Roxie (2014) Movie Script

[door opens and closes]
[keys jingling] - [Woman] Just get me
the hell out of here! [engine starts] [peaceful guitar music] [peaceful violin music] [moaning] - [exclaims] No, God. [sighs deeply] - Chow down, yeah. That's what I like to see. [man savors] [dog barks] Look at you hungry dogs. - [Man in Blue] Don't
write "Dad", you moron. [sighs deeply] [phone ringing] - [Joel] Hey, Dave.
- [Dave] Hey, Joely. Who do I have this morning? - The Bennetts. - [exclaims] Damn! That's right, my
favorite couple. - Hey Dave, where's my patient
intake form on the Bennetts? - You gave it to me. - [exclaims] I gave it to you? - [Dave] Yes. - Well, did you make a copy? - No. But I have your notes! - Would you please make
a copy and fax it to me? - I'll email the files to you. - Dave! - I'll email 'em to your phone. - Email it to my phone? Well, suggest an Intimacy Night. - An Intimacy Night? I got other things I'm
gonna do with them. - Like what? - Don't worry about it, Joely! [upbeat banjo music] I suggest an Intimacy Night. - That's what I said. - No, you called
it a Date Night. - What's the difference? What's the difference? - Well, there is no difference. - Told you! - I mean, an Intimacy Night
doesn't need to be a date. - Right. Right! - I want to warm
up into intimacy. I'm not gonna wait for
you to get home from work, cook you a meal and then
bam, have some intimacy! - [Ben] Margie,
we're not teenagers, I don't want to take
you to the movies. - [Margie] See,
this is what I mean! - [Ben] What, what this? This? [growls in anger] - [Woman] Well, I'm
off to the doctor then. - All right. - I love you. - Love you too. - I just want to be happy. - Well, I'm sorry,
but I don't want to make popcorn with you and
rent a DVD and then make out. - That's just mean. - No, it's not mean,
it's realistic. It's acknowledging the fact
that we're not 15 anymore-- - You're deflecting again! - We've got respo-- [Ben] Deflecting?
- [Margie] Uh huh! - [Ben] Doctor, will you
just please talk to her-- - Some times people
just need a break. I mean, perfectly understandable that you're both upset. It's an uncomfortable
situation for both of you. But we can work this through. It's good to be open
with your feelings. - Hey, do you think that Dave
is good for Ben and Margie? - That's up to Ben and Margie. - [sighs deeply] Okay. [upbeat banjo music] - [Doctor] Of course
you can still have sex. In fact, it's very healthy
for a woman your age. - Well, you know, it's
just like been a while. - Well, have you
tried speed walking? - What? - It'll help raise your libido. - [Woman] Okay. - [Doctor] I'm gonna prescribe
you some vaginal cream. Now, use this two times
a day, two to four weeks. With your age, there's
gonna be some dryness. Smile [breathing heavily] When all is more and
more is [muffled lyric] Darling I seem to be misled To me the worst of
it [muffled lyric] When is more and
more is [muffled lyric] [humming] [phone vibrating] - [Woman] Do you still love me? - Of course. - [Woman] Tell me. - [Joel] What do you mean? - I don't know, tell me
what you love about me. - I love your laugh. - Yeah? - [Joel] It's very nice. - [Woman] Do you want to
know what I love about you? - Sure. - I think you're very
sweet and it's very sexy. Really, very sexy. - [Joel] Thank you,
thank you very much. [phone ringing] [Joel] Hey, Dave.
- [Dave] Hey, Joely. What ya' doing? - [Joel] Just going
over some patient files. - Packed for the conference? - It's in two days, Dave. - Yeah, I packed all my
things, came out to the cabin. - [Joel] What does Riana
have to say about that? - [Dave] Come down
here to the cabin. - No, no Dave, I think I'll
sleep in my own bed, thank you. - I got a six-pack
and some stuff. - Stuff? - We're going to
San Francisco, baby. - So, how did it go
today with the Bennetts? - [exclaims] Yeah. They're fucked. - Well, could you be a
little more specific? - [Dave] Come down to the cabin. - [Joel] No, I can't do that. - [exclaims] Pussy-whipped. - Who is it? - It's Dave, we're going
over our, some patient stuff. - Tell her that you've
got to come over and work late on our
presentation for the conference. - It's in two days and
you're the one presenting. [hushes] - Joel! You're a moron. - Goodnight, Dave, thanks. - [Dave] Lie to her
and come on down! Or I might die. And that's all I'm going to say. - Okay, no. Yep, yep, I understand,
I'll be over. - What's going on? - It's Dave, gotta work
late on the presentation. [upbeat banjo music] Where did you get
that thing from? - [Dave] Phillip. - Your son? - Yeah, yeah, it's fine,
that art school he goes to in San Francisco, they
eat this stuff like candy. - Well, I'm not in
art school, Dave. - When was the last time? - For what? - That you took some drugs, man. - I don't know, 70s maybe? - We need this, we need it! - What does it do? - Phillip says it
makes you feel good. - Good how? - Like, really good. [laughter] What we need is a big bang! We need to have fun
at this conference. You need that. - Maybe. [laughter] - When was the last
time that you had sex? - Dave? - [exclaims] Come on, you
can tell that shit to me. It's me. - No. - When was it? - [laughing] A long time ago. - You listen to me. You need a big bang! - I'm in all the way. - I'll hold you to it! [whooting and laughter] - [Joel] I haven't moved
like this in years. [exclaims] It feels good! [laughter] - [Dave] I told ya'! [laughter] [peaceful string music] [phone vibrating] [angelic humming] [breathing deeply] - You know, she's
not a bad person. - I didn't say she
was a bad person. - She's good to me. - She is no good for you. - Some times I'm just
not that interested. Maybe it's a little hard to feel masculine and passionate. When all I do is sit
around the house all day, doing the goddamned books. - Forget about the books,
you're really good at them. Better than I was. It suits you. - You don't like Sheryl, do you? - I like her okay, she's
just not right for you. - Have you ever met a woman who you thought was right for me? - [Dave] Stay until
the conference. - I can't, and you know I can't! - Why? - 'Cause I have to
go home to Sheryl. - Just come up with
something, some excuse. - Sheryl's sister
is coming over. You know how
self-conscious she gets. I have to be there
to support her. - I know, Layla's
got a hot body, huh? - Well, that's beside the point. - Well, she does, you
gotta admit it, she does! - Sheryl needs me, I got
to go home, okay, Dave? - Wait, at some point,
you're gonna have to decide. You're gonna have
to make a decision. - Decide what? - Whether to put
up with it or not. You know, look, look,
look at what it's doing. You're all stressed out. You don't want to deal with
it and you shouldn't have to. - I don't know. - You know, is it
worth it, Joely? - I gotta go home, Dave! I gotta go home. - It's bullshit, Joely. It's bullshit, Joel! You better be packed and ready! I'm picking you up, first
thing in the morning! [slams] - What happened? - We just got caught up in work. - [Sheryl] I stayed up for you! - I'm sorry! - Well, should I? - It's nice that you did. - No, I mean but should I? Do I expect you to not come
home every time you go see Dave? - His cabin is a two hour drive. - [exclaims] You
went to his cabin? - Yes. - Why don't you ever go
to his house anymore? I mean, what does Riana
think of all this? - I don't know. - You know, I'm sorry,
I just don't understand. Okay, what is it? Are you
running away from something? [exclaims] God, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, okay. I'm being pushy. - It's all right. - No, so I am being pushy. - I didn't say that. - It's what you meant. [doorbell rings] Dammit! - It's all right! - No, it's not all right! Okay, dinner is not ready, Joel. - I'll take over. - [Dave] Hold on,
I gotta drink here. Hold on, don't go anywhere. All right, thank you very
much ladies and germs. - [Layla] Yeah, I mean really
impressed with your meal. - Thank you, I worked
really hard on it. - Yes she did. - [Layla] I can tell. - You can tell. - [Layla] Oh, yeah. - [Dave] [laughs] It's not
your face that I'm watching. It's your ass that I see. - My husband is just crazy
about my cooking now. I mean, he used
to want to go out with the guys after work, and now he comes
home every night. Brings some of the
guys home sometimes, and it's just really
fabulous, so... - [Dave] I can live out
here as long as I want, 'cause I'm a man, that's right. [howls] - She's already accepted
into gifted school. I told you about that, right? - Well, I know
you did like all-- What, you hired somebody to find the right preschool
or something? - [Layla] Of course,
what do I know? I mean, you know, so of course, I hired somebody to really
find the best school. She's really good at
sitting at the table and... Both hands, honey bear. That's my girl. - I can't take care
of you anymore. - You don't take care of me. - I do. - No, no, no, I have a job. I'm the breadwinner. - You haven't gone into the
office for months, okay? You've been working
in the living room like a hermit in the corner. - What difference
does that make? - I cook, I feed
you, I clean up. - You want me to cook? You know I can't cook. I thought you hated my cooking? And that is why I do the dishes. [sighs deeply] - If you didn't need
me, you would leave. - That's not true. - Who's gonna take
care of me, Joel? - We'll take care of each other. - That is such bullshit. If I wanted to take
care of someone, I'd take care of a child. Look, I wouldn't take
care of my husband. And you're acting like a child. - You know when you married me that we weren't
gonna have children. It's too late for that. [dramatically sighs] - We're off to San
Francisco, baby. [laughter] Fun, fun, fun! In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida! - How many days you gonna
be at the conference? - Just three days. With the drive, we'll
be back in four. - Five! - [Joel] Bye, honey.
- [Sheryl] Bye! [beeping] [upbeat banjo music and humming] - [Phillip] Hey, dad.
- [Dave] Hey, Phillip. [sniffs] Nice thing. - [Phillip] Yeah. - [Dave] What do you call that? - A bong. - A bong? [squeaking] - Hey, baby. Qu pasa? - This is my dad. [giggles] [laughter] - Glad to meet you. Now, that was odd, wasn't it? - I'd use a stronger word. - And who was that kid
passed out on the chair? - I don't know, that was
probably some friend of his. - I bought that
chair from a little, expensive shop when
we moved in here. I paid $200 for that chair and some fat, fuck
is sleeping in it! - Maybe, talk to him? - [exclaims] Just talk to him? - Yeah, yeah, it makes sense. - Yeah, right, he's
going through girls like ice cream flavors. Two weeks ago, it was Dina, I
didn't even get to meet her, and I thought that was serious! Well, you don't have this
trouble with your daughter. - And what does that
supposed to mean? - When was the last
time you talked to her? [exclaims] What?
That's why don't win any awards at these things. [engine starts] - [Joel] No.
- [Dave] Yeah. - [Joel] No, no,
no, absolutely not. I don't-- - It's the big bang, Joely! - [exclaims] Well,
you're full of it. - You said you were
in all the way, Joely. [phone rings] - [Voiceover] Hello? - Hey there, is this
Exclusive Escorts? - [Voiceover] Yes it is, where
are you calling from, sexy? - It's Davey. - [Voiceover]
[exclaims] Hey, Davey. - We're coming
into San Francisco, a buddy and I and we'd
like to get a couple girls. - [Voiceover] Sure, how many? - One for each of us. - [Voiceover] Yeah, I
have a good girl for you. Does your friend want
a blonde or brunette? - You want the brunette, right? - Yes. - [Voiceover] Yeah, I definitely
got something for ya'. - So, where's the
erotic entertainment? - Like they're
stripping or something. - So, they're gonna be naked? - Well, yeah, I assume so. - What about sensual
massage, how do we, you know? - You just pay them more. - Well, how much more? - I don't know, Joely! Slip 'em some pills. - We're not gonna date rate 'em! - Come on, they'll
probably like it. - [Joel] They're not gonna take
pills from two strange men. - They're hookers, they probably
like that kind of thing. [peaceful guitar music] - [Joel] What about Sheryl? - [Dave] What about her? - I can't afford to destroy
another marriage, Dave. - [Dave] Joely, just relax. [chattering] - [Woman] David Hutchins? - Yes. - David Hutchins, I just
finished reading your book. - Uh huh, right.
[giggling] - It is just such an
honor to meet you. - Yeah, well. [giggling] - Excuse me, I'll be over
at the hors d'oeuvres. [laughing] - All of you who represent the Marriage and Family
Therapist Association of America give selflessly
and compassionately every single day to
families in distress. Without you, the often
discouraging statistics that reflect the
state of marital and familial health in our
country would be even worse. Each year, we choose
one of our members, someone who has given
the extra effort, gone the extra mile
to serve his clients, and who has won the respect and admiration of
all of his peers. Tonight, we honor someone
who walks his talk, someone whose own
long and devoted, and beautiful marriage to
his lovely wife, Riana, who unfortunately could
not be here tonight, stands as testament to his
commitment and his values, and sets a standard we can
all look to for inspiration. Tonight, I am
delighted to present this year's award for
outstanding contribution to the practice of
marriage and family therapy to Doctor David Hutchins,
come on up here, Dave. [applause] You do us proud. - Thank you. Thank you everyone. - Are you coming over tonight? - Uh, I don't think so. - Why not, what are you
gonna be doing, sleeping? - I got plans. - You have plans? - Yeah. - Okay, tomorrow. - Well, I don't know. - Dave, you realize I'm
a busy woman, right? - Yeah. - Good, then tomorrow. I'll see you tomorrow. Hey, enjoy your piss. [laughter] [upbeat country music] - [Dave] You're gonna
take my shirt off, and you'll see this sexy body. [knocking] - [Joel] Hi, I'm Joel. - Hi, Joely. [Roxie] I'm Roxie.
- Hi, Roxie. [closing] - Aren't you cute. - Well, thank you. You look good yourself. - Yeah, thank you. - [Joel] That's a
very nice dress. - Well, thank you very much. Your eyes, they're like
bugging out or something. - That's just how I am,
I wear contact lens. - [exclaims] I see. - [Joel] So, have
you always done this? - That's a personal question. - Sorry, look I didn't mean,
I've never done this before. - It's all right. - I just want to relax. - You just want to relax? - I gotta say, this
is something new. - Wow! - What do you think of that? - [Roxie] I think that's sweet. - [Joel] Yeah?
- [Roxie] Yeah! I think I got a sweet one. - Hi you doing, Davey? - I'm doing all right. - Just all right? - [Dave] I'm doing good now. - Just good? - Very good. You haven't been seeing
other girls, have you? - Just my wife. - [exclaims] You should
tell me about it. - [Dave] It's nothing exciting. - That's too bad. You know, I like
it with girls too. - [Dave] Yeah?
- [Escort] Oh yeah, baby! [laughs] [jazzy piano music] - Looking for someone, miss? - Hi, yeah, a man. - Okay. - Of course, I'm
looking for a man, an older man, but not too old, not too old, I mean
we met online dating. - Okay. - I know, I've never
done it before. It's weird, right? Yeah, it's a date, you know. Maybe not a serious one. [laughs] I don't know, maybe
it is gonna be serious. I really don't know, you know? - So, you wanna maybe have
a seat and look for him? - Well, I guess
we have to decide what we're gonna do. - Yeah, we need to decide. - [Dave] Yeah. - Well, that depends if you
want to go straight to baseball or if you want like
lollipop with a wrapper. - Lollipop with a wrapper? - [Roxie] You know
what I'm saying? - Baseball I get. - Okay, well you
get the baseball. And then there's
like the high five. - What? - The high five. - [exclaims] The high five. - [Man] You know what's funny? You know how I got to meet you? [Man] My daughter.
- [Sheryl] Your daughter? - My daughter. She told me to get a date. I've been hanging
around too long. Get up and get out. I said, "I don't know
how to get a date." She said, "It's
easy, you go online." I thought that she was
crazy and I did it. And you know what,
she was right. Now, I'm on My Book, Homeface. There it is, you know what
I'm talking about, right? - [Sheryl] Yeah.
- [Man] Yeah. [clicks] - What's wrong, Joely? - Nothing. - Then why aren't
you looking at me? - [Joel] I don't know. - Are you married? - [Joel] No. - [Roxie] Yeah.
- [Joel] Yes. - You lying, cheating,
son-of-a-bitch! How could you do this? - I'm sorry! - Who do you think I am? - [Joel] I'm sorry.
- [Roxie] Don't touch me! I'm gonna leave! - Don't go, don't go. - Why shouldn't I? [laughs] You're cute, you're so cute. It's okay, Joely. [deeply exhales] - Why can't a guy my age, go out with somebody he likes and have some casual fun? When I saw you,
I knew you and I, are gonna have lots of fun. Right? What? - I'm married. - Excuse me? Did you
say you were married? - [sobbing] I'm married. - [exclaims] Fuck! [breathing deeply] You feeling all right? - [Sheryl] No. - All right, which
house is yours? [retches] - [exclaims] No.
- [Man] Fuck! - I'm so sorry. [exclaims] God! [smooth jazz music] [phone vibrating] - [Roxie] What are you doing? You don't need to cover up. It's nothing I
haven't seen before. - I left your
money on the table. - [exclaims] Thank you. - I guess I better
be getting dressed. [breathing heavily] - You know, it's
really a shame Riana couldn't be here for
this wonderful weekend. - I know, she's just-- - Roxie-- - Joel, how nice to see you. - Fantastic to see you. - You know my partner, Joel? - Yes, of course. - Roxie, that's her name. - [Woman] Is everything okay? - Yes. - I don't know what to do. - Calm down, Joel. - Joel, are you
feeling all right? - Calm down? My
heart is pounding! - Joel, shut up! I'm sorry, [mumbles], excuse me. What are you talking about? Where did you get that name? - Roxie? - Yes, Roxie, where
did you get the name? - Roxie, that's her name. She's upstairs. Hey, hey Roxie, this is Dave. Dave, Roxie. Dave is a colleague and a long time friend. - You're out of your mind, Joel. - I love her. - She's a hooker,
she'll spread her legs for any dollar you throw at her. - That's enough. - [Dave] No! - Let me go. - [Dave] No! - Let me go. [pounds] I'm sorry. - [mumbles] makes sense. I look stupid. - No, no, no, I want to
take you out as my girl. Not as a hooker. - Yeah? - [Joel] Can we do that? There are these
tribal people in Bali and they produce
in their bodies, the perfect levels of
testosterone and oxytocin. Now, what do these chemicals do? If the man doesn't produce
enough testosterone, he won't feel happy. And if a woman doesn't
produce enough oxytocin, she won't feel
happy or beautiful, or sexual. [upbeat chiming music] - So, is Dave helping? - There's not much you can
do if Ben won't listen? - Hmm, Yeah. - He can't listen. It's like as men get older,
they revert back to boyhood. I can't stand it. - I think Dave's a prick. - What? - I'm sorry, but
that's what I think. So, he wrote his book,
now he's a big deal? - And men are problem solvers! They are not here to discuss! And women are
listening creatures. Discussion, sharing... We must understand how we as men and women go about communicating
and living at the simplest chemical level. - You know, I've been reading
all these different diets, but I haven't done any of them. - I need to lose weight. - You know something
without the carbs, you know, I need
to cut my carbs. - He used to want me. He used to come home from work and we had the nastiest sex! And then we had kids. - I don't think Joel is
coming back this time. - What? - We haven't made
love in two years. - Jesus, Sheryl,
he'll come back. Yeah, he'll come back. I have some meds you can take. - [Roxie] God, don't
you love this stuff? You hate it, but you love it. - I haven't had any for years. But it's good. - [Roxie] You know, it's
just gonna rot on your ribs? - I've been trying to
diet, my wife's been-- I'm sorry. - Your wife's idea, huh? - I'm sorry I brought her up. - No, that's okay. I need to go on a diet. - No, you don't. - Are you kidding? I don't know why they
keep sending me out. - You're beautiful. Is it all right, if I say that? - Yeah, of course it is. It's really crazy to
hear you say that. You're giving me goose pimples. [laughter] [phone vibrating] - You all right, baby? - [Dave] Yeah, yeah, sure. No, no, I thought maybe we could move slow, you know? - Okay baby well, you
want me to suck you slow? - No, not like that. Like I thought maybe we
could talk, you know? - Okay. - Yeah, okay. - What do you want
to talk about? - I don't know,
like how you doing? - I'm good, baby. How are you? - Yeah, it's not
easy being married. It's a lot of hard work. Some people aren't
cut out for it. I'm not sure that anybody is. - Why don't we sit on the bed? - I don't want to
sit on the bed. - Then we could get
more comfortable. - [Dave] Okay. You like this? - Like what? - Doing this? - Of course I do. - No, I'm asking you
a real question here. - What's going on, Davey? - Don't call me Davey. - Let's start over. - Okay. Do you like doing this? - Of course. - What do you like about it? - I love sex. - Come on, stop it. - What, baby. - You're just saying that, it's
what you're supposed to say. - Well, what do
you want me to say? - I don't know. I want you to say
how you really feel. Get out. - What? - Just get out. [sighs deeply] It's 500 bucks, just take it. - [Joel] Wow! - Hm? - I fell like a boy. - [Roxie] Yeah. - Yeah, it's like
some boyhood fantasy. - I like that. It's sexy, come here, boy. I want you. - It's good to see you, Dave. How's your wife? - Well, she-- - Dave, I don't care. I'm just making conversation. - Right. - Look, you came here to fuck! We'll fuck. I don't need you
to be shy about it. - Well, I'm sorry-- - [Woman] Don't apologize, Dave. I need the confident Dave. I don't need a
limp dick tonight. You were quite the
star at the conference. I'm sure you can get some young, impressionable
woman to blow you. Mr. Hutchins, Mr. Hutchins. I just love your book. - No, no. - Have all you been
getting is hookers? You want them to care about you. You can't get somebody
to care about you. Sex isn't enough. - Please don't-- - [Woman] Please don't what? Listen Dave, I don't
care about you. I don't care about you the way you want a woman
to care about you. What do you want? - What do you mean? - What are you looking for? Do you want me, Dave? - Yes. - Do you want to have me? - [Dave] Yes. - Like a hooker? I'm not a hooker, Dave. I'm not a bitch. You're my bitch. [whimpering] - Yeah. - [Woman] What are you? - A bitch. - [Woman] Who's bitch? - [whimpers] Yours. - [Woman] Good. Good boy. [whimpers] - I remember the night I
told her I want a divorce. I couldn't take it. How do you tell somebody,
"I want a divorce?" It's the hardest thing
I've ever said in my life. [gentle violin music] My daughter, she must
have already known. She wouldn't even look at me. I knew she'd never forgive me. I'm some fucking therapist. Dave had to take all my clients. And no one would come
to see me, I mean, I couldn't save my own marriage and I had a daughter
that hated me. - I'm sure she doesn't hate you. - That was really
sweet of you to say. But I know she does, deep down. I mean, maybe it's out of
love but I know she hates me. She hates me. [sobbing] - I have lived my life
as a commanding force. I know and believe
that our emotions are run and determined by
the chemicals in our brain. Our behaviors and our
patterns, it's testosterone. Once you make the decision
to change the patterns, and it shifts something. Oxytocin, testosterone, then you make a decision
to change your life. And as you go back
into the world, you go to your
profession and your job to help others, Roxie! Roxie, Roxie, Roxie. You must understand
it, you must take control and command
of your life. Roxie, Roxie, Roxie, Roxie, Roxie, Roxie, Roxie, Roxie-- You must learn to rule
and regulate yourselves. - [Joel] Dave, it's Joely. I love her. I love her, Dave. We are running away together. - We're looking for
a place that would-- - Bargain Motor Lodge
Emeryville on Chester, okay? - [Joel] Until you
can accept that please, don't try to contact me. [deeply sighs] Sheryl,
look tell Sheryl that I never meant to hurt her. - How can I buy all this? - What do you mean? - This can't be real. - Why not? - You don't mean
anything you say, do you? - I do. I do. - It would be so
painful to watch you go. - I don't have to go. - [Dave] No?
- [Roxie] No. - Where would we stay, here? - Sure! [laughter] - This isn't real. - You're like the first taste. - [Roxie] Of what? - Love. - What does it taste like? - Sweet. [soft pop music in distance] It's so incredible to
just hold each other. - Relax. - A kiss that would
last and last, and wouldn't want it to stop. The smell of her skin. I was so terrified. - When? - [Dave] She was like a drug, rushing through my bloodstream. - [Roxie] Who? - Are you like the first time? Are you real? - You see guys all the time. - I don't see guys
like you all the time. - [exclaims] I wish, I really
wish I could believe that. - Then believe it. [breathing heavily] [peaceful string music] [gentle piano notes playing] [splashing] You are My sunshine My only sunshine You make me happy When skies are grey You never know, dear How much I love you Don't you take My sunshine away - I like you. That's the problem, you see? - Well, I like you too. - Yeah, but I'm
supposed to be detached. You're supposed to be detached. But, I can't be detached. I think I'm falling
in love with you. Now, isn't that silly? - No. - So, this is as different
for you as it is for me? - Yeah. [rattles] [crunching] - Fuck you Joel, fuck you! - What baby? What did I do? - I'm leaving? - Why? - [Roxie] You have a wife! - [Joel] I'll leave her. - I can't be out
here anymore, Joel. Do you know what
would happen to me if they found out I was here? - Look, you tell
them to talk to me. I'll straighten everything out. Just tell 'em to talk to me. - I can't! - Why can't you? You came out here, willingly. I didn't force you. You came out here
because you wanted to. Because we fell in love. - [Roxie] You think
you're in love. - Why are you doing this to me? - These are all your
fucking choices. You've got a fucking
wife to go home to. Don't give me that fucking
song and fucking dance! - [Joel] I don't care about
my wife, I told you that! It's not my choice
that you led me on. We had a good
time, we get along. - You had a good time. - I've had the best
two days of my life! - So, it's all about you. See, I've had two
days here with you. And I've got one night
of money to show for it. And now, I'm gonna get
fucking killed for it. - [exclaims] It's
money you want. That's what this is all about! How much you want,
$500, $600, what? 1000, wait, here. I'll write ya' a fucking check! Take it you fucking whore! [keys rattling and door closes] - How much did he give you? He fell for it, didn't he? The "I love you," the sudden fight? Yeah, he fell for it. Why wouldn't he? I did. Don't do this
Roxie, not to Joel. - Why shouldn't I? - How can we defend ourselves? [sobbing] I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sorry.
[sobbing] [sobbing] Sleeping in cars Awoken by church Bells on Sunday [rhythmic drumming] [sobbing] [wind blows] [soft pop music] [smooth singing muffled
by sounds of sea] - Dave? Dave? [moans] We're here, do you hear me? - [Dave] Okay. - I need some time. Dave? - [Dave] Okay. - So, don't please. - Okay. - Congratulations
on the award, Dave. [squeaking] There is a Ghost in my head There is a Ghost in my bedroom There is a Ghost in my chest And he will Not let me rest He haunts me yeah he taunts me All the time Won't get back
that heart of mine - Dr. Hutchins? Are you Dr. David Hutchins? - Yeah. - I'm sorry to come to
your home like this. [upbeat jazzy music] [beeps] - [Voiceover] I got an attorney and you should do
the same thing, we just need to talk. Can you please call me? [beeps] Look, I'll be taking
the furniture. You can have the chair
your mother gave us. [beeps] There's no booze
left in the house. [sighs deeply] [exclaims] God, if
you only didn't-- [beeps] Please, please call me! [beeps] My attorney will call you. [beeps] - [Voiceover] She's giving up
her claim to half the house, but in exchange for
70% of your assets. - Well, I suppose I'll
sell the house then. - [Voiceover] This is the best
settlement you can hope for. That house is all yours,
she can't touch it. And you'll have some time
to get everything out. - Yeah, that shouldn't
be too difficult. [splashing] [savors] Answer your phone!
[ringing] Goddammit, answer your phone!
[ringing] Come on, Joely!
[ringing] Come on Joely, Joely,
Joely, Joely, Joely, please. Please answer the phone! Answer the phone!
[ringing] - I cheated on you. - Do you love her? - Not anymore. You didn't deserve
it and I did it. And it's my fault. And I'm sorry I hurt you. Because you're a good woman. And you care about me. And I was willing
to throw that away. I'm a moron. Sheryl, what I'm trying--
[banging on door] [deeply exhales] - Joel?
[banging] Open the door. - [Joel] Go away. - [Dave] Please, Joel. - I can't! - If you don't open
the door, I might die. [deeply exhales] - Go home, Dave. Golden bird when you left You were talking [muffled] On its favorite walk What have you done On its favorite walk I don't expect
you to forgive me. I'm sorry. You've always been...
[sobbing] You didn't deserve
this, I'm so sorry. But... will you let me try? - It feels like you have one
foot in and one foot out. Do you want to stay
in this marriage or do you not, just answer? It's a simple answer! Do you want a divorce? What do you want? - Yes, yes-- - You don't even know what
you, yes, yes, what? Yes! - You ask me a question, you don't even give me a chance
to answer for God's sake. - [exclaims] Yeah,
whatever! You know-- - You know, you do this all the
time, you do this all time-- - [exclaims] I
[gasps], screw you! - She's wacko,
she's nuts, right? I mean, you're a
pro, you tell me? She's crazy, right? - Well, I've seen
some crazy ones. - Yeah?
[laughter] Crazier than her? Worse than my wife? - [Dave] Well, maybe. [laughs] - Well, you're gonna
have to tell me about that over
a beer sometimes. [exhales] I gotta have
a break from that woman. I don't know how I'm
gonna do it but I just-- - Well, I need some help
moving some furniture. - You need help
moving furniture? - Yeah-- - Well, I'm your man then! [laughter] [Dave] Yeah?
- [Ben] Yeah, sure. - Okay, yeah. - Sure, just let me know,
you know, when and where-- - Saturday! - You just didn't want this
thing in the house anymore or... - I thought I'd make the
cabin a little bit more cozy. One, two, three. [breathing heavily] - This is a cool spot, man. I wish I had a place like this. - Yeah, it's great. - You know, I can't
even watch a game without getting bitched at? And you got this
whole place up here. Woods, cable, beer, grill up some burgers... [sighs deeply] - Hey, you should stay a while. - No, no, I can't,
I gotta get back. Margie's sister is coming over. And she get's all jealous
whenever her sister comes over. Of course, her sister's... She's got a really hot body. [laughs] In fact, I married
the wrong damn sister. - Well, hey thanks for helping. I really appreciate it. - Sure man, no problem. Thanks for the beer. - Yeah. - You're a cool shrink, Dave. [peaceful string music] [keys rattling] [engine starts] [beeps] [grinding] [beeps] [peaceful string
and piano music]