Rubber's Lover (1996) Movie Script

Executive Producer Hiroshi Kobayashi
Screenplay By Shozin Fukui
Directed by Shozin Fukui
Your management has gotten sloppy.
I'm sorry. The development work is
taking all of my attention now.
Save your excuses Motomiya.
Tell me about Hitotsubashi's progress.
You owe me the monthly report.
The Digital Direct Drive and
the unit eat up all of our time.
We haven't had to much
time for a report on D.D.D.
This is not an approved project.
I've warned you twice now
Continue and I'll be
forced to scrap your budget.
Wait a minute Mr. Tanizaki. Forget D.D.D.
We're making great progress using ether.
Shut up Shimika.
Only applying D.D.D. And ether
together will produce results.
Are the side effects of
ether under control Shimika?
Not completely. But if you give
us a few more test subjects...
Isn't that Motomiya's task?
I'm getting him all the
guinea pigs I can find.
But I'm running out very soon.
You wear them out too quickly.
Only high doses have any effect.
Normal people show no reaction.
They must have a certain talent.
Are you ordering me to find them?
What sort of talent?
To develop their power.
But D.D.D. And ether are
what enhances their power.
Enough! Your quarrels bore me.
Next time we will show you results.
Ether is the key...
Good morning. It's me Kiku.
I've been delayed by some business.
You're so cute.
Yes, I have to get my passport. I
also finished yesterday's account.
Yes, we will meet at Ikebukuro's.
Okay... goodbye.
Wrapping the body cuts off
the skin perspiration...
...causing low oxygen supply and reduced brain
function. This induces an ideal REM state.
A noise emitted from a
giant speaker accelerates the
brain while the Digital Direct
Drive mounted on his head...
...shows a fixation of the eye movement.
It's not at all like an acid trip.
- Combining the Unit with sound
is the ideal brain destroyer.
But fundamentally different
from the effect of ether.
So what do you suggest?
- It's psychic Hitotsubashi.
Not very specific are you.
- It's ready Hitotsubashi.
Have you done it again?
- I had to. To make him behave.
Don't excite him before testing.
How often must I tell you.
- They're not toys.
He's terrific.
- I'm excited myself.
You never learn.
- He got mad at me again.
Never mind.
The effects of my tape
easily outstrips his anxiety.
He stinks. Look at the
puss oozing out of him.
We'll probably catch some kind of disease.
They're hard enough to procure.
Stir it thoroughly.
Wow, heavy. Do we really need
to inject so much of the drug.
It mixes the ether and the sedative
varying the ether concentration.
Let's start.
Here comes the ether.
You injected to much!
He bloody exploded you fool!
Where will we get a new subject?
Shut up!
You only have yourself to blame.
I told you it was heavy.
Do you like it?
- How did you get it?
It wasn't easy.
- I'm sure it wasn't.
Cost me a fortune too.
You must keep it a secret.
Film gives it such a real feeling.
I'll make you a telecine copy.
Great! I have nothing
like it in my collection.
Superb isn't it?
- How did you do it?
By injecting a sedative each day.
The body builds up resistance...
...and the effect of the drug wears off.
He went totally berserk.
I'm done or if my medical
superiors find out...
I took a chance using ether.
I've never seen a man blow his mind before.
Youre so brutal sometimes Motomiya.
That's why I succeeded.
- Where was this?
Before I was using medical staff.
It was pointless to stay there.
We're really a long way from
finding ether's full potential.
What about Shimiko?
You plan to steal his research?
This is a sponsored project.
The sponsor likes Shimika.
To begin with; ether is psychic research.
Let's increase the
concentration we're giving him.
You mean Shimika?
Does he know?
Just his sense of the past...
...has vanished!
Awesome stuff!
Just one week till your wedding.
- I didn't expect it so soon.
I wanted to work a bit more.
You couldn't keep him waiting much longer.
I've trained my successor.
- Thank you.
Please go to the Centre
to settle the accounts.
The management is sloppy
so half a day will do.
Yesterday it was decided to terminate the current
project. Tell them to vacate the Centre this week.
Doesn't Shimika deserve better?
That's no longer your business.
It's been decided by HQ.
Excuse me.
Let me know when you're done.
I'll pick you up.
Thank you for coming.
Is the data ready?
- No... not everything.
I only have half a day.
- That's tough.
I hear your getting
married. Congratulations.
Will you be quitting your position?
Yes, this is my last job so
I hope to finish it smoothly.
HQ will terminate the project
after the accounts are settled.
You must vacate this week.
- Wait a minute.
The D.D.D. Is almost finished.
Allow us a final meeting.
- My job is only to inform you.
I cannot arrange an appointment.
What about the ether?
Give us a subject to show them!
- Impossible.
Hold it! Not so fast!
Your own incompetence
put you into this mess!
This is a fine mess you got us into.
This will ruin my reputation.
- You supplied inferior subjects.
And your silly D.D.D. Research.
- What the fuck is D.D.D. Anyway?
It's got a lot better
ring to it then your ether.
Ether smacks of alchemy.
- Exactly.
Listen here Shimika.
You do nothing but argue.
I designed the Unit...
...and continued to work on
the sound loop for torturing.
This was my ether project!
Without me you wouldn't be here!
That's over as of now Shimika.
Just the side effects Shimika.
Remember, you blew your brains out?
You've turned into a downright ether junkie!
From now on, we claim the
ether research results.
You're done punk.
My body itches. It's itching so
much, I can't stop scratching.
Bugs... bugs?
There's bugs all over!
One... no two...
I get it. There's
millions... no billions.
There they are... and there!
I'm itching all over.
Even the air is full of bugs!
I can't breathe.
It's so cold...
How's Shimiko?
- He's immune to the sedative.
So we must give him more ether.
We should fix the books first.
Most of the money went to the D.D.D.
We must get results before we leave.
The project isn't over yet.
The new sound.
Gimme a shot! More... more!
It's taking longer then expected.
Thanks. No picture after all.
Did my passport picture look a little odd?
Okay, I understand.
I'll ring you when I'm finally there. Bye.
It feels so good. Gimme another shot.
Torture gets him high as a kite.
Rectal absorption works faster.
Anybody here?
What's going on?
Let me go!
In the end...
...torture sways the results.
The high-tech is only marginal.
Better stick to low-tech stuff.
Although ether is powerful.
Sound blows away the brain.
The sound of rubber on rubber
saturates the whole place.
Though the sounds is superb, it
left an indefinable melancholy.
That psychic power... must have been
caused... by the Rubber Unit.
It has to be developed further.
The trapezius.
The deltoid.
The triceps.
The biceps.
The greater pectoral.
The rectus abdominus.
You're weird Motomiya.
Why is Hitotsubashi doing ether?
He thinks it makes you psychic.
I first developed psychic power.
I am psychic.
You're the muscle monster.
Do you like Hitotsubashi?
Yes... but he likes you.
Your name?
- Kiku.
What is this place? Why
am I going through this?
I'm to be married soon.
I only came to do my job.
This whole thing is crazy!
I can't stand it anymore!
Let me out! Stop this nonsense!
We'll escape together.
You won't get away that easy.
The side effects have started.
Stay away!
I'll suck your brains out...
...and fuck your empty head.
He's experiencing the big shut eye now.
Fuck off!
Love, love, love, love...
I'm injecting him with the
usual mix but Shimika's strong.
He comes round faster each time.
- The side effects have started.
Don't nag about trivialities.
He's only addicted to the drug.
Trivialities get out of control.
How about the sponsor?
As long as we keep Kiku hostage
they can't throw us out.
And I just finished this new
Unit and time's running out.
- That's why I'm in a hurry.
We'll blow Kiku's brains out too.
If we have proof of psychic powers...
...we're home free.
- And then what?
I don't have a clue.
Still... let's blow her brains out first.
You'll never get away with this.
The sponsor will never allow it.
Stop right now!
- Shut up you bitch!
I hate you bitchy girls.
- You stinking bastard.
- Stop it! You're hurting me!
Akari! Tie her up right now!
Shut up or youll wake Shimika!
Everything's running nicely!
Shut it off!
That's too high.
- So what?
I hate that bitches guts!
You're out of bounds.
- I don't give a shit.
Don't interfere with my work.
The eyeballs have fixated!
Let's begin.
Look... they started moving again.
Mental activity can't restart that fast.
The equipment must be broken.
Not with this high grade
LCD. Stop blaming me!
Everything you touch falls
apart or starts malfunctioning!
What's happening?!
The sound has reversed!
Motomiya! Don't go near Shimika!
Why won't it switch off?
It's the wiring of the Unit.
Shimika... Shimika... Shimika...
Fuck! It's blowing my mind Shimika!
Rectal injection for instant effect.
The Unit was wasted on you.
You tried to steal my research!
You fucking bitch!
Motomiya! You're going
to kill him Shimika!
So he had some psychic power after all.
I didn't know you were a team.
What right do you have
to take what's dear to me!
Watch what you say?
Your power is just an accident.
What's that?
- I know why.
And there's more...
...kill me if you dare!
The Unit I made is what
gave you this power!
You'll get what you asked for!
You're a slave to ether!
Gimme ether!
It's the side effects.
How do you like it? Can
you stand the dizziness?
You want ether?
It's a legitimate killing...
...with your100% pure ether.
It's been a long time
since I've had good grub.
Shimika! ...Shimika! ...Shimika!...
This is crazy!
I'm sure that was 100% pure ether.
It was enough to blow him away.
Where's the film?
What's happening?
You've got to see this!
Maybe you forgot after blowing your mind!
Stop hiding and watch.
This is what blew you away!
This is your ultimate masterpiece Shimika!
Dynamite Drug Diamond.
What's this about a masterpiece?
Just watch... watch!
- I only see your pathetic face.
Without the Unit you
shouldn't have any power!
Come out Shimika!
Stop it.
Her body is my catalyst. I'll
show you our alliance of faith.
The genesis...
...of kings...
...and queens.
I've gotten rid of Hilo
Subashi, Motomiya and Akari.
But no sign of Shimika and Kiku.
They have the ether and
the Unit. We must find them.
I'm not sure.
But if Shimika's memory
returns, we're in big trouble.
Yes, I fully understand.
I'll continue my search.
I must find them.
If that film comes out
into the open, I'm done for.
My eyes! They started spinning!
Kiku, I can't stand it. Gimme
the stuff to make me feel good!
You had to much. It's killing you.
- Give it to me!
If that's what you want... freak!
The Unit... quick...
I'll buy some groceries. You
can't survive on ether alone.
Born in 1969 by a caesarean
and kept alive in an
incubator where mind first
gained control over my body...
...and my rejected existence
turned to the world of medicine!
I stumbled upon a chemical
wizard who soothed my nerves!
Awakened to the mind blowing thrill,
I overcame hatred for the flesh.
exploding eyeballs fixating!
Now and hereafter are alike.
That's all there is to say!
Stop it!
- I can't control the power!
Restrain yourself!
Shimika... Shimika... Shimika... Shimika!
Don't abandon me.
I can't stand it. It's not fair.
All arrows...
...point to Tanizaki.
An eye for an eye.