what?
I don't know anybody
who said this was easy.
It's love!
It's messy. It's...
We just need
to come up with a good plan.
For courage!
-Oh, yeah.
-Drink up.
I just saw Zach
a few minutes ago,
going into the back room.
No matter what goes on
between you two in there...
...I'm proud of you.
For potentially
making a fool out of myself?
Well, for
putting yourself out there,
and not just romantically.
Your mother tells me
you started writing again.
Oh. This lady needs
to lay off the group chats.
Well, she's proud of you.
We all are!
I was a child when my parents
first came to this country.
For such a long time,
we were just focused
on survival.
We couldn't take the risk
of letting
our true selves shine!
But that does not
have to be your story.
Here's to the chutzpah...
of showing the world
what you got.
Yeah. Well, if I am that way,
it's because of you.
I'll drink to that!
Like fruit-flavored gasoline.
I have the dreidel back
for you.
In due course.
In the meanwhile...
protect it.
What do you mean?
Uh, do you need some help?
No. I think I can handle it.
Okay, great. Um...
I, uh...
made you a Hanukkah gift.
You made me a mix tape?
It's, like,
'80s power ballads, mostly.
There's some REO Speedwagon,
I know you like that.
Did you travel back
to the 1980s to make this?
I'm sorry about Adam.
He's a jerk,
but I should have
told you about...
all of that
before the kiss.
Yeah. Just to be clear,
it's not the kiss
that I had a problem with.
I know that this is scary,
and that you don't remember
a lot of it,
but it is special,
and worth showing up for.
Come on.
Say something, please.
Look, I can't deny it.
I've never felt
like this before.
I really like you. I do.
But we just met yesterday,
and you clearly have
so much going on.
I just--
I'm sorry, I need
to protect myself, you know?
Protect yourself?
-You need to protect yourself.
Right. Um...
Okay. Hold on...
Where are you?
Your dice case.
You said
that this is vintage, right?
-Well, it's more antique, but--
-Give me your hand.
It's not meant to protect these.
It's meant... protect this.
The future...
...Is open wide
I'll stop the world
and melt with you
Let's stop the world
You've seen the difference
And it's getting better...
-We really did all of that?
...There's nothing
you and I won't do
Let's stop the world
I'll stop the world
and melt with you
You gotta admit,
this is one heck
of an origin story.
Oh, don't stop on our account!
Well, you know
what this means, right?
-I do not.
-You're Bill Murray.
I'm Andie MacDowell.
Oh. Am I?
Okay, I will let you
be Andie MacDowell
as a Hanukkah gift.
-Oh, thank you.
-One Hanukkah gift.
Oh, that's so nice of you.
Oh, yes! Thank you.
-Don't even think about it.
...I'll stop the world
and melt with you
Let's stop the world
You've seen the difference
And it's getting better
all the time
There's nothing you and I
won't do
Let's stop the world
I'll stop the world
and melt with you
Hmm hmm hmm
Hmm hmm hmm hmm...
Hmm hmm hmm