Ru-Ba-Ru (2008) Movie Script

5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!
Okay, I am coming.
I will pray to the Lord,
for your long life.
I can do anything for you!
My darling, I can even
forsake my life for you.
My darling, I can even
forsake my life for you.
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
My entire world seems like a lie!
Even though you are close,
you seem so far.
I am scared of dreams!
I feel I will get lost.
My darling, I can even
forsake my life for you.
My darling, I can even
forsake my life for you.
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
This day, shouldn't pass away.
My feelings
shouldn't go unexpressed.
Our bond should be such
that it never breaks.
We will unite,
it will happen someday.
I feel like...
Forsaking my heart for you.
I feel like...
Forsaking my heart for you.
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
I will pray to the Lord,
for your long life.
I can do anything for you!
My darling, I can even
forsake my life for you.
My darling, I can even
forsake my life for you.
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Food here is awful, right?
- Yeah!
- Maybe.
Just yes or no.
- Tara.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Face to face!
Face to face!
Good morning Bangkok!
Brilliant morning to all
of you who are up right now!
Today's forecast, scattered
thunderstorms by the afternoon.
Here's where I leave
you with one morning...
...and have a beautiful day.
I wake up feeling so fine.
Take a look around,
this world of mine.
I have got, good time.
Good feeling! Memories.
That keeps me breathing.
It's just the day today to
take a walk along the riverside.
Think about my life.
Reminisce for a while.
See the little girl,
watching me with open eyes.
She knows that I am in love,
happy to be alive.
It's a beautiful... day.
You take my breath away!
You take my breath away!
It's a beautiful... day.
Miss you, now you are going.
You will be here,
my whole morning.
Traffic, if you are
headed out for the weekend.
Make sure you head out
early on that expressway.
Today's love forecast
for the 21 st of September.
Attached, you are
having a hard time.
It appears that someone, a
partner or a collaborator...
...has done something that
has caused you a heartache.
Missed me?
You only went for jogging...
...and not to your parent's house.
- Really!
You are coming along
with me to my parents place.
Why are you troubling me
so early in the morning?
I have been troubling
you for so many days...
...that's why you
agreed to go to India.
You talk a lot, isn't it?
I like your fragrance a lot.
Eternity! By Calvin Kline!
Eternity! By Calvin Kline!
You smell, silly.
By Calvin Kline!
The way you are going...
...I am surprised that
you even know my name.
Riah, can you please...
I am sorry!
Time to go!
- No!
Getting late!
Ms. Riah!
As you...
Immersed in my heart.
- Yes!
Did you talk to the travel
agent about the tickets?
Nix! You are coming, aren't you?
You know I can't promise!
But you promised me that this
time you will come along with me.
There is a marriage.
And you don't get a
better opportunity than this... meet everyone, Nikhil.
Can we talk about
this later, please?
I have got a lot on my mind.
Will you have breakfast?
No, just make some coffee for me.
Can't you be careful, man?
Show me!
How much do you love me?
- Just a bit.
How much?
This much!
That's all.
I would have loved you more...
...if you wouldn't
have been such a nag.
But you don't get time
from your work, isn't it?
You love your phone more than me.
I don't just work for myself.
Don't I want to get married?
Really! And, how
can we get married...
...until we don't meet my parents?
Again you've started.
But your mom-dad live right here.
Whatever! But they live here.
Why don't you ever
introduce me to them?
You have me! What
will you do with them?
I have you, but you have work.
Okay! I have got a very
important presentation today.
And I don't want you pestering me.
- Okay!
If I can just get
this client, I swear...
And if you don't, then again
you will start running around.
Great, Tara! Great!
I am so sorry!
- Give it to me.
Please! I will do it, please.
Go and get ready!
Please, I will get more delayed!
Please, go and get a shower.
Yes! What happened?
Why aren't my dad's
cufflinks in the box?
In the box... - You know they
are very important for me.
Okay, I will put them back.
I haven't seen them.
The point is that, they
aren't in the box now. - Fine.
And I need them!
- It must be here!
Where can it go?
Let me find them. - No, no, no!
You haven't even changed.
Just two minutes, Nikhil!
- I have a presentation.
Please understand, I am
going to get late! - Okay!
Fine, I am getting ready!
- Please.
Okay, okay I am going.
No, no, no don't
discuss the pricing at all.
I am coming there.
No, no, no I am okay with it.
Hold on! Hold on!
Hey Anthony! Greetings.
Nervous! Are you kidding me?
Terrified is more like it.
Sure! Not a problem.
Absolutely! Not a problem, Anthony.
Well, I will see you soon.
And... it will be great.
Please do come this evening, okay.
It will be great
pleasure to have you.
Okay! Bye.
Hello, yes!
Jai, call up Anthony.
And keep him in the loop.
I dwell in the
rays of the sunlight!
I live in the crazy storm.
I float on the breeze!
Yeah Jai!
Don't worry man!
I say to the drops of rain.
Of course.
I feel that this client
and my fate are connected.
We are going to rock!
See you there.
Since when did you
start believing in fate?
I don't believe it!
It's just something to say.
It's inspirational, you know.
Just a second, take some flowers.
Oh man, I am getting late...
- It will just take 2 minutes.
Please baby. Thank you,
thank you, just a minute.
Thank you!
- 20 bucks!
20 bucks!
- Yes.
- Bye!
Who are they for?
- For you.
- I am sorry! I am so sorry!
What has happened to you today?
- Sorry!
I am sorry!
You never bring some for me.
So I thought I should
take the initiative...
...since it's a special day today.
What's so special about it?
Tell me!
- Nothing Nikhil, forget it.
What do you mean forget it?
I hate this forget it business.
Either you don't say it.
- Okay.
And if I ask, then you
just say forget it. - Okay!
I am sorry, just forget it.
Fine, forget it then!
- Yeah!
Thanks, anyway!
They are lovely.
What's the use of
giving flowers, you know?
They wither away in a day.
If it would have been a pot...
- Really.
And then you have to water
the pot, what about that?
It's all about a
matter of commitment.
I am not committed!
I don't know, we
will see in the evening.
Let's see whether you
bring anything for me... the morning or not!
What's special this evening.
- What?
I float on the breeze!
I say to the drops of rain.
These moments... these
are the golden moments!
I don't understand,
how can you forget it?
For the last 6 months, everyday...
...I have been going for rehearsals.
Romeo and Juliet! Remember!
Wasn't it tomorrow?
Are you sure no one
changed the dates? - No!
No one has changed the dates.
It has always been on the 21 st!
And today is the 21 st!
And I had reminded you too, Nikhil!
Anyways, it's just a play right.
No big deal.
Come on!
I am sorry, all right.
Come on, now don't look so sad!
I remembered! It was
just at the back of my head.
That's the problem Nikhil.
It is always at the
back of your head.
Hey! I am sorry, okay!
I swear I will reach
the green room on time.
- We will see.
Now, don't make me pay such
a hefty price for my mistake.
You are just amazing.
You know I didn't mean it
like that! I was joking.
Yeah, whatever!
I was just joking.
- Yeah, whatever Nikhil.
It's just three
metals of three colours.
It's nothing compared to your smile.
Please, whatever! Let it be!
- Come on!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Face to face!
Today is an important day, okay!
So, smile.
All the best for your meeting,
yeah! - Yeah!
Thank You.
Hey guys!
- We are up.
15 minutes.
Do you want any backup
copies of the brochure?
I want a couple. Ok.
- Yes.
My phone stopped working.
Just see, there will be
spare phone lying there.
And you were going to give
me the colour variation!
Nikhil, I can get some printouts...
...only when Mr. Sharma
would stop sending mails.
Why don't you just zip it, man?
Robin, just shut up.
He is talking...
about your pant, idiot.
That's what I
always tell all of you.
Even on the day of
the presentation...
...instead of the pitch, you
concentrate more on the stitch.
Coffee, sir.
- Thank you.
Alright, alright,
alright! Enough! Enough!
Try to find out from Anthony,
...he can bring the
clients for dinner.
We are meeting after Tara's show.
You remembered!
- What?
Never mind! Never mind!
- What?
Will Nadia be there? - I hope
for your sake, she will be there.
And, did you buy a present for Tara.
We will buy it after
the presentation! Okay!
Sharma, get this
phone fixed. Please.
Hi mother!
- Where are you?
Listen, tell uncle Billu that
I will bring clothes for him!
There is no need for that.
- Why mama?
Are you coming tomorrow?
Yes, my flight
is confirmed tomorrow.
And Nikhil, isn't he coming?
- No, mother.
Nikhil was going to come,
but I asked him not to. - Why?
Mother, he is very busy at work...
and his clientele...
...and he can come to
India whenever he wants.
Hello! Hello, mother!
He will come, mama.
- Fine.
How are you?
- I am fine.
And your dance classes?
- They are fine.
Say hi to Nadia!
- Okay, fine.
Okay dear.
- Okay, bye!
Take care.
- Thank you.
Let me know. - Yeah, I will call you
after the show.
- Okay, love you.
Love you dear.
- Bye.
What the hell?
Nikhil, he is going to kill me.
Nikhil, Nadia is coming
in the evening, isn't she?
You are thinking about Nadia!
Let us do the
presentation first, come on.
- Hey.
Hi! Hop on!
Nadia! Nikhil's office.
- Okay babes.
He has forgotten his papers,
he has got a presentation.
Hi. There is a telecom
conference with Nikhil's name.
To the left!
- Thanks.
Excuse me please.
We at KaliBlue believe, that all
quantitative research is clear.
In the case of Utah telecom...
...all research models
point in the same direction.
Which is, it is a very
cut-throat business.
And we will not get a second chance.
A second chance to
convince the consumer.
A second chance to
hit the competition...
...where it really hurts.
In other words, simply a
second chance to be number. One.
For which, not only our consumers...
...but also the
market won't forgive us...
...if we don't hail
this opportunity...
I am so sorry, I thought you...
- What are you doing here?
I thought you had
forgotten your... I am sorry.
You know, he forgets so...
Sorry, it's my fault.
It's just that, I thought he
has forgotten his papers...
...because he usually
forgets his things.
I should be going.
Excuse me!
- Sorry!
Is this the only day you could find?
Really, I am sorry.
But... you know, he has
been working all night on it.
So I think, he is... really good.
I should go now.
Stay... stay connected.
Sorry about that... that was...
thank you, Tara.
As I was saying... can we go
back to the last slide, please?
As I was saying, the
quantitative research... all indicative of...
So, where do you stay?
- First bar, around the corner.
Oh really? Well!
- Yes.
Okay, bye!
Hey babes, what happened?
Was he happy to see you?
I am such an idiot.
I should have thought, what
will he do with the old papers?
And... I am so clumsy.
Your intentions were good,
right. So just chill.
No, it was very
embarrassing for him!
Why? Why will it be
embarrassing for him?
Every boyfriend would want that...
...his girlfriend comes to
meet him mid-presentation!
Oh, really!
And you are the
biggest expert on boyfriends.
Because you change them every week.
If you say too much, then I
will stop giving you a lift...
...till the dance class.
Please, give some respect.
Because of these dance tuitions...
...I can pay for my holidays!
Madam, you spend half your
money on your boyfriend.
So, he deserves it.
According to me, he
doesn't deserve you at all.
Shut up, Nadia!
Come on, let's go quickly!
- Come on.
Okay, I am going inside.
Fine, you go I am coming.
Alright now, 1... 2... 3... 4
everybody on the dance floor.
1... 2... on the dew.
Orange rays, I miss you.
Puffy nose, bubble rose.
Move again, on your toes.
Round and round, kiss the ground.
Little hearts, hear you shout.
1... 2... on the dew.
Orange rays, I miss you.
Without you, how can this girl go?
This moment doesn't stand still.
Without you, how can this girl go?
This moment doesn't stand still.
Say hi, say hi!
Say jump and touch the sky.
One more time we jump.
Come on, let's see us fly.
Hey Robin, move.
- Robin!
- You can't do it.
Give it to me! Give it to me!
Get free! Get free!
Get free. Come on, Jay.
Oh God!
Get free! Get free!
I don't think this
client will stay with us.
And if we lose this client...
...then we will be back on
the streets again! - Nikhil!
It will take us
2-3 years to recover.
We are going to
lose everything, man.
Go get it, Nik!
Hook line and sinker.
I don't know, Robin.
Maybe we should have
stayed in furniture, man.
The presentation was smooth.
What smooth? Tara disrupted...
- Sorry boss.
Is everything else fine?
Fine won't do.
Fine won't get us anywhere.
We won't have offices all over Asia!
Come on! You know all of
us are focused on one thing.
It's our job as well.
Sorry guys, nothing is
going right since this morning.
Listen, we are meeting
the client in the evening.
Why are you tensed?
We will crack it.
Everything will be fine.
Fine! Bring them for
dinner after Tara's show.
And... we are going
to get them this time.
- See you.
See you!
- You guys coming.
- Thank you.
Shall we go?
Tired, aren't you?
- Yeah, what is it?
Nikhil, why aren't you
picking up the phone?
Because I was busy!
I called you so many times,
you were just disconnecting it.
Anyway, mom had called.
What did mom say?
Nothing! She was asking...
...whether you are
coming to India or not?
Look, there is already a
lot of tension in my life.
I don't want this
mother-in-law tension now. Okay?
It is not just about mom, Nikhil.
Everyone wants to meet you.
Then tell them politely,
that I can't come.
I did!
- You did! Great!
I will see you in the evening, okay?
- Okay!
- Thanks.
Nikhil isn't coming, isn't it?
I am not sure.
More importantly,
are you sure about him?
Of course... of course I am.
Okay, now ask him,
is he sure about you?
He doesn't remember your show.
Forgets to pick you up.
He doesn't eat your
half eaten food. - Nadia!
He forgets your anniversary.
One day, in the mid-sentence
he will forget even your name.
Very funny!
- It isn't funny.
Come on!
Oh, so new earrings.
Who gave it?
- That sleazy friend of Nikhil!
What is his name?
- Who?
Wait? Jai!
He was saying that it is his
mother's last remembrance.
But Jai's mother is alive.
- What?
Oh, maybe after
meeting you... you know...
I will slap you!
Come on!
- Come!
Seriously tell me,
is Jai's mother alive?
Have your tickets arrived?
Yes, mine have arrived.
Babe, why don't you
tell him clearly...
...that all this bothers you!
Because, right now I
cannot stress him out.
And what about you? Why
don't you think about yourself?
I love him.
Sometimes you should
love yourself too.
Appreciate yourself.
He doesn't!
You didn't consider
that important too.
Nadia, please.
What Nadia please?
He doesn't want to
meet your parents, fine.
But he should
introduce you to his parents.
He doesn't meet his parents himself.
After his dad's death, he just
couldn't handle another man... to his mother!
Hello, my mother and
father don't stay together too.
But I don't mourn about it!
He needs to grow up.
Please, forget it.
You won't understand.
Greetings sir!
Where do you want to go?
Take me to the National Theatre.
Does your... wife... work
in the theatre? - Yes.
Are you angry with her?
How do you know?
It is my job! Those who
deviate from their path...
...I show them the way
to their destination.
Tell me, what happened?
There is something!
Whatever it is, I don't
want to talk about it.
Never mind. It will be fine, soon.
I don't know. I do so much,
but still she is never happy.
Do you love her?
Why won't I love her?
What else do you want?
You love her, but don't
know how to express it.
It happens.
Take care!
You will know how to make her happy.
This time, when she comes back...
...I will make everything fine.
- Yes, she is going to India.
The whole world is swaying.
And what if she doesn't come back?
What do you mean?
Just think, if she
boarded the plane and left.
And didn't return!
What if you don't get the
chance to make everything right...
...then what will you do?
The answer is very easy.
Whatever you want to
tell her, do it now.
Isn't National Theatre up ahead?
Will you go empty handed, brother?
Thank you!
Did Nikhil come?
Did you show me your thumb?
I do bite my thumb, sir.
Did you show me your thumb?
Is it the lower of
our side, if I say aye?
Why are you late?
No, sir.
I do bite my thumb sir,
but not at you sir.
Why are you late?
Do you quarrel sir?
Quarrel? No!
What do you do sir?
I am for you.
I serve as good a man, as you.
We are not that high.
Well sir, say better.
Here comes one of
my master's keepers!
Part fool! Put up your swords.
You know not what you do.
Are you fighting with these cowards?
Turn around Ben Olio!
See your death!
This is a goblet
of wine or my rival?
I gulped down all of
it kept by the devil.
Not even a drop is spared
for my message of death.
I am going out of the show.
Who is this
knocking at Kauzak's door?
Changez, this is not a dagger...
...but the sorrow of your separation.
It is killing me. Ouch!
She's damn good, pal.
Yes. Let's go.
- Jai, hang on.
Where is the star of the show?
Here she is.
Thank you.
- Well done! Well done!
It's marvellous.
You were just fabulous.
- Thank you very much.
It was real pleasure.
- Thanks.
Sorry Romeo, there are
many admirers of Juliet today.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
- Marry me?
Shut up!
Come on, pal.
- Shut up!
- Hi!
You were so good!
Sorry, but I have to leave.
- Oh!
I'll call you later.
- Bye.
And I'll call you.
You were lovely!
- And you were bored.
- I saw you yawning thrice.
Were you performing
or counting my yawns?
I can do two things at a time, okay?
Okay, okay, guys, guys.
I've given money for the play,
not for your drama.
Okay I'm going now. I am late.
- Why?
Hey? Aren't you coming for dinner?
With you two love birds? No way!
- I'll see you. Bye.
- So?
My Juliet!
- Romeo!
Oh my God, you were amazing!
- Thank you.
You are a very lucky man!
Thank you. Thank you.
- Yes.
You were amazing.
- You were real good.
Everyone's been talking about you.
Honestly, you missed me crying
in the last scene. - Really?
Yes. Really.
You were great too. You
were lovely. Very good.
Thank you. Thanks again. Thanks.
Okay you know, the
scene before that... - Yes?
I completely forgot my lines...
Err... excuse me. We
have got to go for dinner.
We are getting late, you know.
- Yes, sure.
Would have liked to stay,
man, but we have to go.
Okay, very nice meeting you.
- Very nice meeting you.
Very glad to meet you.
- Enjoy your life.
I'II... I'll speak to you later.
- I'll see you too. - See you then.
Bye. Thank you.
- Bye.
Nikhil, will you dance?
Have you ever seen me dancing?
How is the food?
- It's good.
You have ordered a lot of it.
I won't be able to eat so much.
Confine your
feelings to your heart.
Let it be in your heart.
- One minute. Excuse me.
I didn't eat anything the whole day.
I was so nervous.
How did you like the play?
- It was nice. - Only nice?
Yes, sir? - Can I have
another scotch with ice please?
It was nice. It was great.
Brilliant! Fantastic!
There are so many
differences among us like this.
I saw you today afternoon,
you were in great hurry.
Today afternoon I met a
very interesting taxi driver.
Thank you.
He was a little strange...
I was talking about you to him.
With the taxi driver?
- Yes.
There are some things to be said.
You can't talk to me, but the
taxi driver about me. Right?
When we met last time and spoke to...
...each other I don't
even remember that.
That's why I don't talk with you.
You know... you
exaggerate things so much.
I really don't understand,
man. You are... - Relax.
What's wrong with you?
You are thinking about pitch, right?
It will be fine,
baby. It will be okay.
Yes right! It will be okay.
And if it's not okay, it
will be better for you. Right?
Oh please!
I'll be able to go to India
with you. - Just take it easy.
You know, that's your problem!
Everything is easy for you.
Life is a hobby for you.
Sometimes come to my place and see.
I run the whole
agency single handed.
So many people earning
livelihood through that, you know.
And if I am not here then
what will happen, you know?
But you want me to
leave everything...
...and accompany you to
India to attend a wedding.
Yes? I cannot leave Thailand.
I need more time. Okay?
What should I do here till then?
What... what do you
mean by what to do?
Everything is running smoothly.
What's your problem?
- Exactly.
We both love each other, right?
So in all circumstances...
we can be happy.
Love can't earn a livelihood, Tara.
And I don't want to be
happy in any circumstance.
Okay? I want a perfect house.
I want a perfect job,
perfect office, perfect...
You want a perfect wife too!
I don't mean that. Okay?
I just want everything to be right.
I want to be sure.
- Sure about me?
When did I say that?
Come on, give me a break.
What happened to you, Nikhil?
Okay my clients are
going to come here.
Yes, Jai! Yes, I'm inside.
Already? Okay.
All right. All right.
I'll wait there.
What are your clients doing here?
I've called them.
So that the work I
couldn't complete in... in the
morning because of you...
...I may be able to do that now.
Confine your
feelings to your heart.
And Tara, the future
you are talking about.
That future also
depends on this. Okay?
So you sit comfortably,
have a nice desert...
...finish your wine,
listen to nice music.
And I'll be right back. Okay?
Confine your
feelings to your heart.
Hello guys.
- Hello!
- Hi!
Confine your
feelings to your heart.
Long drive here.
- Yes we had to travel.
Well come on.
Let it be in your heart.
Well that's the beauty
of our vegetarian cuisine.
Come, why don't you come?
You'll have a nice dinner. - Ok.
Jai, take care of them.
I'll be back. - Okay.
Where are you going?
Does it matter to you?
- I'II...
Right now I'm
going to Nadia's place.
After that India and...
then I don't know.
What do you mean?
Do you love me, Nikhil?
What is the connection,
I don't understand?
We've come here for dinner.
I'll finish my work soon then...
Why are you
over-reacting so much today?
It is not the
matter of today, Nikhil.
This is the
question of our life and...
...I need to know what's important!
You and me, our future,
that's what's important, okay?
And today? What about today, Nikhil?
What about today?
Do you love me, Nikhil?
Yes, I do.
- Then come with me.
Why are you going in a cab?
I've a car; I'll bring it
from office in two minutes.
Okay? Come on.
Brother, decide soon.
Oh you?
- Let's go.
Oh no! Tara!
Somebody help me!
Is there somebody to help me?
Somebody help me!
Somebody help me!
- Nikhil, what happened?!
What happened to you?
Nikhil! Nikhil!
Nikhil, what's wrong with you?
Why are you looking so shocked?
Come here, what happened?
What happened, baby?
What happened?
I had a very bad nightmare.
- What did you dream?
- What, baby?
What happened to you?
Tara, you... where you...
- What?
What happened to me?
You... you had gone away,
I don't know where.
Okay listen,
aren't you getting late?
For what?
- Today is your presentation, right?
Hello Nadia, were you at the... with me yesterday?
At night?
Today you're going to
meet Tara? Okay, okay.
You reside in my heart.
You reside in my heart.
Be careful!
- What happened?
You would have burned yourself.
Here is coffee for you.
Since you prefer
coffee before presentation.
Actually I prefer you
before presentation.
Really? Today you're
very affectionate. - Why?
Don't I shower love daily?
No, daily you love your phone.
'You love your phone more than me.'
What happened?
Okay stop worrying now,
you've worked very hard.
And I'm sure you'll win the pitch.
You know, the pitch is not
important. - Very funny!
Oops! Oh God! I am such a klutz!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
I'm so sorry. I'm really sorry.
Okay listen, today
evening when you'II...
What happened?
Nikhil, what happened?
Hey? What's wrong
with you today? Yes?
Today we won't go anywhere.
We'll stay at home today.
- Nikhil, please...
Not today.
- Today is your presentation.
Nikhil, today is your presentation.
Come on, now get dressed, okay?
Yes tell me? Yes, I'm on my way.
Yes, I'm okay, pal.
I just got a bit...
Yes, I'm feeling alright.
You just get the papers
ready and I'll be there. Yes.
What happened, Nikhil?
What happened?
- We won't go by car today.
- We go by car daily.
Right? We won't go today.
Let's go by train today.
Nikhil, you don't like
travelling by train at all.
But you like, don't you?
Shall we?
- Let's go.
Train travel is not so bad. I think
I should listen to you sometimes.
Strain the back, I've
to stress and drive.
I should listen to you sometimes.
Well right?
- It's cool!
- What happened?
Nothing, I got a burn while
ironing the shirt in morning.
Honey, my hand
burns every second day.
I knew your hand will burn.
- How?
I knew your hand will burn because...
...whatever is
happening today morning.
That has already
happened earlier in my dream.
I love you when
you say same to same.
I'm serious, honey.
But what happened,
why are you so tensed?
I had a dream.
- Exactly. That was a dream, Nikhil.
And what happened...
...that you are so hassled?
Yes? What happened?
- Nothing.
But everything is
happening exactly the same way.
Okay, so you feel all this
has already happened earlier?
Yes, yes. - Don't you know
what this feeling is called?
- It's dejavu.
It happens to me ten times
in a day. Come on, Nikhil.
I know dejavu.
- Yes, it is dejavu. That's it!
Okay? What's wrong now?
Happy anniversary!
Oh my God! I don't
believe you remembered it!
Did you see this in your dream too?
Oh come on, I'm joking!
I want to give you something.
Really? Flowers are
enough for right now.
Can I... can I have these flowers?
Thank you. Thanks.
Oh Nikhil, don't
start again. Please!
I buy flowers daily.
What is this childishness?
Come on.
- I...
We are getting late. Come on.
- It's not possible.
Okay, check your phone now.
Is it working or not?
It's working. Just relax, honey.
Stop worrying, okay? Let's go.
You know what's today, right?
Why? What is it today?
I know. I know. I know. Just joking.
Today is 21 st September
and today is your show...
...for which you are
preparing since 2 years.
Keep it ready for me,
I'll be there in ten minutes.
Hi boys!
- We're up.
Sorry guys, I'm a bit late.
Do you want any back up
copies of the brochures?
No. Did you wear this
jacket yesterday too?
Why are you embarrassing me?
Let me get a client;
I'll buy a new jacket.
I am a poor guy, pal.
What about the
colour variations, pal?
Only if Mr. Sharma
stops sending mail...
...I'll remove some
print outs, Nikhil.
What are you zipping, man?
- Shut up, Robin.
Idiot, he was
talking about your pant.
Pal, this is the
problem with you all.
On the day of presentation too,
more than the pitch...
...your attention is on the stitch.
We at Kaliblue believe
that all quantitative...
...research is clear... clear.
And all research
models point in the...
...same direction that it
is a cut throat business.
I knew that you'll come.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, guys.
You know what, this
quantitative research...
...all this doesn't matter.
Can we have the lights please?
The numbers are not important.
The competition is
definitely not important.
What is important is that we might...
...not get a second chance.
People are the same, us and them,
we're not different.
So we should let them communicate.
Get in touch, talk, do business.
Pour their hearts out
to the people they love.
Their friends, their family,
their neighbours.
Because life might not
give us a second chance.
What if tomorrow
never comes, then what?
Hey, why don't you guys
come to the party tonight?
Oh shucks! - Couldn't have imagined
a worse shot than that.
That was really very...
Hey, how are you girls?
Even in your dreams.
- Come on.
Pal, have you ever felt that...
...everything has happened earlier?
Who he? He's here daily.
No, seriously, pal.
Something like dejavu.
Yes, it happens sometimes.
Like I know today after
getting the pitch you'II...
...surely talk about
expansion in South East Asia.
That is my dream, isn't it?
I talk about it daily. Right?
I don't mean that.
I mean I know what's
going to happen today.
And that's how some
things are happening.
Okay, you already knew
that we'll get a client?
No. In the end, everything was
spoiled because of Tara's arrival.
Last time? Because
of Tara's arrival?
Nikhil, are you all right?
You were very disturbed
because of the presentation.
Chill a little before Tara's show.
I am fine, buddy.
And you know
everything is alright, right?
Anyway, I'm leaving.
Let's buy something for Tara.
Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
Now if I forget
something again then...
Hello? Hello?
Let's head to Show Eleven.
- Sure, brother.
I sat in your cab yesterday too?
- Quite possible, sir.
Quite possible.
You knew some things
about me yesterday. Yes.
Regarding the quarrel you
had with sister-in-law? - Yes.
This is my work.
Those who go astray...
...I reach them to their destination.
You said this yesterday too.
And if you and your
words are the same... means everything is the same.
Exactly that will happen
that happened yesterday.
Tara will sit in your taxi.
I won't let this happen.
I'll do anything. I won't
let her go out of the house.
I will take her out of Bangkok.
You tell me, what should I do?
You know everything, buddy.
You tell me.
Brother, who can avoid fate?
Love her and be with
her as much as possible.
Stop the cab. Stop the cab.
Yes, brother. Here you are.
Take this. - No problem.
There is no need for this.
- You paid me yesterday only.
Make it fast.
There is not much time.
Stop, please stop.
Have you seen Tara?
- No.
O' wild blowing breeze.
Thank you.
Stop, please stop.
O' time, you also please.
I'll be shattered due
to Ioneliness tomorrow.
This speed of time will
snatch your tomorrow.
Stop, please stop.
O' wild blowing breeze.
I am very tired today,
I've burst into tears.
How should I live without you?
Excuse me. Have you seen her?
I'm heartbroken without you.
Yes, over there.
- Thanks, brother.
Today I search for you everywhere.
Stop, please stop.
O' wild blowing breeze.
Oh yes, today Nikhil
called up early in the morning.
- He was asking me a weird question.
Are you going to
meet Tara today or not?
I said of course I'm going to meet.
- Strange!
Didn't I tell you he'll forget?
- Very funny.
He's behaving very
strangely since morning, you know.
- Yes.
I don't know what's wrong with him.
- Here is he.
Where were you?
I've been trying your phone all day.
I was shopping with Nadia.
I was in the basement, may be...
...that's why my phone
was not getting connected.
What happened?
- I missed you.
I missed you.
- Okay.
I'm going to go.
Missed you so much!
What happened? - Today is
a very special day, right?
Yes. - I want to make this
day more special for you.
What do you mean?
- I mean...
What is such a thing
which you always wanted... do but were never able to?
Err... here?
- I'm serious.
Please tell me.
I just want to be
with you every moment.
That's it?
- That's it.
Then come with me.
- Where?
Don't ask questions.
But we've to return
here again in the evening.
We'll return back on time.
You don't act too smart.
One minute. One minute.
You didn't comment about this dress?
It's beautiful! And you're too good.
Oh, I gave that to Nadia,
I had brought some things for you.
What things did you buy?
Shades, one trouser, one tie,
the other one you have...
The scent of the mud.
The ambience.
Gradually the
passing of the clouds.
The moment has come to life.
I have bloomed in these valleys.
I have become one with the sky.
I have fallen in love with you.
You are near me.
There is something
special in the weather.
You are my life.
My day starts and ends with you.
You always be present in my heart,
my dreams and around me.
You are my life and my identity.
I do not wish to stay
a moment without you.
The scent of the mud.
The ambience.
Gradually the
passing of the clouds.
The moment has come to life.
You are near me.
There is something
special in the weather.
You are my life.
My day starts and ends with you.
I am sure that I have to
always reside in your heart.
Now you tie me in
your bond of love.
My eyes will capture
you in their dreams.
Her fragrance in this breeze.
The ambience.
Gradually the
passing of the clouds.
The moment has come to life.
I have bloomed in these valleys.
I have become one with the sky.
Enjoying every bit of life.
You are near me.
There is something
special in the weather.
You are my life.
My day starts and ends with you.
During the holidays we
used to come here with mummy.
We used to come running from there...
...and then right till
that point we used to slide.
All our bottoms used
to really get swollen...
...because we used
to all scrape till...
- Whatever you say!
- Promise?
Now that we have come till here...
- Yes!
Then I want to go
somewhere else too. - Where?
Do not ask me questions.
Come on!
- Greetings!
Where is Mother?
Mother is inside!
Put your bag over there.
Tell me one thing!
- Yes!
How will you feel if I
put an 'I' in Meera?
Will your luck change?
What do you think?
Well... I...
- I am very lucky for you.
Nikhil! Nikhil!
Mother, how are you?
- I am fine!
How are you?
Mother, this is Mishra.
- Hi aunt! - Hi!
Come! Come on inside.
As it is nothing has
changed here, you know.
It's beautiful!
- This is my favourite spot. - Yes?
When I was a child I
used to sit here and...
Thank you!
- Sit.
Hi, Dilip!
- Nikhil!
It's been a long time.
You know I...
- Yes.
Tony, your mother misses you a lot.
You must come sometimes.
And who is this
beautiful lady! Family!
Yes! She is family!
She is beautiful but not
much as my wife! - Dilip!
Do you know how to cook?
- Yes!
Painting! Embroidery!
Tara is a dancer and a
very good singer too.
One day she will
become a very big star.
If Tara does not become a
star then who else will be?
Dilip! You really are a...
But she liked it.
- Definitely!
Okay Tara, tell me one thing.
How many brothers and
sisters do you have?
I am the only one!
And what do your parents do?
My dad...
- No, will he be able to give dowry?
Dilip! Oh God! Why are
you scaring that child?
Tara, don't take him
seriously; he is just joking.
No, no, I know aunt.
Uncle if...
- Wait! Look, if I say something...
...I hope you will not feel bad.
Please do not call
me uncle! Call me dad!
It is my wish since...
That's my dad!
Wow! So many photographs.
Dilip has put them up.
Wonder from where he found them out.
That's really very nice of him.
Yes! Dilip is nice!
What is this?
Hey! Mother, from
where did you find this?
Are you a musician?
No! No! In my childhood...
mother how embarrassing!
Nonsense! He plays the
instrument very well.
He is just saying it.
Because you are my mother
you say so. - She is right.
You used to play the saxophone
very well in your childhood.
- Wow!
Please play something, my dear.
I do not know if after so
many years it will play or not.
Wow! It still looks as good as new.
It's perfect!
Once a week Dilip cleans it.
And he also changes the reed.
He says... wonder when
Nikhil will come back.
All right! All right! Okay! Okay!
This... this... - Now be serious!
I am going to play for her. Okay?
- Okay!
This is exclusively for her.
This is for you, baby!
My dear, take care of him.
No! No! Girls in our house
do not touch anyone's feet.
My dear, you always be happy!
See you!
As happy as you have made us.
My dear, do you
remember your father?
Take care of yourself.
See you!
Bye aunt!
- Bye, my dear.
Take care!
Dad, next time...
No, no, next time we
are coming to your place.
Today itself you warn your parents.
See you!
'Tell me the truth; what do
you really love in your life? '
- Okay! '
'What do you like besides me?
- Singing.'
'When you sing you
look so happy that... '
'It's unbelievable.'
I become so happy!
That's because you love me.
That too! And you really
sing very well. You know.
In fact you should
sing professionally.
Are you mad? It is not so easy
to sing professionally, okay?
And by the way the entire
life is there for me to sing.
You know; that's the problem.
We try to find our
happiness in the future.
Life is now, right?
- Yes!
I want to live in the present.
Are you feeling fine?
You are saying all this?
I hope I am not
saying this too late.
But you have to perform, you know.
If I get a heart attack in
the middle of my performance...
...then you, to me...
Don't even say these things!
Okay, fine.
- Yes!
You know when in college
I used to get nervous...
...before the show.
- Yes!
Annu used to come
in the green room...
...and make strange faces and
make me lose my fear. - Okay?
Oh God! Nikhil, I am so nervous!
It will be just fine!
I will just come.
I just have to
change my clothes and...
...make a few phone calls.
In the meantime you go... and for it.
You won't ditch me, isn't it?
How do you know?
Go! Okay, do not be late!
Okay! There is no time.
I know!
- Bye!
Hi! Can I use your
photocopy machine? - Yes!
- Thank you!
'Will you have breakfast?
You know I cannot promise you.
You tell me I will
not be able to come.
What are you saying?
This time when you return
everything will be fine.
After today I do
not want to meet you.
This is the question of my life.
And I know what I am doing.
Perfect! - Tara!
I want a perfect office!
I want a perfect office.
What if she doesn't return? '
Okay, tell us what happened?
Oh! So she left us.
After that he took
me to this island.
The blue sky! The blue waters.
Boats! Champagne.
I mean it was so romantic.
Can you imagine Nikhil
being so romantic? - No!
And you keep blabbering
that he never takes you... meet his parents.
I forced him to take me to his
parents and I have met them.
Very good!
- Thank you!
Now is he coming here or not?
Yes, he is coming.
He just went home to
change his clothes so...
...he will be here any moment.
- Oh! - What?
We will see.
- Yes, we will see!
Just see!
What is this?
Just came to wish you luck.
Thank you!
And... these are for you!
My! My!
Thank you!
So, how are you feeling?
- Nervous!
You are going to be all right!
Don't worry! You are
going to do great!
Kick some stuff! Yes!
Well, I better leave you to it.
Maybe I have to leave it here!
- Bye!
What a clown!
You are so quiet!
What are you trying to
tell me with your silence?
Is this a glass of wine or my rival?
Or did I make a mistake
in touching these lips?
Everything is down the throat.
What the devil had kept!
You did not even keep
a drop of death for me?
Who is the one who is
knocking on the door of Kohzak?
Stupid! This is not a dagger.
The pangs of
separation are killing me.
And now ladies and gentlemen!
Juliet herself!
Miss Tara Mishra!
Please come on to the stage.
Come on, Tara!
Isn't she marvellous?
You know there is one
thing that many people... not know about Tara.
That is as well as
being a wonderful actress...
...she is a brilliant singer!
Thank you, so much.
Perhaps she will
sing for us tonight.
Tara, the band is here!
Tara Mishra!
I do not know how I can
remember that moment.
How can I bring
back that yesterday?
Tell me where it is lost?
I will always remember your love.
This your heart will never forget.
I never thought what has happened.
You are residing in my heart.
I do not know how I can
remember that moment.
How can I bring
back that yesterday?
Tell me where it is lost?
I will always remember your love.
This your heart will never forget.
You are residing in my heart.
Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!
It's just been the
best day of my life!
This Nikhil! What
type of a boy is he?
I know he is so horrible; he
did not even tell me anything.
No way!
- No!
Okay, is he along with you?
Obviously mother,
he is here with me.
Is he with you?
- He is here!
Mother, where else can he be?
And you are saying
this in front of him?
Can I not call him
horrible in front of him?
He is your boy friend.
Okay, when you call papa horrible...
He is my husband. He is my
husband for the past 25 years.
Okay, okay, now stop
lecturing me now, please.
I am talking from my experience.
Fine! Fine! Sorry!
Okay, I want to talk to him.
Okay, one second!
Speak to the horror.
Yes, aunt; this is horror speaking.
That was a
wonderful gift! Thank you!
No! No! Now you have
lost your daughter.
What? - That... I will
try and hide her from the...
...Hollywood producers.
But how much can a
person try, isn't it?
Very funny.
Are you coming with Tara?
Yes, definitely! You tell uncle
Billu that I will get his suit.
- Just send me the size!
Okay aunt!
- Okay, my dear!
Okay! Good night!
- Bye! Bye!
Now are you going to party?
Don't you have to
catch a flight tomorrow?
Your princess still has
to come back to the earth.
Okay, have fun!
- Okay, bye!
Autograph, please!
- Of course!
You have already stopped
giving your autograph?
Please! Today when I was
having palpitations on stage...
...only I knew how I felt.
Okay now I am very hungry!
Come on to Viva!
Today we will not go to Viva!
Why? It's your favourite.
But you love Japanese too,
isn't it?
Yes! Come on! Come!
Koi! We will go to Koi!
Remember the first
time we had gone to Koi?
I was...
- I was just going to say that!
Is Sushi something worth eating?
Do not talk about
embarrassing moments.
There was this
French girl I had dated.
We went out on a cruise once.
And then what about dessert?
I couldn't read the menu at all.
And I asked what would you like?
And she asked what would you like?
I said I like cheese quiche.
Okay, today when I was on stage...
- Yes!
When I was going to sing the song...
...I was really nervous, okay?
I was very scared!
And so many people...
And then I saw you.
And I also gave one of those
big welcome whistles, you know.
Yes! And it was
completely out of tune.
But it was my first time.
But the moment I came
to know that you know... to whistle I
forgot my nervousness.
There is a musician hiding
within me too, you know.
Okay? Shut up! Do not
try to show off, okay?
A very big musician.
And I was quite
surprised how could you hide...
...such a big thing
from me, you monster!
I am sorry!
In fact I am sorry for everything.
Oh! Don't be stupid!
Instead, I must thank you.
Today is the best's day of my life.
Because today is the
best's day of my life.
- Best's!
And it is only because of you.
Well... the pleasure is all yours!
Oh really
- Yes!
I am glad!
Okay, how was your presentation?
It was okay.
Good! I was very tense.
- I brought your papers by mistake.
I then went again there!
- Where?
Your office, where else?
Do not look at me like this!
Do not look at me like this!
I did not see!
The conference room was empty.
Everything was over.
Do not look at me like this!
What happened to you?
Are you sure?
- Yes, I am sure!
Shall we go?
- Come on!
- Yes!
Excuse me!
Are you sure?
- Love you!
I love you too!
Excuse me!
Hey, what are you doing to my roses?
Hey! I only got them for you!
I know, okay! - But they
are not as beautiful as you.
Taxi! Taxi!
- Tara!
What happened? Nikhil, come on!
- No!
Come on home! Nikhil, please!
Come on home!
Only yes or no. Okay?
- Okay!
Is today our second anniversary?
- Yes!
Do you love me as much as
you loved me two years earlier?
Much more than that!
Yes or no!
Maybe you feel that I forget
in my everyday hustle bustle.
But you know... that I love you!
Yes! Yes!
Today you introduced me to myself.
You changed my life forever.
You taught me to live
for today and this moment.
You came into my life and you
taught me to live once again.
You taught me to live in
today and the present moment.
You taught me to
live in this moment.
Yes or no?
- Yes!
And for that... I thank you!
Thank you, Tara!
Thank you for everything.
For everything!
I... I...
Marry me!
Yes or no?
- Yes! Yes! Yes!
White for our friendship!
Pink for our love!
And gold forever and ever!
I am getting late!
Will you hurry up?
Okay baby, it is very late!
And it will start raining too now.
Come on!
The rain is the most romantic
thing in the world, you know.
Tara! Come on, we
will not go by taxi.
We will walk it up! Come on!
Come on! What happened?
Sir, are you coming?
Or have you changed your mind?
I am so sorry!