Royal New Year's Eve (2017) Movie Script

Abigail Miller's office,
this is Caitlyn.
Hi, Karen.
Yes, I know it's Christmas Eve
but she's working
on the fashion show.
Because it's on the 26th.
Well, you're either coming
tonight or open presents
at your desk tomorrow morning.
No, I will not tell our boss
that she's being a grinch.
Karen, I promise you'll be
the first to know when I do.
Fa-la-la-la-la to you, too.
You know what?
She's down in
the art department.
We're supposed to be at
your parent's house in an hour.
I know, my mother keeps texting
me pictures of the turkey
in the oven.
Are those Leighton's dresses?
Yep, all hemmed and tailored,
buffed and polished.
How do they look?
Not bad.
Your designs were a million
times better.
Abigail should really put you
in the fashion show.
Leighton is her daughter
and I am just her assistant.
She barely cares
what my name is let alone
what my designs look like.
You've been working
for her for almost a year.
Have you never even
shown them to her?
Doris, are you crazy?
Your New Year's resolution
should be to believe
in your talent.
I do.
I mostly do.
Showing my designs to Abigail
Miller would be like jumping
in the deep end of
a swimming pool.
Filled with sharks.
Well, by midnight New Year's Eve
I will change your mind.
Right before we get romantic
kisses from two handsome men
at a uh, elegant ball.
What men?
What ball?
We were just planning
on binge watching TV
and eating our weight
in ice cream.
It's New Year's Eve.
Anything's possible.
Ok, the chances of us
getting kissed at midnight
at some fancy New Year's ball
is just as good as
Abigail Miller wanting to see
my dress designs.
[phone rings]
Abigail Miller's office,
this is Caitlyn.
Ok, I got it.
She's on her way.
Ok, I am gonna go hide behind
my sewing machine.
And please remind her
that it's Christmas Eve
and that some of us are
on Santa's nice list.
I have your messages
and Leighton,
your dresses have arrived.
Oh, thanks, Caitlyn.
I want you to add Lady Isabelle
and Prince Jeffery
to the guest list
for the fashion show.
They're only one of
the hottest couples
in the world right now.
I don't really pay attention
to that stuff usually.
It's your job to pay attention
to stuff like that.
Anyway, they're here
for the royal family's
New Year's Eve charity thing
and the rumour is
the Prince is going to propose.
On New Year's Eve?
Wow, that's so romantic.
Anyway, it'll make
a great cover,
so I want to wow them
at the fashion show.
I'll take care of it.
Abigail... some of the staff
was wondering...
it's- it's Christmas Eve.
And they wanna go home, mom.
We have tons of work to do.
Caitlyn, remind me.
Which one shows up first?
Is it the ghost of
Christmas past?
Go be merry.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
Definitely not.
Mom, I like that one.
Lady Isabelle is going to see
your dresses
at the fashion show and
if we play our cards right
she's going to be wearing one
when the Prince proposes to her
on New Year's Eve.
Ok. I get it.
But it is Christmas Eve.
Can't this wait?
This could be your big break.
This is much more important
than Christmas.
Let's get to work.
Caitlyn, we're late!
I know, my mother just sent
me a picture of a kitchen timer.
Wait until you see how much
food she made.
We're gonna have leftovers
for weeks.
Oh, the freezer's already full
with all the food that
my folks sent home
after Thanksgiving.
I can bring some to work.
We work at a fashion magazine.
Nobody there eats.
Ok, no telling jokes
like that tonight.
My parents are already
freaked out that I quit
my steady teaching job
to work in fashion.
Well, have they seen
your designs?
Yeah, they think they're cute.
They're beautiful.
Lady Isabelle should
see this one.
The Prince would take one
look at her in this
and propose on the spot.
Ok, we have to go otherwise
my mother is going to send us
a picture of her weeping over
a burned turkey.
Ok, ok.
Ok, ok.
Someday your prince will come.
Who's home is this again?
Lord and Lady Atwood.
You met them at the opera
a few months ago.
Oh, yes.
I think it was a race
to determine
which would put me
to sleep faster.
Them or the opera.
Luckily they are vacationing
in Italy and have given you
free run of the place
and a suitable venue
for the New Year's Eve ball.
I suppose it's appropriate given
what everyone's expecting me
to do at this year's ball.
It is a tradition in your
family, Your Highness.
All the men have proposed
on New Year's Eve.
I'm painfully aware of
the traditions, Barnaby.
I've lived my entire life
within their strict confines.
It's just that sometimes
I wish that-
Let me show you both
where the New Year's Eve ball
will take place.
Hello, darling.
Did you get settled in
your room, Lady Isabelle?
Yes, I did, Barnaby.
Thank you.
We must make sure to thank
Lord and Lady Atwood
for their generosity.
Oh, Jeffery, we should take them
to the opera.
Wouldn't that be fun?
Yes, it would be.
Oh, Jeffery.
Oh, this room is beautiful,
isn't it?
Yes, it is.
This will make a wonderful place
for you to host
the New Year's Eve gala.
We have so much to do.
Interview caterers,
choose an orchestra...
I have to find a dress.
Isabelle, darling,
it's Christmas Eve.
Perhaps we could put
a pin in that
until after the holiday?
Jeffery, this is
quite important.
We must make sure
that everything is perfect
when the king arrives
on New Year's Eve.
Yes, of course.
I'm still full.
I told you not to have seconds.
I think it would have made
your mom cry if I didn't.
Oh, hello, Abigail.
How was-
Do you have the updated
guest list for tonight?
Yes, I have that right here.
Hi, Leighton.
How was your Christmas?
Jingle all the way.
Let me know the moment
Lady Isabelle arrives.
And Doris, I think we should do
another fitting for the models.
We've already done two.
Well, let's do three.
It has to be perfect.
Caitlyn, why is this
Christmas tree here?
Because it was
Christmas yesterday?
Yesterday is like wearing
last year's fashions.
Get rid of it.
Somebody got coal
in their stocking.
Lady Isabelle Collins
for Abigail Miller.
Hello. Welcome.
Thank you.
Lady Isabelle?
I didn't know you were here.
Caitlyn, why didn't you tell me
she was here?
Well, I hope you're ready
for this evening.
We are going to have some
amazing designs for you to see.
Hopefully I'll fall in love
with one of them
for the prince's
New Year's Eve gala.
I want to look stunning
when he, well,
when whatever happens
that evening happens.
Yes, let's talk about that.
Oh, I- I forgot my notebook
with all my plans for the party.
A messenger should
be bringing it.
Caitlyn, go downstairs
and wait for the messenger.
Ok, I'll take care of that.
They'll be carrying a red book.
You can't miss it.
So, I've been thinking about...
The messenger
would have delivered
the notebook,
Your Highness.
I know, Barnaby, but I wanted
to get out of the hotel.
It's New York City.
I'd like to experience
it while I'm here.
You have a busy
schedule today,
are you sure you don't want
to change into something
more befitting your position?
Are you saying I look like
a commoner?
Never, Your Highness.
You look like a man
with a purpose.
Perhaps an unshaven one
but a man with a purpose
Barnaby, I've spent
my entire life
being treated like a prince.
That's a bad thing?
No, but just this once, in a
city where nobody knows me,
I don't want to be Prince
Jeffery, house of Wallingford
next in line to the crown.
I just want to be... Jeff.
I could be Jeff.
You can be anything you want
to be, Your Highness.
Now you're just humouring me.
No, I would never do that.
Here we are.
Hi, excuse me?
Is that for Lady
Isabelle Collins?
Why, yes it is.
I'll take that.
I'm- I'm sorry, who are you?
I'm Abigail Miller's assistant
and they are waiting
for that upstairs.
I really should take
it up myself.
They sent me down to get it.
You see, Isabelle is-
Waiting for me to bring her
that notebook and she strikes me
as the kind of woman
that gets what she wants.
Does she?
Oh, yes.
I mean, she's dating a prince.
How do you even meet
a prince?
Is there, like, a dating app
for that or something?
Anyway, they are waiting
for this so...
You don't understand.
I wanted to meet Miss Miller
because I'm-
I get it.
You're a model, and you
think that if you get
in front of the editor of
Appliqu magazine
she'll put you on
the next cover?
Model, really?
You're a very handsome guy,
I'll admit that,
but the last person that tried
to slip Abigail a headshot
got carried out by security.
Oh dear.
And they are waiting
for this notebook upstairs
and if I'm not there
in a couple minutes
I will be the one
being carried out.
Well, we wouldn't want that.
Two conditions.
Ok, what?
One, you have to tell me
your name.
And I suppose
the second condition
is I'll have to give
you my number.
No, no.
It's as simple as this.
You must promise me
that the next time we meet
you won't be embarrassed by
what has transpired here today.
What makes you think
we will meet again?
And why would I be embarrassed?
Just a hunch.
Ok, deal.
Now, can I please have
the notebook?
My name is Jeff,
by the way.
Well, thank you, Jeff.
I'll be sure to give you
a good review on Yelp.
[phone ringing]
Doris. Have you left yet?
Just leaving the house.
Oh, good.
I need you to bring me
a dress.
What's wrong with what
you're wearing?
Abigail said I look like
a waitress
from an all-you-can-eat buffet.
So we're guessing her
New Year's resolution
is to be less mean.
Please just bring me a dress.
Ok, well which one?
I don't know, any of them.
Um... the red one.
The red one?
Oh, really?
Doris, please just pick one.
Oh, Doris, what took you
so long?
All the guests have already
arrived and Abigail won't let me
in the ballroom until I change.
Doris, what did you do?
This is one of my dresses.
It's beautiful and,
more importantly,
it's too late to do anything
about it.
Oh, I am gonna get you
so good for this.
Ok, I'm gonna be backstage with
a bunch of size zero models.
I'm already being punished.
There they are,
the happy couple.
Oh, Jeffery, this is Abigail
Miller from Appliqu magazine.
Your highness.
She has graciously offered
to help
with the New Year's Eve gala.
You know it's a benefit for
the royal family foundation
which funds a number
of youth programs,
scholarships, on-the-job-
Jeffery, she doesn't need
the sales pitch.
She's already agreed.
Any assistance you can give
will help a lot of people.
Well, we're all about helping.
And we want to make sure
that we do anything we can
to make you happy.
Lady Isabelle, I want you to pay
special attention
tonight to the fashions
from Leighton Miller.
Oh, fashion talk.
That's my cue.
Excuse me.
Oh, Jeffery!
You clumsy man, you ruined
the Prince's jacket.
No, no, no.
It was all my fault.
Are you ok?
I'm so sorry.
I'm fine, thank you.
Yes, your jacket has taken
quite a hit, Your Highness.
Oh dear.
Ladies, you'll have to excuse me
while I go try
to make myself a little
more presentable.
Oh dear.
I'm afraid this is not going
to work, Your Highness.
Yes, I think the shrimp cocktail
won this round.
I'll go check with the
hotel to see if they have
something that might
get this out.
Thank you, Barnaby.
I'll wait for you in the hall.
Oh, I didn't-
I'm so sorry!
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, I'm- that... you.
What- what're you doing here?
Actually, I'm-
Oh, I get it.
You're a messenger by day,
cater waiter at night?
Very perceptive, Caitlyn.
I know you're trying to make it
in this business
but this is not
the way to do it.
Alright, what would
you suggest?
Do you have an agent
or a manager?
Someone that looks out for you?
His name's Barnaby.
Well, then he needs to be out
making contacts on your behalf.
You need to make him work
for you, because the chances
of you meeting someone important
here are pretty slim.
I met you.
Well, if you think I'm important
you really do need help.
I do know all of the great
modeling agencies in this town
and I'm sure that one would be
happy to sit down
and talk with you.
You would do that for me?
I know what it's like to want to
be something more than you are.
So give me a call after the
holidays at the magazine.
I'm not giving you my number.
I didn't ask.
By the way, the dress
is beautiful.
You look lovely.
Thank you.
I'm still not giving you
my number.
Caitlyn should be any minute.
I'm here, I'm here.
I'm sorry.
It's about time.
We should start the show.
I know, I'm sorry.
Hello, Lady Isabelle.
Caitlyn, your dress is stunning.
Thank you.
This is exactly the sort
of thing I'd like to wear
to the New Year's Eve party.
Where did you get it?
Actually, I-
Did you take it
from the office?
Is that one of
our spring line?
Caitlyn designed it.
You did?
Caitlyn, this is gorgeous.
Thank you.
Do you have others?
I'd love to wear something
like it to my party.
What now?
Yes, she has lots
of other designs.
Wouldn't you like to wait
until you see the show
this evening?
Oh, well, certainly.
But if Caitlyn's other designs
are this good...
Caitlyn, shall we meet tomorrow
to go over what you have?
Yeah, sure.
That would-
that would be great.
Text me your location and
a time and I'll be there.
Abigail, I didn't-
We just need to get
the show started.
I'll go tell the stage manager.
No, I want you to go backstage
with Doris.
And you help Leighton.
And I want you to stay there.
Everything has to go smoothly.
Ok, I can do that.
Did that just happen?
That just happened!
Lady Isabelle will be wearing
one of your dresses
when the prince asks her
to marry him.
I don't even know
what to do with that.
Abigail does not
look very happy.
Who cares?
I care.
She's my boss.
What if she fires me?
She's not gonna fire you.
She just exiled you backstage.
Although I guess this means
you're not gonna get
to meet the prince.
Oh, I am so ok with that.
I've had enough fairy tale
for one evening.
Here you are, Your Highness.
Oh, thank you, Barnaby.
Oh, hello?
Good, someone found my phone.
Hi, uh, that's my phone.
Yes, it is.
Hello, Caitlyn.
Wait... is... Jeff?
You said you weren't going
to give me your phone number.
And technically I didn't.
I just gave you my entire phone,
it seems.
I suppose you want it back?
Yes, please.
Um, I can come to you.
No, no.
My place is a mess.
I was heading out shortly soon,
I could drop it by.
That would be great.
I need to get ready
for a meeting.
I'll text my address
to the phone.
Alright then.
See you soon.
[message alert]
So, wait.
A future princess wants
one of your designs
and a cute model answers
your phone when you call it?
You should buy
a lottery ticket.
Uh, speaking of future princess,
I have to call Lady Isabelle.
Yes, that would work perfect.
I'll see you then.
Thank you.
That was the designer that
I told you about last night.
The one with the dress that
I liked so much.
I have a few errands
to run first
but perhaps we could meet
for lunch.
Sounds lovely.
Where are you off to dressed
so casually?
I'm returning a lost mobile.
Why don't you have one of
the staff to do it?
I'm sure that Barnaby-
No, no, no, no, no.
I'd rather do it myself.
That's not the sort of thing
a prince should be doing.
That's why.
I like the idea of doing things
regular people do.
Yes, but we're
not regular people.
Doesn't that bother
you a little?
No, not in the slightest.
Well, I like the idea of being
regular every now and then.
I will see you at lunch.
Lady Isabelle will be here
in a couple of hours.
Lady Isabelle.
that is so cool.
See, I knew it would just take
someone with taste
seeing your work.
Oh, she definitely has taste.
She is so elegant.
I feel like a bull in a china
shop around her.
Did you even see the prince?
Abigail didn't let me come
out front by the time they left.
Well, maybe he'll come with her.
Oh, we need to straighten up.
Yeah, it might just be easier
if we moved.
Oh- Oh-
Are you sure you don't want me
to return the phone,
Your Highness?
No, this will just take
a minute.
You were right.
We meet again and I am
indeed embarrassed.
This isn't precisely
what I meant but...
Oh, Doris, this is Jeff.
Um, Jeff, this is my roommate,
Lovely to meet you.
Why do you look so familiar?
You must have been in
a magazine or something.
I've been in a few, yes.
Well, that must be it then.
Anyway, thank you again
for returning this.
Do you want me to give
you a reward or something?
No, no.
It's not necessary.
You came all the way
down here.
Really, it was no bother.
Maybe you could buy him
a cup of coffee?
We need to get our place ready
for our visitor, remember?
Well, I can take care
of that and...
you want a cup of coffee,
don't you, Jeff?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Ok, I shall get my coat then.
I'll need to help you.
Thank you.
You know that this is just me
saying thank you.
We're not...
Oh, no.
Of course not.
Besides, I'm seeing someone,
so no ulterior motives.
Doris, I'll see you later.
Lovely to meet you.
You, too.
Have fun.
Oh my... ok.
Pick up.
Pick up!
[phone ringing]
Oh my gosh.
There you go.
Thank you.
This is good coffee.
I'll have to remember
this place.
There's one on, like, every
four blocks so it won't be hard.
Shall we sit?
We don't have these back
at home.
You don't?
I thought you were from Britain.
Your accent.
No, I'm from a small country
in Europe.
Most people have
never heard of it.
I'm only in New York
for a short while.
Oh, well, how are you
liking it so far?
I love it.
It's so energetic and colourful.
There's just so much to do.
Why, yesterday I took
the subway.
You- you've never ridden
a subway?
It was amazing.
It was a little crowded and
there were some unusual smells
but uh, besides that it was
quite an adventure.
It can be.
Maybe next time you can take
a cab.
So what is it like working
in fashion?
It seems so glamorous.
Well, I'm just an assistant
so I haven't really experienced
the glamour part of it all yet.
What are your aspirations?
I wanna be a designer.
I mean, I am a designer,
I just haven't had much
success in it yet.
But I'm hoping that
that's all about to change.
I have this amazing opportunity.
I don't wanna talk
too much about it
because I don't wanna
jinx it
but it could really be
a new beginning for me.
That's exciting.
Well, not as exciting
as riding the subway.
No, it's not.
So you said you're
seeing somebody?
Yes, for a couple years now.
Sounds serious.
There may be an
engagement soon.
Have you decided how
you're gonna pop the question?
It's actually been decided
for me.
How does that happen?
It's a tradition of sorts.
All the men in my family
have proposed just
before the stroke of midnight
on New Year's Eve.
That's so romantic.
It's supposed to symbolize
a fresh start.
A new beginning,
so to speak.
Two lives becoming one.
That's crazy romantic.
I'm totally stealing that
when I get engaged.
Is that happening soon?
Considering I'm not even
dating anybody?
Not this New Year's Eve,
that's for sure.
There will be more.
You know, I hear they
have one every year.
Well, this is me.
So thank you for rescuing
my phone,
which I must have left upstairs.
I leave that everywhere.
It's like a sickness.
I really need help.
Perhaps that could be your
New Year's resolution.
You know, it's almost as good as
getting engaged
at the stroke of midnight.
Thanks again.
Good luck.
What're you doing here?
Well, I told you.
I was meeting with the designer,
Wait, you're-
Is everything alright,
Your Highness?
He's the prince!
He's the- he's
the prince.
Oh, Jeffery, you should
be ashamed of yourself
not telling her
who you really are.
I know.
I'm truly sorry.
No problem, your...
You call him
"Your Highness".
Please, just call me Jeffery.
Not Jeff?
Um, no.
Jeff is busy with
his modeling career.
You'll have to forgive him.
He enjoys his anonymity here
perhaps a little too much.
Anyway, I believe it's fate
bringing us all together.
Caitlyn, your designs
are lovely.
Thank you, Doris.
You're welcome,
Your Highness.
Oh, uh, or soon-to-be highness?
Lady Isabelle is just fine.
Oh, this is it.
Elegant and romantic.
I- I love it.
You really like that one?
I do, I love it.
It'd make me feel like
a princess.
Metaphorically speaking,
of course.
What do you need to have it done
by New Year's Eve?
Doris, would-
would you help?
Make a dress for a lady?
Uh, yes.
Well, then we just need to talk
measurements and fabric.
I believe that's our cue,
Yes, Your Highness.
Isabelle, I'll see you at lunch.
Alright, darling.
Again, I'm sorry.
You did warn me not
to be embarrassed.
Let's get started.
I will go grab the measuring
Well, it's official.
Isabelle's going to wear
Caitlyn's dress.
Mom, it's ok.
No, it is not ok.
This is your opportunity,
not Caitlyn's.
She stole your shot.
She didn't steal anything.
Lady Isabelle liked her dress
and I don't blame her.
It was beautiful.
I am the editor in chief
of one of
the leading fashion magazines
in the world.
I decide what is beautiful
and what isn't.
Well, there's nothing we can do
about it now
because she's already
made up her mind.
Well, maybe we can get her
to change her mind.
Especially if Caitlyn
can't deliver.
I hate it when your eyes
do that.
It usually means you're
plotting something.
You know, it's going
to take a lot of work,
helping the prince
and Lady Isabelle plan
the New Year's Eve party.
Far too much work
for me by myself
but luckily I have
an assistant.
But mom, if you load Caitlyn up
with party planning
then she's never gonna be able
to work on the dress.
Yes, sure, but... ok, but I...
happy to do it.
Now I have to plan the New
Year's Eve party, too.
Because Abigail says so.
I'm supposed to meet the Prince
and Lady Isabelle
this afternoon for
a catering audition.
Ok, free food and
a handsome prince?
I'm sorry, what's
the problem again?
He didn't tell me that
he was a prince.
Princes should be required
to identify themselves.
They should have to wear, like,
a name tag or a badge.
He did say he was sorry.
What if I said something
that would have caused
an international incident?
And now I need to work on
the party with him?
How am I supposed to do that
and get the dress ready in time?
We'll figure it out.
This is crazy.
Yesterday I was living a normal
life and now today
I'm somehow mixed up
with royalty?
Well, if it's a choice
between royalty and normal
I'll choose royalty any day.
You don't know that.
Yeah, I do.
Royalty comes with
a castle.
I'm officially addicted to this
coffee and it is all your fault.
Thank you, Your Highness.
Jeffery is fine.
Is Lady Isabelle coming?
No, we're dividing
and conquering.
It was this or choosing
centerpieces and I thought food
was much more
in my wheel house.
That is wonderful.
You don't get out much,
do you?
I told you.
Yes, well you didn't
tell me it was
because you were
a prince.
Yes, but remember, you said
you wouldn't be embarrassed.
But I was.
You made me feel like-
Caitlyn, I... I liked being just
Jeff for a little while.
It was nice talking to someone
who treated me
as a person instead
of just a prince.
I didn't mean to hurt
or embarrass you.
I hope you can forgive me.
Well, I presume that
this is all for us.
Yes, well, they gave us
lots of options.
It appears they gave us
all options.
Let's see what we have.
Marrow with framboise glise.
Sounds interesting.
Does it?
Not bad.
We'll um... we'll put that
in the maybe column.
So, the next one.
Artisanal seaweed
and oyster croquettes.
Sounds interesting.
An intriguing combination.
Do you eat fancy stuff like this
all the time?
No, no, not always.
Last week we had a simple
duck confit with pine foam.
That's simple?
Yes, why?
What do you eat?
Like, real food.
You know, the kind of stuff
Jeff would eat.
Yes, well, Jeff is not throwing
a New Year's Eve ball
attended by people who
expect fancy things like this.
Yes, well, you know,
I think deep down everybody just
wants a good juicy hot dog.
Do you know what?
That does sound good.
This is remarkable.
It's so much better
than pine foam.
Best hot dogs in the city.
You live in such
a strange world.
I know.
I mean, strange to me.
I just- I could never fit in
with your friends.
Most of them are hangers-on.
They like the idea of being
in proximity to royalty.
So then why invite them
to your party?
The ball is a fundraiser for
the royal family's foundation.
We sponsor scholarships
and after school programs
for at-risk youths.
You'd be shocked at the-
at the statistics of the...
I've been accused of getting
a little carried away
when I'm talking
about the foundation.
I think there's a difference
between carried away and caring.
You're passionate about it.
There's nothing wrong with that.
I love it when I get a chance
to make a real difference
in people's lives.
So these hangers-on,
they just write big cheques
to come to your party?
Well, no, we auction off
pieces of artwork
from the royal collection.
They should be
arriving tomorrow.
I used to be an art teacher.
Art teacher to dress designer.
I bet that's an
interesting story.
Why don't you come
by the mansion tomorrow
and tell me all about it?
If a prince is asking me
to do something am I allowed
to say no?
Of course I could have you
thrown into a dungeon for it
but you could say no.
I should um... I should probably
get going.
You know, we only have four days
to get the dress ready
for Lady Isabelle.
We wouldn't want
to disappoint her.
How was it?
It was... not terrible.
That's good, right?
Yeah, it is.
What can I do?
Make some coffee.
It's gonna be a long night.
Good morning.
I'm up. I'm good.
I'm doing it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Stop. Stop.
Yeah, you're doing this wrong.
No, I'm so sorry.
No, it's ok, it's ok.
It's an easy fix.
Were you up all night?
What's the date?
The 28th.
It's three days until the ball.
Actually, that's only, like,
two days until the fitting.
There's so much to do
for the party.
There's so much to do.
Abigail, she... she keeps going,
keep requests,
like how is it supposed
to happen?
Oh, ok, Caitlyn,
just relax.
I'll call in sick to work today.
It'll be fine.
No, I cannot ask you to do that.
It's ok, I want to.
Unless, of course,
you wanna trade places
and I'll go look at fabulous
works of art
with the handsome prince.
It's not like that, we're
just planning a party.
I don't care what it's like.
In my head this is the perfect
princess fantasy.
Only it's you instead of me,
but I'm good with
living vicariously.
Ok, please Doris,
between the dress and the party
and the whole prince thing,
it's stressful enough.
Let's not make this something
that it doesn't need to be.
[phone rings]
Hello, Abigail.
I know.
Yep, I know.
I know.
I- I'll be right there.
I got this.
Ok, I'm going.
You know you're not actually
moving, right?
You're late.
I know, I'm sorry.
Oh, that's alright, they have
just started to unpack
the artwork so...
Caitlyn, I'm not giving you
too much work, am I?
No, not at all.
Everything should be done
in time.
Should be?
Isabelle, perhaps we should talk
about an alternative
for your dress-
It will be done.
Everything will be done
in time.
Well what about the party?
You're not going to drop
the ball on that, are you?
The music, the food,
the flowers?
And we're reviewing the artwork
this morning.
I think Caitlyn has
everything well in hand.
I'm sure she does.
Well, Abigail and I are off
to find fabulous things to go
with my fabulous dress
and afterwards
perhaps we can go over
seating charts for the party.
Sounds great.
Shall we?
Well, we have a little time
before they're ready for us
to look at anything, so...
I have so much to do
before the ball.
I- I don't know if I have time
for coffee.
Well, lucky for us the person
throwing the ball does.
Don't make me threaten you
with the dungeon again.
Coffee it is.
Caitlyn, you really
should relax.
It's going to work out
just fine.
I hope so.
You sound unsure.
I've never made a dress
for a real live human being
other than myself.
Well, I have the utmost
confidence in you.
It just- it... has to be
special, you know?
I mean, especially if you're
gonna... you know.
Ask Isabelle to marry me.
The fashion show the other
night, that looked spectacular.
Oh, yes, well Abigail does
nothing less than spectacular.
It must be really challenging
working for someone so...
That is a word I will have
to remember.
It's not always a barrel
of laughs
but I have learned so much.
It's basically been like
a crash course in fashion.
You know, sometimes I feel like
the crash test dummy, though.
If it's any consolation I feel
like that most days myself.
Is this that point in the
conversation where the rich,
handsome prince with
the beautiful girlfriend
is going to tell me how hard
his life is?
No, no, no.
My position affords me
great luxury and great reward.
And I'm not just talking about
the palaces.
Oh, palaces.
More than- more than one?
I can't even keep track.
But seriously, it
is an honour to be
a member of the royal family.
The people of our country
are hard-working,
decent and generous.
I hear a "but" coming.
But a lot of things
are decided for you.
Like what?
Like who your friends are,
where you can go to school,
and who you shall marry.
Excuse me, Your Highness.
There's a call from your father.
Take a message.
You want me to take a message
from the king?
Yes, I do.
May I take a message,
Your Majesty?
I like this for you.
Oh, that is quite pretty.
I love when designers
give me things to wear.
What do you think about this?
Message received.
Thank you.
I just wanna give you everything
you want,
whether it's the party
or the dress.
You seem concerned.
Well, Caitlyn's never done
anything like this before
and it might be a good idea
to have a little back-up plan.
You know, just in case.
Well, what did you have
in mind?
Oh, well, um... this is just
off the top of my head
but many of the dresses in
the fashion show are available.
Maybe you could look
at a few of those
and see if anything might do.
I mean, just in case something
happens with Caitlyn's dress.
Well, I suppose
that isn't a bad idea.
Having a back-up plan
couldn't hurt.
But I'm sure that Caitlyn
will come through.
It would take something quite
big for me
to change my mind
about that dress.
So wait.
The first thing you ever
designed was a princess costume?
It was for the school play.
My mother, bless her heart,
she tried so hard,
but I took one look at it
and went "no, please, let me".
How old were you?
Uh, six.
So that made you want
to become a designer?
Well, it primarily made me
wanna become a princess,
but yeah.
I never thought of it that way.
To me it's always
been just clothes.
Oh, no.
It's so much more than that.
Fashion is about expressing
ourselves from the inside
by what we wear on the outside.
So if fashion
was your calling,
why the detour
into teaching art?
I was young and felt like
I needed a back-up plan.
Before I knew it that back-up
plan had taken over.
So then one day you just decided
to change your whole life?
Believe it or not it was part of
a New Year's resolution.
You're kidding.
It was kind of
one of those things.
I had broken up
with someone
that I had been seeing
for a while.
Nothing dramatic, we just...
we wanted different things.
And that started making me think
about the other things
that I wanted in my life.
It was kind of time
for a fresh start.
I find that quite remarkable.
Thank you.
But of course you did also say
that about the hot dog.
Pales in comparison.
Oh, wow.
I love this one.
It is lovely.
Here's this sort
of average woman
and she's wearing
this stunning gown.
Look at the way
she's holding her face.
Like she can't believe
how beautiful she looks.
This is how the dress
made her feel.
This is what fashion can do.
That's her fresh start.
I think we should go
with this china.
I'm not convinced
about the flatware though.
Oh, I can have them bring in
others and you can see it.
Yes, let's do that.
Any update on the dress?
It will be ready for your
fitting tomorrow.
And the art auction?
It's all set.
The pieces are beautiful.
I can't believe they're willing
to give them up.
Part of being royalty is making
tough choices
for the greater good.
Certainly gives me an insight
into the world
that most aren't able
to appreciate.
The extent of royalty and
nobility in my family ends
with my uncle Duke.
Being Lady Isabelle is much more
than just a title I inherited
and should I one day be asked to
join the royal family
I'll consider it a great honour.
It's much more than just
a childhood fairytale about
becoming a princess.
I think you'll make
a great princess.
Oh, thank you.
I do, too.
Now, if we could just convince
Jeffery to embrace that.
I'm sure he will.
He just needs to focus.
Distractions are such
a terrible thing.
Don't you think?
I thought for sure Caitlyn
would crack under the pressure
and then I could swoop in
and save the day.
Mom, just leave it alone.
I can't find one of
my dresses
that Isabelle would want,
Well, keep looking.
We have to find something
that's ready to go
before everything
comes crashing down.
Why would it crash down?
Because we're going to give it
a little push.
Mom, why is this
so important to you?
Leighton, why isn't this
more important to you?
Because I want to succeed
or fail on my own merits,
not because my mother
is playing puppet master.
My darling, this is
a cut-throat business.
I am just trying to provide
a few advantages.
And I appreciate that.
But just don't do anything
too crazy.
I will be the very picture
of restraint.
Just a little...
Oh, let me see.
This could work.
Ok, I've got a couple hours
until I need to get back
to the mansion.
What can I do?
Go take a nap.
You must be exhausted.
It's two days until the ball.
I can sleep next year.
Grab some beads.
Oh, wow.
This is beautiful.
It's a beautiful design.
You know, you and Lady Isabelle
are almost exactly
the same measurements.
You should ask for it back after
the ball and you can wear it.
Where would I wear
a dress like this?
This would be a great
yoga dress.
No, this dress is definitely
made for a princess.
[phone rings]
Hello, Abigail.
Yes, but I'm supposed to-
Right, but... now?
I'll be right there.
Now there's an emergency at
the office with the next issue.
I have to go in.
You know she's trying
to overwhelm you, right?
Now what?
Wh- what're you doing here?
I'm on the way to review
the auction brochures.
Abigail suggested
you should join me.
Unless you are
sick of me by now.
I couldn't get sick of you.
But I can't.
Abigail is making me
go into work.
She said she wanted you
to sign off
on the brochures personally.
Would you be able to bring them
by the office for me to review?
I would.
Ok, great.
Doris, do you need anything?
If I do I can handle it.
Would it help if Barnaby stayed
here in case a need arises?
That would be amazing,
if Barnaby doesn't mind.
If that's what you want,
Your Highness.
The driver can take you
wherever you need to go.
Or, if all else fails, I'm an
old pro at the subway now.
Well, thank you again,
And Doris, if you need anything
please call.
Well, that was interesting.
Ok, so do you see
any other problems?
Excellent work.
I never would have seen
half those errors.
I work at a magazine.
It's my job.
Well, thank you.
You have gone above
and beyond on everything.
Oh, no. Thank you.
You've been so kind
and supportive.
You and Isabelle,
of course.
You know, I never...
I never really did hear how
the two of you met.
We were introduced
at a ceremony.
I can't remember what for.
Monarchies love
their ceremonies.
Oh, yes.
Well, they have to use
all those scepters.
Anyway, she'd heard that one
of our board members
was planning on stepping down
and was interested
in taking over his place.
Well, that sounds really nice.
Isabelle is a lovely young woman
and I care for her deeply.
I feel like there's
a "but" coming.
My father has decided it's time
for him to step down
and for me to take over
the throne.
However, he insists
that I marry first.
What do you want?
Shall I escort you home now?
Oh, no.
You don't have to do that.
It's no bother.
I need to retrieve Barnaby,
Um, well, in that case,
thank you.
You know, you can sit down
if you want, Barnaby.
Thank you, miss.
I'm fine.
How do you do that?
Do what, miss?
Just stand there.
Quietly, not moving.
I've had a lot of practice,
How long have you worked
for the prince?
I joined the employ of the royal
family when Prince Jeffery
was ten years old.
Wow, that's a long time.
You must know him pretty well.
I'd say so, yes.
He seems like a good guy.
Yes, he is.
And Miss Caitlyn seems
quite lovely, as well.
She is.
She's the best.
Shall I?
Uh, sure.
Go for it.
Hello, Ms. Miller.
Hello, Doris.
I came to talk to Caitlyn
about the party planning.
Well, I thought she was
at the office with you.
Is this Isabelle's dress?
Yeah, it's not done yet
but that's...
She's going to love it.
Is that the prince I see?
Right there.
To the right.
(Barnaby): I don't see him.
I'm sure it's him.
Over to the right.
I don't think so.
Well, maybe I was mistaken.
Would you just tell Caitlyn that
I will speak to her tomorrow?
It's only a couple days
until the new year.
Do you have any resolutions?
I want to make sure that the
foundation is in good shape.
Of course there will be
a wedding to plan.
What about you?
What are your resolutions?
Oh, I have a few.
A million.
How about top three?
I want to take more chances.
Because quitting your
art teacher job to pursue
a dream career
was playing it safe?
That's the thing.
You know, I did that and then
I started another job
that wasn't actually
what I wanted.
I didn't really start taking
chances until...
Until when?
Until you and Isabelle
came along.
You know, now my design
is gonna be worn by nobility
and featured on the cover
of a magazine.
What are your other resolutions?
The usual.
Friendship, love, silly stuff.
Love is not silly.
Not if you're doing it
correctly, at least.
It should be exciting
and unexpected.
It should come out of nowhere.
I hope that'll happen to me
some day.
I hope so, too.
Mom, I got your message.
What's going on?
Come look.
What... is that Caitlyn's dress?
The one and only.
Until now.
What're you talking about?
What is the biggest sin
in the world of exclusive,
one-of-a-kind fashions?
That they're not one-of-a-kind.
So, what?
You're gonna have someone
make a duplicate?
How are you gonna do that
in two days?
We don't have to.
We just have to make people
think there's another dress.
I have someone in the art
department working on it
and when they're done nobody's
gonna know it isn't real.
Ok, I still don't understand.
Then we'll have
someone publish the photo
and it won't be one-of-a-kind
And Isabelle won't want it,
and we'll have a Leighton Miller
ready to take its place.
Mom, do you remember when I said
don't do anything too crazy?
Leighton, I am just trying
to help you launch your career.
Mom, this is not the way I wanna
become successful.
I could never live with myself.
You promise?
No more cartoon villain plots?
I promise.
Um, well...
have a good evening.
Thank you.
You too.
Barnaby. Shall we?
Let's get to work.
What was that?
What was what?
The whole "have a good evening"
and "you too"
and let's both stare at
the floor uncomfortably thing
that just happened.
That didn't happen.
Uh, yeah.
It really did.
Ok, well maybe spending
so much time with him
has made it easy to forget
that he might be proposing
to another woman in 48 hours.
You're falling in love with him.
No I'm not.
I'm just-
Caitlyn, I saw how you were
looking at him earlier.
See, that's the thing.
I can't do that.
It's not right.
He was looking at you
the same way.
Don't say that.
Why not?
Because he's dating Isabelle.
And he may be asking her
to marry him.
But what if he doesn't?
Doris, he's a prince.
He's gonna be king.
I don't fit in that world.
It's a fairy tale and fairytales
don't exist.
Ok, so you're not
falling in love with him,
but do you like him?
It doesn't matter.
Because it's not gonna be me
that he's kissing at midnight
on New Year's Eve.
Is there anything I can do
to help
with whatever may be troubling
you, Your Highness?
What makes you think something's
troubling me, Barnaby?
Because I've known you
since you were a child.
If I may say so, Your Highness,
you've never been very good
at disguising your feelings.
Something that's landed me
in a spot of trouble
more than a few times.
Do you remember
when you were 16,
the incident with the car?
The one I took without
permission and proceeded
to knock down an 18th century
statue with?
That would be the one.
I have a vague recollection,
What I remember is the look
on your face the next time
you were driven somewhere.
Even though you were traveling
in a way that a person
of your station is expected to,
it's not what you wanted.
You wanted to do it your way.
Yes, that's true.
But look how that turned out.
Maybe it was worth the risk.
The statue of my great
would likely disagree.
If Caitlyn is-
She is.
But when I took that car
for a drive
somebody could have
gotten really hurt.
It's not worth the risk.
This is Lady Isabelle Collins.
I'd like to speak with
King Richard, please.
Thank you.
It's perfect.
Isabelle, you look radiant.
I do, don't I?
Brava, Lady Isabelle.
Thank you, Barnaby.
But the real cheers
go to Caitlyn.
Oh, I couldn't have done it
without Doris.
Well, you both deserve
the credit.
I couldn't be happier.
We still have a few small tweaks
to make.
Um, let me mark.
They'll be done in time
for the party tomorrow?
Oh yeah, this is easy stuff.
We'll do this,
we'll have it cleaned
and we'll deliver it
in the morning.
This is the start of big things
for you, I predict.
Excuse me, I'll be right back.
Are you ok?
I'm fine.
I'm sorry, I just got
a little...
dreams don't come true
very often,
so it's just
a bit overwhelming.
If you're overwhelmed
by this
imagine what it'll be like
when everyone at the party
sees the dress.
We may have to reassign
Barnaby to be your bodyguard.
Um... about that.
I don't think that going to the
party is a great idea for me.
You arranged the entire gala.
The staff can run it,
and Abigail will be here
to make sure.
But when your dress
makes its debut
everyone will want to speak
to you.
You will be the centre
of attention.
Yeah, but I shouldn't be.
You and Isabelle should be.
Especially if you're
going to...
Ask her to marry me.
Are you going to ask her?
Well, it certainly is what
everyone's expecting
me to do, right?
I think that being there
would be very hard for me.
Are we still talking
about the dress?
Of course we are.
There's nothing else we could be
talking about, right?
I suppose not.
It's a shame, really.
You know, look on
the bright side.
You got to ride the subway.
Yes, yes, I did.
And I had a delicious
hot dog.
I told you.
And what was that cheese
on top?
No. No one knows.
It is best not to ask questions
like that.
Where did Caitlyn go?
I wanted to ask her
about the ball.
Oh, I think she just stepped out
to get some air.
Is she alright?
Oh, I'm sure she'll be fine.
These last few days have been
great for her.
I don't think I've ever seen
her this happy.
Because of the dress?
Because of the dress.
Ok, I've got what I need.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, I'll walk you down.
Oh, ok.
I demand an answer
to this cheese mystery.
I could threaten to throw
someone in the dungeon
if I must.
You throw a lot of people
in dungeons, do you?
Yes, it's amazing.
Everybody loves it
in my country.
There you are.
Ah, Isabelle.
We were just-
Thank you again,
The dress is simply beautiful.
You're welcome.
Uh, we should get going.
Ok, um, I'll be back
this afternoon
to go over the placements
of the artwork.
That's alright, Caitlyn.
I can take care of it.
Why don't you focus
on the dress?
Will do.
Just give a call
if you need anything.
You know, Isabelle, I can
take care of all the details
of the ball if you-
Oh, no, no.
We- we must make sure everything
is perfect
before my mother
and father arrive.
Isabelle, I would have thought
that by now you would have
learned that when it comes
to our parents
there is no such thing
as perfection.
Still, I'll handle it
from here on.
You need to focus.
On what?
The future.
Our future.
This could be a very important
evening for us, Jeffery.
Yes, I suppose you're right.
You're going to be
a king some day.
And when that happens you'll
need someone by your side
to support you.
Someone that is acquainted
with our world.
Someone who is not
all starry-eyed
over the fairy tale fantasy
of a happy ever after.
But don't you
want fairytale?
Don't you want happily
ever after?
What I want is you.
The real you.
I know you've been enjoying
your anonymity
while we've been here
in New York
but it's time to say
goodbye to Jeff
and return to
who you really are.
Prince Jeffery.
You know I only want
what's best for you.
I care about you.
We always say that.
That we care for each other.
Well, it's true, isn't it?
Yes, yes, yes.
Of course it is.
But I just sometimes wonder
why we don't say
we love each other more often.
I'll be in my room
if you need me.
That is a really
beautiful dress.
You've said that, like,
ten times in the last hour.
Well, it doesn't make it
any less true.
Are you really not gonna go
to the party?
I haven't decided yet.
Will Abigail even let you not
go to the party?
Oh, I'm sure she'd love
the opportunity
to be in the spotlight.
Well, you know I love you,
and if you don't wanna go
to the glamorous royal
New Year's Eve party
then I support you 100 percent.
But I am totally going
without you.
I wouldn't have it
any other way.
Who could that be?
Oh, I hope it's another prince.
Does Jeffery have a brother?
As a matter of fact,
he does.
So you mean I still have a
shot at becoming a princess?
Is he single?
My other son is married
with two children.
Your other son?
Yes, Peter.
That would be Jeffery's brother.
So that would make you the...
King Richard.
I apologize for
the unannounced visit.
Barnaby told me where to
find you and I thought it best
to expedite a conversation.
Oh, it's ok.
It's not every day that a king
shows up at your doorstep.
I hope you don't mind
talking here.
Oh, not at all.
It's probably best we keep Doris
away from you.
She gets a little excited
around royalty.
Yes, I gathered that after
she attempted to kiss my ring.
I'll get straight to the point.
I came to New York
a little early
after a call from Lady Isabelle.
About what?
Well, she's concerned that
your relationship with Jeffery
may be complicating things
between them.
No, Your Majesty,
it's- it's not like that at all.
We've just been planning the
New Year's Eve ball together.
That is- that is it.
So you don't have feelings
for Jeffery then?
The more pressing question,
of course, is whether those
feelings are reciprocal.
Jeff, um... Jeffery
is a good man,
and he's going to ask
Lady Isabelle
to marry him tomorrow night
as planned.
I'm pleased to hear it.
Can I ask you a question?
Of course.
Have you been happy as king?
Leading a nation is about
tradition, humility, sacrifice.
These are things
that last a lifetime.
Happiness can be measured
in moments.
Happiness is fleeting.
Isn't that why we should
hold onto them
for as long as we can?
Well, it has been very nice
meeting you, Caitlyn.
It has been a pleasure
to meet you, Your Majesty.
Hello, father.
Ah, Jeffery.
You weren't supposed to be here
'til tomorrow.
Yes, well I thought I'd come
a little early,
make sure things are still
on track.
Why wouldn't they be?
I spoke with Caitlyn Enderby
a little while ago.
You- you did what?
It's alright, relax, Jeffery.
I didn't banish her from
the kingdom, we just talked.
About what?
The nature of happiness,
it seems.
Never mind.
She seems like a lovely
young woman.
She is.
And if circumstances were
different then perhaps...
look, I have been a king
for a very long time.
I was 18 when your grandfather
passed away.
I know.
It's in the history books.
Yes. But I prefer not to be
carried off the throne,
I would prefer to step down
But in order to do that
I need to know
that my successor
is ready to step up.
I know all of this, father.
Having a stable king is very
important to the country.
That's why I married
your mother
so soon after I became King.
And I learned to love her.
You don't need to convince me,
I'm prepared to step up.
But father, if circumstances
were different.
Your life is so weird.
I know.
It would be so much easier
if I thought that Jeffery
would be happy but
he doesn't love her.
I don't think she
loves him, either.
Well then do something
about it.
What can I do?
Tell him that you're
in love with him.
I've known him
for four days.
I'm not in love with him.
Ok, well then tell him that
you're falling in love with him.
Tell him that you think
he's your soul mate.
Tell him that you want to live
happily ever after with him
because you can't deny
that any of that's true.
Even if it's true,
it doesn't matter.
Happily ever afters
don't exist
and I don't believe
in fairytales.
Look at that dress.
That is a fairytale waiting
to come true.
But not for me.
I'm sorry about my father.
Oh, don't worry about it.
He's just looking out for you.
It's his job.
Are you sure everything's ready
for the ball tomorrow
since you won't be there?
Oh, I'm sure.
It's going to be wonderful.
Well then thank you
for everything.
No, thank you.
We have a huge problem.
What's wrong?
Look familiar?
That's my dress.
No, it... it can't be.
Obviously it is.
Caitlyn stole someone's design
and she's trying to pass it off
as her own.
No, that's- that's not true.
I promise.
Isabelle, I am so sorry,
but it appears that you are
a victim of a hoax.
I swear to you, Isabelle,
this is my design.
Caitlyn, just stop the act.
No one's buying it.
There must be some
kind of explanation.
I don't understand
what's happened, but it has.
Isabelle, if you'll just give
Caitlyn the chance to-
I'm sorry.
The idea was to have
something original
and regardless of the
circumstances I can't wear this.
Well, luckily you have
a back-up.
You have a Leighton Miller
Would you like to go
try it on now?
Oh, and Caitlyn?
You're fired.
Jeffery, I didn't steal
that design.
I believe you.
You do?
Of course.
This dress could only have come
from you.
I'm sorry.
Your Highness-
Don't try to stop me,
I wasn't.
I was going to wish you luck.
You're going to look
amazing in that.
Well, I suppose
it's good enough.
I need to speak to Isabelle.
Oh, well we were
just talking-
I don't know
what just happened
but I am certain
that you are behind it.
I suggest you leave quickly
before I call the royal guard
to have you arrested.
The royal guard can't arrest
anyone in this country.
I assumed that she wouldn't
know that.
Well played.
Well, considering
the circumstances
I think we should
go double check
all the arrangements
Caitlyn made.
I don't think that
will be necessary.
Jeffery, I know the two of you
became friends
over the last few days
but we must ensure
that everything goes
smoothly tonight.
I'm not going to ask you
to marry me.
Isabelle, what just happened?
Jeffery, I can't wear
that dress.
It's not about the dress,
it's not about Caitlyn
for that matter.
It's about us.
You and me.
Are you breaking up
with me?
Isabelle, I am sorry.
But what about the throne?
Your father will never
accept this.
Then I'll give up the throne.
Oh, Jeffery.
Isabelle, you just called
the dress "good enough".
None of this is good enough.
And yes, we care about each
other but I don't love you.
And I don't think that you
love me, either.
I know that I can't just be
a regular person
but if happily ever after exists
then I want to find it.
Doris, I need to speak
to Caitlyn.
It's too late.
What do you mean?
She's gone.
She took a bunch of her stuff
and left.
Gone where?
She went to go stay
with her folks.
I don't think she's coming back.
I see.
Well... if you speak to her,
tell her...
tell her thank you
for the hot dogs.
They were indeed
What does that mean?
It means goodbye.
Come here.
Barnaby, I'm going to spend
some time with the staff
to make sure everything's in
place for the ball this evening.
Yes, Your Highness.
Your father has gone out,
he asked me to tell you
he wishes to speak to you
when he returns.
Is it childish of me to put
that off as long as possible?
Not at all, Your Highness.
And I need you to run
an errand for me.
Please deliver this to Doris.
Ask her if she will send it
to Caitlyn at her parent's home
in Connecticut.
Sir, if I may?
Perhaps you should deliver this
in person.
Connecticut isn't far.
I didn't get a chance
to say a proper goodbye.
I don't know if I could do that
in person.
Please, Barnaby.
Doris ratted me out, huh?
I promised to ask the King
to make her a Duchess.
I always liked you, Barnaby.
I have something for you.
Great. Isabelle is suing me?
No, it's from...
Miss Caitlyn, may I ask you
a rather personal question?
When did you realize
you liked him?
The coffee shop after
he returned my phone.
He was telling me how
he had ridden the subway
and it was this incredible
journey and so joyful,
and I thought how nice it would
be to have someone
that could experience that kind
of joy in my life.
What's this?
Invitation to the ball tonight.
Barnaby, I can't go to that.
Prince Jeffery will not
be proposing
to Lady Isabelle tonight.
He didn't do that because-
No, no.
It wasn't because of you.
He did that for himself and
for Lady Isabelle, I think.
I'm proud of him.
I'm happy for him.
I still can't go to that ball.
Why not?
Because I liked being in that
world for a little, it was fun.
Princes and Kings
and fairytale gowns made
for princesses, but...
fairytales aren't real.
Not for people like me.
Caitlyn, we are approaching
the new year.
It's a time of wishes
and dreams and hopes
for what lies ahead.
Anything is possible.
Even if I wanted to go I don't
have anything to wear.
You designed a dress fit
for a princess.
It would be a shame for it
not to be worn.
Thank you, Barnaby.
You're welcome.
[classical music plays]
I went to check on Isabelle this
morning and imagine my surprise
when I found out that she was
not coming to the ball
because you broke up
with her.
We don't love each other.
We had a deal.
This was part of your taking
the throne.
I don't want the throne.
Give it to Peter.
At least one of your sons
won't be a disappointment.
Jeffery you are not
a disappointment.
A frustration, perhaps,
but not a disappointment.
Is this about Caitlyn?
I mean, not like that.
But she showed me
it's not about the titles
or the fancy clothes we wear,
it's about what makes us
truly happy.
And does she make you happy?
Very much so.
Well, as a wise young woman
once said
"you should hold on to happiness
for as long as you can".
But the circumstances.
I created the circumstances.
I can change them.
Are you sure?
I'm the King.
I can do whatever I like.
Your Majesty.
Aren't you going to ask me
to dance?
For old time's sake.
Of course.
I have a New Year's resolution.
Would you like to hear it?
Very much so.
I shouldn't settle for
good enough anymore.
Neither of us should.
That's a good resolution.
And maybe there really is a
fairytale out there waiting
to come true for both of us.
I haven't found mine yet
but you may have found yours
and I can't be the one
to keep you from it.
I care about you too much.
Thank you.
[crowd gasps]
You have some nerve
showing up here.
Leave her alone.
Caitlyn, I am really sorry
about everything.
She took a picture
of your dress
then had the magazine's
art department
mock up that picture
for the paper.
Why are you telling me this?
Because I'm hoping maybe you'll
show me how you can come up
with something so beautiful.
And maybe give me tickets
to your first show.
You really think that
I can have a show?
I know you will because Appliqu
magazine is going to sponsor it.
Isn't that right, mom?
Well, I can't just-
Mom, can you really
just stand there
and tell me that this dress
isn't amazing?
It's very nice.
Thank you, Abigail.
And if you would like
your job back...
No, but thank you.
It's almost midnight.
It's time for a fresh start.
May I have this dance?
I would love to.
You look beautiful.
Thank you.
For what?
For helping me to believe
in fairytales again.
What about the tradition of
proposing on New Year's Eve?
I heard they have one
every year.
If you're not busy...
I'm not busy.
six... five... four...
three... two... one...
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year.
[cheering and applause]
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.