Row 19 (2022) Movie Script

Go over there and check.
Breathe. Just breathe.
Do you have some pills onboard?
Here's your tea.
Thank you very much.
Are we there yet?
Not yet, sweetheart.
Sleep some more. We'll be there soon.
- Evgeni?
- What happened?
Something's wrong with him.
He's not moving. Help, please.
- Just a moment.
- Mom?
- Evgeni, what's wrong? Oh, Evgeni.
- Mom?
Dear passengers, our aircraft is
landing in Novosibirsk.
Please remain seated
with your seat belts fastened.
We're rolling, guys.
- Hello, Katerina.
- Hello.
Thank you for agreeing to meet with us.
Let me take your cup,
so it won't be in the shot.
Let's move to a brighter spot,
so the picture looks better.
- Just a couple of steps forward.
- Come over here, please.
We'll make a beautiful shot
at this intersection.
Give me the mic.
- Here. Is this good?
- Yeah, here's fine.
- Here?
- Come a bit closer.
- Okay, that's a good spot.
- One more step.
- Smile into the camera.
- Great, Anton. Now go stand there.
- And we're rolling.
- Are you ready?
Exactly 20 years ago today
marks the day of the plane crash,
in which you were lucky to survive.
Do you recall the details
of that life-changing day?
I try not to think about it.
Tell our viewers about how your life
has been since then.
Everything's fine.
I work as a psychologist.
This is my daughter Diana.
She finished her term with straight As.
Your daughter's nearly the same age
as you were when the crash happened.
Have you told her about the accident?
Yes. Mom told me that she's not afraid
of flying at all anymore.
- Is that true?
- Yes.
That's true.
She's only scared when she hears
leg braces squeaking.
Interesting. And why is that?
I had a serious fracture in my childhood.
I wore a special brace.
If you don't mind,
could you tell us a bit more?
Why are you afraid
of that squeaking sound?
Mommy doesn't like talking about it.
Katerina, I understand
that these are difficult memories,
but think about our viewers
who may also be struggling
to cope with what happened to them
in their past, just like you.
I'm not so afraid of the memories
but more of the consternation
and loss of control whenever I hear it.
But my whole life,
as well as the job I've chosen,
are dedicated to fighting fear.
You can overcome this, trust me.
We're flying to see
my grandpa again tomorrow.
That's great.
One would only envy your courage.
Thank you, Katerina. I guess that's it.
- Bye, then.
- Yes.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Take care.
- Have a safe trip.
- Thank you very much.
Are they going to show us on TV?
Keep rolling.
Can you see them in the background?
To all our viewers,
this is an example of true strength.
A little girl who defied fate.
Now she's helping us all
to overcome our fears.
Don't be afraid and stay healthy.
- Was it okay? Or bad?
- It was fine.
Welcome onboard.
We apologize for the delay.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You think this business class is
worth the money I paid?
Diana, wait for me.
- Will we even be able to take off?
- I'm sorry. We can't control the weather.
Mom, I found our seats.
They've canceled three damn flights.
I need to get home.
- Honey, this is our row.
- We're doing everything we can.
- Mom, I want to sit here.
- Those aren't our seats. Come here.
Come on.
Mom, why are we flying so late?
Because this is the only flight
that hasn't been canceled.
- We have the back row, Galina.
- I know.
- The very last row.
- I get it.
- Oh, look at this marvelous little girl.
- Come on.
Who's a marvelous little girl, huh?
- Let me help you.
- I can do it.
Sure you can.
Here we go.
- Done.
- Thank you.
Glad to help.
Looks like we'll be neighbors.
- I'm Alexei.
- Katerina.
- And this is Diana.
- Hello.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, come on, Evgeni.
You're always mumbling,
and you never listen to me.
I've placed my bag. Okay.
Let's try to fit yours in.
I've never been on such an empty plane.
- I guess the storm scared people off.
- Me and Mom aren't afraid.
- Mom, will you give me a book?
- Sure.
Why aren't we taking off?
There's nothing to worry about.
We're waiting until the aircraft
has been de-iced.
Would you like a drink
while we're waiting?
Yeah. Bring me some good whiskey.
That's normal.
Lights can sometimes flicker
when they switch the power to the engines.
You don't like to fly, huh?
- I'm being too nosey.
- No, that's okay.
Do you fly often?
I used to fly often, but now
I prefer to sit in the office
where it's warm
and where I can have a nice cup of coffee.
I hope we take off soon.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we apologize for the delay.
Our flight to Tomsk will take off
in a few minutes.
Thank you for your patience.
I guess they heard you.
Galina, stop worrying.
We haven't even taken off yet.
I can't anymore, Evgeni.
I told you, but you won't listen to me.
Everything's going to be fine.
What did you do that for?
How can I help you?
I'm so sorry,
but my wife's very scared of flying.
- I need to get off.
- I'm afraid that's not possible.
- Calm down.
- I feel dizzy.
- Please, remain seated.
- Sit and calm down.
I can't.
- Stop embarrassing me.
- I can't. Please
- Please stay where you are.
- Keep calm. Fasten your seat belt.
- Don't embarrass me.
- I can't.
- Mom, where are you going?
- I'll be right back.
Would you please keep an eye on her?
I'll be right back.
- Of course.
- Thanks.
- Sit quietly.
- But please I can't.
Can you give us a minute?
I'll talk to them.
- Thank you, but I can handle this.
- I'm a doctor. I know what I'm doing.
- Look, she's a doctor.
- Okay. Galina, is that right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- I also used to be scared of flying.
- See? You're not alone.
But there's a place
where I really need to be.
I'm sure you also have
an important reason for your trip.
I do.
My grandson Dmitri's getting married.
I'm sure he's looking forward
to seeing you.
What you're going through right now
is a panic attack.
I also used to experience it,
but I managed to cope with it.
And you can too.
You just need to breathe deeply.
Now breathe.
- Good job.
- I'm trying.
Keep breathing.
It's just that I No, I can't. I'm scared.
My sweet Dmitri.
How is he going to manage without me
- Here. Take these.
- What are these?
This will help to relieve the stress.
I'm sure you don't want to miss
your grandson's wedding.
Of course, I don't.
Here. Take some water.
Drink up.
What are you drawing?
Nothing special.
Why are you so tense then?
It helps me see things.
Damn hipster.
If you need something,
I'll be right over there.
- Thank you.
- Thanks a lot.
You're a saint.
It's not a big deal. I just told her
what I always tell myself.
And what is that?
Face your fears.
Did you hear that?
It's probably just a screw or something.
Don't you worry.
Mom, are you okay?
I'm fine, sweetheart.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me, Miss.
- Miss, you can't be in there right now.
- Just give me a second.
- The plane won't take off if--
- Just a second, please.
In case of emergency,
please use the emergency exits
located in the front, central,
and rear parts of the cabin.
Each emergency exit is marked
with an exit sign.
The floor lighting will assist you
to these emergency exits.
In case of decompression,
oxygen masks will drop down
from above your seat.
When you see the mask,
pull it towards you.
Place it firmly over your nose and mouth.
The oxygen flow will start automatically.
- I said that
- Katerina, honey, you're going to be late.
Come here, honey.
It's time to sleep.
Sweet dreams, sweetheart.
Careful, don't hurt yourself.
Don't go there, Katerina.
Katerina, be careful.
Wake up. It's time to wake up.
- Katerina, stop it now!
- Mom?
Stop it, Katerina.
Jesus, you scared me.
Miss, please return to your seat.
Yes, I'm sorry.
- And grandpa has a house and a big dog.
- A big dog?
Yeah. It's huge. It's up to here on me.
I drew a picture of it.
I can show it to you.
Of course.
- Wow. It's just like you described it.
- Yeah. The house isn't finished yet.
- Honey, is everything okay?
- Yes.
Diana was telling me about your plans.
But you need to build a fence
so that the dog doesn't run away.
You're right.
Are you all right?
Mom had an accident.
On a plane.
- She survived, but the rest died.
- Diana, that's enough.
My god. Katerina
I'm so sorry.
I'm okay. Really.
Sit properly.
- Are we already flying?
- Yes.
It's not that bad.
See? I told you.
- Dmitri will be so glad to see us, Evgeni.
- Yes.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.
- Not at all. It's okay.
It's my fault.
I was asking too many questions.
It's an occupational habit.
What do you do?
I'm a reporter.
I used to be a special correspondent.
I've been to every war zone on the planet.
But now I mostly sit in an office.
It's not all that interesting.
- And we can be less formal.
- Okay.
Why did you stop doing the things
that were interesting to you?
It's all done.
That's so beautiful.
Can I show it to Alexei, please?
- Go on. But quickly.
- Okay.
Now that's more like it.
A great house with a lovely fence.
- Is Grandpa's house the same, Mom?
- Exactly the same. Now come and sit down.
Now let's try to get some sleep.
But I'm not tired, Mom.
I am. Let's take a nap together, okay?
Here we go.
A couple more hours, and we'll be there.
Is that me you're drawing?
Don't you have anything else to do?
No, this isn't right.
Everything's not right.
Hey, you, hipster, I'm talking to you.
The pendulum that dies down
What the hell are you mumbling?
Get yourself a real job. It's much better
than your stupid scribbling.
Mom, this scar
Will it heal soon?
No, sweetheart. Scars like that
stay with us for the rest of our lives.
Don't worry. You don't have to
be afraid of scars.
It's a reminder
that you have to be careful
and that you have to listen
to what adults tell you.
Eat, while it's still hot.
You don't like the food?
What's wrong, honey?
Is that you?
What do you mean? Of course, it's me.
Aren't you dead?
Please, don't start this again.
Please, don't.
It's been three months.
- Three months?
- Three months since the flight.
It's all because of your nightmares.
I'm alive.
I'm here beside you.
Don't think about it.
But didn't that plane crash?
Sweetheart, there was some turbulence.
It was a bit shaky, but then it stopped.
How many more times do we have to
go through this again?
You don't have to eat it
if you don't like it.
What was that sound?
What sound?
Mom, I'm scared.
- There, there, baby. It's gonna be fine.
- It's just turbulence.
It'll shake a little, and then it'll stop.
God dammit!
Dear passengers, please remain seated.
Are we falling, Evgeni?
Calm down, darling. Nobody's falling.
- It's just turbulence.
- Oh, dear god.
- It's nothing serious.
- Please god, help us. Please.
Try to think about something pleasant.
Think about our Dmitri.
He must be at the airport right now,
waiting for us.
Imagine how he would
What's wrong, Evgeni?
- Evgeni?
- I'm okay. It's just that I
What's wrong?
- Evgeni?
- I just feel dizzy.
- What's happening?
- Can you imagine
Evgeni, what's wrong?
Help! Somebody help us!
Wake up, Evgeni. Wake up. Help!
- What happened?
- He's not moving.
Oh, Evgeni
That's Galina's husband.
- Evgeni, what's wrong?
- Hey, where are you going?
Evgeni, please.
Somebody, help! Why isn't he moving?
- Wait here.
- Mom, I'll go with you.
- I'll be right back.
- Mom
- Careful. Are you all right?
- Just felt a bit dizzy.
- What's up with him?
- Does he have a pulse?
- Please remain in your seats.
- We want to help.
How can we help? He's turning blue.
- Lay him on his back.
- Who put her in charge?
- Do what she says.
- I'm a doctor. Listen to me, please.
- Bring me a first-aid kit.
- I'll get it.
Just be careful, please.
Mind his head.
Not so fast.
Looks like he's a goner.
Can you do a heart massage?
Okay, then, we'll count to 30.
- One, two, three, four
- You're hurting him!
Calm down. They know what they're doing.
10, 11, 12, 13, 14
26, 27, 28, 29
Oh, Evgeni
What the hell was that?
What's wrong with him? What's happening?
I think I can feel his pulse.
- It's weak.
- Katerina, are you okay?
Evgeni, what's wrong with you?
Evgeni, what
- Hold him!
- Wait.
Hold him.
- What's wrong, Evgeni?
- Galina, please calm down.
Katerina, what should we do?
Help us.
Katerina, can you hear me?
What is it?
He's dead.
- No!
- What the hell?
- Stay here, I'll check on her. Sit here.
- Let me go.
- Diana!
- Mom!
- Mom!
- Good girl.
She's okay.
Diana, hold tighter. Breathe deeply.
Mom! Mommy!
- My sweet girl. There, there.
- Mom!
Everything's fine now.
- Don't leave me ever again, please.
- I won't. I swear.
I'm sorry.
There we go.
There we go. Be careful.
- Is she all right?
- I guess so. Be careful, don't rush.
Please, you must go back to your seats.
What damn seats?
What the hell are you talking about?
The man just died.
All of us just about died.
No matter what happened,
we will stick to the rules.
I'll do my best
so that no one else gets hurt.
- What about him?
- Evgeni. Oh, Evgeni
What have you done, Evgeni?
- We can't leave him on the floor.
- I agree. This is an emergency.
How about drawing something?
Why don't you draw me something?
Something cheerful, okay?
Once we finish, everyone will go back to
their seats and stay there until we land.
Something really nice, okay?
- Stay with your daughter. They'll manage.
- This is all because of her.
Excuse me? Who are you talking about?
She was sitting right behind me.
Who was sitting?
An old lady.
She kept repeating some prayer or a spell.
She looked at me.
And now, when he grabbed me,
I saw her again.
I don't get what you're saying.
The last time I saw her
Our plane crashed. And everybody died.
Every single person.
Except me.
I think she wants to finish
what she started back then.
You don't believe me?
If she was on that plane
It means she also died, right?
You saw how he grabbed me
and started whispering some strange words.
Evgeni was just wheezing.
Everything that has happened today
has a rational explanation.
We hit some turbulence,
and his heart simply failed.
There's no old lady here.
You think it's just my imagination?
Look, your pills they can really
cause serious hallucinations.
Believe me. I know.
Those weren't hallucinations.
Put him in the corner.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me.
- Come with me, honey.
- Katerina?
Listen to me.
I'll sit next to him.
Of course.
Katerina, look
Thank you both.
- Sit here.
- I wouldn't mind a cigarette.
Stay here for a while.
- Don't budge, okay?
- Okay.
There we go, my dear.
That's better.
My dearest.
I'm so sorry.
It's not your fault.
You tried to help him.
He was a good person.
A bit irritable, but he loved me.
My dear Evgeni.
Maybe you want to sit with us?
My daughter would enjoy the company.
Oh no, there's no need. We're good here.
If you change your mind,
remember that we're nearby, okay?
Thank you.
Let's go.
I drew a cheerful picture like you asked.
- And where are we?
- Right here.
But those are not our seats.
I like to think that they are.
Let's go to our seats.
Have you told the captain
about what happened?
Please take your seats.
Sit down, sweetheart.
How is she?
She can't accept what happened.
I saw your hand shaking.
Is it because of an injury?
Is that why you were taking pills?
Five years ago, we were filming a story.
And terrorists
blew up the tunnel under us.
We all got stuck under the debris.
When I awoke,
I was under a pile of stones.
Everyone else was dead.
That's horrible.
It seemed to me that I heard my mother.
There, in the back of the plane,
just before we took off.
She died in the crash.
And now she seems to be trying
to warn me about something.
About what?
Something bad's about to happen.
An emptied vessel.
What else is missing?
The man died,
and you got inspired by that?
Right, why bother answering me?
Because you're an artist
and an intellectual. And me
Just some moron.
I've been working my tail off
the whole week.
Like a dog, without any rest.
I just want to go home.
To my family.
This is Sasha, my youngest son.
He's such a slacker, just like me.
And here's Julia. She's finishing school.
Hey, why aren't you looking?
I'm a normal person. I'm not a moron.
You understand?
What are you staring at? Say something.
Falling ashes.
Damn freak.
When I was seven, I fell and broke my leg.
I had an open fracture on my lower leg.
I've had a scar there my whole life.
Now it's gone.
When did you notice that?
I know for sure that it was there
this morning.
I don't understand. How's that possible?
I don't know.
Maybe we should just calm down?
We're gonna land soon,
and everything's gonna be fine.
You're young. You have a lovely daughter.
Shouldn't the captain address
the passengers in this kind of situation?
I don't think it's important anymore.
He's got more serious problems
with this awful weather.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm just having a weird migraine.
It's like my head's splitting.
Your hand
I'm falling into pieces.
Even I'm getting sick of this flight.
Who are you talking to?
To a girl.
She said that you'd leave me again.
I'm not going anywhere.
Dear passengers, due to the snowstorm
becoming stronger,
and due to the recent accident on board,
we're forced to change our course.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Our flight's going to land in Novosibirsk.
This is the closest airport available
for an emergency landing.
Thank you for your patience.
That's the one.
That's the airport we were flying to.
What the hell? I didn't pay money
to land in Novosibirsk.
Why did we change our route?
- We announced the reasons.
- Because of some goner?
He doesn't care where we land.
I understand your discontent,
but it wasn't my decision.
May I offer something to drink?
Go to hell.
Fasten your seat belt, please.
Something's off with that woman.
Everyone's on edge at the moment.
No, it's something else.
What is it, honey? Diana, what's wrong?
- I don't want you to leave again, Mom.
- Please stop saying that, sweetheart.
I didn't say that. The girl did.
I'm so fed up with all of this.
Damn flight.
She told me you're gonna leave
when a man starts blazing.
Blazing? Why?
You can't smoke in here.
Go to hell, Picasso.
Oh, my god. Put that away.
- Put away the cigarette.
- Hell I will.
Somebody bring me a blanket.
What do you want from me?
I found it. I'm coming!
Is he still
I think so.
Oh, god.
We have to take it off of him.
What do we do?
He's suffering, Katerina.
We can try putting a damp cloth on him.
It might ease the pain a little.
She won't leave me alone.
Hold on, Katerina.
You have to sit down.
I'll go check on my daughter.
Where are you going, Mom?
Were you sleeping, Mom?
I guess I was.
Come. The bath's ready.
We need to get ready.
Get ready? To go where?
You don't remember, Mom?
We're flying tomorrow.
Come here.
Hey, I have a thought
What if we don't go anywhere?
We can stay here. It's good here, huh?
What about Grandpa and his big dog?
They can wait.
I like it here.
Me too.
Mom, are you crying?
I'm just so happy that I have you.
- Let's go take a bath.
- Okay.
Where are you?
You promised you wouldn't leave me.
But you left.
No, Diana, I didn't leave you.
- You left me.
- I didn't leave you.
- Open the door.
- You left me.
Katerina? Why are you on the floor?
Don't say that, Evgeni.
She would never leave such a lovely girl.
I didn't leave her.
- My little baby.
- Mom!
My dear little girl.
- Are you okay, Mommy?
- I'm fine, sweetheart.
I'm here.
You walked past me.
It's just that I
- You just stood there and stared at me.
- What do you mean?
You stood there and looked at me.
And you looked really sad.
I thought I was
I thought I was somewhere else.
Then you turned back and stood like this
without moving.
And then you fell down.
I ran over to help you.
I'm so sorry, sweetheart.
Please forgive me.
I want you to know
that no matter what happens,
I love you so much.
Do you hear me?
My sweet girl.
I love you too.
- I need to tell you something.
- Katerina?
Come with me.
We need you.
Let's go, sweetheart.
Sit here for a while.
- Mom, where are you going?
- Everything's going to be okay, sweetie.
What's going on with him?
His airways are blocked.
What should we do?
He must be in so much pain.
I can't just look at him and do nothing.
We'll go get some more water.
- Can I help somehow?
- Yes. Hold his head like this.
It'll be easier for him to breathe.
Hush, it's okay.
What happened there
in the back of the plane?
My visions.
They're becoming more and more real.
I'm starting to confuse reality
with my nightmares.
What are you drawing?
How can you draw at such a moment?
It calms me down.
- Everything's okay, Katerina.
- Okay?
Look around. Is everything really okay?
The one who ascended.
The one who entered the water.
Stop that.
- Everyone needs to wake up.
- Stop it with this nonsense.
I need to know.
- I said enough.
- Katerina.
What? What's he drawing there?
A man's dying, and he's drawing?
- Katerina
- What's your problem?
Katerina, your daughter's watching.
You have to stay strong for her sake.
Listen to me. You've been fighting
your fears for so long.
You don't want Diana to go through
the same thing, do you?
I don't.
What now?
What are you trying to say, dear?
Calm down. Don't move.
He's reaching for his mobile.
I see them.
I see them all.
They're all here.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
I don't even know your name.
I didn't want to hurt anyone.
My work consumes me, and I
I get lost in it.
In their final moments,
people tend to think
about the most important things.
Why are you doing that?
To your necklace
My mom gave it to me as a gift.
I believe it brings me luck.
Then, hold it tighter.
Galina, open the door.
- You have to return to your seat.
- Galina, please open the door.
My colleague's right.
She's been there for too long.
Galina, open the door!
- Stop it immediately.
- She's not well. She's unstable.
And you?
Are you stable?
Believe me, this night's been tough
for all of us.
Galina, open the door!
Something's wrong with her.
And you both know it.
- Open the door, please.
- Don't open this door.
- Open the damn door!
- Don't!
This can't be happening.
She went in here.
She was definitely inside.
- You probably made a mistake.
- No.
You saw how she went in, didn't you?
You both know that she was in there.
This is nonsense.
Where do you think she could disappear?
- Do something
- Enough!
You're saying ridiculous things.
I tried not to pay attention to you
regarding the situation.
- But you're scaring other passengers.
- What other passengers?
My colleague and I will check the cabin.
And you will pull yourself together
and return to your seat.
Is that understood?
Dear passengers, we're starting
our descent towards Novosibirsk Airport.
It's all because of you, huh?
You're trying to keep me here.
But I need to move forward.
What has to be broken before
you can use it?
We need to go, sweetie.
- What happened, Katerina?
- Go where?
- To the front.
- Why?
Trust your mother, please.
- I don't want to.
- Katerina
- We have to leave the plane.
- You're scaring her.
Diana, please.
- You're hurting me.
- You have to listen to me.
Stop it, Katerina. It was your fantasy.
Oh, god.
What's happening to me?
She's the one doing this.
We have to hurry.
- We don't need to go there, Mom.
- Do as I say.
- Why don't you ever listen?
- He needs medical help.
He needs to get out of here. We all do.
What's over there? Is that the exit?
You're crazy. Just listen to yourself.
What exit?
Please tell me what's over there.
- Mom! What's happening?
- Don't look!
Oh, my god.
You know what's going on here.
You're a part of all of this.
Unopened door. Truth untold
- What are you drawing?
- The innocent must be the last to see.
No, I'm not finished.
Give it back. It's mine.
You drew me?
You drew what I saw? How is this possible?
How's this
The exit.
The exit's there, isn't it?
Listen to me, Katerina.
There's nothing behind that door.
She's telling the truth, Katerina.
Stay away from us. Diana, run.
Open the door! Open it, please.
- It'll be all right, sweetie. Don't cry.
- We're not going to hurt you.
- We're trying to protect you.
- Protect me from what?
From your--
Don't look. It's gonna be okay.
Don't look!
What's happening to Alexei?
Forgive me, Katerina.
This can't be happening. This isn't real.
Please don't cry, sweetie.
It's gonna be fine, do you hear me?
Everything's gonna be fine.
Just step back.
This can't be true.
Come. We have to go, Diana.
- Mom
- Let's go, Diana.
We have to get out of here.
This isn't a real world.
It doesn't exist.
- Diana, where are you?
- I'm here, Mom.
No, stay away from her.
You understand now.
In reality, you're sitting next to me
on the plane, which is about to crash.
The child mustn't see how terrible
death is, so I put you to sleep.
So you could experience at least some
of the life that you're not going to have.
But you're a special girl.
You constantly try to wake up.
This is your undying wish,
to save yourself from my spell.
I can't keep you in illusions anymore.
Now you're going to wake up,
and your destiny is now in your hands.
Go over there and check.
He's not feeling well, miss.
- Do you have some pills onboard?
- I don't need any pills.
- It must be his heart.
- Galina, I don't need meds. Calm down.
- Here's your tea.
- Thank you very much.
- I don't need any pills.
- Of course, you do.
We need something to dilate
his blood vessels.
- Bring him some water at least.
- Galina and I Okay, some water will do.
- Evgeni, why are you like that?
- I'm never flying with you again.
Why do you need to make such a
What's wrong, Evgeni?
Somebody help us! He's not well.
- Evgeni
- What happened?
I don't know. He's not well.
He's not moving. Please help.
Here we go.
- I have to go, Mom.
- No.
Please don't go, my sweetheart.
We'll meet again some other time, Mommy.
But how?
Tell me what I have to do.
You just have to listen.
- Mom, I found our seats.
- Honey, this is our row.
We don't need to go there.
Why don't you ever listen?
- And where are we?
- Right here.
Row 19.
You know what to do.
- Mom! Mommy!
- Katerina!
- Mommy.
- I got you.
We have to go over there, Mom.