Royal Matchmaker (2018) Movie Script

I don't know how you did it.
I'm just so glad you did.
They were made for each other.
I just introduced them.
Oh, you underestimate
your talents.
Ms. Gleason,
my daughter is very picky.
I know.
I also know when somebody's
had their heart broken
they tend to close off
and protect themselves.
Once Shannon opened up and
accepted that nobody's perfect,
she was able
to follow her heart.
It's no wonder you left
to start your own company.
And I can see why people
call you the "Queen of Hearts."
A certain pop star,
who should remain nameless,
is responsible for that one
after she found him his dream girl.
- Oh, stop, stop.
- Oh, well, then.
I can only imagine the prince
your Mr. Right must be, hmm?
See you later.
You and me both.
My baby!
You're so beautiful.
Oh, another day,
another happily ever after.
They are a really
great couple, aren't they?
I really wish I could
find you someone.
- Oh, stop.
- I don't have your intuition.
My matchmaking skills
are limited
to statistics and analytics.
Don't sell yourself short,
We're a team,
and you've done a lot
to help me sift through
all the frogs
and find this bride the right
knight in shining armor.
So tonight is
full of potential for you.
Have fun.
- What about you?
I got a very important appointment.
- Wait, no, you don't.
- Have fun!
Excuse me.
That was the matchmaker, right?
The one to all those
famous people
who found their true love?
Like those two?
That, she is.
So how did the three of you
manage a spot on this guest list?
It is a very high-profile wedding.
Ian's mom gets invited
to all the cool parties.
It's all about who you know.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
- She's right there!
- Go!
She's right there.
She's looking,
she's looking.
Ian, it's your question.
You can ask.
- What?
- You're adorable.
Look at this face. Go!
This is Paris.
She has a question.
She wants to know
if you work with teenagers.
Looking for
a soulmate already?
More like a prom date.
See, I have this crush on this
really cute guy named Lando,
but so far,
he thinks I'm invisible.
She's not kidding.
He doesn't even know she exists.
- Stop!
- Oh, stop.
I'm sure that's not true,
but I don't know
that you need a matchmaker
as much as you might
just need an introduction.
How old are you?
- Fifteen.
- Okay.
Why don't you ask him
to help you do your homework?
Deceptively simple, yet brilliant.
I'll give it a try.
Thanks. Let's go.
Good luck!
Victor, I assume you have news
of the whereabouts of the prince?
Yes, Your Majesty.
I have word he's on his way
from the airport right now.
And what's the delay
this time?
And don't try pinning it
on the paparazzi again.
Here he is now, sire.
Sorry I'm late, Father.
The plane was...
- Delayed. I heard.
- Yes.
And to make matters worse,
cthe car wouldn't start.
Luckily, it was just
a loose battery cable.
Should've probably
checked that
before I decided to jet off
to the Grand Prix.
Another adventure
you can regale me with
in the car
on the drive over.
Yes, about that, Father,
is it really necessary
for me to attend the...
- Royal parade.
- Royal parade.
At the national cathedral.
Is it really mandatory for the
entire royal family to be there?
Yes, well, of course it is, yes.
Let's have at it, shall we?
Aren't you gonna
get into your uniform?
My uniform.
Yes, yes, of course.
Well, I'll just be a few moments.
Make sure he remembers
to wash his hands.
Where did we leave off?
"It is a truth
universally acknowledged
that a single man in
possession of a good fortune
must be in want of a wife."
Sebastian, I requested
your presence as I believe
the time has come for us
to have a little chat.
Why do I get the feeling
that it's a tad more serious?
The prime minister has brought
this to my attention.
Clearly it's a slow news day
if this is all
they can dig up on me.
It's more meaningful
than you think.
You're very rarely
in your homeland.
I like to travel.
Since when did that
become a crime?
That's not the point,
You have a duty
to your country.
I understand, Father.
Oh, you know me.
Pomp and circumstance
has never been my cup of tea.
We're royalty.
It is your cup of tea.
You're the next king,
for goodness' sake.
People look to you for hope,
inspiration, stability.
They have you for that.
I'm the past.
You, you are the future.
It's time to show
your subjects
a new maturity emerge
from their prince.
Now, the Jubilee Ball,
which commemorates
my 30 years on the throne,
is a month away.
Okay, well, I can sit tight
around the palace till then.
I need more than that.
I think it's time
to introduce to the world
a woman of noble blood who
could one day be your queen.
- I beg your pardon?
- Pardon denied.
It's not as
if it's the first time
I brought up
the subject of marriage.
Well, no, I realize that.
I'm just not ready
to settle down yet.
So you keep saying.
I'm tired of your excuses
and constant delays.
You need to put
your follies aside
and make your country proud.
Make me proud.
Trust me, my boy,
I only have
your best interests at heart.
I'll just have to take
your word for that.
Doesn't sound good.
Oh, this starter's
the least of my problems.
I was talking about the slamming
of tools I heard earlier.
My father is being
completely unreasonable.
If I may, sir,
I believe he just wants
what every father wants
for his child.
For them to be happy.
I'm already happy!
Just not the happy
that the king wants me to be.
Well, for His Majesty's sake,
perhaps you should at least keep
an open mind about the subject.
Oh, come on, Victor, you've
witnessed my dating acumen.
The women I go out with are
only interested in my title
and everything
that comes with it.
Perhaps, but that only means
you haven't met
the right one yet.
It doesn't mean
she doesn't exist.
I suppose.
But quite frankly, Victor,
I don't know where to start,
nor do I have
the desire to look.
What is it, Victor?
Come on, we've been together
for too many years
for you to start
holding back your thoughts.
Begging your pardon, sir.
On this occasion,
I feel compelled
to intervene on your behalf.
True Love Matchmaking.
This is Britney speaking.
Hello, yes,
is this Miss Van Howell?
Yes, it is.
How can I help you?
My name is Victor Chatsworth.
I'm in service to a very
highly placed personage.
I just spoke personally
with a former client of yours,
and you come
very highly recommended.
I'm just looking
at your website now.
I wish to inquire about
your matchmaking services
for a potential client abroad.
Do you work
outside of New York?
We absolutely do,
Mr. Chatsworth.
Well, we're certainly
in need of your assistance.
May I give you the details,
and then perhaps we could
discuss our options further?
Sounds wonderful.
Fire away.
A professional
matchmaking service?
In the States, no less?
I can assure Your Majesty
I thoroughly vetted
Miss Gleason
and her associate.
She spent almost a decade
at a larger firm
before going out on her own.
Her references are impeccable,
and her track record
is quite staggering.
I see. Do you believe
she can succeed?
Do we really need
to resort to this?
Yes, Your Majesty, I...
I believe the prince needs
all the help he can get.
Hey, Kate, so if you
play your cards right,
I think I may have just found us
our next big client.
Yeah, okay.
Kate, may I present to you
His Royal Majesty,
King Edward of Voldavia.
- Is this real?
- Yeah, he's the real deal.
Hello, King Edward.
What an absolute pleasure.
His Royal Majesty
would like our help
finding a suitable match
for his son, Prince Sebastian.
The Prince Sebastian?
That is a thrilling prospect.
I'm a little confused.
Normally I deal
with the client directly.
Your Majesty.
I understand. However,
I wanted to speak to you first,
as I'm quite committed
to finding my son
true love and happiness.
Well, that's wonderful.
Yes, of course.
You're in luck. That's
the only way we do business.
- Your Majesty.
- Well, that's very reassuring,
especially considering
the tight timeframe upon us.
Tight timeframe?
Oh, yes, His Majesty needs us
to find a match for Sebastian
in time for
the Royal Jubilee Celebration,
which is in four weeks.
From now? Your Ma...
Your Majesty,
I'm incredibly honored
at the prospect
of finding your son a mate,
but love doesn't really work
on any timeline.
Then you'll have
to accelerate the process.
I'm not interested in promises,
only results.
And if you do manage
to get wedding bells
to ring for my son,
I will have no problem
telling the world
that it was your firm who found
his happily ever after.
Would you hold
for just a moment, please?
Just one moment.
Four weeks?
- Yes, four weeks.
But if anyone can do it,
you can.
Opportunities like this don't
come along very often, okay?
This would be huge
for the startup!
Yeah, or I fail,
and the whole thing
goes bottoms up,
and nobody will hire me
ever again.
No, no, no, you never fail!
You can't fail!
It's four weeks!
Kate, please.
He's a king.
Like he's a real king.
Your Majesty, I don't know
how else to say it.
We'd be delighted
to come aboard.
I had no idea there were so many
rules working with royals.
I know. Never turn your back
to a royal when leaving a room,
Always address them
as Your Highness,
and don't talk to them
in a harsh tone.
Well, when in doubt, bow or curtsy.
- Helpful.
- Here.
Okay, quiz me on the prince.
All right, so...
Prince Sebastian is the heir
apparent and only son to...
King Edward
and Queen Christina.
Give me something real,
come on.
Okay, his mother passed away
when he was...
- Nineteen.
- Okay.
After finishing his degree in?
- Political science.
- Correct.
He has since spent his time?
Traveling around the world.
His favorite things to do?
Adventure sports,
race car driving,
rock climbing, scuba diving.
Yes, and when it comes
to relationships, he has...
Never been photographed
cwith the same woman twice.
All right, so, are we dealing
with a commitment-phobe?
It's too soon to tell.
Well, I mean, has your gut
given you any indication
what kind of woman
we should be looking for?
No, not at all.
I'll definitely know more
the second I meet him,
but in the meantime,
the only thing we have to go on
is that she cannot be
a commoner.
Just my luck.
That's me!
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This is gonna take
some getting used to.
Okay, I'm used to it.
This place just oozes romance.
I feel like it's gonna make
our job a wedding cake walk.
Let's hope so.
You must be the Americans.
Oh, hi. Yes, we are.
We're the...
It sounds like we're in a band.
We're the Americans. Hi.
I'm Kate,
and this is Britney.
And you are?
Not where he's supposed to be.
Begging your pardons.
This is my son Rudy.
- Hello.
Who was supposed to be tending
to his studies.
Yes, Father.
I was just welcoming our guests
to the palace.
I see.
Perhaps you'd like
to run off back to your room
and have an afternoon snack
that I've prepared,
and I can get
our guests settled.
And after that, I'll take you
to the community center,
where you can spend
the rest of the day.
This day gets better
by the minute.
Good day, ladies.
Good day.
What a polite young man.
Hi. You are...
- Victor Chatsworth.
- Kate Gleason.
- Britney Van Howell.
- Yes, we spoke on the phone.
- We did.
I'm Prince Sebastian's
personal valet.
He knows the prince
better than he knows himself.
Was there something...
- No, no, nothing.
- Not at the moment.
Oh, they got our bags.
This way.
Your Highness, is there
any truth to the rumors
you're planning
to sail around the world?
It appears that ship
has sunk for the moment.
So what's the next adventure
for the fair prince?
Nothing but home sweet home.
Your father has requested your
immediate presence in his study.
That sounds ominous.
I'm sure Sebastian
will be here any minute.
He had a full schedule today.
I'm sure.
I can't even imagine.
I'm sure he's as anxious
to meet me as I am to meet him.
Oh, I beg your pardon, Father.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
No, quite the contrary.
His Highness
Sebastian of Voldavia,
meet Miss Kate Gleason
of New York City.
And you are...
I'm your royal matchmaker.
Miss Gleason is something of an
expert in the world of romance.
Some even call her
the "Queen of Hearts."
I've hired her to help you
on your quest.
And what would that be?
Finding you
the love of your life.
That, I should
leave you two to get acquainted.
- No.
- Stay, please.
No, not at all.
I believe you both have
your work cut out for you.
Oh, boy.
This is the first
you're hearing about me.
Yes, if nothing else,
your perception is spot on.
And if my instinct is correct,
there's nothing
I can do about it.
Do I sense a note
of resistance?
A note?
More like a symphony.
So first things first,
shall I call you Miss Gleason,
or would you prefer
Queen of Hearts?
Well, "Queen's" a little stuffy.
Why don't you call me Kate?
What can I call you?
"Your Highness" will do nicely.
- Oh, Your Highness.
- Please.
you're here to find me
the love of my life
in under a month.
That is the plan.
But you have received
the proper training, I suppose.
some matchmaking academy,
obtained some kind
of certificate,
graduated top of your class,
I spent ten years at
Manhattan's top matchmaking firm
before going out on my own.
My very high-profile clients
have all raved
that I have an incredible gift
for bringing people together.
I get a gut instinct when I
meet people for the first time.
What does your gut
tell you about me?
The feeling I'm getting is that
there's a lot more to you
than you let on.
And you probably don't
believe in true love.
Well, let's take the first step
in finding my
happily ever after, shall we?
I'm a Libra. What does that
tell you about me?
Well, nothing, actually.
What I do need is
to spend time with you
and get you to open up a little,
so I can sort of dissect
your personality and...
So I'm to be a bug under
the matchmaker's microscope.
No, you're not a bug.
It's really not awful.
Really? Because having
one's personally dissected
by a complete stranger
isn't exactly pleasant.
Listen, if this is gonna work,
and I know that it can,
I'm gonna need you to trust me.
See, I was raised
to believe that trust
is something earned,
not given, so...
All right, that's fair.
How can I earn your trust?
I'm up for the challenge,
if you are.
You can leave the china.
So we'll talk later then.
Okay, I've got Joanne,
And I've got Marie
in Moscow.
What's up?
He thinks my job is a joke,
and he had no idea
we were coming!
- Are you serious?
- Yep.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna...
You did a lot more
than unpack.
Okay, we're gonna keep going.
What do you have?
Well, based on the basic
background compatibility
I found 82 potential matches
of the proper pedigree
for Sebastian.
Good work.
Okay, so from
what I just experienced,
we're gonna need 182.
Our prince is not so charming.
Yeah. I'm gonna have to find a way
to get on this guy's good side.
I asked his valet
to organize a working dinner,
so hopefully that'll...
- Oh, well, that's good
because food
always helps men think.
Besides, think on the bright side.
You get to have dinner
with a prince.
Trust me, all that glitters
isn't necessarily gold.
All right, that should work fine.
Yes, if you're going to a funeral.
Here, just do me a favor
and try this on, okay?
I feel like it'll make you look
a little bit less like
an insurance adjuster.
Just try it.
I'll lend you some earrings
and a matching necklace.
Oh, no tiara?
No, they would not let me
take it through customs.
So I am genuinely curious.
How do you see your matchmaking
methodology working?
Well, I'll give you
the broad strokes.
My assistant Britney
will call through
all the potential candidates
worthy of the position,
and the more
I get to know you,
the easier it is for me
to narrow down that field,
then I will conduct personal
interviews with the women
and introduce you
to the top candidates.
You won't introduce them to me.
You'll introduce them
to the future king of Voldavia.
Aren't they one and the same?
I'll tell you what.
Why don't we make this easy
for both of us?
You send me several candidates,
and I'll play along.
I'll choose one as a date
to the Jubilee Ball,
you'll fly home,
everybody walks away
a winner.
Everyone except
the girl you choose,
who gets her heart broken,
me with my hard-earned
reputation on the line,
and you walking away
from, potentially,
the greatest thing that
ever came into your life.
So I should take that
as a no.
Why don't you just
give me a chance?
Come on, this "Let's keep
everybody at arm's length" thing
is really only hurting you.
I mean, let's be honest,
Your Majest... Highness.
Keeping people
at an arm's length
is an occupational hazard.
Is that why you chose
the stuffiest room in the palace
for me to try
and get to know you?
It's kinda hard to open up
when you're sitting
in different time zones.
So is this better?
Oh, it's a wonderful start.
So what do you want
to know about me?
Well, anything that isn't
up for public consumption.
Your father's hired me to find
you an eligible bachelorette.
I can tell I've got
my work cut out for me, so...
Why? Because you seem intent
on doing this the hard way?
No. It's just the right way.
I've worked with
a lot of famous people.
They're usually very different
from how they're portrayed
in the press.
I'm in the public eye,
which means I need to be
what the people expect me to be.
No! That's just
the role you play.
I need to know
who you really are.
I realize that I'm a stranger,
and this is very sudden,
but wouldn't you like
to fall in love?
If there really is
such a thing.
Why so cynical?
I don't see a ring
on your finger.
Well, we're not talking about me.
- Now who's hiding?
- I'm not hiding anything,
I'm just not here to talk about me.
You really should put a window
in that wall you have up.
I'm impressed.
Usually it takes a woman
a good three of four dates
to be that candid.
Thank goodness we're not on a date.
No need to remind me.
Well, I feel like we've done
quite enough work for tonight.
Thank you.
Miss Gleason?
When you're compiling
a list of candidates,
be sure to steer clear
from the ones who use candor
as an excuse to be rude.
Well, I certainly will,
Your Highness.
I can't believe
I took on a job
without meeting
the client first.
And a royal one at that.
Come on, Kate.
He can't be that bad.
Yeah, he can, he is.
It's my job to find him the love of
his life in under a month,
and he refuses to take it seriously
because he...
He doesn't believe in love.
Maybe it's just an act.
I have everything riding on this.
There has to be a way to crack him.
Please tell me you have an idea.
He's really close with his valet.
I don't know,
but I could talk to him,
see if I can get some information.
- Good, great.
- Okay.
Everybody around here's
pretty tight-lipped, but
you're cute.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, go for it.
I have a sneaking suspicion
if I just walk through that
giant hall,
he'll probably be somewhere,
I mean,
he oversees everything, right?
- Oh, that's his son.
Rudy, hi.
Good day again, ladies.
May we interest you in a treat?
It's for charity.
- Sure!
We're trying to save
the community center.
- Oh, okay.
- It's a beautiful old building.
the place needs work.
The heating system's
on its last legs,
and if we don't fix it soon,
we're going to have to cancel
our after school program.
Aw, I'm sorry.
Here, sweetie.
Keep the change.
- Thank you.
- Thanks. That's very generous.
Thank you.
Oh, model helicopter, huh?
It's not as easy as it looks
to put together.
Another the casualty
of the after school program.
The crafts program
fell by the wayside last month.
You really have
your hands full.
Well, actually I just got here.
I'm just getting settled.
I haven't met
all the parents yet.
Do you mind if I ask
what drew you to the cause?
Well, after my divorce,
I started questioning
what I was doing with my life.
And I decided to come home
to where I grew up,
and that's when I came here
and found my real passion.
That's lovely.
You're really lucky.
Not many people
get the opportunity
to do something
they really love.
Quite fortunate.
Well, good luck, guys!
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you. Bye-bye.
- Have a nice day. Bye.
- Have a nice day.
I love seeing how easily
people open up to you.
Not everyone.
That wasn't so unbearable, was it?
Typically these luncheons
with Parliament members
can be trying.
Well, as for trying,
how are things going
with you and your matchmaker?
I suppose
you'd have to ask Kate.
According to you,
she's the expert in love.
If I had any confidence
in your own pursuits,
I'd never have
brought her on board.
I would have consulted you
prior to employing her services,
however, you and I rarely see
eye to eye
on anything these days.
Yes, well, it appears
that's a moot point now.
I'm confident you'll come
to embrace her presence.
Quite frankly, Father,
I think she's in over her head.
Kate is a deliberate
young woman,
takes her job very seriously.
I'm certain that now
you'll give her the respect
and consideration
she deserves.
Oh, Victor!
Just the man
I was looking for.
- Oh?
- I was hoping you and I
could find a common ground
and have a conversation
about your employer.
I'm afraid my loyalty
to the prince
prevents me from divulging
any personal details.
Oh, I'm not asking you
to kiss and tell
or tell me who the prince
has kissed and told.
It's just in order
for us to do our job,
we really need more than what
the tabloids are telling us.
Yes, well, the picture
they paint
couldn't be any
further from the truth.
That's what we suspected!
But without much more
to go on,
we're gonna be sending him on
way more I don'ts than I do's,
which isn't gonna help instill
any confidence in the prince,
He's already feeling skeptical.
So you're asking me
to betray the confidence
of a man to whom
I've sworn my allegiance?
I'm not asking you for
the combo to the crown jewels.
I mean, unless you
wanna give it to me.
Look, I just need
a little indication
of Sebastian's
true personality.
There is a fine line
between being helpful
and being deceitful.
it is one that I will
gladly navigate
if it means getting
the prince any closer
to finding his true happiness.
You really care about him,
don't you?
I was there for him
when he lost his mother,
and he for me when I lost my wife.
Those bonds run deep.
Yes, you stay here,
you go away.
Come in.
Love her...
Oh, Your Highness.
- I hope I'm not disturbing you.
- No, not at all.
I apologize for the mess.
It's just...
We got really a drafty
in here with...
May I come in?
Gosh, you really have
turned this place
into quite the war room.
Which is why I'm here.
I was hoping
we could start afresh.
I realize that I may have
come across a tad curt.
Thank you.
I accept your apology.
That wasn't an apology.
It was an observation.
So you're taking back
your apology.
Okay. Perhaps we were both
a little p..y.
You see...
Life as a prince
can cause a person
to live their life
somewhat guarded.
Yes, that's a very common thing
for celebrities, public figures.
I don't expect sympathy.
It's just that my life
is a different kind of normal.
One which I think unfortunately
you will never understand.
Thank you for that.
This glimpse
of who you really are,
it makes my job
so much easier.
Does this mean
you're ready to play ball now?
Let's take one day at a time,
shall we?
Okay, how about tomorrow?
I can follow you around
for your daily activities,
sort of an informal tag-along?
- I think that can be arranged.
- Great!
Kate and Sebastian's
big day out.
You make it sound
like a musical.
You should do that more often.
- Yeah!
It lights up your whole face!
I may make a true believer
of you after all.
So, without further ado,
in dedication to this statue,
I would like to thank
the National Arts Committee
for their continued hard work,
vigilance, and passion.
A passion which was handed down
to me from my mother,
the late Queen Christina,
whose impact and memory
has never faded from my heart,
nor that of our beloved country.
So on behalf of the royal
we remain in debt
to the dedicated individuals
who, time and time again,
put the greater good
ahead of
their personal interests.
Did you find something?
Thanks to some clues
from our valet.
Prince Sebastian,
the world wants to know,
will His Highness
be bringing a date
to the upcoming Jubilee Ball?
No plans as yet.
Thank you very much.
Okay, go back to the palace.
We'll talk about
the candidates later.
Great work.
- Sounds good. Have fun.
welcome to my world.
You seem to handle them
with ease.
I had a great teacher.
My mother seemed to know
exactly how to charm the press.
So what did you think
of my speech?
I liked it.
I was moved when
you spoke about your mother.
Did you ditch your note cards?
Sometimes it's better
to speak from the heart.
Yes, especially when it's
someone you care for, I guess.
Scripted, formal speeches
make me feel confined.
Another reason why you
travel so much, perhaps?
I also make official appearances
when out of the country,
you know.
Yes, I do know,
and unofficial ones, as well.
I've discovered something else
you do from the heart.
This is a photograph of you
putting a roof on a schoolhouse
in the Himalayas last year,
and you did the same thing
in South Africa,
and there's plenty more
where this came from, I hear.
Honestly, it's a miracle
that you kept this
out of the eye of the press.
Yes, that's the tricky part,
but I've learned
to keep under the radar.
Why didn't you tell me?
This is stuff I need to know.
I'm a little perplexed
as to how this all factors
into finding one a mate.
The more that I know about you,
the easier it is for me
to find out
who you belong with.
It all factors
into who you are.
Is that so?
So tell me,
what do you see?
I see someone
who is empathetic
and likes to work
with his hands
and really does
wanna help people.
That was one of
my mother's passions.
When I was young,
I traveled the world with her,
impoverished villages,
trying to draw attention to the
plight of the less fortunate.
That's admirable.
Why don't you do that
in your own backyard?
Oh, because whenever I attend,
it becomes less about the cause,
and more about me.
If I'm halfway
around the world,
no one knows who I am.
So why don't you
not call the press
and don't put it
on your schedule?
Just show up
and make a difference.
You make it sound so easy.
Try walking a mile
in my shoes.
I would,
but the limo's so close.
Wait! Let's make
an unscheduled stop.
Well, where are we headed?
It's a surprise!
Nicely done, very well.
It's not every day
royalty walks through my doors.
I'm sure! I've been explaining
to Prince Sebastian
the importance
of the community center
and the whole plight
with the heating right now.
Our budget
is always being tested.
Deciding between upkeep
or cutting programs,
we're barely keeping
the lights on three days a week
for the after school program.
That's the one Rudy likes
so much, Your Highness.
We used to be
a full service community center
with adult education
and a sports program.
Have you applied for a grant
from the National Trust?
Yes, but all we get
is the runaround.
So right now
Loraine is raising money
to replace the heating system,
but if things continue the way
that they're going,
they're gonna have to
close their doors for good.
Gosh, I wish there
was an easy fix.
These things are quite tricky.
I might be able to put in a word
with the Board of Governors,
but I can't promise anything.
That would be amazing.
Thank you, Your Highness.
In the meantime,
let me see what I can do
to warm the place up.
Would you mind if I came back
at some point?
Mind? We'd be honored.
Pardon me for interrupting, sir,
but we have a ribbon cutting at
Franklin Square in 20 minutes.
Victor? Victor Chatsworth!
You must be Rudy's Father,
I thought that name
sounded familiar.
Yes, of course.
Loraine Paisley.
You haven't changed a bit.
- You're too kind.
Loraine and I
were at school together.
She was voted
most likely to succeed.
And, well, I was...
Well, I was a bit of
a late bloomer, I suppose.
Better late than never.
- Sir, we should...
- Yes.
Duty calls.
A ribbon in need of cutting,
Thank you so much,
Your Highness.
For someone who claims to have
been so shy back in the day,
you certainly
made an impression on her.
I wouldn't go that far.
She probably just
has a good memory.
Well, if you missed
your big chance back then,
there's no time
like the present.
Two dedications,
a ribbon cutting,
another unveiling,
and we still managed to make it
to the St. James Center.
The prince seems genuinely
moved by their plight.
Well, it looks like our dark prince
is finally starting
to show his lighter side.
And just in time.
We are down to our top 10.
Well, nine.
It turns out one of our
favorites is away traveling,
and she's unavailable.
No, not Petra Petrovich!
Oh, no, I love her.
- I know, I know.
And she would have been
a top contender too,
but timing is everything.
Yeah, and with our tight leash!
Well, I guess it's time
for you to work your magic,
find our prince
his perfect princess.
No pressure.
And I think you
are good to go.
Great job.
It looks just like a real one.
It should.
His Highness
used to fly a real one
back when he was
in the Royal Guard.
That must've been cool.
Not as cool as when
he won a Medal of Courage.
Come on then, squire.
Time for you to thank
Prince Sebastian.
And if we finish supper
early enough,
we can kick a ball around.
Thank you, Your Highness.
You're welcome.
- Hi!
- Hey.
So, what's on your schedule today?
Did you have a dedication or
ribbon cutting or something?
No. I had Victor
clear my schedule.
What's your plan?
Actually, I'm going to work.
Where are you going?
What do you mean?
I'm heading off to St. James
to do what I really love,
roll up my sleeves.
And with any luck,
I can fix the heating
and buy them
a little more time.
Look at you! See?
You're a nice guy, after all.
- Thanks.
- Well, you know what I mean.
After you get past the whole
prince, rough exterior,
"I'm a mysterious prince."
- Yes, yes, anyway.
Enough about me.
What about you?
What about me?
Well, I'm curious.
Even though
you've never found it,
you still believe that there's
one true love out there
for us all.
Then why are you still single?
Is it because
you're a perfectionist?
- What?
- Control freak?
Why is someone who makes a living
finding other people
the love of their lives
still single?
Okay, fair enough.
My problem is that the closer I get
to finding other people a match,
the further away I am
from understanding
what it is I actually want.
I think we've just found
your occupational hazard.
I know love.
I've seen it in the eyes
of my clients.
I've watched their lives change
because of it.
And I think my success
speaks for itself.
Speaking of work,
I'm gonna go back to it.
What do you mean?
I thought you were coming
with me to St. James.
No, that would be fun,
but I'm sure the heating is
in your capable royal hands,
I've gotta go meet
and vet your girls.
Oh, then I take it
your research with me is over.
No, it's never over
until you walk down
the aisle and say, "I do."
Well, that's daunting.
For which one of us, exactly?
Perhaps both.
Do you happen to horseback ride,
by any chance?
No, never.
Wait. Why Kate May?
Where did that come from?
Just sign there
and there.
That's it.
Thank you so much for coming.
Hopefully you'll hear something
within a few days or so.
- Thank you so much.
- Yes.
So are we any closer
to finding a match?
I hope so.
It's a bit of
a work in progress.
Kinda like you and Loraine.
Miss Gleason,
who exactly is the client here?
Well, when the spirit moves,
I like to offer
my services for free.
Even when it's unsolicited.
Especially when
it's unsolicited,
I hate to see somebody
pass up a great opportunity.
What are you afraid of?
I beg your pardon?
I don't know if you trust
your own instincts or not,
but I know you trust mine
because you're the one
who recommended me to the king.
He just needs a push in
the right direction, our prince.
Well, he's not the only one.
What is it that's stopping you
from opening up your heart?
Since my wife passed away,
I've been a bit wary about
putting myself out there again.
Of course you have.
That's only natural.
You wanna protect yourself,
so you don't get hurt,
and your son,
he doesn't get hurt,
that's totally understandable.
Victor, there's so much
more of you still to share.
Our top three candidates.
Amazing. Should I let
the others down gently?
No! Not until the prince
makes his decision.
They're all still on hold.
- Okay.
Come on in!
- Miss Gleason.
- Oh, Your Majesty.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't expecting you.
Pardon the intrusion.
I was curious to catch a glimpse
of our matchmaker at work.
Oh, well...
So I assume
one of these lucky ladies
just might strike
my son's fancy?
Oh, I really hope so.
The prince has been quite
a challenge, but he...
I mean, in a good way.
- That's all right.
Well, are you confident you can
find Sebastian his true love?
Oh, yes, Your Majesty.
If I wasn't, I would never
have taken the job.
Good, 'cause we're
running out of time.
Just breathe, Kate.
Why am I so nervous?
You are?
I'm the one on the date.
You look nice.
I know, and my whole business
is kinda riding on this.
And I've just got
the future of the entire kingdom
riding on you getting it right.
You win. You ready?
- I think so.
- Okay.
So normally,
I would do three separate dates,
but since we're in
a time crunch,
we have a cocktail party.
It's just a simple
get-to-know-you affair
to see if you find
a natural spark.
This is Lillian.
She is a countess
and heavily involved
in various charities.
This is Juliette.
She is a duchess
and a poli-sci major.
This is Sasha.
Sasha's a sports enthusiast.
She comes from a great family,
very warm,
These are incredible selections,
but how will I know
which one is right for me?
You'll just know.
Says the woman who's never
actually been in love.
But you've seen it
in the eyes of your clients.
Yes, I know, I've heard.
It's about butterflies, you know?
- Butterflies.
- Yeah, butterflies.
Those... When you get excited,
and you meet somebody,
and you're like,
"Oh, my God, they like me."
It's like grrr!
Right there, you know?
Like indigestion?
Well, it's like,
kind of like.
But no, it's happy.
Indigestion, but happy.
All right, no,
okay, okay, okay.
I'll be on the lookout
for butterflies.
But don't overthink it.
Just be yourself.
Relax and let nature
take its course.
You make it sound so easy.
It is easy. You know,
everybody's always telling me,
"What is the secret?
What is the secret
to falling in love?"
And the secret is,
there is no secret.
You just, you know,
open up your heart
and let it come to you.
Wish me luck?
You don't need it.
You're gonna have fun.
Go on.
Have fun.
You're up early.
Victor said
you skipped breakfast,
so I brought you
a few of these.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Is feeding the prince
part of your matchmaking
No, no, it isn't.
I just find my clients are,
you know, more agreeable
on a full stomach.
Oh, I see.
How did it go last night?
Come on, I came down here
bearing muffins.
No butterflies.
That's ridiculous.
Every single one of them
was butterfly-worthy.
Oh, I'm sure for someone.
Just not for me.
No! Based on analytics
and my instinct,
they matched
your personality criteria.
I don't know what to say then.
Maybe you're losing your touch.
No, no.
I'm not losing my touch.
Just because none of those women
struck your fancy
doesn't mean that I don't have
another trick up my sleeve.
Well, then... have at it.
Great, I will.
In fact,
I saved the best for last.
Oh, yeah? Where are you
keeping her, your purse?
That's very funny.
She's in transit, actually.
- Transit?
What, are you shipping her in
from Soulmates, Incorporated?
You just go ahead and make
your jokes. Just make 'em.
And then when you meet her,
and you fall in love with her,
guess who's gonna be
laughing then.
Didn't think that one through.
But you just prepare yourself.
You're gonna just...
You're gonna be bowled over
'cause she's amazing!
Can't wait!
Victor, a little help?
Oh, let me get that.
Where would you like it?
On the table's fine.
It's funny.
We haven't run
into one another before now.
I know.
And how the quickly the time's
gone since we were at school.
I just remember you always
being so helpful back then,
always the first to raise your
hand to volunteer in class.
Oh, well, my father
was a butler,
so perhaps the instinct
to help's in our blood.
It must be hard
being a single father.
I've got used to it,
I suppose.
I worry it's awfully hard
for Rudy, but...
But it's equally hard on you.
Victor, can you
pass me the crescent wrench?
Excuse me.
I would really like to take you
out to dinner sometime.
I mean, if you want to.
Yes, I'd like that very much.
I mean great.
Victor, can you
pass me the spanner?
Oh, Kate, come look
at this photo we got
from that girl
at the wedding in New York!
Oh, yeah.
Oh, that's so sweet.
Great. My pro bono work
is aces.
As far as the patient on the table,
we need to find Petra.
- Okay.
I understand that she was
one of your favorites,
but she might still be traveling.
I don't care! I don't care
if she is in outer space.
I need her here yesterday.
Find her...
and tell her we're gonna
change her life.
Okay. I will find her,
and I will schedule
a formal dinner
with the prince.
Great. No, don't make it formal.
The last one, that was...
It was my mistake.
It was too stuffy.
It was pomp and circumstance
and everything the prince hates.
Make this one more casual.
Okay, more casual.
I forgot to tell you.
The king would like to see you
in his study.
Great. The hits
just keep on coming.
I agree last night
did not go as anticipated,
however we have plenty
of promising options
that we're exploring.
You realize the Jubilee
Celebration is mere days away.
- I do, Your Majesty.
- I don't have to remind you
we both have a lot
on the line here.
You don't. I am staking my
reputation on a winning outcome.
I'm happy to hear it.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
- You may go.
- Oh, yes, thank you.
Now we're back in business.
Well, that's the heating fixed.
How long it will stay that way
is anyone's guess.
I'm sure they'll take
what they can get.
There's nothing quite as
satisfying as a hard day's work.
Certainly feeds the soul,
Oh, speaking of,
how would you care to join me
for a steak supper at the lodge?
I would love to, sir,
but I've made plans.
A date, actually.
A date?
Yes, with Loraine Paisley.
I'd never have had
the confidence to ask her out
if it hadn't been
for your matchmaker.
So it was Kate
who arranged everything.
Well, not exactly,
but she helped set it up.
She can be quite persistent
when she wants to be.
I guess I'll be
dining alone then.
Feeling the butterflies
already, eh?
- Sir?
- Nothing.
Have fun.
What a pleasant surprise.
Here was I thinking I was
going to be dining alone.
Now you can be my plus one.
Well, not exactly.
I told you I had
something planned,
and I know your father's
certainly anticipating
my finishing the job
in time for the Jubilee Ball.
And how's the search going?
You're about to find out.
Lady Petra Petrovich,
please meet His Royal Highness,
Prince Sebastian of Voldavia.
Your Ladyship.
Please, it's Petra.
Well, you two have fun.
When they said dinner
at the palace,
I sensed stuffy,
but this is a wonderful respite
from the world
of buttoned collars.
That, it is.
Thank you.
So red or white wine?
- Red.
- Good choice.
Now I turn to my favorite.
- Do you like steak?
- Yes, I do.
That's the one you want? Okay.
He's still not back yet.
Well, I'd say
that's a pretty good sign.
Yeah, yeah, guess so.
What do you mean, you guess?
Are you having second thoughts?
No. Oh, no, of course not.
I mean I just have never
had so much riding
on a positive outcome.
It's the whole business.
And it's more than that,
you know.
I've really gotten
to know Sebastian
and watched him grow
and open his heart.
And he's a good man.
He deserves to have someone
that, that loves him.
Like you do?
Like I do what?
Love him?
Is that...
Are you saying...
That's completely ridiculous.
I don't...No, I mean
I hardly know him.
But you know, we have
spent some time together,
so of course, naturally...
Why do you say that?
No reason.
I care about him.
I care about all my clients.
You know that I care about...
That's what I do.
I invest in my clients,
and I...
And that would be
completely inappropriate for me
to develop romantic feelings
for a client.
That's just...People trust me
not to do things like that,
That's just
completely outrageous.
And he's a prince...
who lives in a house like this.
Look at this.
You know, they really should
not build fireplaces this big
in rooms.
It's very hot in here.
Oh, I definitely believe you.
Ridiculous. Ridiculous.
It's stupid.
You're so stupid.
Why are you traipsing around
the palace in your pajamas?
It's nearly midnight.
You're right. I'm sorry.
I should go to bed.
Aren't you going to ask me
how it went with Petra?
Yes, how did it go with Petra?
Great. I couldn't have asked
for it to have gone any better.
I mean, we were just talking
half the night.
I can't believe I'm saying this,
but I think she's rather special.
You do? She is.
I mean, she absolutely is.
Do you think that
she might be the one for me?
I wouldn't have set you up
if I didn't.
Well, okay. Then I have
a lot of thinking to do.
You do?
Oh, you do!
I mean, you do, yes, you do.
- Which is a good thing, right?
- Yes.
We could not have done any better.
Okay, well, good night, Kate.
Good night...
Wait a minute.
If Sebastian is spending the day
with Petra, then...
how come you're still reading
through profiles?
I feel like I...
Maybe I oversold Sebastian
on Petra being the one,
and I wanna make sure
that he has options.
Okay. And?
And I don't want him
to feel stuck,
or like he's convincing himself
that he's...
- In love?
- Yeah.
I mean, nobody wants
to feel that way.
- Hey, Kate.
- Hmm?
You're always telling me
that I should trust my gut.
What's your gut telling you?
Well, you know,
we ran the numbers.
I mean, Petra's definitely
the best match.
No, that's not what I'm asking.
What's your gut tell you
about Sebastian?
I know what you're getting at.
But she's the one.
I have to be honest.
When Kate
first approached me,
I was more than a little
skeptical about meeting you.
How so?
Well, just the idea
that somebody has the ability
to guide another to true love,
it seems,
I don't know, preposterous.
- I thought the same thing.
- I was busy traveling.
I turned her down time and time
again, but she persisted.
That's Kate for you.
When she sets her sights
on something or someone,
she doesn't let go.
- Yes.
Well, she really convinced me.
And I'm glad
I kept an open mind.
Because I've been a little bit
more than pleasantly surprised.
As am I.
For the life of me, I don't know
how we have never met before.
Well, according to Kate,
I have a tendency to keep
people at arm's length.
Yes. I call that
"blue blood syndrome."
It's hard to know
if somebody likes you for you,
or if they're being nice to you
because they want something.
- Exactly.
It's impossible
not to become cynical.
Well, not impossible.
It's a challenge like any other.
Took me awhile.
But I think
I've mastered the art
of trusting my instincts
And ever since,
it hasn't led me astray.
Petra, I can't remember
the last time I had
such a relaxing afternoon.
Thank you, Your Highness.
I did as well.
You made it feel
very effortless.
What a wonderful description.
But I know what you mean.
Well, let's hope
it can continue.
Thank you.
So how'd it go?
Two dates down.
Is there a third one coming up?
Maybe a Jubilee Ball?
Quite possibly.
If anything does happen,
you'll be the first person
I tell.
But things are going well
with Petra then.
They are.
She's quite a woman.
I've been trying
to take your advice
and not overthink
but I would say that
we are definitely headed
in the right direction.
Oh, good.
I'm glad to hear it.
- Kate.
- Yes?
I know when we first met,
I was a tad skeptical
to your methods and beliefs.
No! You know,
I never would have known.
Maybe very skeptical.
But through your determination,
you have slowly
opened my eyes
and turned me into
something of a believer.
From baby steps
to giant leaps.
Thank you, Kate.
I'm just doing my job.
Good night.
Kate, the Jubilee Ball
is in a few hours!
Hey, how come you're still in bed?
I'm in love with Sebastian.
What do you mean, yeah?
Is it obvious?
- Yeah.
- Does everybody know?
Oh, my gosh!
Do you think he knows?
Oh, no, no, no!
This cannot be happening!
- Why not?
- Because this is what I do.
Because I'm a professional!
At least I was a professional
until last night.
He kissed my hand,
and everything just went...
Wait! He kissed you?
No, he kissed my hand.
And it was to thank me
for introducing him to Petra,
the woman that we found,
the woman that he loves.
- Okay.
- He loves her!
Not me!
Just because
you're the queen of hearts
doesn't mean
you don't get to have one.
Besides, it's not really
your fault.
You have a 98.5%
compatibility index with him.
Why did you tell me that?!
Sorry. I was just so curious.
Kate, you can't leave these
feelings bottled up inside.
Yes, I can, and I intend to
because I told Sebastian
that I want him to be happy.
And I really mean it.
You always tell our clients
that they have to
let their guard down
if they wanna fall in love.
Maybe it's time that you do.
He's just invited me
to join him
as he introduces Petra
to the king.
Well, what are you gonna do?
Your Majesty,
you seem to love the outdoors
as much as your son.
I wish I could say
I was active as he is.
He's being modest.
The apple doesn't fall far
from the tree.
His mother and I used to
often come to this very bridge
just to bask
in natural splendor.
They say the heart may heal,
but the scar never goes away.
Like Mother, Petra is
a supporter of the arts,
and a humanitarian.
I believe it's my duty
to use my title and position
to help those
less fortunate.
Putting the "noble"
into "nobility."
Petra, will you excuse us
for a moment?
Certainly, Your Majesty.
She's an utter delight,
Seems positively taken
with you.
Tell me, could you see her
as your future queen?
This is all so new to me,
and I'm still trying
to work things through.
But I won't lie to you.
My head is in a bit of a spin.
Love has a way of doing that.
Times it makes fools of us all.
But the real fool is the one
who fails to heed its calling.
Whoa! What happened?
One of the workers found
some rot in the attic space.
They sent an investigator
to check it out.
Well, how bad is it?
Worse than anyone could imagine.
There's so much
structural damage,
the place is
being deemed unsafe.
Unsafe? How?
The roof is in danger
of collapse.
So until repairs are made,
we have no choice
but to shut down.
You can't let that happen!
Dad, Prince Sebastian
promised to help us.
Yes, and he has.
But some things are out
of even his control.
Well, if he can't help us,
no one can.
No, let me go talk to him.
Isn't there anything
Sebastian can do?
Well, he's trying to convince
the Board of Governors,
but they won't budge.
But he's the prince.
Yes, and this is
a constitutional monarchy,
which means that Parliament
controls all the properties
in the kingdom.
I just can't imagine Sebastian
letting all this
slip through his hands.
His hands are tied.
Let me guess.
Your prince awaits?
Yes, and impatiently.
Excuse me.
You wanted to see me,
Your Highness?
I realize I was missing today.
And at a crucial juncture
of my romantic future.
I'm sorry. I didn't think
it was my place.
I needed you there at
the introduction to the king.
I'm sorry if that sounded cross,
My head is spinning.
Why? I thought things were
going well with Petra.
They were. They are.
But come on, Kate,
I'm about to make
the biggest decision
of my life.
Yes, and I've given you
everything I can.
I've given you
the personality indexes,
and the charts and chemistry,
and beyond that, it's really
just up to how you feel inside.
You're the expert.
I need your advice.
Kate, just...
tell me what to do.
I can't.
Sebastian, even if I wanted to,
I'm your matchmaker.
That's my job.
I want what's right for you.
I thought you'd say that.
Well, then.
I've made up my mind.
Tomorrow at the Jubilee Ball,
I'm going to propose to Petra.
That's wonderful.
The celebration's
about to start.
Shouldn't you be
getting dressed?
Yes, I'm just gonna go do that,
but I have a favor
to ask of you first.
Anything for
our queen of hearts.
Can you see this gets
to Petra, please?
I want her to have it
for the celebration.
Perhaps you'd prefer
to give it to her yourself.
No, no, I don't wanna
distract her.
I'm sure she has plenty
on her mind.
As do we all,
with a huge announcement
from the prince in the offing.
Yes, yes.
I'll make sure Lady Petra
gets this with your best wishes.
Thank you.
You're a good man, Victor.
Love the look.
A little casual,
but very American.
this is kinda the real me.
I have to admit, I realized
I've been hiding too.
I've been trying so hard
to live up to expectations
and be this perfect,
put together,
has all the answers,
New York know-it-all woman,
and, I'm just...
I know the feeling.
How do I look?
Is it okay?
It's not too buttoned up?
No, you look amazing.
I mean...
Thank you.
Yeah, you look great.
So are you excited?
Yes, oh, yes, and a little anxious,
but I think that that's...
That's expected.
Yeah, I think so.
You'll work through that.
I have no doubt.
I should go slip
into something
way less comfortable.
- Yes, please do.
- Yes?
I know I said this to you before,
I really am very...
- I know.
I can see it in your eyes.
So go off to your
happily ever after!
Your Highness.
You're those kids from
that New York City wedding.
Let me guess.
Your mom has friends
in the monarchy?
No, but Lando does.
Quite the turnout, Father.
Congratulations, by the way.
Thank you, my boy.
Oh, here comes your
soon-to-be betrothed now.
Your Majesty.
Your Highness.
Petra, you look stunning.
They're butterflies.
Do you like it?
It was a gift
from your matchmaker.
How very thoughtful of her.
Where is Kate, by the way?
I'd like to thank her.
I'm not sure, Your Highness.
Perhaps we should
take our places?
I'll be right there.
Britney, have you seen Kate?
Oh, I'm sure she's somewhere
around here, Your Highness.
I see.
Do you know exactly
where I might find her?
May I have everyone
take their places, please?
Once again, platform four,
service to Zurich
and Geneva boarding now.
May I have your attention,
The train tasking for
Skipton International Airport
will be delayed by
approximately 25 minutes.
I would like
to welcome everyone
to this year's
Jubilee Celebration,
honoring the 30 years
that my father
has spent on the throne.
As your prince,
I have had both the blessing
and the curse
of growing up
before your eyes.
And with the help
of a very special person,
I am confident that you will see
a new side emerge.
First, I would like to vow to
continue my work with charities
both abroad
and here upon our own soil.
I am thrilled to report
that Parliament
has agreed favorably
to my passionate plea
to restore the community center
to its former glory.
I'm sure you tipped it.
Through funds from
the Queen Christina grant,
next spring, in her honor,
it will be rechristened
as the Queen Christina
Community Center.
My parents were,
and still are,
a shining example for me.
Opening my heart not just
to the importance of charity,
but to that of love.
Very nice!
When's the wedding?
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty.
What are you doing here?
You're supposed to be
at the Jubilee Ball.
As you are.
I'm sorry, I can't.
You seem to have developed
a fondness for my son.
Yes. I'm sorry.
I assure you
that was not intentional.
Well, then now I'm confused.
I thought we had an agreement.
We did.
I fulfilled my obligation.
Then why do you think
I came down here
on the night
of the Royal Jubilee?
I don't know.
Because, my dear,
you promised me
to help find my son
his happily ever after,
and I believed you.
Your Highness.
Thank you.
You have no idea what
this means to the community.
Oh, I think I have some idea.
Maybe you could speak at
one of our after school classes.
I'd be delighted, Rudy.
Your Highness, I haven't seen
the king since the dedication.
Neither have I, Victor.
He seems conspicuously absent
for some reason.
Along with...
- Kate?
Let's go.
I'm sorry, Your Highness,
I couldn't help but notice
you were looking for her.
Perhaps we should talk?
I get the sense
that this thing between us
may not be
what we first imagined.
As much as I've been trying
to convince myself otherwise,
I think you're right.
Please don't misunderstand me.
You're a wonderful man.
We've so much in common.
As friends.
As... As friends.
Because we're missing
that one key ingredient...
I think you should keep it.
It can remind you that when you
do meet that special someone,
never let her go.
This year marks
the 30th anniversary
of my taking the throne.
I was a mere lad.
Only a bit older
than my son is now.
The only difference
is that I had already met
and married
the love of my life.
Those who knew her
would say Queen Christina
would light up the room
the moment she entered it.
I must confess,
the moment we met,
she took my breath away.
Ours was a love
I will forever cherish.
You look wonderful.
Thank you.
Is everything all right?
I don't know.
Did something happen with Petra?
We realized
that we're not in love.
Just friends.
I see. So...
what now?
I'm not sure.
I have a huge announcement
to make, and...
I don't know what to say.
I cannot
adequately express
these past 30 years
have meant to me,
serving this sovereign nation.
But it gives me
great solace to know
that when the time comes
to pass the torch,
Prince Sebastian will continue
to lead us to greatness.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present,
your humble prince.
Speak from your heart.
Go on, my son.
Make me proud.
My father and I
had an agreement
that tonight I would make
a monumental announcement.
The problem is...
that I don't know
what exactly that is
at the moment.
The truth is, I'm in love.
I just don't know if she feels
the same way about me
as I do her.
But if there's one thing
I have learned about love
is that you have
to take the leap.
So here I go.
- Yes?
It's you that gives me butterflies.
It's you that
I can't get out of my mind.
It's you that I truly love.
Please give me your hand
and make me
the happiest man on Earth.
Will you marry me?
Yes, Your Highness.