Royal Hearts (2018) Movie Script

WOMAN: As Victor Hugo wrote,
"To love or have loved,
that is enough.
Ask nothing further."
In sum, ladies and gentlemen,
the customs and manners
of the Regency period
were exemplified
and celebrated
in Austen's
Pride and Prejudice.
Now it might seem quaint
and old-fashioned,
but Jane Austen's world
was defined by civility.
Social graces shaped society.
And while you might not
think it's relevant,
the lessons of gentility
and respect still have a place
- [bell rings]
- in the world today.
Okay, well, that wraps it up
for this quarter.
I expect to have
your final essays in my inbox
at midnight tonight.
[phone buzzing]
Hey, Jazz, what's up?
I'd love to,
but I have plans.
Yes, it's a date,
a lunch date.
Uh, well, I gotta go.
Okay, take care.
KELLY: I was born
and raised here.
Just been me and my dad.
You know, it's funny.
When I was a kid,
I always wanted to be like him:
a roper, a rider.
But then I grew up,
and I went away to college.
Here I am, Assistant Professor
Kelly Pavlik,
Montana State University,
with an invitation
to lecture at Oxford next year,
once I'm...
done my doctorate.
So, uh, you're a...
You study a lot, right?
Uh, that's one way
of putting it.
Very cool. I read stuff.
You do?
Oh, yeah, big reader.
Captain Fantastic.
Totally awesome.
But not as much as
Lizard Man.
Lizard Man rocks.
So you read comic books.
Graphic novels.
Yeah, but that's not--
Touchdown! Yes!
Come on!
The ball was thrown behind him.
That was really rude of me,
and I'm sorry
about that, Judy.
I mean, I mean Kelly.
Oh, sorry,
did you wanna watch too?
ANNOUNCER: Off the left side
for three yards.
So there I was,
telling him my life story,
and he didn't hear
a word of it.
His loss.
I thought so.
you're my best friend.
Tell me what it is
I'm doing wrong.
How about stop dating losers?
Well, they can't all be losers.
Maybe I should
just stop dating.
Oh, come on.
The way I see it
is you spend your time
living in books,
books that were written
when chivalry was still a thing.
So? I miss chivalry.
Kelly, the kind of guy
you're looking for
doesn't exist anymore.
There's gotta be
some guy out there
that's a lot less Lizard Boy
and a little bit more
Fitzwilliam Darcy.
If you don't want
to spend your life
being constantly
you're gonna have
to accept the fact
that times have changed,
and men have really changed.
Thanks for lunch.
Ms. Kelly Pavlik,
daughter of Henry Pavlik?
- Yes.
- Ah! Um...
Grimsby's the name.
I've been retained
to locate your father,
regarding a matter
of great concern.
You're looking for my dad,
Hank Pavlik?
Indeed, I am.
Are you sure
you have the right man?
Oh, quite sure.
It's vital
that I speak with him
in person, preferably,
as soon as possible.
Is he in trouble?
No, madam.
But it's vital.
Positively vital.
All right, come on in.
- [cow moos]
- [country]
ZEKE: It ain't there, neither.
Well, now I'm beginning to think
maybe it was actually
the filling station.
You know the Big A,
where I parked my car at.
So I hike on down there
and take a look-see,
and what do you suppose
I found?
Nothing. It ain't there.
I was going nuts, and I--
Looks like we got ourselves
company there, Zeke.
I think I'll head on down there
and see who it is.
Right in the middle of my story?
It ain't finished.
Well, I reckon you can finish
your story by yourself.
- Oh, and, Zeke.
- Yeah?
You took the pickup to town.
That's why you couldn't
find your car.
Yeah, end of story.
Believe me,
I've been there, son.
Done that.
Come on, Bear.
Whoever said,
"Money can't buy happiness,"
forgot about puppies, Bear.
[engine starts]
Word to the wise.
This is a cattle ranch.
You might wanna
watch your step.
A veritable minefield.
How delightful.
Hello, princess.
Been a while.
Not that long.
Well, long enough.
So what brings you out here?
Dad, this is Mr. Grimsby.
He's a solicitor.
Solicitor, huh?
What are you selling?
I'm not selling anything.
I trust you know
what a solicitor is.
Yeah, I do.
Person who solicits.
Dad, Mr. Grimsby
is an attorney.
Well, like I said,
what can I do for you, Grimsby?
I've been retained
to bring you
some rather momentous news.
Due to the passing
of a distant relative,
you've inherited
a substantial estate...
in Merania.
Never heard of it.
Central Europe, a principality
right next to Angosia.
Merania, huh?
What kind of a scam you running?
I assure you, sir,
it is not a scam.
Okay, well,
how much could I get
for this sizeable estate,
if I sold it?
Why would you want to sell it?
Well, I could use
a new pair of boots,
and the good ones,
they don't come cheap.
I'm afraid it's more complicated
than that, Mr. Pavlik.
You see, there's a title
that comes with the property.
And I'm supposed to be
impressed with a title?
Dad, forget about the title.
You just need to go
and sign some documents.
In the presence of a judge.
A judge in Merania,
I presume.
Yes, sir.
I'll tell you what.
I'll get back to you
on that, huh?
Sir, I really must insist that--
No, don't worry about him.
- [laughing]
- This is what he does.
I'll take care of it.
Some people.
KELLY: You're stubborn, Dad,
you know that?
Since Mom died,
this place is your only life.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Do you really think
this Grimsby guy's on the level?
Oh, he showed me
six different databases
that document genealogy.
Your great-great-great
emigrated from Merania
in 1793.
He gave up everything
to marry someone
his family didn't approve of.
Oh, come on, Dad.
It wouldn't hurt to go
for a little bit.
Everything I want is here.
I got my dog, I got you.
I don't want nothing.
I'm happy.
Dad, I was offered a teaching
position at Oxford next year.
What are you telling me?
It's not permanent.
At first, anyway.
I'd be a visiting lecturer.
But I could be moving to England
for a while.
You can't turn your back
on family like that.
I mean, Boston was bad enough,
but England?
I'm not turning my back
on anyone, Dad.
Okay? I'm just
following my dreams.
Things are different now.
I never see you anymore,
unless I come to the ranch,
and then when I do come,
you don't even act
like you're interested
- in anything I'm doing.
- That's not true.
What else would you
want to talk about?
There's so much
we could talk about.
Yeah, well,
whatever happened to that girl
who loves riding horses
and roping cattle?
Yeah, maybe she grew up.
Maybe she wanted to get out and
see new things and new places.
See the world.
So this place isn't
good enough for you, huh?
Why? Because I don't read
fancy books
or make the big money?
I never said that.
Well, that's what you meant.
I guess I shouldn't
even be surprised.
Okay, I'll go!
But I'm gonna miss my dog.
Yeah, I'm gonna miss your
bad breath a whole bunch, Bear.
That's for sure.
Ol' Hank loves his Bear dog.
Oh, wow, somebody needs a bath.
[train whistle blows]
Look, Mom, John Wayne.
Stop it!
GRIMSBY: You made it!
I have the car waiting.
ANNOUNCER: Final boarding
for train 313,
departing for Merania.
Wow! This is for us?
HANK: Don't get all
worked up, princess.
My old pickup's
more dependable than this rig.
Let's just hope we don't have
to get out and push her.
GRIMSBY: Right this way, sir.
[sheep bleating]
MAN: Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on.
- [horn honks]
Hey, what are you doing?
You're scaring them.
KELLY: Would you mind moving
your sheep off the road?
Yeah, no problem.
Hyah! Come on, let's go!
Oh, good grief.
Let me do this. Excuse me.
Okay, little buddies,
let's go!
Move it along.
Hyah! Come on!
That's my girl, Grimsby.
It's good to see
she's still got it in her.
[bleating continues]
HANK: Nice job.
Thanks, Dad.
Thank you! Later!
This is it, sir.
Your estate, up there.
That's not an estate.
That's a--
A castle.
We're gonna live in a castle?
HANK: Vampires live in a castle.
KELLY: Thank you.
Oh, wow.
Bit like Montana.
This looks nothing like Montana.
Well, it's smelling
like Montana.
What, am I wrong?
This way, please.
MAID: Welcome, Sire.
- Sir.
- How you doin' there?
Nice to meet you.
Thanks for having us.
- Sir.
- Hello.
- Much obliged.
- Welcome, Sire.
I'd like you to meet
Miss Cecelia Petrov
and Mr. Bosworth.
They will be
your private secretary
and gentleman's gentleman
while you are in residence.
My what?
Your butler, Your Majesty.
What'd you call me?
Your Majesty, Your Majesty.
I'm sure you're eager
to see your property.
- That would be lovely.
- This way, please.
You wanna tell me
what's going on here?
As I hope I made clear,
in addition to the estate, Sire,
you've also inherited
the title that comes with it.
And though very few actual
responsibilities are attached,
there are a limited number
of ceremonial duties
you'll be required
to fulfill.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
the title.
So what's the title?
You're the King of Merania, Dad.
You knew about this,
and you didn't say nothing?
Would you be here if I did?
Well, you know
the answer to that.
Grimsby, can we have
a moment alone, please?
Of course.
I'm sorry.
- Boy, you better be.
- [laughs]
You want to tell me
what's so funny?
Since I was little,
you've always had
a nickname for me.
- Really? Like what?
- Princess!
You always called me Princess.
And now I am, I guess,
but for real.
I am not a king.
I am a cowhand.
And I don't belong here!
Haven't you got sense
to see that?
What I see is that you're not
even trying to make this work.
I just got here,
and already I miss my dog.
Oh, here we go.
You asked me to go on this trip,
and I did,
and now I'm going home,
as soon as I can find
this guy Grimsby
to tell him I'm quitting
and going to Montana.
It's called abdicating, Dad.
And before you do it,
there is something
you should know.
This is where we are, Merania.
We share a border here
with Angosia.
Centuries ago,
both countries were one,
ruled by a king,
who had twin sons.
He couldn't choose
a successor between them,
so he split Angosia in half.
One got Angosia,
and the other one got Merania.
So what's any of this
got to do with me?
The division remains
as long as there's a king
on the Meranian throne.
That's why they were
so desperate to find you.
When the last king died,
you were the only
living male heir.
So if you abdicate,
the country would lose
its independence.
Merania would then be ruled
by King Nikolas of Angosia.
Look, I'm sorry
for your trouble, I am,
but you got the wrong guy.
My daddy was a ranchman,
and so was his daddy.
That's all we've ever been
is cattlemen and horseshoers.
So we'll be leaving
first thing in the morning.
Dad? Dad, stop.
I know how you love your books
and your stories.
Well, that's all you got here,
just another story.
Don't you get it?
Your roots, my roots,
they're here.
These people need you now.
You don't know anything
about these people.
I know that they want
their independence.
Well, so do I.
Oh, she's a feisty one, sir.
Can I get you anything, sir?
Fresh air.
I'm going for a walk.
- Excellent idea.
- Alone, Bosworth.
Oh, as you wish, sir.
I hope it's to your liking,
Your Grace.
I don't like it.
I love it.
But I don't know
how long I'll be staying.
Is your father really leaving?
I don't know.
That's what he says.
If I can speak plainly,
it's so very important
to all of us here
to get him to change his mind.
I'm gonna try.
Well, let me know
if you need anything.
Uh, Cece.
I want to do research on
Merania and the people here.
Is there a library in town?
Of course, but I think
you'll find the palace library
more to your liking.
[slow country]
[cow moos]
Hello, girls!
- [shrieks]
- Careful!
Thank you.
Hey, I know you.
You're the shepherd guy.
Also the cow guy,
the horse guy,
and the all-around
royal stable guy.
I even have a name.
I'm Alex.
I'm Kelly.
Yeah, Princess Kelly.
I heard.
Kelly is fine.
So what brings
a shepherd guy, cow guy,
and all-around
royal stable guy to a library?
Well, I was just
returning these.
Before King Viktor
died last year,
he allowed me to borrow
anything I wanted.
Since then, I wasn't sure
I would still be allowed.
I'm sure it's okay.
So you're not gonna
send me to the dungeon?
Not today.
So, looks like you're
reading some poetry.
"Words, like nature,
half reveal and half conceal
the soul within."
Tennyson. Okay.
It's not what I would expect
from a stable boy.
I can also quote a fair amount
of Dr. Seuss, though, sadly,
it doesn't impress anyone
over the age of six.
I'm more of
a Jane Austen fan myself.
Austen. That's not
what I would've expected
from a Montana ranch hand.
I am not a ranch hand.
- Whatever you say.
- [scoffs]
I don't need you
to carry my books.
But you're a royal princess,
not a common stable boy
like me.
I didn't mean
horsemen were common,
just a little rough
around the edges.
Ah, and you don't like
rough edges?
Yeah, I think I will
carry my own books,
thank you very much.
So what are you planning
on doing with these?
Well, if you must know,
I am researching
local history and culture.
Ah, well, lucky for you,
I'm an expert in both.
I can show you
or take you on a tour
to see some of the local
landmarks, if you like.
Saddle up a couple of horses,
ride out to--
No, no, no.
I haven't ridden in years.
Really? Why not?
It's complicated.
Well, I'm sure I can keep up.
All right.
When I was a kid,
my father pushed me
to become a ranch girl.
I rode in competitions,
barrel racing,
that kind of thing.
And then I just wanted
something of my own,
so I quit
and never rode again.
And I bet your dad
didn't like that.
I don't think
he's ever forgiven me.
He doesn't have to know.
I'm sure you're pretty rusty.
- Guess again.
- Care to prove it?
I don't have to prove myself
to you or anyone.
Of course you don't.
But you don't want
to humiliate yourself.
I'm sure it was
a long, long time ago.
Not that long.
Look, forget I said anything.
Already forgotten.
I mean, we wouldn't want you
to strain anything royal.
ALEX: So you coming?
ALEX: Books can be
a wonderful gift,
but a ride through nature
cures all.
KELLY: This is... Wow.
Jane Austen couldn't have
put it more eloquently.
It's beautiful.
Yeah, it is, isn't it?
We have incredible
natural resources here.
Lumber, ore.
Those mountains are filled
with copper and tin
and a rare earth
used in computers.
It's like a postcard.
It is.
We were worried when King
Nikolas was gonna take over,
that things would change.
Change how?
King Nikolas likes to
modernize and industrialize.
But now your dad's here,
we got nothing to worry about.
Well, my dad's here now.
I just need to
convince him to stay.
Why? Is there a problem?
Well, the truth is,
he doesn't feel like
he belongs here.
There's something
I need to show you.
Dad, we need to talk.
What are you doing?
Gate needed fixing.
Well, what do you care,
if you're leaving tomorrow?
Something's broke,
you fix it.
That's right.
- Come with me.
- Hmm?
Come on.
These people here
have a real problem, Dad,
and it needs to be fixed,
just like that gate out there.
You can't fix everything
for everybody.
What is it
that you always say?
You never turn your back
on family.
I'm not turning my back on--
Meet King Henry the Brave,
first king of Merania.
And don't you dare tell me
he doesn't look like
part of our family.
Look, you don't need
to stay here long,
but long enough
to knock some sense
into King Nikolas of Angosia.
Two weeks.
Once it's done, I'm gone.
Good morning, Your Majesty.
Yes, your first
appointment today
is with Mr. Grimsby,
a briefing.
What kind of briefing?
I believe it concerns
your address
to the Parliament
Privy Council.
What's that?
The group of elected ministers
who tend to
government affairs.
Anything else?
No, no. Thanks, Boz.
How wonderful. A nickname.
ALEX: King Viktor
was a good man,
but he didn't know
the first thing about farming.
You know, I wanted you
to know I can do more.
You just say the word,
and I'll be there.
Well, I appreciate that.
Oh, nice chair.
But where do they
put the couch?
Ha! Yes.
Alex was telling me he'd like
to increase the number of sheep.
Yes, well, very good.
First things first.
Your daughter's told me
you're on board
and ready to
get down to business.
Wait a minute.
What exactly does that mean?
Well, I had a great idea, Dad,
and Grimsby agrees.
I invited
King Nikolas of Angosia
to pay us an official visit.
You'll be hosting him
at a state dinner this evening.
Well, then how about
we make it a barbecue?
- No!
- No!
Okay, so that's it?
And we've prepared
a small guest list.
Is there anyone
you'd like to include?
Just my dog.
This afternoon,
you will make an appearance
with the Parliament
Privy Council.
Then we have the royal games,
followed by the royal ball.
Royal pain is what it is.
You know why a dog
is man's best friend?
Because he wags his tail
instead of his tongue.
Stop it.
- [Alex chuckles]
- Don't encourage him.
I didn't do anything.
Look, Grimsby, about the meeting
this afternoon,
- I'm not sure I'm--
- Prepared?
Of course not.
How could you be?
- Oh, good, then you'll--
- Write your remarks?
Already done.
I've worked hard
to strike the proper tone.
Do try to read it as written.
The council doesn't care much
for surprises.
[Hank mumbles]
We'll get out of your way,
give you time to prepare.
I told you
not to encourage him.
- I'm not.
- Why are you kissing up to him?
I wasn't.
Look, we're just
kindred spirits.
KELLY: You know, he needs
to behave like a king.
And you worry too much.
Now you're starting
to sound just like him.
And is that so bad?
Off with their heads!
- Uh, sir, sir.
- Hmm?
I'm afraid the west wing
has been avoided for years.
Would you like me
to kick the door in?
I've seen it done
in American action movies.
It looks rather exciting.
No, I appreciate the offer.
I'm just snooping around.
Oh, well, feel free
to snoop, Sire.
Yeah, can you tell me why
it's all closed off like that?
Yes. Cost-cutting.
The monarchy
lacks the necessary funds
to maintain the property,
so it's rather dank down there.
So I guess that explains
all the repair
that needs doing around here.
Not to worry.
The Parliament Privy Council
expects to raise all the taxes
to cover the expense.
It's all in your speech.
Doesn't seem fair,
folks having to pay
for a house
they don't even live in.
Why, it's the way it's been
done for centuries, sir.
Tell me, Boz, that grassland
behind the castle,
do we own all that?
Oh, yes, does indeed,
all the way to the base
of the mountains.
[engine starts]
- Good luck with your meeting!
- Piece of cake.
Just please don't
start a revolution.
In you go, come on.
Come on, around you go.
- There you go.
- What's her name?
This is Nellie.
She's expecting, isn't she?
That's not bad for someone
who's not a cowgirl anymore.
Hey, if you give her
one of these,
she'll be your friend for life.
So, um, I'm just gonna say it.
I'm sorry for the thing
What thing?
Just being, uh, swotty.
I'm sorry.
I'm just not usually such a--
[horn honks]
Oh, no.
King Nikolas is here,
and he's early,
and I am not ready.
King Nikolas.
You must be Princess Kelly.
Your Grace, may I present
King Nikolas of Angosia.
It's so nice to meet you.
- [kiss]
- I'm sorry.
I didn't expect to--
I thought--
I hope you're not disappointed.
No, Your Majesty.
So I meet with your approval?
Yes, Your Majesty.
Oh, please, Your Majesty
was my father, and I'm Nikolas.
And I clearly don't know
what I'm doing.
Neither do I,
most of the time.
I'm sorry. I didn't have
a chance to change
before you got here.
Oh, you look perfectly
fetching in straw.
I'm sure you'd love
to go to your room,
freshen up, relax.
Sounds brilliant.
I'll show you the way.
We have tea
in the drawing room at three.
Well, until then.
GRIMSBY: Lords and ladies,
may I present to you
His Royal Majesty,
King Henry of Merania.
Here's the deal, fellas.
I'm supposed to stand up here
and pretend to make nice
so that you don't mind
when I ask you to raise taxes,
so I can do repairs
and pay some bills
on that castle up there.
Well, to me,
that just don't seem fair.
I was raised to pay my own way.
Okay, here's my idea.
You get me
a few head of cattle,
and I'll turn
this royal spread
into a real working
cattle ranch.
It's not gonna be a problem
to turn a profit pretty quick.
Correct me if I'm wrong,
Your Majesty,
but wouldn't it be less work
to simply raise the taxes?
Uh, less work ain't the point.
And who would oversee
such an operation?
You're looking at him.
Well, an admirable plan,
Your Majesty,
but we will still need
to do a study.
Let me put this another way.
You can either give me
a few head of cattle,
or I head back to Montana,
and you all can start learning
how to speak Angosian.
Your choice.
[clears throat]
Very well.
Then all in favor
of establishing a royal spread,
say aye.
ALL: Aye!
[Hank grunts]
Come in.
You wanted to see me?
- Yes, I have an emergency.
- Oh!
Not an emergency-emergency.
It's a wardrobe emergency.
You see, I brought
some things with me,
but nothing
I could really wear
to the state dinner
or the royal ball,
and I really want to make
an impression on King Nikolas.
I took the liberty
of reaching out
to our couturier.
Cece, you are a total genius.
It's a special occasion.
Follow me.
Do you think I could...
Of course you can.
I think this one is good
for the state dinner,
but I don't know that there's
one for the royal ball.
Oh, there is one more.
Well, I feel like celebrating.
What would you say to us
grabbing a nice cold beer?
Cold, you say?
With your permission, Sire,
we'll wait in the car.
I was hoping for a cold beer.
Keep hoping.
Let me know if it
gets any colder.
You're not from around here.
You think?
You're a local?
Originally, Abilene.
Sorry, the refrigerated keg
isn't working.
Can't get a repairman
to show up.
I'm pretty good
at fixing things.
Maybe I can help.
So how'd you end up
so far away from home?
I like castles,
so I came to see some.
Next thing you know,
I met a guy,
and we started a family.
And never left.
You talking about me
or the guy?
'Cause he's long gone.
And the kids are all back
in the States for school.
So what's keeping you here?
I've been wondering that myself.
There's talk we might all
become part of Angosia.
And if that doesn't happen,
we've gotta deal
with some whack job
who thinks he's a king.
A whack job, huh?
Certifiable is the word.
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty?
Boy, are you in the wrong place.
Right here, Boz.
And it's Hank,
certifiable as can be.
BOSWORTH: We must leave now
if you don't wish to be late
for the state dinner.
Looks like I gotta run,
but your tap ought
to work fine now,
cool down real good.
Shame about that fancy dinner,
I was just thinking about
asking you to stay for supper.
I'll take a rain check on that.
And the name's Joan,
in case you're interested.
Yeah, that's fine.
Okay, take it.
You better deal with it.
Uh, I am so, so sorry.
We're trying to close a deal
on a manufacturing contract.
Electronics, communications,
they're the future for Angosia.
Oh, you don't need
to apologize to me.
You're the king,
for heaven's sake.
Who is honored by your presence
and humbled by your beauty.
I hope you're
enjoying the tea.
It's splendid, but then again,
Meranians are famed
for their gracious
Yes, they are.
I mean, we are,
since I'm a part of they.
That means I'm we--
I'm sorry.
I'm still so new to this.
You're a natural.
Thank you for saying that.
Well, it's true.
So, um, when do I get
to meet His Royal Highness,
your father, the king?
He's at a meeting
with the Privy Council,
but he should be back soon.
So perhaps before
the state dinner this evening?
- [wood clattering]
- Yes, yes.
- Yes, perhaps, but, uh...
- [distant chatter]
- Every eight feet!
- Put that pole there!
But not likely.
The king's schedule is full,
as most kings'
schedules are.
I don't need to tell you that.
But he is looking forward
to, uh... the dinner tonight.
Which reminds me,
I have many things
that I need to do beforehand,
and I am rambling.
It's perfectly charming.
So until then.
Until then, it is.
All right, we need to get
that pole there.
What are you doing?
I got this whole field
to fence in.
- We got a lot of cattle coming.
- You're a royal now.
You need to start
behaving like one.
- King Nikolas is here.
- All right.
We need a corner there,
every 10 feet.
And he's asking for you.
You need to clean up,
change and get ready
for the dinner tonight.
Okay, I'll be there.
Now get the barbed wire
and the Cumalong.
Let's come down here
and work.
ALEX: Hey, princess.
How was King Nikolas?
Handsome, refined, polished.
Oh, yeah? So none of those
annoying rough edges.
Hmm, none of them.
So Nellie was disappointed
you had to run off so soon.
Well, maybe I'll come see her
after the dinner tonight.
I don't know. She's got
a pretty busy schedule.
Well, I can get her
a carrot from the kitchen.
Now you're talking.
Hey, Kelly,
just be careful.
What's that supposed to mean?
King Nikolas is charming,
and he's a king.
From what I've seen,
he always gets what he wants.
Well, what makes you think
he wants me?
I was talking politics.
- I knew that.
- Yeah.
I, uh, want to welcome
our guests from Angosia
and give blessing
to this feast.
Good bread, good meat.
Good Lord, let's eat.
Nobody's eating.
Pick up your fork.
Hmm? Oh.
Well, I'm glad
you could join us, Nik.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
I really admire your father.
He's a man of the, um, people.
That, he is.
Must've come as some surprise
to him to be king,
as it did to us.
A good surprise, I hope.
Excuse me?
Well, if Grimsby
hadn't located my dad,
you would be the king of Merania
as well as Angosia.
I hope you're not
too disappointed.
Well, to be quite frank
with you, I'm relieved.
If your father hadn't shown up,
then I wouldn't have met you.
And that would've been
greatly disappointing.
Escargot, sir.
Fresh garden snails.
Hey, there.
I thought you had
a state dinner.
Did I hear you say
something about supper?
You did.
Pastrav somonat.
- Rainbow trout to you and me.
- Mmm!
Fresh catch of the day.
- Mm!
- Fit for a king?
Mmm! Only way this fish
would be fresher
is if I caught it myself.
Then you're gonna have to come
fly fishing with me sometime.
I'd like that.
So I hear you're a scholar.
I have my master's
in English literature.
Which means you're smart
as well as beautiful.
I don't know about that.
I'm trying to get my doctorate.
So what does
the budding doctor,
Princess Kelly of Merania,
like to do in her free time?
I like to read,
the Regency period,
most of all,
because they had a certain,
um, civility back then
that I appreciate.
Good manners greases
the wheels of society.
That is so true.
Though, back then,
an unmarried lady
would never, ever be seen
in the company of a gentleman
without a chaperone.
Well, I suppose it's okay
to break a few rules
every now and again.
Speaking of breaking the rules,
I think we should talk
about the monarchy.
The thing about having to have
a male heir on the throne
is a little ridiculous,
don't you think?
Well, I suppose
when everyone is reasonable,
everything works out
without worry,
not at all.
And besides,
too lovely an evening
to talk about politics,
especially when I'd much
rather talk about you.
I don't think
she's coming, Nellie.
HANK: They're comin'.
Sure could use the help
of a good cow dog now.
Now you're talkin', son.
[mooing continues]
Oh, I meant to ask you.
I saw Kelly on a horse
the other day.
How'd you do that?
Wasn't a problem.
You know, she loves horses.
Could've fooled me.
Figured I'd never
see her ride again.
Kinda thought we didn't have
much in common anymore.
You know, it might be that maybe
if you shared her interests,
the two of you would
have more to talk about.
I have to say I'm impressed
with your operation.
We expect to be the region's
biggest supplier of beef.
I'll give you some pointers,
help you start an operation
of your own, if you want.
That's very kind, but right now
my country's more focused
on industrial development.
We're actually bidding
on a major contract
with a new telecommunications
Well, congratulations.
But cattle's a good business.
- Yeah, uh...
- [phone ringing]
actually speaking of which,
I have to take this.
- Will you excuse me?
- Uh-huh.
So how was the state dinner?
It was fine.
Oh, my gosh.
I forgot to go see Nellie.
Maybe I can go see her now?
It's gonna cost you
a carrot.
I think I can make that work.
Come on then.
Uh, where are you going?
Oh, we're just gonna
go to the stables.
Uh, yeah,
that's gonna have to wait.
I'll call you back.
Um, we've got plans.
We do? I...
- I'm sorry. I didn't know.
- Don't worry about it.
You don't mind, do you?
Not at all, Your Majesty.
Your daughter seems quite taken
with King Nikolas.
Man's all hat and no cattle.
Oh, my gosh.
My lady.
Thank you.
Where are we going?
Now, that's a surprise.
[clears throat]
Pride and Prejudice,
Your Grace.
I'm told by Miss Cece
that it's one of
Princess Kelly's favorites.
And I also overheard
the suggestion
young Alex made to you
regarding the importance
of sharing
one's daughter's interests.
You're starting
to get on my nerves, Boz.
Many apologies, sir.
I hear it quite a lot.
NIKOLAS: It's a beautiful day.
KELLY: Beautiful.
NIKOLAS: I used to ride here
when I was a boy.
Now close your eyes.
Now give me your hand.
Little step down,
little step down.
Okay, now mind
another step coming now.
Can I open my eyes now?
Not yet.
Open them.
You haven't said nothing
for the last half hour.
And? Do I need to?
Well, it is a rare moment.
You know why a dog
is man's best friend?
Yeah, I do.
To us.
To Merania and Angosia.
No, no, no. To us.
- Please, have a seat.
- Oh.
So how's your father
adjusting to his new life?
He's adapting.
I heard you almost headed home.
Oh, I think the crown fits like
a new pair of cowboy boots.
When you first put them on,
it feels stiff.
But once you break 'em in,
you never wanna take 'em off.
So that means I might
be seeing a lot more
of a certain
beautiful young lady.
I'm sure you have plenty
of admirers to occupy your time.
I'm sure you have just as many.
Not really.
No one special.
Well, then I propose
another toast.
To finding someone special.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Tractor's gonna make life
a lot easier around here.
Yeah, I was thinking of clearing
that field out behind the pond.
Yeah, I'll give you a hand.
KELLY: You guys look busy.
Do you need a shovel
to lean on?
Look, we got a lot of work
ahead of us.
But you had time
to go fishing.
What, I like to fish.
And with company.
Who told you that?
The walls have ears.
Oh, Boz.
You can't get angry
that he told me.
Yeah, why not?
'Cause I forced it out of him.
So who's the lucky lady?
You can go anytime now.
I'm really happy for you, Dad.
What? We just went fishing,
that's all.
Then why keep it a secret?
Well, okay, I thought
you might not approve.
Dad, I think it's great.
You need to get out there again.
Oh, you do, do you?
Yes, I do.
In fact, I think you should
invite your fishing buddy
to the royal ball.
She wouldn't mix well
with this crowd.
Neither do you!
It doesn't matter who she is.
All that matters is she makes
you smile once in a while.
Yeah, well, don't make more
out of this than there is.
I'm not.
What are you reading?
Oh, uh, nothing.
A cookbook
for trout fishing.
Mm-hmm. So that it?
You have to change
for the royal games.
- Oh, I'm not going.
- You have to.
I'm the king!
I don't have to do nothing!
You can be as stubborn
as a badger sometimes.
Spoken just like
my farm-raised little girl.
- You are impossible.
- I'll tell you what.
Life can be easier if you
just plow around the stumps.
I never realized how
much attention you get
when you're royalty.
It can be a bit of a fishbowl.
But the trappings
of being a royal,
they don't really matter
in the grand scheme of things.
What really matters
is finding someone special
to share it with.
Someone who doesn't
take it for granted.
My lady.
Aww! Thank you.
These are beautiful.
[phone buzzing]
Duty calls.
Will you excuse me?
Of course.
I didn't expect
to see you here.
Your dad gave me
the day off.
So you know how
to use one of these?
I actually was in
the archery team at Oxford.
Wait a sec.
You went to Oxford?
Yup. Not bad for someone
who mucks out stalls, right?
You went to Oxford,
and you didn't tell me?
You never asked.
- Really?
- Mm.
So how'd you wind up
working here at the stables?
Well, my dad wanted me
to follow in his footsteps,
study economics, law, politics.
Just wasn't for me.
So now I'm studying
to be a vet,
and I finish in spring.
He's never forgiven me since,
to be honest.
I do know the feeling.
So do you want
to have a go?
Do you want to give it a go?
The archery.
- Oh, uh, sure.
- Okay.
- Done this before?
- No.
All right, come on.
Stand sideways to the target.
Sight the target.
Sight the target and release.
- Oh, yes!
- [cheers, applause]
Not bad.
Oh, you think
you could do better?
Watch and learn.
Do you mind?
Yeah, of course.
MAN: All right, you can do it!
That's how it's done.
Come on, let's go.
CECE: So how were the games?
Alex taught me how
to shoot a bow and arrow.
I thought you went
with Nikolas.
I did.
I see.
What does "I see" mean?
It means you have
multiple suitors.
Alex isn't a suitor.
He's just Alex.
Should I put my hair up or down?
A gift for Princess Kelly,
with King Nikolas'
Thank you.
Speaking of multiple suitors.
What do you think that is?
Do you think it's real?
Well, let's see.
He's a king,
so I'm guessing
it's not cubic zirconia.
Should I wear it?
I think that's the idea.
It's beautiful.
You're not so bad at this.
Well, I'd rather be fishing
than mashing your toes.
Yeah, me too.
But I have to say,
you clean up okay.
So do you.
Hey, Joan.
Hey, what are you doing
in a monkey suit?
Castle's on a budget.
We all pitch in.
Well, make yourself useful
and get me a beer, cold.
Oh, and, waiter,
make it two.
Yeah, Hank, Your Majesty.
Yeah, I'd rather have a beer.
I don't really like champagne.
- [fanfare]
- Her Royal Highness,
the Princess Kelly!
[fanfare continues]
"She walks like
beauty in the night."
Shakespeare said it best.
- You look stunning.
- Thank you.
Actually, it was Byron.
I think you'll find
it was Shakespeare.
No, he's right.
It was Byron.
"And all that's best
of dark and light
meet in the aspect
of her eyes."
[Nikolas clears throat]
I see you got
the little gift I sent you.
Indeed, I did.
It's beautiful and too much.
Way too much.
No, it doesn't even begin
to do you justice.
- [waltz]
- Shall we?
I'd love to.
Prince Nikolas
is quite the dancer.
Oh, yeah.
Man's got all the moves.
Can I be totally honest
with you?
Why I hope you're always
honest with me.
When I found out that the new
king of Merania had a daughter,
I wasn't sure
I wanted to meet you.
You weren't?
I wasn't sure what to expect,
but then I saw you
running up from the stables
with the hay in your hair,
and you were so adorable.
You don't have to say that.
No, I know you're right, but...
Look, Kelly,
I didn't come to Merania
to fall in love
or find a bride.
But the truth is,
you are the most enchanting lady
I have ever seen.
And I'm sure that Byron
or Shakespeare
could say it better than I,
but, well, if you would
do me the favor
of merely considering
the suggestion
of a proposal of marriage,
I would be greatly,
greatly honored.
Look, I know this is
going rather fast,
but, well, you could
grow to love me.
Tell me you'll think about it.
I-I don't know.
I would do
everything in my power
to make you the happiest
woman in the world.
Wow. That is so sweet.
So will you at least
consider it?
I-I guess.
Of course I will.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
May I have
your attention, please?
I have some wonderful news.
I am delighted to announce
that Princess Kelly
has agreed to consider
my proposal to unite
our countries
through a royal marriage.
- [applause]
- MAN: Hear, hear!
WOMAN: Cheers!
MAN: Well done!
MAN: Congratulations!
WOMAN: Absolutely wonderful!
You're not gonna toast
the happy couple?
I'm not thirsty.
KELLY: Hey, Nellie.
How you doing, girl?
ALEX: My guess is
she's gonna deliver
in the next day or two.
You'll let me know
when it happens, won't you?
Yeah, of course.
You're up early.
I wanted to say hi to Nellie
before Nikolas and I ride out.
Oh, you going anywhere
No. Just a little ride
out in the country.
I'm not sure King Nikolas
does a simple little ride
in the country, but--
He's a lot more down to earth
than you think.
So I guess I should congratulate
you on the engagement.
Nikolas and I are not engaged.
Well, let me see.
He asked you to marry him,
and you didn't say no.
He just suggested it.
He didn't officially ask me.
- And I didn't say anything.
- Well, why not?
It seemed like
he very officially asked.
I didn't know what to say,
and I wasn't gonna embarrass him
in front of everyone.
- What was I supposed to do?
- Well, you got a nice necklace.
It was a gift,
not an engagement ring.
You know, Nikolas is
a very generous man,
a little impulsive.
Sounds like he's straight
out of one of your books.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Hey, whatever makes you happy.
I'm very happy.
And to quote Elizabeth Bennet,
"I am one of the happiest
creatures in the world."
I'm glad to hear it.
You look totally radiant
this morning.
Thank you.
Are the horses saddled?
Yes, they are.
They're outside.
Thank you.
Truly my pleasure.
Your Majesty.
Hmm. They're beautiful.
Yup, and temperamental.
Like all beautiful creatures.
Shall we go?
I want to give you a tour of
the castle when we get back.
Allow me, Your Grace.
Anything else I can do?
No, you've done
quite enough already.
[clears throat]
I hate to disturb you,
but your ranch hand
is here to speak to you.
Yeah, send him in.
Brought you the cost report
on the cattle.
Have a seat.
- We're under budget.
- Uh-huh.
You want to tell me
the real reason why you came
all the way up here?
All right.
I'm not sure I trust Nikolas.
And he's definitely not
good enough for your daughter.
Amen on that.
Yeah, my gut tells me
there's a whole lot more
going on here.
My pappy used to say,
"Your gut always knows before
your head figures it out."
Hank, Your Majesty, do you think
it would be disrespectful
if I made some discreet
inquiries about Nikolas?
Hmm, son, nothing's
disrespectful about the truth.
In fact, right now you can be
as disrespectful as you want,
as far as I'm concerned.
Meanwhile, I'll see
what I can find out.
- Ah, Bosworth?
- Sir.
You never heard
this conversation.
What conversation?
don't give up.
Right this way.
This is my favorite room.
And right here is
Henry the Brave.
His motto was
"Always follow your heart."
And you should listen to him.
I'm trying. It's just...
Things are happening
a little too fast.
Well, how long did
it take Cinderella
to fall in love
with her Prince Charming?
Well, that was
a fairy tale, Nikolas.
This is real life.
Sometimes real life can have
the sweetest of fairy tales.
[door opens]
I-I'm so sorry to intrude.
It's Nellie.
The foal is coming.
- Now?
- Right now.
I am so sorry.
Something's come up.
I'll finish the tour later.
[horse neighing]
Am I too late?
No, no, you're just in time.
But the vet's delayed.
I might need your help.
Oh, no, you can handle it.
ALEX: I mean, you could do it.
No, I'll talk you through it.
- You're gonna do fine, son.
- All right.
When you're searching
for answers,
the only way to look is up.
What happened
to Princess Kelly?
Apparently, there was some sort
of barnyard emergency.
IVAN: Nikolas, are you sure
a proposal of marriage
is a good idea?
Arranged marriages
have allied countries
for centuries, my friend.
And Kelly is a lovely woman.
Quite teachable.
KELLY: It really is
such a miracle.
- [horses whinny]
- Yup.
You did good, son.
I couldn't have done it
without you.
Yeah, you could.
But listening to advice from
some galoot with more experience
never hurt anyone, right?
- Are you talking to me?
- 'Course not.
I'm just saying
that every new child
comes with the guarantee
that God is never discouraged.
Well, I got work to do.
She is so beautiful.
Yes, she is.
[horse whinnies]
Do you mind
if I stay here a while?
Yeah, stay as long as you like.
[whinnying continues]
[horse whinnies]
KELLY: Look at her go.
She's amazing, eh?
So beautiful.
Any word yet?
I'm working on it,
Your Majesty.
Tried to call...
What's his name, Zeke?
- Hmm.
- Several times.
Yeah, well, keep trying.
A man can't think straight
when his dog is sick.
- Ten minutes.
- Hey, Nick.
Have a seat.
Uh, I have a call
with my minister of finance
in 10 minutes.
Won't take just a minute.
[horse neighs]
Yeah, she's been down
at the stable with Alex
since the crack of dawn.
I'm not sure I understand
why there's such a fuss
about a horse.
Well, we're simple folk.
We get worked up
about simple things.
And if you ask me,
animals are God's gift.
Yeah, yeah, so what is it
you wanted to speak to me about?
Well, where I come from,
a gentleman usually asks
a father's blessing
before he proposes
to a young lady.
Ah. Well, I apologize
for the impropriety,
but I assume you approve.
Well, if you'd asked me
like you were supposed to,
I might've told you
that my daughter is a handful
with her fancy ideas
and thick books.
And it's only gonna get worse
when she gets her doctorate
and heads off to teach
at some fancy university.
Yeah, well, she'll be queen,
so she won't need to do that.
Well, she doesn't take too well
to being told
what she can and can't do.
Look, I understand your concern,
but, uh...
I assure you
I can handle your daughter.
Well, sounds like you got it
all figured out.
All the answers.
You know, I always believed that
there were no dumb questions,
but the world sure is
full of dumb answers.
She'll learn.
And I promise you
I will take good care of her.
Can I ask you something?
Are you humbly grateful
or grumbly hateful?
- [horse whinnies]
- Huh.
You gonna tell me
what's bothering you?
I never miss a good chance
to shut up.
- [scoffs]
- What?
- I didn't say nothing.
- You didn't have to.
Go talk to your daughter.
I don't know what to say.
You'll figure it out.
Hank, listen to me.
When my son left for the States,
there were so many things
I wanted to say to him,
so much advice
I wanted to give him,
but I didn't do it.
Now he's all grown up
and long gone.
Now, Joanie, listen to me.
I'm hearing you, but...
do you ever notice that
when you blow in a dog's ear,
he gets mad,
but then you put him
in the car,
and he sticks his head
right out the window?
Well, that's what
I'm facing here.
And I'm hearing you, Hank.
But just go talk to her,
while you still can.
You think?
I do.
Now, how did I know
you'd be here?
I'm doing some research
on Angosia,
so that Nikolas and I
have something to discuss.
Ever since you were a kid,
you'd hide in a book,
especially when
the going got tough.
The going isn't tough.
Can I say something?
You know,
ever since King Nikolas
announced his big
engagement plans,
you've been jumpier than a cat
in a roomful of rocking chairs.
Funny, Dad.
Can I give you some advice?
- I really wish you could.
- Well, just listen to me.
You can't live your life
following a writer's fantasy.
Life just doesn't work that way.
You gotta find your own story.
What do you feel
in here?
That's poetic for a cowboy.
Right out of that book of yours.
- Which one?
- That Pride and Prejudice book.
You read it?
Pride and Prejudice.
Every little tidbit of it.
And that fella,
with all his daughters,
didn't pull any punches.
He didn't like when
he found out his sweet baby
was gonna get hitched
to somebody she didn't love,
so he just went right out
and told her straight out
that he'd never forgive her
if she went through with it.
I didn't say I would
go through with it.
Well, that's good to hear
because you're not in love
with that King Nik.
He prefers "Nikolas."
And he is very generous.
I don't give a hill of beans
what he prefers.
Somebody gives you
something for nothing,
that's about all it's worth.
And you, you're smack in love
with somebody else.
No, I'm not.
Look, I know
you're trying to help,
but I don't think
it's appropriate
for you to be telling me
who I'm meant to spend
the rest of my life with.
Ooh, that's not a very good
poker face.
Okay, I really don't need
the cowboy wisdom right now.
All right.
I'll get out of your way.
- But just do me this one thing.
- What's that?
Don't ever be as stubborn
as your old man.
You'll always be my princess.
But there's two kinds of royal.
Don't you ever forget that.
- Dad?
- Hmm?
Thanks for the talk.
Here you are.
These are for you.
I love daisies.
How'd you know?
Uh, I know you
better than you think.
It's what servants are for.
So, um, I take it you've
been considering things.
Well, it's a lot to consider.
I'm gonna need
some more time, Nikolas.
Time? For what?
Time to finish my dissertation,
for one thing.
I have to get my doctorate.
Why would you bother with that
when you're going to be queen?
Because I have to
follow my own heart.
It's a family trait.
You don't really believe
all these...
sentimental platitudes,
do you?
King Henry was a good man
with a kind heart,
and it's what makes
my dad great too.
It doesn't mean
they can't function
or make good
and strong decisions.
It makes them impractical
and foolish.
Well, I guess my family's
and foolish just like me.
The lost sheep of the family,
is that what you are?
You did not just say that,
did you?
Look, all I'm saying is...
you have the chance
to bring your country
into the modern world.
Uniting Merania and Angosia
and ruling them together
makes sense.
We make sense.
It makes sense
on parchment paper,
but I'm not gonna
give up who I am.
But don't you see?
You're not giving anything up.
By marrying me, you're becoming
who you were always meant to be.
No, I'd be becoming
who you want me to be.
Is that so bad?
Nikolas, you are very sweet,
and I know that you will
one day find your queen,
but I am afraid
that it's not gonna be me.
You don't mean that.
I mean that with all of my
impractical and foolish heart.
Do you know what?
If you don't marry me,
then I can't dissolve
the treaty.
Oh! Even if it's
the right thing to do?
No. I have a duty
to my people.
Even if it means not going
in good conscience?
You do realize
your true colors are showing.
And you do realize
that once your father
finishes his charade
of playing king,
then Merania, all of it,
will belong to Angosia.
Do you understand that?
If you're trying
to convince me
to reconsider marrying you,
you're not doing
a very good job.
No, I'm trying to convince you
that you're making
the biggest mistake
of your life.
And I am glad
it's mine to make.
[horse neighs]
Nikolas is leaving now.
Yeah, I heard.
Things didn't end well
between us.
Didn't much expect they would.
Hey, sorry to interrupt.
I've just spoken to an
old friend of mine from Oxford.
He's told me something I think
you're gonna find very useful.
KELLY: Excuse me!
Aren't you gonna say goodbye?
I think that everything
that needs to be said
has already been said.
Oh, now, don't be
so sure of that.
You leaving so soon?
I have a meeting to get to.
I really have to go.
I think you should tell us
the real reason
you were in such a rush
to get engaged.
I thought I was in love,
but apparently it takes two.
That's not the real reason.
Believe what you want.
Can I tell you what I believe?
I believe that your country
is about near bankrupt.
That's outrageous.
Where'd you hear such a thing?
I got my sources.
My sources are telling me
that landing those contracts
you're bidding on
are real important to you.
You need factories and jobs
if you're not gonna go
belly up.
But the problem is
those contracts you been
bidding on and losing
are because you don't have
the raw materials,
like I do back in these
mountains here.
And that's why
you're in such a rush
to waltz my daughter
down the aisle.
Look, Kelly, the truth is
you're a perfectly lovely lady.
But I don't need you.
Once your father
tires of playing king,
all this, everything,
will belong to me anyway.
But by then,
it'll be too late.
You'll already have
lost the contracts.
HANK: Now the way I see it,
you're sitting between a rock
and a hard place right now,
unless you and I
do some real horse trading.
Horse trading?
- Mm-hmm.
- What His Majesty is proposing
is if you guarantee Merania's
independence from Angosia
once and for all,
then he'll grant you the lease
to the mineral rights
on those mountains.
HANK: Or I could get
coronated today,
just so you won't get nothing
for a very long time.
You're bluffing.
Oh, yeah?
Then call my bluff.
Now that's
good horse trading.
I have to think about it.
Well, thinking about it just
cost you 15% of the profits
from the contracts.
You really are your father's
daughter, aren't you?
You bet I am.
Come on, Nicky boy.
Let's just do this
and be done with it, hmm?
And I'll buy you a nice,
new pair of boots.
How's that?
So we got ourselves
a deal or not?
[Hank chuckles]
It's an unusual proposal.
It guarantees Merania's
independence from Angosia
once and for all.
And that means you won't be
needing a king anymore.
Are you suggesting
we dissolve the monarchy?
You do catch on quick.
The castle and the land
would still belong
to the royal family,
of course.
But the power
would be transferred
to the Privy Council.
And you're all invited
out to my place
for a big barbecue celebration.
Deal or not?
As delightful as that sounds,
Merania's never been
without a king.
History has proven
that self-government
is a preferable alternative
to the monarchy.
What Oxford here is saying is
you boys would be able to handle
the country on your own,
unless you want me to stick
around and call the shots.
Well, I suppose we can
muddle on through
without you, Your Grace,
though we would like you to
serve in an advisory capacity.
Well, I have to
get back to you on that.
But I got one more question.
What are you waiting for?
Well, all in favor of
the King's proposal, say aye.
ALL: Aye.
The motion to dissolve
the monarchy has carried.
Now, if you will excuse me,
I got some fences to fix.
Well, I suppose my son's
rather expensive education
has finally paid off.
Son? You didn't tell me
that old buzzard
was your father.
Guilty as charged, I guess.
No! Why didn't you tell me?
Didn't want you
to hold it against me.
As you say, don't go
looking for trouble
as you'll get your fair
share in life as it is.
That's for sure.
Swing your partner
There she goes
Swing her high
and swing her low
Now promenade
around the floor
That's all there is
There ain't no more
- Hey!
- [country music continues]
I love happy endings.
Even though you didn't wind up
with your handsome prince?
Apparently the handsome prince
wasn't exactly
who I thought he was.
Yeah, I'm sorry about that.
I'm not.
Alex, remember the other day
when you asked me
if I was happy?
The truth is I was happy
watching that foal
come into the world,
and I'm happy studying
and teaching and reading.
I don't want to give up
who I am to be something else.
And you shouldn't.
I would never let you.
That's what I admire
most about you.
You're always true to yourself.
Even though your dad
is the chancellor?
Yeah, I should've told you.
I'm glad you didn't.
So what would Jane Austen say?
I think she not only
would approve,
but she'd write about us.
WOMAN: Over here! Over here!
I gotta take care of something.
Be right back.
[country music continues]
So now that you're gonna
gonna be royalty anymore,
I suppose you could be
headed home.
I don't know. They want me
to stick around a bit
as their advisor, but--
But the more I get
to know people,
the more I miss my dog?
Yeah, something like that.
You know, the best therapist
has fur and four legs.
- [laughs]
- It's true.
I know, I know.
Thank you.
Nice party.
Wait till you try
one of these steaks.
Mmm! Smells great.
Dad, I...
I know I don't always listen
to your cowboy wisdom,
but the truth is
sometimes I just need it.
Thanks for always
being there for me.
You know, somebody very wise
once said,
"You don't turn your back
on family."
No, you don't.
Come here, princess.
[horn honks]
Ah, and speaking of family.
- Bear?
- [barking continues]
- No!
- Mm-hmm.
No! Really?
Oh, yeah.
Good job, partner.
Bosworth was having some trouble
with the red tape,
so I pulled a few strings.
You really might be a prince.
I think you are.
More of a cowpuncher.
Okay, that works.
So you think you could be happy
hanging out with a cowpuncher?
Well, I was raised by one.
You wanna go
muck out some stalls?
That sounds very romantic.
Oh, you want romantic?
How's this?
[country music continues]
KELLY: Well, Dad, Joan,
and Bear
went back home
to Big Sky Country,
while Alex and I stayed on
to raise Nellie's foal.
Then in the springtime,
they all returned to Merania
for our royal cowboy wedding.
[cow moos]