Roustabout (1964) Movie Script

- Allow me.
- Thank you.
Over here!
Hi. How are you?
- What took you so long?
- We found a new short cut.
Can I have a beer, please?
You'll also have cokes.
House rules for minors.
- We're over 18.
- Sure you are, dear.
How come they call this place
a tea house, dear?
It's something that was in
and now is almost out,
so we'll rename it
something further in or further out.
- Clever.
- That light...
If the fuzz comes, it'll blink
on and off, so dump the beer.
Dump the waitress!
Thank you very much,
and thank you, Herbie.
Herbie and his "makes-you-wanna-
sit-this-one-out" orchestra.
Back in your cages, fools!
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
while our mariachis are recuperating
from their activities,
the Tea House presents that young man
whose songs have electrified colleges
and enraged campuses
all over the nation.
A young man who would be playing
in San Francisco,
if the authorities there
didn't misunderstand him.
A young man whose charming manner
conceals the instincts of a mau-mau.
Here he is, ladies and gentlemen,
the one and only Charlie Rogers!
- What'll it be?
- The All-American End!
The Witches of Wellesley!
The Day They Hung
The Rap On Dean Semmilweiss!
How about that?
You girls are new here, aren't you?
Get rid of the guys
and I'll meet you later.
Knock it off, buddy.
- Don't get sore.
- He's only kidding.
- Sure, I was kidding.
- Go ahead, sing.
A little thing
for our friends on fraternity row.
- He kills me.
- I think he's smooth and sexy.
He's funny
like a case of travelling mumps.
I'll bet he never got further
than grammar school.
- That's right.
- Is he getting away with this?
No. Just cool it a minute.
I'll be back in 10 minutes
with the football hero's lament,
I Left My Knee At USC.
- You're taking it bigger than usual.
- Good.
- Might mean trouble.
- So what else is new?
Why do you act tough?
Where does it get you?
If you're not tough,
you get squashed.
- I didn't have any parents, either.
- What's that got to do with it?
- Everything.
- Save it, kid.
- Got a light, friend?
- Sure...friend.
About your act. I've heard buzzards
sing better than that.
And this is a crummy joint.
I've seen more action in a zoo.
- From which side of the cage?
- What's that supposed to mean?
You figure it out, college boy.
I'm going outside and get some air.
Let's get him.
George, let me have the phone.
Is that your 'cycle?
Stop reading
those hot rod magazines, buddy.
'Cycle is out.
It's either bike or motorcycle.
- Made in Japan?
- That's right. Made in Japan.
Aren't American 'cycles
good enough for you?
You don't dig world trade after all
the economics they shoved into you?
Get off, buddy.
- Come on!
- No. That's karate!
- That goes with the 'cycle.
- Charlie, are you all right?
What are you doing?
I can't afford trouble.
Charlie, go. The cops are coming.
They'll close me up.
That temper of yours!
- Lay off!
- I've had it, Charlie. Get out!
My arm's broken.
All right, Rogers,
you wanna come with me?
- What's up?
- In there.
You're free to go.
Your lady friend paid your fine.
- Hi, baby.
- Thanks.
You wanna check this
to see if it's all there?
Six bucks, lighter, lucky tiki god.
You got an honest department.
We also have your bike. It's outside.
Give this to the officer.
- Do I have to sign anything?
- No. Just stay out of trouble.
- You're asking the impossible.
- I'm not asking, I'm telling.
Remember, we've always got
an empty cell in there.
I like your hospitality, but I don't
think I'll accept it. Goodbye.
Officer, you in charge here?
- That's right.
- I got a motorcycle.
Right over there.
- Drive carefully.
- Yeah, sure.
- I guess I'll be cutting out.
- We got no choice.
- We?
- I can get a job anyplace you do.
The next tea house is about
1,500 miles west, like in Phoenix.
- Besides, this bike's built for one.
- It has a back seat.
- I'm sorry.
- I could have let you rot in there!
Bailing me out
doesn't mean you own me.
Nobody can own you, I know.
But I'm hung on you.
- We've been through it before.
- I know. Just laughs.
I told you I'm not the kind of guy...
- Why don't you break my arm?
- See you around, kid.
I'll pay back the fine
as soon as I get a job.
Keep in touch! Ya big ape.
Those fresh kids
think they own the world!
Don't pay any attention
to him, Cathy.
You're kinda pretty, you know that?
- What are you doing?!
- Let him get by.
Somebody's got to teach him a lesson.
- Want to go for a ride with me?
- You fresh punk!
Cut it out! It's not his fault
you have a hangover.
Hey, stupid! It's a public road!
Didn't you know that?
My aim must be getting bad.
I thought I hit you.
- Joe, you'll kill him!
- He won't get hurt.
Stop it, please!
- I'm not gonna let him pass me!
- Stop it! For heaven's sake!
- Stop! Stop!
- It wasn't my fault!
He's supposed
to know how to drive it!
He's moving, isn't he?
He's all right.
- Are you all right?
- He's bleeding!
Get the first aid kit. Hold this.
Great. That's all I need.
What kind of crazy stunt was that?
You hotshot motorcycle kids, more of
you ought to be run off that highway.
- You're asking for it!
- Easy. Joe got carried away.
- Somebody will carry him away!
- I said sorry.
- He didn't.
- I'm not going to!
You're acting like a kid. We
can talk or you can blow off steam.
There's nothing to talk about!
You're gonna pay for this bike.
- You talk big!
- We have enough trouble.
- Trouble I made?!
- She didn't say that.
- That's what she meant!
- That's exactly what I meant!
I hate to break up a family argument,
but who's gonna pay for this?
I'll send somebody back
for your bike.
Some men from the carny.
The carnival. I own it.
We're setting up
at the picnic grounds.
- What about this?
- I'll buy a new one.
Get into the Jeep.
OK. Just don't try
to pay me off in cotton candy.
- Let me give you a hand.
- Get your hands off her.
- Easy, pop.
- Don't call me pop.
Mom? Just kidding. Just kidding.
Maggie, you get in the back.
I want Cathy up here with me.
- My name's Charlie Rogers.
- OK.
- Look, I didn't do nothing.
- My name's Cathy Lean.
Cathy, turn around.
Where do you want the platform
for the skin show?
- lsn't it staked out?
- Yeah, but we're not sure.
Can't you guys do anything right?
Come on.
- This place don't show much.
- Wait till you see it at night.
- Hope I don't have to.
- You'll be around for a while.
They're not big with Japanese
motorcycle parts out here.
- Show him around. I'll park.
- OK.
If I'd known he was a kook,
I wouldn't have buzzed him out there.
He's not a kook.
Sure. Everybody goes around knocking
guys off bikes just for looking.
He's my father. He worries about me.
She worries about him.
Everyone needs somebody
to worry about them.
- They're good friends.
- Sure.
What did I say this time?
- It's what you didn't say.
- All right.
If I take my foot out of my mouth,
will you show me around?
All right.
I don't know where to start, but...
What's with this tennis court?
The lines show where to stick front
end, pig iron and butchers' shops.
How's that?
The concessions,
rides and candy stands.
I see. What's this over here?
- What's a hot wagon?
- Generator truck.
- Drome? That's the...?
- It's right over there.
High wall, motorcycle stunts.
This wouldn't happen to be...?
Donniker, exactly
what it sounds like. The rest room.
- Grease joint?
- Hamburger stand. Right over here.
What are the big fans for?
They blow the smell of onions around.
Makes people hungry.
Pretty good.
Here we have the Mugg Joint.
Photo gallery.
"You don't know how you look
till you get your picture took."
Just what I thought.
The Dirty Show.
Not what you're thinking.
They throw baseballs
- and knock a girl into a water tank.
- What's dirty about that?
The lot lice
get their jollies from it.
Look, I know I'm supposed to know,
but what's lot lice?
- Customers who don't spend.
- Why don't you speak English?
For the same reason doctors
write prescriptions in Latin.
To keep us separate
from earth people.
Earth people?
Civilians, those who aren't with it.
Anyone who isn't a carny.
- What was that for?
- That was for what it was for.
- But why?
- Look...
- You kiss every girl you talk to?
- No.
You kiss the ones
you do kiss this soon?
- Why should I explain...
- I see.
You figure you won't be here
that long. Excuse me.
- We're not through talking yet.
- I am.
Strike one.
She'll be back.
What do you do when you're not
riding around on your bike?
- Besides that.
- I sing a little.
You going to be late
for your next job?
- I don't have one.
- Where were you going?
Phoenix. I got a buddy
that owns a nightclub there.
- Where's home?
- A swamp outside of Shreveport.
- Any relatives?
- Not that I can remember, no.
- How old are you?
- Are you making out a police report?
I like to know what my money's
being invested in.
It's being invested in a new guitar
and a bike with a bent front end.
I'm stuck here until it's fixed.
I'll bet you're broke.
How will you eat?
I'll manage.
How about a job here
until your bike is fixed?
- I could use a good roustabout.
- Me, work in a circus? No.
It's a carnival.
There's a big difference.
How about it? This is hard work...
On second thought, forget it.
- You're too soft for real work.
- Just a minute.
OK, but I'm not biting the heads
off any chickens.
That went out 20 years ago.
A little muscle everywhere.
We all do everything here.
What about Joe?
He won't bother you
if you don't bother Cathy.
- That's the whole idea.
- That's your problem.
Where do I sleep?
Over there.
Last trailer on your left.
- Now you're a roustabout.
- Is that good?
Here we go, Charlie. All right.
Straight up.
Got it?
OK, get the pin in. There.
- Plan on staying?
- Are you kidding?
I'll be out of this sawdust trap
as soon as my wheels are fixed.
This is for guys
who've got nothing better to do.
I like white sheets, bright lights
and a lot of dough in my pocket.
Then you'd better get out quick.
- Sawdust gets in your veins.
- It won't happen to me.
Aren't you guys finished?
I'll take care of that.
Go help Estelle in the mitt camp,
then report back.
- What's a mitt camp?
- The palmistry tent, over there.
One thing I like about you, Joe,
you got a very likeable way.
- Cody, let's get this other one up.
- Here we go.
- Don't you believe in knocking?
- How do you knock on a tent?
What's your name, beautiful?
Charlie Rogers, handsome.
What's yours?
I am known as Madame Mijanou,
but you can call me Estelle.
I'd rather call you Madame Mijanou.
What do you do here?
- That depends. By day or night?
- I hope you're not a mind reader,
because if you are,
I'm about to get my face slapped.
- I am a seeress.
- A what?
A seeress. Sit down.
I read the past, present and future.
You are the son of a Roman baron.
You have come to this country
on a diplomatic mission.
You will bring great financial reward
to your native land. Right?
Sure. But right now I'm a roustabout,
here to give you a hand.
Which hand do you want to give me?
The left hand, being closest to
the heart, reveals much about love.
Let's forget the fortune-telling.
What do you want me to do?
I can tell you what kind of woman
will be attracted to you.
I'm old enough to figure that out.
- What do you see in my eyes?
- Maybe I'd better slap your face.
I like you, Charlie.
But do you think maybe
I'm a little too mature for you?
Women are like wine.
They improve with age.
- But you don't drink?
- I'm an alcoholic.
- Estelle!
- Who's that?
- Probably my boyfriend.
- You don't care?
- Not if you don't.
- I don't.
- What does he do?
- He's a knife-thrower.
I think I care.
I've heard of heartburn,
but aren't you going too far?
- What's your gimmick?
- It's legit. What's yours?
I'm just a roustabout.
Charlie Rogers.
- I'm BJ Lewis.
- What's that stuff?
- Gasoline.
- You use regular or ethyl?
- Whatever I can get.
- Why don't you fry your tonsils?
It's just a matter
of getting used to it. Watch.
I bet you get invited to a lot of
barbecues. How'd you get into this?
- My doctor told me to quit smoking.
- No, seriously.
- I started out as a sword swallower.
- That's nice.
OK, OK, I believe you.
All my life I've been afraid
of everybody and everything.
I thought doing something dangerous
would show people I had guts.
You keep swallowing that and you'll
show them you've got guts, all right.
Anybody can eat fire.
Do you want to learn?
- I gag on Spanish rice.
- Hey, you!
- Yeah?
- Down here, stupid.
Kid, you'd better grow up before
you pick fights with grown-ups.
- What do you mean, "kid"? I'm 38.
- Congratulations.
You Charlie Rogers?
Joe's been looking for you. Come on.
Hey, BJ, if I need a light,
I'll let you know.
What's the matter?
- Bring those back.
- Don't be funny.
- Come on, reach for them.
- Will you hand us our robes?
- Throw 'em, Billy.
- I can't throw 'em that far.
Don't come any closer.
He can see under the panels.
- Come on, throw 'em.
- Go ahead, Billy.
- There.
- Come on!
- I'm turning blue from the cold.
- Yeah? That's my favourite colour.
- Here you go, girls.
- Thanks.
- Is this on your work list?
- Just getting to know the family.
- Joe's at the grab joint.
- Thanks. What's a grab joint?
Hot dog stand.
- You walk me over?
- I'm headed that way.
- Want to go for a ride?
- Where?
To the moon, if we can get the juice.
- You can't...
- It's ready for a test, isn't it?
Haven't you anything better to do?
- Can't say that I have.
- Joe will be mad.
Joe's mad at the world.
- I don't want to get you in trouble.
- I already am. 27th floor.
All right.
Cody, you haven't seen
Charlie Rogers, have you?
No, just giving the wheel a trial
spin. Greasing up the cables.
Cody, bring us down, will you?
You haven't seen him?!
You get your head out of the way.
I'll give him something
to wake him up.
Get him out of there.
Just what do you think you're doing?
Just a little ride. Coffee break.
- Cathy, we open in three hours.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
- You get back to work.
- I asked her to go for a ride.
If it'll make you feel better,
here's a half a dollar.
I told you to go back to work.
I'm telling you flat.
Stay away from my daughter.
I told you I talked her into it.
Maggie can hire tramps
if she wants to,
but you better not get out
of line again.
He never would have known
if you'd learn
to keep your mouth shut.
Thanks for the try, Cody.
All right, Beeps, hit it.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Step lively, folks.
The show's all on the inside.
See it all, see it on the inside.
Step lively, folks. Let's not be
blocking the tent. All on the inside.
Here they come. On your toes.
Here she is, a 26-year-old lovely
little bearded lady from Afghanistan.
Here's my little torch holder,
And there,
ladies and gentlemen, before you,
is the tallest living
man on this Earth!
Ain't that a pretty
little balloon, boy?
Kid, give me that! What do you
think you're doing? Hey, you!
Anybody like a big beautiful balloon?
And wouldn't this lovely lady like
to know what the future holds?
- How much?
- 50 cents is all it's gonna cost.
How would this lady like to know
about the handsome man in her future?
I already know all about it, brother.
You can't win 'em all.
- There it is.
- How long you been doing this?
All my life. My parents were carnies.
- Still gets to you?
- You don't see it?
- It's a carnival.
- Don't hang around too long.
- You got your religion, I got mine.
- Your bike will be ready Friday.
- Why so long?
- They don't work tomorrow or Sunday.
Help out on one of those rides.
I've got something to do.
Mr Nielsen.
Mrs Morgan, I was coming to see you.
- To pull the rug from under us?
- As a matter of fact, l...
- I'm sorry. That's my job.
I know. "l just pull the switch.
I don't sentence the guy."
The bank wants to know when
to expect last month's payment.
When I get it.
I'll have to tell them
something more definite.
- Business looks pretty good.
- Could be a lot better.
We've been rained out
four Saturday nights.
It would be OK
if we didn't owe you.
That lawsuit could have finished you
if we hadn't come to the rescue.
And delay the day of reckoning. Tell
your thick-skinned friends in Topeka
that their money's a lot safer
if we stay open.
Close us down and they'll get
10 cents on the dollar.
The bank would prefer it if the man
who caused the accident was gone.
I'm to blame.
I let the insurance lapse.
Mr Lean was drunk
when he set up that ride.
He's the best man around,
and as long as I'm open, he stays.
- All right, I'll tell them.
- You do that.
I don't think they'll listen.
Three balls a quarter!
Drop the lady in the water!
Yes, sir.
Get your pitching arm going.
Stand back, son. Watch this.
- Try again, sir.
- Dad, can I get a candy apple?
We got a live one!
Every pitch a direct hit!
- Step right up! Yes, son?
- Candy apple.
Thank you. Charlie, can you relieve
me here for about 10 minutes?
- How do I get in?
- There.
Step right up. Get your crackerjack,
apples and popcorn, folks.
Peanuts, crackerjack, popcorn and
candied apples. Step right up.
This apple has a worm in it!
There's no extra charge
for the meat. Beat it.
I'll be right back.
Over here. Knock the stuffing out
of a stuffed cat. Try your luck.
You, sir, win a prize for the lady.
Hold it, kid. You're not fast enough.
Kid, come here. Come here.
- Gee, thanks.
- Don't try it again.
- How are you doing?
- I'm getting thirsty.
- Put me on the cold drink stand.
- Carbonated or non-carbonated?
Surprise me, as long as
you don't change the scenery.
Knock the stuffing
out of a stuffed cat. Try your luck.
- She's a real doll.
- Cathy's a good kid.
Look, I don't mean
to tell you how to live,
but I'd stay clear if I were you.
I already got that clue
from big daddy.
I guess he wants her to marry someone
with class, like the tattooed man.
- He wants the best for her.
- Two crackerjacks. Thank you.
So why don't he get her out of here?
Cathy wants to be here. As long
as she is, he can keep an eye on her.
- Yeah. So will l.
- OK, I'm back.
Like I said, we all
do everything here. Where to next?
She's not doing too well
on the cat rack.
- If you think you can do better.
- Sure, I can.
- Try it.
- Step right up. You, sir, over here.
Three for a quarter. Try your luck.
Right over here, folks.
- You, sir, try one free.
- Free? All right.
And here we have a winner, folks.
Step up here.
We would, if he had paid.
You're not cut out to be a huckster.
You're not much of a shill, either.
Why don't you give me a try?
I'm pretty persuasive.
So I hear. Good luck.
All right, step over
and throw the ball at the pussycat.
How about you? Right over here.
Only 25 cents.
One lousy quarter it costs you.
Come on, anybody?
What's the matter?
Hey, you, buddy, over here.
Hey, you? You, sir.
I'm talking to you. Come over here.
- What are you doing?
- Come here. Throw the ball.
I don't want to throw the ball.
Let go or I'll call a cop. Crazy nut.
- He didn't want to throw the ball.
- You were wonderful!
I'm not through yet.
Not you, kid. You're too young.
Come along with me.
There's a winner.
Give the little boy a prize.
Here you go, sonny.
That'll be one dollar.
That was just a sample,
Now it's three for a quarter.
Everybody, come on!
Three for a quarter!
Well, I'll be damned.
- What's the count?
- Only fair.
- We'll have to do better.
- You heard from the bank?
Stop worrying. We'll pay them off.
Was somebody
from the bank here yesterday?
- Yeah. Nielsen.
- You used to tell me these things.
- You've got enough to worry about.
- Like setting up rides properly?
What's bothering you?
You never used to hire anybody
without my OK.
We lost four men on our last move...
Because of my pleasant personality!
They weren't much good anyway.
- What's really bothering you?
- All right.
- That bum you hired.
- Not again.
- The kid is trouble!
- For you or Cathy?
He drew a crowd at the cat rack.
Maybe he can pull them into the tent.
- You're makin' a big mistake!
- Let me be the judge of that!
- Morning. How's your new guitar?
- lt'll do.
- That's gracious of you.
- It's a replacement, not a gift.
I came to say how good you were
last night, but forget it!
- What'd I do now?
- What are you so angry about?
Your guitar was smashed.
Maggie bought you a new one.
- Can't you just say thanks?
- OK, OK. Thanks, Maggie.
- How's that?
- You fascinate me.
That's the best news
I've heard all day.
No, the way you go around
with a chip on your shoulder,
singing in some joint
and then moving on.
You mean instead of leading
some secure life like in a carnival?
- But you're alone.
- So is everybody else.
- Everybody has some kind of folks.
- Like Joe?
- Joe's had a rough time.
- Pardon me while I cry.
Have you ever?
It might do you some good.
We're gonna start the first show
of the evening!
Right down here! It's all free!
It's free down here! Come over!
There's gonna be nothing else
going on until we finish the show.
We're gonna have first a little music
for you. Musicians, come out here!
How about that for a fine
bunch of boys? And girls!
Bring out those beautiful girls!
They're four of the finest dancers
in the world, direct from Paris.
Not Paris, Texas. Paris, France.
Look at that beautiful figure. Look
at the... All right, that's enough!
They've not paid anything yet.
All right, come right up.
And now I take pleasure in presenting
the one and only Charlie Rogers!
You wanna see the rest, buy a ticket.
Show starts in five minutes.
Line up here fast
and get your tickets!
Come on in! You're gonna see
something you've never seen before.
Come on.
As I promised you!
Bring out those beautiful girls!
- I want to talk to you.
- It's your phone booth.
I was out there.
I heard them. You were great.
I want you to stay on
with a contract.
I'll pay you union scale.
And no muscling rides. Just singing.
- No, thanks. Friday is go day.
- I don't get it. Why not?
- I don't buy the whole scene.
- I'd pay you more if I could.
- It's not just the money.
- Then what is it?
I don't want to get involved.
- Just take care of number one?!
- That's right. Doesn't everybody?
No. No. You learn that, you may
start coming alive from the waist up.
You collect strays, Maggie.
You got one in Joe.
Stop recruiting.
They don't make a family.
- What would you know about a family?
- Nothing. Nothing.
Come on, 25 cents!
- Marlene Dietrich did it better.
- She's not here, but I am.
Come on in. Glad you stopped by.
There's not much action
around here tonight.
- You're good lookin', you know?
- No one ever told me.
- Don't be such a...
- Fleegie?
That's the word for hotshot
around this stockade, isn't it?
You don't like
the carny much, do you?
You push it like it was
the marine corps
and mom's home cooking
all rolled into one.
Most of us have to feel that way.
It's all we've got.
You like what you see?
There's only 24 hours in the day.
I gotta stop liking sometime.
Well, excuse me!
- Wait a minute!
- I know. You'll call me.
- Cathy.
- Go away.
- What are you, a sex maniac?
- That was nothing.
Did she tell your fortune? Did she
say you should spread your charms,
and they will return many fold?
- Spread somewhere else!
- Let me explain!
Leave me alone!
What have you got to say? Weekend
receipts were great. Charlie did it.
He'll fall on his face tonight.
Nobody comes out on a Monday.
Monday night, huh?
- Thank you. Thank you.
- More!
- Wanna hear more?
- Yeah!
Come up and buy a ticket.
The show starts in five minutes.
In the meanwhile, spend your money.
Well, well. Harry Carver.
What are you doing here?
Just a routine check on competition.
Who are you kidding?
We're no competition for your show.
You might be if you can
hang on to a kid like that.
He sure packs in the teenagers.
- Thanks. We'll hold on to him.
- You better.
He's the only sign of life
I've seen around here.
I've often wondered, why do they
call you "Harry the Undertaker"?
I don't know. I suppose cos I wait
for small outfits like yours to die,
then I buy 'em.
- You buy after you bury.
- Not always.
Carver's Combined Shows
always has room for one more.
Would you like an offer
before you go under?
that's awfully generous of you.
- Thank you. Is it a deal?
- No.
- I didn't think so.
- You can't fool me.
Under that rough, tough shell of
yours beats a heart of pure rock.
Thank you,
but sooner or later I get 'em all.
I'll see you at the morgue.
By the way, you're giving 'em
too much butter.
- Pretty hot.
- Yeah, pretty hot.
- You really get through to 'em.
- Thanks.
- I'm Harry Carver.
- Congratulations.
- That don't mean anything to you?
- Can't say that it does, no.
Carver's Combined Shows.
- I'm a civilian.
- You can keep it. I've got others.
- No, thanks.
- We're the biggest in the business.
You mind tellin' me something?
Just how much does Maggie pay you?
No, I don't mind telling you.
She pays me scale
plus more if I want it.
- lf?
- I don't want it.
- Why not?
- Because I'm after the hot clubs.
Miami, Las Vegas, LA. You know.
We're pretty hot, too.
I tell you what, son.
I'll just make you an offer.
I'll give you $300.
No. I've already told her
that I don't like carnies.
If I go that route, I'll stay here.
If you get any second thoughts,
you'll know where to find me.
The job will be waiting for you.
- You going for a swim?
- What difference does it make?
- Madame Mijanou busy?
- I wanna talk to you.
You already did.
Are you cold,
or do I make you nervous?
You could get a little closer.
I give off a lot of body heat.
You don't have to keep trying to
prove it. Now, if you'll excuse me.
And another near miss, folks!
Look at that!
Almost. And he struck out!
Sam, Joe will replace you
in a minute.
Thank you, Cathy. Anybody else?
Three for a quarter, folks!
Knock the girl right into the water!
How about dunking the girl? Anybody
else? How about you down there?
How come you're doing this?
I'm taking Betty's place.
She's not well.
If you're cold now, get dunked
a couple times and you'll freeze.
That's show business. Besides, they
couldn't hit the side of a barn.
Please leave.
Joe'll be here in a minute.
Joe arranged this? So
he can protect you from sex maniacs.
But he'd let you freeze to death.
- Why don't you give up?
- I never give up!
Dunk the lovely lady in the water,
folks! Three balls a quarter!
- Relieve you in a minute, Sam.
- OK, Joe.
- Today is Tuesday.
- Yesterday was Monday.
- It's only two days till Friday.
- That's the rumour.
Charlie Rogers. Charlie Rogers
to the skin show, please.
- Who you protecting, him or me?
- Me. It's shill time.
I might as well be
peddling door-to-door.
I suppose it would gripe you
if I told you you were doing good.
- Still wanna sign me?
- That's right.
- OK.
- That's a sudden change. Why?
I'm stage-struck. The roar
of the crowd goes to my head.
Come to my trailer and put it in
writing before you change your mind.
Sit down. Sign there.
Shouldn't you fill in
the blank spaces?
I already have.
Read it if you'd like.
You knew I'd stay. How?
Let's just say
I borrowed Estelle's crystal ball.
Maggie, you're too much.
There you are.
Now go on out there
and give 'em hell.
OK, boss.
- Dad, what's the matter?
- You stay where you are.
How you doing, Joe?
Isn't there a law about contributing
to the delinquency of a minor?
- What?
- I've watched you and that kid.
Then you know he's what we need
to get us out of trouble.
If I thought that, I'd give up now.
Let's do this concession.
We'll talk about it later.
- When I'm sober.
- I didn't mean that.
I know what's really going on
in your head, even if you don't.
Why not? He's young.
Probably holds his liquor.
If he could rig a ride,
he'd probably rig one
that wouldn't kill the customers.
That's something you can't pay for,
no matter what you do
or how hard you try.
So forget it. I have. Get to work.
Move right up here, folks!
I want your undivided attention
to one of the greatest games
on the North American continent!
Throw the ball and hit the target!
Every time you hit that target,
you sense the great
and unique satisfaction
of dropping the little lady
into the water!
It's a challenge,
ladies and gentlemen!
Try one, sir.
On the house. Fire away.
- That's a direct hit!
- But I didn't even hit it.
You're very strong. The wind from
that ball dropped her in the water.
Three for a quarter.
How about it, sir? Anybody else?
Here you go.
Give me a dollar's worth of balls.
- Take care of the bankroll.
- Here you are.
Get a load of old Freddie here.
Step right up here!
We got a live one here!
Wait till she gets set.
Fire away. Here we go.
- You did it again!
- Just a minute!
Wait till you get a load of this.
You kill me!
Come on, honey!
You're holding us up!
I hope she can breathe underwater
cos that's where I'm gonna keep her.
Give us a kiss for luck, honey.
Everybody just stand back.
Give me a lot of room here.
Freddie's gonna show you
how this should be done!
I'm gonna give that broad a bath
she ain't never gonna forget.
- Give us another kiss.
- Douse her once for me!
I will.
Freddie, you oughtta be
with the Yankees.
You ain't seen nothing yet, honey.
Now get a load of this.
Come on, honey! You're holding us up!
When are we gonna eat?
I'm so hungry I could eat a lion.
Come on, honey!
Back on the perch!
- She's gonna have two baths!
- You bet!
- You all right?
- Give it to her for me, Freddie!
- I'm OK.
- Take your time. I know it's cold.
Stand aside. Give me a lot of room.
You are very good, sir, but why
don't you give the lady a turn?
I can't take a chance.
She's pitching tomorrow.
That's very funny. Anybody else?
Like to hit the target?
I'll quit when I miss, all right?
Just a minute, sir.
Let me pick up some of these balls.
Don't leave, folks.
I'm just getting warmed up!
- You all right?
- He's good, isn't he?
- I'll be OK.
- I'll get rid of him.
Come on, everybody stand back! Let's
see if we can get some action going.
Anybody want to bet?
Who wants to bet?
Freddie's got a whole
pocket full of money.
Who wants to bet she don't drown?
10 bucks says
you can't do it twice in a row.
Don't bet with Freddie. He pitches
for the Waterford County Tigers.
You're on. Give him $10, Mommy.
There's more where that came from.
Hurry up with the balls!
- Relax, will you?
- You want some more?
- 10 bucks.
- Step right to the side. Thank you.
Get a load of this.
That's the end
of this gentleman's winning streak.
- That was a good hit.
- Not hard enough.
- I say it was.
- He did something!
Why don't you move on?
You can keep your 10 bucks.
That proves it.
He knows you did something!
I paid for these balls. You stand
here where I can keep my eye on you.
- All right.
- Stay where you are, Joe.
- I can handle this.
- Charlie, don't interfere.
Get lost, son.
Nobody argues with Freddie.
You tell him, Mommy.
A lot of room here.
Here we go!
Come on, honey, you can shiver more
than that. I wanna get you real wet!
- Two in a row for $10, right?
- That's right.
All right. Here we go.
You know what you just did?
- Forget it. Take another ball.
- That's Cathy up there, Joe.
Keep out of this!
I'm a real peaceable man, son,
but I tell you what I'm gonna do.
If you're still there after I throw
this ball I'm gonna break your spine.
Give me a little room.
- What are you trying to do?!
- That's your daughter!
- Sam, help me. You all right?
- I'm not through with him yet.
- No! You know you can beat him.
- He doesn't know it!
Thanks, fellas.
Will you take your 10 bucks
and leave?
All right. Give me the wallet, honey.
- Haven't you got it?
- What do you mean? I gave it to you.
- It must be here.
- It better be. There's 60 bucks...
Gimme the wallet.
You probably
knocked it off the counter.
You better help me find it.
Come on, get back so I can find it!
Don't make any trouble.
You don't understand this business.
No, and I don't understand a man
who would let a pig
do this to his daughter!
- It ain't here.
- It's gotta be!
- They stole it!
- Turn him upside-down.
That wallet's
a long ways from here now.
Come on, break it up!
What's going on here?
This bunch of carnies
rigged a fight and stole my wallet.
He put it on the counter.
Anybody could have taken it.
And I know who.
- You wanna swear out a complaint?
- He sure does!
- OK, buster. Move along.
- You stay here, Cathy.
- I'll need you two at the station.
- Come on, honey.
It's all right, folks. Everything's
fine. Go on and have a good time.
Enjoy yourselves.
- Can't sleep?
- Don't want to.
- Bad dreams?
- Nice dreams. Why just dream them?
- Where's Joe?
- He's in jail. They held him.
Cathy and Maggie have been out
trying to find a bondsman.
- Finders keepers?
- What do you think?
You're hung up
between splitting it with me
and getting a good mark from Cathy
for springing Joe.
You look for the best in people!
- Don't be nervous.
- Nervous? I never was.
You want 'em selling tickets?
- Now who's nervous?
- Haven't you heard of rooms?
You know,
things with doors and walls?
- And furniture?
- Yeah...
I'd like to, but I got this problem.
The first girl I had
got me hooked on the outdoors.
The only place that she let me make
love to her was outdoors in a car.
The first time I tried to kiss her,
she said, "Charlie...
"take the top down first."
- And did you kiss her?
- Three hours later, yeah.
It took you three hours to take
the top down on a convertible?
It wasn't a convertible.
Fun's fine, Charlie, but I can
guarantee that there are 20 people
hiding and watching right now.
Come on, let's go.
Too bad. The time and the feelings
match, but no dice in the place.
You louse!
So you'll dream indoors. You know,
the walls and the furniture?
- Get out of here!
- Pleasant dreams.
You dirt...
- I know you're awake.
- What do you want?
- I want to apologise.
- Have you got a list?
- For what I said about Joe.
- Tell me in the morning.
Stop making so much noise.
Was that you that started the Jeep?
- Where were you going?
- For a ride.
At three in the morning?
Couldn't sleep. How was it downtown?
They're holding him overnight. But
he didn't steal anything. I know it.
Yeah. Good night, Cathy.
I'm heating some coffee.
Do you want some?
- Shy, Charlie?
- Not as long as Joe's on ice, no.
- You never quit, do you?
- No, I never quit.
- You must get your face slapped.
- About 50/50.
- I said coffee.
- Fine.
- Just coffee.
- OK.
I don't believe
you're all like you talk.
You mean there's a real me?
You oughtta know.
You fight with him enough.
Get back on
your motorcycle, Charlie.
What are people supposed to do?
I don't know about other people,
but you're just exercising.
No, not any more.
- You better leave, Charlie, please.
- Why, because it was good?
Because it isn't right for me.
I'm not a one-night stand.
I'm sorry, Charlie. I like you, too,
but you're just passing through.
Where can I find Charlie Rogers?
The last trailer back there, but you
better drive all the way around.
- Charlie Rogers?
- He's over there washing up.
- We fixed your bike for you.
- It's about time.
- Wanna sign it?
- Sure.
- What'd you have to do to it?
- Nothing. It was just out of gas.
- Really, what did you do to it?
- Whole new front end.
New shocks. New headlamp.
Everything. Watch it.
OK, easy.
- Straighten it out.
- Well, it looks all right.
There you go.
- $140?
- Mrs Morgan paid for it.
Wanna try it out first?
- Why don't you follow me?
- All right.
It's OK, pal!
- You run that bike pretty good.
- Thanks.
- Could you handle one of these?
- I handle anything on two wheels.
- In there?
- I've never tried it.
You wanna see how it's done?
Come on. We'll show you.
Go ahead, Gus.
Come on up here, Charlie.
- You all set, Gus?
- Right.
He's gotta go around
a couple of times to warm up.
The takeoff is just over 40.
- He can't run over the cable.
- He looked like he was going to.
If he did, he'd fly
right over your head. Relax.
- Easy, isn't it?
- Looks like a pretty rough go to me.
It isn't. Centrifugal force
plasters you up there.
You couldn't fall if you wanted to.
I'll take your word for it.
It's not for me.
Come on. All you need is guts.
I'm a devout coward. Besides,
I'm on my way downtown to spring Joe.
Lots of luck.
That's more than Maggie could.
- I found that guy's wallet.
- No kidding?
- Thanks for the show.
- Wait a minute. Watch him come off.
- Wanna try?
- Like I told you, I'm a coward.
Ride behind me, then. Dames do that.
- No, thanks.
- Goodbye, dear.
Give me the helmet.
Don't forget,
get it up to 40 before you take off.
Isn't that Charlie's motorcycle?
Don't worry, he's not leaving yet.
- I don't care anyway.
- Of course you don't.
You'd think those idiots would
get enough when they have to do it.
But that's Ernie and Gus...
- Ernie, how could you?
- Can I help it if he's crazy?
Stop worrying.
He's up to it, isn't he?
Took me three months
to climb up the first time.
- What's going on?
- Charlie's in the motordrome!
- You OK, Charlie?
- I'm OK. I'm trying to get up.
- Get his helmet off.
- He looks OK.
I better get that fuel line.
- How's the bike?
- I don't know.
How can you be
such an overgrown child?
- Just lucky, I guess.
- You dropped your wallet.
He dropped whose wallet?
Isn't this yours?
It belongs to the guy
that got into the fight with Joe.
I found it under the counter,
and I was on my way to turn it in.
- That's what he told me.
- Charlie, when did you find it?
- Last night.
- And you let my dad sit in jail?
What difference does it make? It just
gave him a few hours to dry out.
That's something
you don't do to another carny.
- You all right, Cathy?
- I'm fine.
Good luck, Charlie.
Maggie! I want to talk to you.
OK, I handed over the secret plans.
I took the 30 pieces of silver.
Now, what is this?
Something I guess
never touched you, Charlie. Feeling.
For this? A broken-down set-up for
taking money from kids and farmers?
For a man who needs
two women carry him around?
For anything. I pegged you right
the minute I saw you.
I just didn't want to believe it.
I'm supposed to live up to the notion
of the man you want?
You're a cruel boy.
You must have been hurt badly.
Save the understanding
for this freak show.
- You won't say I'm wrong?
- You wouldn't believe me.
- Cathy might.
- Don't stay where you're not wanted.
Why do you think she's so upset?
Hold me to the contract,
but don't play a violin.
Wait a minute. You're not by chance
wanted anyplace else, are you?
You're getting warm.
- Harry Carver.
- Right.
- So it isn't pride, just money.
- That's right, Maggie.
I won't hold you.
Just a minute.
Those cells get cold at night.
But sooner or later they spring you,
even if someone ditches the evidence.
- I'm leaving, Joe.
- Get off the bike.
Come on. Give me the key.
You don't have
to prove nothing to me, Joe.
What are you doing?
Get up. Get up!
Dad! Dad, stop it! Dad!
- Do you feel better, Joe?
- Get out of here.
- Where can I find Harry Carver?
- Over there in the theatre.
- Where's Harry Carver's office?
- Upstairs, third floor.
Here you are.
- I'd like to see Harry Carver.
- Do you have an appointment?
No, but he gave me his card.
Well, look who's here.
File this, please. Come on in, son.
Doris, hold all my calls.
Well, sit down. Sit down.
- Would you like a cigar?
- No, thank you.
- I've been expecting you.
- I didn't expect to be here.
I knew that you couldn't
stay with Maggie and Joe.
- Especially with Joe.
- I might have.
But you didn't.
They got the kind of operation
where they say the show must go on.
- And you want to know why, right?
- More or less.
Around here, there's just one reason
the show must go on. The gross.
That's why I'm here.
- Let's see, what did we say? $200...
- 400.
Your memory's as lousy as mine.
It was three.
- Make it 350.
- Don't push, son.
- I mean it. I don't care, you know.
- Yeah, you probably don't.
- All right. Sign at the bottom.
- After I read it.
It's the usual standard sheet.
Eleven weeks.
There's a little paragraph
that says you pay a penalty
of half of what
I've given you if you cut out.
- Half?
- You left Maggie. You may leave me.
I don't like the idea.
Course you don't.
But otherwise, it's no deal.
Follow me to the biggest
and the greatest show on the midway!
Direct from the banks of the Nile,
the favourite of the pharaohs.
She zigs, she zags, she never lags.
Three measly little quarters buys you
a chance to see the little girlie,
and I'm gonna
bring her out right now.
Here she comes, the little lady
that does the dance of the pyramids.
The one, the only Little Egypt!
She walks, she talks, she crawls
upon her belly like a reptile.
That's enough, honey.
Don't give 'em too much.
You there, young man!
Step up and get a ticket.
There you go. You just bought
yourself a trip to paradise.
Who's next, folks?
Plenty of seats on the inside.
It's show time! The big show
right here on the midway!
Real good.
- They trying to tell us something?
- Don't let it go to your head, son.
I've seen 'em do the same
for performing seals.
Why don't you send one out next show?
I'd like to.
You can pay them off in fish.
You got the kids going,
give them an encore.
No. Always leave 'em wanting more.
Ladies and gentlemen, step right up!
Try your luck!
It's easy, it's fun, and everybody
wins! Three balls for a quarter!
Mister, let your little boy
try his luck.
- How you doing, Sam?
- Pretty grim.
- Three balls for a quarter!
- Get your balloons!
- Selling anything?
- It's a blank.
- Don't say a word.
- Wish I didn't have to.
- Then don't.
- The bank has a deadline.
You were supposed to make payments
on that judgement against you.
- I'm doing the best I can.
- Not many young people around.
I can't drag them in
if they don't want to come in.
You got them for a while
with that singer.
- Your books show profitable days.
- He isn't with us any more.
That's too bad. I guess it's going
to have to be a court order.
You can't convince them
we're worth more alive than dead?
I'm sorry, Mrs Morgan.
I wish I could help.
All right. Go on back to that nice,
clean bank of yours
where it looks like nothing bad
or sad or personal ever happens.
I'm sorry.
- Any luck?
- Nothing.
Young lady, come in! Come in!
Let me show you
what the gods have in store for you.
Knock it off, Estelle.
You know I don't believe that stuff.
Who does?
But you got anything better to do?
Come into the occult chamber.
Make yourself comfortable.
Madame Mijanou tells all
about the past, present...
All right, Estelle.
What do you want to tell me?
For you I see a journey.
Soon. Very soon.
At the end will be
someone very dear to you.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- To the Carver Show.
Get your crystal ball fixed.
You're wrong on both counts.
Listen, Cathy, there was nothing
between Charlie and me.
I was willing,
but he just couldn't see my charms.
Don't act like I'm talking
about Einstein's theory.
I know how you felt about him.
- Please, Estelle...
- And I know how he felt about you.
- That's why I couldn't get anywhere.
- Honestly, I don't care.
- Then go get him back!
- I just told you I don't...
Not for you, for the show.
He could wail, and the kids loved it.
There hasn't been a spending teenager
around this place since he left.
- I couldn't.
- Cathy, he's a louse.
- He uses people. Why not use him?
- No.
You've got a family to support, kid,
your dad and Maggie.
And I don't want to go back to
some tea room reading coffee grounds.
Think it over, but think it over
fast. We're drowning.
They're in trouble, and she's here
to try and get you back there.
Everybody's not
as big a crook as you.
Everybody tries.
Go out there and take a bow. Go on.
- Hi, Cathy.
- Hello, Charlie.
- You were awfully good.
- Thanks.
I meant better than...
You have a real style now.
- How are things?
- Everything's fine.
- How about a cup of coffee?
- Sure.
- Charlie, next show in 15 minutes.
- I'll be there.
- Hello, Mr Carver.
- Hello, Cathy.
How are your folks?
Joe and Maggie, that is.
- They're fine.
- We'll be in the coffee shop, Harry.
- Table, Charlie?
- Not right now, thank you.
I want to show you something.
Come over here.
This certainly is
a far cry from our show.
It's a long drive over here, Cathy.
- I know.
- Well?
The reason I came over was to tell
you I'm sorry about what happened.
I know Joe made it tough on you,
and I don't blame you
for letting him stew in jail.
You didn't have to drive here
to tell me that.
- I wanted you to know.
- How are things with the show?
Maggie says the only suckers left
are the ones still in the business.
- She's right.
- They want new things, new people,
and that's why you were...
I mean, that's the only way...
Yeah. I'll tell you what, Cathy.
Wait until my last show and we'll
go somewhere and talk it over.
Wait a minute, Charlie.
The real reason I came over here was
to get you to come back to the show
no matter what I had to do.
But I just don't have the guts.
I wish I did.
I know exactly what's going through
your mind, and the answer is no.
It'll kill Maggie to have to give up.
You're not worried about Maggie.
It's Cathy. What's your problem?
You want the girl, just say, "Cathy,
I love you," like the grown-ups do.
You don't have to prove
you're a knight in shining armour.
You're a carny, Harry. A rich one,
but a carny. You should understand.
I do, and I kind of feel
guilty about it.
- But not enough to help, right?
- I feel guilty in comfort.
That's how I got to be a rich carny.
- I'm going back, Harry.
- No. You got a show to do.
- The show must go on?!
- No, just the money.
I have to leave tonight
to be there first thing.
You forget one small detail. I'll
sue you and take half your salary.
- Remember our deal?
- Yeah.
- You paid me $1,050, right?
- Right.
Here's 50. I owe you the rest.
- I see a lot more in there.
- It's gonna stay in there.
Are you Maggie Morgan? Here you are.
I'm sorry, Mrs Morgan. I'll need
a copy of the current inventory.
- What the hell do you want?
- To help out if I can.
- You should have thought about that.
- I didn't come here to save you.
- Get out of here.
- I can't let Maggie go under.
I told you to get out of here!
- Get out of here!
- He had a little accident.
- I'm sorry, but he jumped me again.
- You're damn right I did.
- Go, or I'll do it again.
- Can I help you?
- Leave me alone.
- Why did you come back?
What's the matter? Why can't you
for once say what you really feel?
- You can send this vulture home now.
- It's too late for you to be a hero.
We can make this place go, Maggie.
As one of the creditors, I'm entitled
to ask what did you have in mind?
I'm buying back my contract.
Here's $1,000.
Will that hold 'em until I can prove
I can make this place pay off?
- You mean you're gonna stay here?
- That's right.
Then I think it might work.
At least it's worth a try.
I'll talk to my people about it.
Good luck.
You'll be hearing from me.
Is this the only reason
you came back?
- Practically. You see, I knew...
- Say it straight, just once.
OK. I came back because I wanted to,
and because you were stuck
- and I thought I could help.
- And?
- And because I love Cathy!
- You don't have to holler at her!
- We've got work to do.
- Wait a minute. Joe?
Let's get this show moving.
If you used the energy you spent
trying to be a louse...
Stop picking on him.
The big show is about to begin!
He's back, he's ready,
and here he is now, Charlie Rogers!