Ruben's Place (2012) Movie Script

Alviso is where I was born and raised.
Describing Alviso now is like a pond without fish.
It's a town that nothing much ever happens anymore.
It's been slowly sinking into the wetlands every year.
Most people moved away a long time ago...
After the town was flooded from "El Nino".
Me and Pops are one of the few people willing to stay behind.
Nobody know for sure...
if our town will ever return to its former splendor.
He's been taking things really hard...
after my mom, Elsie, passed away last year.
He refuses to abandon the property.
This is where I live.
It's my job to keep up the place and take care of Pops.
The doctors say if he doesn't stop drinking so much...
he'll need an operation soon.
So, for now...
I'm staying here, too.
Bring me the telephone, will ya?
I'm lining you up with a job.
If you drag your feet any louder,
you'll need a lifter to pick 'em up!
Can I speak to Victor, please?
Yes! It's important!
Tell 'em his brother is on the phone.
Vic! How's that warehouse of yours?
I'm calling to ask you for a favor.
It's Ruben.
No, no! He's fine.
He's over here cooking up some soup.
I know... Can you believe it!
It's just that he needs to make some money...
before he goes to college in the fall.
Mmm... hmm.
I was hoping you can line him up with a job
at your warehouse?
Yeah, for the summer?
Come on, Victor! He's your nephew.
He's handy!
He cleans.
Folds the sheets...
Boils hot water!
No! You don't understand.
If he doesn't get out of the this house
and do something with his life...
I'll go crazy!
Besides his soup is nothing to write home about.
And one more thing...
Do you think you can line him up with a nice girl?
I think he might be a virgin, for God's sake!
Somebody decent! Hear me?
Ahhhh... are you still with the same women?
Tell her I said, "Hi".
All right then, how soon can he start?
He'll be there!
Ok, talk to you later.
Yeah, yeah!
You start work with your uncle next week.
Don't mess this up.
Your uncle is being very generous.
My uncle's warehouse.
A bank repo. He purchased recently.
One of the last still left standing in Alviso.
Hard to imagine now.
But if the next flood hits, all this will be lost forever.
That your fucking car!
Then get the hell away from there!
Beat it!
Mwah! Mmmm... Como si.
How come you never told me you had a nephew?
Oh, shit!
Your brother called to remind you he's coming today.
I'll explain it to you later.
Hey! I'm...
your Uncle Vic!
Sorry, man... I thought...
you were one of the punks in the neighborhood.
Let me take a look at ya.
Have not seen you since you were a teenager...
You're all grown up now, huh?
Hey, meet my girlfriend, Mercedes.
I'm Mercedes.
My nephew Ruben.
Handsome smile.
You'll be seeing a lot more of him around here.
He works for me now.
Come in! Take a look around.
The previous owner let the place go to hell.
Needs a lot of work!
Mercedes: Hello? Vic's warehouse.
You can start by, ah, helping me.
clean up the floors.
Mercedes: Hi, Mel.
You up for it?
Mercedes: Uh-huh.
You know, ah, it's a lot of manual labor
and long hours.
Mercedes: Yes.
But, at least you will be able to afford a decent pair of shoes.
Mercedes: I'll tell him.
Ahhh... Payday's on Friday...
all in cash.
Mercedes: Bye.
Hmm?... I expect you to work hard.
I won't tolerate any bullshit excuses that you can't come to work either...
just because you're my nephew!
Can I get you anything?
Here you go.
Oh! Ahh!
Ah... oh.
God, good woman!
What do you think I am?
Do you think we will always be together?
Not if you break it off!
Vamos! I'm serious.
Me, too.
Now that Ruben's here.
We can spend more time together.
Mmm... I like Ruben!
No, not yet, baby. Not yet!
How's working with your Uncle Vic?
I like it.
What kind of work did he give ya?
Clean up. Mostly. Well... That's a start!
Don't over do it, Pops.
This is only my second one!
You mean, your second bottle, don't you?
Just get better.
The doctors say if you don't...
I hate them!!!
I'm taking care of myself just fine!
When are you going back to college?
Maybe in the fall if I can get enough money.
Your uncle is not paying you enough!
Let me give him a call.
No, no, no!
I can fix that!
Please, Pops?
Just let me handle this on my own.
(Tap! Tap! Tap!) Just leave it... I'm promoting you.
How did you know where I was?
Call it a hunch.
You use to take me here when I was kid.
Yeah. It was nice park back then.
These sheets itch my skin!
Ugh! All right. Just rest.
These sheets are so itchy.
Ahh... When your mother did the laundry... the sheet were always soft!
(Snoring sounds)
Ha, ha, ha...
Come on... did you get enough in Reno.
Oh, Hey, its after seven. You don't have to stay.
I don't mind.
I need to finish by tomorrow.
I'm taking Pops to the doctors in the morning.
Oh, yeah, man.
How is he doing?
The doctors say if he doesn't stop drinking so much,
he may need a new liver.
That's horrible news.
I told him to stop drinking,
so many times, but he won't listen to me.
That fucker!
Ever since Mom has been gone, it has gotten worse... It's like...
Some days you love him...
And yet some days you hate him, too.
It's really sad about your mom.
She was a beautiful woman.
What happened to her?
She drowned.
Lo siento.
Pops found her on the morning of his birthday.
In the wetlands.
She was just floating there among the tall blades of grass.
She never had the chance to say happy birthday to him.
Your dad never invited me to the service.
I feel really bad about that.
That's because there wasn't one.
Pops had her cremated.
He just wanted the two of us to be there.
You are going to make some women very happy one day.
Don't you worry.
I'm worried about your father.
I hope he gets better.
You're the only thing that matters to his life, you know.
Complains we did not spend enough time with each other.
The time I was locked up, he was the only one who ever wrote to me. Your father.
Maybe this makes up for it.
You were just a teenager then.
The important thing is that you are here now.
And at the certain point, we all have to move on with our lives?
no matter what gets thrown in our way.
Am I right?
Hell... I was never any good at the uncle thing.
Your father had the same laugh.
Reminds me when him and I were growing up.
I want you to know you're like a son to me.
There is nothing I would not do for you.
I've been meaning to talk to you about something...
Your father was right about you...
you're a hard worker.
Not that much really.
I like that about you.
You're ready for some more responsibilities?
I want you to deliver some things to our customers.
Yeah... uh... I don't have a car.
Well... now you do.
The locks are little bit sticky,
but it will get you around.
Keep it.
Use it to take your Dad to his appointments.
I can't accept this.
Why not?
Pops won't approve.
Think of it as a bonus.
For all of your hard work.
Your father would be real proud of what you accomplish here.
Now get out of here!
It's late!
But I haven't finished the books yet.
Leave it for tomorrow.
Oh... and... ah...
Here... I want you to... ah... deliver this one tonight.
It's on your way home.
(Knocking sounds) (Barking dogs)
Ah... um... I have a package!
You do? Hmmm?
Thanks... uh... bye.
You can't hate the doctor.
He warned you so many times already.
I don't know what's worse.
The doctors telling me I could never have another drink.
Or your confounded soup!
Either way?
You both trying to kill me!
Bitching about it won't make it go away, Pops.
I see working with your Uncle. Rubbed off on ya.
Uncle Vic has been really good to me.
I owe him a lot.
Have you forgotten who lined you up with that job in the first place.
I haven't.
Happy birthday to you...
Oh my god.
You bake, too!
Happy birthday to youuuu...
Happy Birthday, Dear Pops...
Happy Birthday to youuuu!
All right!
Mmmm... not bad?
A lot better than your soup.
That's for sure.
Pops. Can't you just enjoy it?
With out saying something annoying.
(Laughter and joking in the background)
What the fuck happened?
What the fuck!
I was just pouring a drink and...
you ruined the whole fucking thing!
Goddamn it!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get out of my face! Go!
You should have seen him.
I thought I was dead.
I've done worse.
He has a bad temper sometimes.
You hang around long enough...
you get used to it.
Funny how you never seen him at his worse.
Until now.
He can make a real ass of himself sometimes.
Every day if you let him.
He has been in a good mood ever since you arrived.
Well until now.
How am I supposed to go home to Pops?
I really mess this up!
Give your uncle some time to cool down.
He wants you to stay, I'm sure of it.
Oh, shit!
Hey, Jimmy.
How's it going?
I'm all right.
How are things with you?
Good. I'm still with Pops.
She with you?
No. No...
That's um... That's my uncle's girlfriend.
Let me guess...
Your uncle.
Uh... bad temper.
Looks like a douche bag to me.
Call me.
See you around.
See ya Jimmy.
Jimmy and I grew up together in Alviso.
He parents were killed in car accident when he was in the eighth grade.
Orphaned and living in one home to the next.
You never knew when you were going to see him again.
Babe, you all right?
Hey, what's going on in your head, man?
You almost got my girl beat up!
No. No! If it wasn't for Ruben being here...
I don't know what would have happened to me.
You know them?
I only know Jimmy...
We grew up together in high school.
I lost contact with him after I started college.
Thank you...
For getting me out of that mess.
You're welcome...
But I really didn't do anything.
Are you always so modest?
Guess this makes you a hero of the night then.
I've never seen you so excited to get out of the house before.
What's with all those fancy clothes?
Are you going on an interview or something?
Just getting ready for work.
I want to look nice for a change.
Anyone call for me?
No one called for you.
You don't have any friends.
Goodbye, Pops.
How handsome you look.
See you later.
You're done already?
Do you have anything else for me?
I need you to bring something to Mel.
And don't fucking spill anything on it!
Oh! Umm...
Get me my slippers!
Did anyone call for me?
The phone hasn't rang since you last left.
No, thanks.
We're not interested in selling.
Who was that?
Just the bank wanting to buy our property.
Well, did you tell them to go and screw themselves?
I told them we're not interested in selling.
And you're damn right!
I paid for this house free and clear!
Nobody is making me move!
If that's them, tell 'em to go to hell!
I'll see you later. Bye.
Um, Pops, I will be right back.
I'm going to meet Jimmy.
Who the hell is... Jimmy?
So I hear you're working for your Uncle Vic now.
That's right... I need to earn some extra money for college in the fall.
You always the smart one.
Friend of yours?
We grew up in foster care together...
Don't mind him.
As long as your with me...
He won't mess with you.
Want to go somewhere?
Not much to do, really.
Ahhh... I can think of one thing people do here.
Oh! Shit!
Ha, ha, ha!!!
Look at that.
That's the thing about Alviso.
Most people have no idea how beautiful the sunset is.
I love the sky.
There's no boundary.
It's a big sky.
Very big.
Big doesn't even begin to describe the sky.
Big is like too small of a word.
You have to use a word like, umm...
You don't want to miss it!
Can I ask you something?
Do you live alone?
Umm, sort of.
It's actually not too far from here.
I'd like to see where you really live.
No you wouldn't.
Come on.
Let's go see where you live?
All right.
Sorry to hear about your mom.
She was a very kind woman.
I don't really want to talk about it.
Let's save that for another night.
So, what's it like to move around so much?
Can't tell you how many times I ran away.
Back and forth from one foster home to the next.
Ever since I was a teenager.
Now that I'm older...
I get anxiety when I stay anywhere too long,
but that's life.
I'm used to it.
Pops doesn't really like to move.
We've lived in the same place all my life.
I would like to move.
But that would mean selling the house.
And that's not going to happen anytime soon.
This is where you live?
I don't mind it so much in the summer.
Well, you wanted to see where I live.
Here you are.
How long have you live here?
Not too long.
A few months.
I would have clean up.
If I knew I was having company.
What do you for money?
Umm, the grocery store close down and let me go.
I've been looking,
but nobody seems to be hiring.
What if I line you up with a job at my uncle's warehouse?
Forget it.
He hates me!
Then you work for me.
What do you have in mind?
Well, for starters.
You can help clean up the warehouse on the weekends.
While my uncle is away.
Pay won't be much.
But, at least you'll be able to buy some food.
And decent shoes!
I had a good time tonight.
I know.
Good night.
Good night, Jimmy.
Oh! My head!
Why must you insist upon making so much racket in the morning!
Have you been drinking?
Of course not!
You can't tell me what to do!
I'm your father, Goddamn it!
You want to get an operation?
Can you explain to me what exactly is going through your head?
We cannot afford any more doctor bills!
The hell with doctors!
Leave me alone!
Is it too much to ask to look after my own father?
I already lost my mother!
Oh... my... God...
Sorry... I'm so sorry.
Sorry isn't good enough anymore, Pops.
I need you to get better.
Hey! Hard at work?
It's almost eight o'clock.
That was close?
You better go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Next time.
Yes, sir!
Got a minute, please.
You know how your uncle gets.
Why is he even here?
He's working for me.
You're joking.
He's helping me clean the floors on the weekends.
Since when?
For the last three weeks.
Does Vic know about this?
And he doesn't need to know.
I can't keep something like this away from him.
You know that.
Jimmy is good help.
He can do all the floors in about four hours.
A lot faster than I can.
And bathrooms, too!
But what about Vic?
I figure Uncle Vic doesn't need to know
Since I'm paying him with my own money.
The place is starting to look a lot better.
So, you won't say anything to Uncle Vic?
Under one condition.
Anything! Name it!
Keep that goon away from here.
Consider it done.
But tell him to stay away, too!
Like on the other side of town or something.
So I don't have to look at his creepy face anymore.
Okay. I better go.
Vic is waiting for me in the car.
He wanted me to give you this.
It's a bonus for all your hard work lately.
Good job.
Mercedes seems pretty cool,
letting me stick around after what happened.
She said she would do it.
Under one condition.
That you keep your friend away from the warehouse.
No deal!
He's just not my friend!
He's the only family I really have left!
Come on.
Where are you going?
It looks like nowhere!
Come on, Jimmy!
I quit.
How long do you think you can last out here?
I don't think about it.
Why not?
You can't.
That's why.
Can I ask you something?
You want to get a place together?
You mean, leave Alviso?
Just you and me.
Thought you would never leave this place.
I'm not so sure anymore.
And leave Pops?
Come on.
You wouldn't leave him out there by himself.
You're right.
I remember when this place used to be really special.
Me, too.
People seemed happier.
You think so?
Ever wonder how many small towns across the country...
look like they were built in the 1800s?
Not many...
not many.
You're angry it's gone?
If the floods hadn't come and ruin everything...
Things would of turn out differently for us here.
These are beautiful.
You never told me you could draw?
See the date?
I drew that in 8th grade.
Finish that one just the other day.
Tell me what you want?
This time...
don't think so hard about it.
First thing that comes to your mind.
What do you want?
Anytime now!
Okay... Okay...
I want...
I want to move out of Alviso.
I want to get my own place.
On a beach.
Just the two of us.
I want Pops to get healthy again.
I want him to lay off the booze.
And get strong.
I want to get him a new house.
I want to start my own business.
Like uncle.
What kind of business?
I don't know yet.
I don't know.
I can't take this anymore.
Your turn.
What do you want?
I just want to be a good person.
Can't be a bad boy for the rest of my life.
Someone must have left these behind before my uncle bought the place.
These are from the 1800s.
How can you tell?
Right here.
June 1853.
It's in pretty bad shape.
Think your uncle will miss them?
Umm... No.
Doesn't seem to care much for the stuff left behind.
He wants to turn the entire warehouse into some storage rental place.
How come you never told me you where into art?
I'm not!
I just draw to pass the time.
Have you ever considered selling your drawings?
You should.
You're really good.
No one has to see them.
There just for me.
Uncle Vic?
You know that empty space in the hallway?
Where the drywall is missing?
What about it?
I was thinking it needs something.
Yeah, what?
Maybe a painting or a drawing.
Something to make it look better!
It's a fucking warehouse! Not a gallery!
All right. Look...
I just don't have that in the budget right now.
I can't afford to think about any of that until I get the drywall up.
What if I told you I could get the artwork for free.
Yeah, if it's free. I don't care where you put it.
I even have some art supplies for it too.
Knock yourself out.
And get me, Mel's file, will ya?
Just keep going.
And stop!
Okay. Ready?
Come on. I want to see!
Your first opening.
I designed it myself.
That is so cool!
Would you like a cupcake?
I drew that one in the eighth grade.
Thanks for coming!
I told you.
They're not any good!
That's not true.
I had to drop out of college.
To get some extra jobs.
To help him with the house.
So you think it's your fault he drinks?
But you don't understand.
He was in denial for such a long time.
When Mom was around, she did everything for him.
He was so happy back then.
She was the type of person...
Who would think of everyone before she did...
anything for herself.
She was so beautiful.
Her smile could light up an entire room.
And then one day...
All of the sudden...
She was gone.
floating there.
And that's when things started getting bad for him.
He stop being himself.
He just...
I try to get him up and do things.
Get him to smile or laugh.
All he ever does is drink.
It's like...
He's given up already.
I use to feel like that...
Then I met you.
I better go.
Pops' appointment is this morning.
All right.
Not coming home last night.
That scared me.
I was here.
Wondering what happened to you.
I hate that.
You know, how much I hate that!
I can't take that when you disappear!
I thought.
Maybe you like Jimmy's company better than your father's.
At least give me a call or something!
But you're here now.
You came back, Ruben...
You came back.
Why do you like Jimmy so much?
I don't want to talk about it right now, Pops.
I'm here.
You're here.
Thank you for bringing me to the doctors.
I can't imagine how it's been for you, son.
I know I'm a burden to you.
No. Don't say that.
I never wanted to be like this.
I never wanted your mom to be gone!
I never wanted Alviso to change!
But it did, Ruben!
It did!
Don't disappear, Ruben.
The warehouse belongs to my Uncle Vic.
No. Thank you so much!
Uh-huh. Bye.
What's the deal?
He wants to buy all of Jimmy's drawings.
Oh! That's wonderful.
And he wants permission to make them into prints
So he can sell them to the public!
And that's not all!
He wants to know...
if Uncle Vic can sell him the warehouse.
I don't think your uncle will go for that.
He has big plans to get the place ready for business next month.
They want to make it into a historical museum for Alviso.
And they like our location!
Who is this guy?
He's the board of director for city hall!
Full asking price.
Plus ten percents for a new purchase.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I don't give a fuck about all that shit man!
Look... look...
Is this the real deal or what?
Okay, yeah.
All right. Okay, bye.
I don't know.
It looks like Alviso just got a new visitor center!
Oh my god!
To Alviso!
People from all over town
welcomed the news about the visitor center.
Like the Ruggle-Bees on first street.
Even Old-Joe was there.
The truth is...
Uncle ran into some trouble with his partners.
And it was only a matter of time before the law caught up with him.
He's moving away to Reno with Mercedes.
And dreams of hitting it big one day.
Things are looking up for Jimmy.
Jimmy no longer has to sleep in his tent.
He got his check today.
And the smile on his face.
Could light up an entire room.
He donated the entire amount to the shelter on First Street.
Where he works as counsellor to the runaways.
What are you two doing up here?
Oh, ah...
It's so hot down there.
Yeah. It's so hot.
Are they... a...
I propose to her on this very hill.
I know, Pops.
I know.
You're free, Elsie!
Now, you're free.
The sky.
It's so big isn't it?
Big doesn't even begin to describe the sky, Pops.
Oh, no?
How about...
Very large?
Come on, Pops...
I got one.
Jimmy ask me where we gonna live?
And well...
We can live anywhere if we want.
We can live...