Rubikon (2022) Movie Script

- [light music]
- [projector clicking]
[ominous music]
[woman over radio] Ground control, Vesta 1
leaving chasing mode.
Navicon calculating approach
for final docking maneuver.
[Navicon] Affirmative.
Continue approach.
[woman] Entering
on final docking corridor.
[man] Rubikon has received
Navicon data.
Ready for last docking phase.
[man 2] Eighty centimeters
of sturdy insulation,
five centimeters
of reinforced glass.
Eighty centimeters of sturdy insulation,
five centimeters...
[woman] Who would have
thought space travel
means doing nothing
but staring at monitors?
[man 2] Eighty centimeters
of sturdy insulation,
five centimeters
of reinforced glass.
I'm relaxed.
What makes you think I'm not relaxed?
I'm relaxed.
Uh... is it meant to do that?
Isn't it supposed to, you know,
hold my body weight?
Yeah, you're relaxed.
I can see that.
See, you have to press here,
and then it comes off.
Yeah, but I didn't press
any button.
- It just came off on its own.
- We'll be fine.
- [intercom beeps]
- [man] Commander Wagner.
This is Rubikon.
What is your current position?
[Hannah on radio]
Navicon indicates range
350 meters and rate 3.5.
I'm reading 150 meters here.
They're way too fast
for their position.
- [button clicks]
- Wagner, we got you at 150.
[Hannah] 350 or 150, the station
should be in sight by now,
but we have no visual contact.
Where is it?
- I knew it. I fucking knew it.
- [man] Vesta 1,
connection to Navicon
seems flawed.
Reboot so we get control again.
Uh... Hannah.
What the fuck?
Shit, we see it now.
The station is about 90 meters away.
- I'm switching to manual mode.
- [Navicon] Negative! Flying manually is prohibited!
The thing they told us
never to touch, brilliant.
I need to take over or we might
get hit by the sails.
[Navicon] Wagner,
leave it to the AI.
The company wants
no risk of human error.
Hannah, Hannah, watch out!
[intense music]
- [heavy breathing]
- [beeping]
[machine winds down]
- That was close.
- Yeah, too close.
Initializing reverse thrusters.
[Navicon] Okay.
At own discretion.
[Hannah] Okay, um...
[breathing heavily]
Speeding down
for contact capture.
Slowing down.
- We got you on the monitors now.
- [Hannah] Rate
Wagner, your rate
is still too high.
You better tell everyone
to hold on.
Oh, fuck.
Rate 1.9.
Okay, I'm on target.
Steady now.
[man 2] Left!
More left!
[heavy breathing]
[ship powers down]
[both breathing heavily]
Arrived at parking position.
Well done, Wagner.
[man] Activating hooks
to finish procedure.
[helmets clicking]
Connecting to station's
gravitation field.
[keyboard clacking]
What the fuck was that?
Navicon was completely off.
But it was not our fault?
Nibra cannot blame us for that,
The station's readings
were right.
Wait a second.
She's a soldier.
Why would Nibra send a soldier?
Welcome to the Rubikon. Commander Wagner.
Dr. Abbot, glad to have you on board.
What just happened, Commander Jenson?
Can you explain?
The error must have happened
on ground control's end.
Navicon somehow lost the connection
to your shuttle without a notification.
Do you know why?
Tracy will look into it
And bring me the report
once you're done.
The crew cabins?
Yes. Um...
Follow me, please.
I hope you'll be satisfied
with your cabin.
It's not much, but you've got
the biggest one we've got.
[Gavin] Oh, no, please...
that's really not necessary.
[Jenson] I hope
your dad's okay about that.
[Gavin] Why?
Did he ask about or...
[woman in German]
[Hannah in German]
[Knopf laughs]
[alarm blares]
[call ends]
- [jazz music plays]
- To the new crew,
may you and the three others
arriving on Friday have a good time...
and a productive work
experience together.
- [chuckles]
- Hmm...
So I...
I... I hear you're a chemist?
Yes, but I've read
all of your reports and uh...
Sure, that's all you need to conduct
complex gene modification.
I am sure you will do great.
As long as you
can follow orders.
My words exactly.
Commander, I heard about
your excellent navigational skills.
Thank you.
And I heard a lot about you too, Doctor.
Hopefully only good things.
[comm rings]
Commander, it's the laser comm.
Please, enjoy the party,
it's still my shift.
How about we play one last game?
Let's show the new ones
how it's done.
Come on, new ones!
What are the stakes?
[Dimitri] Debit-points.
- Danilo!
- Uh-huh?
Can you give commander Wagner
a piece of cake, please?
Thank you.
Sorry, commander,
my son takes this whole...
being called off thing
a bit personally.
And what about you?
I just want to see
what type of game you play.
Whoo, I got seven.
[Tracy] I'll take one...
No, make it two.
[man laughs]
Up to your liking?
They are probably used to different standards
in the air-domes, right?
Well, if you want your essential amino acids
and minerals covered,
that's all you get, I'm afraid.
Sorry, domer-boy.
Hey, what's your problem?
I just wonder what makes
an executive's son
- want to come to a place like this.
- Danilo!
Do you think I chose
to come here?
To this old piece of junk?
So then, daddy is punishing you?
- Why?
- [Dimitri in Russian]
Did you misbehave?
- [Dimitri]
- Is that my piece?
Thank you.
- [Dimitri]
- [Jenson] Commander Wagner.
A word, please.
What is that?
It's our new flight route
for tomorrow.
What, why did they change it?
[Jenson] There is a strange fog cluster
in the northern hemisphere.
Nobody knows what it is.
Over stgrunden territory. [jazz fades]
Wait, stgrunden?
and there have been fatalities.
What? What happened?
They can't tell yet.
Isn't stgrunden
where they arrested
those green fighters activists?
Were they the victims,
the green fighters?
There were a few hundred.
But they said they can
circumnavigate you around it, right?
It'll take us half a day longer.
Okay. Looks good. So...
tomorrow evening as planned.
[computer beeps rhythmically]
Come on, give me something.
You know, we're not really supposed
to be in here, right?
I can't find anything
on the Internet,
there's nothing
on the cameras...
so I thought I'd try this.
So... that's it?
This atmosphere analyzing thing
that never worked?
I can't even get it to budge.
You could have asked me,
I'm in contact with Nibra.
[scoffs] Right, as if I believe a single word
a government company says.
Come on, they're not the enemy.
Uh, yes, actually.
Yes, they are.
Of course,
not if you work for them.
[softly] You worry
for your friends, huh?
[medical equipment buzzes]
You're good.
All systems are online
and ground control gave their final go.
You guys are ready?
Yes we are.
And the samples?
- Dad, the samples.
- Mmm?
Oh, yeah, of course.
And these mother cultures will endure
the extended flight time, right?
- Of course.
- Of course, yes.
[alarm beeps]
That's our slot. Let's go.
Commander Wagner.
- Jensen!
- [in Russian]
[Hannah] The son is on the way now
with the mother cultures,
but I'm pretty sure they've been
manipulated as well.
[Nibra] Well,
there's been a change of plans.
The committee decided
that we want to move on to IKARUS sooner.
Already, when?
Apparently in the next few days.
What? But I haven't been able
to investigate on the algaes breathing cycle.
Then you have to search faster
to make it on time.
If he finds out,
he might destroy samples.
Prepare IKARUS unnoticed then.
Look, the station seems more interwoven
with the algae than anticipated.
It could be
more complicated to just...
Wagner, just prepare IKARUS.
[eerie music intensifies]
Hope you know that some of them
were just exposed to high levels
of cosmic radiation.
I got instructed
on them very thoroughly.
Oh, good, good.
So you are aware
of what might happen
when untrained personnel
enters without supervision?
- Don't worry about me.
- Hmm.
[comm trills]
Sounds urgent.
[trills stop]
Have they already landed?
No, they're still in transit.
Rubikon to Vesta 2,
what's your request?
[Jenson] Rubikon!
You can hear us?
We-We're running blind here!
We can't get contact.
Neither to ground control
nor to anyone.
Is the station
still transmitting our signal?
Jenson, calm down.
I'll contact them
and get back to you at once.
Rubikon to ground control?
Ground control, do you read?
Rubikon to Nibra North.
Rubikon to Nibvision.
What's going on?
We don't know yet.
Where are they?
- Jenson?
- Wagner, yes, tell me.
What'd, what did they say?
We can't make contact either.
What are you kidding me?
That can't be true.
We tried all staging posts
but no one was answering.
Jenson, what about Navicon?
Are you receiving that?
It stopped just like yours
in the Vesta 1.
Wait, so they would have to land
without any ground AI?
Wh... Are they trained for that?
I... I mean,
we weren't trained for that.
Don't... Don't worry, they...
Their course is preprogrammed.
Right, Commander?
- Yes.
- Yes.
How much time
until they enter orbit?
Fifty four minutes from now.
Okay, Jenson, we're on it.
We're gonna find a solution
to get your connection to ground.
- Don't worry, okay?
- [Tracy] Hannah, hurry, please.
Doctor, send an emergency signal
to all stations.
Even other company stations,
I don't care.
Gavin, you come with me.
Maybe they aren't receiving
our signal.
We have to check
the optical unit.
Point seven five bar.
[exhales loudly] Check complete.
[door chimes]
[Danilo] Dad,
have you reached anyone yet?
[Danilo in Russian]
We're about to enter atmosphere.
Uh, good news are,
you are exactly on course.
Yes, but only if no parameters
change on the way, right?
Hold on there, hold on there.
You'll be fine.
[heavy breathing]
[music intensifies]
[heavy breathing continues]
[Gavin] Do you see it, Hannah?
[heavy breathing] I'm about...
five meters away.
How's she doing?
Vitals okay.
Heartbeat slightly increased,
but that's normal.
[heavy breathing]
Do we get the test signal?
- [distorted voice over comm]
- Gavin?
- [Jenson] We're losing...
- [static hisses]
- Doctor Kry... Jenson?
- Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
- To anyone!
- Jenson, what's going on?
The capsule is heating up
We're going to burn up!
Gavin, can you hear that?
- The shell is about to break!
- [Dimitri] Danilo!
- Gavin?
- [screams]
- [Danilo]
- [Dimitri]
[Dimitri] Danilo!
- Vesta 2!
- Danilo!
[static crackles]
Danilo, what's going on?
[Hannah] Gavin? Gavin,
what's going on down there? [heavy breathing]
[creepy music rises]
[room pressurizes]
Come on, open up!
[in German]
[door chimes]
It wasn't our signal.
Down there everything is...
Hannah. The... the crew.
I know.
Rubikon to ground control.
Does anybody hear us?
Rubikon to ground.
[Knopf in German]
- [distortion over comm]
- [Hannah] Jenson?
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
- To anyone!
- [Hannah] Jenson, what's going on?
[Jenson] The capsule
is heating up uncontrollably!
- We're gonna burn up!
- [Hannah] Gavin, can you hear that?
- [Dimitri] Danilo! Danilo!
- [Jenson] The shell's about to break!
- [Hannah] Gavin?
- [screams]
[Hannah] Vesta 2?
[Dimitri] Danilo! Danilo,
what's going on?
Sorry, I forgot the door.
[computer beeps]
It's been two days and I haven't
been able to reach anyone.
The lasers can't get through
the fog in either direction.
Could it be the same
as in stgrunden?
Spreading across the globe
that quickly?
No that would take months,
not days.
Well, I think we would
have noticed a meteorite or a volcano.
And what if it was there before?
In the atmosphere
and just not visible yet?
You mean the Navicon problem
when we came up here?
Nah. I've thought about that
too, but...
That's why
I've been trying to understand
this old atmosphere analyzer...
And how's that going?
Tsk... Really good.
So far, I only found out that
it works without a connection.
Well. Keep trying.
[Hannah] Dr. Krylow?
Can I come in?
[exhales loudly] I brought you
something to eat.
I know you're hurting but...
We need to talk about the algae.
Our oxy tanks
won't hold forever.
Go away.
How far developed
is the gas exchange rate?
- Does the breathing symbiosis work or not?
- Go away!
How long can we stay up here?
Doctor, please!
[yells] Go away!
[computer beeps]
[beeping continues]
[keys clack]
Gavin can you come
and take a look at something?
Oh, fuck... Shit, shit shit!
Doctor, help me!
It's an emergency!
Doctor, come!
Hurry up!
Come on!
Shit! How long?
He just entered.
I'm trying to stop
Just a second.
Mhm, it has to empty completely
before we can fill it up again.
No, that's, that's too long.
What are you doing? No! No! No!
I'm trying to bypass
the locking mechanism.
No, no, no, no!
You'll destroy it!
Look, you can kill us.
All of us, trust me.
Just wait it out.
Please, wait it out.
Come on.
[in Russian]
Come on.
[Dimitri] Idiot!
Okay, empty! Now fastest mode!
[loud mechanical whirring]
- Okay, it's open.
- No, no, no, no! The pressure is still too much!
Fuck it! Come on, help me.
[both grunt]
[Dimitri] Gavin! Gavin?
Hey, can you hear me?
Mouth to mouth, come on.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Okay, again.
[Dimitri] Okay,
that's not ripped.
Is he... Is he gonna be okay?
Uh, I don't know. Hope so.
Why the hell would he do that?
- Hmm?
- Why would he do that?
I don't know.
Frankly, I don't care.
What's wrong with you? He just tried
to kill himself and you don't care?
Excuse me?
You know what? You do it.
They didn't teach you that
at spy academy?
Oh, yeah, I know.
Know what?
That your algae system is much more
advanced than you want to admit?
- Oh, that's a big surprise.
- Oh, you think I'm an idiot?
I'm gonna tell anything
to a Nibra spy? No!
It's not spying.
They funded it,
it belongs to them.
No, it doesn't!
It doesn't belong to them.
It belongs to me.
It belongs to Danilo.
I'm sorry about your son.
Come on, you must be tired.
Just go to bed,
I can take care of him.
I closed my eyes for one second.
Hey Gavin?
Gavin, how... how do you feel?
- Let me check your ear...
- [yells] Get off me!
I'm sorry. I... I...
[Dimitri] Calm down.
Y-You don't understand this.
- You need to lay down.
- This fog is toxic.
- [Dimitri] Okay?
- Th-These aerosols... They...
- [Dimitri] Calm down.
- They're all dead.
- [Dimitri] Okay.
- They're all dead.
Nobody can survive this!
Dimitri... I...
They're all dead.
Look, look... Breathe, breathe.
Deep breath.
I can't breathe.
Everyone down there.
[Hannah sighs]
Family? Friends?
You have someone down there?
My little sister.
But it doesn't matter.
We'll suffocate up here anyway.
We're safe here.
Danilo and I...
achieved a working symbiosis
with the algae.
We can survive.
Thank you.
For telling a Nibra spy.
You're welcome.
Where you going?
Wow, you've been busy.
[Hannah] Even if the air is toxic,
there are bunkers.
The lasers can't get through
the fog, but...
maybe this can.
I'm trying to get it to work.
[Hannah grunts]
Is this?
The old ISS radio system,
That's ancient technology.
I mean, do you really think anyone
is still using it?
I'll find out.
I just need to reactivate
the radio antenna.
Radio antenna?
I... Well you can't do that
Yeah, I know.
Take a seat.
[Dimitri] Look for a circuit
in sector... in sector B.
Can you see it?
The cables are tangled.
Okay, wait.
I got it, affirmative.
Okay, so redirect it.
Have you seen all
this useless crap here?
Ya, I've lived on the station
for eight years, I've seen it all.
That's what happens when it's
too expensive to get rid of old parts.
You just pile them up together.
Your domer-friend was right.
This station is a junkyard.
Yeah, tell me about it.
When I was young,
astronauts were like gods.
Well, when you were young,
countries existed, so...
Okay, Doctor, it's attached.
Very good.
By the way,
you don't have to call me
doctor all the time.
My real name is Dimitri.
I think
I'm getting a signal here.
Give me a second,
let me scan it.
Got it.
[exhales loudly]
Let's give it a try.
[radio static]
Commander Wagner to ground.
Can anybody hear me?
Please, anyone?
[exhales loudly]
Gavin can't be right.
She can't be dead.
[Gavin] Open the door! Come on!
[door opens]
Your ears hurt?
I... I can give you
some painkillers
for the... for the ears.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.
- You're sure?
So there's no doubt
about what you said?
The chemical structure
of the fog's aerosols is highly toxic.
It's lethal.
Where do they come from?
I don't know, uh...
To me it seems like
some kind of... chain reaction?
From what?
Permafrost gases.
We've been warning people
about this for years
And now they've obviously reacted
with something.
Maybe Toxins from the power plants,
some other pollution,
maybe chemical weapons
from another corporation war.
Fact is it's, it's all over down there.
We fucked it.
Apparently, the economy
was more important than breathing.
And what about the air-domes?
They are for a very specific
molecular spectrum.
Only a closed system with oxygen tanks
could shield them from the fog.
But there are bunkers like that.
Evacuation bunkers.
I trained in them.
And what will happen
to the people in there? Hm?
Sooner or later, they'll run out of food,
they'll run out of oxygen.
Same as us.
We're all just living corpses.
- Gavin.
- And I don't like the idea of a slow death.
We can stay here
as long as we need to.
The algae gas exchange works.
Uh-uh, I can't live like this.
Stuck in this... in this
tiny metal can forever?
Maybe you two can.
- I just can't.
- [stammers] Yeah and what is your alternative?
You wanna try it again?
Look... it's your life,
your decision.
I just want you to know
that if you try it again,
you will also kill her.
And me.
What, why?
I didn't tell you this yet, but the system
is designed for a full crew of six.
They produce CO2 and the system
converts it back into oxygen.
The bare minimum for an
efficient gas exchange is three people.
Gavin, we need your CO2.
Can I join?
I'm mad at you, you know?
For leaving me alone here
with this old grumpy cat.
What? What?
[laughing] What?
What's so funny?
It's... It's just that
I... I worked my ass off.
Debit-point for debit-point.
One shitty mission
after another and for what?
For this?
I could have partied more,
like Knopf, or...
taken a day off
every once in a while.
I think I really screwed up
this whole life thing.
Same here.
You think
I was not screwing up my life,
by going on protests and not washing
and cutting out T-shirts and...
I'm really glad I did that now,
aren't I?
[laughs] Yeah.
There is no planet B.
[laughing] And Dimitri.
Do you think
he was partying in his lab
with his working symbiosis?
Can you imagine
if they knew on Earth
that we were the last
three humans?
Oh, my God!
[laughing] A bunch of losers
and freaks.
Me and my friends...
fought so hard for a planet
that doesn't exist anymore.
I have spent so long
believing in something,
and now it doesn't...
mean anything.
So the nave activist is gone?
He was kind of an idiot anyway.
That's too bad.
I liked him.
[both moan]
[Hannah] Dimitri?
Is that normal?
Eh, they never keep
the exact same green color.
[Gavin] How much longer?
I'm dying this time for real.
[shouting] Two more minutes!
Yeah, but... but brown?
That's... that's weird.
It can happen if, uh...
No, don't worry, it's fine.
[panting] Oh, fuck...
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
That's it, I'm done.
They'll have to wait
for my breath until tomorrow.
Gavin, it wasn't 45 minutes.
Do-Do you even know
how long that is?
No, of course you don't,
'cause it's always Hannah and me peddling.
Actually, I do know because every morning
when you cuddle, I peddle.
At least 45 minutes.
Maybe we should check that
on the CCTV.
Maybe we should.
Okay, okay. What do you say?
Movie night?
- Sure.
- What else?
[Hannah] Dimitri?
[shouting] Uh, yeah, choose something. I'm uh...
I'll come in a second!
Sorry, guys, sorry.
Oh, you waited for me,
that's nice.
Where have you been?
I just, uh...
What are we watching?
Nothing, if you can't reactivate
the Internet.
Apparently, we've reached the end
of the internal movie library.
I can offer you a drink.
- [country music plays]
- More. More, more!
More, more, more!
Hannushka, it's enough.
- [laughs]
- You had enough, Hannushka.
Yeah, thank you...
Daddy. [laughs]
- Okay... - Of all your algae's functions
this is definitely my favorite.
Yeah, well, this batch is a bit too strong.
You can see that.
If I'd known you had a whole distillery
in your lab I would have just...
Yeah, you would just report me
to Nibra, wouldn't you, little spy?
Yes, probably.
Wait, what?
Wait, you didn't know?
Hannushka was sent by Nibra
to steal my mother cultures.
What the fuck it's not...
No, not stealing.
- Not stealing. Just taking away.
- Steal is a harsh word.
Take it away and steal.
- No. No. No.
- Wh... Five weeks
and you're only mentioning
this now?
I'm so sorry, my dear.
Take it.
- Three.
- [chuckles]
You... You were hiding
the samples?
I was helping.
A few months ago,
Nibra changed their contract.
Suddenly they wanted the system
to be exclusive for their air-domes.
And... I wouldn't mind.
I would have taken the money,
which was a lot of money.
Greedy fuck.
Uh? Yeah,
and not ashamed of it.
But Danilo, no.
He was furious.
He decided to make it
a public domain.
He found some secret,
I don't know, distributor.
Huh, actually sounds
like a good guy.
Extremely annoying,
stubborn, rude.
A little bit like you.
Cheeky little do-gooder shit, huh?
Sorry. [laughs]
[laughing] Thank you...
you know.
Okay, okay, show me
what you got, boys.
Ugh, yeah this is garbage.
- No!
- Now you are gone.
[Hannah] What the f...
- Boom.
- No, Gavin!
- [laughs] Ooh...
- Fuck off, I... No, I am...
- Hannushka, Hannushka, stop it.
- No! Okay, I'm... no.
No! And you two should be
so fucking ashamed cleaning out the poor.
I need to dance or I'll die.
Oh, no.
[dance music]
Gavin! Dance with the woman.
Come on, dance.
- Come on, [laughing] lover boy.
- Please, no.
- Please...
- Come... Come on. Come on!
Move the hips, move the hips.
No! I think... I think
you should get Dimitri to dance.
- Oh, gotcha! [laughs]
- Oh, no, no!
- Come on!
- No! No,
I'm a scientist,
I'm not a dancer, I'm not...
- Yes you are.
- Yes, doctors can dance, come on!
You're definitely, definitely
drunk enough to dance.
- Come on.
- Stop it.
Come on, Dimitri. Yes.
Come on. Yes. [laughs]
- [music ends]
- [Hannah vomits]
[toilet flushes]
[computer trills]
[woman] If anyone else
is out there, please answer.
We are a group of survivors
in a bunker underneath
Nibra headquarters.
If you can hear us,
please respond.
Gavin? Hey, you guys wake up!
Hey Gavin! Gavin, wake up!
Come on,
the laser comm worked again,
I... I talked to one
of the survivors.
[stammers] Uh...
Come on! Come!
Hey, they're alive. There's...
There are survivors down there.
Yeah, good, great...
Rubikon to survivors,
can you hear us?
[woman] Hello? Commander Wagner?
Is this thing working?
[laughs] Oh, God.
- Um, yes. Yes, it is.
- Oh, my God.
And we're happy
to hear your voice.
Uh... This is Esther Chen-Kaminski,
I'm our representative.
How many of you are there?
We're almost 300 here.
Was there an attack?
Honestly, we don't know.
The fog came so suddenly
and people started coughing
and dropping, it was...
But the soldiers brought us
into the bunker.
But you are safe, aren't you?
No, it's the oxygen.
We don't have much left.
But I guess Krylow's algae
system is preventing that for you, right?
How do you know about the algae?
Well, some of us own stock
in this promising project.
So you're CEOs or something?
And their families, yes.
Is there a Randall Abbot
amongst you?
I'm sorry, no.
But, so these algae...
The system provides for you,
I mean,
Dr. Krylow made that work?
[Gavin] Dimitri?
- [Dimitri grunts]
- H-He's in here.
Hannah was right.
There are survivors, almost 300.
Yeah, but even better.
There are these openings
in the fog.
Very small ones, but still.
- Hmm.
- [Hannah] That's why they could hear us.
They've already managed
to transfer their bunker's coordinates.
The next step
would be the Vesta.
With Gavin's atmosphere analysis
I might manage
to fly down manually.
- To do what?
- Their bunker provides enough oxygen
for three more weeks at best.
- Mm-hmm.
- If...
If we could bring your algae
down there, we could help them.
- Okay. - Look, they're supposed to
nourish a closed system.
It doesn't matter if it's a bunker down there
or the Rubikon up here.
Hold on one second. So, you're suggesting
we fly down without Navicon?
We could save
three hundred lives.
We think
it's a risk worth taking.
Let's say we,
we make it to Earth.
- How do we get to the bunkers?
- They have mobile oxy-tanks.
They could pick us up,
also the equipment from the Nibra Lab.
It's pretty close
to where we'd land.
Oh, [chuckles] it seems like
you've figured it all out.
[stammers] So what if I say no?
What? Wh-Why?
[stammers] You know,
it's... it's a little irresponsible.
And very, very stupid.
Flying down without Navicon?
Are you out of your minds?
So what, we do... we do nothing?
We just watch them die?
- Are you really that selfish?
- Ca-Can you stop with this green fighter bullshit?
It's not one
of your awareness projects.
We have to help if we can.
We have a moral responsibility.
My only moral responsibility
is to keep you and you alive.
- That's it.
- Isn't this what Danilo would have wanted?
To help people?
Yes, he did.
And now he's dead.
But I'm here and I say,
"tough luck to them."
I know now how
to make mother cultures.
So, we don't need your help.
You're not gonna touch them.
-You understand what I'm saying?
You're not gonna touch it!
Stop! Seriously, you guys.
Sit down, both of you.
We have to make a decision.
[stammers] It really
doesn't make sense.
Come on, we are fine.
We are good here.
We, we can stay here
as long as we want.
Really? That's your plan?
Have you gone completely crazy
in that lab all this time?
You don't get to talk to me
about crazy, mister.
I am not the one
who tried to kill himself.
How desperately are you
trying to do it again?
Really? You're gonna go there?
Hey, I'm not done
talking to you.
Hey, Hey!
Come back! Come...
[shouting] Danilo!
You okay?
Nothing, it's...
[Hannah sighs]
Hey, hey, hey. You okay?
It's nothing, it's just...
It's just your schnapps, I guess.
What are you doing?
Just a precaution, just want to make sure
everything is fine.
Thank you.
He's right, you know.
What if those are the last people
on the planet?
If these are the last people
on the planet Earth,
maybe it's not that bad of an idea,
to start it all from scratch.
Dimitri, come on.
Okay. Tell me,
what have these people,
these lovely CEOs,
ever done for you?
They got me out of the dirt.
Yeah and made you a soldier
to serve them in their army.
You done?
Can't sleep?
[exhales loudly]
Is that her, Knopf?
Her real name is Mia.
This is the last message
I got from her.
I'm trying to find out
where she was.
Knopf was stationed five hours away
from the Nibra central bunker.
There are other bunkers
in that area and...
she got an evacuation order too.
That means
she could still be alive?
Hannah, why didn't you tell me?
'Cause it's... it's stupid.
It's such a small chance.
We're preparing for departure.
Will you help us load
the mother cultures?
either you come with us or...
Or you stay.
What? In here as well? Eh...
No, no, don't say
we're losing them now.
Is this a trick,
to make us stay?
No, it's not a trick.
It's really happening.
In the whole station.
Are they sick?
That's what I thought.
So what?
We can't bring them down or?
- It's you.
- I make them go...
I don't even touch them
without your supervision.
You don't need to touch them.
They feed from our urine
in the station's nutrient cycle.
So they've changed color
because of Hannah's pee?
Yeah, yeah, you almost got me.
Come on.
The algae is extremely sensitive
to hormones.
It's your high levels of HCG
that do it.
No, soldiers can't get pregnant.
We don't even get our periods.
I'm... I'm sterile
till the end of my duty.
Unless your hormone inducer
loses connection with its control unit
for a long enough time.
But the algae is fine, right?
We won't lose it?
The algae is fine.
That, on the other hand?
If we fly down...
These people need our help.
Come on.
Wait, Hannah, wait.
What the fuck, dude?
He's right, he's right.
Start loading
the mother cultures.
We're leaving tomorrow.
I'll prepare the Vesta.
[tracker beeps]
[notification beeps]
Shit. [sighs] Come on.
[Gavin] Again?
In case you didn't notice,
I... I just killed us.
So, yeah, again.
Yeah, but the other eight times
you made it.
You're just getting tired,
that's all.
This flight corridor
you gave me is fucking narrow.
Well, then they're lucky
that it's you sitting in the seat.
[tracking computer
resumes beeping]
Hannah, I really think
we should talk about the...
about all this.
What does this mean now?
Nothing, this means nothing.
isn't it likely that...
Stop it, okay? I...
[notification beeps]
No! Fuck.
I'm going to lose it
at re-entry or landing
or without
the station's radiation shield.
Okay, that's...
that's super fucked up, yeah.
Sorry, I... I didn't mean to...
It has no chance anyway,
I mean, even if we stayed.
I can't raise a baby here.
Just you, me and Dimitri?
This changes nothing.
It just makes
the whole situation shittier.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
Look, this one
probably doesn't have a chance.
But, when we're down there...
Are you saying
you want a baby with me?
Why not?
I mean, imagine.
It'd kick butt.
My brains, your muscles.
[whispers] Yeah.
Yeah, you're right, I'm...
I'm definitely too tired
for this.
Eight landings out of ten
must be enough, right?
[seat clicks]
[liquid pouring]
Okay, bring me the last one.
And this is really enough
for 300 people?
Yep, that's the minimum amount.
Again, you think
I'm tricking you or something?
It's just, you've not said
one word of resistance the whole day.
What... What do you want
from me?
[Gavin stammers]
You think I'm stupid enough
to fly down with algae cultures
that don't work?
I mean, I can't stay here
without you two.
So, you won. Congratulations.
What else do you want from me?
Okay, all checks are done.
Are you ready for this?
[inhales loudly] Nope.
[exhales loudly]
[Nibra] Vesta 1,
flight corridor received.
Central Nibra, contacting you again
in 92 minutes.
Okay, we'll wish you
a safe journey
- and we're looking...
- [distortion]
[Gavin] And the contact window's
just passed.
Okay, closing the inner door.
[ship creaks and groans]
[emergency alarm sounds]
Uh... What is that?
The jets are not responding.
[rattling increases]
[Dimitri] Whoa...
[stammers] What is that?
The jet tanks overheated but...
We haven't even ignited.
- Overheated?
- The temperature keeps rising, but...
fuck, that can't be right.
Hannah, what?
We have overpressure.
- Oh, shit.
- Makes no sense.
I need to release the tanks.
[loud monstrous noises]
- Did it work?
- The valves are not opening.
- Try the gas outlet!
- I tried!
They must have deformed
under the heat!
How hot are the tanks?
[emergency beeping]
Unfasten immediately!
Get out now!
[emergency beeping continues]
- [Dimitri] Come on!
- [Gavin] Come on, come on. Come on.
Come on, we're gonna explode!
[Hannah] Put yourself together.
[Dimitri] You put yourself together!
Come on!
[Dimitri] Go!
- What the fuck?
- What?
Look. The Vesta's cooling system
shut down almost 11 hours ago.
That's why the tanks overheated.
I'll redirect the solar panels.
Shadow alone won't do it anymore.
Look at the temperature.
We need to decouple it.
No. No, there has to be
another way.
We can dump the tanks manually,
That could work.
Only from inside the Vesta,
but that's far too dangerous.
Gavin, stop!
It could blow up any second!
[ship groans and rattles]
He has to go through the whole cooling block.
That's impossible.
He's killing himself.
All of us.
Can you still decouple?
[computer beeps]
[yelling] No, no, no! No!
[stammers] Wait! Hannah!
No! No!
[muffled] No! No!
- [panel beeps]
- Stop!
[Gavin] No!
Hannah, please!
[Gavin screams]
[heavy breathing]
[heavy breathing]
[lights whirring]
[metal clinks]
I had to.
You did the right thing,
He would have died.
I know, doesn't seem
like much up here...
But, uh...
this place saved our lives.
Could be home.
How was it for you?
Having a child?
You can't possibly imagine
loving anyone
like you love
this little creature.
We don't need two people
to tell them.
- But I was...
- Go or I go.
Did you do it
because of the pregnancy?
No. I did it because of us.
[Esther] Vesta 1?
Vesta 1, we can't detect
your signal.
Do you read?
Vesta 1?
Yes, Esther we're here.
Gavin, where are you?
What happened?
[Hannah pants]
What's IKARUS?
They said that you would know.
My actual mission.
Once I found
a working mother culture,
I was to bring down
the entire algae lab.
It can be ejected
and flown down separately.
- What?
- It was a secret military operation.
I'm surprised these CEOs
even know about it.
C-Can we go down with it?
It's not made for passengers
and can't be steered.
Without Navicon we can only detach it
at a calculated moment and...
hope for the best.
But theoretically,
we could board it
if we adapted it for passengers.
Hannah, what the fuck?
Why didn't you tell me
that there was another chance
for re-entry?
Because it's not a serious option.
Three people against 300.
Yes, or even more
if other bunkers made it.
I think we should do it.
If we don't try, then it's done
for them down there.
We can't let that happen.
This is bigger than us, right?
[Hannah scoffs]
You, asshole, disconnected the Vesta
from the cooling cycle.
We almost died because of you.
I didn't want, I just...
I just wanted a delay.
It was an accident.
Yeah, I didn't know
the valves can close up.
I couldn't let what happened
to Danilo happen to us.
You just did it
because you're a selfish coward.
[Hannah] You know what this is?
And you know what it does?
I found out at some point, yes.
'Cause that's what we'll do now.
We will pump back the symbiosis cultures
in here and we will fly down.
So you knew about IKARUS
all of this time?
And you didn't say anything?
You didn't want this either.
Did you?
Gavin is right.
We need to help.
There is no shame in caring for
your own life, Hannah.
Especially now.
Stop it.
Have you ever asked yourself why Nibra needed
the algae so bad all of a sudden?
I mean, for years
they didn't give a fuck.
Suddenly they want everything,
They need the system now.
They send you to space
to get it, why?
Why, now?
What are you trying to say?
They knew.
They knew a catastrophe
was coming.
They just didn't tell anyone.
And why would they?
They didn't want to share
their bunkers.
Do you really think,
they would give you their algae,
if it was the other way around?
[Gavin] We've made a decision.
We're sending the algae lab
down to you, like you asked.
But we're coming with it.
[Esther] Okay,
we're looking forward to that.
Wait, one more thing
before we start.
I need to talk
to one of the soldiers.
But I am our representative.
Yes, but IKARUS
is a military mission, so.
Eh... okay.
The thing is...
there are no soldiers here.
But you said the soldiers
brought you into the bunkers.
Yes, they brought us here,
but... we have limited space.
We have room for 300 civilians.
So what? You...
You just left them outside?
To die?
They did their duty.
That was Nibra's order?
For all evacuation soldiers?
Hannah, it is your job
to keep us alive!
You lied.
No, we didn't lie.
You just assumed
what you wanted to believe.
I'm sorry,
but what were you thinking?
All we want is to live,
nothing more.
We want our kids to survive.
I mean,
you can't blame us for that.
[heavy breathing] Fuck! Ugh!
[Hannah yells]
Come on, get off the floor.
No, I'm done.
Hannah, they'll run out
of oxygen within days.
Yeah, and why would
cannon fodder like me care?
They didn't give a shit
about me. Or Knopf.
Or my parents.
Apparently, money and privilege
don't get you a spot in the bunker either.
You know that there
are children down there too, right?
And what about this one?
You said that
we couldn't raise it here.
Why actually not? I mean...
this place is better
than anywhere I lived before.
Growing old here?
Never seeing Earth?
What kind of a life is that?
At least a life.
[Gavin scoffs]
I... I don't get it.
Are you just hurt
or do you really want this baby?
See, I don't know, okay?
I never thought
about having a child.
Having a family
meant going back to being poor.
Not obeying meant being poor.
A soldier
doesn't even have that choice.
And that choice
is more important
than saving
the rest of our world.
[scoffs] Yes.
You wouldn't understand that,
For someone like you,
it's easy playing "Save the World."
But not everyone has a daddy
who sends him up here for safety
if everything else
goes down the drain.
Is that really what you think?
[exacto knife rattles]
[Dimitri] Gavin?
[ambient thudding and rumbling]
Open the door.
I'm finishing what we started.
Are you leaving me behind?
No, but I just need
to finish up.
Just wait.
How can you know
I won't stop you?
Because you're a good person.
And you know that this is right.
[computer beeps]
[door closes]
[ship revs]
Hannah, wait! Stop!
Gavin, stop it!
Please, move!
No! Gavin! Gavin! Gavin!
[Gavin grunts] Don't...
Stop it!
I can't let you do this.
[Hannah breathes heavily]
Hannah, can...
can we talk about this? I...
[breathing heavily] I can't.
I just don't want to.
Hannah, please just...
[Gavin] Hannah,
You can fix this, right?
I'm sorry... I wanna stay.
[computer trills]
[computer continues trilling]
[computer continues trilling]
[trilling stops]
[exhales loudly]
[door chimes]
[sobbing continues]
[air hisses]
[outer door closes]
Come on.
Let's see
if we can fix IKARUS somehow.
Yeah, what?
We need three breathers
or the gas mix collapses.
Your words.
You... You think Gavin did it...
He forced his will on us.
He got what he wanted.
[Dimitri mutters]
- What?
- No... No, no, no...
We need three breathers, right?
I said it after he tried to...
I just... I just didn't want him
to harm himself.
I wanted to save him.
[in Russian]
- I'm sorry. I didn't...
- Okay, just stop.
[heavy breathing]
[child laughing]
[in German]
[laughing] No, no, no!
Nein, nein, no, now.
- I got you. I do.
- No, no, no! [laughing]
Let's go. Pashli!
Let's go!
Eins, zwei, drei!
- You!
- [Hannah speaks German]
Good night, yes?
- [Hannah speaks German]
- Okay! Warte, warte.
[computer trills]
[child] Hello, hello?
Is there anyone? Hello? Hello?
Look, guys,
the thing is working.
[child 2]
Give it to me! Hello?
Are you in there? In the box?
[laughing] No,
we are in the southern camps.
- And you? What's your name?
- Knopf.
- [child 1 giggles] Knopf...
- [child 2] Where are you?
Eh... Rubikon.
[child 1] Can you play outside
there again too?
No, Mom says
we can't breathe outside.
[child 1] So he must still be
somewhere up North.
[child 2] Hey, shh. Well, then ask her
if you can come down here.
The grown-ups are always searching
for survivors anyway.
[child 1] They say we must help each other
cause everything is different now.
[child 2] Stop it!
Seriously, can't you come?
[light music]
[music continues]
[upbeat music]