Ruby (1977) Movie Script

That was the night Ruby's baby was born.
That was the night
The Dade County Gang
killed for the last time,
they killed one of their own.
Easy, like blowing smoke
rings 'round the moon
Looking, stayed, and spent the afternoon
Tender and I remember
Tender, perhaps too soon
So easy, uncharted journeys to the sun
Looking, left the rest of life undone
Strong love but not for long, love
Dream love but never one
Gardenia-scented nights
And a moon of milky white
Seem to fade with the lies that he told
And the memory of his face
Like a smile, it's out of place
Growing cold
Through it all
Ruby lived with her daughter
in the old road house by the swamp.
She forgot the past and
started a legitimate business.
One by one, the old gang members returned,
and she found jobs for them
at her drive-in theater.
What's playin'?
I can't read that poster
without my glasses.
One of them horror pictures.
It's about a giant, 50 foot woman.
With a 25 foot bosom, I suppose.
Now, May, don't start on me!
Better be good, I ain't
missin' I Love Lucy...
C'mon, c'mon, I haven't got all night!
Eh, gimme a minute, man.
You're holdin' up the damn line!
What line'?
Nobody wants to come here much anyway.
She does, I've seen
her here every night.
That ain't true!
Gimme a buck.
Your turn.
That'll be a buck.
Who's in back?
Nobody, just us.
Think I'll take a look.
Aw, you're hidin' back here, huh?
You little creep!
You creep, ow!
Come on, come on!
All right, gimme another
quarter or get out.
Go on.
Doctor, Doctor,
give us a hand with the door!
It's the sheriff's car!
We've got to warn the town!
She's grown into a giant!
Never mind, get in the car,
we're too late to call now, drive to town!
C'mon, listen, now.
I heard, hey, c'mon!
If my husband ever caught
us, I don't what'd happen!
Relax, honey, now, he won't!
Heh, help me undo your bra!
Well, he might, he
comes here all the time!
He's the sheriff!
Can't you drive any faster?
What the hell's going on down there?
Open the door, dammit!
The damn door was
locked, I couldn't get in.
Just found the key.
I told you to keep him off the bottle.
Ruby, I've been doin' a good job of it!
Will you get on the
speaker, dammit, shut them up.
All right.
Listen, Jess, you get
that reel on or get out!
Jess, what the hell are
you doing in the dark'?
Ruby, we gotta get
something on the screen.
Oh, Jesus.
Cut him down, get him out of here.
Don't talk to me,
just get him outta here!
Get rid of him.
I'll do that, go on back to the house.
Start the movie first.
OK, I'll see ya at the house later.
I got him in the truck.
Ruby, we oughta call the cops.
We've been running from
the cops for 20 years,
we'll handle it our way.
But Ruby, Jess just
wouldn't hang himself!
What do you mean, he
wouldn't just hang himself?
He was a drunk.
Just get rid of him and
don't talk to me about cops.
Ruby, he was part of the old gang.
He was a dead shot.
You know, it's, it's mighty funny, but,
but I know Jess could
take care of himself.
Ruby, Ruby, why?
Why after all these years?
Oh, Vince, come on!
We've seen it all, you and me.
Don't fall apart now.
Yeah, screw him, huh?
Ain't nobody gonna push us around.
That's my Vince.
Now, look, do what I told ya.
Do it now.
You know Ruby always
takes care of her boys.
OK, Ruby, OK.
Jess didn't kill himself,
somethin' else did.
Will ya get out and do what I told ya?
She'll tear up the whole town
till she finds Harry!
Yeah, then she'll tear up Harry!
Here comes that little bitch again.
Ah, lay off, Barney, she's OK!
What'll it be, honey,
anything I can give ya?
Hey, give him one for me, will ya?
You pay no attention to him.
I don't pay no attention to jail birds.
Whatta you mean?
Never you mind, jail bird!
Here, honey, on the house.
I'll see ya in a bit, I got
somethin' special for ya.
Well, all right, but you better hurry,
I got someone waitin' in the car.
Yeah, I'll see ya outside.
What's happenin', baby?
Shove off!
I, uh, I brought ya a
Coke to go with that, honey.
I like Dr. Pepper, don't
you remember nothin'?
So what you got that's so special for me?
Well, Lila June, you
know, you said if...
Well, are you comin',
you dirty old man?
Jess is dead, couldn't take it, I guess.
Wanna drink, Jake'?
Oh, I forgot, you don't drink anymore.
Hung himself.
Vince'll take care of it,
as always.
This room, it's alive,
I can feel it inside.
Remember how they used to
come up from the city, Jake'?
They came up to see Ruby Claire.
Lila June!
Lila June!
Lila June?
Lila June!
Well, give it to me!
If Ruby ever found out that I took it...
I said, I'd only wear
it around the house.
Oh, it's beautiful, I love it!
Here, do me, OK?
And keep your hands to yourself!
Eh, don't do that, y'hear?
Just a little kiss, Lila June.
I said don't!
You let all the other guys...
Stop it, dammit, don't do that!
Get offa me!
Come on, you do it to them!
Come on, Lila June!
Stop it, stop it!
I said don't, dammit!
I hope it you real good, you -
you dirty bastard!
How did I get this way
I got the no lovin' blues
And it's my rainy day
I was good, Jake.
I coulda made it.
Oh, you always used
to like my singing, didn't you?
You liked a lot of other
things about me, too.
Listen, Jake!
Good crowd tonight!
We oughta clear a couple of thou!
Lots of action at the tables!
Oh, Jake!
I've - I've gotta go on, Jake.
They're calling for me.
Nicky'll be out there.
Don't be angry, Jake!
He's just a charming boy,
I'm your girl, Jake.
He's just a boy.
He's just a boy, Jake.
Jake Miller,
you're jealous!
You're jealous!
Oh, Jake, please don't!
he hurt me!
Oh, Nicky, baby, he hurt me!
Nicky, Nicky, oh, Nicky!
Help me!
Get outta here,
I don't wanna see you!
Get out!
Honey, it's cold down here.
Your mother wants you to
take care of yourself,
so go up to your room.
Get up, Ruby.
Don't worry about Jake,
I'll take care of him.
Now, come on.
Go to bed, Ruby.
It's Nicky, Vince, he's come back!
Don't talk crazy, Ruby.
She has his eyes, don't you think?
What are you thinkin', baby?
If only she could talk.
Come on, honey, it's
cold down here, Ruby.
Come on, honey, let's go home.
Jake is waitin' for ya
to take him for his walk.
Uh, you wouldn't want Jake
to miss his walk, now,
would ya, honey?
No, I know you wouldn't, come on.
OK, hand 'em over first.
Hand what over?
The nylons you promised me!
Oh, Lila June, I'll get 'em tomorrow.
Then you'll get what you want
Come on, Lila June,
you know I'm good for it.
Yeah, you're good for nothin'!
Honest, baby, I forgot your size.
Yeah, I didn't forget your size!
You little son of a bitch!
Whatta ya doin' comin'
up behind me like that?
Whatta ya think?
Will you leave me alone?
Look, I wanna get outta here
and I wanna go to the city.
Well, I ain't leavin' Ruby.
Now, we owe her, givin' us
jobs after we got outta stir!
Barney, I'm scared, first there's Jess
and now there's Louie.
Now I wanna get outta here
while I'm still breathing!
Look, we stuck with her then
and we are stickin' with her now.
Would you please take it easy,
nothin' else is gonna happen!
Hey, how 'bout some popcorn down here?
Get the lady some popcorn, will ya?
All right.
Let's go.
I don't understand it, Ruby.
Don't talk to me, Vince.
Come on, let's get it over with.
Jess, I can understand
with the booze, but Louie,
you know he had a daughter in L.A.?
He was gonna go live with her.
Ruby, the way he died.
What's the difference, dead is dead.
Well, you didn't see
him, he was torn apart.
Now, what would tear
a man apart like that?
Will you shut up, Vince,
just shut up and let's go.
' Why did you say, "Nicky?"
What are you talking about?
Last night at the house, you
said Nicky was comin' back.
I was drunk.
I've never seen you
really drunk in 15 years.
No, you were, you were scared.
The truth is, the kid scared me.
Coming down the stairs in the
middle of the night like that,
sometimes, she gives
me the heebie-jeebies.
Ah, she's OK,
she's just a quiet kid.
She's no kid.
I've gotta put her in that institution.
I'll check the place out, I
know I'm doing the right thing,
and you're not going to talk me out of it.
No, Ruby, don't do it.
I mean, I mean, she's like my own.
No more!
She's Nicky's kid, too, ya know?
You owe him that much.
He loved me, he never knew her.
Nicky died thinkin'
that you had him set up,
that you rubbed him out.
You know, it's crazy,
Ruby, I know, but...
I've been thinkin'.
Maybe you're right,
maybe Nicky's comin'
back to claim what's his.
Leslie is his, you know.
It's me, damn you, it's
me, me, he wants, me!
See the boat?
I'll go look for it.
I just wanted to know where you were.
I found the boat.
Well, hurry up.
Let's get this over with.
Ah, this is good.
Phew, funny place for
Louie and Jess to end up,
a meal for some hungry gator.
Who's that?
Hello, Vince.
Doc Keller, huh?
Jeez, am I glad to see you, Doc.
Well, why didn't you call me from town?
I'd have picked you up.
Listen, I came straight up.
After that letter of yours,
I couldn't stay away!
Well, you haven't changed a bit, Doc,
not since the pen, you
haven't changed a bit.
I gotta thank ya for what you did.
Hey, I was just doin' my job.
You woulda gotten a
parole with or without me.
Well, I owe ya one,
sit down, Doc, sit down.
Say, uh, I wanna thank
ya for comin' here, too.
Now, you know me pretty
well, don't you, Doc'?
And you know that
I don't scare easy.
I know you don't.
Some of the guys used
to tell me up at the pen
that, that you were able
to talk to the spirits.
The guys up there say
a lotta things, Vince.
Well, can ya'?
Well, let's say that,
uh, they talk to me.
Communicate might be a better word.
So that means sometimes,
you can tell what a guy's thinkin', huh?
We all have that ability to a degree.
It's just that
some of us have trained ourselves
to use it more, that's all.
What's the matter, Doc?
What's the matter?
I don't know.
Yeah, there is somethin' here.
It's tryin' to kill us, all of us,
and you gotta stop it.
I'd like some time,
just to walk around,
get the feel of the place.
Yeah, sure.
I'll meet ya at the ticket booth, huh?
And then I'll take ya up to the house.
Uh, Vince?
Could I get an extra long break tonight?
You got Lila June on
your mind, don'tcha kid?
Eh, she's nothin' but
trouble, all women are.
Yeah, go 'head, go ahead.
I'll be right with ya, Doc.
Come on,
Say, you know, Doc,
the way those guys died,
Jess hangin' by his neck
in a projection booth
and Louie torn apart, you know,
I've seen men die before, lots
of 'em, but not like this.
There's been violence
here, years ago, am I right'?
Well, I don't know, maybe.
And a woman with red
hair, this concerns her.
Yeah, that's right, that's Ruby.
Hey, how do you do that, Doc?
I never told you anything
about her in the letter.
It's not easy to explain, Vince.
Is Barney here?
Yeah, he's taking care
of the soft drink machine.
Hmm, come to think of it,
I haven't seen him around all night.
Shit, phew!
I can get it for nothin' inside.
And that's exactly what
you're gonna get, nothin'!
You do for me,
and I can do for you.
You can't even do for yourself!
Is that you, Vince?
Yeah, we got a visitor.
This way, Doc.
Ruby, I want you to meet Doc Keller.
Doc, this is Ruby Claire.
I don't need a doctor.
I'm not a medical doctor.
You a shrink?
No, hey, Ruby, no,
he's a doctor of para...
Parapsychology, the
study of psychic phenomena.
Don't let the big title throw ya.
You know, I'm a fan of yours.
I have one of your records.
I only made one!
Oh, I suppose you've
seen my old movies, too.
No, I haven't, but I'd like to.
Well, stick around, Doc,
we run one now and then.
You have to look close to
catch me in the early ones.
Sit down, Doc.
That's one of the reasons
I bought the drive-in.
Got it cheap when the club closed.
Oh, I needed to make some
dough and keep the boys busy.
You want a drink, Doc?
- Gotcha.
- Straight.
Aren't you supposed to be
down checking the receipts?
Oh, Ruby, I've already done that.
Say, we got a packed house tonight.
You've seen the drive-in'?
We're really packin' 'em
in with that horror film.
Blood and lots of it, well,
that's what they want nowadays.
No, honey, take Jake
back upstairs, come on.
All right, you stay then.
How are you, Leslie?
Vince told you about her?
You can touch me, it's all right.
Leslie, go to your room!
It's all right, she was just curious.
She doesn't speak, not a word.
Maybe you people at the
hospital can help her.
Pardon me?
I've done everything
that I know how to do.
I, I'm sorry, I -
don't understand.
What is this?
Who is he?
What are you doing to me?
Ruby, just take it easy
now, he's gonna help!
You told him about Nick,
didn't you?
No, I swear I never did.
He told me nothing.
Shut up!
You don't scare me, none of you scare me!
And I'm not afraid of Nicky!
Nicky loved me.
Yes, he did.
Something has disturbed him.
Something powerful,
very powerful.
It's cold, anger.
Terrible pain.
Moving now,
cars, people.
The drive-in?
Yes, the drive-in.
No, everything's OK over there.
Billy, where have you been?
Now get back to the car at once!
But Mom, but Mama, there's a dead body
in the cold drink machine!
No more horror movies for you!
But Mom, but Mama!
Hit the lights, Vince,
I want music, champagne,
best in the house, '34.
Doc, you wanna hear Ruby Claire sing?
I'd like that very much.
Yeah, Doc, boy, wait till you hear her!
She was great!
Vince, let's show him how we did it.
Easy, like blowing smoke rings
'round the moon
Looking, stayed and spent the afternoon
Tender and I remember
Tender, perhaps too soon
So easy, uncharted journeys to the sun
Not bad, huh?
I coulda been big time.
That's some ring.
It sure is.
It's very beautiful.
It was given to me by
someone very special.
Eck, whatta you know.
I loved him and he loved me.
Look what he left me.
What a beautiful child.
Now, Ruby, are you all right?
Come on, sit down.
Come on.
Ruby, tell me what you saw.
I don't know.
Has Leslie ever spoken?
She never even cried, except once.
When she was born
and then she stopped.
Some terrible pain in birth.
No, it was nothing like that.
What are you asking me this for'?
I'm tired, I'm going to bed.
I suppose Vince asked you to stay.
Yes, if it's not inconvenient.
Fix him up.
Goodnight, Miss Claire.
my dreams arrive on wings of change
I know you're here!
Mwah, mwah!
You've gotta understand, it wasn't me.
I didn't set you up.
It was Jake,
oh, he was so jealous.
He couldn't stand the
idea of me having your baby.
You gotta understand about Jake and me.
Nicky, is it you?
I'm not afraid Nicky, I love you.
Leave me, please!
Don't, don't do this to me!
Oh, Nicky!
Ruby, it's me!
There was another killing last night.
I know.
I wanna get 'em away from here.
Something's changed, Vince.
I don't know what it is,
maybe you can help me put my finger on it.
Something that's upset
the balance of things.
Eh, we've been goin'
on like this since '33.
Well, before this lousy drive-in,
we were all headin' for the big time!
Ruby was legit,
the numbers and the gamblin',
that was all Jake's.
He went up to the pen
for a year on a tax rap
and that's when Nicky moved
in and everything went bad.
What happened to Jake,
why is he in a wheelchair
Jake, he was nuts about Ruby.
He wouldn't let anybody near her.
Then he bought this place for
her, put a bundle into it.
You wouldn't know it now, you look around,
but we had the fanciest
setup this side of Miami.
Say, Doc, you shoulda seen her then.
She was a knockout!
There wasn't a dame around
that could touch her.
You loved her all this time, huh?
And Ruby?
Sometimes she gets lonely.
Tell me more about Leslie.
Eh, she's no trouble.
She's a good kid,
a little strange now and then.
You know, Ruby's been
good to her, real good.
Maybe it's because she's tired, huh?
You know, runnin' this drive-in,
takin' care of the old gang.
Huh, well, she's not gonna
have to do that any longer.
I'm the only one around.
In what way have things
changed for Leslie?
Well, Ruby wants to send her
to the hospital, that's all.
I don't agree with her.
Leslie may be the key.
Nah, you're wrong.
She wouldn't hurt a fly.
How's your right arm, Vince?
It's fine.
You know all the power you could muster
with your best right is
nothing next to what you have
up there in your unconscious mind.
You're wrong about her, you know?
I hope so.
Want some orange juice?
No, thanks.
Well, there goes tonight's box office!
Give myself a shave, get dressed.
Good morning.
Well, good morning, honey.
Sit down and I'll fix
you somethin' to eat.
It'll have to be scrambled eggs,
'cause that's all I know how to make.
Well, now, you're old man,
he could really cook up
a storm, I wanna tell ya.
You know, this kind of weather
reminds me of the old days.
After the crowd would leave
and it was nice and quiet,
the gang would all get
together and we'd sit down
and play poker till wee
hours in the mornin'.
And then your dad, why, he'd jump up
and knock out one of his specialties.
Boy, he was a charmer, lemme tell ya.
What a handsome devil, you know,
all the dames used to go wacko over him.
I can understand
why Ruby fell in love with him.
You know, every now and then,
when you give me one of
those great big smiles,
why, you remind me of him.
Yeah, he was quite a guy.
Everybody liked him but not Jake.
They'd look at each other
and you could see the
daggers back and forth.
You know why, because Ruby'd get
right in the middle of
'em and stun 'em up.
Hey, what am I goin' on and on and on for?
You know I got a big mouth?
No, honey, that was yesterday.
Yesterday is gone, today is here.
Aw, honey, aw, honey,
I don't know why
I upset you like that.
Oh, baby, I love ya so much.
We can prove it, can't we?
He'll know I love him.
I'm coming!
I'm here, Nicky.
how I want you!
Ruby, you're not afraid of me, are you?
Do you love me, Ruby?
Oh, Nicky!
I love you!
You're a liar!
No, it was Jake!
I didn't know.
You turned me in, bitch!
You loved me, you said
you were having my baby!
You lied!
Liar, liar!
She's all right.
She's in a kind of somnambulistic state.
Oh, come on, Doc, don't
give me those $10 words.
Tell me what the hell
is goin' on around here!
Vince, if I told ya, you
probably wouldn't believe it.
I'm ready to believe anything.
Now, Doc, three of the
old gang were torn apart,
by what, who?
Not her!
She hasn't got it in her to hurt anyone.
Ruby, you said you were
going to send her away.
I think her unconscious mind fought back
by evoking the presence of her father.
She was Nicky.
Everything about her was Nicky.
Of course, the presence is
real, with motives of his own!
Leslie is a natural medium.
What I'm afraid of now
is that the presence
may be powerful enough
to act without the
benefit of Leslie's mind.
Well, I'm taking her away from here now.
' No!
The only chance we've got of saving Leslie
is to get to whatever
painful memory it was
that caused her to evoke the presence
of her father in the first place!
All right, Doc, what do we do?
I don't know if it'll work.
She's in kind of a
trance-like state already.
With your permission,
I'd like to try hypnosis.
All right.
Leslie, can you hear me?
I know you can.
I want you to relax
and listen to my voice.
I want you to let me inside,
SO we can become one.
You're a beautiful person, Leslie.
A lovely soul.
What the hell are you doing?
Ruby, stay out of it.
Trust me.
Go on, Doc.
It's all right, Leslie.
I want you to go back with me,
and I don't want you to be afraid.
I'm right here and I'm
not going to leave you.
I see a young girl and she loves flowers.
And a dog named Sandy
and a birthday cake.
Vince make that cake for ya?
How many candles on that cake'?
One, two,
It does make you happy, doesn't it'?
You wanna talk about it'?
It's all right, you can.
It's all right, please.
Oh, God!
Happy birthday!
Oh, that was good!
Now, let's go back some more.
It's all right, I won't leave you.
The blanket's warm
and the arms hold you tight.
It's dark,
and it's safe and it's warm.
I know you're frightened, Leslie.
But think.
Try to think what it was, Leslie.
Think, Leslie.
Remember it, there!
That's it, that's it, Leslie.
Oh, stop it, you're killing her!
. Ruby, Ruby,
stay out of it, now, Ruby!
Let it out, Leslie.
Let it out!
You think it'll be all
right for me to leave, Doc?
I've got some work over at the drive-in.
Sure, Vince, I think
things are gonna be fine.
I probably should stay
around a little while longer.
I would appreciate that a lot, Doc.
Say, you were terrific upstairs.
If you need me, you can
reach me on the red phone.
Don't start on me, Doc, I need this.
You have another one of those?
You should be in bed.
Come on, don't lecture, I'm not a kid.
How do you think
I got all these things?
The rubies, the drive-in.
I can imagine.
Little Ruby Creskie.
Barely 14, size 36.
Made the chorus line of the scandals.
Creskie became Claire
and a WAMPAS Baby Star
with a movie contract.
It all went up in smoke.
I was hangin' around with
Jake Miller and his gang
and I just happened
to be there one night
when this guy was killed.
They tore up the contract,
no place to go.
That's a tough spot, I'm sorry.
Oh, Doc, you're
a babe in the woods!
You know how the mob used
their women to rub guys out'?
To take over the territory,
that's how Jake Miller used me.
I'd make love to them and,
when they were to busy to
look over their shoulder,
Jake and his mob, hell,
you know what I mean.
You set up Nicky, too?
I loved Nicky, I'd never do that.
He was new in the gang and young.
So handsome, eager, too
eager for Jake's liking.
Jake found out?
Jake said he wanted to do right by me.
I was pregnant.
He called Nicky and said
it was all over between us.
I believed him.
Jake must've been very convincing.
He was the best if I believed him.
It happened one night down by the swamp.
They shot him, each of them one bullet.
As he was dying, Nicky swore to get us.
All of us.
And he waited all these years,
until Leslie's mind opened up to him.
And then Jake threatened
to get rid of the kid,
anything that reminded him of Nicky.
What's the matter?
It's here.
It's all right.
I know what he wants.
It's very strong.
What happened to his eyes?
That happened a long time ago.
It's still here.
Vince is next Keller!
Hey, what are you doin'
here on your night off?
Lila June wanted to come!
Oh, that's nice.
I told her my uncle out in Hollywood
can get her into the movies!
Screen test and everything!
Well, good luck, kid.
No, no, no, it's on the house.
I'm ready.
What do you think, baby,
have I lost my looks?
Fight it, Leslie.
You've got to fight it!
Fight it, Leslie, please, Leslie!
Nicky, I can prove it.
It was never Jake, it was always you.
You believe me now, don't you, Nicky?
You have to believe me now!
I did it for you, Nicky!
Look what I did!
They're Jake's, I cut
them out with my scissors!
Doc, yeah, is everything all right?
Vince, listen to me,
get outta there now!
But why?
Everything's all right here.
Dammit, Vince, you've gotta believe me!
Get outta there before it's too late!
I'm busy, Doc, I'll see ya later.
I'll get you, all of you!
Yeah, all of you!
She's mine now, Keller!
Holy Christ, get outta the car!
Go on, get outta the car!
It's here.
Leslie, oh!
Oh, honey, honey!
Everything's gonna be
OK, it's gonna be OK!
You wait and see.
Where's Ruby?
Ruby's gone, Vince.
Vince, wait!
Ruby, Ruby!
Vince, look at her!
Look at her, Vince!
It's what she wants!
She's mine now!
no one can love you like I do
I've always wanted only you
So much and still so little
I just can't get enough
Of Ruby
You caught falling with your eyes
I love you
But that should come as no surprise
You gone it all alone, yeah
I need you
to be near
I'm singing to you now
It's the only way I know
To explain how much I need
all your love
If you wanted to be mine
You could find me anytime
'Cause I love
What you do
Oh, Ruby
I just can't seem to close the door
I never loved like this before
It's you I adore
And I'll always
Always come back
For more